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RE: Which Hitch do I buy?

I also have a 2500 Ram CTD , for me the WDH is unnecessary . Try it without ! Spend the money on whiskey , cigarettes and wild woman ! To quote John Lee Hooker, “If it wasn’t for whiskey & women, I’d have money today”.
Boomerweps 10/18/21 10:45am Travel Trailers
RE: 2004 Lincoln Avaitor TV

It’s old enough that I would have all fluids changed, preferably with synthetics. You have sufficient power and tow capacity (assuming factory tow package). Pulling near 5000# with a V8, that’s 71% of your 7000# Tow Capacity. Your concern should be your aviator’s payload. Stuff and people plus tongue weight might be close, and/or rear GAWR.
Boomerweps 08/17/21 09:41am Travel Trailers
RE: rear cargo rack

The Wolf Pup factory rear rack clamps onto the frame in front of the “bumper”. Barely rests on the bumper, pinned in place on the rack support. That Lippert rack linked is expensive for a rack and is made to bolt onto the bumper face, not good for a TT. Cheaper and better to have a 2x2” receiver welded onto the frame and use a hitch mount rack.
Boomerweps 08/08/21 09:25am Travel Trailers
RE: Saw a TT with rear entry

The smaller Airstreams have their doors on the rear. Not that common but common enough. It’s just easier to design enclosed areas on both ends for beds, dining, and living areas (also larger bathrooms), vice a passageway through most of the TT length.
Boomerweps 07/25/21 06:49am Travel Trailers
RE: another scale thread

Your Sherline is off by 10%. First pass just truck 6182# on the CAT. 2nd pass with trailer no WDH truck was 7282#. IOW, your tongue weight was 1100#. Great job on weighing your rig, step by step, PROPERLY!
Boomerweps 07/23/21 09:37am Towing
RE: Towing w/out weight dist -- am I being too conservative?

My SIL towed his comparable weight toy hauler no WDH for a few years on two different Ram 2500s, one diesel, now gasser, before just getting a used fifth wheel. I’d contact the WDH maker and give them a what’s up with this message. 4 years on a WDH should have ZERO probs on the WDH unless you left it in the weather.
Boomerweps 07/11/21 08:23am Travel Trailers
RE: Reviewing results from CAT scale weigh in

Easiest way to figure your factory TV curb weight is to subtract your payload capacity from your GVWR as marked on your vehicles door frame stickers.
Boomerweps 07/11/21 08:05am Towing
RE: Looking for ideas on how to Roll up/store 50 amp cord

Roll your cord? No, unless on a reel. Coil your cord? Yes. Use the over-under method (Utube video it). Heavy power and multi-conductor cable will get kinks in it if hand rolled. Always use the shortest length available to prevent voltage line loss. When over-underwing into a bin, you can shorten the loops to fit. Over-undering is the same way a cowboy lasso is coiled. A properly over-under coiled rope or cable can be thrown without kinking.
Boomerweps 07/08/21 08:08am General RVing Issues
RE: Hitch Selection - TW Questions

Based on one of the responses... Does weight in truck bed need to be considered when selecting a WDH? Ex. TW is 900# and truck bed has 500#....hitch and bars need a 1400# rating? Chains vs solid bars? Short answer. NO. By that logic, you’d have to add all weight in the TV, people, etc. The WDH is sized by the trailer towed. WDH weight gets added to truck payload and rear axle load. In the example above, you would get the next size up available, like a 1000# rated or even a a 1200# rated, depending on your choice of WDH sizes. I use 400-600# rated bars, next sizes are 600-800 & 800-1200, interchangeable on my hitch head. I could use the 600-800# bars now, depending on my TT loading for tongue weight, but I’m trying to keep the TW within my WDH specs.
Boomerweps 06/22/21 10:55am Travel Trailers
RE: Check those prices

I bought a maintenance contract with my truck. Dealer pays on oil changes. It includes brakes and even windshield wipers! I have them do my state inspections. They find anything wrong, they have to fix it either under warranty or the contract. So, the polar opposite of someone who is being frugal by trying to save money on parts.... Interested what the high level coverage and cost of a dealer "maintenance contract" and the fine print. That's like hiring someone to mow your lawn or clean your house. If you can afford the convenience, great, but don't ever pretend it's the "economical" way to go... First time I ever did this. I figured with towing the TT I’d probably get two brake jobs during the contract and with the oil changes & required maintenance, I’d come close to breaking even $$.
Boomerweps 06/22/21 10:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: Hitch Selection - TW Questions

The bar only, non chain types usually have anti-sway built in, no need for external anti-sway units. No need to remove anti-sway bars when backing up. Equalizer sells a plastic pad for the spring bars to rest on, cutting the screaching significantly.. Recommend taking your TT GVWR times 10% and 15%. Get bars within that range. To repeat an oft posted story. With full FW tank (accidentally left full) my 3877# GVWR TT tongue weight was about 680# by Haulgauge last fall. My spring bars are 400-600# rated. So a little stronger than anticipated need is not a bad thing.
Boomerweps 06/21/21 09:52am Travel Trailers
RE: Generator/Inverter Mounted over Propane Tanks??

Most Tractor Supply Company stores fill propane at a fair price.
Boomerweps 06/21/21 09:42am Travel Trailers
RE: Mattress Recommendations

ZINUS brand from Amazon. The have the RV short queen and narrow RV bunk mattresses, expect they should have the shot king, too.
Boomerweps 06/21/21 09:38am Travel Trailers
RE: Check those prices

I bought a maintenance contract with my truck. Dealer pays on oil changes. It includes brakes and even windshield wipers! I have them do my state inspections. They find anything wrong, they have to fix it either under warranty or the contract.
Boomerweps 06/21/21 09:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: How critical is axle ratio?

Did you note that the previous Ford 6 speed upper two gears were overdrive? And the current 10 speed (shared with other makers) upper three speeds are overdrives. The transmission & axel ratio combine to put the engine torque to the wheels. So a decent axle ratio still matters. Towing at speed is one thing but, IMO, it’s the starting energy and loss of energy on hills that gets noticed.
Boomerweps 06/15/21 07:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: Best leveling jacks/blocks

Wood blocks to lessen the leveler distance. My SIL has a fiver with 6 auto leveling legs. Near full extension they got wonky.
Boomerweps 06/12/21 05:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: Mattress Recommendations

Amazon, Zinus brand foam mattresses, short queen is an RV Queen, great prices. Pulled out the upper bunk but the lower bunk (narrow single or RV bunk) & the master bed have them now.
Boomerweps 06/12/21 05:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Still very tempting to buy my totaled TT back

I’ve a handy man background. From the pictures, 4K# is a decent price for that as a fixer upper. My biggest concern would be to access every pipe I could and check for leaks, most are easily fixed. Water a destructive force in a TT, but propane an explosive force.
Boomerweps 06/10/21 01:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: Towing help

I took a ride to scale the scale and now have the true weight of the truck only. Opinions? Truck only Front axle 4,880 Rear axle 3,840 8,720 No Weight Distribution Front axle 4,380 Rear axle 5,380 9,760 Trailer axles 8,180 With Weight Distribution Front axle 4,640 Rear axle 4,920 9,560 Trailer axles 8,480 940# tongue weight. WDH “moves” part of the tongue weight, 300# back to the trailers axles, returns 260# to the FA. Yes, the numbers are off by scale tolerances looking at listed specs.
Boomerweps 06/10/21 01:19pm Towing
RE: shades ideas to keep the sun off Camper?

There are shades you can buy in many sizes made for greenhouses. It is mesh like. Various colors, too. I bought a roll in tan, then grommet kit from Harbor Freight. I can hang it from my awning or my back porch which faces west and can be a killer glare. I do not know the extent of the sizes.
Boomerweps 06/10/21 01:01pm General RVing Issues
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