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RE: My 4th. Ford V10 Class A, but lacks power???

Is the check engine light on? You have a new vehicle under factory warranty. If you feel somethings amiss, IMO, the first stop should be your Ford dealer before any "outside experts" start tinkering around with it. You do want to keep your Ford factory warranty intact, . . . . don't you? Chum lee
Chum lee 10/20/19 02:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: transmission cooler

Any good hydraulic hose shop can help you. Ideally, for flexible plumbing, IMO, you should use swaged fittings on the cooler if you want a reliable connection. If it's hard connected, then flare nuts are the way to go. When you say the ATF is hot, . . . . how hot? It's normal for the ATF to heat up (quite a bit) under load. The engineers that initially sized the ATF cooler designed the system to keep the ATF within acceptable limits at maximum towing capacity and extreme temperatures. Generally, they don't guess, especially on truck chassis. Are you having a specific problem, or are you thinking that you might? The numbers tell the truth. Chum lee
Chum lee 10/20/19 02:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Soft Spot in Floor, Can't Find Leak!!!

I notice that the soft spots in the floor are on opposite sides of the RV and beneath the edges of the windows. Coincidence? Does this seem to happen when the RV sits, or when you use it? Or both? If it happens when sitting I would suspect an exterior water source, most likely, the windows. If it happens when you use it, I would suspect plumbing. IMO, You have a SUBSTANTIAL leak to get the floor that wet judging from the discolored sub-floor and the extent of the soft spots. Have you tried using an infra red thermal gun looking for hot/cool spots in the walls/floor? Chum lee
Chum lee 10/20/19 02:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Campsite Sanitation - Beware

Don’t like what the doctor told you? Go to a different doctor. The community in question doesn’t have mass illnesses. You’re not going to get sick because the campsite user before you rinsed his sewer hose with the fresh water spigot. You won’t die because a raccoon sat on your campsite grill and defecated while eating that food item he dug out of your trash. And truth be told, there are common bedroom activities between adults that create far more direct exposure to questionable things than any campsite sanitation matter does...yet such people don’t get sick... I was thinking of the exact thing (in bold) myself and I'm glad someone else mentioned it first. In the first few seconds of life outside the womb, EVERYBODY gets a chance to be exposed to . . . . . well, . . . . . down there. The few of us that are born by Cesarean Section have been proven to have immune deficiencies that show up later in life that normal birth infants don't have. Go figure! Chum lee
Chum lee 10/19/19 10:40am General RVing Issues
RE: Modern Food?

If the food is so poor, how do we explain our fat asses? A diet consisting of too much sugar, high fructose corn syrup, highly refined carbohydrates (flour: wheat, corn, rice, oat, or bran, it doesn't matter) too much unsaturated fats, and not enough dietary fiber. Google/Youtube search: "Dr. Robert Lustig" its all you need to know about modern food. Have a nice heart attack/stroke, or amputation due to Type II diabetes. Or if you prefer to hear it from a pretty woman with a nice accent: "Dr. Zoe Harcombe" "Human beings are the only animals on the planet smart enough to create our own food, and dumb enough to eat it." Chum lee
Chum lee 10/18/19 01:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: 97 Fleetwood Bounder, F53 chassis

Thanks for the tip on cleaning the battery connections. They didn’t look that bad, but I cleaned them on the starting battery and the house batteries. Everything is working like a charm! Yep! I've had the same thing happen on my 1999 F53 several times. It really doesn't matter how the terminals look. When/if the engine/generator won't start, since it's basic and free, cleaning the battery terminals should always be your first plan. Don't over spend and don't over think it. Chum lee
Chum lee 10/17/19 02:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Modern Food?

Unfortunately today in order to stay competitive, most chain restaurants serve some form of highly processed slop that is loaded with highly refined carbohydrates/proteins/fats (sugar, flour, soy, flavor enhancers, extenders, preservatives, unsaturated fats, etc.) to increase the shelf life and reduce the price of the raw food. (if you can still call it that) Eat real food. Chum lee Except you can get good REAL green chile everywhere, so you lucky! Just had 50lbs shipped up here and roasted it a couple weeks ago, 'nother year's supply. Yep! In the fall, fresh (still warm) roasted/grilled Hatch Chilis from New Mexico. I'm all over it. Nothing better. Chum lee
Chum lee 10/16/19 01:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Campsite Sanitation - Beware

This reminds me of a high school biology lab we did years ago. The instructions were to go out and get bacteria transfer samples on adhesive tape from where ever you thought would be the best/worst locations. The samples would then be transferred to agar, a nutrient rich protein, then placed in an incubator for several days, and allowed to grow. The monsters that grew off common surfaces ranging from a locker room shower drain to a public drinking fountain (one girl even swabbed, . . . . ahhhhh, . . . . down there) were STUNNING when given the optimal conditions to grow. People: We would all be long dead by now if our immune systems didn't work just by going about our daily lives. All you can do is stay as healthy as you can, take reasonable sanitary precautions, and hope for the best. When/if the super bug (google MRSA) finds you, it may already be too late. Chum lee
Chum lee 10/16/19 01:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Modern Food?

Unfortunately today in order to stay competitive, most chain restaurants serve some form of highly processed slop that is loaded with highly refined carbohydrates/proteins/fats (sugar, flour, soy, flavor enhancers, extenders, preservatives, unsaturated fats, etc.) to increase the shelf life and reduce the price of the raw food. (if you can still call it that) Eat real food. Chum lee
Chum lee 10/15/19 04:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: Oil stick problem - need help

I'm not sure what the tip of your current dipstick looks like. I've made insertion easier by filing down the tip so that the pointed or blunt end has more of a tapered point on it than what came from the factory. Obviously you don't want to damage/change what ever indicator(s) are at the tip or change the overall length. Trial and error is the only way to know when it's right. IMO, something is hanging the stick up on the way in. Chum lee
Chum lee 10/15/19 03:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Vibrations on 92 Fleetwood - P30

I'll second the drive shaft. I wish the kids around here were as good with their English, as a first language. X3! Sounds like a center support or a U-joint. Crawl under the RV, put your hand on the drive shaft and shake it back and forth, then up and down at the front, in the center, then at the rear. Now you know where the problem(s) is. (the shaft will have play in it at the bad joint) Fix it now. It will only get worse until it fails and you are on the side of the road trying to locate whats left of your now bent up driveshaft. Chum lee
Chum lee 10/15/19 03:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Quiet generators

With in the next few seasons I will be in the market for a generator. I have heard Hondas running and they are notoriously quiet. My local RV shop has Hyundais and they claim they are just as quiet, but are cheaper. Anyone have them? What are they like? Should I get a Honda instead? What do you expect to run? Microwave? tv? charge the battery? air conditioning? AND, . . . . WHERE do you expect to run it. Running your A/C on a Honda EU2200 while fishing at an alpine lake in the Rockies (ie 8000 feet MSL) and 85 degrees F is A LOT different than running it in Florida (sea level) at Talladega Nights watching Ricky Bobby race. Maybe it will work at one location, but, it probably won't work (reliably) at the other. I'll let you figure out which one. Chum lee
Chum lee 10/15/19 03:31pm Tech Issues
RE: MH accident in gas station!

The driver must have been deaf or on the phone to do that much damage without hearing of feeling it and stopping sooner. Or the fact that some people are simply morons. Maybe the driver was. My brother in law is one. He can break anything or wreck anything. If he wants to borrow a tool or piece of equipment I know I'll be fixing it, sharpening it, or replacing it when returned. He wrote the encyclopedia on cutting dirt and rocks with chainsaws. A friend of mine who was an auto tech for +30 years had this sign posted in his garage, . . . . . . in big bold letters: "NO TOOLS LOANED, PLEASE DON'T ASK" He was VERY particular about his tools. He was more than happy to help most people with just about anything. But, . . . . . just DON'T touch his tools. Chum lee
Chum lee 10/12/19 11:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: MH accident in gas station!

Wow! Lifting that Class A MH up like that from the rear end? (extending the effective wheelbase by 10-11 feet then adding about 14,000 lbs. of REVERSE tongue weight) If the frame wasn't bent as a result of hitting the bollard, it probably is now. Ford does use highly ductile steel in their truck frames but this will be a good test to see just HOW good it is. To be fair though, considering the damage and under the circumstances, I don't know what else the tow truck driver could have done to get the MH out of the fuel island in a timely manner. The MH driver must have been really moving through that (really tight) fuel island to do that much damage. It didn't look like the bollard even budged. Chum lee
Chum lee 10/11/19 12:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RVs and California's Planned Power Outages

After PG&E's experience with Erin Brockovich, and, now being held legally responsible for the Camp fire, (among just a few major lawsuits) can you blame PG&E for trying to protect themselves financially, while keeping their stock holders happy at the same time? IMO, in this case PG&E WAS at least partially responsible for getting themselves sued. It's big money in action folks. The consumer doesn't get it both ways! If you don't like it, start your own electric company. Many RVer's already have because most of us have learned to live without (dependable) electric power. Chum lee
Chum lee 10/10/19 03:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Blow-by Yamaha ef3000ise

Chum Lee: Fair enough, but still pretty oily. I can squeeze it out from the paper filters foam edge. (not the sleeve, but the foam attached to the filter edges that seat against the housing). When I run a towel into the filter grooves it comes out oily. Not sure if that is the way it should be or not. Overreacting?...possibly. All I know is it had never done this prior. She is running fine, no smoke, or at least none that makes me worry. It starts fine, the output is fine. You know you are blowing my chances of convincing my wife we should have this: I'll get another filter and see. OK, I didn't realize that you cleaned the filter in the photo up, . . . . at least a little. It doesn't really look that bad. With that low of hours, there shouldn't be any oil dripping off the air filter or the foam seals on the ends of the filter. Find the crankcase breather and make sure its clear and that all the piping/venting is connected properly and flowing. Some Onan gennys had a TSB (technical service bulletin) to modify the breather, but, that shouldn't affect your model. (since it's a Yamaha) Are you using the correct oil and filling it to the proper level? (not overfull) Chum lee
Chum lee 10/08/19 05:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Blow-by Yamaha ef3000ise

"Sigh...went to check the air filter on my yammy generator and found the filter soaked in oil" I wouldn't call that soaked in oil. If it was "soaked in oil" there would be oil dripping off the filter. A few drops will do that. How is the genny running? Oil consumption? Excessive smoke? Hard starting? Making rated power? If everything is OK I think you are over reacting. Do ALL the required maintenance and see what happens. Chum lee
Chum lee 10/07/19 02:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Vapor lock 1990 E350 EFI 460 engine?

"So it is possible that the high pressure pump was also damaged. Also I'm not sure I have ever replaced the fuel filter on this vehicle. It is 30 years old now with 85K miles. I will be replacing the fuel filter shortly." I'm not saying that is the problem, but, what is the change interval on the fuel filter? Wouldn't it be common sense to replace the filter per the manufacturers recommendations? You have many of the symptoms of low fuel pressure and/or a restricted fuel line(s). Chum lee
Chum lee 10/06/19 02:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Suspension upgrade disappointment.

I guess I'll never understand why people want to "upgrade" their poorly performing vehicle when it doesn't suit them. Why not get it to work, . . . . . right, . . . . . . as it was designed to do, BEFORE you start the upgrade process. Your vehicle is 15 years old. Things wear out. Unless you specifically KNOW that some component of your vehicle has weak engineering points, just repair it properly (they way it came from the factory) and go from there. That means replacing worn bushings, tie rods, shocks, etc. Most people are amazed when their vehicle works as it was initially designed. (it's not a race car, it's a truck operating at close to maximum gross weight) Chum lee
Chum lee 10/04/19 11:59am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Freezer works, fridge does not.

"OP Freezer at 10*F and food compartment at 45*F running with thermistor unplugged..." Unless you are operating in high temp conditions, your Dometic freezer unit should have NO problems getting down to 0 degrees F. IMO, both the refrigerator and the freezer sections are over temp and not cooling properly. Chum lee
Chum lee 10/02/19 04:49pm Tech Issues
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