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RE: truck/trailer sway

If you have a Blue Ox Sway Pro hitch, make sure you are getting the correct link in the slot. Count the individual links from the FREE END of the chain to the ninth one, slide this one in the slot and rotate the latch till it locks. Some said you are transferring too much weight back to the front wheels, this leads me to think you have the wrong link of chain. Only go to the tenth or eleventh link if you need to put more weight on the front. Do you have the right bars? They should have three dimples machined in them near the fat end of the bar that would be 1000 lb bars. Charles
CharlesinGA 10/08/20 09:36pm Towing
RE: Why Didn't I Think of This Before?

Why would you avoid putting the water from the jugs into the existing fill port? Get a second RV water pump and some clear tubing. A couple wires to the battery and you are filling the tank while you make a sandwich. It seems a fair number of people do just this. Buy a pump like you have in the RV, you will always have a spare. Pump will move water rather fast as it is free flowing and not building pressure. Charles
CharlesinGA 10/08/20 09:16pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Water tank filling mod

My RV has a gravity fill port but when I stick a hose it it to fill it constantly burps and spews water back from around the hose. This mod eliminates all of that. You should be using an adapter on the hose that fits into the fill neck. This allows air to exit as you fill. This way you don't risk bursting the tank, dislodging the fill neck hose (happened to me) or damaging the tank mounts. Charles
CharlesinGA 10/08/20 09:03pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: class c in the smoky mountain national park

Car. Clingmans Dome has very little space for larger vehicles and gets very crowded. I have not been to the west side except the Sugarland visitor center, but everything on the east side is tight, including driving thru Cherokee. Be aware that on the east side you will leave he park to get to portions of the park such as the Deep Creek area waterfalls and trails. Outside the park is tribal land (all of Cherokee and surrounding area) and mask restrictions are in force on tribal lands. Two of the best waterfalls are on tribal land, Mingo falls (200ft) and SoCo falls but there is no parking for an rv, barely a car, but worth the visit. Charles
CharlesinGA 10/08/20 08:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: Can anyone identify this camper i have

Holy cow I didn't know there was a company that sold DIY camper plans! Might have been cheaper to build my own for what it's costing me to restore this Lance....probably less work too LOL... How do you get it on the truck without jacks? I don't see any in the plans pic either. Tripod jacks. Charles
CharlesinGA 09/25/20 08:05pm Truck Campers
RE: Propane gennie maintenance in cold winter

I have a Bigfoot trailer with the Onan 2500LP. It too proved hard starting. I did a short YT video on my fix. My YouTube video on my Onan 2500LP starting issues. Charles
CharlesinGA 09/25/20 07:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Servicing Wheel Bearings

I put USA made Timken bearings in mine, greased with a good synthetic moly grease, and don't worry about them for a good while. Always a full clean, inspect, and repack. None of this pump more grease in and go stuff. Charles
CharlesinGA 09/25/20 06:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Dah Air Conditioning only half working

2006 and earlier sprinter chassis, which is what a 2007 view is on, has a tiny plastic crank on the door under the hood that selects between fresh and recirculate air. Open the hood, on the passenger side (fan off) poke your fingers into the opening that is the the cabin air inlet. Is the damper loose and flopping? probably. there is not good fix. part is not available. I wired my 07 view in the recirculate position to make the air as cold as possible. I may have owned it for three years, but know it very intimately. PM me with your phone number, if you are with the RV where I can talk you thru it. Edit: OK on rereading, I saw your signature, you have an 2008 view, it's the NCV and significantly different than the T1N series like I had...... sorry no help on this. Charles
CharlesinGA 09/24/20 10:17pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Gravity Water Fill

so you are saving they have a tap with no threads for a hose? and you want to fill thru a gravity fill? you need a water thief or water bandit that pushes over the faucet and your potable water hose screws onto it. then fill your tank. charles
CharlesinGA 09/24/20 10:02pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Doing wheelies

those look like the ones that are held inwith sharp grippy fingers likemost cars. i do not think any of those nuts are real. throw them away, paint the rims andfind some basic ford hubcaps off an f series. i second the alligator cap suggestion for the stems, and get a 12 inch long dual foot service chuck with a straight end and a angled back facing chuck. and get a matching long stem gauge. that is what i used on my wbo view. Charles
CharlesinGA 09/24/20 09:55pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: lug nut socket

Try it . I had the correct size but the wall thickness of socket would not fit in the well . yep, i ended up with a 13/16 thin wall spark plug socket in 1/2 drive i happened to have in my tool box. regular socket only went down half way and hit the wheel (aluminum). its a 1/2x14 thread. may change the lugnuts to 3/4 hex to gain room. Charles
CharlesinGA 09/24/20 09:41pm Beginning RVing
RE: 2016 RAM CTD Diff Oil Change Question RE Gasket

The cover is 14 bolts. It is a metal and rubber, reusable seal, so unless it is damaged in some way, it should be just fine. Carefully wipe it off and examine both sides of it. New ones are expensive, about $45 or so. There are no drain plugs and you should pull the cover and examine the insides. Do NOT use any sealer on this seal, just wipe it off and possibly wipe a fresh film of gear oil on it. GM uses the same basic rear end on many models but they use a throwaway gasket. Charles
CharlesinGA 09/21/20 11:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: Dodge 1500b van

The OP is in Alabama, so hopefully if they are looking at a van that has been in the south all of its life, it may be OK as far as rust goes. OP needs to provide us with more information, is this for towing a trailer? or is this a camper conversion van of some sort. Charles
CharlesinGA 09/21/20 11:05am Tow Vehicles
RE: PRICE DROPS coming on new GM small diesels

Had a read on the GM engine and it looks really interesting. One thing did give me a pause. The belt for the variable flow oil pump has to be changed every 150,000 miles. Changing it requires removing the transmission as well as the transfer case on 4WD's. Might be an issue for high mileage drivers. And to top it off, the belt is running wet in the oil, and the 150K is simply an estimate that many auto technical experts do not believe it will make. This is what I read shortly after the engine was unveiled. They put a timing chain in for the cams but could not see doing that for the oil pump, wth were they thinking. Charles
CharlesinGA 09/21/20 10:59am Tow Vehicles

Here is the official Corp Lakes website with all of the lakes, recreation areas, etc. Lots of info. They used to have a CD-ROM you could get free. I was given one when I got my senior pass three years ago (just before the price went up). Charles
CharlesinGA 09/06/20 11:26pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RV dinette light wiring questions

The green from ceiling connects to black using a connector, like a wirenut, but squeezed closed with pliers. From there a short black wire that is supposed to go to the switch. It has a unique end which is how I know that. The fixture itself has one black wire from each light, and one black wire from the switch, and all the of those are twisted together. It's possible as wnjj said that those just need a wirenut or tape and don't go in the green/black connector. So current goes green to black to the switch, then back through white? Many electrical and electronic people call these "mushroom splices" Charles
CharlesinGA 09/06/20 11:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Tried towing after new tires & did not go well

Ford heavy duty 4x4 is noted for failure of the front track bar. This let's the front end wander alot. There are aftermarket adjustable ones available with heavy duty rod ends instead of rubber bushings. I am betting the alignment shop didn't catch this and aligned it with the front axle shifted off center. Now you got a mess. Charles
CharlesinGA 09/06/20 06:40pm Towing
RE: Waste/Sewage System

You will not be able to leave the black tank dump valve open, as you will get a solid poop pyramid under that toilet as the liquid drains out. Allow the tank to fill with lots of water to help carry the poop out, and dump when the tank is full. In addition, use probiotics such as Tank Tech to help. RVs were not made to be stationary or used constantly. The tank, being pumped out every few months will be the easiest solution. Charles
CharlesinGA 09/06/20 06:27pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Velcro uses

Sewed some on the bottom of dinette cushions and stapled the other half to the wood of the dinette. Made the cushion stay in place. Charles
CharlesinGA 09/06/20 06:16pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Why remove dinette booth and replace with table and chairs

I don't want anything loose, such as chairs, and don't want to have to secure or bungee them each time I move. I would like firmer cushions, just need to get some real dense foam for the bottoms. I use the dinette all the time. The motorhome had a dinette and sofa, I rarely used the sofa except to pile stuff on. Charles
CharlesinGA 09/06/20 06:13pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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