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RE: Ram 2500 rough ride question

My feeling is that 80 lbs of pressure in the truck when unloaded or not towing is too high, but I don't know how low to go. I was thinking of backing it off to 65 lbs like the front tires. Thoughts? I also have a feeling that the Firestone Transforce AT tires aren't that good. Many years ago I had Firestone 500's on my car and they ALL ended up defective (they developed bubbles and/or blew) and no one would honor the warranty. So since then I've not bought a single Firestone tire. I almost didn't didn't buy the truck because it had Firestone tires on it.
BeerBrewer 07/22/19 05:58pm Tow Vehicles
Ram 2500 rough ride question

I own a 2018 RAM 2500 CTD and I have a question about the rough ride. I've had quite a few 1/2 ton trucks but this is my first 2500. When I first purchased the truck I noticed a shimmy when driving on the highway (I wasn't towing at the time) so I took the truck back the dealer to have the tires re-balanced. That seemed to help some, but the truck still seems like something is off. If I'm on a smooth black top road, it rides fine until I hit a bump. Then it feels like the truck feels like the bed of truck skips or bounces more than it should. This happens when the bed empty or with few hundred lbs of **** in it. Almost like the tires are momentarily out of balance. I don't know if its because the tires are still slightly out of balance or if this is just normal for a 2500. I read about Centramatic Wheel Balancers and I was wondering if they might help. Tire Balancers, Tire Balancing, Wheel Balancer and Wheel Balancing from Centramatic A couple weeks ago I loaded up the truck with tools (table saw, chop/miter saw, compressor, nail guns, wood, etc.) and headed up to my sons place (1 hour away) to do some repairs. When I got there my Rolair compressor, one of my nail guns and my Dewalt miter saw didn't work properly or at all. Luckily I was able to get everything working again by just taking them apart and readjusting everything. The vibrations caused the tools tools to go out of wack. That never happened with my other trucks and I've taken them as far as northern Maine (8-9 hrs drive) so I suspect that I have some sort of a vibration issue and I'm not sure why. The truck has Firestone Transforce AT tires on it that are inflated to 65 lbs in the front and 80 lbs in the rear. I guess they could be the issue, I just don't know. Does anyone have any experience with Centramatic Balancers or know if the skipping I'm feeling is normal?
BeerBrewer 07/22/19 09:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: Magnetic Cam Locks???

I replaced all 6 cam locks with keyed alike for $21. I wouldn't want that odd magnetic key in my pocket. I had a cellphone that had a magnet in the speaker that attracted metal particles in my pocket from my metal working. Excellent points.....hadn't thought about having that odd shaped key in my pocket, nor did I consider what the magnet may attract. I did not know that I could change the 751 locks to match the door lock. I think that's what I'm going to do....Thanks for the tip IAMICHABOD! This is a classic example of why I love this web site! Thanks all!
BeerBrewer 06/12/19 02:03pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Magnetic Cam Locks???

I also don't like the fact that everyone everyone that owns an rv or has owned an rv probably also has a ch751 key.
BeerBrewer 06/11/19 09:35pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Magnetic Cam Locks???

Has anyone tried replacing their CH751 on their storage compartments with magnetic cam locks? They claim to be pick proof, but that isn't why they interest me. The CH751 locks on my storage compartment are a PITA to use. The key doesn't slide in as easy as it should and the locks are very stiff. These look like they will hold up well, the weather (ice and snow) and dirt should not be able to jam least that's what they claim. I fully recognize that the storage compartments can be easily broken into with a pry-bar or larger screw driver, but they are better than nothing. At least with these locks, I'll at least be able to open them up without fighting with the CH751 key.
BeerBrewer 06/11/19 07:09pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Tongue Wt and Wt Distribution Question goes! Below is a picture of my new truck and below that is the truck and trailer. Very cool app!
BeerBrewer 06/10/19 05:56am Towing
RE: Tongue Wt and Wt Distribution Question

I'd post a pic, but I can't seem to figure out how.
BeerBrewer 06/06/19 02:48pm Towing
RE: Tongue Wt and Wt Distribution Question

I feel relieved! Thank-You All!!
BeerBrewer 05/30/19 02:17pm Towing
Tongue Wt and Wt Distribution Question

We are new to RVing and I've got a question about my tongue wt and weight distribution. We currently own a Grand Design Transcend 26RLS travel trailer, the sticker on the trailer says that the GVWR = 8495 lbs and the UVW = 6708 lbs. My tow vehicle is a 2018 Ram 2500 CTD. My Payload is 2400 lbs, max tongue wt is 1800 lbs and max towing is 17,100 lbs. We are using a Hensley Arrow hitch with 1000 weight distribution bars. Unfortunately I can't find an RV scale locally, so I bought a tongue weight scale, just so I'd at least know my tongue wt while I search for a scale. If I can't locate an RV scale soon I'm planning to unload the trailer and weigh everything one piece at a time and tally it up. The trailer is currently sitting in our yard all loaded up with our "camping stuff" minus food and our clothes. The kitchen cabinets basically sit over the trailer axles, so I don't think adding food will any increase the tongue wt at all. The clothes on the other hand are another story, since the bedroom is in the front of the trailer. So I took 4 storage bins of cloths, which is more cloths than we'd ever pack and put 2 of them in the storage bin under the bed and the put the other 2 on the bed but under the storage cabinets. Also, all of the tanks are empty, but these are all close to the axles. Then I weighed the tongue using my new scale and it weighed 950 lbs. Is my 950 lb tongue weight too close the 1000 lb weight distribution bars? Should I go with the next larger size? The trailer seems to tow fine and the truck sits very level when hitched up, but I'm no expert. We don't experience any sway at all, even when passed by huge trucks on very windy days. When we do go over a bumb in the road the trailer does seem to push the truck up and down for a brief moment then steadies right out. Is this normal or does it mean that I need more weight distribution. Thanks Bob
BeerBrewer 05/30/19 11:02am Towing
RE: We in input on a New Brunswick/Nova Scotia trip

No argument here, Bar Harbor is a great place to visit, we've been there many times. Is there anyway to fix the typo in the thread title?
BeerBrewer 05/28/19 09:34pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
We in input on a New Brunswick/Nova Scotia trip

My wife and I are planning our first 3 week trip in our new Travel Trailer to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in September and I'm not sure if I we have too much planned. So far we've taken two shorter trips a two night trip to beach and a three day trip to Gettysburg and all went really well. We have a one week trip planned for August. Without going into too much detail, we are planning to drive from Long Island to Portsmouth NH and spend 2 nights there and see the sights. Then we head of to St Andrews CA where we'll spend 3 nights, this gives us 2 days to tour. Then we're planning to head to a campground north of Moncton where we'll stay 4 nights and see Hopewell Rocks and Prince Edward Island. After that we head to Mabou on Cape Breton Island and we're staying 2 nights. Then we head to Halifax, where we are spending 4 nights. The its off to Fredericton where we'll stay 2 nights Then we're headed to Bar Harbor for 2 nights and then we're headed to friends how where we will spend a couple days before returning home. Once in Canada we plan to keep our driving time from site to site no longer 4.5 hours, with most being around 3 hours (according to Google Maps). We're planning to sight see the local areas on the days we don't travel or don't travel too far. My wife thinks that we may be doing too much set-up and take downs and she may be right. Is it unusual to only spend a 2 or 3 nights per site? We haven't made any reservations yet, so nothing is cast in stone. So feel free to give your opinions. I also want to check the route for RV hazards like low bridges and such, it may change. Thanks.
BeerBrewer 05/28/19 04:10pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Mod a grill using 1 lb propane tanks to work with RV propane

The pressure regulator and flame adjustment are one unit on my grill.
BeerBrewer 05/24/19 11:24am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Mod a grill using 1 lb propane tanks to work with RV propane

After I posted the above I found this in a Q&A on ( In spite of what this says below, I don't think this will work. Has anyone used this? Question: Hello, I have a smoke hallow 205 table top grill with the regulator throw away propane bottles. My question is can I put the 277 grill quick connect on my 205 smoke hallow? And if I can where can I order one? Thanks!, asked by: David H Expert Reply: It sounds like you need MB Sturgis Quick Disconnect Propane Hose # 100476-120-MBS. One end goes into a female quick disconnect on the RV/trailer. The other end is a Male #600 (1"-20) disposable cylinder port that lets you hook up a small appliance or propane tree. This way you can power a grill, heater, or other accessory without needing to use a 1-lb throwaway cylinder.
BeerBrewer 05/24/19 07:52am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Mod a grill using 1 lb propane tanks to work with RV propane

We own a small Smoke Hollow 205 Stainless Steel TableTop Propane Gas Grill that uses those 1 lb propane tanks and I was wondering if anyone has converted it over to use the propane line in my travel trailer. I have a quick connect port on the RV that I could use, but I think I'd need a new low pressure regulator for the grill. Has anyone done this?
BeerBrewer 05/24/19 07:42am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Long Island Area

I live on Long Island and I also own a 32' travel trailer. I use the navigation App called Copilot, it keeps me off the parkways and away from low bridges. It works well.... so far. We also use a paper map. We love LI, but we hate hate HATE the drive thru New York City. The roads thru NYC are some of the worst in the country and oddly enough we pay some of the highest to taxes in the country as well. We are planning to move away as soon as my daughter finishes school.
BeerBrewer 05/22/19 08:34pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Portable air compressor advice is needed

My trailer and rear truck tires run at 80 psi. I check the trailer tire pressure every time we take it out and if we are taking a long trip I'll check them again during the trip. As for the truck it has a TPMS in it, so I can watch it while I drive. I plan on adding a TPMS to the trailer too. I'm looking for a small DC powered compressor that i can use to add air to the tires when we are away.
BeerBrewer 05/13/19 09:02pm Tech Issues
Portable air compressor advice is needed

I'd like to purchase a dc powered portable air compressor for my travel trailer, just in case I need to top off the tires while on the road. I already own two other compressors that I prefer to leave at home, a 30 Gallon Craftsman that I use to blow out the sprinkler system and a smallish Rolair that I use for my nail guns. I could bring the Rolair along with us but its only AC powered and would be of almost no use while traveling. I was poking around on the internet and it seems like a lot of people use the ViAir 400P-RV and 450P-RV. These look to be really nice portable air compressors but they also come with a hefty price tag (about $300). I was thinking about buying the ViAir 90P (aprox $80) or the ViAir 300P (About $150) since we'd only be using it to top off the tires in a pinch. I'd use one of my other air compressors to fill the tires before we leave on trip. Does anyone have an opinion or experience with the ViAir 90P or 300P air compressors? Can anyone suggest a different brand ot DC powered compressor wit similar or better specs?
BeerBrewer 05/13/19 10:52am Tech Issues
RE: Weigh Stations on Long Island?

I finally located a weigh station on Long Island!!! Gershow Recycling in Medford has 2 scales and the largest can accommodate up to a 70' trailer. They charge $10 to weigh an RV. Their number is 631-289-6188.
BeerBrewer 05/10/19 01:01pm Towing
magnetic cam locks?

Has anyone ever heard of or used magnetic cam locks to replace the locks on the front storage locker? they took very interesting.
BeerBrewer 05/06/19 10:20pm Tech Issues
RE: New guy needing confirmation on tongue weight

I am new to RVing also. How using those numbers did you calculate the 1280 tongue weight?
BeerBrewer 05/06/19 09:39pm Towing
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