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RE: Poll: How many 1T TC haulers have no modifications?

I'm stock, 2019 Ram dually, air suspension, hauling Bigfoot 10.4. So I am well under payload. I wonder what would let me float over potholes on a dirt road?
Camp woof 06/26/20 04:45pm Truck Campers
RE: Need help shedding 3/4 ton - Lithium Battery project

I've been running the LifeBlue 125AH batteries for 8 months of use out of last 12 months and like them fine so far. These are the ones with the integrated bluetooth, so no need for trimetric or any of that. You can run these down as far as you like, most people seem to go down to 10 or 20%. For SOC, Be careful, a current shunt that accurately measures 100A discharges isn't as accurate if most of your discharge is a lot of hours of just a few amps. Because I don't like to charge my batteries to 100%, I don't have them charging through the alternator at all. Another point is that with 2 batteries in parallel, they seem to current share better when not charged to 100%. I haven't run into any temp issues, but I tend to run low currents. One nice feature of Lifeblue is the integrated temp sensor. Best info I learned is that your batteries, at about 30lbs of thermal mass, are PERFECT at telling you what the avg. temperature is! So if the daytime high is 55deg, and overnight low just before sunrise is 25 degrees, you battery will be at 40deg in the morning. This is with the batteries being in an outside vented compartment. I've observed this MANY times, overnight lows of 19deg and batts are still at 40deg in the morning. Since its' better for your batteries not to charge all the way to 100%, this idea of needing higher voltage charging equipment is just bunk. The high charge voltage vs. lead acid is only for the last 5% or so of capacity. Oh, be sure to have a way to stop all charging of your battery, don't recall if I saw that in your diagram. I'd also want to get a written statement from whomever you buy the batteries from that they won't trip when you flip on your inverter. You have a good inverter, but some have really high inrush currents. I love my LiFePo4 batteries, so worry free! A couple days of bad weather? So what. I haven't ever even put any gas in my generator! Dave
Camp woof 05/17/20 02:14pm Truck Campers
RE: Aluminum pre-installed solar wire

I called the factory, spoke to a real person! After all the frustration sure was nice. Small companies, you can find someone who actually knows things. My wires were behind a false front Only 1 more trip to Ace hardware to get a few things and I can throw the switch. The solar panels mount really nicely using that VHB tape. I fell as though I could eventually stress and tear the thin aluminum frame of the panels before pulling the mounts off. And, have to think about using the generator pre-wire to work an inverter in. Would be nice. Thanks for the help! Dave
Camp woof 09/09/19 07:26pm Truck Campers
RE: Aluminum pre-installed solar wire

Well, everything is tight and neatly dressed, no solar wire coming from the roof that is obvious. I'll have to call.
Camp woof 09/09/19 02:59pm Truck Campers
RE: Aluminum pre-installed solar wire

Ah, thanks Z-Peller! I was looking behind the drawer beneath the fridge, saw something coming down but not where it went. Great, this won't be so bad, nice to have this forum for help!! I was a little frustrated that nothing is written down (or I missed where anything was mentioned about the solar pre-wire). It's going to be great to hit the road here at the last of summer! Dave
Camp woof 09/08/19 10:02pm Truck Campers
RE: Aluminum pre-installed solar wire

Yes, you are all correct about ALU, on the roof I have 8 AWG copper. I was so wrapped up in things I forgot because I have 2 sets of unterminated 6 AWG wires, one in battery compartment and one in generator compartment. None of these 6 AWG sets ohmed out to the 8AWG on the roof. And it would make a lot more sense to just have 1 run of solar wire. I thought the 6AWG were Aluminum, but I can't tell the difference between ALU and tin plating. Wasn't going to take chances. So now I just have to find where the 8AWG copper rooftop wire terminates. Besides, if I'm on the roof and spend more than 20 minutes, I forget what I was doing anyway by the time I come back down. I'll have to go ahead and ask the mfg where my solar wire terminates. The wire coming out of the rooftop fridge vent is helpfully labeled. The 6AWG in the battery and generator compartments are not labeled. Thanks, great not to have to worry about aluminum! Dave
Camp woof 09/08/19 02:33pm Truck Campers
Aluminum pre-installed solar wire

Anyone have any good ideas to connect the 6 AWG aluminum wire on the top of my Bigfoot to the solar panels? I was about to connect the interior connection when I noticed the cable Bigfoot installed is aluminum. Yuck! I used a set of dual rated splicers to connect the interior side wires. I was thinking of using two separate small waterproof boxes, maybe round, that can hopefully fit under the fridge vent, and use the same splicers. Or one larger box and I insulate the splicers from each other, several wraps of electrical tape? Thanks, Dave
Camp woof 09/08/19 09:48am Truck Campers
RE: New Moderator

Thank you for stepping up!!
Camp woof 08/19/19 12:44pm Truck Campers
RE: RAM 3500 Auto Level Rear Suspension

I have a 2019 Ram 3500 cummins dually with factory air and a 2019 bigfoot 10.4. Haven't noticed any sway problems . Started pushing it on I5 south heading into Grants Pass OR in those hills, didn't notice sway. Truck seems to perform fine on dirt roads too, I've got a tank. I just don't drive this rig that hard though, why bother? I had a Honda S2000 I just sold, that was the car to drive fast through corners. Reading these posts seems like the camper weight plays a big deal in ones satisfaction or lack thereof. I have a light camper for a dually. I believe the 2019 re-did the rear spring pack again for the auto-air. Dave
Camp woof 08/14/19 02:20pm Truck Campers
RE: Bigfoot 25c 10.4 long bed

Just to make sure there is correct info on this thread, a 2019 Bigfoot 10.4 holds 2 group 27 or possibly 2 group 31's. I know because I have 2 Lifeblue 125AH batteries in my 2019 10.4 using the slide out tray. These batteries are advertised as group 31's by the mfg. There is still room in the compartment. There would be more room without the slide out tray.
Camp woof 08/12/19 09:47am Truck Campers
RE: Ready to Buy?

I'm not sure what you mean by 1 batt in the BF, I have 2 Lifeblue 125AH (250AH total) batteries in my bigfoot 10.4 with room to spare in the battery compartment. The batteries still fit in the slide out tray. Lifeblue batteries 125AH: Case Size: 12.5" x 6.5" x 8.5" Tall Weight: 28 Pounds; Shipping Weight 31 Pounds Case Size: Group 31 The 2 separate compartments in the NL seem to be a pain! If you want to connect 12V batteries in parallel, then you need to pay attention to how you connect the batteries together so the voltages are equal, you do not want 1 battery running at a different voltage than the other. I was out for a week and battery voltage at rest was 13.1V, still rather full! The bed is shorter (not a problem for me), the insulation is better, and no Heiki skylight. These are good for most people, but far more problematic than the non-opening skylight above the dinette in the BF or the extra temp controlled fantastic fan in the bedroom area. I'm putting a 28" TV in my BF. Also installing 200W solar with MPPT on roof, plus solar port for 100-200W additional portable panels if parked in sun. 1 panel and low-end controller just means I'm paying for stuff I have to remove ... Both are great campers, pick the one that works for you! BTW, in my early shopping I never wanted a dry bath, takes up extra space. But sure is nice to use, very happy with the nice dry bath with window. Solar and TV are options on the BF, but cost too much vs. doing it yourself (IMO). Dave
Camp woof 08/09/19 12:05pm Truck Campers
RE: Can’t insure full-time camper and truck

I'm just like you, bought bigfoot 10.4 and have the ram instead. I was able to list parents place in southern oregon as an address, because that is my home base. But I just logged on to be sure, and i have a Progressive Full Time Liability policy for the camper. I did have to prove my address in oregon as I'm moving from CA to OR. The policy even insures a storage shed for personal property being stored. So, could be state related, and for Progressive you will need a real address. Seems like the main thing is that I'll spend more time in OR and none in high-cost CA. Full Timer's Personal Liability: Includes: Loss Assessment - $5,000 Medical Payments - $5,000 each person/$50,000 each accident Storage Shed Contents - $5,000/$100 deductible $500,000 combined single limit $50.00 dave
Camp woof 08/05/19 03:30pm Truck Campers
RE: Bigfoot 2500 10.4 or 2500 10.6

Every time I look at those NL fabric choices my stomach turns a bit ... I think of how my parents house was decorated in 1970. I couldn't get past that. Yes, a Bigfoot owner!
Camp woof 08/01/19 11:31am Truck Campers
RE: The ticking time bomb under the hood

I became aware of this just before buying my 2019 ram 3500 cummins HO with the latest CP4.2 fuel pump. First thing, everything I could find on the internet led me to believe nobody has the story on what is happening today. Older designs that used CP4 and 4.2(?) did have issues. Did Bosch make changes to 4.2 for Ram? Hundreds of web pages makes one wonder how a new truck can even make it from the dealer lot to home. Nisan Titan cummins has this fuel pump, likely a mercedes sprinter van, etc. distilling the wisdom of the internet: 1. Ford and Chevy used CP4/4.2 in their trucks at some point, I think Ford still does. Rumor is Chevy either changed or the new 2020 model is changing to a Japanese fuel pump, Nippon Denso. The internet takes that as proof bosch is still terrible. Or, a Japanese engine mfg. picks a Japanese fuel pump. 2. Supposedly, CP 4.2 needs lift pump (ford and/or chevy didn't have early on). A point I have not seen anywhere is that 2-3% biodiesel restores all the lubricity lost by going to ULSD. At 5% (mandated in Oregon?), any problems due to lubricity are solved. So, the hated biodiesel saves the day ... These fuel pumps do get a lot of talk on the internet for sure. What to do, I sure don't know! Dave
Camp woof 08/01/19 11:22am Truck Campers
RE: Conquering the Great Divide

Hi Sidecar, this is really detailed info that engineers like me appreciate! Time and stupidity (mine!) will tell what the difference is between a trail and a forest service road. Although not all FS roads were created equal by a long shot. The good thing in my case is if the road is that bad then bike riding will be bad there too, so I'll avoid! Dave
Camp woof 07/30/19 11:41am Truck Campers
RE: Conquering the Great Divide

One photo in the article showed what look like a few 35' trailers being towed into the area of the photo. I always thought if a huge trailer can get somewhere, my hard-side should get there too?
Camp woof 07/29/19 04:05pm Truck Campers
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