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RE: Microwaves on inverters.

4x GCs will be adequate. MW and coffee pot are usually limited time use. For example the MW could draw 150A for 10 minutes. That's less that 30Ah that needs to be replaced. No issue with my large MW and 2000W inverter. No idea why others are concerned about MW surge which would be a concern with motor appliances.
CA Traveler 11/12/19 07:50am Tech Issues
RE: How much SOLAR?

400W might be OK but energy audit needed. Q typically has good winter sun and a few rainy/cool days, usually above 40F. Low winter sun is less of a issue with his tilted portable panels but shorter days. OP My advice: Plan ahead and avoid the 2 solar dealers in Q.
CA Traveler 11/12/19 07:16am Tech Issues
RE: How much SOLAR?

Then you would be scared to park the truck in town in case it got stripped of all your neat stuff.Easier to take the truck. :B
CA Traveler 11/11/19 05:00pm Tech Issues
RE: How much SOLAR?

Do an energy audio so that you have an ball park idea of your requirements. This will help to estimate your needs otherwise it's just a wild guess. You could be in the 400-500W range. Non LED sights and furnace may be your biggest draws and maybe the TV. I decided to first install a battery monitor to get a reasonable estimate.
CA Traveler 11/11/19 12:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Is a fuse a fuse?

Solar cells fail and short, doesn't take a tree branch or wires shorting.
CA Traveler 11/11/19 07:23am Tech Issues
RE: Is a fuse a fuse?

Some people recommend fusing them. Some don't. Renogy recommends(or shall I say I saw in of their solar "101" info write-ups) fusing each panel. Samlex doesn't mention fusing at the panels. I don't have any issue from a technical perspective about fusing, whether or not it should be. Only from a "does it still charge as well" perspective.Good plan and no effect on charging. Many don't understand the possible hazard of a parallel panel catching on fire.
CA Traveler 11/10/19 10:59am Tech Issues
RE: Is a fuse a fuse?

The only other thing would be the "inline resistance) of the fuse (The resistance pin to pin not blown) likely too low for your meter to measure but I'm not sure how the "Solar rated" fuses compare to standard automotive/house fuses in this aspect.Fuse resistance and even wiring to the combiner is normally a non issue for for parallel 12V panels. Normally rated 18-20V for 14.8V battery charging. Doubtful that even a MPPT controller with parallel panels would have any practical loss due to fuses. My 3 serial panels are NOT fused due to limited Isc from the other panels so no need for a fuse since it wold never blow. Not to mention the 9 bypass diodes that also protect the panels and add shade tolerance.
CA Traveler 11/10/19 10:53am Tech Issues
RE: Is a fuse a fuse?

Not sure I understand why one would fuse a solar panel. What rating fuse would you use? ...the solar panel is simply incapable of sourcing higher current than its maximum output.....a fuse could never blow. The other end is not a current source assuming it is a charge controller, so nothing that could provide current to blow a fuse there, either..... am I missing something? single panel I agree. Multiple panels another story. Let's assume you have 6 panels in parallel. One panel develops an internal short positive to negative, each panel can supply 15A, Now all the sudden you have 5 panels suppling up to a total of 60A through the wiring on the shorted panel. not a good idea. The fuse serves as a isolation device. Fusing requirements for solar panels are more focused on house grid tie applications where you could have a dozen or more panels in parallel.Correct answer and the reason for fusing 3 or more parallel panels.
CA Traveler 11/10/19 10:41am Tech Issues
RE: Best route from Merced Ca to Mesa Az

Lancaster fairground. Or leave early 5, 210 (mid day only), 10 and stop east of LA.
CA Traveler 11/09/19 07:05am Roads and Routes
RE: Help and Advice on a badly placed 5th wheel

In that case I'd use 1 1/4" tongue and grove subfloor plywood. 4 sheets, use 2 at a time. Jacks fully up. If possible use side straps to keep the headpin straight.
CA Traveler 11/08/19 04:05pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Help and Advice on a badly placed 5th wheel

While the greased boards and machine skate are cheap solutions the jacks would need to be up to reduce possible bending. And these methods should be used with a lot of caution so that the 5er does not slide uncontrolled in any direction.
CA Traveler 11/08/19 07:05am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Help and Advice on a badly placed 5th wheel

Since a truck was there once why can't the same/similar truck get there again? Have you tried house movers? I might be tempted to place 2x6 boards under the lowered jacks, grease the boards and pull back evenly. If the ground is not level and solid then that has to be corrected. How about a fork lift that dealers use?
CA Traveler 11/07/19 06:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Filling Propane While Traveling

Truck stops, RV dealers, Tractor Supply and many other locations. Boondocking involves extra time/travel so not to likely. But Quartzsite with it's large numbers of boondocking RVs has mobile just about everything.
CA Traveler 11/07/19 06:55am Travel Trailers
RE: Sticker shock

Cummins bills for the standard number of hours and the rate for RVs is higher. Seems reasonable IMHO since RVs are not designed for service, only to be OK until the warranty is over.
CA Traveler 11/07/19 06:52am Tow Vehicles
RE: Battery storage

Ideally any charger should be temperature compensated but most aren't.
CA Traveler 11/07/19 06:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Bizarre text this morning at 1:48

When we travel it's common to get some prior messages. Might be due to different computers serving different locations and not being in sync.
CA Traveler 11/07/19 06:45am RV Pet Stop
RE: HDMI outlet.. Ideas??

I had 2 TVs connected over coax via the composite output (3 RCA jacks) at home. Usable but the pictures weren't the best. Changed the kitchen one to HDMI over coax with significant pic quality improvement. The pic/sound is delayed (a little less on the HDMI TV). The great room and kitchen TVs are open and close and the sound delay is annoying so the kitchen sound is turned down. This should not be a issue with a outside RV TV but may be with multiple inside TVs. I'm sure the delay occurs in the receiver outputs and not the converters.
CA Traveler 11/07/19 06:16am Technology Corner
RE: Onan generator

About an hour. Fuel and air filters access is a little more involved. Should be under $100 for parts/supplies.
CA Traveler 11/06/19 09:07pm Tech Issues
RE: HDMI outlet.. Ideas??

HDMI over coax converters are also available.
CA Traveler 11/06/19 01:49pm Technology Corner
RE: Electrical Issue No A/C one circuit dead Fleetwood Terry 26

Click on open road forum, forum posting and help..., tutorials...
CA Traveler 11/06/19 12:12pm Tech Issues
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