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RE: Adding a new battery...questions....(venting/gassing)

I believe all the batteries are about 14 months old. To me, that makes them relatively newish. Assuming they are all in good health, I'm willing to add a 3rd battery which is brand new (same manufacturer/size/etc). -Chris Please at least wire the new batteries in a balanced manner. Method #3 is the only way to do so for odd numbers of jars. I suggest adding some plywood to the compartment you are going to use--and if all 3 batteries will fit there it would be better. I am happy to say I am using Method #3. Are you sure? Method 3 requires equal amps and voltage from all 3 batteries. How are you doing this with one battery located 8' away? A 900W MW draws 65A+ and not the best for starting batteries which a Marine battery is - ie a compromised starting battery. Might be OK and might cause a low voltage fault. 50% SOC batteries start charging in bulk and ramp up to absorb with about 14.4V and certainly are drawing more than a few amps. They stay there until the absorb stage starts to taper amps. Any old charger and any wiring situation will eventually get the batteries charges. But there are cons including longer charging, shorter life and lower voltage under load. What you are doing may work for you. Sometimes it's try it, see and learn.
CA Traveler 03/04/21 05:29pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Adding a new battery...questions....(venting/gassing)

The battery box should be sealed with 2 vent hoses one high and one low. Seperating parallel batteries (if that is your plan) by 8' means unbalanced batteries ie load/charge usage distribution will be unequal. You might want to research this. Have you considered switching to 2x GC batteries instead?
CA Traveler 03/04/21 10:52am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: 2004 Cat C7 Charging LifePo4 battery bank

Not an expert but there have been prior posts that typically alternators will not sustian their maximum ratings without damage which is basically what you want with that amount of Ah. But not sure what you mean by 1200A - Are you planning for 1200 Ah? Suggest you get the model number and contact the mfg.
CA Traveler 03/03/21 02:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Any option for re-filling MH Propane Tank from Small Tank?

Many years ago I worked for the Forest Service burning logging slash piles. We used back-pack propane torches. When the torch bottle was empty, we returned to the pickup and filled the bottle from a 100 pound cylinder in the back of the truck. Liquid transferred from the big cylinder to the little bottle using only the pressure in the big cylinder. Of course, we had to open the "80% valve" on the little bottle to relieve the pressure so it would fill properly. As soon as we got liquid from the "80% valve" we shut off the valve on the big cylinder, shut off the valve on the little bottle, disconnected the hose, connected the torch and went back to lighting fires. This long dissertation is just to illustrate that it IS possible to transfer liquid propane without a pump. Is it "safe"? Probably not. Anytime a flammable gas is vented to the atmosphere it can be dangerous. Good luck.Interesting post because every time a tank is filled from a "normal" station with a pump they open the small valve to determine when the tank is full. And some vapor/liquid escapes. So apparently it's a least a somewhat dangerous operation everytime a tank is filled.
CA Traveler 03/03/21 08:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Any option for re-filling MH Propane Tank from Small Tank?

This is my BBQ setup and shows the external tank port. Low pressure propane fittings are common on RVs and you may need to remove the BBQ regulator as the use of 2 regulators may give inconsistent propane pressure. This is my high pressure adapter with a El (for hose routing considerations) and a shutoff valve. The top external tank port is for additional external tank. The BBQ connector is the standard 1 lb 1" screw on propane bottle type. "border=0" For Full-Size Image. Hoses with the standard 1” screw on adapters are available. And an adapter for the standard BBQ regulator fitting are available. Propane stores can also make custom length hoses however I use 1 or 2 12' hoses as needed. Here are the parts that connect to any grill with a external tank connector.
CA Traveler 03/02/21 07:20pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Need help with route for noobs - SoCal to NorCal

BTW Good cooling and brakes??? I've taken 10, 210, 5 midday, not to bad but certainly more traffic. You can also go up 99 and cut over in Sac.
CA Traveler 03/02/21 02:01pm Roads and Routes
RE: Need help with route for noobs - SoCal to NorCal

95, 40, 58, 99, 46, 5, 20, 101 is one route.
CA Traveler 03/02/21 01:56pm Roads and Routes
RE: DirecTV Spinoff Announcement

For us DTV or Dish provides us news and entertainment from one company at home or on the road. Furthermore having a receiver that records and hence provides continuinity across the home/road and road/home transistions is appreciated. Let me also state that we largely watch recorded shows when we want and skip over commercials. We are OK with watching the news hours later or shows weeks later. Generally we watch news or shows in about 60% of the air time. Perhaps we'll switch to Dish as it appears to be the better provider. For us it involves setting up Dish at home (apparently involves buying the receiver?) and purchasing the RF Mogul dish kit to convert the RV to Dish. The various DTV transistions and future outlook are troubling. Looking further ahead at technology advances I suspect satellite TV like DTV/Dish/Shaw etc will fade into history.
CA Traveler 02/27/21 07:21am Tech Issues
RE: SMI Air Force One install

Emergency air brakes are different. A big spring applies the ebrake when there is no air pressure. When you release the ebrake switch you are actually sending air pressure to the ebrake to pull the big spring back and disengage the ebrake. ie Think losing air pressure for some reason to the point where the service brakes don't work and then the ebrake will be applied.
CA Traveler 02/26/21 09:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: SMI Air Force One install

To answer the OP's question. Your air bags and jacks are not in any way connected to your air brake system. No you do not need to dump the bags and jacks. Just keep safety in mind when doing this.Yes but the AF1 unit in the motor home requires both the brake line and a supply line meaning the main tank will be empty. Perhaps just one step closer for the air bags to become deflated. Even if you empty both air tanks that will not dump the air out of the inflated bags. The bags are not dumped until you level the mh using the automatic leveling system or manually dump the air bags. With the suspension fully inflated you can still manually extend the jacks and keep the bags inflated.Good to have more detail on the operation. But what does this have to do with safety regarding being under the MH with just the jacks and air bags?
CA Traveler 02/26/21 03:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: SMI Air Force One install

To answer the OP's question. Your air bags and jacks are not in any way connected to your air brake system. No you do not need to dump the bags and jacks. Just keep safety in mind when doing this.Yes but the AF1 unit in the motor home requires both the brake line and a supply line meaning the main tank will be empty. Perhaps just one step closer for the air bags to become deflated.
CA Traveler 02/26/21 01:00pm Class A Motorhomes
DirecTV Spinoff Announcement

In todays news AT&T is spinning off DTV and other pay services to private equity firm TPG Capital as a 30% owner which will provide AT&T $8B in cash. Valued at $16.25B compared to the 2015 purchase for $66B.
CA Traveler 02/26/21 08:10am Tech Issues
RE: SMI Air Force One install

You are courting potentially extreme danger! The chassis needs to be throughly supported by mechanical jacks period. People have been killed from falling vehicles. Based on your questions you should give very serious thought to having the unit installed in the MH.
CA Traveler 02/26/21 08:01am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help!!!! Travel Trailer Back in

Go to a empty parking lot and practice. Take some small markers (tin cans, boards, etc) and a ruler to set up some practice sites. If someone travels with you develop a set of hand signals. Radios are helpful but don't rely on them entirely. If someone is helping keep them visible and if not foot on the brake. They are responsible for the rear of the trailer including ground and roof level. You are responsible for the front of the trailer and the TV.
CA Traveler 02/25/21 05:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: Electrical Wire Identification

I can gurantee that the Norcold 12 volt supply line is NOT 10 gauge. Since the 12 volt for your year Model Norcold is just for operating the refer electronic controls, odds are the supply gauge is 16/14 gauge. But, it will NOT be larger than 14 gauge. DougThat's the bottom line - Bad install on Dad's refer. Correct the wiring and move on, sure he could go back to the installer... Makes one what else is not correct, insulation, air clearance, support, etc.
CA Traveler 02/24/21 08:33am Tech Issues
RE: Electrical Wire Identification

I wondered if GLY could be Galley.
CA Traveler 02/23/21 11:38am Tech Issues
RE: Electrical Wire Identification

Seems like the wrong approach to me. Send him to the store and buy an cheap digital voltmeter. Measure the voltage at the refer with the comperssor running, no shore power and battery partially discharged. If it meets mfg specs then wiring is OK. Next repeat but measure at the battery terminals to make sure batteries are OK. Better yet have the batteries load tested. What did he find? Otherwise measure the distance for new wires and use a wiring calculator to find the wire ga needed for the new wires. And go directly from the refer to the battery with a fuse unless there is some really heavy wire nearby that can be used.
CA Traveler 02/22/21 07:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Jeep towing questions.

For me I can accept that the dealer has to install "something" to make the vehicle flat towable. But I would not accept a condition like "disconnect the negative battery terminal". Since a flat towable vehicle cannot be backed up it's enough should a quick disconnect need arise without having to open the hood, find a wrench and reconnect the battery cable. BTW My JGC battery is under the passenger seat and access is much more involved than any other vehicle I've owned. OP With a pending purchase do your research and understand every aspect of towing requirements. There are thouslands of posts of folks wanting to tow existing vehicles and then the "surprise" game unfolds.
CA Traveler 02/21/21 09:22am Dinghy Towing
RE: Will a 100 watt solar panel be enough

A 100 watt panel will produce about 5 Amps of juice per hour, under ideal conditions. Conditions are NEVER ideal. My system is designed to produce up to 26 Amps under ideal conditions, but a recent boondocking trip, where the sun was about a 45 degree angle to the panels, ended up producing about 4-5 Amps total on a sunny day.Yup and why I use 67% output for 4 hours as an estimate. Sometimes better and sometimes not.
CA Traveler 02/21/21 09:07am Tech Issues
RE: Jeep towing questions.

You need tow bar, base plate, aux brake and lights/turn signals. You may also need a charge line involving MH wiring as some vehicles consume DC power when being towed, model dependent. Most 4WD Jeeps can be towed with the transfer case in neutral. 2 wheel vehicles are less likely to be towable. Don't depend on towing guides, owners manuals and even mfg on what can be towed. Mfg's make mistakes that are not always corrected and that includes Jeep. Research various boards and irv2 has IMHO some of the best information on Jeeps.
CA Traveler 02/21/21 08:59am Dinghy Towing
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