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RE: Wierd Marks Appearing On Tires

I don't any thing but a the tire wearing more in the middle than the edges. Prolly from over inflation. Inflated to 80 PSI as per spec. Thanks.PSI should be set for the weight carried and max if you don't have the weight information.
CA Traveler 09/22/19 02:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Fried battery

I'd check the charger to make sure it's charging the new battery correctly.
CA Traveler 09/22/19 01:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: posting pictures

You can request thread deletion by an administrator. Go here and learn one way to post pictures:
CA Traveler 09/22/19 01:38pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Easiest snowbird route from Seattle to Phoenix in January

395 is very slow with multiple stop lights before I15. I take 15, 215, 210, 10. It's also nice to continue on 40 and stay along the Colorado River.
CA Traveler 09/22/19 08:42am Roads and Routes
RE: Need to add a propane line with quick disconnect

Either one with my setup as I have the high pressure to standard tank connector adapter which connects to the BBQ regulator. Some posters have issues with 2 low pressure regulators (RV + BBQ) for a single BBQ. I could add a T for multiple BBQs if desired.
CA Traveler 09/21/19 06:32pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Need to add a propane line with quick disconnect

Is there a rubber hose at the tanks that would eliminate the copper concern? Otherwise cut and add as required. I chose to install a high pressure T at the tank just moving the regulator and it's rubber hose. Also installed a shutoff valve for the BBQ. My initial 12' hose was a little restrictive so bought another 12'.
CA Traveler 09/21/19 06:09pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Easiest snowbird route from Seattle to Phoenix in January

I-5 would be the safest bet. Corning CA will be the start of good weather. There will be some rough spots like Weed.X2 Just came down I5 and about half of I5 had rough spots in CA. Wait for the Siskiyou's to clear as necessary. Ditto at Lost Hills for the passes. I5, 210 midday, 10 is one route. 46, 99, 58, 40, several ways to 10 is another. Check I10 in Phoenix for closures on the WE. There have been many due to the 202 extension interchange. They claim it will be done this year :@
CA Traveler 09/21/19 04:59pm Roads and Routes
RE: Valve extenders safe?

See if there is a long valve stem that can be used for your setup. Check dually kits etc. My steel valves now extend out so that they can be easily reached. I do not recommend any type of valve extension.
CA Traveler 09/21/19 03:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: DC Power Issue

Plug in shore power (solar panels still covered) Solar controller panel indicates 13.7V (no indication that battery is being charged) Across battery: 12.77VSTOP TMI in your post. Find out why your shore power charger is not charging the battery. You have an open somewhere, bad charger or miswired wiring. Your post implies the charger is connected to the solar panels and not the battery. :h Suggest to completely disconnect the panel wires and the solar controller output wires. Start with the obvious things than need fixing and proceed until it all works.
CA Traveler 09/21/19 01:53pm Tech Issues
RE: WFCO WF-8725 - How Do I Add Another Circuit/Breaker

Black is hot and goes to the breaker. White is neutral and goes to the neutral bar. Add another ground bar for the ground wire. You might be able to combine it another ground wire. Get some help as you want this done right and verified.
CA Traveler 09/20/19 09:41am Tech Issues
RE: DC Power Issue

Could be working as designed. To much draw and lights out to prevent to much battery drain. If so LEDs would help.
CA Traveler 09/19/19 11:16pm Tech Issues
RE: DC Power Issue

With shore power disconnected: battery shows 12.9V and DC fuse panel is 12.6 V. So I conclude ....... wiring from battery to DC fuse panel is ok.Actually 0.3 volt difference seems very high for no load. Start turning on some lights and check again.X2 Was about to post the same. Are you using different voltmeters? Could be wiring or the way you are measuring. Need more info.
CA Traveler 09/19/19 11:08pm Tech Issues
RE: DC Power Issue

With shore power connected: battery shows 14.6V and DC fuse panel is 13.6 V.A 1.0V drop is suspicious since it appears this is with light loads. 1.0V drop is very high for a 12V system. There have been posts about rigs disconnection from the battery when shore power is available. Perhaps yours. So lights are drawing from your charger. Then w/o shore power you are drawing from the battery and exceeding the auto CB or it's defective, so lights out.
CA Traveler 09/19/19 10:58pm Tech Issues
RE: Generator Won’t Start

Have the batteries load tested to see if they are still OK. Badly discharged batteries can have a very short life. Keep the batteries fully charged or add full disconnect switches to the batteries.
CA Traveler 09/19/19 10:41am Beginning RVing
RE: Generator Won’t Start

In my case both banks are charged from solar, shore and gen. Not sure why Monaco used the house battery for the gen. I'm doubtful that the chassis batteries are any better for gen starting than the house batteries given the much lower amps need for the gen vs the engine. Battery bank size might also be a factor. Perhaps trying to keep the chassis battery charged and avoiding the potential of a running down the chassis battery due to gen start issues. It can take a lot of juice to start the engine especially in cold weather and certainly engine starting is more critical than gen starting.
CA Traveler 09/18/19 01:23pm Beginning RVing
RE: Big Brother- Tag on your TC?

I blew through Seattle toll gates multiple times with the AZ plated CRV only and never got a bill. I didn't call to ask why. GD now has the car with a WA plate.
CA Traveler 09/17/19 08:30am Truck Campers
RE: Big Brother- Tag on your TC?

Reduce labor costs and is becoming more common. Free north bound on the Golden Gate bridge. Pay south bound. No toll takers, don't stop 25 MPH through the toll booths. Pics taken, axles counted. You can pre pay, post pay, get a bill or have a Fasttrak device. With Fastrak my MH and toad are registered and fees deducted that day and there is a discount on the amount. All other bay bridges have a few manned gates which I don't use. Needless to say Fastrak is unique to CA and doesn't work elsewhere.
CA Traveler 09/17/19 08:25am Truck Campers
RE: electrical calculation please

20W*24hrs*30 days = 14.4 Kw/mth, look up your electrical rate to determine cost. At 0.20/Kw = $2.88, for a ball park figure. BTW If you don't have Kill A Watt then buy one and you can measure the actual usage, of course you have to have the appliance. Very useful device.
CA Traveler 09/17/19 07:53am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Asking for help.

ALL Motorhomes and RV's are IDENTICAL. There are no variations. So, when a furnace does not work, it can only be one model and problem. They are all the same. DougExcellent satire!
CA Traveler 09/17/19 07:09am Tech Issues
RE: electrical calculation please

20w/12.1V (50% SOC)*24hrs = 40 Ah. The typical 2 GCs will have 110Ah to 50% SOC. So it will consume 40/110 = 36% of the battery in a day. Part of that will be the conversion loss to AC.
CA Traveler 09/17/19 06:33am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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