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RE: Removing debris from slide out

A leaf blower works great if you're into lugging one with you. Just as long as you're not the guy who wants to hit the road at 7AM and fires the thing up at 6, right before running the stab jacks up with the impact gun, but after taking down the bug zapper that buzzed and popped the entire night. I was beside that guy last October. He also had to blow the falling leaves off every sq. ft. of his site onto the road and adjacent sites every 2 hours for the entire weekend. Kind of a losing battle in the middle of a state forest in October. Serves to remind one of why they like boondocking, so it can be a good thing.
BillyBob Jim 08/27/19 04:48am Travel Trailers
RE: Is this forum dead?

Forums like this one are a thing of the past. Only us dinosaurs left. The rest are either dead or on other social media. :) Lynn Not really......The Forest River Forums have over 120000 members and typically over a thousand of those active at a given time. Some of their moderators are also doosies when it comes to being oppressive JKoffs. Quite a few others around just as active also. This forum is populated by dinosaurs, so you have that correct, and the software used is also from the stone age.
BillyBob Jim 08/25/19 10:13am Workamping Forum
RE: Yipping little dogs!! Ugh!!

"I had to laugh at this. How in the world could you possibly know what the campground rules are where the OP is camped?" Seriously? :h Having never been to any campground where barking/yappy dogs were permitted I assume it was not permitted where the OP was. :S Somewhere there has to be a campground with a rule worded something like..............Quiet dogs that do not disturb the peaceful camping experience of others are strictly prohibited. :h :h
BillyBob Jim 08/15/19 03:23am RV Pet Stop
RE: Know RV or campers association...

Don't know of any RV organization that covers those bases. Be careful of environmental organizations. A group like the Sierra Club would prefer to ban RVs from public land and only allow hikers/backpackers. If I recall correctly, their position is to limit private vehicles going inside the most popular national parks and provide instead natural gas fed public buses. If ever, that would exempt RVsbecause, duh, we camp with our rigs. The traffic in Yosemite this summer is just terrible and it's really more convenient to us buses going around. Bus within the village is free and there are fare-based buses doing the longer routes. I actually like them as I can't actually do sightseeing while driving without endangering my family. I don't know what type of RV you have but when you arrive at the Sierra Club meeting be it in a class A/B/C or a TT or 5'r being pulled by a large diesel truck, or even a gasser, you're going to be the life of the party with these folks. Maybe they'll break out the ladders and rags and help you wax it. BTW, to quote you from before........"Again, this is not political." LOL
BillyBob Jim 08/14/19 06:50am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Jay Leno predicts demise of vehicles running on gas.

Tesla car owners having solar roofs are already off grid -- and don't have to defend on the electric infrastructure to charge their cars for their daily commuting. Are they really? That's a hoot.
BillyBob Jim 08/12/19 02:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Mat rant

Just remember: "Hide", it's your friend, and all of us would be so grateful. I'd be grateful if you were to take your own advice, but you can't have everything. DB.
BillyBob Jim 08/12/19 11:51am General RVing Issues
RE: Mat rant

Well, we were on a grass site last week and I thought the same thing; no need for the mat. Maybe they had just mowed the grass there or something, but I started getting big clumps of grass coming in on the bottom of the shoes. Yep, the mat went out right away... We were there three days; the grass underneath the mat was fine when we left. That must be some super super grass.
BillyBob Jim 08/12/19 10:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Mat rant

We have a matt we use when needed. Never has killled the grass. It's the breathable kind. Keeps the dirt and sand out. I wouldn't use a solid matt as those are the ones that kill grass. That must be some super super grass.
BillyBob Jim 08/12/19 10:21am General RVing Issues
RE: Jay Leno predicts demise of vehicles running on gas.

If someone could develop a car that runs on hot air and bulllshit, this thread has more than enough of both to power as many as they could build lol.
BillyBob Jim 08/11/19 11:15am Tow Vehicles
RE: Mat rant

Where we host I have a 90 site loop that is almost all grass, more than half of those are totally grass, no gravel or other pads for the rig, put it where you want on the grass. I cut that grass and have not had any issues with the use of mats killing it. Worst case is a large yellowed spot if someone was there for a week or max 14 days. In those cases it all comes back in 2 or 3 days. Nothing to lose sleep over.
BillyBob Jim 08/10/19 05:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Why not forget holding tanks and just use portable tanks?

It actually 513.08 that says it’s illegal to dump sewage into anything other than an approved sewerage system. 513.08?Disposal of sewage.— (1)?It is unlawful to empty any receptacle or fixture containing human excreta, human urine, or any other liquid waste from a mobile home or recreational vehicle or at a recreational campsite except into a sewerage system approved by the department. (2)?The operator or permittee of a mobile home park, lodging park, recreational vehicle park, or recreational camp shall provide such means for the emptying of such receptacles and for their cleaning as specified in the rules of the department. History.—s. 1, ch. 19365, 1939; CGL 1940 Supp. 4150(2); ss. 19, 35, ch. 69-106; s. 3, ch. 76-168; s. 445, ch. 77-147; s. 1, ch. 77-457; ss. 2, 3, ch. 81-318; ss. 8, 14, 15, ch. 83-321; ss. 14, 26, ch. 93-150. :):) Please, when full blown geezer finally sets in will somebody cap me in the temple. Some of you folks are far beyond ridiculous.
BillyBob Jim 08/09/19 06:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Why not forget holding tanks and just use portable tanks?

When I had a pop-up camper, here's what we were dealing with at St. Andrews SP in FL. Look at the lower right of the bulletin board on the bath house. I tried a bit of googling on the statute numbers on the sign. I didn't see anything specifically banning tote tanks. Maybe it's cross-referenced in their statutes. Would be interesting to see the exact wording, if any. Or is it just the particular CG that just doesn't want people dragging smelly noisy totes around? What if your tote tank is grey or you painted it pink?? :) Have been to a couple of CGs in Oregon where they said you can't lay you sewer hose directly on the ground. Most people do it anyway. It's a nuisance to have to set up hose supports especially if you have two outlets. I never do it. I tried to find the Oregon law once and couldn't. Maybe another example of CGs referencing rules that don't exist? The statute grants rule making authority to a state department regarding operation of RV parks and specifically mentions sewage collection and handling. The statute itself doesn’t prohibit the tanks, but likely whatever department operates the state parks has a rule against them. RV forum drama. Not any state DEP or DCNR, or whatever they are named, has a rule against tote tanks. Post up the statute or link to one. I have hosted in parks in 4 different states and tote tanks have never even been a topic of discussion. Some of you people are missing a screw or two.
BillyBob Jim 08/09/19 05:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Why not forget holding tanks and just use portable tanks?

Its hard to comprehend why companies like Barker and Thetford, who manufacture and market tote tanks that are such a PITA to use and are illegal in so many campgrounds, continue to do so.
BillyBob Jim 08/09/19 03:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Why not forget holding tanks and just use portable tanks?

That would work for most boondocking areas but most RV, National and state parks require RVs to meet RVIA standards which include holding tanks. You'll see park rules state "Must be fully self contained" Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) Those blue portable tanks can be a hand full to dump depending on where you have to dump them. The smell can be deadly. Holding tanks with a sealed sewer hose setup is the best way to go. Little or no smell or mess. That's simply opinion. I have never seen in the published rules for any State or Federal Campground I am familiar with, which is more than a few, anything that references RVIA standards or the RVIA at all. The RVIA is a voluntary organization, there are RV manufacturers that do not even belong to RVIA. Are tent campers required to be self contained also. OP, I have used and dumped a tote tank often. It's not the nightmare folks claim on these boards. Get a 4 wheel tote with a side mounted dump valve. You would not need separate totes for black and gray to do what you describe, you'll be dumping it down the same hole. No one is going to give you any flack or toss you from a campground for having a tote tank connected 24/7.
BillyBob Jim 08/09/19 12:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: another solar option

hopefully I don't get crucified like the last guy asking about a cheap plug and play system. I can get this thing for a song and a dance. anyone have any feedback? Crucifixion is a minor ramification. Lets hope when you connect it the magnetic field of the Earth does not shift, causing it to go careening out of solar orbit, into a collision trajectory with Uranus.
BillyBob Jim 08/09/19 11:55am Travel Trailers
RE: Are these stickers needed??

Is this like cutting the 'do not remove under penalty of law' tag off a mattress or pillow? :B :B :B It is.........exactly. And while were at it.
BillyBob Jim 08/09/19 10:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Extended Warranty Not Covering Parts Cost

Take it to Camping World in Ft Myers or Cocoa. Then all the eggs will be in The Emperor Marcus Aurelius Tiberius Augustus Lemonis's basket and they can fight among themselves, themselves being the different entities/scams he has going on. Unfortunately that probably will not get your RV repaired correctly, but at least you'll get the parts and labor paid for while they're creating more problems by boogering up the problems you already have.
BillyBob Jim 08/09/19 08:01am Good Sam Extended Service Plan
RE: Is the EV transformation of the market over hyped ?

Fwiw Tesla X CAR puling 4500 lbs trailer geting 42mpge and thats without stinking up the air Can anyones diesel do better Worth nothing.
BillyBob Jim 08/09/19 06:13am Tow Vehicles
RE: Sad state of our National Parks-II

Now, one small step back towards the OP's topic: IMHO, I think something that could partially replace National Park/Lands camping that would be popular with some RV'ers for their vacations (as opposed to most folks living in their RVs for long periods) would be the availability of recreation drycamping on large private land-holdings with beautiful scenery and maybe on the edge of ponds, lakes, or rivers with say, a hundred yards or more, between camping sites. ATV's, fishing, hiking, photography, bird watching, rockhounding, etc. would be allowed as available and appropriate. Checkout would be required so that before leaving, the camper would have to wait while the camping manager (or ranch owner) could have each vacated "boondock type" campsite inspected to make sure no trashing or tank dumping had occured. If the inspection showed that the campsite was left in good condition, a deposit would be returned to the camper at checkout time. I guess this could be called "paid private land boondock camping". I'd be willing to pay hundreds of dollars per week for this kind of isolated, pristine, private camping ... maybe once or twice a year if and as I could budget for it. There may be a very few "dude ranch type" private RV camgrounds like this in the U.S. already, but I haven't yet researched it. I don't know of anything that would stop a landowner from doing this. But I take issue with the idea of privatizing any of the commons. Not being economically viable possibly?
BillyBob Jim 08/09/19 05:59am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Bicycle Safety

OK. Here it is. Highlands RV Park in Bishop, CA. Nice, isn't it? It's smack dab in the middle of an urban / commercial area? Probably a good number of tweakers living around there.
BillyBob Jim 08/09/19 04:47am General RVing Issues
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