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RE: Tv mount question

Depending on the size of the TV you're wanting to mount would drive my suggestions. If it's smaller (21" or so), you can get away with an vertical articulating mount similar to this one. Note that the two mounting screws are vertical, one above the other so you basically just have to identify a vertical stud and hit it solidly. If it's a bigger TV, something like this might be your best best, Again Vertical mounting screws. If you go with the cabinet mount as described above, you could use toggle bolts through the cabinet and put a backer inside the cabinet to support. If you go with the exterior wall, measure the thickness of your wall at the entry door. Then measure the thickness of the mounting plate and use screws 1/8" less than the two measurements totaled so you don't puncture the fiberglass outside.
CincyGus 08/04/19 10:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: New Trailer Thoughts

I would recommend not getting a "Fiberglass" exterior from any manufacturer. That "great" looking skin is backed by wood! When moisture penetrates the seams you get the "dreaded" delamination,which will cost you at least 10% in resale value!!! (The exception is those rv's built with Azdel backing). So look at the "old" aluminum sided rv's. Maintain the seals and all is well. Seals need maintained on Aluminum trailers too, otherwise they leak and rot. X2 Get whichever you want or like best and get you rear on the roof 2-3 times a year and check all your seams and seals and redo any that look like they may have a crack or place for water to get in. Check the corner seams on all four corners and the seams on the front of the trailer as well as it gets pounded with rain when hauling during a storm. Do that religiously and your camper will last. Don't and they all will rot if left to let water in, less the all aluminum trailers.
CincyGus 07/16/19 01:19am Travel Trailers
RE: Generator / Invertor

Another happy Predator 3500 here. Love that it's idle quiet unless it's being pushed to above 1200-1500 watts and even at full load, very reasonable. Used it run my AC this weekend while I was out there working and ran like a champ. Very happy with my purchase decision.
CincyGus 07/16/19 01:11am Travel Trailers
RE: Tongue Weight Reminder

I have seen that video a dozen times. Interesting but real world vehicle performance as little to do with models on a treadmill. That does not mean one can ignore proper trailer loading. However, in most cases the load in TT is determined the floor plan. Food goes in the pantry, pot and pans in the kitchen, linens in the linen closet etc. In addition the really heavy items like water and waste tanks are set buy the factory. You are correct in that the floor plan determines the storage places for many items but there are many things people can do to help. I carry bottled water in the front of the camper on the floor, along with tool boxes and anything else of significant weight. Getting as much weight forward as I can with what I can control and then making sure I'm not doing anything stupid to counteract it like traveling with full tanks in the rear of the camper. Find out which tanks are forward of the wheels and travel with those full if you have sway, make sure anything rearward is as light as it can be. And it doesn't have to be the heaviest item in the world. the further it is from the wheels, the more it shifts weight that direction, just like a teeter totter. It's all leverage, wherever you put it.
CincyGus 07/14/19 08:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: A simple idea

Wife can't be trained, at least I haven't been successful in the 7 years we have been camping together. She feels too much pressure in being back there and forgets all the previously agreed upon hand signals and starts failing around any time I get close to something. Even moving acceptably close like along the edge of the gravel on the drivers side of the driveway so I can maximize camping space will have her twirling like a windmill. She also doesn't seem to grasp the concept of if you can't seem me in the mirror, then I can't see you and I stop. Then she's confused on whats going on and throws her arms up. Daughter has usually gone camping with us and she doesn't feel the stress and can stay focused without a panic attack so I've used her as my second set of eyes when available. Luckily, I'm pretty proficient in backing after years with horse, boat and farm trailers of different lengths and hitch types along with dollies for aircraft containers as a former retired FedEx Express Ramp Operations Manager. Those things are about 8' long and just like a pivoting head hay wagon. That's the biggest challenge most of ever will face backing a trailer. One of the reasons I got a backup camera now that our daughter is on her own and often isn't with us when we setup and comes later when she can. The wife takes the dogs on leash and walks them while I survey the space, make a mental note of anything I need to stay aware of and I use the get out and look method if it's tight and the camera isn't giving me the view I need to be sure. Main tip I'll offer is survey the site intently. Walk it and stand in one of the rear corners if needed. I can't tell you how many times I avoided an issue by walking the site before I started my back in. Check limbs/overhanging items (Some folks forget to look up), items on the parking pad that shouldn't be there. Have found tent stakes in gravel pointing up where someone dropped them while loading up that could have caused a flat tire. Good luck in working through to find a system that works for you. The main thing is take your time, don't get upset. Even with all the issues my wife and I have had trying to work through this, I never get upset with her. I just tell her "I got it, I'm good" and finish myself when I can see she's getting worked up. Camping isn't stressful unless we make it that way.
CincyGus 07/11/19 11:34am Travel Trailers
RE: A New Campground WiFi Record

I still don't understand the need for such speeds. I'm throttled at the moment and so dl is 2.0 mbps and up load is 1.4. I can watch netflix with no buffering. If they are sharing it with a 100 campers that are on the network, they are all getting about the same 2.0 mbps you are. If it happens to be 200 people streaming youtube or netflix, then they are getting 1 mbps which isn't a great stream speed.
CincyGus 06/29/19 09:56pm Technology Corner
RE: Induction cookers For Inverters And Hot Weather?

I cook outside 98% of the time on a three burner Camp Chef stove with a Weber Q 220 next to it. The few times I have to use the stove for something, it doesn't worry me. I turn on the exhaust fan (which exhausts outside-some don't) and the max air fan in the bathroom for an hour or so.
CincyGus 06/29/19 09:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Roadside Assistance Question

Don't forget to check with your insurance provider because it's really inexpensive if you don't use regularly, and sounds like that's your plan, to have it as a backup option. Roadside assistance on my Progressive policy for my Toyhauler is $16.00 every 6 months. I've used it 3 times to change a flat, once for towing which it limits to 100 miles or less. Hard to beat that.
CincyGus 06/29/19 09:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: I hate dinettes

I don't disagree. I have never sat in one that I wasn't wishing for something more comfortable within 10-15 minutes. Usually cushions are a memory foam that is way to soft and ends up being 1" thick for an average sized guy. I "Generously" offer to allow guests the dinette seats and bring in a camping chair to sit at the end of the table if we are stuck inside playing a board game or cards. Fine for kids or those hovering around 100 lbs but torturous for anyone approaching 200 or with a back or hip issue. I bought a toy hauler with a happi-jack opposing couches/bunk setup and while it wasn't the reason I went toy hauler, it was a definite selling point in my mind.
CincyGus 06/29/19 09:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Satelite Internet

Most people that full time in there RV have the internet issue and what I have come to understand as the best solution for across the country is this: Two Mifi units (hotspots) with unlimited plans, one with Verizon and one with AT&T. Between the two carriers, there is decent coverage ALMOST everywhere. It's costly but unless you have an older cell phone plan that allows you to use your phone (as one of the a hotspots) without limiting your data, that's about the best way to have a fast enough connection to stream or surf, upload and download at reasonable speeds. Check out which is the best source for internet and mobile connectivity that I have found.
CincyGus 06/29/19 09:03pm Beginning RVing
RE: Lighting to cook by

I use and love these. They have three power settings, a strobe and a red emergency flasher. I gave one to my daughter and wife to keep in her glove box. They attach with a carabiner or stick with a magnet that is in the base. They last about 5 hours on a charge and are easily recharged with a standard mini-usb phone charger. I have about 4 of them and we use them clipped on the popup awning, next to the steps into the camper if we don't want the awning light on but want to make sure no one slips going in the camper, clip them on a lantern pole or tree limb over the grilling table, stick them on the side of the truck to put light on the cornhole board if we are playing after dark, even used them as a flashlight when the daughter has laid our down and needs to go to the shower house or the truck for something. Lastly, they are durable. I've had my first couple about 4 years. Still going strong, never failed to perform as expected. The other two I bought 2 years ago and they are the same except green instead of orange.
CincyGus 06/29/19 01:31am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Mosquitos

If there is no breeze I use Citronella candles and Tiki torches with Citronella fuel. If there is a breeze, I'll use an oscillating fan if I have power as they can't fly in too much wind or deet if I don't have power.
CincyGus 06/29/19 01:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Tongue weight issue on new toy hauler

No way I would settle for that solution. They are taking away weight from the cargo carrying total that you paid for. Your close already with a 1700 lb toy in a trailer with 2200 CCC. Are you really able stay below 500 lbs of other camping gear, food, water, clothes, etc? No way I could. They need to fix the issue by moving the axle and I would be asking to have them increase the axle rating (put a bigger axle on it) as a solution if they feel they need to leave the added weight up front to at a minimum leave you the CCC you thought you were getting. My two cents but don't settle for less that what you researched and paid for capability wise.
CincyGus 06/27/19 01:06pm Toy Haulers
RE: Advice for first time RV rental and experience

My advice is to think about and plan what you might do in whichever of the destinations you decide on (they are all beautiful) and pair it back by between 1/3 and 1/2. Many people when they try to see everything don't get to spend enough time to take in the beauty and magnificent area they are in. They end up exhausted and partially frustrated. Many of the nature types of things you may have to be in an area a while to have a chance in seeing some of the wildlife. Research the weather carefully for the timeframe you are considering visiting. At higher elevations, it can be much colder than you expect in the summer time and in the spring and fall, snow is not unusual. If you decide to go with one vehicle, erase the expectation of privacy unless you are talking about when you and your's may take a walk or do something separate from the other couple. 4 adults and 2 children in a 40' or less RV/Camper leaves little unused space. Might even want to spend a long weekend at a 2 bedroom Airbnb with this other family just to see how well you all love spending time together in close proximity. Best of luck and hopefully the answers you get are raising more questions for you to ask. It's a great community here to offer advice.
CincyGus 06/16/19 10:41pm Beginning RVing
RE: Guess we found our new rig... Comments and thoughts?

Wow, Learn something every day! They look very similar to my electric power stabilizer jacks. Didn't know there was a system like that. Very nice!
CincyGus 06/16/19 10:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: Guess we found our new rig... Comments and thoughts?

Is it an optical illusion or does the tongue jack look retracted and the trailer is being held up by the stab jacks?
CincyGus 06/16/19 06:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: Expedition w/Toy Hauler and 2 SeaDoo's

I'm not getting into the man of the house thing but I agree it's a bad idea from the start to want to roll a 1000 lbs of anything down a toy hauler ramp (twice no less) unless you camp with like 5 burly guys all the time. This screams "Hey, Hold my beer and watch this!" A Class A, B or C would all be the better idea .
CincyGus 06/16/19 06:30pm Toy Haulers
RE: cleaning before eternabond

Most videos I've seen applying Eternabond show using acetone. I have seen a few use windex also. Eternabond makes a cleaner also if your wanting what they recommend. The acetone will be significantly cheaper and has been used for years without reports of any problems.
CincyGus 06/15/19 01:02am Travel Trailers
RE: Medical marijuana

I’m fine with medical pot, but frankly this is a personal matter and does not belong on a trailer forum. Do what you want, but don’t ask folks across the country if they think you’re going to get busted on something that might be illegal in a particular state. Just like carrying a gun, its a personal choice that you need to make. You know its legal in some states and in others it is not. You take the responsibility and live with your decision, but leave the rest of us out of it. Wow, Thank you Mr. Forum traffic director. Who left you in charge of what people can ask??? Or what discussion anyone else on the forum can choose to participate in???? Seems like you jumped in one you wish wasn't here. Maybe you should have just clicked the next thread title. I'll continue to make up my own mind without your direction, thank you very much.
CincyGus 06/14/19 12:28am Travel Trailers
RE: Slide Out Issue

Check your voltage with a meter at the battery terminals without being plugged in next time it is moving slowly. Give it 5-10 minutes after unplugging to stabilize prior to measuring voltage after unplugging it. A fully charged battery should be reading in the 12.5-12.6 range for a 12v. My guess is either your battery or your converter is going bad. If the converter is going bad, it may not be charging your battery fully even though it has been plugged in and charged up. It may be that your vehicle is charging the battery during the trip enough to make it operate smoothly but after camping a few days and being plugged in, the poor charge from the converter is showing in the weak movements. Just a theory but one to check out.
CincyGus 06/03/19 12:13am Travel Trailers
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