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RE: Leaving dog at campsite

... It doesn't take much to be smarter than the average dog. I concur. Plenty of evidence for your assertion all around us everyday. If this thread has done one thing for me, it has shown me the absolute arrogance and lack of concern for some people's dogs. While i have never reported anyone in a CG, that is going to change when i see dogs not being properly cared for. Thank you all for you input.
CFerguson 08/04/20 10:17am Beginning RVing
RE: Leaving dog at campsite

I've never stayed at a campground that said no unattended pets. ... I'll take you at your word. It must be a west vs east thing.
CFerguson 08/04/20 10:13am Beginning RVing
RE: Leaving dog at campsite

*SNIP some useless verbiage* :)
CFerguson 08/04/20 10:12am Beginning RVing
RE: heated mattress on forest river flagstaff

I never removed the plastic bag from the heated mattress on my last RV. Sold it to a friend for $100 and i still feel like i cheated him. All it was, was a low wattage light bulb stuck inside the flimsy hard mattress. CHEAP! And as you said, very uncomfortable. I always put in the Exact mattress that i like in my bedrooms.
CFerguson 08/04/20 10:08am Travel Trailers
RE: New Ownership

Another here for 200 miles a day limit and travel the back roads. S l o w D o w n. When you get somewhere (or just before you travel to it), thoroughly investigate what unique things may be in that area. You'll be pleasantly surprised what you find. Every little hole in the wall has Something interesting nearby.
CFerguson 08/04/20 09:38am Full-time RVing
RE: Leaving dog at campsite

Lantley, again, i am not attacking you. Even if i disagree with how you treat your dogs, you have every right to do as you wish within the law and the rules of the CGs that you stay at. I am glad you look at the rules concerning unattended dogs and wish others would also do so and abide by them. Or find somewhere else to spread their audiojoy. And i hate to get dragged into this, but folks, i really dont care about alcohol in CGs. If you arent harming anyone by breaking the rules (and thats by THEIR perception, not yours since you are the rule breaker) then who cares. And I have lost count of how many people have told me that theiir dog doesnt bark when they are gone when i know **** well that they do. I have begun to think that dog owners are the most Clueless people in the world.
CFerguson 07/31/20 06:19am Beginning RVing
RE: Industrial Strength Liars

Have you gone to a Site like RV Trader and ran a search for your unit? Yeah, I started my search with all the common RV search sites and the sites of the larger dealers in the country. I am willing to travel most anywhere in the US to get what i want so i was looking from the pacific NW to Florida. I dont want to say EVERY RV dealer/salesman is a crook as I know of 2 that i consider to be honest locally. I also dont think that trying to make the most $$ off of a sale is anything immoral at all. Thats just Business. +, I never even got to the price/quote stage with any of these dealers.
CFerguson 07/31/20 06:12am General RVing Issues
RE: Industrial Strength Liars

Yeah bgum, very true about model years. That adds to the confusion in my post, i realize. I tried to keep my OP under novel length. The official last model year naming by the manufacturer is 2019. Of course some of those were delivered in 2018 and 2020, i think. I can understand a salesman stretching a bit and calling a 2019 a 2020. But when one tells me he can order me a 2021 to be built to my specs..............well, he wouldnt answer any email after i called him on it.
CFerguson 07/30/20 03:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Industrial Strength Liars

I guess i'm from an ancient era, Chum. I call em like i see em. (but i am also smart enough not to give some {spit} lawyer grounds to harass me)
CFerguson 07/30/20 01:34pm General RVing Issues
Industrial Strength Liars

I gotta tell you guys, i am totally disgusted with the RV industry right now. We are wanting to buy a new TT for which the last model manufactured was last year (2019). There are some in stock around the country, apparently, but i cant seem to get an answer from anyone that isnt an obvious lie. And not shading the truth, but a boldfaced Lie. The manufacturer tells me that they dont make them since 2019. The manufacturer's sales rep tells me that there are a bunch of 2020s in stock and here are the dealers around the country that have some on their lots. The internet sites of several additional (but different) dealers have some showing on the website complete with descriptions and serial numbers. After exhaustive emails with all concerned above, every single piece of info that i have received has proven to be wrong. Every Single Statement. I have dealers telling me they can order me a 2021 model and the factory telling me that isnt possible. None of the factory supplied dealers have Any of my model on the lot nor have they had for some time- didnt i know that 2019 was the end of the model? Some of the dealers that show actual inventory on the website dont actually have what they say they have. Others say they have something the same as what they show, but its a little different. And the rest wont even reply unless i fill out a personal information sheet so that they can harass me in every way possible (email, phone, mailing+home address, etc). All i want to know is Do you have X model on the lot. Keep it up industry. Times are good now, but the worm will turn again one day.
CFerguson 07/30/20 12:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Leaving dog at campsite

I'm not trying to stir the pot here, but Lantley (and others), do you read the CG rules about dogs when you stay there? Personally i read the rules (all of them, not just dog rules) before i show up at a place and if i dont like them i spend my money elsewheres. I am dead serious that i have never been in a CG that isnt very specific that dogs arent allowed to be left unattended. fwiw, i rarely stay in resort type or state park CGs. Maybe thats the difference in our experiences.
CFerguson 07/30/20 12:02pm Beginning RVing
RE: Roadside Food stops?

can,t beat cracker barrel. Have overnighted in plenty of them after a full but my question is are they all serving outdoors now? Take out orders? Take out for sure, tho it may be a local thing.
CFerguson 07/30/20 11:54am Roads and Routes
RE: Leaving dog at campsite

I dont think ive ever been in a pay campground that allows any dog to be left unattended, inside or out. I personally would never leave my Akita(who truly doesnt bark- its an Akita Thang). Yes, it can limit me, but that is part of the responsibility i voluntarily took on when I acquired him.
CFerguson 07/29/20 11:31am Beginning RVing
RE: New Travel Trailer Purchase

Be very Very VERY careful when buying from Camping World. The one time i tried to buy a TT from them a few years ago, they were more sleazy than the worst used car dealer story you have ever heard. Number/paper shuffling with half truths (some outright Lies too) and then physical intimidation tactics when i called them on it (wife is CPA and i had the salesmen confused with his own numbers). emailed corporate detailing my experience and got the coverup bs 'we are very concerned and will get back with you soonest'. they didnt and also ignored my subsequent emails a month later inquiring about their actions. I'd seriously consider having a lawyer review anything CW wanted me to sign if i was going to deal with them. It absolutely Amazes me that in this day of the Internet that a company will do such things. I have told >200 people in CGs across the country + however many read my posts like this one on the net. Trying to cheat a single customer out of maybe $5k has undoubtedly cost them many more dollars. eta: in the past, the mods here have allowed my posts like this one to remain. even if this one gets deleted, my hat's off to you all for your integrity.
CFerguson 07/28/20 08:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: Biggish dog in pick up truck?

If you want to be impressed with how much room a crew cab full sized truck has, go to a construction site and see how many ....uh, 'day workers' get crammed into one. (and i am in no way deriding anyone who busts his butt to Work. my total disdain is for those that wont work)
CFerguson 07/25/20 10:27am Beginning RVing
RE: New camper coming has nitrogen filled tires

The nitrogen filled tires scam belongs right up there next to the muffler bearings. ;)
CFerguson 07/25/20 10:22am Travel Trailers
RE: Snowbirding - What is typical monthly rent by region?

What's wrong with quartzsite? Some people live to find fault with anything. They have a hard time realizing that not everyone likes the same things. To each his own imo.
CFerguson 07/25/20 10:14am Full-time RVing
RE: Gatlinberg, TN and Ashville, NC

Riverbend for sure. BTW, if you've never been there, although Townsend is very nice and very quiet, it's a long way from anything else. You're pretty isolated there unless you have no problem with traveling a good bit to get anywhere. Except that Townsend is right around the corner from Cades Cove in the Park, you are correct. For my money, being as far from the tourist traps as possible is a huge + but to each his own. and another endorsement for Big Meadow CG!
CFerguson 07/25/20 10:08am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: New camper coming has nitrogen filled tires

Science, folks. Please. Or just wander off and think whatever you want. Sometimes thats more fun.
CFerguson 07/22/20 06:55am Travel Trailers
RE: Did you notice..........

Its summer.
CFerguson 07/19/20 07:41am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
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