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RE: Norcold Refrigerator

Verify that the defrost drip tube is positioned in the drip tray. Open the lower rear outside panel of the refrigerator to access the drip tray and tube. Also, look inside the fridge and make sure the other end of the tube is connected to the bottom of the inside drip tray.
CarnationSailor 01/20/22 09:55am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Moving

I found that United Van Lines "Snapmove" option was the least expensive choice if you wanted packing and unpacking included. They did a very good job for me.
CarnationSailor 12/24/21 01:25pm Coast to Coast
RE: Propane prices

$4.78 at U-Haul in Palm Springs, CA yesterday.
CarnationSailor 12/24/21 01:14pm Around the Campfire
RE: Satellite Pre-Wiring

HD and multiple channel reception (My DTV records 5) require better coax and connectors - ie less loss and higher bandwidth. This is for better reliability. If by dealer you mean RV dealer then I'm not suprised. I'm curious: Was the prewire adequate for the power wires to the dish? The installation was done by a Dish Network dealer that was an authorized installer of the RF Mogul antenna. He ran a new coax from the antenna thru the roof to the controller inside the rear/upper cabinet. He also connected the antenna to the controller with the multi-wire cable that provides power and control signals to the antenna. To get the satellite signal from the controller to the receiver, he ran a new coax back up thru the roof to a pre-wired coax jack whos associated coax cable ran to the entertainment center where the receiver was located. (With the RF Mogul system, the satellite signal passes thru the controller to the receiver.) He initially detected that the pre-wired jack was seriously corroded so he replaced it. When he checked out the installation, the system worked fine. (I don't know that he actually measured the quality of the signal going to the receiver. The system worked so apparently all was good.) However, the problems I experienced where sometimes the receiver could acquire the signal and sometimes it couldn't, eventually lead to my running a new coax directly from the controller to the receiver (bypassing the pre-wired coax), and the problem went away.
CarnationSailor 09/09/21 03:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Satellite Pre-Wiring

Sounds like you installed a dome and not a Trav'ler. What was your final setup? I did not install a dome or a Trav'ler. I had a dealer install an RF Mogul Eagle which is very similar to a Trav'ler. IT worked great immediately after installation, but I had problems "acquiring a signal" the first time I moved to another location. Many support calls to Dish before finally getting a tech that identified the problem. The problem was the pre-wired coax that was used to connect the antenna controller to the receiver. Instead of trying to get the bad coax replaced which would have been difficult and expensive, I ran a coax inside the trailer from the cabinet at the rear of the trailer where the controller box was located to the slide out with the entertainment center and Dish receiver. The cabinet and the entertainment center are only about 4 feet apart so I was able to do a neat run of the coax, and I left a loop of extra length that allows the slide out to move in and out without stressing the coax. So far, so good.
CarnationSailor 09/09/21 08:56am Tech Issues
RE: black water tank treatments

Been using 1 cup Calgon, 1/2 cup laundry soap (about every third dump) for two decades and have had great success. Sensors have even worked great. Do you use 1 cup of Calgon liquid water softener or 1 cup of Calgon powdered water softener? Thanks
CarnationSailor 09/03/21 11:29am General RVing Issues
I-44 and I-40 Thru Oklahoma

A friend told me that he just travelled thru Oklahoma and the roads were "terrible". I'm waiting for him to tell me which roads, but in the mean time, what is the condition of I-44 and I-40 thru Oklahoma. (I am planning to go thru OK at the beginning of October.) Thanks
CarnationSailor 07/23/21 03:38pm Roads and Routes
RE: Connecting Winegard Traveler to Dish Hopper

You could also use a wireless Joey at the 2nd TV location.
CarnationSailor 07/06/21 11:47am Technology Corner
RE: VERY BAD ROOF/ Please help

... Based on what you posted I'll speculate that considering cost and effort replacing the trailer is the best option. X2
CarnationSailor 06/25/21 11:22am Travel Trailers
RE: Satellite Pre-Wiring

I had the satellite system installed last week and we are enjoying great tv; however, I didn't learn a lot about the pre-wiring. Here is all I can add: Of the 2 coax jacks on the roof, one goes to the entertainment center and one goes to the bedroom tv. Of the 3 coax cables in the entertainment center, one comes from the roof, but I don't know what the other 2 connect to. I suspect that one comes from one of the 2 satellite jacks on the utility panel (for use with a portable antenna). Maybe the other one goes to the satellite jack in the "basement" (to connect a basement-mounted tv). I learned very little about the pre-wiring because very little info was needed to set up our system.
CarnationSailor 06/24/21 08:00am Tech Issues
RE: Black Tank Dump Valve

Update: The difficult operation is not related to flushing the tank or pressure building up in the tank. I dumped the black tank and as usual the valve was easy to open. While dumping and for a total of 10 minutes, I ran water in thru the flush port. Then I closed the valve and tried to re-open it. It was very hard to operate. I think I am going to try the valve lubricant that you put in the tank one more time, and then, if that doesn't work, probably have the valve replaced.
CarnationSailor 06/09/21 10:15am Tech Issues
RE: Black Tank Dump Valve

I found that lubricating it during a dump as in this video works. I have used this method for many years to lubricate my valves and have had no problems with them at all. This Video will show how to do it Looks like a good solution for sure - if your dump valves are exposed and easy to get to. I would have to either drop the coroplast or cut a hole in it, and I'm not ready to go there yet.
CarnationSailor 06/03/21 09:51am Tech Issues
RE: Black Tank Dump Valve

Do you turn off the water to the black tank rinse before opening the valve? Could be the incoming water is building pressure inside the tank and binding the valve. Good thought. The tank has a vent thru the roof and can only build pressure if that vent is blocked. What can happen is that the vent pipe slipped down into the tank and is now under water, or even worse, resting on the bottom. If I recall correctly, the roof top vent cap is attached to the vent pipe with screws. So it seems unlikely that the pipe slipped down; however, if it did, then the vent cap should be missing. At any rate, I'll check out this possibility.
CarnationSailor 06/03/21 09:40am Tech Issues
RE: Black Tank Dump Valve

Do you turn off the water to the black tank rinse before opening the valve? Could be the incoming water is building pressure inside the tank and binding the valve. I think if this was happening, the vent pipe would also have to be mostly blocked, but not so much that normal usage builds pressure. I could test this by waiting 30 minutes or so after partially filling tank to give it time to bleed off. If it works easily after giving it time to bleed off, then I think this might prove your theory.
CarnationSailor 06/03/21 09:36am Tech Issues
Black Tank Dump Valve

When I dump a full black tank, the valve opens very easy, no problem. I flush the tank for 5 to 10 minutes, then I close the valve for 5 minutes to let it partially fill. When I then pull the handle to open the valve again, it is so difficult that I almost cannot open it. Been this way for a couple of years, and now I thought I might do something about it. I put tank valve lubricant in the tank periodically, but that doesn't seem to make any difference. Any ideas why full it is a piece of cake to open, and after flushing and partially filling, you almost need a gorilla to open it.
CarnationSailor 06/02/21 06:45pm Tech Issues
Satellite Pre-Wiring

I have a 2015 Crossroads Rushmore Springfield and am trying to understand how it is pre-wired for satellite. (I want to add an RF Mogul Eagle permanent-mounted antenna on the roof and connect it to a Dish Hopper 3 receiver.) There are 2 coax jacks on the roof. Does one go to the entertainment center and one to the bedroom? In the entetainment center, there are 3 coax cables in the cabinet above the TV. I assume one would attach to the receiver's input, but since the receiver's output is HDMI, what are the other 2 used for? (Maybe back in 2015 the receiver's output would have been coax?) There are 2 coax connections behind the TV. One goes to the antenna/cable TV input. Was the other intended to connect the TV to the satellite system? That is, does it connect to one of the 3 coax cables in the cabinet above? In the bedroom, there are 2 currently-unused coax jacks. Are they part of the satellite system pre-wiring. (Neither the jacks behind the TV or in the bedroom are labeled.) Any thoughts on this will be appreciated. Thanks
CarnationSailor 05/23/21 10:38am Tech Issues
RE: Back before cellphones

Remember when you could pick up a payphone, put in a dime, dial 0, ask 'information' for the number of Joe Doakes in Peoria, ask the operator to call Joe Doakes person-to-person, and if Joe Doakes was not able to come to the phone then you did not pay for the call and got your dime back. I grew up in Peoria across the street from Joe! Anybody know how he's doing? ;)
CarnationSailor 05/17/21 01:13pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Need new slide seals - where to buy?

I had good luck with seals I bought by the foot from Steele Rubber Products.
CarnationSailor 05/16/21 09:43am Tech Issues
RE: IH-5 through Seattle options?

If you're not in a hurry and might enjoy a ride thru the country, here is an option that is 22 miles/34 minutes longer than I-5 thru Seattle: I-5 North to SR18 East to I-90 West to SR203 North to SR2 West to I-5 North SR20 West. Good Luck
CarnationSailor 05/08/21 10:33am Roads and Routes
RE: How to avoid getting blown all over the road

Slow down to 60mph or less and put a Hensley hitch on the trailer. Barney X2 and verify proper setup of WDH.
CarnationSailor 05/05/21 08:42am Towing
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