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RE: How did you you mount your CB antenna on your aluminum F150?

Always found that when the grounding wire is directly connected, without interruption, to the CB chassis the best. The more body parts the grounding goes through the higher SWR number
BenK 04/03/20 11:44am Tow Vehicles
RE: Found my replacement engine!

Hornet...very cool !
BenK 03/23/20 07:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Found my replacement engine!

Hornet...understand and why still deciding... Many are wants and deciding whether or not to which items will become a need... Currently, the 7.4L with about 170K miles still runs strong enough and is in good condition Both OD's won't be on for towing and know in 1:1 with a 5.38 will really suck in choice will be dictated by hot rod vs towing heavy. No longer own a trailer, nor boat. Just borrow from church members & buddies A lot will depend how comfortable that I'm going to be able to NOT get into it while towing. Just turned 72, but still have that Boy Racer in me Another option for me is to just build the Sub into my hot-rod truck and purchase something else to tow heavy with Common sense might creep back into my picture and just build a solid 7.4L with upped compression and keep the 4.1's Glad the OP posted this...fits so many of us out there.
BenK 03/23/20 02:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Found my replacement engine!

Similar situation with my Suburban Looked at that GM 502 crate engine and decided to rebuild the 7.4L Passing CA smog a must and no one have an acceptable answer on the 502 So my 7.4L is looking to have a 280 cam, roller rockers, 9.x compression, worked head, marched injectors, etc to be a bit under 500 ft/lbs around 2-2.5 KRPMs, etc Built 4L80E rated 1KHP Gearvenders with the splitter option, 0.5 OD, which will turn the 4 speed into an 8 speed 5.38 diffs, but having a tough time finding it for the front That will give a lower 1st and higher OD Don't know if the Xfrcase will need beefing up 1996 K3500 Sub and fits/suits me Either LT255/85R16 or LT285/75R16 on current 10" wide alloys. Not going to lift...maybe a torsion bar crank Still deciding...
BenK 03/22/20 11:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Diesel Brothers

Bottom line is that EVERYONE here in America demanded/demands “...the cheapest at any cost...” That “cost” is in the reduction of our way of life here in America...all the while improving their infrastructure over seas Too is deal with it...complaining won’t change it Tariffs works both ways and an ever spiraling down into a urinating contest
BenK 03/20/20 03:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Diesel Brothers

So old thinking...maybe okay before American Corporations (not the government) decided back starting the 80's to outsource manufacturing...then engineering/design...then whole product line design/engineering/production/etc...but not America has lost the ability to manufacture most of the basic materials/components/sub-systems/systems/etc...therefore dependent on our 'supply chain'...which is from offshore where 'we' outsourced it to... Since 'they' are manufacturing most of our materials/components/sub-systems/systems/etc...'they' are now R&D'ing more and better than we can here in America Don't blame our government...blame our corporate management, and they only did this both for personal greed and the stock market that kills the share price by dollars if corporations miss the 'target' by penny's There really are no long any borders with regard to manufacturing/products/etc... But this is not an absolute...there are 'some' manufacturing here in America and it is starting to grow in the cottage industry level
BenK 03/20/20 12:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Larger replacement fuel tanks for gas trucks

That is what am resigning myself to for my Sub, but getting the spare out of the rear storage enticing. The first GM Hummer had a very nice rear tire carrier and will either look for junk yard, or just copy and make my own Pic of my 1973 K5 Blazer before modifying the rear tire/Jerry Can rack and had changed out the main OEM 22 gallon tank for a 54 gallon aftermarket. Don't have a picture of that with 4 Jerry Cans, but this pic gets the idea of how it looked. Turned those cans 90* "border=0" For Full-Size Image.
BenK 03/14/20 05:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Diesel Brothers

Turtle, that was a 2018 Calif smog test Second set of CATs and with the OEM CATs had an even lower levels. These are 'rebuilt' (but on the Calif approved list) and will go OEM on the 3rd set, which will be several hundred bucks more Since am still noodling the rebuild of my Suburban, this is an important area of consideration. Giving up on any aftermarket direct injection heads and will go OEM port injection. Though matched and tuned spider injectors will have to do. Maybe higher rate injectors, if they have any The biggest concern right now is upping the static compression to 9.2-9.4, from OEM static of 8.5. Am okay with having to run +90 octane, but it has to pass Calif SMOG. To date, can NOT find a builder who will give a good answer on the amount of overlap for the cam and still pass SMOG. So presently looking at a 280 cam as the max Just curious how the diesel's of today are running and of course, understand that my 24 year old big block will never be close...just good enough for me. Going 5.38's for both diff's will help and can't find 5.38's for the front diff...yet
BenK 03/14/20 04:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Larger replacement fuel tanks for gas trucks

My insurance broker says he can NOT insure a larger aftermarket gasoline tank anymore. Company rules. Just a few aftermarket OEM's and only diesel He did insure my 1973 Blazer's 54 gallon after market main tank, but that was then Was just curious if there was a larger after market for my Suburban's OEM 42 gallon
BenK 03/14/20 01:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Diesel Brothers

Curious and not wanting to fight over gas vs diesel, just want to know what diesel's compare to my 1996 port injection 7.4L's smog test results at about 170,000 miles "border=0" For Full-Size Image. Think direct injection would be even cleaner, but just an opinion. Plus, with today's injector's speed, surly multiple squirts per would have better control over emissions, right?
BenK 03/14/20 01:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: BEV battery technologies changing fast move away from just looking at the batteries and now look at these 2 batteries within a controller managed system as in your analogy...AKA in a car The Tusk lithium battery would have the controller switch off the battery as you said...but a saline battery's controller can continue to drain that battery. Thereby providing even more milage than a regular, wet lithium battery Looking like the transition from wet lithium to solid state with Samsung announcing a solid state battery for their up coming cell phones This quote is the basis for my comment The dominance of lithium-ion batteries may be coming to an abrupt end if Samsung's latest prototype solid-state battery makes it to market. Snip... Samsung's researchers and engineers are focused on continuing to "develop and refine" solid-state battery materials and manufacturing with a view to first using them in electric vehicles. Panasonic has some news articles on solid state batteries and publicly announced a partnership with an automotive OEM I expect more auto OEM'S to partner likewise. Hope they get together and settle on a family of standard form factors
BenK 03/11/20 08:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: BEV battery technologies changing fast

Amazing...I don't see any relationship between replacing a fuel storage device with an engine replacement...weird comparing apples to least they (oranges and apples) are similar in form factor... Discharge and charge characteristics of solid state lithium are not well known to me yet. So won't comment at this time Again...comparing the discharge characteristics of existing battery is stuck in that box thinking. Some saline batteries can be discharged to zero with no ill effects, while current lithium batteries would be ruined Blind love and/or hate for any OEM will have likewise from the other side(s). My side...think Tusk is intelligent and nifty ideas...but not as smart as he/others think...dislike his management and metrics IP is IP, or science & technology is science & does matter on its implementation, which includes management decisions...some times on pure luck
BenK 03/11/20 08:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: BEV battery technologies changing fast

You are thinking inside the existing lithium battery IP...liquid This is outside of that box...this IP is solid state They claim 50% smaller in volume and higher power density Note on this graph where solid state is in reference width=680 Meaning they can package in less space and have same/similar power...or in same/similar space and have double the power Plus, the form factor is different from the current cylindrical lithium battery. Meaning that bag is more space efficent, but no data yet on how they will manage the thermal system 2plus...since better firm factor...less wires/terminations/etc. I've not found any packaging form factor information yet Current info summary... Higher power density Smaller form factor. Half the space with same rating...or same space with double the rating Charges faster Lower cost materials and lower cost to manufacture
BenK 03/11/20 01:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2012 Yukon XL Towing 30Ft

Which Suburban ? Half ton or 3/4 ton ? Both use the exact same body...everything below the body are different Bigger frame, bigger power train, bigger suspension, etc...why a3/4 ton sits higher than the half ton Since the OP mentioned the Denali Suburban...think only looking at half tons
BenK 03/10/20 08:02pm Tow Vehicles
BEV battery technologies changing fast

GM's new battery news is exciting Great that they went outside the box in form factor, but the risk as always...will this become a commodity level form factor...AKA Beta vs VHS One of the why's OEM'S wait to let the scouts to the arrows and financial risks. Though if successful, the risk becomes huge returns Here is an exciting one My favorite, saline batteries, has stalled on their electrode tech Hope Tusk's giga factories can be retooled quickly...and if he has a retrofit plan.
BenK 03/10/20 11:06am Tow Vehicles
RE: GM 400-mile battery

Was an interesting topic, but spiraled into the mud for me A Proverbs 26.4 solution for me
BenK 03/10/20 10:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford F-150 towing mirror size?

Rear video camera mounted on the would solve and satiate state requirements
BenK 03/10/20 10:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: How to improve 2017 Ford 350 head light output? See Update.

Haven't looked into headlamps in a while, so asking if the current headlamps (HID, QH, LED, etc) have the DOT aiming tabs ?
BenK 02/28/20 01:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford MSRP discount

Invoice is a real piece of paper...then the various rebate, discounts, etc that the dealer receives AFTER that invoice Those other doc's come in after...monthly, quarterly, etc depending on how well or not that dealer/dealership does. I've never been shown anything other than that initial invoice. Why most of my purchases of brand new are through brokers or very high volume dealerships. Or a dealer way out in the boonies Don't fall for the "invoice" pricing. That is not what a dealer pays in the end for a vehicle.
BenK 02/25/20 04:39pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford MSRP discount

The dealership is most likely paying against a short term loan Ask how long it has been there...a tell is the manufacture date on the vehicles various labels and MSRP sheet. The longer it sits...the more they lose in payments to the bank Ask to see the invoice How many miles are on the odometer ? Agree with others, too much and either it is spot on for the market (so it should sell fast)...or they left themselves lots of haggle room
BenK 02/25/20 12:09pm Tow Vehicles
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