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RE: Loss of Power after New Fan Clutch

On electric radiator fans...make sure your alternator and battery are in good to excellent shape. It moves the HP source from the water pump shaft to the alternator/battery system. Have read articles stating that fan clutches 'can' draw more than 10HP when fully on and even more (25HP) for HD/SD fan clutches. Benefit of electric is that when 'off', there isn't any parasitic draw from the water pump shaft
BenK 06/20/21 11:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: Check those prices

Majority of automotive products I've purchased from dealership, independent, on-line, etc has 'Made in China' on the box these days... But...there are knockoffs and haven't been able to tell...yet and agree with your filtering of Amazon's offerings Good luck
BenK 06/20/21 11:21am Tow Vehicles
RE: Loss of Power after New Fan Clutch

Agree and add that they might have installed a HD fan clutch assembly, which couples more water pump shaft RPMs OEM for most half ton's couples water pump shaft RPMs in the 50%-60% when they turn on. HD and Severe Duty fan clutches couple water pump shaft RPMs in the 80%-90% range when they turn on. They R.O.A.R compared to OEM fan clutches and they turn off sooner than OEM, as they do such a good job of cooling the cooling system down.
BenK 06/19/21 11:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: Wiper blades

I 'lift' them off the glass often (whenever fueling up, checking oil, etc) and lay them down square to the glass so as to not have them bend Bending long term & baked by the sun/heat sets them ant an angle and will shudder going against the grain so to speak Try most new ones and always go back to refill type where you pull out the rubber squeeze & SS stiffening rods. Buy 'cut to fit' refills and replace often. HATE shuddering wiper blades. Some of the newer vehicles has a 'park'm straight' function. When the wiper system is turned off...they stop and backup a tiny bit to park them straight to the glass Best washer fluid is 303 tablets to mix my own (and on trips, dry tablets and use fueling station water) and use an old laundry jug with a spigot. Make about 2.5 gallons and the no-spill jug-spigot works on all of my vehicles Laid down on fender to not have to hold several pounds trying to aim it centered to the washer jug fill tube Gotta loosen the other end to allow makup air to allow good flow
BenK 06/18/21 09:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: How critical is axle ratio?

snip... So, when you are not towing, does it use 9th and 10th? What RPMs and MPHs do you see then? to answer this, you will need to provide some contextual your engine torque/HP curve, what truck/trailer/etc, terrain and how fast you wish to accelerate and constant speed you will maintain in the terrain you wish to travel Close ratio tranny's provides more gear ratios to keep your engine at the optimum RPMs at whatever speed you are trying to maintain.
BenK 06/16/21 11:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: How critical is axle ratio?

A person would think that torque delivered through a shaft turning at a higher rpm would deliver more power to do the work. That is torque multiplication. Note not HP, just torque multiplied by the ratio and is basically from the engine crank shaft to the tires. The tire's rev's per mile also a factor and use the OEM tire's rev's per mile as basis to figure Then all of the gear boxes between the engine and diff add their gear ratio multipliers to the mix. If the tranny's first gear is, say a 4.0:1, then multiply the engine crank torque by 4 and then multiply that by the diff's ratio. And so forth for all of the gears in each gear box between the engine crank and diff Yes, having a higher numeric ratio will spread the torque loading over the resultants of the above math
BenK 06/14/21 03:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New Shank for 2021 GMC Sierra 2500HD

Hello, I recently upgraded to a 3/4 ton truck and it has the 2.5" receiver. I didn't want to mess around with the adapter so I picked up a Reese Titan shank however it doesn't fit correctly. Please explain why it doesn’t fit correctly. Doesn’t fit into the receiver? Not long enough as you state below? . So my question is what are you using for a weight distributing hitch that has a 2.5" shank with about a 12" extension from the hitch pin to the holes for the WD head? I need the clearance so I can put the tailgate down when I'm hooked up. Note that the longer the shank, the longer the lever arm on the receiver cross tube (a torque tube). That would reduce the rating of the receiver and also increase the amount of WD bar travel required to do the same work a shorter shank would require Thanks, Mike You also said you don’t want to mess with a 2” to 2.5” adaptor, so using the old one is out, right? What is getting in the way with opening the tail gate ? Most TT’s have room to drop the tail gate and what is different with yours ?
BenK 06/13/21 09:18pm Towing
RE: When to change oil

On engine oil filter changing & possible mess...made this and one blow from a dead strike hammer drives it into the bottom/side of the oil filter. Point the end towards the catch pan and then go about greasing all the joints, spray-painting any spots that look in need with black primer, check the tire pressure, treat the door gaskets with 303, etc. Then come back to remove an empty oil filter and no mess. Spin on a new filter and fill engine with new oil "border=0" For Full-Size Image.
BenK 06/10/21 11:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: Front end noise at super slow speeds

Disc brake pads have a metal gauge that will squeal when the friction material wears down to that point...also known as 'brake squealers'. They are to warn you to have the pads replaced (only in pairs for left & right) before the pad backing plate starts to hit the brake disc, which can be way more expensive in both parts and labor. Or, something a serpentine belt idler bearing going bad, but not likely on a 2018...unless you have tons of miles on it. Also, think the mechanic you took it to is worthless if they can't ID a brake pad wear squealer.
BenK 06/09/21 12:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GRRR Ford Dealer - 2022 SD

Feel for you and hope you have a signed contract that also lists a deposit. Some dealerships will hold the deposit until it arrives, or some will cash it as soon as possible…that would hurt their case in front of any authority These things are reported all the time and is partially due to uneducated buyer who hasn’t taken the time to learn enough (so they take advantage of them all the time)…but…you are NOT that type from reading your posts over the years.. Wish you the best and won’t have to resort to agency intervention (BBB, State/County legal because you have a contract, etc) and finally bad PR through your local news stations Good luck !
BenK 06/09/21 10:01am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Another top Tesla exec leaves: Tesla Executive and Top Musk Lieutenant Has Left the Company Speculation for the lateness of the Semi & cancellation of the plaid on this article and several other that the 4680 battery is behind schedule. Similar to the delays for Model 3 and the new at that time battery delays.
BenK 06/08/21 10:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: 6 ply or 10 ply. Would I see a difference?

Tire’s have several areas of specification. You all are talking about load rating. Old days. A 10ply tire meant actual 10 layers (Ply) of cotton fabric, but today’s material science has 1-2-3 or more able to do what took 10 plies to do in the old days. Back then, you had to look up the tire size in order to know what it is rated for. As 10 ply was out of context without the tire size. There is (actually already has happened and the ply rating is just to help old references in line) move away from ply ratings and into the numeric ratings. This numeric rating is an absolute and does NOT matter which tire size it is molded onto. A much better system. There are other attributes that matter in this discussion. The main one, IMHO, is the rim width in reference to the tire section width…or that tires spec sheet listing recommended wheel rim width. Too narrow will have too much sidewall bend back and have the tire behave differently from on mounted on a wider rim width. For the OP, bouncing means (IMHO), that the tire when compressed by road conditions…spring back faster than a softer tire. As tires are also part of the damping (shock absorber) system. As recommended by others, suggest lowing your tire PSI but leave enough to carry the load you have on it. Another is to change to higher dampening rate shock absorbers. There are many sites with ‘what a tire sidewall markings mean’ and here is just one of them: Tire Rack tech section on tire sidewall markings and what they mean Original image at the TireRack site has each a clicky jumping you to their detail info site. Each is specific to a table that all tire OEM’s must have. Speed rating, weight rating, heat rating, wear rate, etc, etc…
BenK 06/07/21 05:47pm Towing
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

The largest lithium source is in used/depleted/etc Lith-ion batteries. In the dumps…in recycling center…in BEV’s running around…flashlights…cellphones…etc All that is needed is to gather them up and recycle them for all of the precious metals in their containers
BenK 06/07/21 03:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Gain setting

Note that friction material has a temp range that they work best at. Why I test and set the gain when the trailer brakes are warmed up and test them often during the trip. After stopping and they cool down, retest and reset if needed.
BenK 06/01/21 06:08pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Falcon shocks for towing. Any good?

Grit…you just described the Edelbrock Performer IAS mono shocke that was the first to have inertia valved shocks. Had a set and confirm that in slow going…VERy PAINFUL but wonder when driving like Parnell Jones in the desert. They have the valves on the rod piston and why hey are mounted upside down (rod down). As that is the only way to sense rate of change quickly. They also leak and think because of the rod down mounting orientation. Switched to KYb MonoMax and they are best for all round usage, IMHO. Bilstein’s don’t do it for me, but many, many swear by them. Might go back to iAS’s after rebuilding the Suburban to be mainly a pavement vehicle. Also agre with Grit and the OP should look else where for a fix. Though shocks are cheap enough to try.
BenK 06/01/21 06:02pm Towing
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Freightliner already in Beta testing in LA with +80,000 miles
BenK 06/01/21 10:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: What was that hitch called?

Ditto and that with an OEM 42 gallon fuel tank, this reduced ground clearance by several inches. That broke the deal and decided to pass. Buddies who had the Pullrite on their 2WD pickups loved them. Also gets in the way of the spare tire mounted under the bed, another dealbreaker for my Silverado pickup. Brother had the same hitch on 4 Suburbans, and it was a witch to change vehicles. And because it had to swing past the ends of bumper, it stuck out a long way when it was in center. Bolting tight to a channel shaped frame, just drill and bolt. Box section? Harder to drill, and need a sleeve to be sure the box does not distort when torque the bolt. As for the way it tracks; It tracks more like a 5th wheel. The part between ball and pivot becomes a trailer extension/longer trailer. And the pivot close to axle near same as 5th
BenK 05/27/21 02:55pm Towing
RE: What was that hitch called?

BenK 05/27/21 07:15am Towing
RE: Tongue Weights weighed

Basic laws of physics that any farm kid learned from a very young age... Just go out and weigh the dang thing...fully loaded, ready to go RV'ing and do so to each axle with and without the WD Hitch system tensioned... "border=0" For Full-Size Image.
BenK 05/18/21 11:39am Towing

Double sigh... There are many other variables that come into play that this discussion hasn't even touched on. Like the crevices of asphalt pavement comes into play. when tire compound gets mushed into them...coefficient of friction is not in play. As it is now interference & potential tearing of the compound off of the tire...or pulling out that gravel/stone from asphalt. There is also a temperature component and not what one might think. It has to do with the boiling of tire compound during a skid or extremely high rate of change between pavement and tire can and does boil the tire compound for an instant to lay down those black marks that only come off over time via wear. How's about the braking system the brake's friction material ? And etc, etc... Not all of these kinds of tests are with EVERYTHING the same. {sigh} This is not a simple friction equation. In general, given the same weight, frictional forces do not change with contact area. Turn off traction control and I can guarantee the brakes will lock up the wheels, no matter if it's DRW or SRW Where it really gets complicated, unloaded DRW, vertical load on contact area is less than SRW. Loaded, the weight increase means DRW will stop faster... but even that gets confused with trailer brakes entering the picture. I most certainly wouldn't to do a panic brake stop without trailer brakes, jack knife comes to mind. This is best seen on snowy surfaces, wider tires have lighter vertical load and subsequently less traction. Bottom line, while towing, DRW has the capacity to stop in a shorter distance on dry roads. While not towing, SRW might stop faster. Plus there are FMVSS MINIMUM stopping distance spec's for all automotive So splitting hairs, as all OEM vehicles has to meet DOT/FMVSS guidelines. This image from their site years and years ago and assume the distances listed have changed "border=0" For Full-Size Image.
BenK 05/16/21 01:05pm Tow Vehicles
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