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RE: Surge protector

A top of the line energy management system is like insurance. You may never need it. You hope you never need it. But, if you need it and don't have it, you may be replacing thousands of dollars of equipment in your RV. After that, I guarantee you will get one. I recommend the Progressive Industries EMS-HW50C. My EMS-HW30C is in its 13th year and 2nd RV. (I have only had 30 amp RV's.),h_686,al_c,q_90,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/439d5a_86a8afeec225482eb705a6822f872dd9~mv2_d_2500_2070_s_2.webp width=320
Bobbo 10/30/20 10:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: entry step

Sounds normal. It extends till it stops. When the motor runs without the step moving, it increases amperage draw which the sensor senses. When it senses increased amperage draw, it shuts off. That is not an instantaneous happening.
Bobbo 10/24/20 07:23pm Tech Issues
RE: 1/2 ton truck towing question

The capacity of the current vehicle can not be increased.
Bobbo 10/23/20 07:59pm Towing
RE: How wide do mirrors need to be for a TT?

Are you certain the trailer is 8.5ft wide? The only RV type Trailers that wide are high end fifth wheels. Almost all trailers are 8ft wide. Any Airstream larger than 23' long is 8.5' wide. (Any Airstream shorter than 23' long is single axle. My 23' Airstream is the smallest of the large Airstreams because it has tandem axles, and the largest of the small Airstreams because it is 8' wide.)
Bobbo 10/19/20 05:29pm Beginning RVing
RE: Honda EU generators, BLUETOOTH, FINALLY!

If I ever buy one with the CO detector, I will cut the wires to it. No need to cut any wires, you can just unplug it. Ask me how I know. :S
Bobbo 10/14/20 10:56pm Tech Issues
RE: RV sale pending, but we found evidence of mice...

I have had good luck with the Rat Zapper.$ProductPgLarge2$ width=320
Bobbo 10/14/20 08:43am Beginning RVing
RE: water pressure regulators

When traveling life is much simpler the fewer the connections that need to be made. LIke you, I almost always use water from my tank. The exception is when I have one of my teenage granddaughters camping with me. THEN, I hook up to shore water with my Watts 263 and open the gray water drain into the dump station. I am not going to try to teach a teenage girl about water rationing.
Bobbo 10/11/20 06:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Water left in Suburban water heater - UPDATE!

Did the conversion 1 liter is 20,000 drops. As a retired Pharmacist who did volume conversions for decades, I applaud you for getting that conversion right. However, I think that bsinmich was using hyperbole when he said "the few drops." It is certainly not enough water left in the tank to be a problem if it did freeze.
Bobbo 10/09/20 07:37am General RVing Issues
RE: What you need to know if you buy a macerator

And as the pic above shows, connect it to a small battery. Macs draw a lot of power and get hot. My wires are barely a foot long. My wires are 30 feet long so I can use them to power not only the macerator, but a 12v air compressor I set by the wheels. However, it is 10g wire.
Bobbo 10/07/20 07:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Max amp draw

To figure out the "max amp draw" that the batteries are capable of, drop a crescent wrench across the terminals. :B To figure out what size cabling you need, calculate the max amp draw of your RV.
Bobbo 10/07/20 07:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Times Up, Told You So, DirecTV is Dead

I don't know why the moderators haven't closed this thread. It has turned into nothing but attacks against Bill.Satellite.
Bobbo 10/07/20 07:04pm Technology Corner
RE: clicking - water heater

You rarely go wrong following Doug's advice.
Bobbo 10/05/20 08:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Water valve

There are 1 valve, 2 valve, and 3 valve setups. How many valves are there in the water lines behind your water heater. Until we know that, we can't really answer your question. When you say that when the valves are turned fully either way, you get no water, it sounds like you are opening one valve and closing the other at the same time. Both valves would need to be open to get water. I am going to make an assumption that you have a 2 valve system. You need to try 4 different valve settings: 1. top valve left, bottom valve left 2. top valve left, bottom valve right 3. top valve right, bottom valve left 4. top valve right, bottom valve right One of those will have both valves closed and you get no water, the winterized setting. Two of those will have one valve open and one valve closed and you get no water, never used. The fourth will have both valves open and you will get water, the summer setting. If you don't have a 2 valve system, this is not applicable.
Bobbo 10/05/20 07:52pm Beginning RVing
RE: Water tank filling mod

My RV has a gravity fill port but when I stick a hose it it to fill it constantly burps and spews water back from around the hose. This mod eliminates all of that. Turn down the water flow a little.
Bobbo 10/04/20 08:05pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: clicking - water heater

Atwood Water Heaters will buzz/click in normal operation. Doug I'm glad you posted this. I owned a MH for 10 years with an Atwood and never heard the water heater buzz, but when I bought my TT, I have occasionally heard it buzz when heating. I have been worried about it, but couldn't find anything to explain it.
Bobbo 10/03/20 07:51pm Tech Issues
RE: SSD Storage

While not SSD's, I took the hard drives out of my last two laptops and put in enclosures to make 1TB external drives. I had to use Disk Management to assign them drive letters before they would be recognized. Since you made this drive external, I bet you have the same problem.
Bobbo 10/02/20 08:30pm Technology Corner
RE: Trailer Backup Camera & Tow Mirrors

Mirrors definitely. The trailer rear camera is mainly useful to watch while you are backing into your site to know when you are far enough in. If you have a spotter to tell you when to stop, it is unnecessary. My trailer came with the rear camera, and I only use it when DW is not with me to act as a spotter. (I put something like my hat on the ground where I want the back of the trailer, and when it disappears under the trailer bumper, I am there.)
Bobbo 10/01/20 07:42pm Towing
RE: How to spot a good disconnect switch?

1. Quality 2. Cheap Choose.
Bobbo 09/30/20 07:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Winterizing Travel Trailer

Now next thing. IF you use the winterizing kit inside the RV. Please remember to let the antifreeze run out the city water connector. There is a button inside the hose connector that you can press with a screw driver. However, Remember to stand to one side, as there will be pressure on it. Ask me how I know. Never, EVER, do this while the water system is pressurized. It can blow the O-ring out of the backflow preventer. After everything else is full of antifreeze, open the kitchen tap to release the pressure, and leaving that tap open as a vent, press that button on the shore water inlet. There will be enough pressure from the full water lines higher than the inlet to make the antifreeze flow back out of the inlet, protecting it.
Bobbo 09/30/20 07:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fresh water problem

If it smells when you fill up at home and not when you use other sources then you know what the issue is. I told the OP that back on page 2: If the water from the campground "seems ok" but the water from your well doesn't, you have your answer. That is apparently not what he wants to hear.
Bobbo 09/30/20 07:38pm Travel Trailers
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