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Las Vegas early transportation to airport from 4 Queens

We are going to stay at the 4 Queens in Las Vegas but need to get to the Airport by 4:45 am. What options do we have for travel to the airport? 4 Queens does not have a shuttle. Thank you.
Casinojunkie 06/24/19 04:09am Around the Campfire
RE: Illinois Hwy's 67 - 125 - 127 - 64 - 14 - 45 - 145

"Illinois Hwy's 67 - 125 - 127 - 64 - 14 - 45 - 145" I'm very familiar with 67, 125, and 127 having lived and worked along those routes my entire life. 64, 14, 45, and 145 I travel quite a bit. They're all pretty good roads. 67 is partially 4 lane. The 2 lanes are good but you might find farm traffic/implements so be alert for slow vehicles. US 67: Monmouth is the birthplace of Wyatt Earp. Not much there to mark it. Very small sign, nothing to tour. US 67 Beardstown - If you're in to Lincoln history there are several historical markers for Lincoln. If you're familiar with Lincoln there's the case where he represented Duff Armstrong in a murder case. A witness named Allen testified he saw Armstrong kill Metzker from 150 feet away by the light of the moon. Lincoln introduced the Farmer's Almanac which showed there was no moon on the night of the murder so Allen could not have seen anything from 150 feet. The courthouse is still used today. Just signs to read really. Duff is buried north of Virginia IL. Small stone in a small cemetery. I wouldn't do the detour to see it but some might find it interesting. IL 125. New Salem State Historic Site, Petersburg. This is about 15 minute drive north of IL 125. Well worth the detour and visit. They have a nice shaded campground, electric only hook up but water available, shower/restroom facilities, sewer dump. New Salem is where Lincoln grew up as a young man. There's the reconstructed village of New Salem that is free to visit. The campground and village are open all week but the visitor center is closed on Mondays. Their website will fill you in. Lincoln's New Salem link In Petersburg there are several Lincoln historical sites. They claim the grave of Ann Rutledge who was Lincoln's first love and some historians claim Lincoln never got over after she died at an early age. Even tho Lincoln later married Mary Todd many believe it was the sorrow of losing Ann that shaped Lincoln's life. Actually Ann was not buried in the grave in Petersburg. Her actual grave is in a very small cemetery in the middle of a farm field north of Petersburg a few miles. It can be visited and it is maintained but parking is just along the side of a one lane country road and then walking about 1/4 mile back thru a field to the cemetery. Many years after Ann died the people in Petersburg decided to dig up poor Ann and move her to Petersburg. Many think the move was to promote tourism by moving her to town where people could come to visit her. All that they were able to recover was things like buttons from her shoes and dress which is what was buried at the "new" grave. IL 97 into Springfield. Springfield is full of Lincoln history. I won't list it all as that would take volumes. There are books full. It's worth a couple of days visit. Here are some highlights. Lincoln Presidential Museum. Well worth the stop. Plan for the better part of the day to see it all. It's not like any other presidential museum. Disney had input in some of the design and displays. Do not miss the 2 "shows". Very well done. Just a couple of blocks from the museum is the old state capital building. Lots of Lincoln history. Also, if it's your thing, it's where Obama first announced he was running for president. Just south a few more blocks is Lincoln's Home National Historic Site. There are tours of the only home that Lincoln owned and the restored neighborhood. Very nice tour. At Oak Ridge Cemetery is Lincoln's Tomb. There are tours inside the tomb. Do not miss going inside to see where Lincoln and his family are buried. The tour is interesting. They tell about the plot to steal Lincoln's body which might have succeeded had the plotters had a combined IQ greater than 100, weren't drunk, and had kept their mouths shut instead of telling too many what they were going to do. At the time of the plot Lincoln was buried in a small unguarded grave. There are several museums of various flavors around town. GAR, telephone, etc. The Illinois State Museum is interesting with lots of native American exhibits. Also, one that is often missed and rarely visited is the State Military Museum at Camp Lincoln. Several very historical pieces on display. If they have it out, as it has been in storage for a while, is Santa Anna's wooden leg. The same Santa Anna who led the Mexican Army at the Battle of the Alamo fame. The IL Militia captured the leg during a raid on Santa Anna's camp. Santa Anna barely escaped leaving so quickly that he did not have time to put on his leg. So now we have his leg. If you're into US 66 Mother Road. US 66 runs thru the heart of Springfield. Several displays around town. Just of note - Most people have heard of the Donner party that were stranded in the Sierra Nevada mountains in 1846-47. It was actually the Donner-Reed Party. They were from Springfield and this is where their journey started. There's a small plaque at 2nd and Jefferson marking where the party left from. Food in Springfield - 2 food items you will only get in Springfield. One is the Cozy Dog which the owner claims to have originated the hot dog on a stick. It's not a corn dog. It's a Cozy Dog. The other Springfield original is the Horseshoe, or Ponyshoe if you're not extremely hungry. Just about every restaurant serves their own variation of the Horseshoe. It's generally Texas toast, a meat of choice or some offer vegetables for those who don't eat meat, covered with French fries, and all of that covered with cheese sauce. The type of cheese sauce varies. Check this link. Horseshoe IL 127 - each little town has something or someone they claim to. Nothing I would recommend particularly if you're passing thru. Personally, if I were traveling thru and going to I-64 after leaving Springfield I'd stay on I-55 to IL 4 at milepost 33, take IL 4 to I-64. I take IL 127 and IL 185 to US 51 then 50 if going towards the SE but it's slow and several small towns. It's all mostly farm ground and small towns. Vandalia is probably the most historically significant town. It's the 2nd state capital for IL. The capital building is still there for tours. Nice to visit but I personally wouldn't drive out of my way to just see that. If you decide to stay on I-55 to IL 4 and if you're into history at Mt Olive Exit 44 is the grave of Mother Jones. From the late 1800s into the 1940s this area into southern IL was in constant battles with what was known as the Mine Wars. Coal miners, coal companies, the United Mine Workers, the Progressive Mine Workers, and non-union miners brought in from southern states (usually African Americans) all fighting each other. These were open gun battles some times lasting for days. And not talking random shots fired. Actual war type battles. Bombings, people rounded up and executed. Many people were killed. The National Guard was called out many times. It was quite a bloody piece of IL history that few outside of historians and locals know about. Hollywood hasn't covered it so few know about it. Mother Jones was an activist, some say Socialist or Communist, who helped the miners organize. She died in Washington DC but is buried in Mt Olive near the graves of the miners from the 1898 Battle of Virden mine war. On the way out of IL if taking US 45 is Metropolis. Home of Superman. It's just another "OK we've been there" places. If you're looking for more to do along route let me know. There are books on the area which I don't want this post to become another book. One note on mleekamp's post concerning Moonshine. It's off the beaten path and can be hard to find. What signage there is is small and very few. GPS helps. And correction on the closing time. The grill closes at 12:30 PM, not when they run out of meat. If you're not there by 12:30 then you're out of luck for that day. We do a motorcycle ride there at least once a year, usually more often. Just a place to ride to, get a moonburger, and ride home. Big motorcycle ride destination on the weekends. There's nothing else around Moonshine. No restrooms, no running water, just an outhouse across the road. Parking is very limited. Fun to do but after doing it the usual response is "Is that all there is?" Now "wadcutter" that's what I am talking about!!! things to see and do. What book titles are you refering to? Might shed more ite on ur trip. Thanks for posting.
Casinojunkie 05/09/19 09:42pm Roads and Routes
RE: Illinois Hwy's 67 - 125 - 127 - 64 - 14 - 45 - 145

If it was me I'd take US218 to Missouri 27 to US61 down to Wentzille then down to I270 till it connects with I55 then down to I12 and then pick up I10 and all points East. Up Thanks for the input stickdog but wish to stay off the super slab as much as possible, not in a big hurry. See some sights and eat some great food.
Casinojunkie 05/08/19 07:55pm Roads and Routes
RE: Illinois Hwy's 67 - 125 - 127 - 64 - 14 - 45 - 145

Firefly Grill in Effingham. $$ A bit expensive, but the chef there has a good menu with farm fresh and unique items. Stop at Boos outlet just down the street -- Boos makes butcher blocks, cutting blocks, tables, etc all right there in Effingham IL off 45. Boos are featured in most all the cooking shows. Moonshine IL just SE of Casey IL -- population 2. Featured on CBS Sunday Morning show. The general store (only building in "town") is run by a lovely old couple who cook mean burgers. Get 'em early...they close when out of meat. Will be tons of bikers...but no worry...everyone is there for the burgers! Lincoln Log Cabin state historic site -- 9 miles south of Charleston IL on the Lincoln Highway. This is the home bought by Abe Lincon's father -- yes, the actual cabin (NOT the one lincoln was born in or grew up in) -- bought after Abe became a lawyer. Just down the street is the Moore home, with more ties to the Lincoln and Hanks family. Arcola / Tuscola IL area -- Rockhome Gardens, a unique and fun stop near Arcola created by and run by the Amish. Homes, rocks, blacksmith, more -- foods, canned goods, more. Garden of the Gods park in Southern IL -- WOW Always more to see and do -- but this should get you started!!!!! Thank you mleekamp, just the things we are searching for. Everyone keep your thinking caps on for more places to see and do..
Casinojunkie 05/08/19 07:45pm Roads and Routes
Illinois Hwy's 67 - 125 - 127 - 64 - 14 - 45 - 145

This is just a tentative route on the west side of Illinois. Heading towards western Florida, mid October. If any has a better path please let us know, as we are very flexable. No time constraints and wish to not miss any great attractions or "must do or shouldn't miss" food stops along this path. If we have to travel 20-30 miles out of the way, we can do that also. Thanks to all who reply.
Casinojunkie 05/08/19 08:41am Roads and Routes
RE: Iowa to Fort Myers, Fl route

Have a safe trip, you will love Florida. I have a nephew that lives in Ft Myers and my brother lives in Cedar Rapids, runs Woolf's Lunchbox food truck. Can't recommend a route, but if you get anywhere close to Foley, AL checkout Lambert's cafe... Lady friend has property in Ft. Myers, has not been there inn several years. Have not seen your brother's food truck as of yet. Yes, I have heard about the thrown rolls at Lamberts in Foley, AL, that is scheduled for the return trip.
Casinojunkie 04/30/19 09:51am Roads and Routes
RE: Iowa to Fort Myers, Fl route

Take a look at these books: RV Camping in Corps of Engineers Parks: Guide to 644 Campgrounds at 210 Lakes in 34 States and The Wright Guide to Camping with the Corps of Engineers Thanks for the information. I have the Wright Guide to Camping with the Corps of Engineers, but not the other one.
Casinojunkie 04/30/19 09:42am Roads and Routes
RE: Iowa to Fort Myers, Fl route

Hi, Your planned trip sounds like great fun! I noticed you did not state what kind of roads you prefer, how much time you have for the trip or what your interests are. There are several different routes you could take. I have traveled between Orlando, FL and St. Louis several times. I can only assist you for that portion of your trip. I personally prefer the US highways over Interstates when possible. You could go south to Iowa City on I-380, then continue south on US 218 to just north of Keokuk, IA where you pick up US 61 south all the way to Wentzville,Mo then south on I-64 to I- 55. From the St. Louis area you can take I-55 south to Memphis. One of the great stops heading south. Memphis has some of the best barbecue restaurants I have found. If you prefer to by-pass Memphis, you could take I- 155 from Hayti, MO to Dyersburg, TN then US 412 south to Jackson, TN then US 45 south all the way to Mobile, AL. From there east on I-10 to I-75 to Ft. Myers, FL. Google maps shows thw fastest way is south to Hannibal, Mo down US 61 to Wentzville, MO then through St. Louis on I-64 to Mount Vernon, Il on south to I-24 to Chattanooga, TN then south on I-75 to Ft. Myers, FL. Once again, time is the key factor. Time is not a factor as we want to see and do everything possible in/or just outside of our travel path, which is still on the drawing board. Just need guidence from those who have been there done that. Thanks.
Casinojunkie 04/30/19 07:30am Roads and Routes
Iowa to Fort Myers, Fl route

Planning a trip from Cedar Rapids, IA to Fort Myers, FL come late Oct or early Nov. Looking for best route for site seeing, eating establishments. Will go a little off the route for those special sights or eats. Plan on staying in Corps of Engineers camp grounds. Need input as have never been that direction before. Thanking you ahead of response.
Casinojunkie 04/30/19 02:13am Roads and Routes
RE: Cedar Rapids, Ia to Maquaketa, Ia, Food stop.

born 1940 move to CA 1943 ~~ didn't get a chance to go to school. Thanks for the reply. I also was born 1940, went to school here in Cedar Rapids. Have a great Sunday.
Casinojunkie 03/16/19 09:14pm Roads and Routes
RE: Cedar Rapids, Ia to Maquaketa, Ia, Food stop.

COOL ~Thanks for answer ~ Born in Cedar Rapids ~ left a l o n g time ago. Know no food stops. TakeCare ~ TravelSafe ~ HaveFun You say you were born in Cedar Rapids, What schools did you attend here? How old?
Casinojunkie 03/16/19 02:45pm Roads and Routes
RE: Cedar Rapids, Ia to Maquaketa, Ia, Food stop.

Been from Cedar Rapids to Anamosa ~ less than an hour. Did not need any food stops. Or is that the purpose of the trip?? JM2ยข ~~ YMMV Not really, Just going to a play/show in Maquaketa, and tghought a foor stop might be in order.
Casinojunkie 03/15/19 09:25pm Roads and Routes
Cedar Rapids, Ia to Maquaketa, Ia, Food stop.

Will be going to Maquaketa on the 23rd of March. Would like input as to best place to stop for lunch/dinner on route from Cedar Rapids. Could go off route a few miles if food is fantastic!!! LOL Thanks
Casinojunkie 03/15/19 07:49am Roads and Routes
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