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RE: Future Used RV Market

I hope things change in the RV market. I need a new, used, TT. I keep pushing off buying one because I'm cheap. The market for used ones around here went crazy this year. I hope that something happens to cause it to "Reset". This is one time that waiting didn't work out for me. I should have gotten one last year. But, I didn't know things were going to go crazy. I figure I'm out of luck for at least another year. Time to fix the roof on mine,, again,, and go use it again next year. Worst part is finding a spot. A few years ago it was easy. Just take off on a Friday and pull in somewhere close by. I have a feeling next year might be a real pain. I'm already scoping out places and counting backward from the weekend I want to go. Many of the parks around here are 120 days in advance. You better be ready yo make your reservation at that time or you are not going to get it. Sucks really. I can't tell you what I'm going to be doing 120 days from now. As a farm hand my job, and life, doesn't work that way. I have a feeling I'm just going to need to make reservations and then cancel them if it doesn't work. Cost money to cancel but, if I can't make it there , I can't make it there.
CavemanCharlie 12/02/20 05:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Quiet heater that doesn’t drain batteries ?

As a alternative you could get one of these. They are made for truckers to put in their sleeper cabs at night. You would have to carry a second type of fuel because they run on diesel. I don't know how noisy they are but, I don't think they are to bad. There are videos of them on You Tube. Some people put them in their campers. I have thought about it and may do it on my next TT. Oops, on edit I see that someone already recommended this. Me Bad.
CavemanCharlie 12/02/20 04:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Propane tank

Can you imagine driving a car like that? Ignore the gauge and wait until you are stalled on the side of the road. Then get out, change tanks and drive on. Not for me. Had a pickup like that once. It had 2 gas tanks with a switch you would use to select one or the other. For some reason the gauge didn't work on either tank. After the truck quit running you would have to switch to the other tank and then restart it. Got so good at it that when the truck would start to die I could bump it into neutral, flip the switch to the other tank, and restart the truck, without ever losing much speed.:B
CavemanCharlie 12/02/20 04:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dump Station Observations

I didn't read all 5 pages of this thread. I don't have a elbow for the end of my hose. There is no place to store it on my 20 foot TT. I just stick the end of the hose into the dump port and then use a piece of firewood (that I had ready to grab in the back of my truck) to hold it down. Never had any problem and never had the house jump out. But, I am not stretching the hose out to the max either. That was his biggest mistake. I have taken to wearing gloves this year. Not because I think I'm going to catch a germ from my own poop. (Which I never touch anyway, after all it is inside the hose and the tank) But, I wear them now to keep from catching a virus from someone who touched the handle before me. They are not a bad idea. Although, after I am done dumping the last thing I do is go inside the TT and wash my hands before pulling away. The whole dumping procedure for me is 5 minutes or less.
CavemanCharlie 12/02/20 04:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV backup camera stuff

I've tried wireless backup cameras for the back of my pickup. You know the type that mounts on the license plate. I've never found one that works. They don't have broadcast enough power to get a signal to the cab of the truck. I don't see how this one would be any better. The last license plate mounted camera I bought was a wired one. That one worked good,,,, until winter came. Then it conked out. They simply don't build a good back up camera for trucks. I gave up.
CavemanCharlie 12/02/20 04:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: Propane tank

I have one of those cheap magnetic tank level things. You stick it on the side of the tank and pour boiling water over it. It changes color at the level the propane is in the tank.
CavemanCharlie 11/27/20 05:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Geocache of a mysterious nature in Utah

Art is in the eye of the beholder. This seems like low impact to me. Although there seems to be water there so if the place is frequented by visitors it could disrupt a wildlife watering hole. The trouble with low-impact, and accepting it, then it eventually grows into a large impact .. like a bulldozer. Once someone gets away with C like this, it snowballs. NO ONE should ever get away with damaging our national ecosystems. Take one spoonful of sand out of a kids sandbox one day at a time, and in a month it will be empty. Purdy small sandbox if you can empty it with 31 spoon fulls. I do know what you mean though. Still, let the punishment fit the crime. Remove the thing and if the people are caught make them pick up trash or something. No use in sending them to prison over something that did no permanent damage.
CavemanCharlie 11/26/20 08:00am General RVing Issues
RE: Gone through 5 water pumps in 2015 cedar creek

Since we covered every thing else the only other thing I can think of is Gremlins. I don't know how you get rid of them. Happy Thanksgiving
CavemanCharlie 11/26/20 07:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Propane Tank Vacuum Purge

Ok, I rechecked the stickers. The sticker doesn't Vacuum Purge it says VACUUM PURGED! So, should I assume that the tanks have been purged already and are ready to fill? height=480 width=640 Yes, I would assume that they are ready to go.
CavemanCharlie 11/26/20 07:52am General RVing Issues
RE: Your Natioonal Parks..before they were parks...

Thanks for the post. It was fun to look at the pictures.
CavemanCharlie 11/26/20 07:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Furnace

I resolved the furnace issue. It was a time delay relay that was bad. I had the guys at Panther RV help me out. I know this was years ago but can’t rush into these things. Thanks for all of those that shared their knowledge and experience on the topic. Thanks for letting us know that you found the problem
CavemanCharlie 11/26/20 07:34am Travel Trailers
RE: Gone through 5 water pumps in 2015 cedar creek

My pump is 27 years old. Does it always crack in the same place? At the same time of year ? Do like Old Biscuit says and just cap it off if you don't use it.
CavemanCharlie 11/24/20 05:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Probably going to be hanging out in the TT forum more.....

You know , I have a friend that got a truck like that because it looked good. A couple of years later he wants to sell it because it just doesn't tow well with the lift kit and those wheels. He has a another truck that is stock and it tows so much better that he is going to get rid of the one with the bling wheels. It is a nice looking truck.
CavemanCharlie 11/24/20 05:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: Peel and Sick Vinyl Plank.

I did peal and stick in a TT once when I redid the floor. A few pieces came loose the first year. I just put them back in place and stood on them for a minute to re-stick them. By the second year they were all stuck good. It was my fault for not doing a good prep job.
CavemanCharlie 11/17/20 04:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Space X Dragon launches to Space Station in 5 minutes

I am awestruck and impressed with the whole thing. The first stage landing itself on a barge, the entire mission being automated with no input needed from humans, including the perfect docking maneuver. Way cool. I agree. The reusable first stage is crazy to me. Being able to turn it around, bring it back, and land it upright , almost seems like magic.
CavemanCharlie 11/17/20 04:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: New trailer

Why would you want a bath at one end and the bed at the other? Will you have blinds over all the windows, or just streak? I love my rear bath TT. It really opens up the floor plan and makes the trailer seem much more roomy. I would never own another TT without the rear bath. You can close the window blinds easily. Or, just pull on some clothes in the bathroom. I guess if you like to sleep in the buff (and I sometimes do) it would be more inconvenient then. But, when I do that I just close the window blinds.
CavemanCharlie 11/17/20 04:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: New trailer

Hmm...I count 5 windows. Maybe just me, but I would prefer not to have the galley in a slide. Nice big bath. I wonder how you keep pets in a drawer. Mine wouldn’t like it. We want a couples trailer with a dinette on the door side to watch over the animals... Why would anyone want to sit and look out at their neighbors camp site with most couch/dinette slides??? I agree.
CavemanCharlie 11/17/20 04:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: Propane Tanks Direction

Mine face forward as shown here, when I put a lock on the tanks I've never seen them face the other way in all my years of RVing. 3 of the 4 TT I've had have them faceing backwards. The 4th one only had one tank.
CavemanCharlie 11/17/20 04:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: GM 6.2L 420hp and 10-speed

Thanks for the encouraging responses. I have a question, though. How do you "lock out" specific gears? On my F-150 there is a button on the shifter stock with a plus and a minus on it. After putting the truck in gear you can push the minus button and each time you do it will lock out a gear. So if you have a 8 speed and you push it once and the tuck will only use 7 gears. Lights on the dash will turn on to tell you.
CavemanCharlie 11/17/20 04:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: Propane Tanks Direction

My automatic switchover regulator is mounted on the front of the TT with the tank outlet facing the TT also. It allows for a shorter hose and I can see which tank the regulator is drawing gas from and when a tank is empty. My tanks are both on because that is why I bought the auto switch regulator. Why have the regulator is the second tank is turned off. Before pulling out EVERY DAY we do a pre-trip inspection of the TT. We BOTH check the hitch, safety chains, electrical hook-ups, LP tanks, awning, access doors, tires, entry door locks, 120 volt cord, sewage drains. refrigerator, etc. It takes us about 5 minutes but it gets done every morning. We have over the years, we have found something that could cause problems while on the way. We also pick up every scrap of litter from our campsite before we pull away. My kids also follow the same routine. And taillights. I always check them to make sure they work. If I didn't with my luck one would be out and the minute I pull out a cop would get behind me, notice one of the lights out, and give me a ticket.
CavemanCharlie 11/14/20 01:04pm Travel Trailers
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