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RE: Route advice.

There are no passes to cross and no steep grades if you go US 285 to Salida, then US 50 to I-25 at Pueblo. It's all downhill because it follows the Arkansas River out of the mountains. And it's also a pretty drive through the canyon. Thanks all that replied. I ended up going this route and it was the best route to take! Not a lot of traffic and no passes to cross. I'll be headed back that way in November in my car and I will be taking this same route to get to the Vail area. Look to taking RT 24 out of Leadville to Minturn/West Vail/Avon avoiding a lot of the I70 traffic and Vail Pass......just one more option to consider. Enjoy the Drive,
Busskipper 09/15/20 07:38pm Roads and Routes
RE: CO 14/Poudre Canyon Closure-09.07.20 Update

How did the Snow do in helping put out the FIres??
Busskipper 09/10/20 09:27am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Utah to Idaho

Hello everyone, New to RV'ing and have some questions about routes this time of year. We are supposed to leave Nashville, TN on 10/10 and be in Indian Valley Idaho on 10/16. The route is doable at around 350 miles a day. Have RV Trip wizard and going through I-40 and New Mexico and then straight up through Utah as Wyoming is already shut down due to weather. However i saw, 40 tractor trailers blow over this week in Utah. Is this trip just stupid with an RV this time of year? Looking for any advice from seasoned travlers. Pulling a 30' 6100# trailer with a 2500 suburban. Thanks, Jerrod No one can tell you what you are going to be comfortable with - I've driven to Colorado in every month of the year - and when in Colorado have driven to SLC/Southern Utah/Nevada/Las Vegas in every month of the year -........................ So not sure I see an issue with just going as direct and as Scenic a route as possible - Meaning just head to Denver and then on across to Utah and Up to Idaho. If it snows in October it will melt - IMHO September and October are the Two BEST months to be in the Rockies. Best trip we ever had to Yellowstone was end of October first week of November - Beautiful weather and Great time to Visit. We just drove back and went just north of Nashville into Kentucky - we are headed out in a day or two on I-70 to RT 36 to Buena Vista. IMHO, I'm in the if you don't like the weather in the West - Just Wait - It Will Change! Hope this is of some help, it would be a shame to drive all that way and not see those Beautiful areas in COlorado. JMHO,
Busskipper 09/10/20 09:25am Roads and Routes
RE: Flaming Gorge to Page Az. Monument Valley, Escalante NP

We're going to be in the Flaming Gorge area for the two weeks (or so) in September 2020. We also want to go to Page Az, Monument Valley, and Escalante NP, I'm still trying to sort out the order of travel to hit these spots. I'm thinking of heading south from Flaming Gorge, go through Moab, and drop south from there. Hit Monument Valley, then Page, then Escalante. I would prefer to stay east of Salt Lake City and hit spots in Eastern Utah. Any suggestions on Monument Valley, Page, or Escalante campgrounds would be appreciated. We love ancient peoples history. Does anyone have input on boating on Lake Powell out of Page? We are considering renting a boat for a day trip, or just going on one of the tour boats, say to Rainbow Bridge... What say you. Thanks in advance for your help. Stay safe! From Flaming Gorge be sure to go By Dino NM (some great Pictographs there)- Two Great CG right on the Green River - We were there in July and the Grands loved them Both. Moab is filled with things to see and do - we Never Miss doing the RT 128 drive along the Colorado River, awesome! As you head to Page try to stay off the I's as much as possible and make it a point to Catch as many State Parks as you can - they are great. Goblins - Kodachrome - Goosenecks - and More. Near page there are an Abundance of slot Canyons so keep them in mind, along with Horseshoe bend of the Colorado. After Page we will always try to catch Canyon de Chelly if open? With Covid you need to be aware that the Native Americans have been hard hit and as you go south you are usually on their Lands. So they may be slightly restrictive, not sure as we stayed in Colorado this summer with just a touch of northern Utah. All the CG's I'm sure have been suggested as there are not a lot of Options. After Page you may do a Day trip to The North Rim - great this time of year. (It closes early) Hope this helps,
Busskipper 09/05/20 01:34pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: trip to mt rushmore

woops leaving virginia sept 8 then ark then branson leaving sept 17 then to mt rushmore **** i gotta read my notes no hurry Often just looking at an Older post will do the trick - Best of luck, edit -forgot to load the link in the link loader :S
Busskipper 09/04/20 04:07pm Roads and Routes
RE: Eisenhower Tunnel

Are their any rstrictions going thru the tunnel? Propane or gas tanks. Not an issue - FYI - It's called Eisenhower - Johnson Memorial Tunnel.
Busskipper 08/29/20 05:49am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Western US Itinerary Help

Hi all, Planning a months long trip out west from NH starting in March next year. Looking to visit Yellowstone and Grand Tetons and giving that at least two weeks. Also we'd like to visit Custer State Park possibly Mount Rushmore. Planning to get to Yellowstone late May/Early June knowing that there might be weather issues with snow. Likely we'll be making our way up from Texas Panhandle. Any ideas on itinerary or places to make sure we see on the way from Texas would be appreciated. We'll have plenty of time. Also any recommendations on RV campgrounds near Grand Teton N.P. would be helpful. A little more info on what your Mission is, would surely help. Sounds like you have done four Corners - San Juan's Too? - Maroon Bells - Utah RT 191 - Monument Valley - Mexican Hat - GooseNecks? - Moab - Grand Mesa - Dino - Flaming Gorge - Alpine - RT 26 Dubois - Victor - Island Park - Cody - .........Think you might be getting the Idea. Lot to see just depends on what you are after and what you may enjoy. Just keep in mind that traditionally the biggest Snows come late in the season so April and May in the Rockies can generally be Just Beautiful - especially if you love those rocks covered in White :) - Passes tend to be the only real issue, keep the elevation in mind. Let us know more and we may be able to provide more insight. Best of Luck,
Busskipper 08/28/20 06:11pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Colorado Fires

Not to try and be funny here, but aren’t there going to be a lot less fall colors. Meaning not much to see. I know there are other areas to see and the Rockies are large, but people that live in the area are trying to get away from it along with people showing up. My wife cousin lives on the western slope around Glenwood Springs. They had the fire early on, but are still getting the smoke back by them. Good luck if you go! There are a Lotta Aspen Trees - seriously doubt the fires will affect the color this year - we plan on being there for three weeks - we will only have a chance to see a Small amount of the Beauty in the State. JMHO,
Busskipper 08/25/20 11:02am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Camping with no reservations

We've been camping for over fifty years. Never make reservations and have always found a site when we need it. We usually spend only a few days in each, visit the sights and move on ... state to state across the USA. We camp in the shoulder seasons, not summer, and for several months each trip depending on weather. We live in Florida at the moment, and our trips usually cross country, sometimes south, sometimes north. We are in a truck camper, and tow nothing. As a general statement, would those of you camping now or in the next couple months think we can continue this type camping, with no reservations and still find spots here and there as we have been in the past? We generally use NPS, State Parks, COE, but are not immune to use private for a night or two, but not resort type CGs, we are just two, all kids are adults and no longer accompany us. We know the virus has impacted camping, but are just looking for general "Fullness" of campgrounds, and the potential for one or two nights patched in as we travel. This may or may not help - What's It Really Like Out There in RV land Fact is this year while traveling in "Season" we were able to survive but it was trying on occasion as we did this summer with two others - we required Three Sites. Not Easy but we did it from Yellowstone to Taos and all in between - so with just a single truck Camper you should have no Issue. Best of Luck,
Busskipper 08/25/20 10:54am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Food - Utah Mighty Five Loop

We use Wal*Mart Pickup This may help - As you go from location to Location time your stops to do a Pickup. Zion may be the likely spot .......... When in SouthEastern Utah you could also slide into Colorado to Cool Off and resupply - During Covid there are also many places that will allow meal pickup, so not much chance of Loosing weight:) JMHO,
Busskipper 08/25/20 08:15am Roads and Routes
RE: Colorado Fires

Wow, Busskipper is really on it! I-70 had just reopened 20 minutes before his post. I was still getting my first cup of caffeine ready. Smoke is bad in Leadville and Grand Lake areas right now. There is a smoky haze down in Lake City, but not as bad. A number of times in the last couple of weeks, I've headed up high to try to get out of the smoke. From up there, I've been able to see where the smoke has been. While the smoke density has thinned a bit around here as they've gotten the fire up Glenwood Canyon a bit more under control, as new fires have gotten going, smoke has spread over much of the state. Yesterday, we were mountain biking on the top of Grand Mesa. Normally we can see the San Juans, Montrose, and Delta. None of those were visible yesterday. In fact looking south, I don't know if we could see much more than a couple of miles. I would also note that we have seen the beginning of aspens changing. Not a lot, but still some trees are calling it a summer. It may be early due to the drought. Of course all this can change pretty quickly. There are thunderstorms in the forecast for this week. Unless lightning starts more fires or the winds blow the existing ones into infernos again, the rain should help calm the fires and clear the air. We had a bit of rain several days ago and it was amazingly nice to be able to sleep with the windows open with the campfire smell. Ken, Back in Maryland, the two hour time difference - much easier for me to be/get on line (Think I had finished both cups of coffee) - will leave in less than three weeks to return for the Color, Talk to those trees - would hate to get there too Late for the Big Show. Hard to get a better report than You are giving on Glenwood Springs, Son was in Grand Mesa when the fires started - needed the cooler weather to SLeep, He really liked it has even looked at property, what a diverse area, so much to see still never enough time. All who are giving the Local Updates keep them coming as the fires may ultimately determine the final destination for Aspen Viewing. Thanks to all who have contributed, nothing beats real Eyes reporting.
Busskipper 08/24/20 01:49pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Colorado Fires

We have a trip planned in a couple weeks heading to CO for the fall colors. How bad are the fires and smoke in the Lake City, Leadville and Grand Lake areas. Depends on the fires - and the wind - the fire in Glenwood Canyon has had I-70 closed for over a Week and everyone hopes it will be controlled and out soon - All of Colorado is Dry and in danger - everyone hopes they will get some Rain. We just left to return home and plan on driving back in a couple weeks for the Aspen turning. Use the CODOT cameras to help you out - they are located all around the state - road conditions updated - These two links should keep you informed - as it appears I-70 has reopened - so aside from two way traffic it should be fine. Updates are on the Colorado sites so they should keep you informed as to current conditions. Enjoy Colorado - the San Juan's appear to have been spared so far this year, the winds tend to flow west to east and the smoke has been bad in the Denver area recently. Best of Luck, edit - Thom is a Colorado resident and his reports are Spot On!
Busskipper 08/24/20 06:53am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: CO 14/Poudre Canyon Closure-09.07.20 Update

From personal knowledge and experience, there is a LOT of dead beetle kill trees in that area, so there's considerable fuel for the fire. We can only hope for some monsoon moisture to help the firefighters working this fire.My memory is dimming daily, but wasn't there a fire that threatened the Chambers Lake area in maybe the late 80's/early 90's? Hey might be thinking of the Kilpecker Fire that was in the late 70s between Red Feather Lakes and the Laramie River Valley. Wasn't all that big in comparison to fires of today's measurement, but was a significant fire at the time. There's still scars from that fire visible west of Red Feather off the Deadman Road and the Green Ridge Road.Maybe that's it. I just remember we were going to boondock up the Laramie River Road and it was closed due to a fire. Way too many years ago to remember all the details. And if you search Chambers Lake and fire, all you get are results for the current fire, You two - Thom and Ken - have forgotten more than most of us will ever know about Colorado - that said I will always listen to the two of you for the insight on everything in and about Colorado. It is always nice to read what both of you contribute to any discussion on the areas in and around Colorado and the Country. The banter on a fire some 50 years ago is interesting and entertaining, as few if any of us have that much Local Knowledge on all things Colorado. Ken may remember some 15 years ago I posted a Picture of Stagecoach Lake trying to remember where the image was - he ID'd it and also gave me a link to the history of the failed Ski Resort that had tried to make a go of it some years ago - Link to Stagecoach Lake Ski Resort - Interesting as that to was some 50 years ago. Just a shout out to both of you - with a - Thank You - for all you contribute to the Forum. Bill
Busskipper 08/23/20 09:58am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Help trip from Ohio to Yellowstone Mount Rushmore Blackhills

We took that trip from Cincinnati last month, our trip was. 1st night travel stop Des Moine Iowa 2nd night travel stop Cheyenne Wyoming 3 nights at Headwaters in Grand Teton national park which is right outside the South Gate of Yellowstone. 5 nights in West Yellowstone Montana 2 nights in Cody Wyoming 3 nights in Custer state park 1 night while traveling home back in Des Moine Iowa Definitely don’t miss the Grand Tetons. 5 days in Yellowstone was plenty, unless you do a lot of hiking Cody, including the drive out of the east gate of Yellowstone to Cody was great. Night rodeo in Cody was a highlight of the trip per my kids. Custer state park in South Dakota was a great surprise. Lots to do there, and also close to Mt Rushmore, Crazy horse, Wind Cave national park, and just a couple hours from the badlands. Campgrounds were: Des Moines KOA Cheyenne KOA Head water resort GTNP Grizzly RV resort West Yellowstone Buffalo Bill state park, Cody WY Custer state park, SD Des Moines KOA All of the destination campgrounds were great, however I would probably do Colter Bay in the Tetons instead of headwaters. The KOA’s were all friendly and clean, but definitely not where I would want to spend a weekend, but they were convenient right off of the interstate and mostly flat, so we didn’t even unhook the camper. There you go - Only comments are that you go to the Tetons Via RT 26 Agree with Colter Bay - BUT - FHU's may be available in YNP next year, Fishing Bridge has been under construction and should be open Next year, so you might just check on that, tight but a lot closer to the sights. If you need FHU's in SD you may just stay in the Custer area not in the Custer SP. Best of Luck,
Busskipper 08/22/20 07:40pm Roads and Routes
RE: Route advice.

Good info above - One more with NO TO DENVER - Best of Luck,
Busskipper 08/21/20 05:57am Roads and Routes
RE: Utah, Highway 12 Advice

We are thinking about heading from Bryce Canyon through Torrey on Highway 12. We drove that road in a toad years ago but I don't remember exactly what it was like. The Mountain book describes a pretty hairy road with up to 12% grades. Have any of you guys done it in your RV? What's it like? Thanks. jor Love it - it's one of the great Roads we will go out of our way to Drive/See anytime we are even Remotely Close. It is likely you did not drive the HogBack as IMHO it is very Memorable, not to be forgotten. The little bit of 12% grade is short and a Non Issue, the Hog Back is just Beautiful. We have seldom seen many other RV's on the road as we are usually there in the Winter, with very little Traffic. Report back to let us Know how you enjoyed the drive. Best of Luck,
Busskipper 08/19/20 06:39am Roads and Routes
RE: Scenic Routes/Places to See in WY, ID, MT, SD & E. CO

Giving some thought to heading NW from Kansas for 10-14 days with our truck camper. Have tentative plans to visit Mt. Rushmore and possibly a 2-3 day stay at Yellowstone (reservations permitting; have noticed occasional cancellation openings). Other than that our plans are open. Can anyone recommend any of their favorite scenic routes and/or places to visit in WY, ID, MT, SD, and eastern CO? Visited western CO last year. Thanks! IMHO - you need a LOT MORE TIME - or a lot Less States SD - Go to Custer - see Rushmore at Night/Dusk - Wind and Emerald Caves NP - Sylvan Lake - Crazy Horse - Black Hills - Peter Norbeck Scenic Byway - Needles Highway - Iron Mountain Road - BadLands NP - Wall Drug - Custer State Park - Think that will take care of those Two Weeks. Each of the other states you have mentioned, will deserve and require Equal or more time, Sorry but to just drive by or through these areas is just - IMHO not the way to Travel. JMHO,
Busskipper 08/19/20 05:45am Roads and Routes
RE: Oregon State Parks to add surcharge

I see that most of the people that are complaining about $5.00 have the biggest RV ( 5th wheels, MH & DP 35 to over 40 ft. )those big RV must be hard on your bank accounts. You spend big dollars to gas or fuel up those big tanks and the cost of the big RV and you complain about a small increase for camping. How bout you posting the camp fees in your state parks. And in the end if you don't want to come to Oregon don't Sounds reasonable - The increase will add up to 30% to the nightly cost to camp in a state park for out-of-state campers making new reservation "The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is working to ensure that the state's magnificent natural resources are accessible to all citizens and visitors." You will pay the same fees as every taxpayer in Maryland not 30% more - regardless of the size of your RV. Even if from Oregun. :) Sounds pretty Fair to me.
Busskipper 08/15/20 07:52pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Oregon State Parks to add surcharge

As someone who would have to pay that fee if traveling to Oregon, I think it's fair. I don't pay taxes in Oregon -- so why should Oregon taxpayers subsidize my recreation? And California universities certainly impose extra tuition for out of state students. So this practice, albeit discriminatory, is well-established. Plus, frankly, the Oregon State Parks are usually much more nicely kept than those in California (which is where I live). Admittedly, "better than Calif" is a pretty low bar. ;) Dan, IMHO; If you spend one Dollar in OREGUN you are most likely paying Taxes there - Sales - Gas - Use taxes - Fees - not to be a PITA - but - Please do not use anything in California as the Standard for the country, as you are COrrect that most likely it is a Very Low Bar, it might just not actually be true in other parts of the country where the bar is set much more realistically, JMHO. As an example; While the airlines are all in serious trouble - Southwest did not grow into the Giant it is by being the leader in extra fee's, Oregun has pretty much said to Me - Not come - Not Visit and to Please not drive my RV and Spend my MONEY there - I am just not wanted/desired. While we have visited and spent time and Money there in the past, it is highly unlikely we will in the future, as there are just so many Places that actually Invite/Encourage us to Come - Offer incentives - and certainly are much more receptive to the tourist/RV'er who help support the state, in many states in a very Big Way. JMHO,
Busskipper 08/15/20 11:35am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Onan exhaust hangers don’t last

Mine broke often till I just grabbed an 18" piece of Number 12 electric wire, Yellow with all three wires. Wrapped in place and has been there for years - noticed just the other day when looking to change the oil. Still Going Strong.
Busskipper 08/14/20 05:25am Class A Motorhomes
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