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RE: Four Winds Truck Camper

Saw one "Four Winds" listed as a Thor Four Winds. Maybe Thor is the actual builder or parent company. If they're still in business, maybe you can get in touch and they can help. Good luck.
Bert the Welder 04/19/21 08:47am Truck Campers
RE: Eagle Cap quality control continues to disappoint

.. an apology ? I suspect there will be more issues found over time as the issues reveal themselves..Hope you shake it down to find the more serious potential ones while it's still in warranty. There are plenty of things that can go wrong with complexity. All of us have stories of quality issues revealing themselves. In my HOST Cascade, after the warranty was up, we discovered a metallic flex water line that was routed through the slide and then under the floor. It rubbed on an aluminum framing edge within the slide with each slide cycle. This SLOWLY abraded the line and eventually caused a significant water leak. It was extremely difficult to get into for replacement... When replacing we found a roller bearing/ flange assembly that was supposed to be bolted (2 bolts according to HOST) into the floor to help keep the slide level ( no up and down movement) and take the vertical load into the floor as it moved in and out. It was actually attached with two about 1 inch long drywall like screws.. no bolts! The screws had simply pulled out and the roller assembly was laying on the floor flat under the slide, probably like that for a very long time. I called Host for some guidance. They didn't apologize or give any guidance, they simply did not acknowledge .. said that it was bolted (obviously).. a solution that now, out of warranty, would require the entire slide to be removed in order to fix to "factory installation" standards. Never would have seen this one without the other one.. but we found a creative solution to fix this problem too. Yes, an apology for not providing the standard of build one should reasonably expect. Would that be asking too much? And it is unfortunate to find things that were done wrong from the start, after the warranty expired. But this is a flaw of the warranty enforcement laws. IMO, if something is proven to have been flawed right from the factory, then it was indeed broken during the warranty period and should be covered. Fantasy of a perfect world? Yep. No disagreement there. But allowing companies to get away with this sort of thing is why these things continue. Host not responding to you is exactly the result of this. Our only recourse at this point is to post on forums and social media to make others aware so they might avoid the same issues. This hopefully puts pressure on the companies to do better.
Bert the Welder 04/19/21 08:42am Truck Campers
RE: Eagle Cap quality control continues to disappoint

I'd expect EC to provide the OP with an apology and direct him to go to the nearest dealer to have the repair done immediately, or should the fix be within the OP's abilities and more satisfactory and/or convenient, expedite the needed parts to them. Whichever is preferable to the OP. Realistic would be the expectation that when you pay ten's of thousands of dollars for a product it should be expected to be in good working order. And not standing up for that basic ideal is why we end up with laziness, lack of workmanship, and consistent decline in quality of both product and the people that make it. If you're too lazy to stand on principal, then sit down.
Bert the Welder 04/18/21 11:56pm Truck Campers
RE: Need Advice

Truck campers don't have wheels or a GVWR only the truck that carries them does. They only thing a truck camper has in a MFG weight sticker (before options and gear) listed) I didn't realize they don't have their own CCC. That makes it a bit more difficult, but the manufacturer (not the dealer) should be able to give you a decent estimate with manufacturer installed options - then just add any dealer installed options, propane and water weights, and a high estimate of gear weights. Doesn't really matter at this point, he's already stepped in it and walked on grandma's white carpet..... And most manufactures seem to be unable/ unwilling to weight their units in the first place so I double their 2 cents is worth the effort after the fact.
Bert the Welder 04/18/21 03:43pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck camper on top of gooseneck hitch?

I'm guess from the pic, but it look like an inch with the plate thickness and carriage bolt heads? And just for clarity, have you cut a hole in your bed mat that goes around the hitch plate? If your mat sits at the same level of the bolt head tops, you have to account for the mat compressing. So might be an issue, depending on the mat density. I think I'd want a minimum of a 1/2 to 3/4" above the highest part sticking out of the hitch. So either another mat on top or under. Or a plywood sheet under. Both/either of them with a hole cut out for the hitch. Pic's are always helpful but a PITA to post on here....
Bert the Welder 04/18/21 03:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Roadmaster or Hellwig

Having not ever even looked at a sway bar: Are they easy to disconnect? (Like a couple easy to get to bolts type thing) And does leaving what ever part is being disconnected bad or potentially bad while driving it around? (As in anything hanging down to get caught on a curb, speed hump,etc) And a they easy to temporarily detach on some truck brands and a pain on others? Thanks for the lesson in advance. :)
Bert the Welder 04/18/21 02:00pm Truck Campers
RE: Eagle Cap quality control continues to disappoint

this is why i love this forum , plenty of good feedback and lots of people willing to help out. Thanks a lot. I am going to email the photos to the warranty rep at eagle cap , if for nothing else , to bring this to their attention. Im going to go to home depot and try to find the right flange and maybe a 4 inch to 2 inch reducer of some kind to fit the duct somehow into the furnace See what EC says before monkeying with anything. Don't want to give them an excuse to blame you for the issue.
Bert the Welder 04/18/21 01:15pm Truck Campers
RE: 19.5" Tire Comparisons

Wow. That is quiet the rear tread. Thought the first pic was the drive until I scrolled down. Interested to here your experience on the noise from them.
Bert the Welder 04/18/21 01:04pm Truck Campers
RE: BradW's photo links on the Truck Camper Forum

Yep. Great photos too!
Bert the Welder 04/18/21 12:59pm Truck Campers
RE: Eagle Cap quality control continues to disappoint

Sure, could be a simple fix. But there shouldn't need to be any type of fix needed on a new camper. Period. The problem with saying screw it and just fixing it yourself is that it allows shoddy work to continue and get worse. Thing like this need to be made public and on as many forums as possible. These days, feet have to be shoved right in the flames, it seems, or QC is just going to completely go out the window.
Bert the Welder 04/17/21 11:45pm Truck Campers
RE: Arctic Fox 1150 is breaking my 2016 Ford 350 dually

Just for the sake of spitting this out of my head, as it's been rolling around, thinking of the issue here of getting the weight of the TC spread out over the truck bed. And also just in case someone conciders doing this way: If you build a platform for your TC to sit on in the bed, either to raise it for cabover clearance or as in the case of a getting it above a crown in the middle of the bed. Make sure you don't just build an exterior frame, say of 2x4's, and through a sheet of ply on it. Without any support through the middle of this "riser box" all your TC's weight is going to be on the perimeter framing and that weight is just going to be transferred to the perimeter of your bed. The "riser box" need plenty of crisscross frame members or sections of structural foam to spread the weight out over the whole bed. Having a crown in the center of the bed may require framing around this section or shaving the underside of the frame that goes across the crown. Or in the case of foam sheets, cutting around the crown or gouging out the underside so the contact is even, avoiding "hot spots" of pressure. *Again, I'm only typing this out so it's out of my head. 95% of people are probably going to think of this. I'm just putting it here in case one of the 5%'ers doesn't and happens to see this and has an "oh yeah" moment and is saved from damaging their truck or TC.
Bert the Welder 04/17/21 08:16am Truck Campers
RE: Eagle Cap quality control continues to disappoint

How are the hoses supposed to be attached to the furnace? Isn’t there supposed to be a collar ring of some sort? Kinda looks like the hose is a little short to allow it to go around the drawer support. :):) This. Looks like there should be a collar/adapter. Maybe a fishing expedition might find it somewhere in there. Maybe slid under the furnace? Or, du to parts shortages, they said f-it and just hung it in the hole. Maybe a "new guy" they didn't have time to train properly. As for the turn, maybe the drawer was used as a plenum box and it wasn't actually supposed to be pulled open like a drawer. Maybe EC just forgot to mention that......:S
Bert the Welder 04/17/21 07:42am Truck Campers
RE: One jack not functioning AF811

Is there a up/down button on the jack or in the camper and did you try it? That'll confirm/deny the remote.
Bert the Welder 04/16/21 09:27pm Truck Campers
RE: Eagle Cap quality control continues to disappoint

Nice fail driving that fastener too....
Bert the Welder 04/16/21 09:21pm Truck Campers
RE: Eagle Cap quality control continues to disappoint

Gee, all your expecting is some modicum of QC at some point. I guess testing the furnace wasn't on the dealers PDI checklist either. Good thing. Wouldn't want heat in the bedroom....
Bert the Welder 04/16/21 09:19pm Truck Campers
RE: Arctic Fox 1150 is breaking my 2016 Ford 350 dually

COG is about 1/2 way on the main floor, so camper can't pivot on flat, solid surface. Driving on Alaska highway I did see the nose of my camper "in my line of sight" what also bend rear tie-down, meaning common truck inertia is shooting the rear up, while putting big stress on front of truck bed. Yes. This is my thinking if the TC is on a flat surface. The front corner of the camper bottom is the teeter-todder pivot point. I had my rear tie-downs shift out of place once from a big dip and jounce. But only once. Swapped the unsprung chains and turn buckles for fast guns right after that. This is why I'm thinking if you're gonna have just two sprung, they should be the back ones.
Bert the Welder 04/15/21 11:28pm Truck Campers
RE: Arctic Fox 1150 is breaking my 2016 Ford 350 dually

And I'm definitely gonna lay my 8' straight edge in the back when I get the new truck cause I gotsta know.... :D I used the 8' 3/4 ply to check the level straightness, and it was crowned by about half an inch or a bit more. It's a smooth crown, not a buckling, but most evident just in front of the factory inbed 5th hitch pin mounts. It is unclear if the 2016 beds are this way from factory, or if this is damage. The pivot point for any camper is going to be the CG point of the camper, which is just aft of the rear axle on most campers. Mine is definitely rocking and cracking the back corners. However, if the hj bed frame tiedowns and resulting bed flex were the specific problem from their design, I'd see at least some buckling at the bed's front also, but there isn't any. I'm thinking that for the last 5 years, maybe I didn't have the front turn buckles torqued down quite enough to meet the mfr spec'd 300#. Which would limit rocking F-B. Although I thought I did... Maybe not enough every time. I'll make sure they're right going forward. That's the plan for now... Yep. Agree with the CG being where it would pivot, but that would be in free air. I was meaning which end of the TC base it would be more likely to pivot on, in the case of being on a flat surface. Though in your case with the crown being the high point, it's going to teeter-totter on that. Irregardless, a crappy situation and hopefully they'll be a good fix for long term that isn't too painful.
Bert the Welder 04/15/21 09:44am Truck Campers
RE: Arctic Fox 1150 is breaking my 2016 Ford 350 dually

And I'm definitely gonna lay my 8' straight edge in the back when I get the new truck cause I gotsta know.... :D
Bert the Welder 04/14/21 07:51pm Truck Campers
RE: Arctic Fox 1150 is breaking my 2016 Ford 350 dually

Just fro some clarification and maybe correcting my thinking if it's off but; If a TC is gonna rock in the front to back direction, would not the pivot point be the front edge of the camper base? Given that the cabover is hanging out front sort of as a counter to the rear weight (not that it's as heavy as the rear). Hence why I'd think, based on that thinking, that if you only have one set of sprung turn buckles, you'd want them on the back so that it allows for some dampening of any rocking at the a fore mentioned front pivot point? Like I said, if wrong thinking, please correct, but just looking at a TC, rear pivot/hinging (front of the camper base coming up off the bed) seems like it would take quite the heave to accomplish. Blast away...... :)
Bert the Welder 04/14/21 07:47pm Truck Campers
RE: Arctic Fox 1150 is breaking my 2016 Ford 350 dually

All the weight of the camper is on the two side rails. The space on the bottom of the camper in between is not weight bearing. I'm new to all this truck camper stuff, so just for clarification... are you saying the bottom of the camper is not bearing the weight like it *should be*, or that it's not *designed* to be weight bearing? I was under the impression that the 'wings' of the camper weren't supposed to bottom out on the side rails, that the bottom of the camper *was* supposed to be bearing all the weight? I thought I'd read about people putting various spacers - from 3/4" ply to 2x lumber to horse-stall mats to 2" rigid foam - to boost things up so the camper would clear the side rails. And that Ford tended to have higher side rails (deeper bed) than most... Like I said, I'm very new to this, and just trying to make sure I understand. I think they mean the slides on the bottom of the camper is where the campers weight is supported. Not the sitting on the bed sides of the truck. At least that's what I'm assuming they are talking about. Someone correct if I'm off. If the bed is crowned in the middle, sounds like you need some trimmed to fit lumber to match so to give the camper base/bottom a true flat surface to sit on. Again, if I'm understanding correctly. Sounds like a schit sandwich regardless. Good luck with it.
Bert the Welder 04/14/21 01:02am Truck Campers
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