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RE: About painting a 5th wheel

We looked at painting our 40ft 5th wheel from local shop, they stated right around $7500 total with sanding, sealing an painting ... Our MFG of our 5th wheel wanted 10K for full budy paint Ugh !!!
ChuckV1 10/21/19 10:00am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Length and Height

tem3000 Check-out the KZ line of 5th wheels, they are well built an the price point is darn good for a new trailer, I believe you get more bang for your buck, less what I call bing an more functionality an great customer support ... As the OP stated there are camp grounds that will not take trailers over 10 years old, we had a Coachmen Chappy that was over 10 yearn an people didn't believe it was that old but looked new because we kept it up ... We only had one camp ground that ask about age an after looking at our Chappy they couldn't believe it an stated that they wished everyone would keep their trailer in that good of shape ... I am of the mind that if you get the right deal you can buy a new trailer of good quality for the same price as one of the high end trailers an have just as good as a trailer that is used but high end ... I know owners lover their brands an it like buying a Ford, Chevy or Dodge, you just have to cut thought the BS factor an choose the brand that suits you .... As well the most an I can't say it enough !!!!!!!!! is the dealer you buy your trailer from, bad dealer, bad service an owners start to complain the trailer is bad as well when it's not .... Good dealer an service owners will rave about how good the brand of trailer it is :) Good luck an safe travels :) Chuck
ChuckV1 10/21/19 09:52am Fifth-Wheels
RE: First RV

My spouse and I are looking at purchasing our first RV, he grew up camping, I did not.... We have a 2019 Chevy Silverado 6.2L with max trailering, manufacturers tow rating of 12,200 pounds and are looking At travel trailers, the two models were specifically interested in are prime time lacrosse 3311rk and outback 341rd, we both prefer the floor plan of the outback, but have heard the quality isn’t all that great but we e also heard that pretty much all brands can have significant problems. I’ve read the horror stories and they seem to be pretty even around the board, how to I protect myself from buying a “lemon?” Or what pitfalls should I avoid. I REALLY don’t want to jump all in to be riddled with a huge headache. Any advice for this potential newbie is welcome and appreciated! Do a good Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI)I can't say it enough or if they will let you take it to a good RV repair shop for inspection if buy from a private owner or hire someone to look at the trailer who knows what they are doing .... There is allot of talk about weights but I believe more than weights you should think about what condition the trailer is in, your weight may be good but if the trailer falls down around the wheels who cares about the weight ... PDI PDI PDI I can't say it enough Here is a list I made up below, there are other lists all over the internet, use one so you are an informed buyer !!!!!!
ChuckV1 06/16/19 11:43am Beginning RVing
RE: RV reviews.

Like the other OP Stated, owner forms like Forest River which have all the name brands they make Montana Kz make of trailers IR2 which has a number of trailer bands listed Are just some of the brands I can think off to ask questions or surf their sites Safe Travels :)
ChuckV1 06/16/19 11:31am Beginning RVing
RE: Newbie question about touring with 5th wheel

We have a 40ft 5th wheel an find camp grounds outside national parks, to us the KOA's, Good Sam Camp grounds rated at over 8 plus are far better than national camp grounds with 30amp service, water an no sewers ... We Glamp not Camp so the DW want it all, sewer, cable, 50amp, for us it's just as easy to drive into the parks for the day an return home to a nice large living area were we are not cramped an can stretch out :) We also have a dually an have never had a problem parking, yes it takes a mile sometime to turn around but we are retired an not in a hurry so turning around an taking our time is just what it is, sorry if we get in your way because your in a hurry were not LOL :) Safe Travels
ChuckV1 06/16/19 11:08am Fifth-Wheels
RE: storing power cord on new f'ver

We have a easy spool-er made by MorRyde, best investment I ever made :) tall?return=%2Fproducts
ChuckV1 06/16/19 10:41am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Length and Height

I agree with the OP, we owned a 2006 Coachmen Cappy an the roof was high except the bedroom which was still high enough to walk around in without banging your head an I'm 5ft 8inches tall ... Allot of trailers now day do not look like the are slanted but if you look closely you will see that they slant toward the back somewhat for drainage ... We bought a Kz G384RLT ( ) two years ago which has three slides, the door in the main slide not on the side of the trailer which gives us more room ... The kids stated that the trailer inside when opened up is bigger than their first apartment an we have a ton of cabinet space along with higher cabinets ... Happy Hunting an if buying a unit look for a Post Delivery Inspection (PDI) list to go buy so you are a informed buyer, here is one I made up on the Kz Family Form ( ) Safe travels :)
ChuckV1 06/16/19 10:19am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Damaged RV on roads on way home from Florida, anyone else?.

We were on the Indiana toll road last year, the road was a mess an I told the toll gate operator I would be ashamed to work for a company that charged for such a bad road ... The back roads in Ohio an Indiana even thought they are two lane highways in most case's are far better than the interstates an that were we travel most of the time ... Out west here the interstates for the most part are ok till you get near the big cities an then they get pretty bad ... You can tell what counties spend money on road maintenance for sure an which spend money on paying their own wage's at the top level ... If you really want to get mad, think about every semi you see driving down the road, they pay fuel tax an tax on every mile that truck runs across an all the tolls if they drive on the toll roads ... When I sold my semi I was paying forty two cents a mile for every mile that truck ran empty or loaded plus road tax in every state which was different, so add that up along with the tax on gas you pay at the pump along with fuel/diesel tax you pay, talk about a cash cow Ugh !!!
ChuckV1 06/16/19 09:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Brands that are well built for winter??

The Kz Gold Line far cheaper than the high end 5th wheels but just as well built :)
ChuckV1 03/09/19 11:33am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel age, how old is to old

We traded in a Coachmen Chaparral D277 for our new Kz G384RLT 5th wheel, it had a complete new roof 1 year old, new LED lights inside an out, 1 year old tires an upgraded 30amp power plug with internal progressive surge protector ... Dealer had it on the lot for four days an sold it for $14k, who every bought this trailer will not have a worry in the world for the next few years ... Make me wonder if they really new what they were buying an how good a trailer it really was... If we were going to keep it I would have put a new MorRyde 18k pin-box on it along with the MorRyde 4000 suspension an wet bolt kit ... But we needed more room an thus we upgraded Ugh !!! Safe Travels :)
ChuckV1 03/02/19 10:49am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cre3000 to CRE4000

We also went from the Lippert equivalent of the 3000 to the MorRyde SRE4000. Night and day difference! The Lippert cushioned equalizer never seemed to make a difference. Like the OP with the 4000 we only feel the trailer hit bumps 2% of the time. We have had a MORryde 18k pin box with both suspensions, but when upgrading to the SRE4000 we also added the three X-factor cross members, one across each spring hanger front an rear an across the center ... I will also say most of the time with the SRE4000 the microwave plate is still in place after a drive while it never was before the LCI suspension as well our coffee pot, toaster never moves now on the counter top :)
ChuckV1 01/20/19 01:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Don't understand

In my forty some years of driving a truck it was instill in my brain to get the load delivered on time an safely, I did so for over a million miles or more ... But I would not drive on ICE an very high winds an the companies I drove for new such an thus didn't push me ... Not all RV's think about ICE, or high winds an think they can drive in such an thus end up in a ditch or on their sides ... Look at the amount of TT an 5th wheel owners now on the road for the 1st time, read here an on other forms were 1st timers are asking questions about hitches an other things an you will know why you are seeing more an more TT an 5th wheels wreaked ... On one form a person was asking how they could lift there 5th wheel to match their jack-up truck, why would anyone want to rise the center of gravity on a 5th wheel so the wind could get under it quicker ... Same with as stated tires, owners wanting to drive 75 an 80mph on tires rate at 65mph an wonder why they blow out, what in the world are people thinking, thats the problem they are not !!!! It's all about them, they need to get to the camp grounds ahead of everyone else so they can get the best spot or relax an have those ten beers before sundown Ugh !!! No matter of the people around them on the road, they are on a mission an to hell with safety of others around them on the road ... I think there should be a sign that you have to put on your dash every time you hook to your trailer that states "SAFETY FIRST AN FOREMOST FOR YOUR FAMILY AN OTHERS AROUND YOU" May you all drive safely :)
ChuckV1 01/20/19 12:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rv show likes and dislikes

Hammerboy I have to agree on allot of what you say, a few years back when we bought our 5th wheel we looked at many high an low end units at a RV show here in the Northwest, construction across the board wasn't the greatest in most ... What really made me wonder is that I saw trim out of place, lights not working, doors ajar an it made me wonder if the salesman or even the dealers even cared about the units they were showing ... When ask about the trim or lights the salesman would say that id we were to buy the unit they would fix any an all problems ... My comment back to them was if I want to buy a trailer I don't want to see any problems from the get go, the one salesman said "well you know there's been allot of people walking though this trailer" ... My comment back to him was "if your trailer can't stand a number of people walking thought it how is it going to hold up to someone using it for a year or two" ... he walked away, I wonder why ... On the two doors to the bathroom we have such, we have tons of room an I like that one door can be closed an the bathroom still be used an you do not have to walk out into the hallway after using the shower which is large ... Of course we all have different likes an dislikes an that's why they make so many different brands... I also agree on the big guys buying up the little guys, our 5th MFG was bought up a few years back buy the same MFG that makes Montana an now Air Stream ... I have not seen much of a change so far other than Management seem to change over the last few years an come over from other other trailer lines an MFG within the overall company an then leave a year latter ... I also know that these companies in order to stay in business have to make a buck an thus are staring to buy a build with cheaper material more an more an rise the price point ... What our 5th wheel cost two years ago is now two to three thousand dollars more than what the MSRP was an I have to say not much has changed except they have moved stuff around, put windows were they shouldn't be but have learned to up grade the tires from E rated to G rated because of weight of the trailer ... Safe Travels
ChuckV1 01/20/19 12:00pm General RVing Issues
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