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RE: MaxxFan (Smoke with Remote Control) Best For Ventilation?

Thanks, J, did you not need a remote since you have a small van? Anybody have any other thoughts on the pros and cons of MaxxFans with or without Remote Control? I'm assuming the Airxcel employee was being honest, but I'd like to get some user feedback on if the Remote Control MaxxFans draw power or not when they're off, and not in use.
BreakAes 10/14/19 11:09pm Tech Issues
MaxxFan (Smoke with Remote Control) Best For Ventilation?

Hi all, I have a lot of work being done to my camper right now. Before re-sealing and coating the roof, I thought it would be best to install 2 high-quality vent fans for several different reasons. Based on what I've seen, the Airxcel MaxxFan Deluxe 7500K Smoke Model seems like the best, when compared with the other fans, and the other brands like Fantastic Fan, Heng's, etc. The Deluxe MaxxFan seems to be the only one out there with a built-in Rain Shield. Also, according to an Airxcel employee, the remote control system for the MaxxFans are not supposed to draw power when the fans are off, like some other remote controlled fans do when they're off and not in use. Can anybody comment on if this is true or not? I'm thinking about going for two 7500K Smoke Deluxe MaxxFans for these features, etc.: 1. built-in Rain Shield 2. Smoke Color to let more light into the bathroom, etc. 3. Remote Controlled fan and lid for ease of use 4. Bi-directional fans so I can have one intake and one exhaust fan 5. 10 speeds 6. Thermostat Would two 7500K Smoke Colored Deluxe MaxxFans be the best choice on the market? Or would there be other products you think I should consider? Let me know, thanks.
BreakAes 10/14/19 07:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Sealant, Weatherproof Tape, & Coating; Or Sealant & Coating?

I have a 1996 Lance Squire 8000, and I understand it has an aluminum roof. At this point, for the roof I'm thinking about using Heng's NuFlex 311 Self-Leveling Silicone as a sealant, and Henry Tropi-Cool 887 Silicone White Roof Coating afterwards. In one of the Amazon reviews for Heng's NuFlex 311 someone said, "Sticks well to other silicones (including CSL)." Does anybody know if the Henry Tropi-Cool 887 Coating will stick to the Lance aluminum roof without using a primer? I called Henry, and the rep told me the Tropi-Cool 887 Coating won't stick to Eternabond tape, although I did see that Eternabond makes tapes out of stuff like aluminum. Regardless, I'm thinking about just using a Sealant, and then an RV Roof Coating. Let me know if you have any other thoughts on this plan, etc.
BreakAes 09/25/19 07:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Pro Flex For Roofs Vs RV Pro Flex?

Thanks, looks like I'll get the RV Pro Flex then. My camper is white. Any thoughts on whether to the get the White or Clear Pro Flex? I saw this in another thread. At least going by the comment, seems like the 2300 MHRV product is Pro Flex under a different name, "I had called Geocel and their factory rep said that the Geocel 2300 MHRV that I purhased at the Lance dealership for ($14)is the same stuff as ProFlexRV available at Camping World for ($12)."
BreakAes 09/24/19 12:15am Tech Issues
Sealant, Weatherproof Tape, & Coating; Or Sealant & Coating?

Someone in one of my threads said he used 3 types of products when sealing his RV: Sealant, Eternabond Tape, and an RV Coating. I watched a couple videos where people are using Eternabond Tape, and like it: But other people have warned me about using Weatherproof Tape like the Eternabond brand. And I read that if there's an issue with the tape, water can get inside it and cause problems, and sometimes screws can eventually poke through it, if you run the tape over screws. I also saw that the 4EvaSeal brand of tape might be better than the Eternabond brand, but I've never used these tapes. At this point I'm leaning towards just using non self-leveling sealant for the sides of my truck camper, and self-leveling sealant for the roof, and finding the best RV Coating for aluminum, as a secondary measure to seal the camper. I haven't even gotten to use my camper at all since I bought it, due to a leak somewhere. Whatever route I take, I want it to be done right the first time, and hopefully for the lifetime of this camper, or at least for the duration that I own it! I also need to do more research into RV Coatings for aluminum, but so far the Henry's brand seems like it might be good. Let me know your thoughts on using Weatherproof Tape, and/or if just using Sealants and an RV Coating is a good idea. Thanks.
BreakAes 09/23/19 10:35pm Tech Issues
Best Self-Leveling Sealant For An Aluminum Roof?

I'm trying to figure out which self-leveling roof sealant would be best to use for my 1996 Lance Squire 8000 truck camper with an aluminum roof and sides. The guy at the RV store recommended Nu Flex 311 Self-Leveling Silicone for the roof. I've read that some people hate using silicone because it can be difficult to remove. I got Auto Tech Quick N Easy Adhesive Remover, and maybe that would make dealing with it easier if I needed to redo the roof's sealant, but I'm not sure. I know that the Dicor brand sealant is popular for roofs, but I read that some people hate it because it shrinks too much. The Nu Flex 311 only has 7 reviews at Amazon, but they're all good: Also, someone said, "Sticks well to other silicones (including CSL)." and a couple reviewers like it better than Dicor. I haven't done a lot of research on self-leveling roof sealants yet, but this one seems like it might be a good choice. Any thoughts on what sealant is best for an aluminum roof?
BreakAes 09/23/19 10:10pm Tech Issues
Pro Flex For Roofs Vs RV Pro Flex?

Hi all, I'm leaning towards using Pro Flex for the sides of my truck camper: a 1996 Lance Squire 8000 with aluminum sides and roof. I read an article which said that the Pro Flex for roofing is better and more inexpensive than the Pro Flex for RVs. I'm going to call Geocel and ask about this, but does anybody have information on if that's true? I know that some people hate working with Pro Flex. One of the advantages to Pro Flex is that it can be applied over itself, whereas I understand that silicone can't. The Amazon page for Pro Flex said it's supposed to last 25 years. I don't know if that's accurate, but it would be nice if it were true. Any thoughts as to approximately how long Pro Flex will last? Right now my truck camper is stored under cover. Seems there are pros and cons to each sealant choice, but I'm leaning towards Pro Flex for the sides because it seems the best overall from what I've read so far. For the camper's roof, I'm still doing research, and I'll post another topic about that.
BreakAes 09/23/19 09:56pm Tech Issues
Haloview MC7108 Best Visibility Camera System?

Hi all, I did some research, and I'm wondering if the Haloview MC7108 Visibility Camera System is the best camera system for RVs. Does anybody have any thoughts on this, or if there are any other Brands & Models I should look into? Also, I'm thinking about getting 3 cameras total for the rear, right, and left sides. Is this a good idea? I have a 1996 Lance Squire 8000 Truck Camper. Thanks.
BreakAes 09/12/19 12:46am Technology Corner
RE: Best Solvent To Remove RV Window & Roof Caulk?

I took the camper to the local RV shop, and it seems the consensus is that everything has to be re-sealed. One of the guys told me that Par Bond is currently on the roof. He also said instead of trying to chase down a leak, it would be better to just strip all the old stuff off, and redo everything. This seems like a potentially really big job for my aide, so I'm hoping it'll work out. He does have roofing experience, but no RV experience, so hopefully it will be sealed up really well by the time it's all said and done. I definitely want to fix the leak(s), and protect the camper from water damage. I was talking to my neighbor, and she told me this: "My dad had a leaky trailer, and he would put a couple of coats of snow coat on it. It actually held up pretty well, and I was even able to sell it after he died, and he kids lived in it quite a while. Just saying getting someone to roll on a good coat of that might be easier than a caulking and sealing all the seams. Also that sealant they sell on tv has a paint on kind, and some in a tube, that I hear seals up everything even on the worst conditions. I can’t remember what it’s called. Riteaide had some in its “as seen on tv “ aisle." I'm not familiar with Snow Coat, or this Paint On Sealant that she's talking about. I did see stuff like Heng's and Henry's RV Roof Coatings, which I'm also not familiar with. Are those just for roofs? And is there any Coating/Sealant for the sides of a camper? I have a 1996 Lance Squire 8000, and the materials the camper is made out of determine which of these Coating Products you need, right? What can you guys tell me about all this? It would be nice if this sealing job could be done easily, but I feel like I'll have to do what it takes to get it done right, within reason. The guy who sold it to me told me there were no leaks, and we didn't think there were any when we looked it over. I don't think he was trying to screw me, and the camper seems to be in fairly good shape otherwise, but this is giving me a big headache. Thanks.
BreakAes 09/12/19 12:18am Tech Issues
RE: Best Solvent To Remove RV Window & Roof Caulk?

Thanks, Has anybody tried Auto Tech Quick N Easy Adhesive Remover? It seems like the best stuff, at least from the reviews I've seen so far: Somebody said he tried So Brite DSR-5/Re-Mov, Crest Acry-Solv, and Transtar Acry-Solvent, and said only Goof Off works for him. An Amazon reviewer for the Auto Tech solvent said it's better than Goof Off, but it is expensive though. The caulk is tough to get off though, so I want the best solvent out there.
BreakAes 09/10/19 02:40pm Tech Issues
Best Solvent To Remove RV Window & Roof Caulk?

Hi all, I've been doing research on what the best solvent is to remove RV window and roof caulk. I don't know what was used by the previous owners, but I'm currently using Pro-Flex to seal up the windows and panels on the sides, and I'm open to caulk product suggestions for the roof. I have a 1996 Lance Squire 8000. I'm at the point where I need to get a solvent to get the rest of the caulking off. Originally I thought I might get So Brite DSR-5 (also known as Re-Mov), but the reviews are mixed, and some of the prices are high: The local RV store rep suggested Crest Acry-Solv, which also isn't cheap, but may be more reasonable than the So Brite product. Crest Acry-Solv seems pretty rare, but here is some positive commentary on it: There's also this Transtar Acry-Solvent, which is less expensive and got some good Amazon reviews, although somebody said he prefers benzene, which I think I'll take a pass on. I don't know if any of them are using it to remove RV caulking though: Has anybody used any of these 3 solvents to remove RV caulk? Or do you have a suggestion for something else to use to remove RV caulking? I'm leaning towards going with the Crest Acry-Solv, but let me know if you have any information for me, thanks.
BreakAes 09/09/19 08:28pm Tech Issues
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