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RE: Might sell the F450 and go F550 with liquid springs

As for tires and wheels, we are replacing our 19.5” tires with 20” wheels from Stazworks and Falken tires. Much better ride and you can air down the Falken’s to get through mud or snow or sand. You cannot do that with 19.5” tires. So your replacing med duty G rated tires with custom wheels that allow you to run light duty E load tires? Presumably with a srw wide front rim and tire so as not to lose front capacity and essentially be “at” max load on the front of a class V diesel, at least, I hope? Well this is a solution, but the thinking is flawed. You’re sacrificing tire life and capacity for presumably the very reason you bought the truck. To carry very heavy loads. I guess if your primary objective is to have an “off road” rig that weighs like 8 tons, then it makes sense. But at that point, I’d do it right and mod ‘er up to take some big super singles. But thanks for supporting a local Northern WI business. The depressed economy up there can use all the money it can get. I am replacing the rear tires with 20” wheels and tires for several reasons. First, better ground clearance when on BLM or NF roads. Second, I can air down as needed for sand and mud and snow. You cannot with the 19.5’s. The tires I am looking at are only 200 pound less capacity than the factory tires I have, still well within my needed capacity. And finally, a much better (I hope and have been told) ride. I am not a fan of super singles, having owned dump trucks and trailers. I also intend to add the Liquid Spring system for the ride capacity and they just announced the ability to auto level the truck and camper at the end of the day. I am sold! And John at Stazworks sounds like a super good guy. Family business I’m still waiting for my 20” wheels made from surplus MRAP vehicles. I will report back when I get them. I will post pictures when I get it all done.
Cliff and Michele 08/13/22 03:03pm Truck Campers
RE: Might sell the F450 and go F550 with liquid springs

As for tires and wheels, we are replacing our 19.5” tires with 20” wheels from Stazworks and Falken tires. Much better ride and you can air down the Falken’s to get through mud or snow or sand. You cannot do that with 19.5” tires.
Cliff and Michele 08/04/22 03:43pm Truck Campers
RE: Might sell the F450 and go F550 with liquid springs

Soondockin, I have a new Ram 5500with flatbed and as of yesterday, a Northern-Lite 10-2LE DB. The truck, without the camper, gave me shaken baby syndrome after just a few miles and if I hit an expansion joint, a traumatic brain injury to boot. Even with the camper, it is still a pretty rough ride. We will prolly go with the Liquid Spring system as they reportedly make the ride between a 1500 and a 2500 truck. Another advantage is when I am parked in my driveway with a 4 degree down slope, I can lift the front 4” and drop the rear 4” to level it out to get the fridge to work. Note that the Liquid Spring manufacturer says you have to remove the 22 gallon fuel tank to install the power unit, leaving just the 50 gallon tank. A friend of mine found an alternative place to mount the power unit so keep that in mind. I won’t do a 3500 series truck despite all the enthusiasts’ comments. I owned dump trucks and a truck built for 80,000 pounds and a truck built for 58,000 pounds, when both loaded to 60,000 pounds, the heavier built truck handles it much more comfortably where the lighter built truck handles it adequately. Which one do you think is more pleasant t to drive?
Cliff and Michele 08/04/22 03:40pm Truck Campers
RE: Insurance and RAM 5500

I never did fill every one of the outcome. It turns out Progressive was rating me poorly because of a 2017 accident where I was the victim of a hit and run from a stolen car. They had me as the at-fault driver. They also had me down with 3 points on my driving record. I provided them with the State Patrol police report and my driving record report. I had one ticket in 2008. A clean record and Washington does not even have a point system! They came back three days later saying I had to deal with Lexusnexus, the company that provides the reports to correct their error. So, they made a mistake but the burden is on me to fix it. Well kiss my arse, Progressive. I went into the local State Farm agent, who was a former Marine as well, and got the same coverage for $2100 annually vs. Progressive’s $3600. The only problem is my USAA umbrella does not go over the State Farm policy so we will probably switch everything to State Farm since USAA will not cover my personal Ram 5500.
Cliff and Michele 08/04/22 03:27pm Truck Campers
RE: Insurance and RAM 5500 The adventure truck in the background is now for sale.
Cliff and Michele 06/16/22 06:09pm Truck Campers
RE: Insurance and RAM 5500

Thanks for the time and comments, guys. Grit Dog, I am up the road from you in Brier. Anyway, having owned dump trucks, the rate seemed normal to me as it is a "commercial" truck. Only $1300 was for collision, $1800 was liability. Clean driving record, credit, homeowner, veteran. I do insure myself well but since I have a $3mil umbrella I can probably lower that quite a bit. I meant no connection between the cost of the truck and liability. I should have written it cleaer. Great thoughts. Thanks. Mkirsch I will head to Geico tonight and check it out. What might be unnecessarily complicated to some just means I want to make sure they are hearing what I am saying. I don't want to leave loopholes for them to deny a claim. All too often if they are trying to shoehorn my descriptions into their drop down menus and if it does not fit, they don't know what to so. Optomistic Paranoid (great name!) that company never bothered responding to me. Will update this as I get more info.
Cliff and Michele 06/16/22 04:21pm Truck Campers
RE: Insurance and RAM 5500

USAA connected me to Progressive Commercial. They wrote up a commercial policy for exclusive personal use. My Ram 5500 is a 2015 model and I pay under $1k/year for full coverage. Do you have an agent that you work with? (I'm wondering how to get with an agent that I can communicate with and who understands what I'm asking.) After talking to about five people from both Progressive and USAA I was finally connected to someone who REALLY knew her stuff. I think I was dealing with new hires who were not spun up on their jobs. I had to explain to one "agent" the difference between truck weight and GVWR. No clue. I am putting the camper on a flatbed. Another could not get through his head that the flatbed was not a towed trailer but mounted on the truck. Sarah Warner at USAA Commercial really knew her stuff. Wish I had her direct number, I would give it out. So I got my insurance. Since the value of the truck and all its permanently mounted gear will be $125K and I set high liability limits, the cost is $3600 per year paid annually. Not a bargain but good, solid coverage. Going to look for camper insurance more now. I had to explain to someone that a truck camper is removable. I really think it is just people not well trained thrust out into the call center but I should not have to train them.
Cliff and Michele 06/15/22 11:04am Truck Campers
Insurance and RAM 5500

I am looking for insurance options for my new RAM 5500 flatbed and Northern Lite camper. USAA surprised me as they will not do it. I want to protect the camper on or off the truck. Any recommendations? "Commercial" truck is the problem. Thanks!
Cliff and Michele 06/13/22 12:57pm Truck Campers
RE: Douglass Truck Bodies

the empty truck will ride better **** good point. Steel it is.
Cliff and Michele 02/23/22 04:54pm Truck Campers
Douglass Truck Bodies

Hello friends. I have ordered a new Northern Lite 10-2LEDB and will order a new RAM 5500 with a 60" CA this week. In between I am looking for a truck body, possibly the Douglass Truck Body. Any thoughts or concerns here? It appears the build quality is good but should I go aluminum or steel?
Cliff and Michele 02/22/22 06:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Chassis Cab Ride Quality

Great timing. We just ordered a new Northern Lite 10-2 LEDB and are about to order a RAM 5500 and a body, possibly from Douglass Truck Bodies. We went with the 5500 as the payload of a 4500 is not much more than a 3500, but it does hve a huge towing capcity over the 3500. I needed carrying capacity so I went with the 5500. It looks like I will need a Kelderman air suspension after reading these comments.
Cliff and Michele 02/22/22 05:58pm Truck Campers
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