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RE: 2020 northern lite 811 exle wetbath

Congrats on the new TC. We've a 10.2 on order and an F350 coming as well. If I had to guess, pairing a non vehicle spec'd cam with the stock unit probably isn't going to work. BUT, one never knows. Someone local to us both, who is a former electronics professional, is on YT. "Love Your RV" is his channel. He's a 5'th wheeler, but does lots of reviews, including cameras. He'd be a good guy to ask. Check his YT channel as I believe he's got a link to a website you can PM him. He's very nice and had some good advice for me when buying the new truck. He's wintering up Isl this year as they couldn't get south as usual. One thing about having the separate screen is you can take it into the camper with you and use it as a security monitor. If you get a knock in the we hours, you know whether to grab your I.D. or the baseball bat. :) As for the tail lights. Give NL a shout. They have a reputation for quick responses and caring about after purchase help. I always got in the habit of unplugging the TC with our old one. Had the isolator fail once. They can and do fail so better safe then sorry. Please post if you find the problem as it's good to know for future readers.
Bert the Welder 02/26/21 10:52am Truck Campers
RE: It’s been a good run

Since it's kinda on topic, what is it that makes the 6v GC batt's better then 12v ones? and does the "better" status still apply if they are AGM?
Bert the Welder 02/26/21 09:59am Truck Campers
RE: Quieter alternatives for propane furnace in extreme cold

You REALLY must be set on camping if you have a 3 yr old and a wife that has trouble sleeping and parameters that seem almost impossible to overcome to achieve any level of comfort above just 'survivable'! Does ur wife know you're planning this??? Ha ha ha! One area that's cheap and easy to fix is the ear plugs. I have custom ones. For in my shop and 'sleepers' for bed. I can't sleep without them as I sleep next to a badly running gas lawn mower...... The 'sleeper' version is scooped out to make them more flexible so you don't notice them when your head is on the pillow ear down. She'd still hear the kid, it just dampens down the frequency. 20+ yrs and comparatively cheap like Borscht. We do have hotels up here......there are nice options. Don't feel you have to rough-it to have a Canadian winter experience. Har har! :) You just have to wait a while before coming! Good luck with the project. Hope you find a good combo that works!
Bert the Welder 02/26/21 09:28am Truck Campers
RE: Bigfoot (old vs new)

Just hit T.C. site. More stuff coming in Mar. They look pretty neat. But looks like their targeting the tent campers that just want a step up to something more secure and dryer. Which is a smart market to fill. I'd be in that market. Maybe they'll eventually make bigger units. Just think they'd be smarter with their leg brackets by having tab's that go under the corners to help with load bearing.
Bert the Welder 02/26/21 08:50am Truck Campers
RE: Bigfoot (old vs new)

Don't worry about coming to Canada. Our poosy gov't doesn't have the walnuts to actually close the boarder like they should. I'm on Van. Isl and I've seen, Texas, Florida, Utah, Mass., Arizona, Cal., New York, etc, etc, etc..... license plates. And there's no way they are all new residents that just haven't changed their registration and they can't have 'accidentally' come to the Isl. going from Wash State to AK. I'm in Victoria so I'll have to check out T.C. Though I've not the need for one, always nice to see what's going on locally. One thing I never figured out is given how quick and cheap it would be, why don't manufacturers prime and paint the wood components. It's not the be all, end all. But would certainly help. Also, since you guys seem to know about fiberglass, something I wondered about was the holes for the windows, vents, etc. Why are they not built into the mould? Not like they custom move windows around for each order. Rather then hacking in a hole with a flat edge, a small curb could be moulded in. Just a 1/2" would do the trick. Would work for both roof and wall penetrations I'd think. But I'd be please to hear if you think this is not possible.
Bert the Welder 02/26/21 08:39am Truck Campers
RE: Ford 6.2 gas vs 7.3 gas highway gas milage

I understand people wanting an estimate on mileage. But really, you'd need half a toilet roll to list all the variables that go into that number. I think the phrase "If you have to ask...." really is true in this instance. I have a '21 f350, 7.3, Lariat, CC,LB,DRW,4:30 ordered and a '21 Northern Lite 10.2 LE, DB coming too. Mileage never entered my mind....
Bert the Welder 02/25/21 09:29pm Truck Campers
RE: Ford 6.2 gas vs 7.3 gas highway gas milage

I don’t have a tracking number yet but dealer said to expect as long as 24 weeks, so we are thinking might not be until August 1st. WOW! I was told 16 weeks when ordered mid-Jan. Hope it doesn't take longer. New camper will be here soon so I'm kind in a spot.
Bert the Welder 02/25/21 09:22pm Truck Campers
RE: Camper and Skiing

edit: that moment you realize you just posted to a 2 year old thread :) LOL!!!!!! I just noticed that too!!!! DOH!!!! Was going to ask the OP if he was related to Alison Sydor given he's here in BC and it's not a common name. :)
Bert the Welder 02/25/21 09:03pm Truck Campers
RE: Camper and Skiing

My conversion is Sprinter van, who has front seats pedestal and that is where the heater fits perfectly. My van already had aux fuel pickup, so I used it, but reading how low temperatures affect heater priming and that the aux pickup ends at about 1/4 fuel tank, I am keeping the heater tank as spare. It is 5 kW heater. I don't have much use on it yet, so don't know all the specs, but when running on low speed, it suppose to draw ca 1 amp. The 5 l (1 gallon, 1 quart) tank suppose to last for 2-3 days. tons of youtube videos about those heaters. It seems those units are really working well for a lot of the van crowd. I bet it won't be long until the camper crowd turns on to them. IMO, a much better option then wood. Way more heat for a given cubic inch of stored fuel. Plus they blow so one could rig it to heat basement model TC's. With the diesel heaters being dryer to heat with then the propane furnaces, they'd be worth trying to install in place of the traditional furnace. Interested to hear your experience with your 5000 btu unit in a van. I've seen a few van'ers recommend staying with the smaller one as it it gets run on 'HI' more, burning off the soot build up. With the 5000, they were running it lower. That lead to soot build up and failure. (Some didn't realize they just had to clean it until after they tossed it out....opps!) So it has to be cleaned or run full blast for a while to burn off the soot. So if you can, please keep us posted how it's working for you.
Bert the Welder 02/25/21 09:00pm Truck Campers
RE: Happi Jacks

Thanks for taking the time to write that out CW. Pretty sad one has to do all that. Says a lot about build quality. Atwood's on the old camper at 2 decades + with nothing more then a wipe off of the covers. Only just started making noise in the last few years, but still do their thing. I wonder if you could cut the bottom off a bleach type bottle and slot it over top of them. Would give some UV protection too. (I think I saw that or buckets maybe, some body mentioned doing. Here or on another forum.)
Bert the Welder 02/25/21 08:24pm Truck Campers
RE: How many Northern Lite owners do we have? (revision 2)

Also made a deposit on a 2021 NL 10-2 LE, dry bath with greystokes interior wood, U-shaped dinette , dually brackets and boat rack. Expect it in May. Also in the hunt for a new truck. Looking at getting a Chevy 3500 WT Dmax DRW double cab long box. Nice! Ours should arrive any day now. Went with the Sapele wood, booth dinette, and dry bath. Truck is on order. '21 F350, 7.3 gas, CC, LB, DRW. 4:30 rear. Lariat. Only problem is it's gonna take a while due to covid delay's so not sure how the camper dealer is gonna deal with us not being able to pick up the camper. Eek.
Bert the Welder 02/25/21 11:14am Truck Campers
RE: Newbie Question About Tie Downs

people who are willing to get out there and do a thing or two instead of buy everything pre-made at whatever price. .....Dumbest statement of the year.....
Bert the Welder 12/29/20 12:16pm Truck Campers
RE: Newbie Question About Tie Downs

Bert the Welder 12/29/20 12:15pm Truck Campers
RE: Newbie Question About Tie Downs

For the price of the “good” tiedowns you can buy a small wire-feed welder, some pieces of square tube and flat stock, and make some and still have money left over. And now you have a welder! Dumbest suggestion of the year.
Bert the Welder 12/29/20 12:08pm Truck Campers
RE: lance max/ af 1150 question

No idea. Also something I've wondered. But at least by their answer they've show ignorance and/or incompetence. So you know to tread cautiously when buying from them or avoiding them all together.
Bert the Welder 12/27/20 06:26pm Truck Campers
RE: TC Fitted Cover

You could try a pool float -the type used to prop up pool covers for the winter. I have tried various things to prevent puddling. In the end I decided as long as there are no sharp edges poking at the cover it didn’t really matter. To be honest the “tyvek” type covers lasted me 5-6 years. We’ll see how long the Goldline lasts. I'll look those up, thanks. Thinking about it, the roof on the old one has roof/wall seams, new one is an NL with rounded fiberglass. So less likely to be an issue. To me 5-6 yrs from a "Tyvek" one sounds good! I suppose a key factor is one storage environment vs another. Local weather, UV exposure, junk falling off trees, etc, etc, etc..... I guess the weight of the heavier material is a factor as well. I ain't getting younger or stronger. LOL. I'll be interested in how you find wrangling the new one.
Bert the Welder 12/27/20 06:16pm Truck Campers
RE: What did you do to your Camper Today?

Looked out the window to see if it was raining. Happened to incidentally see the camper...... .......Yep.......raining
Bert the Welder 12/27/20 06:00pm Truck Campers
RE: How about THIS instead of using more and more energy?

Have you seen the junk construction quality of most RV's???? And you think they are gonna adopt something you can't even see to make them "better"? I hate to tell ya Mex, but all is lost.
Bert the Welder 12/27/20 01:14am Tech Issues
RE: TC Fitted Cover

Just had a thought, re the discussion of puddling and snow *****, etc. I wonder if one could stick a beach ball or one of those exercise balls under the cover? Just big enough to give the cover a "peak", roughly in the middle. Maybe two if one isn't enough. Ideally, you would have a long inflation tube on it so you could inflate it after the cover was on, so its' not in the way. A long sausage shape inflatable tube going end to end would be ideal, but not many RV's have a clear space down the center of the roof. Just a thought.....
Bert the Welder 12/27/20 12:56am Truck Campers
RE: TC Fitted Cover

Wanted to post an update; finally got the Goldline cover on. After a painful experience with the ordering process/customer service (for an in-stock cover?). It took two months to receive it, of course we had snow by then. After a warm, rainy Christmas Day all the snow is gone so we put the cover on. I have to say the cover is very good quality and we are pleased with it. It is a much heavier gauge (nylon?) versus the “tyvek” like covers we have used in the past. So time will tell, it will soon snow again and that will be the real test. So far it looks like a very good value. Will order a second one for the AirStream. Thanks Billtex. Keep us posted how it works out. Those Tyvek type ones are like the one I had before. They just seem like the quality of something from the Dollar Store....
Bert the Welder 12/27/20 12:47am Truck Campers
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