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RE: Back East on US2

Thanks all. I have a plan that I like thanks to another poster. Will take 31 south to Indianapolis/Louisville then I64 east to Richmond. Simple but let's us see new country side. Think you are making a good choice - we have found that for "MY" sanity once we get east of the Mississippi we have to slow down and take the Worn out Interstates or we just eat up the time sitting at lights, not to mention wear out the breaks stopping every few feet. (Slight exaggeration ....but) Seemed like a great trip that will be well rewarded by a Great Celebration at the Daughter's Wedding. Couple of points on the Wedding - Take Pictures, lots of pictures, with your own camera - Drink less and try to remember more - .. when it is over you will likely find you have only talked to Half the people you wanted to and without the Pictures the memory will blur into a fog. The trip to Richmond is likely the Biggest memory of this Summer so rest up and Enjoy. Congratulations.
Busskipper 07/23/19 05:53am Roads and Routes
RE: NJ to Grand Canyon via Mt Rushmore

My problem seems to be scheduling places to stay along the way to my destination. Should I have a hard schedule trying 300 or more miles per day and booking campsites? Or do I wing it hoping places have transient sites? or try to rough it staying in Walmart or Bass pro shop lots? Any suggestions will help. Thanks, Rob. IMHO These are Two Different trips - unless you are on the road for months. MAP - 1000+ miles with a hundred stops along the way JMHO,
Busskipper 07/01/19 05:29am Roads and Routes
RE: Estes Park CO to Grand Lake CO

I have a 36’ class A diesel motor home pulling a Honda CRV. I will be staying in Estes Park, CO in August, then moving to Grand Lake on the other side of RMNP. How would you recommend I get to Grand Lake? It looks like Trail Ridge Rd through the park is the most straightforward way to go, but I’m not so sure it’s the best way with my motorhome/toad. Thanks! Having done this a number of times in the Signature Coach - Stay within your Driving Comfort Limits - if you do drive it do it early before traffic get heavy.Say 8:30. Or follow Ivy's advice and just stay on the western Side and drive the Toad over. RMNP is Beautiful - and Like Yogi would say - "Nobody goes there anymore - it's too crowded":) Best of Luck,
Busskipper 07/01/19 05:24am Roads and Routes
RE: I-70 west

Getting ready for trip from Pa to Colorado and would like any info on road condition of I-70,especially thru Indiana.Last trip 2 years ago I never was on a worst road than in I-70 Indiana.I took I-80 on return trip and it was almost as bad.Would Rt 36 be a better option,towing a 40 foot 5th wheel? We generally will get on RT 36 at Hannibal and stay on it into Colorado where the roads are not that good (Get spoiled on the Great part of RT 36) While the I's require you to slow down to save the vehicle they still are the only option east of the Mississippi - JMHO. Best of Luck,
Busskipper 06/28/19 08:56pm Roads and Routes
RE: Itinerary for CO Springs, WY, MT, Dakotas, Richmond VA

Lots of folks provided some fantastic ideas for our thread here on a trip to Colorado Springs from Elkhart. It was so good and helpful that this one seeks ideas on how to get back east in August. We'll leave CO Springs around the 4 July. We'll wander WY, MT, and the Dakotas before heading to Richmond VA. I know Sturgis starts 2 Aug and won't be anywhere near it. We need to be in Richmond around 9 August. About us: 40'MH towing; don't like Interstates if reasonable secondary road avail; travel about 4 hours a day; not picky about CGs; usually only reserve a stop ahead. Can use military campgrounds. Thanks much in advance. Let's look at the possible options - Option One Rushmore first or Rushmore last? Option Two, skip the Black Hills till next year and enjoy the Mountains and the elevation to Keep Cool? Out of the Springs Buena Vista is the Logical choice - RT 24 direct. Spend a few days there - Leadville - Camp Hale - Turquoise Lake - Twin Lakes and RT 82 in the Toad to Marron Bells - Collegiates - Crested Butte - Salida - Arkansas River - Then on to RT 50 to Gunnison - Crested Butte if missed then on to Lake City/Ouray/Black Canyon of the Gunnison - Silverton and Telluride will scream for you. Bump you over to Moab on RT 62-145-90-46-191 then try RT 128 back to I-70 to RT 139 to Dino NM on the Green River - then on to Flaming Gorge Marina CG - Now up to Cody through Wind River Canyon and the Northern parts of Yellowstone or Jackson and the Tetons before YNP ......thinking you are out of time. .:) What do you think,
Busskipper 06/23/19 11:26am Roads and Routes

Because nice folks went out of their way to suggest the route vs the Interstate and I thought it proper to report back to them and future travelers how it went. Is there a problem doing that? Always nice to have a OP report back if the suggested route worked out.:B Thanks,
Busskipper 06/23/19 10:58am Roads and Routes
RE: Black Hills in October

I used to live in Rapid City. I love Black Hills Autumn. No crowds at Mt. Rushmore. Early snow could botch your plans, but if no snow, you’ll love it. Sorry But IMHO if you get really Lucky - you might catch SNOW - OMG is it beautiful then! See Here JMHO,
Busskipper 06/21/19 02:45pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Route 6/191 from Provo to Canyonland

Thank you!!! 4runnerguys info on Moab - Good Stuff Keep in mind all the State Park Options in the Area. .:) Goblins - Kodachrome - Escalante to name a few.
Busskipper 06/20/19 05:25am Roads and Routes
RE: Route 6/191 from Provo to Canyonland

Thanks!!! While in Moab be sure to drive out RT 128 along the Colorado River - Just beautiful. Moab - RT 128 Colorado River Drive
Busskipper 06/19/19 05:29am Roads and Routes
RE: Campsites directly on Lake Ontario in Canada or NY

While not a "pretty" campground, the front row of Sunset RV Park is on the edge of a narrow 2 lane road, with Lake Ontario on the other side. The sunsets over the lake are amazing - I know from experience since I live on the lake 2 miles away. Even better, Rudy's is next door to the campground, one of the better fish & hot sauce places in upstate NY. ^^^^^^^This is the truth ^^^^^^^^ I agree ^^^^^^^
Busskipper 06/17/19 09:11pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Towing on Colorado hwy 149

I've never driven that stretch of road. Now you've got me curious! Oh what you have Missed - Images of the Lake City area - These will blow you away. IMHO this is one of the most beautiful areas in the State. JMHO, Really try not to let too many Know as it is just the Best. Thanks for sharing your photos Wish I could take credit for even a few of these but they are far to Professional for ME. Michael Underwood - I just bookmarked them, when I was doing a search - they are Good , Really GOOD!
Busskipper 06/17/19 12:11pm Roads and Routes
RE: Campsites directly on Lake Ontario in Canada or NY

We've camped directly on the beach on Lake Huron, Michigan, Erie, and Superior. Now we need Ontario. Does anyone have any suggestions for direct beach camping on Lake Ontario in either Canada or NY? This will be for at most 1 day/night. We have a 35foot TT and need at least electricity. Thanks. We've enjoyed a couple of these - Link
Busskipper 06/17/19 09:59am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: baltimore to cape cod

going to Baltimore to cape cod in july. leaving on a Saturday. best way to go to avoid traffic and tolls May not like this, but if not driving after Midnight - then the only easy way is to Fly. JMHO,
Busskipper 06/17/19 09:52am Roads and Routes
RE: Towing on Colorado hwy 149

I've never driven that stretch of road. Now you've got me curious! Oh what you have Missed - Images of the Lake City area - These will blow you away. IMHO this is one of the most beautiful areas in the State. JMHO, Really try not to let too many Know as it is just the Best.
Busskipper 06/17/19 09:49am Roads and Routes
RE: Yellowstone glacier NP with no reservations

We would love to go there in August or September but have no reservations. Is it possible to do that? Most every campground is full. I really don't want to spend the night along the side of the road. August will still have Kids moving around - so think about September and don't be afraid of spending a Night or two Boondocking. .:) There are many of us who rarely make reservations - So YES - Go for it! As almost is the key word - and for everyone who comes at the last minute there just might be a Group who needed to cancel those reservations made a Year Ago! I've spent many a night along the Road - Just not in the CampGrounds - My Rig is made for a week or so without hookups IMHO Go for It!
Busskipper 06/14/19 09:11am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Steak around Marietta Ohio!!

Thank you for the suggestions! I would even consider places in Parkersburg WV also! Sorry this will not be much help while you are Back East - BUT when you get to Colorado Keep Quincy's in mind - Good Steak - Great Price and when you finish Dinner you are in a Great Part of the Country. Leadville - Buena Vista and Salida - Hard to beat these locations. Happy Birthday,
Busskipper 06/14/19 06:05am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: AZ to NV, UT, ID, WY, CO and NM

We're going up to Coalville, UT for a wedding in a couple of weeks. Thought we'd make a longer trip out of it. Our route is linked below. Las Vegas and Montpellier, ID are just to add a sticker to our map. Coalville is the main destination, but thought we'd take to opportunity to go see old faithful and a few other sites in the area. Lastly, although I've lived in AZ most of my life, I've never visited Meteor Crater. Thought it would be cool. Route Any comments on the route are appreciated. Not sure of your time table - but we surely enjoyed this route a few times in one of our trips West - Options south from Yellowstone - Catching Flaming Gorge on the Water - Dino on the Green River - Moab along RT 128 and the Colorado - then Ridgway on the water. :) Think you might have Guessed that I'm a Water Guy - never miss the chance to drive or stay by a River or Lake/Reservoir - So much to See and never enough Time. Enjoy your adventure,
Busskipper 06/12/19 06:19am Roads and Routes

Thanks all! Great help and advice. 36 it is and looking forward to it and no interstates. Suggestions on stops to make along 36? It seems Springfield and Lincoln stuff is worth a few days. Others? I have Prairie Dog SP in the plan. Steve, Just looked back to see we have communicated before - What all do you intend to try to see once you get to the Foothills? Looks like the Beach House is rented for the season so you are going for the entire summer? If Colorado is your only Location this Summer let me suggest this one post as a place to try to enjoy down toward the San Juan's - In and around Ouray for a few days or a Few Weeks :) Enjoy your time in Colorado. use the elevation to Keep Cool. Best of Luck, Bill
Busskipper 06/10/19 07:03am Roads and Routes

Touring Fleetwood next week then out west for the summer. Best route from Elkhart towards Colorado Springs? We prefer back roads when it makes sense. 90/80 probably only option West of ELkhart? NO - NO on the I 80-90 option - first get south of Chicago - another No - No :) Then try something like This - Hannibal and RT 36 then I-70 to Golden Or if The Sprigs is the Destination try This - a Diagonal off RT 36 Once we cross the Mississippi we rarely use the I's - these are Two Good Routes. When we had our Coach built we did 6-8 trips back and forth to Wakarusa - Once on I-80 - Never again - couple times on I-70 too many trucks - then we found RT 36 that has been the route of Choice for the last 10-12 times. I just read the earlier posts - we have used a couple of the Wal*Marts along the Route some more than once and then either dump just before Golden or in Golden. .:) Best of Luck,
Busskipper 06/08/19 05:29pm Roads and Routes
RE: Driving 32' motorhome from Durango to Silverton

Good evening, I'm new to the forum and new to our motorhome, having only a couple long drives under my belt (700 miles and 1000 miles). Prior to that we had a 27' travel trailer. I do almost all the driving in our family. My kids and I will be doing 10 days in the motorhome, Tucson to T or C to Albuquerque, to Durango, and back again, with a couple nights at each stop along the way. I have been struggling with where to stay near Durango, CO. Honestly don't really want to stay at an RV park as the rest of our stops are at fairground parking areas on asphalt (we show dogs) and the kids really need a few days to run wild and be in nature. I found a primitive campground, South Mineral Campground, near Silverton that sounds beautiful and as though it can accommodate a 32' rig. However I'm not sure how hairy the drive from Durango to Silverton is in a motorhome. We will not have a vehicle/toad so if we camp in an RV park that's where we're stuck for 4 days. Am I being overambitious taking this on? Are there other suggestions where we could camp in the Durango area? Any tips or ideas for us? Thank you so much! Jill YouTube may help with RT 550 and the drive RT 550 to Silverton Fanrgs will help with cheap campsites This may help with CampSites This post will fill every minute you have in the San Juan's If I were you and could get to the San Juan's Quicker I'd strongly suggest it - it is Heaven and the Kids will Love You for it:) JMHO,
Busskipper 06/03/19 02:49pm Roads and Routes
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