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RE: Winegard dome and H24

Last summer DTV was still transmitting SD on 101 as I checked. But I haven't kept up with the situation. I wouldn't recommend SD unless the equipment if "free" plus SD is not availble in some areas, and years ago that list was growing. But you have the equipment... So great question - Is DTV SD still available on non SWIM dishes and receivers?
CA Traveler 10/25/21 08:37am Technology Corner
RE: Test for charging house batt

Set the voltmeter to DC volts, neg to neg, pos to pos and you should see about 14.5 volts if it’s charging, 12 volts if not charging. Thanks simple enough. I’m assuming I could do the same thing to check if Truck running an power cord for brakes and lights Is charging as well??Yes but be aware that there is often long and smaller gauge wires to the RV which will lower the voltage. A better check is to measure both amps and voltage. I have a DC clampon ampmeter that is simple to use and also measures voltage.
CA Traveler 10/25/21 08:19am Tech Issues
RE: Winegard dome and H24

Is there even a dome that can get Direc HDTV? I know they can Dish but Direct uses a different radio band and LAST I CHECKED (important phrase) there were no domes that received that band. (Things may have changed. so "Have they" is the question).I haven't checked. But if the OP opts for SD only there may be new or used domes available. But given what has transpired with DTV I would only recommend a "free" dome.
CA Traveler 10/25/21 08:08am Technology Corner
RE: Winegard dome and H24

My RV had a standard sized dual LNB dome and worked just fine with the HR20 receiver and later the HR24. While you can do as desired there is more to the story to be aware of. DTV may someday discontinue SD, stated such in the past but SD is still available on 101. However, starting about 2013 various new areas did not receive SD, only HD, customers had HD receivers with SD output. Since that time DTV has focused on HD, SWIM (single coax) and even WiFi for extra TVs. Based on this a dome and SD may not be the best choice since you may not get some local channels, and be aware of dome availability and repair. I was in central OR when I could not get the SD local channels and I wanted the 2014 Winter Olympics. The dome and its lower quality coax were replaced with a RF Mogul dish with higher quality coax which allows 8 channel recording with SWIM. The HR24 supported SWIM with 2 channel recording. Later I upgraded to the HR44 receiver which is significantly faster and has 5 channel capabilities. And should I want to upgrade to 4K the dish is fully capable. The RF Mogul dish has several great features. First it’s field serviceable where Wingard requires you to ship the entire dish to them. The controller with the electronics is inside out of the weather. The GPS quickly determines your location and pre sets the skew and elevation. It almost always acquires the satellites on the first azimuth rotation and then optimizes all 3 for the satellites. When I installed the RF Mogul DTV upgraded my home dish to SWIM. We have always had a single receiver that is moved between home and RV. All recordings are retained, and as soon as the RV dish is up it records any pre-selected programs. Several times I gave serious consideration to a portable dish but have opted to be more selective to parking relative to trees. Besides aren’t we suppose to be camping and outdoors?
CA Traveler 10/25/21 07:59am Technology Corner
RE: Vibration, Resonating Noise

Kitty found it! Replace the mount rubber etc and have the drive shaft rebalanced which includes U joints issues.
CA Traveler 10/24/21 07:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Electric Smoker for Long Term

FYI, the Green Mountain Davey Crockett model has been replaced by the Trek model. They no longer make the Davey Crockett. The only difference between the two is they changed the legs.Thanks for that update. Unfortunately those longer legs would not work for me - see photo in my post above - because the additional height would not fit in the RV. Perhaps they can be removed. I've used mine as shown in the photo, on a table top with its short spring legs and on the ground with the folding legs. As a FYI I did cut off 1.5" of the chimney so that it would fit in the MH.
CA Traveler 10/23/21 08:49am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Propane Quick Connect Question

My high pressure BBQ adapter includes the external tank port. Plus I can connect to any BBQ that needs either high pressure or low pressure. Low pressure propane fittings are common on RVs and you may need to remove thte BBQ regulator as the use of 2 regulators may give inconsistent propane pressure. This is my high pressure adapter with a El (for hose routing considerations) and a shutoff valve. The top external tank port is for additional external tank. The BBQ connector is the standard 1 lb 1" screw on propane bottle type. "border=0" Hoses with the standard 1” screw on adapters are available. And an adapter for the standard BBQ regulator fitting are available. Propane stores can also make custom length hoses however I use 1 or 2 12' hoses as needed. Here are the parts that connect to any grill with a external tank connector.
CA Traveler 10/21/21 06:31pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Water Leak - Storage compartment

Remove and reseal the window, could also be the slide seals or any seams including the roof area. Finding the source can be difficult, even not possible as water can travel a long way. Check and reseal everything including everything it can't be like a roof AC or other windows. But sounds like it's the slide. Prior rig had slide roof fasteners that weren't caulked.
CA Traveler 10/16/21 09:18am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Generator runs fine, but no electricity in coach

Also a good idea to check, clean and tighten DC and AC connections. RVs vibrate and bounce down the road and connections become loose. Unplug, solar off, gen off, batteries disconnected. Again safety as a battery short can get very hot in an instant.
CA Traveler 10/15/21 11:33am Tech Issues
RE: Generator runs fine, but no electricity in coach

CBs can be deceptive - push them fully off then on. Check inverter CBs also as some pass through 120V. Next I would unplug shore power and measure AC in and out of transfer switch with the gen running to isolate the problem. BUT don't do this unless you fully understand the danger involved and related safety.
CA Traveler 10/15/21 11:25am Tech Issues
RE: Electric Smoker for Long Term

Green Mountain Grill Davy Crocket pellet smoker stored. Note alternate table top legs/springs. Operates on 12V DC or 120V AC. Deployed and ready. Note: I also remove it and use the main legs and also use it at home.
CA Traveler 10/13/21 01:34pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Solar Charging Issue

Example: Solar is generating 5A and the house is drawing 15A and hence 10A is being drawn from the house battery. The isolator disconnects the 2 banks so that the chassis battery remains charged. And you don't have to call a tow truck. 120W of solar has limited charging capability, about 8A with ideal conditions.
CA Traveler 10/11/21 07:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar Charging Issue

I certainly wondered if the "switch" is in fact a CB. It would not take much load to trip the CB on a 2K gen. 13.1V and 14.1V both indicate some level of charge depending upon other factors. For me there is not enough info to determine a problem. But take his advice and have it checked.
CA Traveler 10/11/21 06:45pm Tech Issues
RE: "All-terrain" step stool??

I have a similar one to the posted link and it works great.
CA Traveler 10/11/21 08:36am Tech Issues
RE: Time to replace batteries??

Now the progressive dynamics 9280 converter is trying to blast 14.5V into the new ones, which doesn’t seem right and may be part of the original problem. All their troubleshooting is for no or low voltage, so that’s not super helpful. My understanding of how they operate is they push 14.4 bulk charge to get to 80% before stepping down to 13.8 or 13.2 storage mode. May be OK. With a good 3 stage charger and discharged wet cell battery the process is: 1. Bulk charging with constant amps and increasing voltage. 2. Absorb charging starts at 14.8V (80% SOC) and remains at that voltage as the amps taper down and then the voltage drops. 3. Float stage doesn't charge the battery but maintains it at 13.4V with very low amps. Absorb charging at 14.8V can take a long time as the amps taper down to near 0A. To observe the stages, you need a voltmeter and ammeter with the ammeter on the battery wire as charger amps are first diverted to any loads and then the battery. If the battery is disconnected then the charger and battery amps are the same. There are variations and you can Google for details.
CA Traveler 10/10/21 08:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Solar Charging Issue

Glad you were able to keep on camping. I'm not sure what happened but possibly: The RV gen tripped a CB for some reason and then the Honda recharged the batteries to 1005 (typo and that's 100% right?) after which the relative small Honda stopped working - maybe overloaded with additional AC house loads? Not sure why the 2 battery banks are at different voltages but it's very normal depending upon charging and battery states. The voltages indicate that both banks are fully charged.
CA Traveler 10/09/21 07:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery Issue?

First step is free battery load test at most auto stores.
CA Traveler 10/09/21 01:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar Wiring Diagram for Review

The 6 ga wire and breaker might not be adequate. Wire ga is dependent upon the wire length and accepted voltage drop.
CA Traveler 10/09/21 12:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Solar Wiring Diagram for Review

The dc breaker from the solar panels is too small. If my batteries are hungry I get 17 amps from 256 watts of panels.X2 You have the potential of 60A+ maximum on the controller output. The wire from the solar panels is on the small size unless all four panels are in series (which I do not recommend).He said series connection. IF his panels have bypass diodes then serial has shade and wiring advantages and hence I'd recommend it.
CA Traveler 10/09/21 12:10pm Truck Campers
RE: Solar Wiring Diagram for Review

I think he’s saying you don’t show the remaining house loads and the expected amps. So it’s inconsistent to show 4 ga and 2 ga on either side of the Blue Seas/switch. If the house loads and charger are connected to the Blue Seas switch then the different wire size would be more consistent than if connected to the busbars. You can certainly have separate charger and inverter vs a combined unit. Just make sure your charger is adequate for the battery. I would question that as Li batteries are different. Not sure why you show the gen, as I’d likely just show charger and it’s DC output to the house loads and how it connects to your diagram. Ie Your panel may have AC and DC in one physical panel but they are electrically separate (except for common grounding).
CA Traveler 10/09/21 11:57am Truck Campers
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