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RE: Tire Pressure

I have always ran the max psi on my trailers whether a fiver or tag. I have never had a problem with doing that. As far as weighing each side or each tire some do some don't. I fall into the latter group. Tires run cooler at or near max psi. Just my opinion.
[email protected] 10/23/20 05:43pm Towing
RE: Winterizing Ice Maker

My ice maker shut off valve is located outside behind the frig in a small door. I remove the compression fitting downstream of the cut off valve. I allow pink stuff to flow thru the valve and shoot a little out on the ground. Then I gently blow air into the line to the frig with a cup under the water dispenser to get most of the water out of the line. Since I keep my frig on all the time that is it for me.
[email protected] 10/07/20 08:17am General RVing Issues
RE: 2017 Ford dually tire valve stems access help please.

I picked up a air chuck combo that has an angled head and adds air and measures the tire pressure as well. All you need to do is put your rear tire valve stem in a 3 or 9 o'clock position and it is relatively easy to add/measure. I don't use extensions and have no problems with the above combo. I picked it up at an auto store don't remember which one.
[email protected] 10/05/20 09:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: Pigeon forge

That is why I said in an earlier post we went back four years in a row. I have looked at other cg's in the area but that one suits us 100% in all areas. Did you try a Stonehouse pizza while you were there. That is the little pizza place in front of the elementary school.
[email protected] 09/30/20 06:25pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Arkansas SP $40 Dog Fee - REALLY ??

Good ! I would like them to charge $50 per dog, Then when we took our morning walk we would not have to worry about some dog come out snarling at us. Just out of curiosity; do you obey the length of the Parks leash law? Do you let your dog do it's business at your camp site or do you do like every other dog owner and walk it to someone else camp site. Guy Wow, too bad parks don't charge a grumpy old man tax. X2 1,000 times!!!!! Right there with you my friends.
[email protected] 09/30/20 06:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Looking for opinions on Open Range Quality

We had a Sunnybrook fiver for 14 yrs. When I retired I purchased a dp motor home. After a few years we wanted to buy one more new rv and decided it would be a fiver. Making a long story short we looked for about two years. It was narrowed down to Grand Design or Open Range. We were impressed with the floor plan and the quality of both was about the same. Just like another poster said anything you buy they will be a few issues. We have been fortunate with ours and only had a couple of minor things that were fixed under warranty. I am impressed and do not regret our choice. We are pushing 20 k miles and really enjoy it.
[email protected] 09/24/20 09:19am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Battery/Inverter question for winter

I also keep mine plugged in 365 days a year. I do not remove my batteries and do not cut the residential frig off. Personally I think it is better for the frig to stay on just like it was designed to do. When I had the propane/frig I did cut it off during the winter as it uses a different technology for cooling. Just my two cents worth.
[email protected] 09/19/20 02:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bed rail clearance

That is about what I have and I don't even think about it. I have hit some dips in different cg's and never hit anything at all.
[email protected] 09/17/20 01:04pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Pigeon forge

We enjoyed it so much we went back four years in a row. It is a great cg. They do not have a pool nor bath houses BUT because of that it is one quiet cg.
[email protected] 09/01/20 10:08am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: The sad part of pet ownership

I am sorry to hear about your sheltie. Our large dog turns 13 this month. We already have ramps for the fifth wheel and the truck. His hind legs are getting very weak. Like you, we will do what is best for him if he gets incapable of going. Take care.
[email protected] 09/01/20 07:09am RV Pet Stop
RE: 75 Speed Limit - How Fast

It is hard to imagine that this thread would go on this long with such strong wording from various posters. My rig is equipped well enough to run 75 to 85 easily if I chose to do so. However I am not in a hurry and have been driving for quite a few decades with no violations. I don't drive 65 to 67 for economy only, I drive that speed due to the sudden changes in front of me. My wife, dogs and others are my responsibility and I intend to honor that. If you want to drive 75 to 85 pulling that is your choice. I will continue driving my way and not once worry about it.
[email protected] 09/01/20 07:02am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Moles

Not to be cute but Lucky our rotty/shepard mix smells moles out, digs them up, crushes them and moves on. For mice we take anything that a mouse can use for bedding and put it in a big sealed tote. We also vacuum the pantry and make sure all crumbs or other items they like are up. Never have had a mouse problem and we live in the country. Our current fiver has a sealed underbelly save the front legs but that is independent of the rest of the fiver.
[email protected] 08/29/20 09:19am General RVing Issues
RE: 75 Speed Limit - How Fast

I stay around 65 -67 somewhere in that range and that includes out West. I was on I-40 in New Mexico a while back and a 18 wheeler went by me doing close to 100 for sure. She was screaming and pouring out smoke but boy was he moving. So even if I had been in the 80 mph range he would have blasted his air horn at me. I don't worry about traffic behind me either. There is always the left lane.
[email protected] 08/28/20 06:46pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Help choosing tow vehicle

It is really up to you but odds are you will find the pop up a lot of fun and the next thing you know you will be looking for a travel trailer with a slide or two. You might not think so now but just wait. With two small kids and all the stuff you will take personally I would go with a F-150 equipped with the towing packages. You don't need all that but like I said, you will eventually. Handling and gas mileage will be negligible but the room and safety will be priceless.
[email protected] 08/25/20 04:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: Auto level question

I have the 6 point system too. All I do is press auto reconnect and the back jacks raise on their on and then the front jacks bring the hitch to the correct height.
[email protected] 08/21/20 04:39am Fifth-Wheels
RE: What ONE feature do you really like/want in your next RV ?

We have what we want now. After having travel trailers, tents, pop ups and a 40 foot dp motor home we have exactly what we want and this will be our last one. Honestly we don't want anything different. It did take about two years of searching different makes and floor plans.
[email protected] 08/17/20 04:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Leaving dog at campsite

If this thread has done one thing for me, it has shown me the absolute arrogance and lack of concern for some people's dogs. While i have never reported anyone in a CG, that is going to change when i see dogs not being properly cared for. Thank you all for you input. The hypocrisy of naming the arrogance of another in such a self-righteously arrogant post is mind-numbing to me. I am convinced that most every campground that has a 'no dogs left behind' rule has it so that they have a basis on which to deal with a camper whose dog is problematic in some way. A dog resting comfortably and quietly in an RV is no one's business, and that campground doesn't want to deal with your pointless complaints. If you see active abuse of an animal in any circumstance - report it. If a dog is left behind, contrary to campground rules, and it is being particularly bothersome - report it. Otherwise, MYOB and stop walking around as though you know what is best for everyone and everything else in the world. AMEN
[email protected] 08/06/20 08:40am Beginning RVing
RE: Leaving dog at campsite

And i hate to get dragged into this, but folks, *SNIP some useless verbiage* I have begun to think that dog owners are the most Clueless people in the world. Whenever you hear "but" in a sentence you can disregard everything said prior to it. This is a perfect example and the reason for his "but" was in the final sentence. If find clueless campers, drivers and people generally all around me. In my opinion you are quite probably clueless in at least one facet of your existence. I'm typing from my campground right now. This morning we went to a store thirty minutes away because our air pump had broken and the kids wanted water rafts and the like. As mentioned before, my German Shepherd came with us. The wife wanted some sundries but it was high seventies and sunny so the dog couldn't be in the car for long. I have remote start that brings on climate control for 10 minutes so he stayed in the car. I went in and told the wife I'd find the air pump, drop it in the cart and return to the dog which I did. I can stand a quarter of a mile from my truck and start it which I do sometimes when the dog is in there because I fear the most clueless twits on the planet. Other human beings that see a dog in a car in summer and with no care for it's condition either break windows to "give them air" or call the police who break windows because, well, it's fun. If the clueless amongst us want to be helpful learn to recognize a dog in distress from heat. Clue: simply panting isn't distress, my dog does it in a Michigan winter. Good for you and your dog. I leave my temp stik in the truck and leave it running if I need to take the dogs with us when we make a run to the store for something. I have the temp stik set to check every 15 mins. My worse fear is some idiot will smash the window to steal the truck and like you said some will break the window since the dog is in there. My rot/shepard mix may not like that!! As far as this thread some folks want to complain and just KNOW they are correct. Safe travels.
[email protected] 07/31/20 06:49pm Beginning RVing
RE: Leaving dog at campsite

I'm not trying to stir the pot here, but Lantley (and others), do you read the CG rules about dogs when you stay there? Personally i read the rules (all of them, not just dog rules) before i show up at a place and if i dont like them i spend my money elsewheres. I am dead serious that i have never been in a CG that isnt very specific that dogs arent allowed to be left unattended. fwiw, i rarely stay in resort type or state park CGs. Maybe thats the difference in our experiences. Every campground does not have rules concerning unattended dogs. I agree some do but many don't certainly not all. I am confident my dog does not disturb the peace. The CG will not no he is there because he is not a yapper. If a tree falls in the forest does anybody hear? If a dog is awaiting quietly in the camper does anybody know? For the record there are lots of CG rules in place to give the CG absolute authority if they need it. Your group is too loud after quiet hour we were are still in violation alcohol permitted. Your dog was barking... no he wasn't.... You are still in violation for leaving dog unattended I am not the camping outlaw you imply. I have camped for many years and have not had an encounters with management concerning my dog. I understand the rules and there intended purpose. Agree. I am not a "rule outlaw either". As a matter of fact I cannot think of one cg I have stayed in that had a problem when I had to leave our fur babies by themselves. Heck, I give most of them a key to the fiver in case something happened and they needed to get the dogs out. I show the host what I have on my smart phone in regard to my keeping an eye on them and generally they are pleased I am that diligent. With all the threads on this I understand there are folks who have had not so pleasant experiences with barking dogs but that does not make the majority of us rebels.
[email protected] 07/30/20 06:09pm Beginning RVing
RE: Remote Door Lock?

Ours came with keyless entry. We have found it to be a nice feature. We stay at the beach about 3 months a year and it is so convenient to be able to lock the door when we go down to he beach for the day and not worry about a key. As far as another feature to go bad it works just as good as the keyless entry on your tow vehicle. Ours sounds an alarm when the battery gets low so I don't worry about that. I replace my batteries twice a year but we use the lock a lot.
[email protected] 07/30/20 05:55am Fifth-Wheels
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