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RE: Direct to stop SD transmission on Dec.31

Absolutely. As long as you understand the limitations, DISH remains a great option for dome users.
Bill.Satellite 12/02/20 02:33pm Technology Corner
RE: Direct to stop SD transmission on Dec.31

Keep in mind that you simply cannot move a card from 1 receiver to another. If you want to pursue that route you will need a new card. However, here's some info I posted elsewhere....... IF THIS FINALLY DOES HAPPENS, as DTV had been promising for about 2 years, domes and 18" round dishes will not stop working. However ALL SD receivers will quit working. The other issue is that dome and 18" antenna users will now receive programming in full HD (with an HD receiver) but what programming will be available is still unknown. You will still only be able to receive programming from the 101 satellite and the majority of programming is currently on 99 and 103. The 101 will still be around for many years to come so if they cut out the SD they can move more programming to 101. What makes the most sense to me, however, is that they would no longer need to duplicate channels on multiple satellites so, at best, less than 1/3 of the DTV programming would be coming from the 101 satellite. So NO NETWORK programming at all and a highly reduced channel list would be available to those to continue to try to use the outdated dome technology.
Bill.Satellite 12/02/20 07:09am Technology Corner
RE: DirecTV upgrade to Genie 2 in motorhome

Sounds logical but is the SWM LNB a Reverse Band LNB by default or to you have to change that out as well? I have found the Genie 2 to be less RV worthy than the Genie HR54 that I have so I have never really pursued what or what might not be necessary for the Genie 2. I guess I don't understand how the Genie 2 stand alone server would dramatically improve what's available with a standard Genie / client combo.
Bill.Satellite 11/29/20 07:06am Technology Corner
RE: DirecTV upgrade to Genie 2 in motorhome

Just adding a SWM8 kit to the SK-3005 should do it. There's nothing special about the Genie 2 compared to the Genie as far as antenna connections are concerned. I assume you know that the Genie 2 does not connect to a TV so you need the Genie 2 plus a client for each TV. Did you happen to ask Winegard about the SWM8 kit? They sell it but parts can be found for less online. Be sure that you use the PI29 power inserter. It's possible this could be the complication. I am not sure what power inserter is built into the Genie 2 and if it will pass an external power supply like the standard Genie will.
Bill.Satellite 11/28/20 07:18am Technology Corner
RE: Latest Dish News Blackout ???

This BS no longer bothers me. I cut the cable a year ago and went ota. No regrets. That's great for you, and a great dream for the rest of us. As an RVer, I OFTEN find my OTA options limited or non-existent. It depends upon where you are parked. I am 65 and watch TV continuously when home in the RV (yes, the RV is home). I want to watch what I want to watch and not what happens to be available. I do this by having lots of programming recorded in case satellite is not available and paying for satellite so I can watch anything, anywhere the other 99.9% of the time. No matter where I am I still like to try to find local OTA news as it can be quite entertaining and it will give me the best weather forecast. I do have DNS service with DirecTV so I always have full Network programming no matter where we stop which not all RVers have available depending upon the service they are using.
Bill.Satellite 11/27/20 05:39pm Technology Corner
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

Had a great one! Thanks Cooked the Holiday turkey in a sous vide. LOL
Bill.Satellite 11/27/20 06:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Mapping and GPS Recommendations Needed

You will be hard pressed to find a tablet for sale that doesn't include GPS. All mapping systems need to be plugged in unless you are driving only very short distances. How is it risky? Your worst case is to pull over and ask for directions...but really, you can always pull out your phone and check on google maps. Tablets are cheap, if you are worried about using it for something else taking the map off line...just leave one in the car as a dedicated GPS system. Even zoomed in, a scan of a paper map will never be as accurate or as up to date as an online mapping system. I've yet to see a paper map that indicates the lane I'm best choosing when entering a complicated interchange. Cheap tablets=junk. Pretty much ANYTHING under $180 in a Tablet is garbage, been there, done that. Not EVERY tablet has GPS radios built in, period. HAVE run into that, DW and DD have burned through many more tablets than I have with real PCs and a few of their tablets most certainly did not have GPS radios. Tablets go out of date, run out of manufacturer support pretty quickly. Android OS is nothing more than one huge "experiment" and is pretty bug laden. Tablet processors are weak "ARM" processors and Android has considerable amount of limitations. Then you go to all of these "App" developers, you toss the dice and take your chances with these Apps, they are often very buggy, have very limited QA.. Some work, some do not, some bring a lot of "ads" and other unwanted junk. And you are going to bet your life on GPS on a Tablet? Our several attempts with CoPilot on several different Tablets, we could not get it to recognize our rural area properly, seems our home moves and where a grocery store is, a farmers field, a church, a defunct railroad tunnel that has been closed for 30 yrs and all locations 2 miles or more away from our home.. Sometimes driving along on roads CoPilot would show us as driving a mile off the road.. No consistency to what it detected as our starting point or if it could locate us properly. And you want to bet your life on GPS on a Tablet? CoPilot would also lose it's mind when going in a tunnel, often taking minutes to reacquire sat signals on the other end.. A scan of a paper map HOLDs it's "accuracy" and is always there even when you have no cell signal or Wifi. Roads do not randomly change, appear, disappear over night so even a paper map from 10 yrs ago is still valid. Takes considerable amount of yrs of planning or building by DOT to change or add roads so paper maps tend to be a valid tool for many yrs. GPS maps must be continually updated since they started out with extremely old base maps (they didn't build the maps from scratch, they BOUGHT OLD MAPS, converted them into an electronic form)and over time they add in additional details as the map makers play catch up. There are also plenty of vast areas where GPS map info is non existent or totally incorrect which sends folks driving into farmers fields, into ponds, lakes or even old farmers roads into the middle of no where.. Not unusual for GPS to toss you onto very small roads with bridges or obstructions too low for a RV.. Have a bridge not far from my home that truckers using GPS seem to be attracted to, has been damaged multiple times.. I take one look at the size of the road and shake my head, no way I would take anything bigger than a automobile on that road.. As far as figuring out lane choices, that IS what the ROAD SIGNS ARE FOR! The DOT of every state has the responsibility to ensure the road signs are placed in an orderly fashion which will give you enough time at the POSTED SPEED LIMITS to notice, read and take proper action. I can't help if you or anyone else are not able to determine what lane to be in, I have not had that issue and have always gotten to my destination in fine fashion. GPS is not an excuse to toss paper maps and ignore road signs, it is nothing more than a extra tool in your trip to use alongside other methods. We PLAN our routes ahead of time, we use our paper maps and now days plenty of good online methods along with our paper maps. MAPQUEST gives you blow by blow directions and a map to follow.. Put in beginning point and destination and it will give you detailed directions to follow. You can then PRINT the directions and map. You can also snip the directions and map and save it as a JPG and put on your tablet or phone. Don't like Mapquest? Then try GOOGLEMAPS If I was ever going to consider GPS, it WOULD be a "dedicated" standalone GPS and not a Tablet with buggy OS and buggy software with buggy maps. You get what you pay for and there IS a reason standalone GPS units are more expensive. Your opinions are yours, of course, and I will respect them but I must disagree. There is nothing life threatening about using a tablet. You say you prefer paper. So you seem to imply that looking at a paper map while driving is somehow safer than have a tablet give you voice instructions and as well as visual and no one have to take their hands off the wheel or off the road. A 10 year old paper map is NOT just as good as a current map and a 10 year old GPS in also not as good as a current GPS. Since roads DO open and close due to construction from time to time neither a stand alone GPS or paper map can keep up with this but a tablet or phone with Google Maps CAN keep up with these changes. These systems can be updated in a matter of days compared to a GPS which can often be more than a year behind or that 10 year old paper map which is updated......NEVER. We have traveled over 300,000 miles in the 20 years of full timing and I can tell you that while you might want to believe that the road signs will give you all the information you need, I can confirm that they sometimes do not! Picking the correct exit lane (or is there only 1 exit lane) can be the most frustrating when getting it wrong means getting your 50,000# beast over when ever driver in the other lane just wants to be in front of you. The other thing your paper maps and stand alone GPS will never handle is warning you that there is an HUGE slowdown or stopped traffic ahead. There are so many advantages to tablet based GPS systems, especially Google Maps and WAZE, over paper maps and stand alone GPS that there is truly no comparison. I always plan my route ahead of time and I use paper from time to time but mostly Google Maps on Windows computer. That combination allows me to move the route anywhere I like to see which route makes the best sense for mileage, time, construction, etc. All the calculations are done for you and you can ensure you are going to go the exact path you want as well as the one that makes the most sense. As mentioned above, I also use Google Earth, mostly when traveling out West, so look at the elevation profile of a couple of different routes to see if I can avoid (or enjoy the trip over) some of the higher passes. It's all about choices but the very best, current, information is available electronically.
Bill.Satellite 11/26/20 07:19am Technology Corner
RE: Mapping and GPS Recommendations Needed

Google Maps. WAZE. Mostly Google Maps unless you want a 2nd opinion on traffic or want to use an HOV lane that does not show up with Google (yes, in the car!).
Bill.Satellite 11/25/20 11:30am Technology Corner
RE: Dome Satellite is it capable of getting service??

If that decision is done then good luck, it should be just fine. The better choice, IMHO, is the Winegard Pathway X2.
Bill.Satellite 11/24/20 04:25pm Technology Corner
RE: Is there any difference in DRIVING a gas class A vs diesel?

I've been toying with the idea of trading in my gas Bounder for a diesel powered coach. Do they ride any smoother (my wife's pet peeve), do they handle much differently on state highways and interstates, and do they really make much difference for towing? I've had two class C's before moving to the A, and each coach has been bigger than the last, and for me, better. There are a lot of used diesels on the market right now and I was wondering if it would be worth trading again to get a better ride and livability. Thanks for any insights. Egor YES! Absolutely! If the DW is not happy with the gas chassis ride and handling, she will be thrilled by the difference when you move to a diesel pusher. Don't take my word for it, take your wife for a ride in it. Just be sure to bring your checkbook as well!
Bill.Satellite 11/20/20 05:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

This is the one we have but there is also a 120V version. The vertical or horizontal version both work the same, it's just a layout choice. There are 17 power levels despite seeing only 1-9 listed.
Bill.Satellite 11/20/20 07:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Elon's Starlink Internet Service

Reading this thread is like watching kindergartners at recess. Dave It didn't start that way. Only one poster caused it to go sideways.
Bill.Satellite 11/19/20 04:46pm Technology Corner
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

We used the Tru Induction countertop/drop in found here for $118.00 Tru Induction on Amazon
Bill.Satellite 11/19/20 07:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

I forgot to reply, sorry! Our unit is a K&H (Kitchen and Home) with a 8" and 7" burner. There are 17 heat levels (1, 1.5, 2, 2.5....up to 9. The change is fast and accurate. Really quite amazing. We had always been interested in a change from gas to induction but put it off for years thinking there was not a unit that would work. We thought TruInduction was pretty much it. Had I found H&K I would have done the update years ago. We were given a portable TruInduction countertop unit and fell in love the first time we used it. We full time so keeping the coach cool in the Summer can be a real challenge with a gas cooktop. Not so much with induction! Awesome! The precise control is a huge benefit as well. We just poached a couple of eggs this morning. The pot came up to a boil in a matter of minutes and then changing the power setting to a simmer happened nearly immediately. A touch of a button could adjust the simmer up or down ever so slightly and hold it there. Can't say enough good. As to pots and pans, we have cast iron skillets and metal (magnetic) pots and pans. They are not the exact size of the burner but all work perfectly well.
Bill.Satellite 11/18/20 05:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Elon's Starlink Internet Service

My name is Bill. When someone calls me “Billy” it generally a demeaning term to belittle me. That’s what I see in your posts. Fight fare without the demeaning insults. He knows this well. He's just an A$$. He takes pride in it and rolls in the mud just as happy as a pig in shinola. If no one quotes him I won't have to see any more of his drivel.
Bill.Satellite 11/18/20 04:07pm Technology Corner
RE: freon charge in a Dometic

Hi everyone. Is there anyway to verify low freon charge in a Dometic 15,000btu without installing a line tap and ambient air temperature is to cold to really check output temperature? Compressor load test maybe? I don't believe there is any such option as they are all sealed units.
Bill.Satellite 11/18/20 07:11am Tech Issues
RE: Elon's Starlink Internet Service

edatlanta, i think you nailed it. hilarious! Billy, i was TRYING to teach something by stating what i had read about the weather conditions that Starlink excels in (btw, it was all of them in case you missed it). Not everything is about your posts. And as to my words, i have watched you do worse to other folks in the preceding months. I try to talk to people in a manner similar to how they speak. If you want to sarcasm at me, Git After It! I can laugh at myself with the best of em. Some of your stuff does actually get a good grin from me, bion. I still cant believe this is something that anyone believes (I'm not really sure you arent trolling us on this. Seriously, i think youre smarter than that). From Wall St analysts to tech wizards to everyone who hates the way that the cable and phone companies (o yeah, Starlink's voip is gonna reek havoc there too) to people....well, dang near Everyone is chomping at the bit for Starlink to go nationwide. Can Unreliable dish companies with exclusion zones (both regional and under trees)compete with cheaper (or even close) with completly reliable and GAWDAWFULFASTER internet? I understand that some very few will still cling to the old ways of doing things. Heck i have a childhood friend who only has a landline and doesnt want the internet. I've offered to fix him up and cover all costs but he just cant handle the change. I KNOW he would like it. He was one of the smartest people in our large HS and he loves playing on the computer i gave him but he is someone who just cant handle change anymore. And let me say again. If you want your Dish, you can keep it. If it works for you, I am happy for you. Really. But the rest of us are going to be taking the rocketship speeds down the Inturweb Turnpike! Heres the first 2 results of a DDG search if youd like to read up on the future:$Starlink_satellites_in_orbit_since_May_2019_(target_%3D_1440).svg ((edited to say place a colon in place of the $ in the above link. the software here sees it as an emoticon )) (Elon has said No Caps) You won't be taking rocketships anywhere as the service is not available. Until it is, I am very happy with DirecTV! Even if it became available today, was fully mobile, only cost $500 for the hardware and only cost $99/month, I would still be better off with my DirecTV and AT&T internet. I would have to send a PM to explain just how I feel about you and your attacks but your suggestion in another thread that we should have lunch is so never going to happen! You win, I can't take any more. You have been blocked.
Bill.Satellite 11/17/20 07:29am Technology Corner
RE: banking when full timing

Well, we were! Once we finished up our coach purchase we left for TX to get it registered and pay the man all the money we had left in taxes!
Bill.Satellite 11/17/20 07:22am Full-time RVing
RE: banking when full timing

We have been BOA customers for many, many years, even before we started full-timing. We have been full timing (truly moving and living) since 2000 and BOA has only failed us a few times. There are a couple of pockets around the US where a BOA or BOA ATM does not exist. No matter, though. Need cash in a banking desert? Stop by Wal-Mart, make a purchase and get whatever you need as cash back using your debit card. Need to deposit a check and no bank or ATM is available? Use the BOA app to take a picture of the check and it's in your account in a matter of seconds. I needed a certified check to buy our new (to us) Prevost a couple of weeks ago and there were only 2 BOA's in the Knoxville, TN area. We were about 30 minutes away, drove "to town", got the check and delivered it to the dealer. Done and done! We transfer funds from investment to banking and banking to investment with the click of a button. Bills are paid using our BOA CC automatically and we pay the CC off monthly. We also get a cash back reward with the card in the $50-$80/month range having done nothing more than pay our bills! Love BOA!
Bill.Satellite 11/16/20 06:01pm Full-time RVing
RE: Elon's Starlink Internet Service

I'm on my Mobley now and every day.... the best deal we ever got Bill. I moved the Mobley SIM to a Netgear router years ago and use it everyday as my main source of internet. Took a picture of the data usage the other day when it showed 750+ MB used and the month was not yet over. Love that a few of us were able to snag the deal during it's short lived availability.
Bill.Satellite 11/16/20 06:34am Technology Corner
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