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RE: No Power from house batteries in class C Four winds 2004 ?

Look for an "Aux Battery" switch in a panel with other switches and power and water level LED indicators. There may be a push button switch in the battery compartment that actuates a solenoid which makes a "clunk" when turned on.Let us know the manufacturer name, model name and floorplan info. Somebody may be familiar with that exact rig. If the mfr is still in business, give them a call.
Bordercollie 10/08/19 08:29pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 1993 Ford E350 Tioga Class C

I just spent $1200 having my Onan 4000 fuel system cleaned, filters replaced (etc) and two new 6 volt house batteries installed by a generator specialist. I am not physically able to work on generator etc., still recovering from knee replacement surgery. I was told to run the generator with roof AC as a load for two hours per month. When you get your generator able to start and run properly, keep an eye on house battery electrolyte levels and the operation of your converter/charger and truck alternator to keep the house batteries up. I use a digital multi-meter and a hygrometer to try and keep the 12 volt system in good shape. Was told that house batteries generally need replacement every 4 years. Tires generally go 5-6 years depending on side wall cracking not on miles driven. PS: I have a 2004 Tioga 26Q bought new. The owner's manual does not go very deep into maintenance procedures. The thick binder full of appliance instructions has detailed maintenance info which is probably missing from your rig. You may be able to obtain instructions from the various manufacturers if you can find model and serial numbers. There are some good generic how-to books on RV maintenance that go deeper than owners manuals.
Bordercollie 10/08/19 08:13pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Novice looking for an upgrade to Class C

Choice of length and floor plan , slides or no slides, Class C versus A should be based on how you will ultimately use the motorhome and the personality of you and your partner (if any) For a few nearby camping trips per year a smallish, modestly priced rig may suffice. If one or both partners want 'all of the comforts of home' and want a full size queen bed with access on all three sides, and a large bathroom and galley, washer and dryer (etc., etc.) you may want a fairly large Class A, perhaps with a diesel pusher engine. Having once owned a versatile bubble top 'Family Wagon' van conversion, I sometimes wish we had a modern Road Trek Class B rig. Road Trek and similar widened van conversions are more expensive than similar class C motorhomes but can be used for commuting and casual use in days at local parks and events more easily than Class C's and A's.
Bordercollie 09/25/19 09:09pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Novice looking for an upgrade to Class C

Short Class C's have less comfortable sleeping and limited cupboard and storage space. Need to convert a sofa into a bed or sleep in overhead can get on your nerves. A 27 footer without slides and rear bedroom with RV Queen bed is the best compromise compared to a much longer or shorter rig/floor plan. Take a look at Road Trek widened van camper conversions. Nimble, versatile, expensive, lacking in elbow room also useful as transportation vehicle.
Bordercollie 09/25/19 11:20am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Looking for a preowned Class C

If you don't need to finance, you may get a better price from a private party selling due to health problems, etc. Best to pay a pro truck mechanic and an RV repair service to inspect and give written estimate for truck and house box fixes and repairs needed. Tires over 5 years old may need replacing.
Bordercollie 09/25/19 11:07am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Living Space Sound System Options?

Sound bar is good for TV sound, we have ZVOX AV155. I like the idea of a separate AM/FM/CD player radio and speakers running off house batteries in rear area. Should have a remote.
Bordercollie 09/25/19 11:00am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Michelin kaboom! Michelin tire update!

I have had tread separation with OLD tires driving in hot weather on cupped concrete highways. If you feel odd vibrations or hear odd thumping sounds, pull over and look for a bulge. It's a good idea to use tire covers to protect tires from sun damage.
Bordercollie 09/21/19 10:00am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Can't hear TV? ZVOX update!!

ZVOX follow-up: I started having a problems with both TV sound and ZVOX sound causing an echo effect. I called ZVOX support and tech had me go through "sound" settings on my Cable TV remote "Menu". I had to select "optical sound" instead of "TV speakers" and echo went away. ZVOX support people are friendly and helpful.
Bordercollie 09/13/19 11:19am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Clean Water Heater

I checked CLR websites and they advised that it attacks aluminum, they do not advise it be used.
Bordercollie 09/13/19 10:19am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Can't hear TV? ZVOX update!!

We have ZVOX 155 connected to bedroom TV. I was able to program the ZVOX to work with the Cable TV remote following included instructions carefully. Optical cable must be disconnected from ZVOX, ZVOX turned OFF with it's remote, hold down "other settings " button until "lrn" on appears then press volume, mute and power buttons on cable/TV remote following display prompts exactly. Finally re-connect optical cable and you're done. Put ZVOX remote in a safe place for later use if needed.
Bordercollie 09/12/19 12:56pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: What do I need to start this?

People on forums often don't want to discourage unrealistic DIY projects. If the poster's objective is to have a safe and fully working RV, at a reasonable cost, in a reasonable amount of time, and has the tools, various skills, workspace, health and help available, major renovation may be practical. Some of our members might have enough of the prerequisites to make major RV renovations practical.
Bordercollie 09/12/19 11:59am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Clean Water Heater

Ron, sounds like it should work but filling would be somewhat tedious. Also sounds like vinegar in Suburban steel water heater tanks is not a great idea. Wonder if injecting a quantity of CLR to dissolve sediment into drain hole , leaving drain plug out, would negatively effect tank if flushed out carefully?
Bordercollie 09/12/19 11:05am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Clean Water Heater

I decided not to go with the vinegar and water procedure which would have required removing the pop-off valve to fill the tank.( No winterizing kit) I simply removed the nylon drain plug with my handy Camco wrench, drained the tank, got drenched, and squirted the sediment loose with my handy Camco water tank rinser. Next, I hooked the hose to the city water port and flushed the tank. I repeated use of the tank rinser I got a good quantity of white sediment out of the tank and onto the driveway. Finally, I installed a new nylon plug with Teflon tape and refilled the tank with pop-off lever open, when water ran out the valve I shut off city water and shut the lever on the pop-off valve. I ran the water heater on propane and water got hot with no weeping out the pop-off valve. I figured that the Atwood aluminum tank would still be in pretty good shape, glad it's not rust-prone steel.
Bordercollie 09/11/19 11:42am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Where is the lever to bypass fresh water tank?

On our 2004 26Q, there is plastic spout with a valve just behind the driver's door to empty the fresh water tank. You fill the tank with a hose and a bendy plastic hose end in the port shown by Ichabod above. The "low point drain valves " are nearly impossible to access through a small panel near the floor on the bathroom wall. I had to remove the rear dinette seat and plywood base to access, open and close the #$%^& hot and cold water valves when sanitizing the water system. (It's probably not really necessary) There is a bypass valve under the sink to keep winterizing stuff from entering the water heater. We don't need to winterize here in Socal. More modern rigs have more user friendly drain valves and accomodations for winterizing. When you hook up your white drinking water hose to the fitting on the side of the rig, a one-way valve feeds city water into the rig but doesn't fill the fresh water tank. You should buy a water pressure regulator to protect your plumbing from over pressure. Goes between hose end and city water fitting on the rig. You can also connect a water filter to the fitting to prevent unpleasant taste from camp water.
Bordercollie 09/08/19 10:46pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Life is full of compromise...

We started out tent camping then got a tired VW Westphalia van, then a Dodge Van camper conversion, then an old Higgins Delta "C" and finally our 2004 Tioga 26Q "C". For some time we have been content to just unfurl the awning and relax out doors. You don't need a rolling hotel, with fake fire place, etc., etc., like on those TV shows to enjoy the hobby/lifestyle. Making a wood fire and cooking bacon and eggs for breakfast, reading a good book, playing my guitar, and later grilling chicken parts for dinner and looking at the night sky with my cheap telescope is my current vision of adult motorhome camping.
Bordercollie 09/08/19 10:28pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Replace GENERAC generator in a Gulfstream

I just had the Onan 4000 genset and it's fuel supply system gone through by a well recommended generator shop. Cost was $794. Also replaced two 6volt 4 year old house batteries. Good advice is to run generator for two hours per month with AC on for a load to keep it running reliably. Also, house batteries need to be kept charged and with electrolyte covering the plates, use distilled water and rubber bulb filler. Keep terminal connections clean. Check voltage with digital multi-meter while resting and while running the chassis engine or RV generator. Worth being a little obsessive for reliable genset operation.
Bordercollie 09/08/19 01:59pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Can't hear TV? ZVOX update!!

Read instructions carefully, call ZVOX Support if needed. It is possible to program the ZVOX so that you can change volume with your cable TV remote. The tiny ZVOX remote can get misplaced. The idea behind ZVOX is that it has larger speakers than the ones in typical flat screen TV's and it has settings the make speech clearer for people who are hard of hearing (or for anybody).
Bordercollie 09/08/19 01:10pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Goodbye and experience of selling via camping world

I have been an RV'er, flamenco and classical guitar lover since the 1960's. My first favorite was Sabicas but there have been many. AndalucĂ­a is a great center of Spanish culture, food and entertainment. Best wishes.
Bordercollie 09/08/19 12:30pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: What do I need to start this?

Almost anything in the RV is replaceable. It the roof or siding has dry rot/water damaged and moldy, you may be in for a lot of reconstruction woodwork and replacement of roof and siding. Old rigs often have messed up wiring from amateur fixes. The roof AC unit, water heater, fridge and converter/charger unit and fresh water pump may need replacement as well as all six tires. The engine cooling system may need serious work including radiator, belts and hoses, water pump and clutch fan. The brake system may need major overhaul. The chassis alternator and electrical and lighting system may need replacement. The engine and transmission may need overhaul. Even if you are a well equipped truck mechanic and skilled RV structural repair man, and have helpers, I think you are looking at spending some 20K dollars . An old restored rig with all new innards is not worth much more than 5-7K dollars as the buyer cannot get a loan on that old of a rig. My advice is give it back or sell it to a junkyard for whatever you can get. Advice: Save up 20K and buy a used rig that is usable as is with few repairs/upgrades needed. There are some ongoing threads on RV.Net about major restorations that will be informative.
Bordercollie 09/08/19 12:17pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Louder TV??

We bought the Zvox soundbar from HSN for $129.It works well but has it's own remote. You may be able to sync it with your TV remote. It has much better sound than tiny speakers on flat screen TV's. Movies with a lot of "hushed tones" and high speed babble on commercials is irritating especially if you are hard of hearing like me. Headphones may be another solution for you if you can leave regular sound on for your wife. Now $149
Bordercollie 09/03/19 09:12am Class C Motorhomes
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