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RE: Vehicle "rise" while towing.

It specific to the truck. My old '08 Sierra 1500 said back to stock height. My current 2016 Silverado 1500 says half way between the 2 measurements. I was skeptical but it towed effortlessly and very stable. Just try it and drive it. If it doesn't feel right you may need to take it to a CAT scale.
Campfire Time 04/14/22 02:46pm Towing
RE: OnStar requires update due to 3G end of life

Just call Onstar and ask. They can tell you what you need to do, if anything.
Campfire Time 03/01/22 03:15pm Technology Corner
RE: Do I need my WD bars just to move in the driveway?

It would be unsafe on the highway, not to mention it would unload the front axle and cause sway with out the WDH. Where was I wrong? A WDH is absolutly needed for a TT with a tongue weight over 500lbs on a F150. Maybe it's not me that is ill informed. And in truth. I feel the same about your posts. The part of your old quote above about unloading the front axle and causing sway is the ill-informed part. Per the hitch rating, yes wdh is "required" (discounting the fact the hitch won't fail under significantly more than 500lbs, personal experience). Can't refute that if someone want's to "go by the numbers." Unload front axle? If ALL of the tongue weight, weight bearing, unloaded the front axle, it would take 200lbs or less off the front axle. Insignificant. But saying not using a wdh will cause sway is wholly false. Sway control on a wdh can/will control sway IF it happens. And that's your opinion. A WDH returns lost weight to the steering axle, and so it returns steering control, and prevents sway. A TT that has a properly setup WDH will not sway, even without sway control. Sway control is only for those emergency events when you induce sway by dodging a road hazard, or accident. Sway control is not needed in normal driving. However. A driver must take the time to setup the WDH properly. This is 100% correct. 200# off the front may not seem like much, but it can make a dramatic difference in steering control on a 1500/150 series truck. You know you have less steering control. I think there is validity to both viewpoints. Keep in mind that Grit Dog has a 2500 series. I have never owned or driven a 2500 or 3500, but they do have stiffer rear suspensions and 200# likely won't make that much difference on the front. In fact you probably will not even see the front end rise.
Campfire Time 11/23/21 12:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: Anti sway question.

Get the WDH. I have a 4500# loaded trailer and tow with a 1500. The WDH doesn't make much difference in front end height, maybe 1/2", but it is WAY more stable towing with it compared to without.
Campfire Time 11/19/21 01:17pm Towing
RE: Transmission cooler options

I'm wondering if you have an air flow issue. The factory cooler should work just fine. That trailer is well within the capability of the truck. I'm curious, is the grill shell the factory one, or is it an aftermarket replacement? Some aftermarket grills restrict air flow and cause transmission overheating. Or is there something else behind the grill? I had an aftermarket grill shell on my old '08 Sierra, it was on when I bought it. It always ran close to 200 towing, which didn't really bother me. Until towed on the bypass around Indy on a 98 degree day. It was running 215-230. I realised it was the grill, took it off for the rest of the trip and it never ran higher than 190, and that was in the mountains in TN. Most of the time it was at 170-180.
Campfire Time 11/17/21 02:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 chevy trail boss

Lots of really vague information in this thread, and no one knows how to look up towing capacity in the owners manual? Accurate numbers certainly aren't going to be found in generic lists on the Internet. Your owners manual has several pages listing all possible cab, gear, 4wd/2wd, engine, and trim configurations and their respective towing capacities. In my 2016 Silverado manual it starts on page 333. You'll need to know your gear ratio which you can find in your RPO code list. That's found in your glove box, it's a QR code for 2018 and newer (used to be a printed sticker).
Campfire Time 11/10/21 01:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Running lights on cars

Just so you know there is no "Study"; All your link is someone referencing "Studies have shown" with nothing else but opinions based on zilch, nada, nothing. No study, no data, nothing by hypotheses. I agree the study should be cited. Sloppy journalism. That said, there is no study needed. It's common sense and we see the effects every day. It's about visibility. I don't need a study to recognize it's easier to see vehicles with their lights on during the day. Moreover, there is tons of verifiable data out there to support the effectiveness. Google is your friend.
Campfire Time 10/20/21 01:26pm Travel Trailers
RE: Running lights on cars

As a privilege it requires not only your full time attention and adherence to the rules of the road but other drivers also.. No amount of lights hung on the front of a vehicle can replace lack of attention or lack of following the rules of the road. A spot on post. I learned how to drive before 3rd brake lights, before DRLs, before signals built into mirrors, as many on this forum also have. I was taught that anything that moves, anything at all, is a potential danger. I was also taught Zero trust. Those two things have served me well. This is like using a GPS. Great tool but one is foolish if that's all they rely on. All of the extra lights and safety equipment we have are great and helpful tools, but nothing replaces common sense and good old fashioned paying attention to what's going on in front of you. And if you can't see? Get off the road. You're an accident waiting to happen.
Campfire Time 10/18/21 11:54am Travel Trailers
RE: Got mice try this

Keep brush and grass away from your trailer. Ours have been stored on a gravel pad next to our garage for nearly 30 years. No brush or tall grass, or anywhere for mice to hide from preditors. They don't like being out in the open. Never once had a mouse in any of our trailers. Our gargage gets mice all the time. They were even getting the wall of our house which is shared with the garage until I sealed up every crack I could find.
Campfire Time 09/17/21 02:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Black Eye

I feel for the truck driver as they are working and need to get to the job etc. A few years back I was traveling up to Door County Wi doing the speed limit and there was a logging semi behind me. He was just not happy with me going to speed limit, he finially found a place to pass and boy did he there was no speed limit for him. He was an idiot then. 42 and 57 up there are really busy roads. 95% of the traffic north of Sturgeon Bay is tourists. He wouldn't have gotten more than 1/2 mile before being behind someone else. And most likley doing 45 not 55. Years ago 57 from Green Bay to Sturgeon Bay was two lane blacktop. Too many idiots like this in a hurry and passing on curves, etc. So many deaths they used to call it Bloody 57. I hated towing on that stretch. Got passed by a 5ver doing at least 75 one time, cut me off and nearly went off the road. No excuse for that **** just to save a few minutes. In the early 2000s they built a new 4 lane highway built to Interstate standards with a speed limit of 65.
Campfire Time 09/17/21 01:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Transmission shudder

shudder is often friction plates that have absorbed moisture in the fluid. Sometimes, changing fluid will clear it up. Exactly, and that's what the wrong fluid was causing, moisture in what was supposed to be a sealed system. Transmissions are not sealed. They have a vent that allows the trans do breath as it heats up and cools down. Vent is above an OEM identified water line, which is determined based on how high water splashes when driven into puddles at various depths and speeds. True. By sealed I mean no dip stick.
Campfire Time 08/11/21 10:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: Transmission shudder

shudder is often friction plates that have absorbed moisture in the fluid. Sometimes, changing fluid will clear it up. Exactly, and that's what the wrong fluid was causing, moisture in what was supposed to be a sealed system.
Campfire Time 08/10/21 09:58am Tow Vehicles
RE: Transmission shudder

That’s normally a fluid change. Our Ram truck 8 speeds will hang up in 2nd gear when coming to a stop. Changing the fluid fixes the issue. Anyone that believes in lifetime fluids is asking for a large repair bill. The fluid is expensive, but it’s still cheaper than a trans. In the case of the GM 8 speed, the 2015-2019 has a TSB for a shudder condition at cruising speeds above 50. The reason is that the transmissions left the factory with the wrong fluid type. It took them until 2019 to figure it out. That said GM maintenance is change of fluid every 45k. Lots of people never follow the engineer's recommendations.
Campfire Time 08/09/21 02:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Best Quality Travel Trailers

I call it the Walmart Effect. People say they want good quality but what they buy says they really want it as cheap as they can get it. So the industry listens and builds poor quality. And we keep buying 'em...
Campfire Time 08/09/21 10:53am Travel Trailers
RE: Transmission shudder

Mine had 37k on when I bought it Jan. 2016 Silverado 5.3 with 8 speed. The previous owner had the flush done at 28k. I have 43k on it now. It's been very smooth. I've talked to a lot of people through forums and a few in person who have been very happy with their 8 speeds once the flush was done. And it tows wonderfully, not to mention really good day to day mileage. There is quirkiness with AFM but I only see it at 45mph and under with a slight vibration. I learned to run in M7 when driving at 45mph or less. No vibration. Locking out AFM eliminates the V4 mode lag. And overall it's even smoother, I no long have wonky downshifts or slams in parking lots.
Campfire Time 08/09/21 10:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: Anyone using a Curt Echo brake controller?

I have trouble with my bluetooth radio staying connected on some days. that's just my 2 cents This is my concern. I don't lose my BT connection to my truck too often but it does happen. BT uses 2.4 ghz, which a lot of other things do as well. Too many things can interfere with a wireless signal and trailer brakes are too critical for me to ever be comfortable with BT.
Campfire Time 06/23/21 09:32am Towing
RE: I hate roundabouts -- but maybe I am wrong

I like roundabouts. The issues are not with roundabouts but with the lack of good driver training. Europeans go through a lot more than we do before they are granted a license. Also few take the time to understand how they work. Another issue is that people don't know know how to safety merge on a freeway, or even into another lane in traffic. How can they be expected to understand how to merge into a roundabout? Again this all comes back to driver training.
Campfire Time 06/18/21 03:16pm Roads and Routes
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