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RE: Class C Detailing in Ontario, Canada

What part of Ontario, the RV dealer we purchased from has a large RV detailing building that will do it, but probably big dollars. We spilled something on the carpet in our 29B Outlook and was quoted $400 for cleaning, not sure what there prices are like now. There located in the Niagara peninsula. I don’t know of any mobile RV retailers, definitely not as common here as they are in FL. Maybe check with your local RV dealers or campgrounds, they maybe aware of some. Ken
Beverley&Ken 06/22/21 01:55pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: If you have proof...

Actually the travel restriction lifting is not in effect until July 5, for fully vaccinated Canadians. From the government of Canada website. Near the beginning of this pandemic, our Prime Minister said that if you the real facts, use the official government website, not 3rd party news which could be highly editorialized or missing pertinent facts (personal experience). Ken
Beverley&Ken 06/22/21 09:42am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: New phone recommendations for cross border

The newer Apple phones have dual sim card capabilities. When we travelled south, we went to Walmart and got an inexpensive phone on a pay as you go. It served our purposes. Ken
Beverley&Ken 06/11/21 10:28pm Technology Corner
RE: Front stabilizers on Class C Jamboree

If you have them on the rear, they were probably installed by the previous owner. Our 06 does not have them nor were they even a factory option. The suspension is stiff enough, there in no rocking around when people, including teenage boys, are walking around. Before investing in front, try using the MH with and without using the rear ones. See how comfortable you feel. Ken
Beverley&Ken 06/11/21 10:12pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Turning a FW around in a Culdesac

It’s not tail swing, it’s the front bumper of your truck over the curb, mailboxes. The cul-d-sac has diameter of 52’ or radius of 26’. Your trucks turning diameter of 28’ (usually measured at the outside tire) is already more than the available space. Try driving your truck, without the trailer, in a circle around cul-d-sac. If you can do it without backing up, you should be able to do it with the 5th in tow. If you have to back up and maneuver just to get the truck around, think of doing that with the 5th or just backing down the street. Ken
Beverley&Ken 06/10/21 02:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: How to match light oak finish on replaced interior wood

Your local hardware store or paint store will have lots of choices for for wood stains, tint colour, finish (gloss or satin). Take a piece of the replacement wood and a piece that you want to match it to. BUT, there is a good chance that the original is MDF (I call it pressed board or sawdust wood) with a wood finished plastic wrap over it. Ken
Beverley&Ken 06/05/21 03:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Where to find replacement popup canvas

Try searching for awning and tent makers in your area. With your old ones for a pattern, they should be able to make replacements. Years ago my Uncle ran a marina and quickly realized that there was a demand for the soft, canvas, upholstery products as well as mechanical. My Aunt, always handy with a needle and thread, soon had a thriving business. Different options, especially if your RV manufacturer doesn’t offer replacements or out of business. Another option would be to ask an RV dealer where they get there repairs or replacements. Ken
Beverley&Ken 06/05/21 03:02pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: RV shower

I think that he could have explained it differently. The shower floor pan is moulded with a lip that is recessed behind the shower walls and goes up behind the walls about an inch. The water flows back down into the shower base/pan. I agree that caulking is not necessary. A cross section picture would fully explain it. Ken
Beverley&Ken 05/30/21 07:17am Tech Issues
RE: 1 month old TT totaled?

Check the A-frame and hitch area, it may have twisted the frame at some point, before it came off the tow ball. For the fiberglass (adzel?) they may price the repairs based on a complete wall replacement from the factory. Also check the squareness of opposite and end panels, there might have been enough impact that the seams have loosened up or done other damage. future leaks. Ken
Beverley&Ken 05/28/21 07:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: Frustrating BZB Products experience

I’m sorry for your problems. It would have been a nice gesture if BZB overlooked their own policy on returns. It’s not their problem either that it took so long to discover that you didn’t need the part. I don’t know how popular this part is, (for them to resell) a they maybe stuck with excess inventory, or it’s happened to them before. Ken
Beverley&Ken 05/25/21 09:34am General RVing Issues
RE: 2002 E-450 electrical schematic

I’m quite sure that you will find what you need on the Winnebago site. I can’t see much difference in how the would changed wiring in our 06 And your 03. For 12 volt, Winnebago uses white (mostly 14 guage) for negative/ground and and Yellow for the 12 volt positive. On the wires, they imprint a code number every 12 inches and list on their website what it is. I.e. I found an unused plug, checked the code numbers and it was for the optional FRS radio system. They have schematics that show roughly where how they are routed, left or right frame rail, MH body, left, right ceiling etc. I believe that everything behind the cab cut-a-way is Winnebago wiring. Ken
Beverley&Ken 05/23/21 06:42am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 2002 E-450 electrical schematic

Go to the Winnebago Industries site, Click on your year and model for all electrical sites, plumbing. Ken
Beverley&Ken 05/20/21 07:48pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 1971 Scamper Trailer Manual or water tank help

Look around all sides of the fresh water tank. If the pipe you saw from underneath is a tank drain, there will be a valve very close to the tank. Also, your water pump will be in that area. That will be the place to start trouble shooting. If you have a winterization line, connected between the tank and pump, make sure that the valve is in the correct position (try both directions with the pump running and sufficient water in-the tank). If it pumps water from the tank, good, if not start with pump clean strainer, obstruction diaphragm etc. Then down the output line to fixtures. Ken
Beverley&Ken 05/19/21 06:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: Towing a 2 wheel drive automatic transmission

Check with your car owners manual, under towing behind a vehicle or recreational towing. Each manufacturer and model, transmission model could all be different. Transmission pump fluid connection etc., even idling the engine may not operate the transmission pump, if the transmission is in neutral. 2nd part of your inquiry, towed vehicle braking systems are generally designed to work with the car NOT running and any power assist bled off. On our Brake Buddy system, after installing, final step is to press a button to cycle the Brake Buddy five times to bleed off any power assistance. If you were to leave the towed engine running, any time the brakes were applied, it would probably lock up the towed vehicle brakes. Ken
Beverley&Ken 05/07/21 08:18pm Dinghy Towing
RE: RV window seal/glazing

click Thanks, I need the same for the front overhead window in our c-class. During a heavy rain the water bubbles up between the glass and the rubber seal. Just have to figure how to get the glass out. Ken
Beverley&Ken 05/07/21 08:00pm Truck Campers
RE: City water hookup leaks

There is a one way valve just inside the city water hookup, actually it is part of the hose input. Inside the fitting is a one way valve that sometimes becomes dislodged, Most common after winterzing. The part us not expensive, approx $10. Easy to replace, on the outside of the RV, remove the screws holding the inlet, pull out slightly and replace with the new. New caulking and done. Ken
Beverley&Ken 04/29/21 09:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Toad on Trailer vs 4 Down

From your figures S25 and trailer combined weight of 4260lb equals a tongue weight of 425 to approx 500 lbs, you are within the specs you listed 500/5000. As long as you are not exceeding (drastically) the 'Bs' rear axle, I would say GO WITH THE TRAILER. 4 down = driveshaft disconnect , tow dolly front wheels up = drive shaft disconnect. tow dolly rear wheels up, rear over hang of bed and step bumper may put it too close to MH, turning. Some will say that in can be down, some with say that it can't be done. Ken
Beverley&Ken 04/24/21 09:01pm Dinghy Towing
RE: TPMS Question

As the others have said, TST recommends 10% below and 20% above. One hot summer, I got the over pressure alarm 104psi , high for the 80psi tire pressure was set for 96 but all tires were equally high, I reset the high for 105 psi. Another note, one trip I used my infrared temp gun and found tire temps just over 150F. I checked the 18 wheeler beside me in the rest area and his temps were 175F/ Ken
Beverley&Ken 04/23/21 09:15pm Technology Corner
RE: 50 Amp Usage Question

I'm a bit confused about the 4 wire receptacle. Is it wired to allow your generator to supply power to the house, input to the house or does it supply power out for other uses, generator? It can't do both. If it does feed the house from the generator, it would have to have a fool proof manual or automatic transfer switch to prevent your generator from backfeeding the neighbourhood and potential harming the lineman fixing the problem on the pole. If it is wired correctly for 220, one leg on each side different phase of your panel, there would be 20 amp available on each leg, depends on the RV how much on each leg could be operated on 20 amps. I would say, just just use the 30 amp receptacle that you have installed and let them use the 30/50. Ken
Beverley&Ken 04/21/21 08:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Locking Fuel Door (E450 Chassis)

On my Winnebago Outlook E450, the fuel filler is behind a locked plastic door, similar to some electrical cord inlet covers. Like most locks it will keep honest people honest, but would not take much to pull it open from a corner. That said, it wouldn't take much to pull open the filler door on my Honda, just would bend the metal. In my 57 years of driving, I've never had an issue with someone tampering with my fuel. Ken
Beverley&Ken 04/16/21 07:07pm Class C Motorhomes
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