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RE: A quck peek at our first month

Cool, Wish I could have that much fun.
CavemanCharlie 02/11/20 06:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: Quick overnight

According to my wife, my snoring would run the truckers off.not sure if that's true!! :B
CavemanCharlie 02/11/20 06:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Daunting it's not...rooftop AC replacement

It was fairly easy. I used the farm loader tractor to lift the AC on to the roof top for me.
CavemanCharlie 02/11/20 06:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: Towing with silverado this is a 5.3 with a 6500# trailer ready to go it pulls great Jay D. What type of dog is that ?
CavemanCharlie 02/03/20 09:07am Travel Trailers
RE: Composting Toilet

I throw my dogs feces into the public dumpster and that is what the campground recommends.
CavemanCharlie 01/29/20 07:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Alternative stove

I really just don't understand why life safety laws are such a hard concept to grasp. If you build a S & B's it has to comply with building code, electrical code, etc., etc., and those are in form a permit which has been signed off on. If you drive a vehicle on public roads it must be built to a certain safety standards, the FMVSS, the proof of that compliance is a manufacturers certification label in the drivers door jamb. An RV, a vehicle / living quarters hybrid, must conform to BOTH of those type of safety standards with its tires. wheels, brakes, hitch frame, 120 volt electrical system, propane system, fire egress, etc., etc., etc....... Actually, :D there is no way my home built in 1942 would ever comply with modern building codes and trying to bring it up to those standards would cost more then the house is worth and I would end up living in my camper. My older vehicles might have been built to the standards for the date of their manufacture but, would not be up to today's standards. My 1993 Travel Trailer is probably not up to code anymore either. Kay sir rah sir rah. Whatever will be, will be. (Doris Day sang that I think didn't she ??)
CavemanCharlie 01/28/20 04:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Composting Toilet

I will stick with my cassette toilet. I have a wet bath and no place for a bucket of stinky, used toilet paper. That alone would kill any interest I had. And where are you supposed to discard the plastic bag full of waste and a bucket of toilet paper? I'm just a weekend camper. In the spring and the fall after freezing I use one of those Reliance portable toilet things. I put the toilet paper in with the bag full of waste. I don't know why you would want to keep it separate ? Then I just throw it into the campgrounds dumpster. There was some discussion on here once that said this might be illegal and it could be if you think about it. I suppose a person could dump the bag into the campgrounds vault toilet but, you would still have to put the plastic bag into the dumpster. And besides, that seems to gross for me.
CavemanCharlie 01/28/20 04:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: Is Socializing a Dying Thing in the RV Community?

Last Friday night I went to a small rock concert by a band called Thunderstruck with my girlfriend Lyla. She is a different type of person then me. There were no seats only a few small tables to stand around. When we got there we decided to stay at a table and make it ours. At one point she had to use the restroom so I stayed by the table leaning on it by myslef as she was gone. Some guy saw me there by myself and struck up a conversation. I was OK with that. We talked for a couple of minutes about the weather and our bad rotater cuffs (lol) . Lyla came back and I talked to him for a little while longer but, she was uncomfortable and she whispered in my ear "Do you know that guy?" I shrugged and said no. He seemed to take that as a hint and he said goodbye and went back to his own group of friends. See,,, I was OK talking to a stranger but, she is all worried that the old guy with his arm in a sling might be a mass murderer or something. lol I'm sorry to say but, people like Lyla and winning and everyone is afraid of each other these days. I blame some of it on these types of TV shows like the old one called "Cops" and other shows like that. She watches them all day long. If you watch shows about people getting murdered by strangers and you see a new episode several times a day you will start to believe that everyone is a murderer. (I wonder how many people get killed by strangers on TV everyday as compared to how many people actually get killed by strangers everyday ?)
CavemanCharlie 01/26/20 05:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Composting Toilet

When I camp in cold weather I just use of of those port-potties and a bag. Maybe that would work for you. Some of the Live In My Cabin In The Woods videos that I watch when I'm bored say that saw dust in a bucket works better then a composting toilet. Then you just throw away the saw dust. But, I have never tried it.
CavemanCharlie 01/26/20 05:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Residential Refrigerator – Good or avoid?

I've read a lot in these forums on residential versus RV refrigerators. It seems that the main unhappiness with RV refrigerators occurs in the larger cubit foot size ones - that are in large motorhomes, TTs, and 5'ers. Our small motorhome has only a 6.3 cf Norcold RV refrigerator in it, with 5 coldness settings. It does just fine in the hottest weather set on only 3 or 4, out of it's 5 coldness levels. We can easily get by 2-3 weeks before having to reshop for refrigerated food. That could be !! My 20 foot TT has a smaller propane fridge. The type where the freezer compartment door is inside of the fridge. The freezer is rather small but, it works for me. I am just a weekend camper and I don't need to bring that much frozen food with me. My propane fridge works well and I like it.
CavemanCharlie 01/26/20 04:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: asking for suggestions/opinions

If you want one and can afford it,go for it. I prefer a TT because it doesn't take up room in the pick up bed. But 5th wheels have some advantages. They generally tow better, they are some what easier to back into a site and you can go to a slightly longer unit and fit in the same space because part of the unit goes over the truck bed instead of behind the truck. A "Goose Neck" style of 5th wheel doesn't use up space in the bed of the truck. On the new ones the Ball flips upside down when you are not using it so the truck bed floor remains flat. Now, some people say the goose neck style is a rougher ride. Last summer at the park I met a man that had the plate style of 5th wheel but,,, his plate just dropped into the same hole in his truck bed that the ball of the goose neck would have gone into. It does take a couple of strong people to lift and remove the plate from the truck using this type of thing though.
CavemanCharlie 01/26/20 04:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Camping in Minnesota

He He . I never thought of MN as "Out West". You all seem the think that once you cross the Mississippi that you will find nothing but prairie grass, buffaloes, and Native Americans living in Teepees or something. lol
CavemanCharlie 01/26/20 04:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Question on inner bearing grease seals

Take the National part number and look it up on Amazon and Rock Auto. You will be surprised at the price. What he said. I get a lot of parts from Rock Auto. They often will ship and drop them at my door cheaper then what I can get them at the local parts store. I've even had the parts store guys tell me that the part is no longer available only to go home and look it up at Rock Auto and it's still available there.
CavemanCharlie 01/26/20 04:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: Suburban furnace issue

For what it is worth, After it cycles off and I turn the unit on and off at the thermostat there is a clicking sound coming from the furnace. Not the kind of sound that happens over and over as it tries to ignite but just a single sound as I turn the switch on. Does that give you any further information? Thanks I am not an expert. Just another RV owner like you. If the furnace was overheating then it has a overheat switch built in. After if shuts off on that the switch has to cool down before the furnace will restart. The clicking sound is the relay trying to turn the furnace on just like was stated above. But, it can't run because the overheat switch has not cooled down enough yet to automatically reset. Again, I don't know for sure but, I still am guessing it's full of dirt from the wasps. That is why it is overheating. It can't "breath" good enough and exhaust the burnt gasses so it overheats and shuts off.
CavemanCharlie 01/19/20 10:48am Travel Trailers
RE: Residential Refrigerator – Good or avoid? answered the one question I often do you boondock. I went through the misery of a 4 door NoCold and eventually replaced with it with a Samsung residential. I will NEVER go back to a propane refer. With that said, I own a DP with a built-in generator, 8 AGM house batteries and 450 watts of solar. If I were buying a 5th wheel, I would really have to decide if residential was the way to go, but since you generally use FHU's, it makes for a much easier decision. With my Norcold, I would literally stand in front of the refer, picture where what I want was located and then quickly open the door and grab it, before I lost the cold air. With my residential refer, I'll stand there with the doors wide open and take my time deciding and retrieving what I need. Yeah, but not all propane fridges are that bad. Though I know that some are.
CavemanCharlie 01/19/20 10:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Why do I still look at my tankl level gauges?

Mine quit working completely . They don't even light up. I really don't care. I can open a compartment door and see the level of the fresh water tank. I can look down the toilet and see the level in the black water tank. And, as just a weekend camper I've never gotten the gray tank to full. Oh, and, I have a gauge the I plug into an 12 volt outlet to tell me the voltage in the batteries.
CavemanCharlie 01/19/20 10:34am General RVing Issues
RE: Camping Lights

I agree. A few lights when you are setting outside so you don't trip over stuff is OK but, please keep the light on your campsite not shining on mine. I prefer to set by the fire in the dark.
CavemanCharlie 01/19/20 10:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Suburban furnace issue

im kinda new to tt's but am a resi ac guy. it mite be the heat anticipator on the thermostat. the other responses should be checked as well Most TT thermostats are a simple mechanical unit. In fact many people replace them because they don't like them. If he has replaced his thermostat you could be right.
CavemanCharlie 01/17/20 06:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Disconnect battery when not using?

most likely the reason the battery is discharging so fast is that in most trailers the radio is on "standby" at all times, and will draw enough current to discharge a battery or even a pair in a few weeks. Also their is some much smaller drain from a 12V CO detector and/or 12V powered smoke detector. So.... either disconnect the battery, install a disconnect switch, or pull the fuse for the radio when in storage. Yeah, Though I was thinking that 3 weeks is not very long to completely drain the battery. Your car has a radio and the car will go 3 weeks without the battery going dead. Maybe it would be easier to install a switch in the radios power wire and the propane detector rather then putting a switch on the battery. And, Maybe you have a short somewhere else and should trace it down.
CavemanCharlie 01/17/20 06:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: Is Socializing a Dying Thing in the RV Community?

Was excited to get back into RVing in the last year as both the wife & I had done a lot of RVing in past lives going back a # of yrs. One of the things we were looking forward to was getting to meet new people along the way. So far in a 1/2 dozen trips or so back into it, with the exception of 1 trip we've only seen what I would call 'shut-ins'. Understand not everyone wants to chit-chat with strangers / some might prefer peace & quiet, but it's really been kind of a drag not running into neat / interesting people while camping. Never thought one would have to join a club in order to have some social interaction out on the road but I'm beginning to wonder if that's just the way it is nowadays.... I was thinking about this. Maybe you have changed too ? Is it possible that years ago you had a more modest camper and stayed in different types of parks then the ones you do now ?? If you now have a large expensive camper and stay in private parks, or different types of parks then you used to, then that could be a difference too I suppose.
CavemanCharlie 01/15/20 10:51am General RVing Issues
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