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RE: DirecTV DNS changes

Thats why you all need to stream, no issues with channel changes and news from other areas, all channels all the time and movies when ever you want and many are FREE... SNORE. I know you HATE satellite TV but could you at least keep your flames somewhat on topic?
Bill.Satellite 07/19/19 05:15am Technology Corner
RE: DirecTV DNS changes

My west coast CBS feed is still coming from KCBS Los Angles and my east coast CBS feed is still coming from WCBS New York. Not sure what causes the change to take effect but you must be late in the change over. I was really surprised to find that Judge Judy (from LA) was gone and the San Diego CBS did not carry it. Boo Hoo!
Bill.Satellite 07/18/19 03:40pm Technology Corner
DirecTV DNS changes

I saw a post on another forum saying that CBS DNS had changed broadcast locations. Sure enough, the CBS E. coast feed is now coming out of DC instead of NY and the CBS W. coast feed is now coming out of San Diego. Not sure why (CBS dispute with DTV?) but it will also effect anyone who changed their service address to NY or LA to avoid DNS charges. No CBS for you!
Bill.Satellite 07/18/19 02:02pm Technology Corner
RE: RV Tank Maintenance

I have used regular TP for nearly 20 years and HC is not necessary. With sealed connections at the RV and the dump there is NO smell. I rarely sniff my hose! I have not found that HC does anything to help with sensors. Clearly my mileage differs.
Bill.Satellite 07/18/19 05:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Electric Propulsion Reality Check

Watch a 50 minute video at that link? No thanks.
Bill.Satellite 07/18/19 05:22am Tech Issues
RE: RV Tank Maintenance

By adhering to recommended practices with every RV I've owned over the past 45 years, I've never had any issues with my sensors not reading properly. So what are the recommended practices? Read my previous posts in this post. Keep you dump valve closed till your tanks are at least 3/4 full. Never leave the dump valves open while your camping - sure recipe for problems. When you do dump, use the flush to refill the tank for a couple of minutes and repeat till the water runs clear. Twice a year use the wand to blast the sides of the tank. Use Happy Camper tank treatment in both the grey and black tank. I installed a flush kit on my grey water tank and it helps. This is all excellent advice. However, Happy Camper is not necessary if you follow the rest of the steps. Happy Camper is the best odor killer I have ever used but it's not "necessary" to properly maintain your tanks.
Bill.Satellite 07/17/19 08:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Using my Class A motorhome as a Full Time Residence?

Yes, there are RV parks throughout the US with full time options. I suggest that you rent as the cost of ownership is much higher than the price you pay for the lot! Depending upon what part of the Country you like the prices vary from very cheap to very expensive so you will need to decide if where you want to stay will fit your budget or if you want to relocate. If you do relocate you will also need to change your residency if you plan to spend more than 6 months in that State.
Bill.Satellite 07/16/19 01:41pm Full-time RVing
RE: camp ground cable into

My solution costs $70 and there are cheaper options available. If you don't want to have to swap everything out you might want to go the route of buying a cheap TV tuner.
Bill.Satellite 07/16/19 01:38pm Technology Corner
RE: camp ground cable into

Maybe the OP is using a monitor instead of a television. That's the only thing that would not have a coax input. If that's the case he would need to buy a TV tuner adapter and connect that to the TV via HDMI. Something like this: TV Tuner
Bill.Satellite 07/16/19 05:28am Technology Corner
RE: 100 amp service

30 amp is 30 amp. 50 amp is two legs of fifty amps and a common ground not 100 amps total. 30 amp service gives the RV owner a total of 30 amp to use (OK less but let's not get hung up on details). A 50 amp coach gives the RV owner a total of 100 amps to use (split between 2 separate circuits). That's a HUGE difference. If someone was actually looking at a 100 amp coach that would be 4 50 amp circuits but some would likely be setup to provide a 240V circuit for certain appliances. This is not typical in most RV's.
Bill.Satellite 07/15/19 06:00am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Roadside Assistance

Looking for info about the best "backup" roadside assistance plan, (just in case it is needed) I have "AAA" Auto/House/RV Plus now, and must keep it all in order get the good rates I have on the Auto & House, and the RV Plus cost is only $30 a year with the total package. Not sure if you have AAA and "must keep" AAA why you would looking at anything else. AAA likely has the largest towing system in the US and $30/year is very cheap.
Bill.Satellite 07/15/19 05:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Campground Breakers - EDITED

It's pretty scary that the park owner is either a liar or knows nothing about electricity! Breaker absolutely fail. They were NEVER designed to be on-off switches as we use them and use in the manner, over time, will cause bad connections. I have had breakers replaced at campgrounds a couple of times and I have moved from one site to another for the same reason a of times more. Either convince the owner you need a new breaker or get the heck out of there!
Bill.Satellite 07/14/19 02:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 100 amp service

I still think you are confusing 50 amp coaches (which can utilize 100 amps) with a 100 amp coach (2 separate 50 amp cords). Unless the coach had 4-5 AC's on the roof and/or 240 cooktop(s) there would not be a need for a 100 amp coach. Even Mr Marks' new 2 million dollar Prevost uses 50 amp shore power. If he runs his generator (or inverters from battery) he can utilize additional power but it would still be considered a 50 amp coach.
Bill.Satellite 07/14/19 02:50pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dish Hopper 3

TM, that's not correct. You do not replace the LNB on an older Trav'ler (pre-2018) when using the Hopper 3, you just install the DPH42 switch. If you have a newer Trav'ler (2018 and newer) then the updated LNB can be installed.
Bill.Satellite 07/14/19 02:43pm Technology Corner
RE: 100 amp service

Nothing to reply. Listening to answers, trying to figure out how hard it might be to find RV Parks/Resorts with 100 amp service. I hadn't thought about load center, perhaps shedding some load, if only one 50 amp is available, like our 50 amp does when on 30 amp pedestal. We don't have that coach yet. As I said two years or so down the road, Lord willing. Don't know which coach builder or anything. Looked at some fellow RVers Newmars,a Marathon Coach, Liberty, I think and a couple of others brands. None of the coaches you list need 100 amp service so we are all curious what coach you might be looking at that does need 100 amp service.
Bill.Satellite 07/14/19 05:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fulltiming across the USA.............on your own land?

Thanks, I will have to give that a try.
Bill.Satellite 07/14/19 05:34am Full-time RVing
RE: Newmar Ventana LE Recommended Tire Pressures

The above post is correct other than you should actually try to get each wheel weighed for an accurate determination of tire pressure. If you are just weighing front and rear you can use the Michelin pressure guide but you should add 5# to try to accommodate one side being somewhat heavier than the other. No one on the forum can tell you the correct pressure. No one. You must know the RV weights before making any adjustments. Never exceed the pressure listed on the tire sidewalls and be sure your tires are cold when you set the pressure.
Bill.Satellite 07/13/19 10:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fulltiming across the USA.............on your own land?

I have never seen this option in any US township. Have you seen this in US cities? We travel full time and dry camp often so this kind of water option would be very interesting.
Bill.Satellite 07/11/19 05:39am Full-time RVing
RE: 100 amp service

Do the all new Prevost/Newells etc electric coaches require 100 A service? Perhaps Mr Mark can chime in, I think his Prevost has a huge LI battery bank making his coach pretty much all electric. FWIW - outside of winning the lottery - this is an issue I likely will never have to solve for. No, nearly all of them use a 50 amp setup which provides 100 amp service to the coach. That's 50 amp service available on 2 separate legs wired into the coach.
Bill.Satellite 07/10/19 10:19am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2 Dish tv sats

If you read an article that said do not or you cannot use an A/B switch with satellite TV that information is COMPLETELY WRONG. I have successfully used an A/B switch setup with satellite TV setup for many years with NO signal loss. Those are the actual facts. I hope you find this information helpful and I would be happy to discuss this in detail based upon my years of installation experience in the RV scenarios.
Bill.Satellite 07/10/19 10:15am Tech Issues
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