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RE: Direct to stop SD transmission on Dec.31

The continuing DTV SD scenario reminds me of the Keystone Kops.
CA Traveler 12/01/20 06:21pm Technology Corner
RE: Anybody run Lithium battery bank with solar

The panel wattage seems to be adequate, the batteries are up to 12.6 by afternoon, however the battery voltage is about 11.9 in the mornings after a night with 2 cpap machines running. Battery voltage should rise to 14V+ for bulk charging and then taper down to absorb on the way to 13.4V for float. Up to 12.6V is way low for a full charge. Experience is a fantastic teacher. Recommend you buy 2 more AGMs, a battery moniter I suggested in your other thread and learn. Then you'll have a better base of knowledge for upgrades. Start with your battery specs - what are the recommended charging voltages?
CA Traveler 12/01/20 02:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Refrigerator draw on LP mode

That spec is likely the maximum and not the aveage. You could use a ammeter to measure amps at different times like ignition, cooling, etc. The easiest and most accurate way to do an energy audit is to use a battery monitor and even $30 ones will provide accumulated power usage for a hour, day, etc. I use one for another application that gives me Wh and I divide by 12.4 to get Ah. However my first step was a $160 battery monitor and I made a list of amp usage for everything in the rig, turn it on and note the amp change and voltage (charger off). It has many parameters like SOC, usage per day, etc. Recommend a good battery monitor.
CA Traveler 12/01/20 01:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Drive from Page AZ to Richfield UT

Good road.
CA Traveler 11/29/20 06:02pm Roads and Routes
RE: DirecTV upgrade to Genie 2 in motorhome

With no need for 4K the HR44 works for us at home and the RV. It's mounted vertically in the back of a cabinet which solves the limited horizontal space in the RV cabinets. The HR54 is similar. The Genie 2 size, power requirements and cooling seemed probmatical to me for a RV. Not for cabinet installation, must be vertical, needs power and coax wiring and would need to be secured for transport.
CA Traveler 11/29/20 11:05am Technology Corner
RE: Solar panel

Adding to KD4ULP - Larger panels cost less in terms of cost per watt, less roof space per watt and less installation cost. For my installation in 2014 a 12V panel system with PWM was only $100 less than a 24V panel system with MPPT. So 24V panels were a no brainer for me.
CA Traveler 11/28/20 10:12am Tech Issues
RE: Tire pressure

Thinking outside the box - How does one know that conclusion is correct? Every mfg recommendation I've seen is for the same pressure for all tires on a axle for a GIVEN tire type. No mention of different tire types on a axle let alone different tire mfg. I'm not a tire expert but what sidewall stress during an emergency maneuver. Let alone different tire compounds and traction capability with one tire providing more traction than the other?
CA Traveler 11/26/20 04:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Tire pressure

This thread made me think about what's unsafe IF both tires are the same size and set to the mfg recommended tire pressure based on axle weight. And given that's it's neither a steer or drive axle. What I come up with is a potential stability and braking especially in an emergency situation. But whatever the real situation might be I default to liability not wanting to explain how my mismatched tires were not a problem.
CA Traveler 11/26/20 04:24pm Tech Issues
RE: 1-2-All Switch Wiring?

Three batteries are common for a boat, one for each engine and one for the boat house. My boat had 3 8D's. Analogous to a MH with 1 for the engine and one for the house.
CA Traveler 11/26/20 07:22am Tech Issues
RE: 1-2-All Switch Wiring?

Terminals 1 and 2 are for 2 battery banks, positive wire. Common is the output for non engine (dual engines) boat power, no negative connection. It's a common switch used in boats. All can be used to start a engine if it's battery is low, otherwise 1 or 2 can supply the boat house power which should include a third battery. At anchor Off is the desired position as the very last thing you want is a low engine battery.
CA Traveler 11/25/20 08:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Inexpensive solar panels

Shipping of solar panels due to their size is expensive and I'd likely not buy used panels under those circumstances. Testing the panes specs open circuit voltage and short circuit amps is extremely quick and easy when buying in person. Panel specs I've seen are guaranteed power output of 90% for 12 years and 80% for 25 years or close to those values. This gives me some confidence when buying used panels.
CA Traveler 11/25/20 06:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Inexpensive solar panels

San Tan Solar in AZ has consistently had 250W used panels for $50. Seems consistent with the trend to 72 cell panels. I certainly wouldn't buy 60 cell panels at 50% capacity. Panels often have a very long life.
CA Traveler 11/24/20 11:40am Tech Issues
RE: Converter Question

The function of a charger is to charge and maintain the battery and wire loss is also a factor. The charger therefore should be close to the batteries or be connected with larger wire. In your case the charger could be located elsewhere in the rig. Your red wire looks rather small and perhaps long and would therefore not allow much more than a trickle charge.
CA Traveler 11/23/20 06:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Convert Basement Door to side Hinge

Roadmaster as in Monaco? Do you have the clearance to make the change and/or have to modify the door etc? Is the door structuraly strong enough to make the change for a side mount? If the latch will work with it's different position relative to the hinges will it provide overall adequate door support when closed under various conditions? I'm guessing you want a side mount for more vertical clearance? They are great for me when the slides are in but most of the time they are not and the slide outs are over them. My side opening doors have 2 hinges that can be adjusted to align the door.
CA Traveler 11/23/20 10:27am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Converter Question

Every RV has a charger unless someone removed it. It could be behind/intergal to your panel. Unplug AC before investigating.
CA Traveler 11/22/20 01:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Brake and Running Lights wires suddenly grounded

A light in series is an excellent short detector. Have someone watch the light while you inspect and wiggle the wiring. If the light goes out you've found it. A likely place for shorts is loose wires in the connector plug, pull the covers and recheck and leave it open. Isolate the problem to the lights by disconnecting the electric brake wires in the now open plug. Do you have a battery for those brakes and if so what condition is it in? If all else fails cut the light wire near the rear and continue forward to find the problem. If that fails run temporary wiring on any convient route like over the roof and resolve later. I've done that because it was the quickest way to continue the trip.
CA Traveler 11/21/20 04:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Border closure for land travel extended.

All of my US reservations have been cancelled. And Canada is on my list of places to again visit, most likely BC initially.
CA Traveler 11/20/20 09:22am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Border closure for land travel extended.

We really enjoy visiting Canada and the people and thank all of you for your wonderful country! If I was a Canadian I wouldn't even consider going to the US with the present situation.
CA Traveler 11/19/20 12:51pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Surge breaks on a dolly

I want the safety factor of addional brakes. And I certainly don't want the potential liability of not having brakes.
CA Traveler 11/19/20 12:40pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Don’t Use TSD Fuel Card In Oregon

Well you can certainly get out of the truck and check what they are doing. Plus in OR you can pump your own diesel.
CA Traveler 11/19/20 06:32am RV Lifestyle
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