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RE: GM wants to improve trailer brakes

Cheapest at any cost prevails too often...
BenK 02/12/20 11:52am Towing
RE: Electric Powered Trailer - Airstream

Why bother...just put on VR goggles, sit down in front of your 9.2 stereo system cranked up and not worry about MPG, speed up steep inclines, backing up, passing semi's and worrying about making it to the next station...
BenK 02/11/20 03:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: What kind of RPM's do you get? What about MPG?

Most older small blocks...but newer small blocks not so...and big blocks can't, mass plays My big block cruises & Tows at 1,400 RPM, which is at 100% rated torque,which is where max torque starts and stay flat till about 3,200 RPM If people with gas engines are towing at 1,900 rpms or 2,000 they are lugging their engines in my opinion.
BenK 02/09/20 03:02pm Towing
RE: 2009 Silverado 3500 HD Duramax LMM overheating

IIRC, there was a short lived Duramax heating problem that had to do with the fan shroud not sealing or something like that...but I'm not a diesel person and just remembered coming across that (read most anything related to thermal dynamics)
BenK 02/07/20 01:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Trailer hitch

and more practice, practice... Maybe you haven't learned tire/wheel placement and axis of rotation thereof... Your TV's rear axle/tire is the basis for backing up and where you should/want to place the wheel/tire in order to NOT hit something Ditto the trailer axle(s)/tire/wheel, but if more than one axle, you have to figure out how/where/etc your trailer turns on Add that the overhang of the tail end of both TV and trailer affects this Example is if you are backing up and there is a post on the inside of the turn (vs outside the turn radius), spot the trailer axis (you have to figure that out before all of that and is out in the parking lot with cones...and...a spotter/walkie-talkie) Then practice, practice, practice running over those cones until you learn HOW2 miss then. For both sides Then HOW2 to not hit them with your TV Another possible trick is to use a flatbed trailer, so you can see 'through' where a hardbody trailer would obscure vision. Even if you have to rent one for the day Get a couple of orange cones, hitch up your trailer, and head for the nearest Walmart, mall, or school parking lot. Practice, practice, practice.
BenK 02/07/20 01:52pm Towing
RE: What kind of RPM's do you get? What about MPG?

To many variables must be the same, or very close together for a rule of thumb you list to work or apply Example is the HP required to overcome all of the losses...then what HP is required to do the job of moving and keeping at speed for your setup That HP min should be at the min RPM found on the torque/HP curve graph...therefore throttle setting. Note all of these graphs is at WOT Losses...pumping, frictional, drag, sail area, inertia of mass, rolling, etc, etc and note that they all increase as the speed increases
BenK 02/07/20 07:46am Towing
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Fuel cell makes the most sense for a semi...or anything hauling and/or towing heavy Charging batteries in hours vs fueling liquid hydrogen in minutes Both will have same/similar electric motors and drive train So, converting early BEVs into FCEVs would be logical in getting first production products to market
BenK 02/07/20 07:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2005 F150 tow rating

Scott Morning reading...funny coincidence...came across this for you
BenK 02/06/20 08:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2005 F150 tow rating

you Can do it without the string, just eyeball the U-Joint Isn’t a 2,000 lb rating difference worth it ?
BenK 02/05/20 08:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2005 F150 tow rating

Used, so the previous owner(s) may have changed out the diff gearset Best and easiest is to tie a length of string to the U-Joint. Choose the one pointing straight down and roll the vehicle until it is pointing straight down Roll the vehicle one tire rev. Use the valve stem as a marker Then count the whole number of string turns. That will the the whole number...3 turns means 3.4 or 3.7...4 turns means 4.1, etc Then the fraction of a turn will be the rest of the diff ratio Remove the string (have to say this, as assumed they would in past posts and got some PMs yelling at me that I should have said that)
BenK 02/05/20 08:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Today's close was -$152.xx and after hours an additional -$2.xx Rollercoaster ride continues... Hope you early investors during this cycle got out before the other side of this peak... Tusk should have issued a bunch of stock before this peak to help pay the next bond payment An old adage for stock market performance...if it goes up very fast, it most likely will likewise go down just as fast...AKA highly speculative Have seen that too often over the decades investing in the stock market
BenK 02/05/20 04:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Pick up truck remembrance !

Dad only wanted station wagons and we borrowed Uncle Bills 3/4 ton GMC Wooden cargo bed floors, and replacing those boards every few years Pressed board door panels No rugs, just rubber throw mats No power windows, nor power door locks No padding on the dash Only bench seats No fleet side cargo bed Drum brakes at each corner Hub caps only covered the lug nuts Cool after market Braden rear bumpers that also had side pipes to bolster the bumper to bed sidewall Oil bath intake air filter housing Cargo tail gates had chain and hook closures Carb only and points
BenK 02/05/20 02:39pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

An old adage for stock market performance...if it goes up very fast, it most likely will likewise go down just as fast...AKA highly speculative Have seen that too often over the decades investing in the stock market
BenK 02/05/20 11:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: New Trailer Tires - And THANKS

Or allowing the tire's PSI to go too low in regards to the load they are carrying, factored by speed
BenK 02/05/20 11:50am Towing
RE: Ford F-250 Base Curb Weight

Didn't read all of the does NOT calculate GVWR and GCWR...they are provided by the OEM and is fixed Unless the OP is trying to have them changed, then he will need licensed folks who DOT will accept the new GVWR and GCWR numbers Or most likely the OP meant he is trying to calculate the remaining ratings after he subtracts his actual weights, but seems to be confused by his Internet searches, where he states that they are all over the map Of course, it is for 'their' TV's and setup's, not his... If no one has suggested, the OP should load up his TV and trailer with people/pets/cargo/etc/etc and go out and weigh the whole setup, axle by axle That will then give him the information to calculate 'his' setup's remaining GVWR/GCWR and toss in GAWR, front and rear Hello all! I am in the process of calculating GVWR and GCWR for my 2015 F-250 Super Duty and decided to get an actual base curb weight at a Cat Scale. It is a 6.7 Power Stroke, Crew Cab / short bed.I weighed with a full tank of fuel and nothing else in the truck, not even myself in the truck. It came in at 8,071 pounds. Does that sound reasonable to anyone who has weighed similar? To try and Google the weight was all over the map.
BenK 02/05/20 11:48am Towing
RE: Does this hitch actually do weight distribution?

Depends on how much tension your setup needs from your trunnion bars It is different from setup to setup. Just about everything affects itBar ratings vs tongue weightHow high the WD head is vs coupler in an unloaded conditionHow high the TV is in an unloaded, static conditionWhat your TV manual says in regards to the front axle condition when fully setup with the WDetc Glad to hear that they now have a friction pad option. Was not a fan hearing of advisors to grease/lube the friction area (notice friction area and adding anti-friction lube oxymoron). But that kind of noise doesn't bother me (don't have one of these WD setups, but have towed buddies setup) His motorized trailer tongue jack stopped working and helped him resolve it without having to purchase a replacement. Just lubed the thing really good with moly rich grease and made up a bottle jack setup 4 ton bottle jack bolted to a stack of 12"x12" plywood as the foot and welded a 'U' saddle for the bottle jack top, that cradles his hitch shank Had to make sure it was almost fool proof, as his mechanical abilities are limited...
BenK 02/04/20 12:35pm Towing
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Fan boys normally turn the table on non Fan Boy comments, so here is the other side of this 'failure of brakes' coin... All things can and will fail It depends on many factors" maintenance schedule, materials used, quality of those providing maintenance, etc; The quality of the parts, assembly, inspection, etc used by the OEM; The OEM's quality metrics (QA to QC and their AQL); Certification metrics (of design, in-house testing, outside certification, certification agencies; and of course pure luck The "it is a computer" nothing can go wrong as it is a computer with a sampling rate of XX to even XXX...Software can't go outside its algorithms...etc Spent months arguing with the software director over their insistence of removing all of the E-Stop buttons on the largest robot in the world we were designing the system and controls for. They said that would save over $2M bucks and based on my presentation to US Steel/GE they were involved with They said their software had many levels of safe-guards and were triple redundant... Our first remote control of one of those robots from the SF Bayarea to Alabama via a dedicated Watts line had one +500,000 lb robot take off and run into the end stop bumpers...which were about 4,000 lbs/ea of rubber (one for each leg of that gantry crane/robot The guys on the crane could have hit the E-button, but they were in the process of removing them...OSHA was NOT contacted by our customer after approving our software directors recommendation... Turns out a locational sensor (a 1/4" dia shaft tachometer that was also used to count segments per revolution...400 per rev) 'thought' the signal said 80,000...not what was typed in...8,000 Testing the sensors on the bumper and on the crane, but at 80,000 segments, it went too fast for the rest of the system to change commands and set the brakes and go into regen mode Arguments were continued for a while, but they ended up putting in those manual E-Stop buttons My point is that no one will ever know why the computer 'thought' it was told to go that far...and why I'm not a fan of fly by wire of any kind, even flying...but that is the way of it now and into the future
BenK 01/29/20 04:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New Trailer Tires - And THANKS

Glad you are getting new tires and did your own research but, your comments are not all an absolute and is your opinion Of which you commented on the value of information on this forum... Comments in red below snip... - tires have date codes - trailer tires age-out before they wear out Just in your case. There are some who wear them out before they age-out Depends on the driving style, where driven most, loading of the tire vs it's ratings, how it is taken care of, etc, etc... - 6 years is about long enough to keep trailer tires Just in your case It also depends on how and where it is kept. How it is taken care of and a big component I use 303 on all things tire and rubber/synthetic - Goodyear Endurance tires are considered by many to be premium tires that are worth the price - you can request your tire shop to ensure that they are getting tires that are dated recently - original-equipment, Chinese-made tires have a poor track record Not all products from China is below par. Same thing was said for anything made in Japan. It was the purchasing/importer who specified the level of quality. Too many times that is via price demanded by the purchaser, with little to no regard to quality The same metric applies to goods imported from China Tidbit...Taiwan's economy is larger than Japan's the last time checked...and some Japanese products with 'Made in Japan' is made in Taiwan and finished in Japan The same goes for 'American Made' products...depends... snip...
BenK 01/29/20 04:14pm Towing
RE: Time for new tires?

Grit...appreciate your humor...ya got me good with that one !!!
BenK 01/28/20 03:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Time for new tires?

My opinion of tire date codes...really no difference than date codes on all of the packaged food products at your grocery store Tires still have organics in its material list “Organic” decomposes over time...meaning it rots over time. Package food has much controversy over “preservatives” added by the manufactures to extend the date likewise and can be deadly if guess IMO...tire OEMs have varying blends of anti-rot chemicals and the why some have differing opinions of their tires longevity...or not Also, IMHO, the why some that looked ok, but fell apart. Tires see EVERYTHING before the rest of the vehicle...meaning that they are first to hit that rock, pothole, curb, etc...and within that tire are fabric cords/weave (some are metal) the main thing holding the organic material together...break or compromise those cords and a weak point...AKA stress raiser for later... I drive VERY hard, so my tires get used up before their date code time limit (set by industry). Though I don’t drive the Sub as much, so this a reminder to myself to check those tires more often... Edit...main reason for the use of 303 on all of my tires, including bicycle tires. Inside and out side before they are mounted and often during the years of use
BenK 01/28/20 01:59pm Tow Vehicles
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