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RE: What is the lowest voltage you have seen?

I stand corrected: The lower the voltage, the higher the current draw... Things are cooking somewhere! Maybe - resistive loads will have lower amps with lower voltage. Inductive loads like motors will have higher amps if they maintain the same horsepower. Years ago I measured my A/C, lower voltage resulted in lower amps because the motor produced less HP. Several others reported the same. Not suggesting low voltage is OK...:B
BruceMc 06/06/23 02:50pm Tech Issues
RE: What is the lowest voltage you have seen?

That's tough on electronics. The lower the voltage, the higher the current draw... Things are cooking somewhere!
BruceMc 06/03/23 08:25am Tech Issues
RE: 12v rv freezer difficult to open,,,suction

We noticed this on our dometic as well, particularly after opening & closing, then on the second opening... it's difficult!
BruceMc 05/02/23 09:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Lighter weight power cord

While this thread is regarding full amperage power cords, depending on your expected load and duration, you can use a 15 or 20 amp power cord (14/12 gauge) with adapters for your 30 amp feed which is much easier to deal with than the 10 gauge 30 amp cord. When we plug in where we don't expect to use the roof air, a 15/20 amp connection is all we need. Indeed, I use a rubber insulated 12 gauge cord which is sufficient and much easier to handle. For you 50 amp users, lightweight cord options are limited depending on what you have on each 120 volt branch.
BruceMc 05/02/23 09:55am General RVing Issues
RE: 2016 Chevy 4500 "Service Airbag" & No Start???

Great information! We have a 2016 Sunseeker on the 2015 Chevy 4500 chassis. It currently has nearly 20K miles and I've never had an issue to date. If this happens in the future, I'll be armed with this nugget, if I can drag it from the dusty crevices of my noggin! Having the option to swap the AC relay is very useful; many of the relays are the same, so another option may be at hand from a less needed circuit such as the Big-Brother-is-watching(OnStar) circuit! B^)
BruceMc 04/14/23 09:00am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Maintenance Schedule !

I'm frequently on the road while attending meetings via my cell, usually with wired earbuds (not via the vehicle's bluetooth mic). Of course, they get to hear the "blinkers", as the 1st gen GMC/Chev Canyon/Colorado has a fairly loud "blinker" noise. As the signaling is done by the computer, there is no mechanical flasher to provide the noise. I've been told more than once that my blinker fluid is low because the clicking is so loud! Thus, that's become the running joke - they know I'm on the road when they can hear the blinker fluid is low. We blame one of our colleagues; he helped design the GM flasher module while he was employed at Motorola in the late 90's/early 00's. He claims it wasn't intentional; but we think it was designed that way to bolster sales of blinker fluid after the units aged a few years. B^)
BruceMc 04/03/23 09:18am General RVing Issues
RE: Smallest Class C that can tow a Jeep

We tow our 2012 GMC Canyon behind our 2016 24' 2250 Sunseeker on Chevy. The pickup is about 4500 lbs, which is probably similar to many of the Jeeps. The Sunseeker has the 6.0L engine, which is well suited to the task. Shorter Class C's on GM or Ford chassis are lighter than the longer counterparts on the same chassis, so that leaves even more towing capacity. While most have a 5K towing capacity, many of the newer Fords have 7500K so you can tow those big toys! Post what you eventually get!
BruceMc 03/31/23 09:19am Class C Motorhomes
RE: FR Forester vs Sunseeker - what's the difference?

You are most welcome, bobndot!
BruceMc 01/15/23 07:41pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: FR Forester vs Sunseeker - what's the difference?

I swapped our dinette for theater seats. It's not a simple job, but very doable IF there's no services under the seats. Check for the water heater and/or furnace, or any other object that cannot be moved before undertaking the task. Here's pics of my dinette/theater seat mods: Original Dinette: Current Theater seats: Full albums of the Dinette mods, then finally the removal and installation of the theater seats: 2016 Sunseeker Seating Projects This album also includes the passenger swivel seat mod in a sub-album if you are interested. If not, just skip the first image in the set. --Bruce.
BruceMc 01/12/23 10:05am Class C Motorhomes
RE: FR Forester vs Sunseeker - what's the difference?

I believe there used to be a difference, similar to GMC vs Chevrolet. But like those brands depending on the years, the products seem to get more similar, then migrate to differentiators, such as more bright-work (chrome) and differing body skin/grilles, etc. The main difference these days between Sunseeker and Forester is body paint/decals, and the name. There may be differences in price, based mostly on dealer perception of the two nameplates, but you can purchase either nameplate and you'll get nearly the same product. We purchased our Sunseeker because it was offered for a terrific sale price, and because it's what we had been looking at anyway. Had it been a Forester, we'd be Forester owners today!
BruceMc 01/11/23 11:30am Class C Motorhomes
RE: New Chevy chassis

This might be helpful: I'd expect they'd have a 2023 year models listed, but I think this will answer your engine questions.
BruceMc 11/16/22 09:31am Class C Motorhomes
RE: dingy induced sway

A "De-Rattler"... interesting term! I've always known them as a Hitch Clamp. Amaz... shows Hitch Clamp, Hitch Tightener, Anti-rattle stabilizer, etc. I use them when towing anything, and have given several as gifts. I put a lot of effort into reducing slop at all movement points as well. There's slop where the tow bar mounts to the crossbar, crossbar to removable arms, arms to baseplate, etc. Removing all excess slop helps reduce wear and toad wandering, and perhaps the OP's (and my) original issue of steering under/over sensitivity when towing. Here's the remainder of my toad/tow setup, for those who haven't already seen it... Towed/Toad project photo gallery
BruceMc 11/09/22 09:42am Dinghy Towing
RE: dingy induced sway

I have the same issue on my setup. I believe it's because a motorhome steering change coaxes a steering response from the toad which is a delayed response. Initial MH steering feels like understeer, then the toad's change produces a sensation of oversteer.. It took a bit to get used to, but I expect it now. Dolly towing is a completely different dynamic than 4-down. The dolly has a single hinge point between the wheel platform and the dolly frame, so you are not forcing the toads front wheels to respond. I think this response varies depending on the toad and the tow rig. Speaking of new tires, I put new Bridgestone Duravis R500HD on our GM based Sunseeker, and they are squirmy... which contributes to the steering sensitivity when towing. You have Michelins on your Ford, so that may be like comparing apples to oranges. But based on my experience, the tire characteristics will affect towing sensitivity. Installing a track bar/Panhard rod may help, as that would remove the side-to-side flexibility in the rear axle of the tow vehicle... It would help when not towing as well.
BruceMc 11/07/22 11:00am Dinghy Towing
RE: What is your secret trick for cleaning your front cap?

I use a telescoping brush that the handle extends to 6'; that and purple power (or whatever it is called) that contains TSP works perfectly for me. I wet the surfaces, spray the purple, the brush until most bugs are gone. Rinse, rinse, rinse. If needed, a spot spray gets the last of the bugs. Some folks recommend only products formulated for RV use, and fear the TSP based cleaner will remove the finish. I've never had an issue with these cleaners but I do rinse well. That said, use what you feel is right for you. I've never waxed any of my rigs, but I keep them clean and out of the sun when not in use. Our Sunseeker still looks almost as shiny as it did when we purchased it new 7 years ago.
BruceMc 10/31/22 10:30am Class C Motorhomes
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