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RE: Weight capacity for 2019 Ram 1500

The truck camper weighs 1280 lbs, my question is, what weight is that. The advertised dry weight of a similar model leaving the factory OR the specific unit with options installed or with battery(ies), full propane, maybe water OR your own unit ready to go with clothes, food camping gear etc, scaled weight. Don't forget that trucks payload includes whatever is put into the cab, starting with 2? people (x150) would automatically reduce the capacity 1950 -300 to 1650 lbs. Ken
Beverley&Ken 12/01/19 08:32pm Truck Campers
RE: And the smokey glass stove cover is no more

I would go to a local automotive glass shop, with the dimensions, hinges and a picture of the stove top. They should be able to cut the glass, know how to attach the hinges and then have it tempered. Tinting ? Cost ? Probably a lot less. If too much or not possible, go with the wooden cutting board, routered to prevent sliding. Ken
Beverley&Ken 12/01/19 07:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dealing with pet passing while on the road

If you are at a campground, I would ask the campground owners/staff for recommendations, or fellow campers (if from the local area). There is probably 'google' sites that may have reviews of local vets. Ken
Beverley&Ken 12/01/19 07:27pm RV Pet Stop
RE: 4 year old Forest River vent covers already failed

Who knows why some of the covers fail UV days. Our bedroom vent cover totally disintegrated in the first year, under the Winnebago warranty, but for $10 cost, it was not worth even moving the MH to the dealer. I added MaxAir covers at that time, just for double protection, glad I did. About 6 or 7 years later, I noticed that the vent cover that I had replaced was in pieces on the screen , but the bed was still protected by the MaxAir cover. Interesting, the vent covers for the bathroom and overhead bunk are still the 2006 originals. Yes all have the MaxAir covers. Ken
Beverley&Ken 11/28/19 08:55am Tech Issues
RE: E450 wheelbase

They are not exactly shifted on the Ford (or whomever) frame. The Ford frame rails are actually cut in two and a section welded in to lengthen the wheel base to meet the RV manufacturers requirements. The driveshaft in ours is one piece, so probably one made to specs, not a piece welded in. I'm not sure if brake lines and electrical were added to or replaced with longer ones. I haven't noticed any splices in ours, frame rails yes but not other components. All of this must be done to meet Ford specifications. Ours does have frame rail extensions behind the rear axle to support the body of the RV and it also does, or can change the towing specs. Ours is still rated to tow 5000lbs but can only have a tongue weight of 350lb. Ken
Beverley&Ken 11/26/19 08:36pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Where is the valve to drain freshwater tank

Look around the sides of the fresh water tank, near the bottom of may actually be on the bottom of the tank, depending on your individual model. Ours is near the water pump, but a separate fitting off the tank, it then has a separate valve before leading to the 1" drain pipe to the bottom of the RV. Our old trailer just had a screw cap on the drain pipe. On ours, the pump and fittings are on the opposite side of the RV from the fresh water fill and vent fittings. Ken
Beverley&Ken 11/15/19 11:21am Tech Issues
RE: Forum Posting Help and Support

The directions for posting a new topic, thread etc could be clearer, more options. When I open RV Net, my page shows, in the Blue Bar, Newest, Active.....Forum Posting Help.. My first time I clicked on Forum Posting... And started my post. And it was in the Forum Posting Help... Topic/thread, it does not give an option to change threads/topic from there. I've found that you actually have to get into a specific forum/thread (c-class , towing etc) and go to Post New topic in the grey/black line, I think that there should be an option, when doing the initial post , to pick/change the area you want it posted in. Ken
Beverley&Ken 11/08/19 11:16am General RVing Issues
RE: Winterization issues

On our 06 Winnie Outlook 29b, there are 4 low point drains, in the water pump compartment there is a big yellow handle for draining the fresh water tank and on the pressure side of the pump there is also a low point drain in the plumbing supply line to the coach. There are also 2 low point drains, hot and cold. They are located in an outside storage compartment and go through the floor of the basement compartment. These three are the same type of valve 1/4 turn white handle, the same as the winterization suction valve. It's possible that when changing the valves in the area of the fresh water tank, you've may have forgotten to close this one. Ken
Beverley&Ken 11/03/19 10:25pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Cat Shelter

Thanks for looking after our feline friends. After the kittens get used to there new shelter, maybe shield the entrances with a wind break, bale of straw etc. Ken
Beverley&Ken 11/03/19 10:11pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Niagara Falls scow moved

Google Maps photo I don.t remember much, actually nothing, from my first visits there. But in the early 1960s, I've seen it and remember hearing stories about it. The story I remember is that it was a barge/scow being towed in the upper Niagara River when it broke loose from its TB, tow boat. The 2 men on board managed to open valves or something to scuttle or sink the boat in the river to prevent being sweep over the falls. Apparently they were rescued by lifelines thrown from shore. Yes, I was born in the Niagara area, in 1948, and that is my story as my senior mind remembers it. With the severe wind and rain this past weekend, combined with the naturally treacherous waters in that area, almost anything would be moved. I can't imagine how 101 year old iron could withstand, even the natural current in the river. Ken edit: If you click on the left arrow, upper left corner IN the picture by the untitled photo credit, it will take you back to the google maps and satellite views. Ken
Beverley&Ken 11/03/19 09:53pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Minnie Winnie towing capacity...Confused.

You are good to go, very similar to our weights. The vertical tongue hitch weight with the dolly is minimal 50-60 lbs after the car is load, nearly all the car weight is in line with the dolly tires axel. I have seen people unhitch the dolly with car on and it was a one handed lift for the dolly tongue. I would guess that your Winnie would be in the vicinity of 29-30 ft, Our 29b weights in at 13050 lbs. and our CRV weighs about 3500lbs now with a tow bar. Ken Edit added. Winnebago put a 5000lb hitch on ours but added a sticker to derate the vertical hitch weight to 350lbs because of the frame extensions. Ken
Beverley&Ken 10/28/19 08:43pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Changes in Air Temp and Tire PSI

As you are going to do, check every morning, but I would bleed any off if it were only 5 psi or so. If it gets above 10 over yes. I may affect your handling and ride, (assuming a MH or tow vehicle). Years ago, we left home (north of Toronto) , the temp was about -20F and pressures set for ambient cold at 80 psi and 65psi in front (c-class). Later in the trip, after getting on the road in the morning, the handling was a nightmare and horribly rough ride, only thoughts were about the pothole I'd hit the day before, not tire pressures. Next day I checked the tire pressure before getting on the road, The fronts were well over 90psi. After reducing the pressure to the appropriate pressures, the ride and handling were back to normal. Ken
Beverley&Ken 10/28/19 08:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: 2020 Class'C' E-450 Ford V10 lacks power?

It's his 3rd V10 c-class, It could be the first brand new one and the engine just needs a break in. Do as carringb suggested, or take it to a Ford dealer. There shouldn't be a big decrease in performance. Ken
Beverley&Ken 10/23/19 08:22pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: winterizing unit (picture of water heater)

"Is turning off the heater from the control switches (next to water pump) enough or do I have to turn off the breaker." I would rather be extra safe and turn off the breaker, maybe 10 seconds to do. The temp/pressure relief valve is in the upper right area of the heater. It's the brass body fixture with the open end. It has the blue collar on it and the lever is raised to slightly more than 90 degrees. Some say don't use it, others say open and close periodically, to give the air pocket. IF it leaks after being opened, just open and close a couple of times. If it ever fails, just go to a hardware store, box store, Lowes, Home Depot etc, as opposed to an RV store. same item either place but the cost $. Ken
Beverley&Ken 10/23/19 08:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: winterizing unit (picture of water heater)

That white 'nut' is actually a nylon drain plug, use a 1" socket to remove, then open the pressure relief valve and it will drain the water heater. Important have city water disconnected/turned off and water pump turned off as well as turning off the heater controls, gas and electric (if equipped). Also water temp should be cool. Bypassing the heater for winterization is done on the inside of the RV, behind the heater. One or three valve system. Ken If you don't relieve the pressure, before removing the plug, you will have an unexpected shower. plus the plug comes out much easier.
Beverley&Ken 10/21/19 09:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Slide out awning covers

We have them and no issues. Once we watched the snow (light) roll off as the slide came in. As Hornet28 experienced with the wet snow, he had to sweep it off before the slide would come it, but he would have had to do it without the toppers. The wet snow would have packed in and probably leaked inside the RV. Ken
Beverley&Ken 10/20/19 08:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: Mystery On/Off Switch Above Mirror Adjust Controls

x3 "mirror heaters..turn it on for a few minutes and touch one of the mirrors" On our Winnebago, they are wired to the Ford chassis and only work with the ignition on. Ken
Beverley&Ken 10/20/19 08:19pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: inquisitive

I do. Not worried about someone taking them, rather what they could do to my (or anyone else) shins. The same as removing the hitch receiver. Probably takes less than a minute to remove both and put them in storage, almost as quick to put them back in when ready to go. Ken
Beverley&Ken 10/20/19 08:10pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Camping tables-any favortes?

We got ours at Costco, about 30x60 inches, Plastic. Height adjustable legs fold into the top, it stores about 1 1/2" high and easily stores in a basement compartment. Ken
Beverley&Ken 10/15/19 09:32pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Honda cr-v electrical problem

It is probably a Honda issue. On our 12 CRV, (virtually the same as 13,14s) the battery would be dead after not using the car for 3 or 4 days. This was before hooking up the charge line, only separate bulbs in the tail light fixtures. In there effort to improve fuel economy, Honda reduced the output of the alternator to 12.1 volts, and using a small 400 amp battery to save weight. The battery was just slightly bigger than the battery for a small lawn tractor. After Honda replaced 4 batteries in the first year (all warranty), they finally reflashed the computer to give an output of the normal 13 volts. When the Honda battery gave up again, I put in an Accord sized battery, 600+ amps instead of 400. Had to change battery box to the Accord size, it fit perfectly. Even with the 3 yr old battery and our cold winter climates 0 F., I've let the car sit for 2 weeks and it would start no problems. If you have the small 400 amp battery, cheapest option would be to put a trickle charger on it. Ken
Beverley&Ken 10/11/19 09:58pm Dinghy Towing
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