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RE: Crummy headlights - Can't see, need upgrade

First thing I would do is polish that dulled yellow lens clear. Then put a higher output bulb in. Quickest, easiest, cheapest method.
Boomerweps 01/20/21 10:13am Tech Issues
RE: Tearing down an RV safely

If removing roof mounted items, lay a sheet of plywood down to spread your weight on the old trailer. I remove everything held by screws first. I use a cordless drill and remove every screw I can find and throw those in a container. Then pull out those items held by the screws, using a flat pry bar or two, and cutting away any sealing putty. If you can pull or peel off aluminum sheeting before tearing apart the frame, do so. All the aluminum can be recycled. Also the copper tubing and wiring. During any demo, I try hard not to swap out tools too much. Use the drill as much as I can, then prybars & hammer, last comes the sawing. Too easy to lose tools in the destruction.
Boomerweps 01/20/21 10:04am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Towing capacity vs max cargo weight rating

GM DOES have a complete towing specs sticker on the door frame now, pretty cool. Ford needs to get with the program. Ford is with the program. They do put the payload sticker on the door jam. No, they aren’t. Payload sticker is truck payload only and tongue weight becomes part of that payload. Important in towing considerations, yes. GM has an actual towing sticker stating towing capacity on the specific truck. They have a payload sticker, too, as required by law now. Towing sticker 2019 lists GCWR, GVWR, GAWR RR, Max Payload, Max tongue weight, curb weight. 2020 got reformatted and added Max conventional towing weight, tongue weight, gooseneck Max tow, tongue weight. This could also be covered by a GCWR sticker, which now has to reverse calculated using the Ford towing Guide ;( Love my F150, Ford is my go to vehicle manufacturer, but they could do so much better.
Boomerweps 01/13/21 03:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Trailer hitch pin

I always use a locking hitch pin to prevent casual theft or pranksters. I only use a basic hitch pin for short term, that day, use. I never leave my mounts in my hitch overnight, shin busters and longer term rusting in place are no fun.
Boomerweps 01/13/21 02:59pm Travel Trailers

My hitch setup also starts with setting the hitch ball 1” higher than the trailer coupler. If you need to adjust height outside the current WDH, you can get a replacement longer drop/rise drawbar or shank, sometimes called a stinger. As recommended earlier, you need to test fit it on the new tow vehicle. I was lucky. Swapping from a 2008 Explorer to an F150 resulting in my TT going from level to 1/2” high front, acceptable to me. After flipping the TT axle, I had to literally flip the WDH on the shank. No problem except having to find/borrow the large wrenches & sockets, a 5” rise.
Boomerweps 01/13/21 02:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing capacity vs max cargo weight rating

Thank you all for the replies. I think I am just going to go to the scales and get the weights in front and back and calculate max payload. I think after reading the discussion, I am comfortable with this. Thanks :) This is the smart route. Exact reality for YOUR truck. No pencil whipped estimates ;)
Boomerweps 01/11/21 10:18am Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing capacity vs max cargo weight rating

Nope. It is a 2016 Ford F-250 Powerstroke XLT crew cab, 6.7L 4x4 truck with a short bed. If you google "Ford towing guide" and go to the 2016 towing guide and find the row/column for the particular configuration, that's the max payload for camper. The towing guide does not say what the actual max weight can be on the gooseneck pin, I guess Ford doesn't want to publish this information and they leave it up to you to weigh your truck and calculate what you can put on the rear axle? I just don't understand why Ford can't provide the information online like RAM does for their trucks. RAM has a web page where you can select the exact configuration (engine, trim, 3/4 or 1 ton, so on and so on) and it will tell you what exact max payload is and what max towing capacity is. Chevy will put this info in their new trucks inside the driver door (I have heard). Only Ford refers you to their stupid 20 page towing guide and still doesn't tell you the full story. GM DOES have a complete towing specs sticker on the door frame now, pretty cool. Ford needs to get with the program. That RAM chart helps but it doesn’t give you the value for a specific optioned truck, just a few more specs taken into account compared to Ford. RAM lists MAXIMUM payload, not your specific payload. Ford lists variables of 250/350, engine, axle ratio, wheelbase, cab type, DRW/SRW, Payload packages, GCWR.
Boomerweps 01/11/21 10:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing capacity vs max cargo weight rating

Ford does not mention payload capacity anywhere outside of the max cargo weight (limit) for the 2016 towing guide (that I can find anyway). It also doesn't give you the assumed curb weight of the vehicle you bought. All I have on the driver door sticker is front GAWR, rear GAWR and GVWR numbers. The towing guide talks about conventional (bumper pull) towing limit (14,000 lbs) and gooseneck/5w towing limit (15,100 lbs). I suppose they expect you to take the truck to the scales and figure out where you are with your particular trailer and look at the GAWR calculation (as Jerry described). Wow! You have a 2016 F250 with no payload sticker. Even my 2008 Explorer has one. The white GVWR/GAWR sticker is required by law, not certain about the payload one. My 2001 Jeep TJ does not have the payload sticker.
Boomerweps 01/11/21 09:58am Tow Vehicles
RE: Trailer hitch pin

The old 1 & 1/4” hitches used a thinner pin.
Boomerweps 01/11/21 09:47am Travel Trailers
RE: How difficult to install new brake drums

IIRC, replacing the whole backing plate assembly isn’t a huge amount over new brake shoes. It’s actually easier than changing out the shoes. And you get new magnets. Apparently, the magnets wear down too.
Boomerweps 01/11/21 09:45am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing capacity vs max cargo weight rating

Ford's towing guide says: "Cargo Weight Rating shown in chart is maximum allowable, assuming weight of a base vehicle with required camper option content and a 150-lb. passenger at each available seating position". Does this mean the allowed payload is AFTER 5 passengers? if I removed 3 passengers, does that add 450 lbs to payload capacity (max allowed cargo weight as per Ford)?! Nope. The only place Ford refers to a passenger in each seat in the rating is for an IN BED CAMPER, not towing. Before 2021, Ford referred to a 150# driver included in the tow rating, now they add ONE passenger in the tow rating.
Boomerweps 01/10/21 08:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: Murphy Bed Option

Not having to move the bed, added storage was the reason we said NO to mr. Murphy. That said, my wife & I have developed a strong dislike of our bed east west configuration. Night time potty calls are a Major PITA with both people being awake for one to go. Since I removed the upper bunk and replaced the lower bunk mattress, I was happy to sleep in it when my granddaughter wanted to sleep with meme the only time we camped during covidarama. More roomy than my sub bunk in an officer’s stateroom. It was Murphy or east-west bed for the BH trailer chosen to be towable with our Explorer. I’ve now paid the TT off and bought an F150 but after all the modifications I’ve done to the TT, I want pay down the truck before buying a new larger trailer. And if I ever do buy another TT, the grandkids will not play as important a part in choosing.
Boomerweps 12/31/20 03:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: Busted!

I believe in using the system vice being used by it. Have you obtained a full copy of the ordinance you are accused of violating? Not allowed to park your trailer on your property off street seems hokey. Was the purpose to get you to park your vehicles off the street in winter? HOAAs can be pricky about appearance but a town is hard pressed to use that excuse. Mere parking an RV that does not interfere with traffic that no one is occupying?
Boomerweps 12/28/20 01:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: New Truck Buyer Needs Help

Look for a truck with a factory hitch receiver and a 7 pin connector NOT mounted to the hitch. Look for a factory Trailer Brake Controller. That will tell you it was bought set up for towing. Rear axle ratio can be determined by the axle code on the white sticker on the driver door frame. Also it’s GVWR. Look at the yellow sticker for Load Capacity. If it’s a GM from the last few years, they actually have a tow capacity sticker! I recommend finding a truck or two you think might work, take photos of those door stickers, and use them for some online research. The meaning of each of the codes on the white federal weight sticker can be found in the online owners manuals. There are some posts on the F150 forum on how to get the factory window sticker for a given Ford truck. Keep in mind the more options or upper level trim series, the more you lose truck payload and with that tongue weight carrying. So be mindful of those yellow stickers. Let us know what you find, plenty of free opinions here ;)
Boomerweps 12/22/20 12:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tire cover advice

I bought the cheapest silver plastic covered material covers I could find under $10 a pair off Amazon. Since 5 years is the expected life of TT tires AND mine are original Castle Rocks, expensive covers are a waste. Especially in PA. If I was in the southern desert, it might be a different story.
Boomerweps 12/19/20 09:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Best way to clear grit and sand out of 7 pin plug??

WD40 and a flat blade screwdriver. Use the screwdriver to open the connector blades. Wash it out with WD40. Then blow it dry.
Boomerweps 12/16/20 09:54pm Tech Issues

Lack of support? How long do you expect a company to continue making something that is obsolete? Vehicles are constantly changing and companies that manufacture accessories for them have to change with them. An old rack with square bars probably doesn’t fit with most of today’s rounder, more aerodynamic vehicles. That’s why Thule designed curved aero bars. Mounting points are much different as well. They will only make parts for what they can sell. Simple supply and demand. Much truth above but.... Whenever you pay the freight for these expensive racks you expect many years of support. Thule has mounts for the new vehicles, apparently just doesn’t want to be able to adapt them to an older rack. Can’t be that hard. It ain’t rocket surgery! When I was considering a roof rack for my truck, I found square, round, and wing bars from each of the big name rack makers. But too expensive for my purposes. Truck width made universals not an option.
Boomerweps 12/13/20 07:32am Tech Issues
RE: Curiosity caught the Cheshire cat

I'm curious too. What is a dallie? I suspect an auto spell corrected DUALIE.
Boomerweps 12/09/20 09:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: Mattress Reccomendations

The short queen Zinus was under $300 and is very comfortable. Got mine after backyard camping with Grandkids twice before first CG. I know my wife would have given up on camping after one night and want to go home from those reject mattresses that come stock.
Boomerweps 12/08/20 12:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: Air Shocks

Check out Sumo Springs. Polyurethane bump stop replacements that operate somewhat like air bags with no leakage/pump up/air down concerns. Similar to Timbrens but more cushioned. Fairly simple install.
Boomerweps 12/08/20 12:33pm Towing
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