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RE: Frameless windows question

My only beef with them is less air flow. We have one window on our trailer that opens like a frameless. Love that we can leave it open while raining. Hate that it's less air flow. I'm glad all the rest of our windows slide and give us more breeze.
Campfire Time 10/29/19 06:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Netflix forces newer TVs

Smart TVs aren't such a smart idea after all. No surprise there. It's the equivalent of a VHS player or DVD built into a TV. Sooner or later it's obsolete. Don't buy a new TV. Buy a Roku and keep your TV where it is. Our TV at home is 11 years old. I only replaced the Roku once due to being too old to support the latest streaming apps, like Netflix.
Campfire Time 10/29/19 06:40am Technology Corner
RE: Building RV park near McKinney TX, what would you want most?

Keep the seasonals/long terms and short term customers in separate loops. We frequent a CG that does this and it's a great setup. Enforced quiet hours. Especially if you are catering to families, big rigs and seasonals. Most people don't always realize they are really loud and will be more than happy to quiet down by the owner or staff when asked. For us nothing ruins a CG more than a party atmosphere with hooting and hollering all night long that shows disrespect for others. Have a conversation with local law enforcement and found out if they will back you on kicking out trouble makers. Ask them how you should handle these kinds of situations especially drunks causing problems. You can't always kick them out. This and the quiet hours enforcement will set the tone for the type of CG that's inviting for both seasonals and weekenders. If you are looking at having long term customers then laundry facilities are a must. Even we use them when doing a week long trip.
Campfire Time 10/24/19 02:37pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Upgraded my tow vehicle, do I still need a WDH?

The purpose of a WDH is to distribute some of the hitch weight to the front wheels of the truck and is not for leveling the truck. It is a bit safer to use the WDH. This is the correct answer. Some rear squat doesn't mean, well, squat. It's normal. That's why trucks have a bit of a rake. Putting weight back on the front tires restores steering control. Measure the height of the front wheel wells at the center of the wheel at stock height. Then measure them after you put the trailer on the hitch. If the difference is 1/2 in. or more it's likely you are taking too much weight off the front wheels. You can also take it on the freeway and drive about 60mph. How does it steer? Like driving without the trailer? Or is it a little squirrely? My trailer weighs about 4500# loaded. I tow with a 1/2 ton. Yes I need the WDH. I would not tow with out it. This is a safety issue. Don't compromise safety to save a few bucks or because a few people on the Internet you don't personally know tell you it's not needed. Ultimately this is up to you. With my one ton dually CC diesel, I can tell if the hitch is one hole out of adjustment. Your stated wieghts will go up a lot when loaded. 750# TW would not suprise me at all. You already have a WD hitch. It WILL tow better with it than without. Use what you already have. It's paid for. Let it do it's job. That's a really good point about the tongue weight. I'd also be surprised if the trailer doesn't weight at least 4300#-4500# loaded for a trip.
Campfire Time 10/24/19 06:51am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing with a Toyota Sequoia: wheel size question

What is the TV’s payload? Classic mistake! Buy or select the trailer first, then match a tow vehicle to it. Your brother is well meaning but knows little about TVs and TTs. Why is that a mistake? The OP said they were looking at 5k trailers. They know what they want. If someone knows their limits it's not a mistake, it's thought out and not an impulse buy.
Campfire Time 10/22/19 06:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: Camping etiquette

Some of you folks are far too forgiving. Maybe you've never had the pleasure of camping in places that the management actually care about your experience. Maybe you've been going to places like this so long that you think this is normal. It's only happening at places that tolerate it. If you like that sort of thing more power to you. I don't really care. But disrespecting and insulting those that don't care for it is pretty low. It's certainly not evidence of any tolerance anyone is professing. I grew up with camping etiquette that you respect your fellow campers, don't go on or cut through the campsites of others, if the noise can be heard at the next site it's too loud (usually only pertains to music). It's just respect and, here's that phrase again, common sense. And it can still be a social activity without encroaching or disrespecting others. I see large groups all the time when we camp. Really large groups, 30-40 people gathering in one site. And they are always respectful to others. One of the CGs we go to won't tolerate it any other way.
Campfire Time 10/21/19 12:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: POP vs IMAP..should be easy but..

I use Web Mail. not need to mess with anything. not stored on laptop or phone. Also more resistant to malware Actually, no. Unless it's corporate email everything is web based from the user perspective. If you open something malicious then you will get infected regardless of the type of email system because you are still opening it locally on your device.
Campfire Time 10/21/19 06:56am Technology Corner
RE: Camping etiquette

Every time we've camped in the sardine can CGs we've had issues with others. That said vote with your feet. Not every CG is like this. They each have a "personality" that is often dictated by how it's managed. So I'm pretty sure there are other places near Allentown that have better accommodations to your liking. Check 'em out on Campground Reviews dot com. Also, you're only a couple of hours from there. Take a day trip and just inspect a bunch of them. Stop and ask some of the campers what they think of the place.
Campfire Time 10/21/19 06:51am General RVing Issues
RE: Is this forum going to get fixed???

I use the GOOD SAM PORTAL to get on this RV NET... Works good all the time for me... The RV NET forum seems to have all of the problems you are referring to... X2, Never a problem. I don't think they will ever fix the issues on the other portals. It seems to me they are letting this forum die a slow and painful death.
Campfire Time 10/18/19 06:38am Travel Trailers
RE: Gap year, family of 6, TV and TT recommendations

You are forgetting your payload. The truck will have a sticker in the door listing max payload available. That's the total weight you can carry inside the truck. Large SUVs can be all over the place on this, but many have a smaller payload than their full size PU truck equivalents. Your tongue weight which, if you maxed out the trailer weight, at 13% would be 988#. Then there is the weight of the WDH hitch itself, often reaching 100#. So if your payload is generous and it's 1600#, the tongue and hitch leave 512# in the truck. You are saying your family and "stuff" is 800#. That puts you 288# over your payload. I'm thinking you'll need at least a 3/4 ton truck to make this work. I can't comment on travel with a family in a crew cab PU, but I know there are those here that can. I wish you the best!
Campfire Time 10/08/19 08:45am Towing
RE: wisconsin dells? or somewhere similar

thanks for all the replies! Also the info on santa clause indiana! Any more info on the Dells keep it coming. I am suprised it would be in the 90's there with high humidity! I would think that would be far enough north for decent summer weather. We get it all here. June is usually the really nice month, much more mild.
Campfire Time 10/08/19 07:08am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: wisconsin dells? or somewhere similar

For kids? Yes, the Dells is the place to go. In July and August it can be really hot in central Wisconsin. Not uncommon to be in the 90s and crazy humid. The good part is that there are lots of water parks there. The bad part it that it's insanely crowded. It's a mini version of Pigeon Forge. If you want a little more rustic camping with a less crowded feel, try Devil's Lake State Park, Mirror Lake State Park, or Rocky Arbor State Park. Devil's lake is about 20 minutes south of the Dells but has a beautiful lake and excellent hiking along the bluffs over the lake.
Campfire Time 10/07/19 06:51am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Toyota Highlander and 26' Trailer

Actually no, his numbers don't quite add up. The 4,237 lbs is probably either dry weight (which is a fictional number) or "as shipped weight). Either way that's not the actual "ready to camp weight" he is towing.. You could be his lawyer using this argument if something happens to his Highlander and his rig for believing this nameplate numbers. I'll say the odds of winning the case is zero. Actually, you seem to be the one convinced by what he told you. I'm not. I really don't care if he's towing something too big for the Highlander. Me, I don't ask people when I see something like this. But you're the one who posted it. Moreover he's pulling the wool over your eyes. You are concluding everything looks good based on what? Numbers you say you are guessing at? I'm betting he got tired of people asking him so he just made up some stuff up that sounds good.
Campfire Time 10/04/19 11:37am Tow Vehicles
RE: Toyota Highlander and 26' Trailer

He might be blowing smoke and not a real engineer for all I care, but actually his numbers add up. As to the tandem axel, I don't know. I'll leave it to those who have one to deny or confirm it. If their RV on flat ground stands by itself without a jack, he might be right -- but still I'm not sweating over it and irrelevant if he got the numbers are correct: Again, he got a Highlander rated for 5,000 lbs and a trailer weighing 4,237 lbs (I'm guessing). I figure, with some weight management and traveling light, he is in the zone. And he and his family, as one said, made it to the campsite -- all alive and well from the looks of it. My question to him was in fact was borne out of curiosity. I got a 4runner with 4L engine pulling a smaller trailer than him while he got a Highlander with 3.5L at most. Actually no, his numbers don't quite add up. The 4,237 lbs is probably either dry weight (which is a fictional number) or "as shipped weight). Either way that's not the actual "ready to camp weight" he is towing. And as you said you are just guessing, so most of this is moot. Regarding the tandem axle, you already know the answer. Go back to your HS physics. BTW, I never said he was unsafe or that it was some kind of miracle that he made it to the camp site. I'm sure he was set up safely.
Campfire Time 10/04/19 10:37am Tow Vehicles
RE: Toyota Highlander and 26' Trailer

And he said, his trailer had tandem tires each side, so it's a lighter pull than single tire trailer because the weight is resting on the tires -- not the front of the trailer on the hitch. It's seems logical and can't argue against since he said he is (was?) a Toyota mechanical engineer. I'm not an engineer. And neither is he. This statement proves it. I'm also not stupid and he's blowing smoke. Tongue weight it tongue weight. Tandem axles on U.S. trailers don't reduce the tongue weight because of where they are located on the frame. They would if they were closer to the middle like European trailers. This is basic H.S. physics. Think "fulcrum" like a teeter totter.
Campfire Time 10/04/19 06:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: What happens when you put an ST tire...

I'm not defending the operator but what makes you think this was an ST tire? Barney My question also. I saw nothing that indicated this is an ST tire. What did I miss?
Campfire Time 10/03/19 06:43am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hot Running Trans Temp - Ideas?

I was thinking close to the same thing, except I was suspect of the in-tank cooler. There's a big difference in some aftermarket radiators. OEM heavy-duty grade coolers are stacked-plate style. I think you're on to something. I hadn't thought about the trans cooler differences.
Campfire Time 09/26/19 09:24am Tow Vehicles
RE: Hot Running Trans Temp - Ideas?

The common denominator is the radiator swap. When all is said and done air flow is extremely important. I'm thinking the fins are tighter together and not allowing as much air flow. It's correct that running it in 3rd shouldn't increase the trans temp, not by much anyway. Dropping it to 3rd increases the RPMs and puts more demand on the cooling system. A working system simply keeps up with the temperature regulation. My Sierra had a custom grill cover on it when I bought it. Pretty cool looking. A few years ago we went to Gatlinburg. Very hot out. Around Indianapolis my trans temps were way higher than I was used to seeing, 220-230. It finally dawned on me about air flow. I removed the grill shell and it was back to 180 on flat land.
Campfire Time 09/26/19 06:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: No more GM diesels?!

OK that's number two out of the leftest play book: 1) If you can't win on fact, use personal attacks instead. 2) If you can't win on facts, attack the source of the information. Note that I also quoted CBS news that had the exact same news release from GM. And of course CBS is an approved lefty source. Nope. Don't even start to make accusations. I'm the last person who takes any news seriously until it can be substantiated. So are you saying this is your blog. Self promotion? How much did you make off the ads because we clicked the link. If this is yours you lost me at the title. Be serious and you will be taken serious. The media is shady enough. Don't be part of the misinformation. And opinion is exactly that.
Campfire Time 09/23/19 12:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: No more GM diesels?!

:R Oh my. The OP link is a personal opinion blog. A self acclaimed "news" site. This yahoo is laughing his head off at everyone who reads his dribble. And everyone is taking it serious... Fake news Yep!
Campfire Time 09/23/19 07:42am Tow Vehicles
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