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RE: Pricing on used rv...bargaining etc

I wouldn’t offer a dime until I inspected it better to see how bad the water damage is or any other damage. From what I’ve seen of all of my friends motorhomes, they are plagued with electrical problems because of exceptionally poor workmanship. Inspect thoroughly and deal accordingly. Good luck! Craig
C Schomer 01/25/22 08:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: 5th Wheel Bike carrier

I’ve used the same bike carrier For 20 years that attaches to a 4 inch RV bumper. It’s similar to that swagman that has saddles for the bike wheels to set in and it has a vertical post to stabilize the top bars of the bikes. It is very solid and so easy to carry the bikes on the back of the RV. My fiver rides great with morryde. My latest 5er didn’t have a rear bumper so I built one. Craig
C Schomer 01/25/22 08:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Hitch maintenance

My hitch bolts in to the framework of my bed which I welded myself but I still checked the bolts between the bed and the truck frame last summer. Craig
C Schomer 01/25/22 07:47pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dumb mistake

Just use a midnight credit card and siphon the water out of the bottom. Craig
C Schomer 01/25/22 07:33pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Equa-flex suspension?

I’ve had some of the wet bolts that weren’t drilled all the way through and there was no way to get grease into them. Craig
C Schomer 01/25/22 07:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Air Compressor

Don’t forget to consider the CFM at the pressure you need. I have a Quincy and a Champion compressor and they both have coalescing filters on them. I’ve always winterize my RVs with compressed air and there’s no oil and no smell. Oil free compressors won’t take the torture that lubricated compressors will unless you get into the industrial rated oil free’s. Pumping up big motorhome tires will be darn hard on most oil free compressors. Craig
C Schomer 01/20/22 10:37pm Tech Issues
RE: More efficient propane furnace

We have a Mr. heater big buddy and we love it it.… Our propane usage went down to a fraction of what it used to be. I really don’t think these tiny RV furnaces need such long pre-purge and post purge cycles and that kills the efficiency something terrible. I guesstimate the AFUE efficiency of RV furnaces is about 30% or less… just comparing the propane usage to big buddy heater. Craig
C Schomer 01/07/22 09:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Reese Sidewinder

I bought a used fiver with a sidewinder but I have a standard 8 foot bed so the sidewinder is in my scrap pile. Otherwise they work fine but you need a fifth wheel hitch that’s approved to use a sidewinder pin box.
C Schomer 01/07/22 09:17pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Spring suspension issues

Is the distance between the tires the biggest problem? Have you measured the length of your springs and check to see if you can get longer springs? Then you could move the hangers farther out and use the longer springs and get more distance between your tires. BTDT, And I’ve also changed the weight capacity of the springs to correct ride problems But you didn’t say anything about any other problems. Craig
C Schomer 01/06/22 08:44pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: water filter for taste and smell

I fill the 5er with tap water, from the Colorado, and it's plenty good for showers, dishes etc. and also for drinking but we usually fill jugs at the RO machines for drinking. I have a 20" 1 mic. whole house filter at home, for sediment, and a carbon filter for the frig water. I will use a 1/2 mic/carbon for the frig the next time I change and I think that would work for an RV AND the shower. I used 1/2mic/carbon when I serviced ice and coffee machines... that's what all the soda machine use. FWIW, the 1/2 mic filters make a noticeable improvement over 1 mic filters, in taste, by taking out more particulate. I can sure tell the difference, anyway. Craig
C Schomer 12/25/21 12:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Transmission cooler options

180 will sure do it. Craig
C Schomer 12/12/21 02:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Transmission cooler options

tim, what minimum temp does your trans get. Does GM have a minimum?
C Schomer 12/12/21 11:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: Transmission cooler options

Sorry my sig is only in one of my posts. It's a 12 Dodge diesel. Mine had the optional Max Tow which is a liquid/liquid or coolant/trans fluid xchanger plus a thermostatic fluid bypass block in the trans lines and it also has an air cooler up front. Your liq/liq xchanger is in your radiator. Mine was on the engine side. That system was more of a trans heater than anything. I deleted the stat block and replaced the xchanger with a BIG Derale fan/cooler, under the truck, and the fluid lastly goes thru the front air cooler. All the xchanger did was to make sure the engine and trans heated each other! Separating them and using the fan/cooler, instead, made the engine and trans, both, run much cooler... especially the trans. The Derale cooler has a stat on the fan. Going down the hiway, even towing my 15K 5er in the summer, the trans stays in the low 150s and the Derale fan doesn't need to come on. On mtn. passes or slower traffic the fan cycles on and keeps trans temp below ~160. Even in summer city traffic when the tq. convertor is unlocked, I've only seen a high of 181. My 68rfe needs at least 110* for it to shift properly so I'm in good shape. Now, when I'm screaming up mtn. passes, if the engine gets to 218, the electronic engine fan cranks up and it will actually bring the temp back down... it wouldn't do that before! Craig
C Schomer 12/12/21 12:37am Tow Vehicles
RE: Fifth Wheel Hitch What Kind

I bought it used from a guy who used to work for a hitch dealer and I figured I just got a production reject. My neighbor bought a new B&W a month ago and his didn't come with the spring either. There's still the handle issues with the B&W. With my old Drawtite, I can leave the handle in, but not locked, for hitching and I hear a reassuring bang when the pin hits home and it's immediately ready for a tug. The handle also securely locks open for unhitching. The B&W is built like a tank tho! Craig
C Schomer 12/02/21 05:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fifth Wheel Hitch What Kind

The first thing I had to do to my B&W was drill holes and add springs to keep the hitch tilted back so I didn't need to tie it back with a rope. Then I noticed that when hitching, the handle doesn't necessarily slap all the way back so I always got out to make sure it locked before doing a tug. When unhitching, I had to tie the handle forward, because that was easier than climbing into the bed to put the pin in the handle, or the jaws wouldn't be unlocked. Other than a few convenience and safety deficiencies... it's a good hitch. I put my 25 y.o. Drawtite rocker back in because it does everything the way I want and it keeps my truck and 5er connected together just as well. Craig
C Schomer 12/01/21 11:27pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Multimeter recommendation?

Here it is on Amazon. That's dirt cheap for everything it does but I bet it's a throwaway meter if it ever goes out of cal. I have an old UEI throwaway but it's nice to have the DC clamp sometimes. Craig
C Schomer 11/26/21 11:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Transmission cooler options

My trans was hitting 219 and the bypass valve, TBV, was the first thing I removed. Then I figured out the coolant was still heating the trans to high temps so I got rid of that exchanger and put on the fan/cooler, under the truck, with a fan stat. Fan comes on at ~153 and shuts off ~140. Then the fluid goes thru the front air cooler. When I'm on the hiway, towing or not, the front cooler keep the trans temp down so the fan on the Derale doesn't even come on. My trans still gets to ~140 w/o the TBV. I got lucky, the Derale fan/cooler and the front air cooler work GREAT together. Craig
C Schomer 11/20/21 06:05am Tow Vehicles
RE: Transmission cooler options

Do you have room somewhere for a big fan cooled remote cooler? I put a 67kbtuh Derale with a fan stat on my truck and removed the liquid/liquid exchanger and all is great... 140-160 degrees trans temp and The engine and trans can no longer heat each other. Craig
C Schomer 11/19/21 01:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Fresh water tank drain too slow

See if you have an access cover under the plumbing area. Mine has one and it isn't very hard to fix those kind of things. My water drain was already done with 1/2" IPS but the opening in the tank was choked down. The right size drill bit quickly fixed that. Craig
C Schomer 11/15/21 01:17pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Bought a second truck.

It's nice to have a 66 engine instead of one of the 76 messes they built! That low of mpg might be a blown power valve in the carb. Craig
C Schomer 11/11/21 11:37pm Tow Vehicles
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