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RE: Anyone have to send fiver back to mfg for major repair?

Back a few years ago, Sept of 2016, we had issues with some slide out seals / gaskets. Grand Design, scheduled the unit back to the factory for repairs. They paid for our gas to and from, paid for our lodging for four days and replaced all the slide out gaskets and went through and made sure everything was in spec. We didn't have any other issues with it while we had it until late 2019. That speaks very highly of Grand Design!
CabinetmakerII 09/18/21 01:18pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hot Water Heater Funny Issue

Water heater only heats COLD water initially...after heated it reheats Hot Water cause 110*F temp is considered HOT water Therefore it is perfectly acceptable to refer to it as a Hot Water Heater Otherwise....get over yourselves. Perfectly acceptable to some... but not all!
CabinetmakerII 07/23/21 06:16am General RVing Issues
RE: Hot Water Heater Funny Issue

And that is why it's not called a hot water heater. ;) Why would anyone need a "hot water heater"? My wife and I have had this discussion for years! Just cant get her to understand the "Water Heater" Is heating COLD water!
CabinetmakerII 07/22/21 03:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: 5th wheel hitches

I had purchased the Anderson hitch to replace my B&W 18000 hitch to tow my new 5er that grosses out at 21K. Before I could get it out of the box I saw the Max Pin weight was only 3500 lbs. The pin weight of my 5th wheel is 4300 lbs. Had to go to a Reese
CabinetmakerII 04/05/21 04:36pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Changing flat tires?

Get a TPMS. At least that way you'll likely know *before* a tire blows. Flat tires are a pretty rare occurrence if you change them when you're supposed to, keep them aired correctly and don't smash curbs. I just installed a TPMS on our 5er... Looking fwd to ops checking it next month when we head toward Idaho from Arizona.
CabinetmakerII 03/25/21 01:14pm Towing
RE: Breakaway Cable on Andersen Hitch.

I use a carabiner and attach it to the left front leg of the hitch Same but back leg so that I can reach it from the back of the truck. Friend of mine with an Anderson hitch had a loop welded to the back leg of the hitch to attach a caribiner (D Ring)
CabinetmakerII 03/14/21 07:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fuel mileage

about 14-16 mpg with the FW in tow WooooWeee I gotta get me one of those tow trucks. That is what I get running empty at best. :B If you are quoting me Dave, I suggest you re-read what I wrote...
CabinetmakerII 02/21/21 09:10am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fuel mileage

We where in the market to buy a class A diesel pusher within the next 6 mos. But with the new leadership in DC I’m afraid of the fuel cost going nuts. Therefore we have been thinking about buying a new DIESEL1 ton DRW pickup and going the 5th Wh route. Curious as to what’s the typical fuel mileage pulling a 5er with a diesel pickup. PS. Anyone have experience on towing a tag V 5er with the same vehicle and comparing mileage? We tow our 21K 5th wheel with a 2017 Ford F-450 DRW w/4:33 rear end. We get between 9 and 12 MPG depending on the road/wind conditions. We are full time so the truck is also our daily driver. Solo we get between 14-16 MPG. I wouldn't have it any other way! Good Luck with whatever you decide!
CabinetmakerII 02/18/21 12:06pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: How to sanitize new RV water system

My 5th wheel has a freshwater tank overflow/vent near the back of the 5th wheel is covered with a small white square piece of plastic about the size of one's hand. To remove pull up sharply and you have a gravity fill place. Check out the photo on this posting There is no such fitting on my RV... the tanks vent is a small hose (3/8"?) that has a tight mesh screen over it to keep the bugs out.
CabinetmakerII 02/18/21 11:23am Tech Issues
RE: How to sanitize new RV water system

OMG! How simple is that! Thank you for such a simple solution! Who feels stupid now?
CabinetmakerII 02/18/21 10:46am Tech Issues
RE: 5th Wheel Broken Stud Theory

I've got 3 axles and have never lost a wheel stud. Perhaps people are using too much torque. What Dry Heat said! We took our 43' Toy Hauler (retired 2020) to the East Coast and back, to Alaska and back, to Arizona and back for 8 years and never broke a stud. I checked lug nuts for tightness with my star wrench...
CabinetmakerII 02/18/21 10:40am Tech Issues
How to sanitize new RV water system

While dumping tanks the other day I was looking at the "Water Control Panel" and got to wondering how to sanitize the fresh water holding tank. All of our previous RV's had a gravity feed fill port for putting water into the fresh water tank. When sanitizing the system I would simply pour a measured amount of bleach into said port and fill the tank. Run the water pump to get the bleached water into the system and let it sit overnight. Then drain and flush the system the next day. Now to the issue at hand. On this new coach, the "Tank Fill" is controlled by a valve. Simply turn the the City water valve to the Tank Fill position and the tank fills... How then do I introduce bleach into the system? Is there a siphon type connection available to put onto the bleach and the water flow takes it to the tank? Any advice would be appreciated! Allan
CabinetmakerII 02/18/21 10:24am Tech Issues
RE: Just bought a new 5th wheel

Make sure you do a short trip before you head out on the longer trip to make sure everything is working right. Ken X2! We bought a new 5th wheel in October. We discussed with the dealer that we would do our "Shake Down Trip" over the weekend and be back on Monday to fix whatever we might find. Glad we did! When we arrived at the RV Park not 5 miles from the dealership I noticed the water heater had pulled loose at the bottom about an inch... There were some other things we had the dealer address as well. Sure was thankful we had an appointment on Monday! Good luck with your new Rig! Enjoy that New Rig smell as it dissipates far too quickly! Allan
CabinetmakerII 02/18/21 09:51am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Full time with DirectTV

Question from a n00b. Does everyone have TV (Dish, DirecTv) separately from their internet service? If yes, why? When ATT bought DirecTv service went downhill overnight and we dumped them after more than 15 years. We switched to Roku (not recommended) and finally YouTubeTV which is internet based and has more channels with a lower cost than either DTV or Dish, and has all of your local stations as well. $.02 We have Dish Network for our TV viewing and use Verizon for our Phone/Internet service. This way, as long as we have cell service we also have internet. Most RV Parks offer internet but in reality, in most cases it is not very reliable or secure, and with limited band width. The more people on line at the same time the slower the system runs. This works for us. Goodluck!
CabinetmakerII 01/28/21 11:49am Full-time RVing
RE: Side Out Trays

Our previous FW was a Toy Hauler that did not have a tray. Our new coach was shipped with a tray but not installed. I was not convinced that I wanted the tray and felt I would loose a lot of cargo capacity. I had the dealership install the tray during our PDI figuring I could always take it out. Since then I have come to really appreciate the tray. Having access to everything in the cargo bay is a real plus for me.
CabinetmakerII 01/10/21 11:52am Tech Issues
Level up System Bleed Off

My wife and I have been full time RV'ers for 8+ years. Our previous RV had a catastrophic frame failure (long story) which forced the purchase of a new RV. Our new home is equipped with a "Level up" automatic leveling system which is really a nice feature however, the system seems to "Bleed Down" during extended stays. We have been stationary for about 2 months and the main landing gear is allowing the front of the coach to settle. Is anybody else experiencing this situation? I exercise the slides as part of my monthly maintenance routine but I do not conduct an "Auto Level"... Should I? Any advise would be greatly appreciated!
CabinetmakerII 01/10/21 11:28am Full-time RVing
RE: Six-point leveling system -- reduce rocking

We bought our new DRV in October which is equipped with a 6 point leveling system which I admit I am still learning hoe to use it. The systems legs are installed with a 5/3 degree splay outward at the bottom to help stabilize the coach. As mentioned by others, I placed a stack of leveling blocks under each jack to shorten the throw and help minimize the movement felt inside. We still had some unwanted movement inside so I placed screw jacks under the factory installed hitch at the rear of the coach and used our king pin tripod on the front. Finally a rock solid coach with no movement. Still thinking about installing JT Strong arms however.
CabinetmakerII 12/25/20 09:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Merry Christmas!

CabinetmakerII 12/25/20 08:45am Fifth-Wheels
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