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RE: A tale of two trailers, or prices are thru the roof.

yeah, we missed the boat on this last year, but our timing wasn't right and we needed a new TV up front. Timed the TV purchase great, but now our TT is a 2011 and it would be nice to replace it with something bigger for our family. So June 2020 we visited our local dealer and looked at a Heartland NorthTrail 24BHS. I believe the dealer had it listed at $24,995 or so, but we didn't like how it was constructed and instead looked at the better built Riverside RV Intrepid next to it for the same price or less, but couldn't swing it at that time. Today I was on Camping World's website looking at their "Clearance Sale" and I see a 2021 24BHS, same as the 2020 we looked at, listed at $34,732. I scroll down just a few units more and see a 2022 for $41,912! Now come on, there's no way they've appreciated over $7K from model year to model year, let alone the same amount over the prior year. Yes, I read all of the previous posts and I agree with you, just venting. It's just frustrating when you want to upgrade your 10 year old unit and really can't. I think I'll take it to the dealer next spring and drop a grand+ in maintenance and call it good enough for another few years hopefully. Forest River raised prices across all their brands thus. 7-2-21 = 6% 7-30-21= 4% 8-14-21= 6% 42 days=16% Just an example with rounded number $35,000.00 + 16%(5600.00)= $40,600 I dont have the data for the period since 8-14-21 but am told in Sept/Oct the increases total @ 14%. If accurate the $40,600.00 is now $46,284.00 Its unsustainable. They can keep their new overpriced slapped together garbage. There is no shortage of suckers to buy them right now.
Brandon the Traveler 10/27/21 06:16am Travel Trailers
RE: Looking for new motorhomeā€¦

Give the state of poor quality control I believe a good used RV would be the best bang for the buck. If I were buying new I would look carefully at: totally agree and we actually had decided on a mid bath however when I called to give my deposit I was advised that the delivery date was about 2 years out. Yep, with motorhomes they need a chassis, and by that I don't mean some sheet metal welded together with glue guns by the Elkhart Kindergarten classes over at Lippert Components. Have you looked at the car dealers lately for inventory? I doubt chassis cabs for the RV manufacturers are even close to being on their priority lists right now. I was just told 20 to 24 weeks for a Travel Trailer....maybe, possibly, no guarantees. But you have to slap the non refundable coin down to even get a spot on the bench. Thanks but no thanks. This foolishness will come to an end, probably when this next recession hits like a ton of bricks which more than likely has already started. Those who can wait it out will be rewarded if they still have the means to buy. Then they'll have to figure out how to pay for the gas.
Brandon the Traveler 10/26/21 03:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Add Awning To Slide?

that last picture ( reflection) is what "I" was ASSUMING the OP wanted.... I have had that additional awning on 2 of my RV's and the additional covered area is awesome!!! NOT a traditional slide topper, has nothing to do with the TOP of the SLIDES.... And to touch on the black awning and heat.... the awning does not add any additional heat to the shade area under from I can tell... I wonder if the original OP wants to clear this debate up or not? Slide topper or awning.... 2 very different animals... You may be the only person who does not feel the difference with a black awning. My 2017 came with the black and I noticed it upon first use, as did relatives and friends, and folks who stopped by at campgrounds. That was when some knucklehead in Elkhart came to the conclusion these black awnings were the in thing and before you knew it they were coming on everything being made. Well they're not the in thing IMO, they suck. It lasted one season before being replaced with light tan vinyl from tough top. Those black AC shrouds, tank covers, vent covers, and misc trim suck putty balls too, and really look like turds after 2 years of UV exposure. But they're real purty when brand shiny new on a dealers lot.
Brandon the Traveler 10/26/21 02:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: Replacement Sofas

I just noticed this thread in Fifth Wheels where people had mixed reviews about Rec Pro. Don't just take my word for it. Just because my wife and I are satisfied doesn't mean they're perfect. Check out the good and the bad. Forest River has been using the pleather (bonded leather, or is it unbonded leather) that disintegrates going back at least 7 or 8 years, and refuse to change. Over at the Forest River forums they even have a factory manager for the Dynamax division who posts regularly that admits to the issue with the material, yet they keep on using it. The manufacturers that use it are well aware of it. Repeat business is evidently not much of a concern. Recpro gets mixed reviews. I am of the opinion that anything that is branded for RV's or made for RV's is junk. You have the RV Industry and company's like Lippert, Patrick Industries, Furrion and a few others to thank for that, along with folks who demand cheap, cheap, cheap who blindly keep buying the garbage provided.
Brandon the Traveler 10/26/21 07:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Add Awning To Slide?

How did this discussion move FROM adding an additional awning, to adding slide toppers ?? As it would be odd to add a traditional awning that is deployed independently over the top of a slide, I think most presumed that he meant a slide topper, which is essentially an awning that deploys automatically when the slide is opened. I see awnings independently over the top of slides all the time, it's not odd at all. What is odd to me is why would you want a slide that takes away from the limited square footage of space you have under an awning to begin with but I guess thats the price that you pay for having to have a slide curbside of a rig. The last few years I have been seeing more and more awnings attached to slides, which makes a little more sense as they do not take away from the usable shaded space although when they're that high up the shaded space is less anyway. Another odd thing is a black awning. Sit under one of those with the sun beating on it and its like sitting under a radiant electric heater. Then again, there are lots of things with RV's that are odd.
Brandon the Traveler 10/26/21 07:38am Travel Trailers
RE: Good Sam ERS Hung Us Out to Dry

Hello Oakman, We sincerely apologize for the frustrating experience you had when calling in for assistance. We set a very high customer service standard and always want to make sure we are providing that across the board. I wanted to reach out to let you know our office has received your concerns, and I have sent this over to the correct leadership team requesting that they review your service call to determine what went wrong, to ensure this does not reoccur. Thank you for taking the time to make us aware of this issue, and for giving us the opportunity to assist with having this addressed. Hopefully the rest of us will hear the outcome too. Don't hold your breath.
Brandon the Traveler 10/26/21 06:02am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: 2022 GMC Sierra Reveal

Ugh! Maybe they need to hire some designers away from Ram to fix that mess :C Ram perhaps could trade some designers to GMC for a few engineers. Then Ram might be able to make bedsides and fenders that dont rust through along with transmissions that don't sheet the bed LOL. My friend, Ram transmissions are a huge disappointment. In the past they had maybe a couple of them that could handle that Cummins. The rest are as you say sheet. As I have heard, that great Cummins wrapped in a turd. Mine has electrical problems to boot. Every single person I know who owns a Ram purchased it for one reason and one reason only, yours truly included. They looked at all 3, then went with Ram because it was thousands cheaper. They instantly became Ram fan boys (I did not become afflicted with this disease) within 2 miles of leaving the dealer, and will swear on their grandmothers grave Ram is the best thing since sliced bread and bulletproof. All while they wonder what all those rattling noises are from inside the disintegrating dashboard, and listening to the soft sound of body panels rusting away from the inside out. Someday they will have the experience of a transmission puking if the body of the truck makes it long enough for it to happen.
Brandon the Traveler 10/26/21 06:01am Tow Vehicles

be sure to engage brain and eyes The correct answer LOL. If you need an APP to keep from trying to jam 13' of RV under a 12' overhead obstacle, perhaps you should not be on the road to begin with.
Brandon the Traveler 10/26/21 05:50am Technology Corner
RE: Add Awning To Slide?

How did this discussion move FROM adding an additional awning, to adding slide toppers ?? The same way a thread can move from "Anyone have any experience with and can comment on the build quality of a Hurricane Cloud 27543BH" which is instantly answered by "What kind of tow vehicle do you have? Whatever it is it can't tow that thing. You'll cause a catastrophe and kill people on the highways.I hope myself and family never get near you."
Brandon the Traveler 10/26/21 05:44am Travel Trailers
RE: 2020 chevy trail boss

It pulls hard going over the passes. It searches for gears when on slight inclines. This is empty truck with two people on board. Active Fuel Management?
Brandon the Traveler 10/26/21 03:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: Purchase hesitation after deposit, 2 questions

The bottom line is the chances of finding anything, even just a few years old, that does not have a leak, had a leak, or has some delam somewhere is about 0. You'll be hard pressed to find a new rig that is not already leaking, just start pulling screws from awning rails, corner trim, or marker lights and look for the rust. The vast majority of folks just don't do any preventative maintenance whatsoever. The Golden eggs are out there, **** hard to find. Be careful with those TS folks. Good luck.
Brandon the Traveler 10/26/21 03:27am Travel Trailers
RE: Laptop battery stored in a cold car...?

Remove the battery. Wrap it in a blanket And that will do what? Is the battery going to generate its own heat? Electric blanket? You'll need a long cord, those airport parking lots are huge.
Brandon the Traveler 10/26/21 02:55am Technology Corner
RE: Best way to sell the coach

My buddy just sold his 12 year old TT for 3k more than it was worth on Facebook marketplace... AND it was the 1st person to come and look... within 12 hours of posting He had 6 or 7 others that wanted to come look that same night... I would do the same with my 2017......except..................... To order new takes anywhere from who knows to who knows. One dealer says minimum of 20 to 24 weeks, another says a year +, none will guarantee anything. So sell out and possibly not have one come March or April. No dealer I can find will hold any pricing while your waiting, even after hand money (NON REFUNDABLE BTW) is down should the manufacturer throw out a price increase, which they are doing quite regular now days. New rigs of all flavors are up 30% to as much as 50% above pre Covid values. Supposedly RV Wholesalers will hold the pricing once you commit, but I have not seen the actual verbiage or document.
Brandon the Traveler 10/25/21 02:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2020 chevy trail boss

Grand son has a 5.3 in GMC Sierra. Seems to be under powered! Another pretty broad, vague, statement... Seems to require oil when you change it, uses air for combustion, and gets hot when you run it.
Brandon the Traveler 10/25/21 02:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Recommend a good RV Cover for 28-29' TT?

I have most always had ADCO. Never got more than 5-6 good years out of any of them though, usually the UV turns them to dust. Looks like this year it may go uncovered. I need a new one and refuse to pay the inflated prices they want for covers. The Adco's I previously bought with the Tyvek top were in the neighborrhood of $300. Now the comparable cover, since they quit making the Tyvek topped one is closer to $600. Its called the UV hydro. They're also not available. Must be on a slow boat from China.
Brandon the Traveler 10/25/21 02:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: Purchase hesitation after deposit, 2 questions

I'd of offered them $7000 and would of been prepared to do a substantial amount of work to it. Those Tom Shaeffer shceisters will be more than glad to grab your deposit. They're stealers, nor dealers.
Brandon the Traveler 10/25/21 10:04am Travel Trailers
RE: Best way to sell the coach

I wouldn't sell what I currently have until the new one was in the driveway with the shenanigans the RV Industry is involved in today. Dealers don't have build dates, the factories are not providing them. If a dealer gave you a date good luck.
Brandon the Traveler 10/25/21 09:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Recent "improvements" to the web site.

On the bright side what you folks are getting out of this site is directly proportional to what you're paying for it.
Brandon the Traveler 10/24/21 02:23pm Good Sam Club
RE: 2002 silverado 1500

Yeah but what were the speeds back then? Back roads only 45mph no free ways. I forgot the Interstates did not arrive until 2010 LOL.
Brandon the Traveler 10/24/21 02:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: A tale of two trailers, or prices are thru the roof.

Better yet is what they want right now just to order a trailer from the manufacturer. $5K deposit and no guarantees as to when you'll receive it. Could be 12 weeks, 24 weeks, or 50. They will agree to hold the price once the deposit is received against any manufacturer imposed price increases, but other than that its non refundable. (Found one who would, most won't) I offered up $1K for a deposit as was done on the last two I ordered, and that wouldn't fly, $5K or the highway. If your rig arrives and is a falling apart hastily assembled Covid Construction POS, rolled out the door on a Friday at 3PM, by a workforce who started building trailers the day before, well thats just too bad. It's all yours. Or refuse to buy it and give up the deposit. I can't believe they find suckers to sign onto this BS, but they do.
Brandon the Traveler 10/24/21 01:58pm Travel Trailers
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