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RE: Black Water Accident

I have a black tank rinser on latest trailer but have yet to use it. Never had it on previous trailers and never needed it. Indeed a great concept but keeping black tank wet works marvelously. Never having used it, you have no way to know if you ever needed it. I use a clear section between my stinky slinky and the RV so I can see "stuff" coming out of the tank. Just pulling the handle lets it flow freely. When the flow stops, I turn on the tank rinse. I always get more solids out. Not a lot, but enough. If I had never done that, I would have thought that I never needed it either.
Bobbo 07/04/20 06:51am Travel Trailers
RE: Why 30 amp and not 50 amp

But, it is also true that a 50 amp trailer has access to 100 amps of power. You just have to use two circuits to access it. Sometimes, simplifying a subject can get the concept across even though the technical details are wrong. I think it is both simpler and more correct to use units of power when comparing power, rather than units of current--doubly so when one of the current values must be incorrectly stated for the comparison to work out. "Amps of power" is a nonsensical phrase, if taken at face value. In the context, it is a shorthand form (or a shorthand way of thinking) based on the assumption that the voltage is invariant, when in fact the different voltages are at the heart of the matter. Similarly, saying that a 50A circuit supplies 100A is also something of an absurdity, and is also forced by incorrect assumptions about the voltages. Comparing power using the proper units--watts or kilowatts--avoids all the confusion. You have just made my case for me. If Joe Blow, who knows less than nothing about electricity, were to read your statement and my statement, which one would he understand better? There is no reason, at all, for him to understand the nitty gritty details. Also, please note that I did not say "that a 50A circuit supplies 100A." I said a 50a RV has access to 100a of power. You just have to use 2 circuits to get it. Remember that I am not trying to educate Mr Blow about electricity. I am just trying to get him to understand that his 50 amp RV has more than 3 times the amount of power available than a 30 amp RV. The phrase "30 amps of power" vs "100 amps of power", while you say is "nonsensical", Mr Blow can understand. I understand being a purist and wanting it technically correct. I, as a Pharmacist, often explained to patients if they asked, that aspirin prevents heart attacks by "greasing platelets" so they don't stick together to form a clot in the heart. My wife, as a Specialist In Blood Banking, understood the chemistry of how platelets clot in biochemical detail. However, she agreed that "greasing the platelets", while wildly inaccurate, was understandable, and would accomplish the goal. That was enough understanding for Mr Blow.
Bobbo 06/22/20 06:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Leaking pressure relief valve.

I replaced mine a few weeks ago. I used a monkey wrench. width=640
Bobbo 06/21/20 08:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Grey tank mysteriously filled

Our previous RV had the bathroom sink draining into the black tank. One morning, I got up and stepped into water in the floor. DW had gotten up during the night and gotten a drink of water, but failed to turn off the tap. I yelled to her not to flush the toilet, because I knew what would happen if she did. I ran outside and did a quick dump. (We no longer hook up to shore water, and turn off the water pump when not needed.)
Bobbo 06/21/20 07:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Why 30 amp and not 50 amp

You do realize that so-called "50 amp service" is in fact 100 amps total - right? :W 30 amp service is delivered on one leg - 120 vac x 30 amps = 3600 watts. 50 amp service is delivered on two legs - 120 vac x 50 amps x 2 = 12,000 watts. That's half true; 50A service is 50A, 120/240V service, but it's not in any way a 100A circuit: you cannot connect a single 120V, 100A device to it should that odd need come up. It is correct that it provides a nominal 12 kW rather than 3.6 kW for the 120V, 30A service. Saying it's a 100A service is about like saying that a semi tractor pulling dual trailers is really travelling at 120 mph, because it's pulling two trailers traveling at 60 mph apiece. But, it is also true that a 50 amp trailer has access to 100 amps of power. You just have to use two circuits to access it. Sometimes, simplifying a subject can get the concept across even though the technical details are wrong.
Bobbo 06/21/20 07:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: DirecTV dropping DNS

It doesn't sound like you even have satellite TV so not sure what your posts have to do with the DNS services issues. I don't have satellite, anymore. I didn't enter into the conversation until Belgique said he was going to look at an OTA DVR. I pointed him to the OTA DVR we use at home. Or, are you saying I shouldn't be even reading a thread on satellites?
Bobbo 06/20/20 07:54am Technology Corner
RE: Garbage disposal?

I havnt (sic) read a convincing argument towards no. Personally, I thought the argument about lack of water flow and small drain lines clogging up with the ground up food was pretty convincing. I also thought the increased water usage requiring nearly daily dumping was pretty convincing too. But, that's just me.
Bobbo 06/20/20 07:47am Travel Trailers
RE: DirecTV dropping DNS

Time to find an OTA DVR. I have been using a Tablo OTA DVR since cutting the cord about 5 years ago. We are pleased. I only wish I had sprung for the 4 tuner model instead of the 2 tuner model.Sorry, won't work where we travel. No Internet, No cell service. If it don't come by satellite, we can't get it (and even then sometimes not due to mountains and latitude). We only use it at home. We don't DVR (or even OTA) while traveling. That is part of our "getting away."
Bobbo 06/19/20 07:43pm Technology Corner
RE: DirecTV dropping DNS

Time to find an OTA DVR. I have been using a Tablo OTA DVR since cutting the cord about 5 years ago. We are pleased. I only wish I had sprung for the 4 tuner model instead of the 2 tuner model.
Bobbo 06/19/20 07:20am Technology Corner
RE: Red wire, black wire and white wires

Set your multimeter to ohms. Ground one probe to the frame then touch the other probe to each wire separately. A reading of zero to 1 ohm means that wire is negative. Be sure that no wires are connected to the battery's positive terminal. Touch a hot wire like this and you will damage the meter.
Bobbo 06/18/20 08:49pm Tech Issues
RE: flojet macerator questions

Trying to decide how to set up Flojet macerator pump. I need to make an extension cord and it looks like I will need 10 ga wire for a 15 ft. run. Any suggestions on what type of connections to use? It comes with sae to sae quick disconnect but I can't seem to find a pre-made cord in 10ga. that is 15ft. long. Does anyone know what size wire is used on the cord that comes with the macerator? I was also told to make sure to use the backflush as the reduced size of the outlet slows the flow and can leave stuff in the tank. So I was thinking that maybe I could run my stinky 3" hose to where my batteries are and hook flojet at end of hose. I would do away with the need for a dc extension and maybe have better flow out of the tank to the macerator. Any thoughts? I bought a pair of 12g SAE connectors (12g for 6 inches is not a problem) and made my own 10g cord. Using the backflush is a good idea. Instead of that, I use my tank rinse to achieve the same result. Running the stinky as the initial stage won't help unless you have enough length to take the entire contents of the tank. All you will do is have the tank dump a couple of gallons of "stuff" into the stinky, then slow down to the same rate it would be if you had the Flojet directly on the outlet. Only, now, the backflush does no good, whatsoever.
Bobbo 06/15/20 08:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Power problems

The RV end of the power cord Bobbo...two L shaped sockets. That is a Marinco 120v/240v 50 amp twist lock outlet. The ground is on the side of the socket. The pins are L1, L2, and neutral. The two L shaped sockets should read 240v between them. The straight socket should read 120v to either of the L shaped sockets. The ground, on the side, should read 120v to either of the L shaped sockets, but 0 volts to the straight socket. If those readings are correct, then the electricity coming into the RV, NOW, is correct. Now, you just need to check for damage inside the RV from when he miswired it in the first place. She has a 30 amp plug to the camper, and a 50 amp plug to the pedestal? Have you checked the voltage at the RV end? No. That is a 4 conductor 50 amp outlet. The ground is a plate on the side of the outlet rather than a pin. He was checking it at the RV end, hence his description of "L shaped sockets."
Bobbo 06/11/20 07:55am Tech Issues
RE: Power problems

The 50 amp outlet is definitely a 120/240 volt outlet. Some misguided souls will say it is 50 amp 120v because most (NOTE THE WORD MOST) RV's don't use 240v and they can't understand the difference between a 120/240 volt feed and a 120v usage. This is the very reason that I always correct them when they post that erroneous information. It misleads new souls. When the electrician wired it wrong at first, he undoubtedly damaged components in the RV. You are going to have to get a QUALIFIED electrician or another RVer who knows about wiring to check every circuit and every device to see what was ruined. Do NOT get that "retired electrician." Most likely, the converter/charger is dead. The electronics, like the television, may be dead. If the air conditioner was on, it may be dead. Any other 120v appliances, if on at the time, may be dead. As far as the 12v circuits, they would have worked until the battery died from a dead converter/charger. If any 12v stuff, like lights or water pump, work, then all the 12v stuff should work.
Bobbo 06/11/20 07:51am Tech Issues
RE: Power problems

Ground to neutral - 0 volts L1 to neutral - 120 volts L2 to neutral - 120 volts L1 to L2 - 240 volts There are no "L shaped sockets."
Bobbo 06/11/20 07:27am Tech Issues
RE: long term non-use/storage

Put insurance on it and drive it monthly, or sell it. Otherwise, you are going to let it turn into a useless pile of refuse. Consider the insurance to be a maintenance cost. Also, a trickle charger on the (new) chassis battery would be good.
Bobbo 06/11/20 07:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Dually valve stem extensions

I highly recommend the Tire Man valve stems. They are not extensions. The tires must be removed from the wheels and the valve stems replaced. I had my local tire shop do this for me when I had my Class C.
Bobbo 06/06/20 07:03am Tech Issues
RE: Narrow Staple Gun

Do you happen to have a model number for your stapler? Those are the correct staples
Bobbo 06/05/20 07:57am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Narrow Staple Gun

My Porter Cable air compressor stapler uses those.
Bobbo 06/04/20 05:10pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Chipmunks

Liking chipmunks is not an option when they are destroying your flowerbeds and Momma is, ummm, displeased. If I only saw them, or evidence of them, when I was out in the woods, I would like them too. They are very destructive little things around the house and yard. By the same token, my wife often says she would happily shoot Bambi if we didn't live 7 doors down from the mayor. She is talking about getting me a crossbow.
Bobbo 06/02/20 07:40am General RVing Issues
RE: Chipmunks

I have had two Havahart chipmunk traps out for about 3 weeks now, using every bait that Havahart lists. So far, no luck. I put out the Bucket "O" Death yesterday. Today, I have a dead chipmunk. Thank you.
Bobbo 06/01/20 01:43pm General RVing Issues
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