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RE: Glacier National Park and Mount Rushmore campgrounds

Black Hills is a relatively small area, about 60 miles N-S and less E-W. You can stay anywhere from Spearfish to Hotsprings and see it all, many good campgrounds in the area. Depends on what you want to see and what hookups you need. I stayed at Spearfish City Campground with my motor home and rented a car and did all my touring that way. Charles
CharlesinGA 10/25/21 11:39pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Changeover valve

Fairview is junk. Marshall Excelsior is USA made, good quality. Marshall Excelsior MEGR 253P on Amazon. The letter P means retail package. You want this, I bought one that was not retail pack and it was in a plastic bag and broken due to shipping damage. The retail pack is hard plastic to protect it. This regulator has the fitting for pigtails with the reverse flare on the ends. Some do not use this and use 1/8 pipe thread directly into the regulator. You can also find ME pigtails on Amazon in 15 and 24 inch lengths and with metal braid or just plastic jacket. PDF file of ME 2021 Camping and RV catalog, very informative. Charles
CharlesinGA 10/25/21 11:33pm Tech Issues
RE: over filling

Common everyday question asked on every RV forum it seems. Yes, most likely the check valve in the electric pump. 1) remove city water hose. 2) run pump extensively cycling faucets on and off. 3) turn pump OFF 4) reconnect city water hose and DO NOT touch the pump switch with city water connected. 5) wait a while and see if your problem is cured. This process usually clears the check valve of debris and reseats the check valve. Charles
CharlesinGA 10/25/21 11:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Norcold refrigerator recall list

Here is a 2010 dated PDF of a recall on the 1200 series for the temp sensor. I searched and searched and cannot find a recall on the N6XX series. I have one N611 now (2008 Thor trailer), and had another one in a 2007 Winnebago motor home and have never heard of a recall on them. Charles
CharlesinGA 10/15/21 10:55pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Propane fridge ticking when turned off

Pull the 12v DC fuse that operates the fridge, see if it stops. Charles
CharlesinGA 10/08/21 09:01am Tech Issues
RE: Renting your RV

Never.............. If I have to rent it out to make ends meet, I'd sell it. Rental motorhomes such as Cruise America or El Monte are custom built units just for them. There are no awnings to get ripped off, no retractable steps to jam and get ripped off. Everything is very heavy duty. The curtains (not pull down shades that the strings break on) are very heavy duty too. Everything is made with the thought of what could someone do to destroy this. The Class C units also have (if Ford) a 5.4L V8 rather than the V10 (or the current 7,3L) this is to keep people from running way too fast with them. Equipment such as dishes and blankets, etc are rented separately, and inventoried when returned. Nothing is left to chance. Co-worker rented a Sprinter class C for a trip. Griped about how underpowered it was and how he had to drive with it on the floor the whole time to get 75mph out of it. Also griped about having to run the roof A/C continually on the road as they were in Florida, and how many times he had to refill the propane. Very hard on it and typical of the abusers who rent stuff. Charles
CharlesinGA 10/06/21 12:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Question about freshwater tank use

As mentioned, if you never plan to use it...who cares. That said, we use the tank and pump even on full hookup. Had an experience on our boat many years ago, heard a slight hissing sound late at night. Searched it out and found the city water had sprung a pinhole leak. If it hadn't been dead silent, it would have continued for hours or days without us noticing. Running off the water tank with the pump, if there is a small leak, we will hear the pump kick over periodically alerting us that there is an issue. The RV may not sink but the floors can certainly rot out. Boats sink when they fill up with water, rv's just get totaled. Co-worker took his neice/nephew (don't remember the exact details of who they were) with him camping. they used the shower while on city water, shut off the water at the shower head, which leaves it dribbling by design to keep hot water flowing, and to alert you the faucets are on. Well, he failed to follow after them and check that all was properly turned off, and they went to bed only to wake up to an RV standing in water inside. The gray tank had overfilled and the shower pan filled up and overflowed. insurance totaled the trailer. I do not hook up to city water, I fill the tank and use the pump, and turn the pump off when not using it. I turn the water heater off when not using it, also. I too listen for the pump cycling when it should not, and that is the clue I should go investigating for a leak or a leaking check valve in the pump. Charles
CharlesinGA 10/06/21 12:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: We've had 8 years and 68,000 trouble free miles...

I thought you were going to say you were calling it quits........... I have always enjoyed your imput, keep it up. Charles
CharlesinGA 10/02/21 05:42pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Over filling

This is an extremely common problem. As noted, its a leaking check valve in the pump. You hook to city water and your fresh water tank slowly fills and overflows. Remove the city water altogether and then run the pump extensively by opening faucets. Shut the pump off, and reconnect your city water. It probably will be ok after that. If you accidentally turn on the pump with city water on the trailer you do stand a chance of unseating the check valve and it leaking. Zillions of Youtube videos about this. Here is one that covers it pretty good. In fact, these two sisters, having been teachers all their lives, do a very good job with the videos, showing and explaining stuff. Charles
CharlesinGA 10/01/21 11:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: What's in your tool kit? What about other must-haves?

My Titanium (a Canadian Manufacturer) does NOT use Torx. The fastener of choice id "Roberts" #1 and #2. A square recess in the head. Roberts drivers and power bits in both sizes are available at Northern Tool. A Square bits, aka Robertson, are easily found at Home Depot, Lowes, etc. #2 screwdrivers are found in electrical because they are a common electrical tool. Both bit sizes are found in tools as power bits and in the 52 different bit assortment kits, which go real well with a magnetic tip screwdriver that accepts 1/4 hex bits. Charles
CharlesinGA 09/26/21 09:42pm Beginning RVing
RE: Replacement LED light Fixtures -

Get fixtures that take standard bulbs, then buy LED lamps from M4 Products, you will get the best on the market and if you choose a color such as soft white (yellow) or Daylight you will get the same color in every different lamp because they specify certain LED's for consistency. Charles
CharlesinGA 09/14/21 11:39pm Tech Issues
RE: How to carry blackstone griddle

I have a 17 inch. I clean it hot with water and scraper, throw out the aluminum insert for the grease cup and wipe it down, when cool. I cover it with wax paper and have a piece of double wall cardboard cut from a box that is a snug fit and put it in on top of the wax paper, flip the top over onto the base like you are expected to and I have a plastic container that is about the right height and somewhat larger. I keep the accessories in the container. Container was surplus from an auto factory where a specific part was put in it, multiples in cardboard divider inserts, I threw the dividers. All goes in the back of the truck (with LEER topper). Don't actually get to use it much because my travel buddy and his wife have one and they usually do all the cooking. Charles
CharlesinGA 09/11/21 08:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Propane Tank level question

Buy 2 new regulators. Buy regulators with easy to read RED/Green window indicators. Why? He has a dual regulator with two inputs and auto switch over now. There is normally a black cap that goes over the top of that dome. If it was there then you would only see the green at the bottom, then when the tank you are running from goes empty the red would drop down into view. You are missing a piece, go to your local rv parts store and look at new regulators. On this point you are correct. This is a Marshall Excelsior MEGR253 regulator and indeed the black cap is missing, which covers all but the bottom 3/8 in of the clear window (I just measured mine). Marshall Excelsior MEGR 253 regulator at Amazon Which indicator are you talking about? - The gauge on the tank - The pop up button on the regulator I have to assume since he said gauge and noted that the tanks are full but his tank gauge reads something like 1/4, that he is referring to the one on the tank, but yes, he needs to clarify this. Reference the 2021 Marshall Excelsior RV/Camping catalog (a huge source of information, not just a catalog). See page 6 (8 of 40 in the PDF numbering) Marshall Excelsior 2021 RV and Camping catalog I apologize if I offended anyone, but Doug is correct on this one. Charles
CharlesinGA 09/02/21 10:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Propane Tank level question

1. Those are HORIZONTAL tanks. 2. The level gauge is a FLOAT designed Gauge 3. Makes NO difference if tank on or off. 4. REGULATOR REPLACEMENT???????????????????????????????? WHY 5. Yes, if OVERFULL the gauge may do that 6. If tank upside down it will do that Rotate 180 degrees and see what happens 7. Sometimes a float can get "stuck" inside the cylinder. Remove the cylinders MAKE SURE they are really full. Then lay down or rotate 360 degrees a few times to free up stuck float. 8. This is the BEST and ONLY type level gauge system that always works, as it uses a inside float to gauge fluid level. It is the same design used on ASME motorhome tanks. Doug The OP should not pay attention to ANY other post but Doug's. He is absolutely correct. The other posts make no sense. I'm sitting here thinking, "how do I reply to all this gibberish and mis-information" then I saw Doug's post. Charles
CharlesinGA 09/02/21 10:14pm Tech Issues
RE: 30 amp plug assistance needed

If you plug into shore power your outlets in your RV should then have power. Maybe I am missing something. I have power to my outlets. The portable AC pulls 10 amps. The circuit breaker is rated for 15, but I think the previous owners overloaded it more than once as it flips easily. Buy a new breaker. They are standard household breakers. You probably have one made by Eaton or Cutler Hammer. These are a common breaker and one made by Siemens, Bryant, Murray, etc will fit and work. They should be $5 or so at a Home Depot or similar store. Charles
CharlesinGA 08/26/21 01:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery Replacement?

In Feb of 2018 I bought a 2003 RAM 2500 that was built in January of '03. 86K original miles. It had a little hesitation but cranked up fine. The batteries were made in Dec of '02, they were the original Damiler Chrysler batteries, and upon close inspection they were the Delco/Delphi batteries with the "green eye" on the top but it was covered up by the Damiler Chrysler labels. These batteries had lasted 15 years, which shocked me. I have in the past used the Delco/Delphi batteries due to their long life and got as much as 9 years from one, but the quality on the newer ones wasn't as good and I gave up chasing down a dealer to buy a battery that didn't last. I wanted AGM and shopped price, Pep Boys had a 25% off sale on the Bosch AGM's so that is what I got. As already noted, nowdays batteries work till they don't. You get about one or two strange startups that leave you going "what happened" and then they are toast. Traveling, your best bet is to have a small lithium jump start pack and when they croak, if you are away from home, jump it and head for the nearest auto parts store and buy two new batteries. Charles
CharlesinGA 08/01/21 09:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Elect. start generator.

While pricey, for night time use, to avoid the noise of a generator, you should consider a Bluetti portable power station (lithium batteries, charger, inverter, power outlets, all in one box) There are other brands also, this is the only one I can think of off hand. Charles
CharlesinGA 08/01/21 08:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Want to replace incandescent bulbs with brighter LED

I quit reading after the first page, but all I can say is These are quality products designed by and manufactured to their specs. If you buy different types of LEDs for different fixtures and specify the same "color" (I prefer natural white) you get..... the same color, not a mishmash of different, near colors, or some so far apart that you think they made a mistake fullfilling the order. I have converted 3 RVs so far and use M4 for all of them. Its money well spent. Charles
CharlesinGA 08/01/21 08:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV Hot Skin (Exterior electrification)

An RV is nothing more than an electric subpanel. You carry hot(s), neutral, and ground to the RV's panel. If the OP's house receptacle tests properly and has all three wires properly connected (thus testing properly). then (and only after the proper GFCI has been installed) plug in the extension cord that was used, and test it, If the tester still shows OK, then hook up the adapter and the RV and use the tester on the RV's various outlets to test each one of them. Then start looking for individual items that can cause a hot ground. My bet is the 120v heating element in the fridge (if turned on), as they can easily short to ground, or the water heater if turned on using 120v. Just recently I read a thread (cannot remember what forum however) that the OP had discovered a hot skin condition and traced it to the 120v heating element in the fridge. He replaced the heater element and installed a plug in GFCI in the outlet behind the fridge and plugged the fridge into it. I'm not sure I advocate doing this however, as GFCIs are electronic and mechanical devices and the vibration of going down the road can cause the GFCI to trip, and then your fridge won't cool and you don't realize it until its too late. Note: should you happen to purchase this particular unit, the instructions refer to a "light" that comes on when it trips. It is not a light at all, but rather a red flag that appears in the tiny clear window on the unit above the buttons. Charles
CharlesinGA 07/25/21 11:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bad lands area

OP is doing a lot of jumping around, butttt it may be due to reservations and available openings, and that reunion. Note, I have been to a number of the locations I mention, though not all of them, however my next visit will take in more of them that I missed the first time. Instead of a discussion about the qualities of Wall Drug and Rushmore, here are some places that may be of interest in your visit to the Black Hills region. 1880's steam train, Hill City to Keystone and back As a kid I loved to go to the local museum. I still enjoy museums and many others do too. The Journey Museum in Rapid City, huge and very well presented. Also in Hill City, South Dakota Rail Road Museum, The Civilian Conservation Corp Museum of South Dakota, Hill City. Wind Cave National Park, The Black Hills is not a large area, take a ride to the south side to Hot Springs and visit the Mammoth Site, If going to or from the Black Hills from the south, stop when you get to Chadron NE and go east on US 20 for three or four miles to the Museum of the Fur Trade. Might sound hokey but it is an excellent museum with many rooms of displays of original Native American and Fur Trader artifacts, Some people do not like the Crazy Horse memorial but the museum is worth the visit, There are nighttime activities at both Devils Tower, and Rushmore that are pretty good. I did not do either but many people rave about them. Into airplanes and such, visit the South Dakota Air and Space Museum on the grounds of Ellsworth AFB, just east of Rapid City, On the way to Devils Tower stop at exit 199 at the Wyoming Welcome Station, it has very nice displays which are exceptional for a welcome station. Just up the frontage road from the welcome station about a half mile is the Vore Buffalo Jump. which is a sink hole that has been excavated that the early plains Indians used as a place to stampede buffalo into to kill and butcher them. Interesting if you are into the Native American history of the region. Entrance to Rushmore is free, but Parking is $10 to the concessionaire (half price for seniors), which I assume helps pay for the parking garage. The Badlands is $20 and Wind Cave is free to enter the NP and has fees for the tours. Devils Tower is $25. If you plan to hit enough Federal Parks that charge fees, get the $80 annual pass and it will pay for itself. If you are 62 or over then you should already have the Senior pass which is $80 once in a lifetime. If you don't have the annual pass it can be purchased at virtually any National Park entrance, Army Corp of Engineer location, etc, but get it ahead of time if you can. Here is a complete list of places you can purchase the passes, this is a 45 page PDF file. Spearfish City Campground is very convenient to Devils Tower, the Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway, and much of the Blackhills, especially the north half. It has full hook ups, and is adjacent to the previously mentioned fish hatchery (which reminds me more of a Japanese garden than a fish hatchery). The campground is open year 'round but there is no water, restrooms, etc after Oct 1st. If you were to go there, follow the website instructions for getting to the campground as the GPS systems want to take you over a blocked off road with no means of turning around. The campground is easily accessed thru the town. Be sure and drive the Spearfish Canyon Scenic Highway/Byway, and stop at some of the pullouts and admire the area. In Spearfish you will find the which you may find interesting. There is a hike/bike trail called the Mickelson Trail which is converted from an old railroad line that travels thru the Black Hills, you may be interested in doing parts of it. There are a couple of web sites that will help you locate attractions in the Black Hills area. You will find the printed maps all over, virtually every place you stop will have a tear off pad of them (they are large) and as cell phone service can be spotty, I highly suggest having a printed map in hand. You will find these web sites helpful Charles
CharlesinGA 07/21/21 08:58am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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