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RE: Cable Maintenance for Dump valves

To dougrainer, Thanks for the additional info. It has not gotten any worse since I bought the trailer 5 years ago, and it is not bad enough for me to tear into the coroplast liner. I'll wait for it to get worse - if it ever does. If it does start getting worse, replace it before it breaks. It's much easier to rinse out a tank to the point of actually wanting to open up the plumbing when the valve is working. If it gets too tight you can pull the cable/rod out of the gate valve and then you have to deal with a full or partially full tank when you remove the bolts. "then you have to deal with a full or partially full tank" Or just have someone else do it! :D
CarnationSailor 07/08/20 01:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Cable Maintenance for Dump valves

To dougrainer, Thanks for the additional info. It has not gotten any worse since I bought the trailer 5 years ago, and it is not bad enough for me to tear into the coroplast liner. I'll wait for it to get worse - if it ever does.
CarnationSailor 07/08/20 01:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Cable Maintenance for Dump valves

There really is no maintenance. It all depends on how the OEM looped the cables when installing. I have one of these from years ago and used it on the old Motorhome Heater control cables. I guess to could use it on the Valve cables. This tool allows you to inject WD 40 or similiar thru the interior of the cable where it slides. Doug The description of the product you provided a link to does not say how it is used. If access to the entire length of the cable is required, then it won't work for me where I have zero ready access to the cable. I've squirted WD-40 where the cable enters the outer sheath, but that doesn't help. Also, only one of three cables is hard to operate and it has been this way since new 5 years ago, so maybe it is not a lubrication issue.
CarnationSailor 07/08/20 09:52am Tech Issues
RE: Help - TV - Lance 2445 & Escalade

I towed, with a 2007 Escalade, a similar size and weight trailer to the Lance you are considering. The only difference is I think my tongue weight was around 500 pounds. It towed great with only one issue. The transmission would heat up on long mountain climbs - sometimes exceeding 200 degrees. The Cadillac mechanic said it was normal and nothing to worry about until the temp reached 250 where a warning was supposed to be displayed. I think the highest was 230 at which time I would pull over and let it cool down. Had to do this maybe 3 or 4 times in the 3 years we owned it. I would hope that the 2019 Escalades don't have that behavior.
CarnationSailor 07/04/20 10:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: Camping World takes too long to ship

Ordered a surge protector from Camping World four days ago. As of this writing it still has not shipped. Note to self, next time order from Amazon, I could have had it two days ago.Hate being in a campground with out a surge protector . Unless you have prime, Amazon is also taking longer to ship it is not just Camping World. Throw in Walmart and Target too. I know I have orders from each on Tuesday and I now have some stuff with more coming in July 2 to the 9th. JimR Jim...I haveAmazon Prime and have been very happy with the two day delivery, (sometimes even on Sunday and Holidays). Bonus, a lot of free videos to stream. Amazon posted a notice some time ago that some Prime deliveries will be delayed since they are prioritizing based on what they perceive as the criticality of what you order. I have been very happy with Amazon Prime too; however, it is true that some Prime orders have taken 7 to 10 days to arrive. I'm not complaining. Just telling it like it is.
CarnationSailor 06/25/20 04:48pm Camping World Accessories
RE: Fridge temperature depends on ambient

Our Norcold which is usually set at 6 will vary between about 33 and 38 with no correlation to outside temp. (No way to explain it as due to outside temp variations.) I replaced the thermistor, but that had no effect. A couple of years ago, it was getting up into the low 40's so I called a mobile tech. He installed baffles in the rear of the fridge which should have been done when I bought the new trailer and the dealer swapped out the residential for the Norcold. That improved the performance during hot weather and kept it below 40. Since then, have learned to live with the inside temp variations.
CarnationSailor 06/20/20 08:53am Tech Issues
RE: Defunct RV Brand Yakima WA

Yes! Alpenlite was it. Thanks!
CarnationSailor 06/18/20 09:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: Defunct RV Brand Yakima WA

Chinook Not the one I'm trying to remember.
CarnationSailor 06/18/20 07:45pm Travel Trailers
Defunct RV Brand Yakima WA

Anyone remember the name of an RV brand that was made in Yakima, WA? Had a good reputation for quality, but went out of business a while ago.
CarnationSailor 06/18/20 06:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: Wheel Bearing Repack

Yes, about $20 per wheel.
CarnationSailor 06/16/20 08:18am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Wheel Bearing Repack

Okay, thanks all. I guess I haven't been keeping up with the times because I've done this work myself for so many years. I still think $375 for labor-only is high. You're going to pay at least another $125 for parts and sales tax. I would check around some more.
CarnationSailor 06/15/20 05:02pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Wheel Bearing Repack

I've had dual axles done 3 times. 1.5 hours tops. Last time, it cost me about $375 including parts, labor, and tax.
CarnationSailor 06/15/20 08:43am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Internet Cable Connection

When snowbirding in Palm Springs, I subscribe to high-speed internet from Spectrum so I can stream my TV content via an Amazon Fire TV device and Hulu. It is provided via the normal cable TV connection at the site. The first time I hooked up my router to a TV jack (the one with the amplifier), my internet speeds were very slow and intermittent. The Spectrum tech came out and identified the problem as "noise" being introduced by the amplifier circuitry. He said RV's are notorius for doing this. The solution was to place the router in a "basement" compartment and connect it directly to the site's cable feed on the post. Works great. I think that even if you are able to identify and fix the problem with your RV's wiring, the router may not work well when connected to it. Ultimatley, you may have to go with a solution similar to what I did. Good Luck.
CarnationSailor 06/13/20 09:32am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Primary care doctor? One in the north, one in the south?

Last year I had a trip to the ER in Palm Springs, CA where I was treated. The ER said to followup with my PCP in two weeks. I said no problem. Then I tried to find a doc that would see me in less than the standard 4 month wait for a "new patient" appt. (I didn't have a PCP in CA.) After a lot of talking, I was able to get an appt. in 3 weeks. I liked this doctor so I asked her to be my Snowbird PCP, and she agreed. I saw her again 3 months later for a different issue, then soon after she moved from the area. I plan to search for a new Snowbird PCP about 4 months before we head south this year. That way my "new patient" appt. should happen soon after we arrive. I like having a local PCP at both ends so that I can quickly be seen by someone I know and trust rather than taking "potluck" at an urgent care.
CarnationSailor 06/09/20 09:46pm Snowbirds
RE: "Poles on slide?" 1999 Jayco Eagle model 266

Thanks for the reply! I was able to find the manual online. My question has been answered. What was the answer?! Sharing is nice.
CarnationSailor 06/06/20 10:18am Travel Trailers
RE: Sealants of choice

ProFlex X3.
CarnationSailor 06/01/20 09:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Lassen Volcanic National Park Opens

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., said: "The right to swing my fist ends where the other man's nose begins." Or the freedom to move around ends where another person's freedom to not have their space invaded begins.
CarnationSailor 05/31/20 10:05am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: tv amplifier

CarnationSailor 05/28/20 03:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tire Balance

Balancing is good. They will also tell you no need to rotate, but I do that too. If you search the forum, you'll find out why it's a good idea.
CarnationSailor 05/26/20 01:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: I must have violated one of the rules

A few days ago I posted what I thought was informative information on the 1918 pandemic and referred the reader to an excellent book on the subject and listed the name of the book and the author. It didn't make it to the Forum so listing the book must have been a no no. But I will summarize and point out that the author stated that in the past 100 years we have not been able to develop an effective vaccine against the `old' flu (actually four different strains) so what are the chances of developing one for Covid-19 by the end of the year? We can always hope for a miracle. Depends on the author's definition of "effective". If defined as a flu vaccine that stops you from getting the current year's strain most of the years, then yes, we have effective flu vaccines. I have had the shot every year without fail for over 50 years and have not gotten the flu once. I don't believe this would be true if the flu vaccines were ineffective. If defined as a one and done vaccine that is good for life like polio, small pox, etc., then no, we do not have an effective vaccine; however, I think what we have is good enough.
CarnationSailor 05/26/20 12:05pm Forum Posting Help and Support
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