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RE: What to do when you are not camping for awhile

I pull it in the garage, shut it off and plug it in - that's it.
Bruce Brown 09/18/23 01:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class A gas - fiberglass roof? Who uses them?

I personally don't understand the obsession with a fiberglass roof. Our current MH has a Brite Tech roof that is 16 years old and looks as good today as it did 16 years ago. On the other hand I have seen some fiberglass roofs that are so paper thin it's a wonder they're still there. each their own - I'd be far more concerned with the house construction itself rather than a roof material. Remember, darn near every large commercial building has some type of rubber roof on it.
Bruce Brown 09/08/23 10:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tow haul mode

They function pretty much the same. The only difference is with a motor home, you will pretty much always want it on, as you are always driving a big heavy brick. I haven't been following developments WRT newer Class As, but I wasn't aware any offered a "Tow/Haul" option. None of ours ever did, including our current diesel pusher. As I posted earlier, my '15 F-150 has it, and the owner's manual discusses the relevant functions of the Tow/Haul operation in detail. If it's a gas chassis chances are it will have a tow/haul button. Our last gas MH, a 2000 Dutch Star gasser had tow/haul. In a MH application it does seem "transmission brake" might be a better name for it but it's still called tow/haul. As far as always using it, I can't say I ever used ours much back in the day. Heck I don't use it often in my trucks either, and my Super Duty does a lot of towing and hauling.
Bruce Brown 09/01/23 08:05pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2008 Bounder 38V opinion

That's the low torque engine if my memory is correct. Take it for a drive and see if you're good with it. There are a bunch on the road so obviously a lot of people like them!
Bruce Brown 08/28/23 05:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fuel pump

GM or Ford chassis? You must have missed where he said 1995 Chevrolet.
Bruce Brown 08/25/23 07:14am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What power steps do I have

As to this subject. I have almost 45 years working as a Technician in the RV field. The PROBLEM that has happened in the past 20 to 25 years is, NOBODY, knows how to fix anything anymore. The Industry has been populated with just PART CHANGERS. They just change parts until they find and fix the problem. YOU PAY FOR THIS IGNORANCE. Doug Absolutely! It's everywhere.
Bruce Brown 08/23/23 05:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Thinking of buying a Class A and seeking advice

As far as making the move from a towable to a MH, the best way I've ever heard it said was... "With a towable the vacation begins after you're set up. With a MH the vacation begins as soon as you turn the key". A few years back we owned both - I would 100% agree with the above. I don't disagree with that sentiment. However I just had a discussion with a camping neighbor who had a very new class A gasser. His comments were everyone enjoyed the traveling portion except the driver. He felt he was worn out from driving his class A gasser. The passengers enjoyed the trip but he was tired out. However his dad had a big tandem axle DP that he felt was much more enjoyable/easy to drive. Driving his dad's RV was a much more relaxing experience vs. his demanding gasser. He felt the DP was much less taxing/stessful to drive. My point is the vacation always starts on departure for the passengers, however depending on how well the rig performs the driver may have to wait until they are set up at the CG to start their vacation! All Class A's are not created equal. Driving a rig that does not handle well is not a vacation. Granted we are comparing a $175K gasser to a $600K DP. Nevertheless they are both class A's. I'm sure the driving experience between the 2 is very different. I somewhat agree with this. Our current MH certainly is the best driving one we've ever owned.
Bruce Brown 08/08/23 07:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Thinking of buying a Class A and seeking advice

As far as making the move from a towable to a MH, the best way I've ever heard it said was... "With a towable the vacation begins after you're set up. With a MH the vacation begins as soon as you turn the key". A few years back we owned both - I would 100% agree with the above.
Bruce Brown 08/07/23 02:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Oops… Went to buy Newmar then saw a Newell.

Any chance you have a link for them? I'd like to see both of them!
Bruce Brown 08/03/23 02:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Power Gear leveler hoses

Part of my job before I retired was selling hydraulic stuff to shops. To some it was literally a license to steal. Shop around. On a side note, even for my own stuff, sometimes it was cheaper to buy premade hoses at Tractor Supply or Runnings than it was to buy them through myself. Those premade hoses normally have NPT ends, so you may need to buy ends as well, which they should also have.
Bruce Brown 08/02/23 04:43am Class A Motorhomes

As noted, make sure your gas tank has enough in it to supply the generator. The symptoms you're describing sound like it's just running out of fuel.
Bruce Brown 07/27/23 05:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Heating element?

I just found a diagram, it's on the back. Click to see diagram.
Bruce Brown 07/23/23 05:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Steering wobble.

If it's sat for that long I would lean hard towards it being the tires - they don't like to sit that long without moving. Once they start wobbling and/or bouncing they normally don't stop until you slow down, as you noted.
Bruce Brown 07/23/23 05:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Heating element?

Look on the back side of the heater. If all else fails get the model number and check the manual. :B
Bruce Brown 07/21/23 08:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 275/70R22.5 vs 295/75R22.5

We went from 275/70s to 11R-22.5s. The 11Rs are the same height as the 295s, slightly skinnier so they fit our rims. 295s were too wide. In our case I always felt we were over geared for the 275s, it just turned too many RPM at highway speeds. With the 11Rs it's just about perfect. There hasn't been any downside - none. Next year we'll be looking at tires again (age) and we'll definitely be doing the 11Rs again. All that said, what engine/transmission combo are you running and what is your highway speeds RPM? What we did may not be the best choice for you.
Bruce Brown 07/19/23 05:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Finding RV insurance that allows short-term rental (AirBnB)

Check with a smaller, local insurance agent. Explain to them exactly what you're doing and see if they have a smaller insurance company that understands what you're trying to do. It may be as simple as a rider on your homeowners. A few years back we were doing a TT rental, it worked great. On our last trip to Arizona we rented a 5th wheel as a ABnB, it was functional. Fortunately I was handy with RVs as I ended up fixing a few issues. The host was good and did give us a partial refund for me work too. :B
Bruce Brown 07/16/23 09:11am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What's this thing really worth?

Ask yourself how much of a project do you want. If you like a project then this might be what you're looking for and you'll enjoy getting it back to top notch condition. If you don't like a project this might not be the one for you. I once bought a travel trailer that was a complete mess - it was BAD. I knew it and the dealer knew it. I like a project and paid accordingly. I put (not kidding) 400 hours in the rebuild - 395 of them were an absolute blast! When I was done I had the best 2002 TT ever made. :B I used it a few times, rented it a bunch, and when I was done sold it at a fair market value. Only you can determine if it's worth the risk.
Bruce Brown 06/23/23 10:58am Class A Motorhomes

Except for a front wheel drives all vehicles are pushers. Not so. Only vehicles with the engine mounted behind the rear drive wheels are considered pushers. The rig the OP is referring to has a Workhorse UFO chassis. They did not last very long for several reasons. While earlier models of gas pushers suffered from overheating problems, Workhorse was able to solve the overheating problem with the UFO. However they could not shake the overheating fear from potential buyers. Its introduction also came alongside the 2008 recession which devastated the RV Industry at the time with many coach builders going out of business. At the same time Chevy also discontinued the 8.1 Vortec engine upon which the UFO was based and had no gas replacement. They did however offer a diesel version, thus the name UFO (Universal Fuel Option) Workhorse also left the RV Market in 2009. I test drove one back when I was shopping for my rig. I believe it was 36ft. It handled well with plenty of pickup for a gasser and really quiet. However, I was not towing anything nor did I have any of my stuff on board. Those factors along with another 3 feet of coach can make a big difference. I didn't end up buy one because it was 20K more than the typical front engine gasser and I needed bunks which was not an option. As with any RV purchase take it for a test drive get a feel for it. Find out as much as you can with respect to maintenance records. Have it checked out by a good RV mechanic. One other thing to consider since there were not many built is the supply of spare parts. Good Luck. I think you missed his sarcasm. :W
Bruce Brown 06/16/23 10:40am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dometic Junk

I would call that a manufacturing defect and expect it to be a warranty issue - that is assuming something external (voltage spike, etc) didn't take it out.
Bruce Brown 06/16/23 10:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class A Motorhome Gasser

Between those 2 chassis I'd go with the Ford simply for the better support. As to any transmission issues, keep the fluid clean. The last gas MH we owned was on a Ford chassis, it was flawless.
Bruce Brown 05/17/23 01:12pm Class A Motorhomes
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