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RE: EC 1160 &1165 and Host Mam & Everest AND Lance 1172

If you're open to looking at used ones - I don't know what year they transitioned, but mine is a 2012 and does not use Schwintek mech's. I'm sure you could likely find a nice clean used one somewhere... Some people are super anal when it comes to storing and maintaining(like me), and have garages built for thier TCs and they look literally as good as new...
Boatycall 08/19/19 03:35pm Truck Campers
Anyone running this particular WD hitch on a SuperTruss?

I'm looking for input from you guys and not the towing or TT pages because we're the only ones running Torklift extensions - I'd like to hear from you if you have an extension and are running this hitch. Mine is 48 inch. In a nutshell... I've had it with my conventional WD hitch and the bars popping off on sharp turns. While it of course did the job...just hated it. Ran across a deal on a very lightly used one of these and got it, haven't mounted or set it up yet. The picture doesn't do it justice tho, it's pretty darn stout in person. Anderson WD Hitch
Boatycall 08/19/19 02:49pm Truck Campers
RE: New Moderator

Bedlam, thanks for volunteering to co-mod the truck camper forum. It can be a lot of work, but it is often fun and interesting too. bradw Oh how would you know!? :B Good luck Bedlam!
Boatycall 08/19/19 02:29pm Truck Campers
RE: Eagle cap 1160 & Lance 1172 owners....

No rear door ever again for me. LOVE the side door, have it now, and won't go back. OK, then I'll look at the Host's again. Thanks for the wake-up on the weights. It seems the wet weight on the Lance was like 5000, the Host was more like 5500+ . I REALLY didn't want to need to buy a bigger dually..... Winner... Check my sig... That is exactly what you'll need to do if you totally load an 1160 up, and then haul a heavy trailer. I had an F350 DRW. My EC 1160 now makes camper #5 in my life. Had my F350DRW for over 15 years, a trusty crusty 7.3L. I did EVERYTHING you can do to it to haul a TC - big springs, Rancho 9000's, Roadmaster sway bars... Worked great for my Arctic Fox 1150+trailer. Then.... I get the Eagle Cap 1160. Right off the bat, first trip..."Holy **** this thing is heavy." I have a DOT scale right down the street I hit frequently. Loaded, my AF1150 was 5400lbs. EC1160--7200. And my toybox trailer is no puny thing either, 24ft 12k, with ~1000lbs tongue weight. It proved to be too much for 17" tires--I don't care Ford/Dodge/Chevy, that was it... blowouts, delams, and braking was noticeably different. I got a helluva deal a few years back on a 'real' 2015 F450 w/19.5's and a Dana110 rear end. WOW... what a difference. Awesome handling, MUCH better braking. I would love to tell you get an 1160 - and if you don't plan on getting a heavy trailer, you'll be fine with a 1-ton class DRW. The combination of a heavy trailer + heavy TC was too much. Now granted - I do have a lot of batteries, solar, and a bunch of other stuff, so I'm a little heavier than most 1160's, but to offset some of that weight, no factory Moan'in generator ( I say Moan'in because Onan gens are known to suck, just like CrappiJacks). I've only EVER had one problem, and that was very recently, the Heiki vent over the bunk cracked and caused a leak, and subsequent delam problem that I had to fix. Other than that, it has been a 100% trouble free camper - mine is a 2012, prior to Schwintec slides. The HUGE plus with EC - All of plumbing and wiring is easily accessible in the basement. Super easy to work on. My Arctic Fox - Forget it! You can not access the basement, no way, no how.... Good luck if you have a plumbing leak or wiring problem.
Boatycall 08/17/19 12:06pm Truck Campers
RE: Sleepy Checking in!

Hey Chet! Glad to hear you got your generator problem taken care of. I'll take the old one! Ha... Jim
Boatycall 08/11/19 05:46pm Truck Campers
RE: The ticking time bomb under the hood

Please delete, double post.Don't delete this, I think we need to discuss this further-- We've talked about how doubles are more stable than singles. And, you can hold a heavier TC with doubles. I'm all for doubles. You take only a minimal hit for fuel mileage with doubles. But, with double posts, means now you have to buy 2 sets of posts when it's time to replace them. Thoughts? ??? WHAT ???? You're missing the fun in this.... :B
Boatycall 08/07/19 10:53am Truck Campers
RE: The ticking time bomb under the hood

Please delete, double post.Don't delete this, I think we need to discuss this further-- We've talked about how doubles are more stable than singles. And, you can hold a heavier TC with doubles. I'm all for doubles. You take only a minimal hit for fuel mileage with doubles. But, with double posts, means now you have to buy 2 sets of posts when it's time to replace them. Thoughts?
Boatycall 08/07/19 09:18am Truck Campers
RE: The ticking time bomb under the hood

Ford is having very lousy support site and I can't get full info about my truck warranty (due to site errors), but from my memory, Ford is giving 3 years basic warranty, but 7 years/100k miles powertrain warranty. So this is not something average TC owner has to worry, does it? Commercial users are different story. Mine is a '15, with 72k. I found the warranty info, 36 mo bumper to bumper, 5yr/60k full powertrain, 5yr/100k motor-only. I'm literally days way from it expiring. Called to inquire at two different dealers to extend motor-only warranty, never got called back.
Boatycall 08/05/19 09:54pm Truck Campers
RE: The ticking time bomb under the hood

My truck is still within(barely) the 5-yr/100k motor warranty. I passed the 5yr/60k full powertrain last year. Still 100% bone-stock, no deletes, no chips, but also, no problems. I've called two different dealers inquiring on extending the motor-only warranty... must not be worth thier time, neither has called me back.
Boatycall 08/02/19 12:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Dust proofing

I would also want to put the filter before the fan to also help protect the fan from the dust. If the dust gets into the motor and on the blades, could be a problem and at the minimum a mess to clean back up. Ya, thought of that... if you look at how a Fantastic is made, the motor is huge and in the way, plus the vent-crank arm is there too... There's no place to put it unless you get a vent-hood and attach it to that. Or possibly make a simple square box that rises/sits on top of the Fantastic vent. Then ya gotta seal the bottom of it - do you drill and make it permanent? Foam tape for temporary? Blue painter's tape? Oops, forgot to take it off the roof when I left... My noodle's been baking trying to find the ideal solution.
Boatycall 07/30/19 05:21pm Truck Campers
RE: Dust proofing

On dusty roads I use my fantastic fan on low in to create the pressure. I do a lot of dusty camping, I was thinking of a 12x12x1 house filter from Home Repo, stuffed into the inside of my Fantastic, and the fan set to blow into the TC. Positive pressure, blowing into the filter, then into the TC. As far as I know, getting a hepa isn't required for plain ole road dust. Hepa is for much smaller allergens and particles. Cheap filter to try
Boatycall 07/30/19 02:56pm Truck Campers
RE: Reliability of new 2015 6.7 powerstroke or Cummins Diesel

Not to nit-pick, but worth noting y'all...The OP did ask about 2015 and newer - 2015 is the first year of the Gen2 6.7L, which I have. There are several minor differences, feel free to google them, I don't remember. But, I do know the adaptive cruise+Jake Brake on the Gen2 is awesome! I also had the trusty crusty 7.3L(mine was a 2001) before moving up. I only ever had one minor problem with my '01. I don't use my truck unless I need a truck, so I'm only using it when hauling, I have a couple other cars for DD's. I'm around 27klbs all loaded up - I can take any mountain pass in Washington at the speed limit, and you can't even hear it working...just set the cruise and go. I have to slow down for corners, not hills. Problems so far - none what so ever @77k miles. The power is unbelievable, you'll get slightly better empty mileage, and all the new modern conveniences is great. You won't regret it.
Boatycall 07/06/19 10:22am Truck Campers
RE: Interesting delam issue - revised 6-24, more pics

I have found the actual source of the leak and fixed it. Sorry, no pics yet, I do have a couple, just taking a break from working on the thing all day today. So one of the three hinges on the vent had cracked off and was no longer attached to the vent frame, but was still attached to the plexiglass. It lifted off and created a nice area through which water could easily get in. It's my guess it cracked due to several reasons-- * Poor design, thin plastic hinge on the windward/leading edge. * Likely a strong headwind on the highway over stressed it and busted it, no scratches or signs of a tree branch impact. * Age - my TC is a 2012, the poor design had a very thin amount of plastic actually holding the whole thing together. The repair involved taking what was left of the hinge, which still had a fair amount of plastic left, drilling 3 holes in it, and screwing it into the TC roof, then adding epoxy that to the original vent frame. It is now far stronger than the original way they had it. Next, to reinforce the remaining hinges, drilled a couple holes, ran screws into them... then two entire tubes of dicor to re-seal the entire vent and rubber roof to front cap seam, and liberally covering the new screw heads. I bought 5 of those aluminum strips AnEv942 posted, with endcaps and a couple rolls of Dicor Butyl seal tape. I have the drawings from Eagle cap on the stud/cross brace spacing, so now to locate those and put the aluminum strips in.
Boatycall 06/29/19 06:24pm Truck Campers
RE: Interesting delam issue - revised 6-24, more pics

Sounds like your not far from ALP. Did Brad give you an option to bring it to factory and they could look at it and maybe fix it for you? Yes... I may take him up on it. He said $3-$4k. But... Y'all, I have a confession... I DID have a leak. I found it this evening, and the source - the Heki vent had several spots that showed signs of Dicor delam and water penetration, and the few inches of rubber roofing between it and the top front cap had bubbled. Looks to be recent, and I did camp in a downpour over Memorial weekend. I, Jim (aka Boatycall), now do the TC walk of shame.... I should have caught that sooner. I am no longer worthy of being on this forum... :o
Boatycall 06/28/19 07:59pm Truck Campers
RE: Interesting delam issue - revised 6-24, more pics

Sorry, I see where I didn't put enough details - 2012, model is 1160. I have owned it almost since new, although technically I am second owner, but only by 6 months. I called Brad at Adventure, he's sending me the structural drawings for the bunk, and suggested I remove the mattress and carpet, then run a hole-saw from the top down, then squirt full of adhesive, and compress the way I was thinking originally. He said he's also going to find out what adhesive they use on the production line. I was thinking a couple tubes of Liquid Nail. More pictures, but honestly, it's pretty much impossible to see anything other than I haven't washed the bugs off yet from the last trip.
Boatycall 06/24/19 12:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Interesting delam issue - revised 6-24, more pics

OP?? Oh, ya, sorry, one piece from the roof, wrapped all the way over the nose, under the bunk, and down the front bulkhead.
Boatycall 06/22/19 09:28pm Truck Campers
RE: Interesting delam issue - revised 6-24, more pics

I don’t know if you intended to post two pictures or not. In any case, are you sure it’s delaminates? I have some areas that are not flat anymore. I don’t have a picture handy, but the best way to describe it is irregular with bumps ... I guess. Host said it’s nothing to concern myself with, and there haven’t been any more changes for years. Sorry, I should have clarified - the entire filon under the bunk has separated. When you poke it with your finger it's a good inch of space in there.
Boatycall 06/21/19 09:19pm Truck Campers
Interesting delam issue - revised 6-24, more pics

My Eagle Cap 1160 filon has let go under the bunk. But here's the interesting part - I haven't camped in the rain in years, no signs of leaks, and it's fully garaged 24x7. Input I'm looking for - Why would it have delam'd? and.. What would you do to re-glue it? I'm thinking of drilling a couple small holes, shooting it full of glue, then making a reinforced plywood piece that I'll jack up with a floor jack to pinch the filon while the glue sets. Here's the only pic I could find showing the condition and where I keep it, inside a purpose-built garage---
Boatycall 06/21/19 08:53pm Truck Campers
RE: Ran roof air all day on only solar, batteries still full

So next question would be how much heat you can get from solar system? I have a 110v in-wall house heater I mounted in with a digital thermostat. I went with a Braun 110v heater because the heating element can be split with a switch, 750w and 1500w. I rarely have had to set it to 1500 watts, 750 has been sufficient down to upper 30's. . So-- "could" I run it off battery at night, and solar charge back up during the day, ya, I suppose I could, but I haven't tried. It'd be tough - I'd kill most of my battery potential, and it'd have to be pretty darn sunny out to make up for it the next day. It was slightly overcast when I ran the roof air Saturday, enough to knock my output down by about a third. I was getting 45-ish amps out of the TC, 30ish amps out of the Shotwagon. In 'ideal' conditions I've max'd out both solar controllers, 60a and 45a respectively, but that's pretty rare to get max power. . The two biggest reason I went through all this--one, I got all the batteries for free. Long story... But two, I absolutely hate generator noise when I'm camping. And even though my Honda 2000 can now run the roof air with the Soft Start installed, I hate the noise and dislike the hassle--unpacking it, gassing it, bringing extra gas, securing it, packing it back up... And didn't want to chance leaving my dog in the TC when I'm not close to camp and the gen running out of gas and/or dying. As long as I got good sun, I have a roof air. If there's no sun, I likely don't need the roof air.
Boatycall 05/14/19 01:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Ran roof air all day on only solar, batteries still full

With an outside high of only 87 degrees, I would guess you mostly only ran the fan and very little compressor usage. Still pretty amazing use of solar. Ha! You're in Phoenix, I'm near Seattle.... 'Only 87' is warm for us... I lived in Phoenix for a couple of years straight--though summers, didn't 'snow-bird' it, I get it when you say 'only 87'... . I'm hoping I can maintain battery voltage past 90. The roof air is oversized for a TC, I had the stat set to 70, so it was only at about a 50/50 duty cycle during the hottest part of the day.
Boatycall 05/12/19 08:05pm Truck Campers
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