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RE: Rear sofa movement

One of my previous fivers was the hardest riding trailer I ever pulled. It launched a gallon jug of water out of the sink, and it wasn’t even a rear kitchen. It had 2600 pound springs and 5200 pound axles and the springs only had 2 inches of travel Before the axles hit the frame. Dexter told me to go to 3000 pound springs but the 3000 pound springs were longer so I had to move the hangers out but they also had 3 inches of travel. That made a huge improvement in the ride and then I added ez flex and that trailer went to the best riding trailer I ever had. Do you have springs and rockers only? Ez flex replaces dexter rockers and equal flex replaces lippert rockers. That’s an easy upgrade, if you don’t already have some thing like that. My current fiver has morride LRE, which replaces the rocker with a box that has rubber sheer springs, and it’s a nice improvement over just springs and rockers. It’s even a rear kitchen and things stay put on the counters. I’ve also added shocks to my trailers that didn’t have them. Craig
C Schomer 07/29/23 10:37am Fifth-Wheels
RE: towing advise please

~25 years ago, a friend with an 3/4t srw, pulling a huge TT, traded for a DRW and he said it was a night to day improvement, even with a TT. I've noticed the same thing with my 5ers. Craig
C Schomer 07/10/23 01:41pm Towing
RE: Water pump randomly runs for short bursts

I’ve had six RVs and the only check valves were the pump discharge valves themselves. Those pumps are real easy to take apart and check the valve discs and seats to make sure they are clean and smooth. Craig
C Schomer 07/10/23 01:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Water heater replacement ?

We camp with an older lady that has a three year old class C with a tankless heater and it is plugging up already and causing problems. Craig
C Schomer 07/07/23 02:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Better/brighter interior bulbs?

Yeah, I was also looking for a 5k temp, 3 foot LED under counter fixture but they are very rare so I ended up with the double sided 5k/750 lm fixture. My range hood is nothing but a head basher and I have a max fan right above the stove that works 100 times better than the range fan ever thought about so I’m removing the hood and putting in a light instead. I wanted a long light bar to span the hood and the adjacent single light, but I will just put up with two switches. Craig.
C Schomer 05/28/23 12:59pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Better/brighter interior bulbs? is also good. I recently read that 5050 leds are old tech and 2835s are brighter. FWIW, I gutted my 3 ceiling fluorescents and used hi density led tape with a hot-wire dimmer. The tape is, total, 5k lumens and 5k color. There's no shortage of light anymore and my old eyes need the bright white. You might need a different fixture to get the lumens you want. I also just bought a double sided under counter light, 4500k color and 750 lumen for $12. I've had good luck with Amazon but led shopping is very brain damaging and it takes time to cipher different mfgrs. specs! Craig
C Schomer 05/20/23 04:15am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Oiled my box fan and it broke...

It's way better to use solvent to clean the varnish out of the wicks first, blow them out and let dry and then oil. The no-run problem could be many things. Maybe a bad switch... have you checked volts and amps? Craig
C Schomer 05/20/23 03:56am Tech Issues
RE: 30 amp camper/50 amp plug and cord

Id put the right cord on it and plug it into the right receptacle with the right over currant protection. Craig
C Schomer 05/16/23 08:32pm Tech Issues
RE: LT tires for 5th

My last several trailers have had 6K axles, and I will only use 16 inch LT tires. One manufacturer told me that ST tires are not built to the safety standards that any tire for carrying passengers are. Craig
C Schomer 04/24/23 02:42pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Norcold Refrigerator Carbon Buildup on Flame Probe

Id checked the gas pressure too. If the pressure is low, the btu input will also be low but it will also draw in less primary air. A dust free, clean orifice is also important, but that doesn’t sound like it would be a problem in your case. Be sure the burner is super clean, so nothing restricts the primary air intake. If it still soots after all that cleaning Id figure out a way to get more primary air… by hook or by crook, there are ways. Craig
C Schomer 04/22/23 06:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Atwood lp Stove Flame starts to die

I’ve used plenty of adjustable, regulators and set them to the pressure required. There are some really tiny regulators, even meant for pilot lights. You can usually find a manufacturers BTU rating on regulators There is also a little bit of oil in propane from the industrial pumping equipment, and it can precipitate out into the end users systems. I’ve had to take sensitive equipment apart and clean out that oil. I have several water column gauges but I used Fluke bench equipment to check the calibration and I’ve had to write a correction chart on each one of them. So just use a water column because that is the gold standard… W.C. Always make sure you have a quick way to turn off the gas when working on gas appliances, accidents can happen! Craig
C Schomer 04/15/23 05:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Didn't Think Much of These - Screws Under Vinyl Insert Trim

I ran into that on a forest river fiver. In a row of 45 screws 15 of them twisted off about two threads from the heads. The heads were there, but water was leaking through the gap that was left by the broken screws. I got all of the screws out, including the broken ones, shot caulk into the gap, and re-screwed that entire length. I prefer to find those boo-boos and fix them right. Craig.
C Schomer 04/15/23 05:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Propane hose pigtail replacement

I have new pigtails made with rubber hose at Gas Equipment in Denver.
C Schomer 02/25/23 03:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Is there such a thing a decent valve extender?

I have the right inflator head and 2"metal stems on all 6 but it still helps to have extensions on the outer duals. I have very old 3/4" plastic extensions and they are made with thick, strong plastic and they're doing fine. The best extensions are the metal, double sealed, cap, extensions. Sometimes the extensions don't flow W.A.S. and I'm careful not to break my good flowing plastic extensions. Craig
C Schomer 02/23/23 02:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bicycles

My basement is big enough for the bikes and that was fine for LONG trips, but not for every weekend. I built a rear bumper just so I could use my old bike rack again, and that's really easy. Craig
C Schomer 02/23/23 01:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: What Truck Dealerships do you recommend.

I haven't bought a new Dodge for 25 years but BF-Iowa/Harlan, beat the pants off of the Denver dealers. It was fun taking the Iowa quotes to the Denver dealers and watch them throw a tantrum! Craig
C Schomer 02/20/23 03:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Back in the dark ages !

I had two electrician uncles... both long gone, now! They said stranded wire ran a little cooler. Whatever, but I still go by the regs. Craig
C Schomer 02/20/23 03:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Axle and tire?

A previous 5er was 9600 gvw and it had 6 lug 15"s on 5200 axles and two sets of ST tires went kaboom in 48 months, just like clockwork. Having enough capacity for the FULL weight of the 5er and storing it on jack stands and using tire covers, with the second set, didn't help a thing. I got 16" wheels from etrailer and LT 16" tires from Discount Tire, for a total of exactly $800, and never another tire problem. Craig
C Schomer 02/20/23 02:56pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Winter in Arizona...

We're already back in Co. but the SIL said it rained in Peoria last night and the puddles were frozen solid this AM. I remember seeing 13* when I lived in the S-W Valley.
C Schomer 02/15/23 01:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Vanleigh Power issue bedroom nose sockets

I'd pull the other receptacles and check the chincy push-blade connectors for anything that might have worked loose. One of my first RVs had a staple shot into a romex.
C Schomer 02/15/23 01:42pm Fifth-Wheels
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