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RE: Where to RV on East Coast

Spend your first night nearby. Hit a KOA or Hershey for Full Hook Ups so you get the hang of it and see if everything you are renting works before your travel to far. Gettysburg PA is very historic so is going south to Williamsburg. Not sure how things are open per COVID. If you want to go north and park on lake. Try Lake George RV Park and Resort. Some history nearby forts etc. Fun place. They burn the old picnic tables at night huge bonfire and usually there are fireworks on Lake George.
Crabbypatty 07/04/20 02:30pm Beginning RVing
RE: Costco batteries

Not all 6 volt batteries are the same. Buy Industrial not commercial grade and you get what you pay for. Buy cheap get cheap. I bought Trojan t 125 forklift batteries for my first TT. Sold it at 10 years Batts still going strong. Second TT it was a no brainer, bought another set but after 4 years we decided to trade up. Bough a fifth wheel and took the Trojans off of the Sunnybrook and installed in the fiver then added two more. Four batteries 480 amps. Yes they are $450 for two, but 10+ years of perfect service, is worth it to me as we dry camp more than plug in. What you really need to understand is that flooded cell batteries if you discharge them more than 50% you shortening their life. After using a VOM to check batteries I installed a Trimetric battery meter. Just got back from a week on the beach. Dry camped and with solar and inverter never started the generator.
Crabbypatty 07/04/20 03:39am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Working on the road.

I have the weboost amp, indoor antenna panel and outside I put up the trucker, non ground plane antenna. I installed the antenna on a painters pole and pushed it up 15 feet over the rig. Works very well except when windy as the antenna is moving. Nothing is perfect as there are so many variables. Trees in the way, hills as you cant get a signal through dirt. That said if there is path I stream netflix. I also just bought and am waiting for the directional antenna from Wilson. As I set up camp and dont move for a week. So aim it the best tower should increase my through put. I work while camping over the summer so being connected is very important. I use my iphone as a hotspot then connect to my laptop. I also hae a backup system. Hawkings smart repeater that can connect up to a wifi hotspot. Dual systems whatever works the best gets used. As far as dollars? One job pays for it all, the rest are gravy. Happy trails
Crabbypatty 07/02/20 04:13am Truck Campers
RE: Why are people not opening new campgrounds/RV parks?

My dad wanted to do it. Paid for a franchise book and everything. Found a nice piece of land next town over. That town wanted $1,000,000 to create a sewage treatment plant for the park. Killed the whole thing. A private campground on the other fork just sold for $5,000,000. NY isnt business friendly and has the highest tax burden in the nation.
Crabbypatty 06/05/20 03:24am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Good Wi Fi for RV: Is it Possible?

If your over 55 a lot of cell phone carriers have unlimited data plans for reasonable $. Cell phone signals like WiFi signals can vary based on the cg your in, terrain, foliage etc. You cant get a signal through dirt if there is a hill between you and cg or the cell tower. The signal just goes over your head. I have both a cell phone amplifier and WiFi repeater as I need to work and dw lives on FB. Also keep in mind most rvs have metal skins or metal frames, that also degrade or block the signal. An external antenna is a must for either. My antennas are mounted on a 24ft extendable painters pole, power clamped to my ladder. after I level off, I extend the antenna at least one length or 8 feet. Height is might, with antennas. Hope this helps Happy Trails
Crabbypatty 05/31/20 04:04am Technology Corner
RE: Car breaks down on a trip. What to do with your camper?

AAA wouldn't tow me with the TT and wanted me to unhitch. On I95 in NJ that's not a good idea. I as able to limp it home. Since that experience, we now have GS which will tow everything. If you have a class a,b,c truck camper not a problem, but when towing something AAA wont do it, just the tv. When my suburban needed a sensor I was able to tow to a GM dealer unhitch leave everyone in the TT then waited all day for the repair. Then we were on our way. I think that if you can get to a reliable repair place you could leave it there until repaired. If it takes to long perhaps stay at CG would be my choice if its going to take more than a day.
Crabbypatty 04/26/20 04:33am Truck Campers
RE: Slider hitch - How to Question

After lots of debate here on rv net, I went with a Pullrite auto slide as we have a short bed. My decision even though it was 8 beans more than manual was the first time i forget and put out the rear window would be way worse then paying more. 1 season on the Pullrite and it works perfectly though you need to be within 10 degrees of center or it wont uncouple. The trick is to pull the head pins and raise the fiver. Pullrite suggests wd40 on the rails and I do that every time. Occasionally when backing up the hitch does make a grinding noise when on an angle.
Crabbypatty 04/22/20 04:14am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Plugged in or Trickle Charger

What charger do you have?? Not all are the same. I have an WFCO in my fifth wheel and it does not have a stir function or trickle. Just a dumb charger and there is no way to modify it. My prior two TT's had Progressive Industry chargers and for $20, you can plug in a computer chip called a "charge wizard". the charge wizard smartens up the dumb charger to allow for trickle charge as well as and importantly stirring charge for lead acid batteries. the stir is important as the high voltage keeps the plates clean. My first TT I had two Trojan t125s. They were 10 years old when I sold it and still going strong. I put 2 Trojans on my next TT and had that for 4 years. Both TTs had progressive chargers with charge wizards plugged in. Now we upgraded to a fiver and I added 2 more Trojans and will be replacing the dumb wfco, with a progressives charger that has a "wizard" built in. The wfco also doesn't go higher in the voltage hence no stir. So it depends on your charger and type of battery. My conversation is for flooded lead batteries.
Crabbypatty 04/13/20 04:10am Travel Trailers
RE: How are your solar panels mounted?

I opted to lay them flat. Went to hardware store and bought a 4 foot piece of angle aluminum. Used the chop saw to make uniform size brackets about 2 inches each. I screwed them into side of panel careful not to screw into the panel only the frame. Applied a generous amount of Dicor roof sealant flipped it over and placed on roof where i wanted it. Once screwed in I covered the screwed head and around he outside of the bracket with more Dicor. Never a leak mounted 6 panels that way. Highway speeds no problem. Charging no problem. PS attach your wire or at least a long enough pig tail to make the electrical connections.
Crabbypatty 03/31/20 04:43am Travel Trailers
RE: Replacing 12-volt batteries with 6-volt

Had two 6 volt on the TT for 10 years still going strong. Now have 4 6v on the fiver. If you want you batteries to last, never discharge them more than 50%. Buy a Trimteric or similar battery meter. I ue Trojans they are built for abuse and are trouble free. Yes they cost$$ but lets see $450/10+ years is $45/year. Thats when I sold it. Its my understanding from the owner that they are still going storng.
Crabbypatty 11/04/19 03:23am Tech Issues
RE: Using a tow vehicle as a windbreak while boondocking

We do the same thing camping on the beach or SP. Just went through some mighty gusts.
Crabbypatty 10/17/19 03:49am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: 5th wheel with largest tanks

We just bought a fifth wheel and it has a puny 44 gallons fresh water tank. Yes its made for FHU, but we dry camp a lot. 30 days this year. 44 gallons good for 4 days me and the wife its not enough. So in the spring I will either add or swap tank out for more. Funny they aren't built for dry camping yet the grey and blank tanks are huge. I guess they figure that I can pee more than I can drink....go figure....
Crabbypatty 10/10/19 04:21am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Generator pros and cons

Depends are what your doing and where you want to camp. The inexpensive Chinese knock off inverter gens are more noisy than the Honda or Yamaha. Who knows how long they will last. You get what you pay for. My Honda 3000i is now 15 years old so yes they are expensive, but very quiet and built to last. We also have the 2000i that I bought used off of Craigslist for $600. Since we added solar and a second set of batteries, we used used 3 times this year while dry camping 30 days (no hookups). If I had to do it again, I would have bought solar, batteries and inverter first, then a small gen like the 2000. Yes I can run everything and its quiet.
Crabbypatty 10/10/19 04:16am Tech Issues
RE: Winter Cover

I always cover my rv's in the off season. One more trip for us here in the northeast and I put it to bed for the winter. Covers are ment to breathe otherwise you get mildew. I has ADCO's for two rvs but for what ever reason the last one after 3 years was showing wear and tear. Straps are need as its windy here. Never had any issues with water though. Ill order an ADCO before the end of the weekend. Yes putting in the 30 ft TT was fun, its gonna be way more fun 13 feet in the air on a 37 foot fifth wheel.....
Crabbypatty 10/05/19 11:33am Fifth-Wheels
Winter Cover

We now are proud owners of a fiver and would like to know what covers folks are using. Prior we owned a 30 ft Sunnybrook and the ADCO cover only seems get 3 years out of it before it tears. AMCO Pro Shield or Or Ultra Shield. Any Other suggestions? I live in the north east and the fiver will be outside shivering all winter, so it needs to be covered. Happy Trails JOhn
Crabbypatty 10/03/19 02:40pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV Router

I use the Hawkings Smart Repeater, which is also a router, with a 4 watt amplifier I picked on Amazon connected outside to a 15 db gain Hawkings omni directional antenna. I also have a 12 db yagi but thats harder to aim. Works well. We are WEP so you need my pass word. Separately I have rv extreme cellular repeater with the new wilson trucker antenna and it has an inside antenna as well. One or both will work depending on what signals are out there. We dry camp on the ocean and bays and I need a signal for work. Sometimes nothing works. This year wifi signals were to low to be meaningful and we were using the rv system.I placed both outside antennas on a painters pole ad can extend up 24 feet.
Crabbypatty 10/03/19 04:27am Technology Corner
RE: lobsters in Maine

I 95 north Main Exit 2. Warrens Lobster House under the bridge. You will not be disappointed. Its a stop and eat place on the river. Just the best.
Crabbypatty 09/26/19 04:32am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Will fifth wheel front hit truck back window?

Reading all the stories and wanting to make life easy, I installed the Pullrite 2700 automatic slider for my short bed. I do not ant to think about turning backing up and having an issue. The Truck cost alot, the fiver cost alot so for the difference of few hundred bucks to connect the two, wasn't the place to hold back. My first season and having been out 6 times it was a goo choice for me.
Crabbypatty 09/20/19 04:12am Fifth-Wheels
RE: coating rubber roof what have you used

Dicor Cool Coat. Roof was Tan, sun was strong made the camper hot. Primer 2 coats of cool coat made a 15 degree difference.
Crabbypatty 09/20/19 04:08am Class A Motorhomes
RE: what gas engine? 2020 F350: 6.2 Gas or 7.3 L Gas?

We have 2015 F 250 CC Short Bed with 6.2L and 6 speed. We two a 12,000lb fifth wheel. I don't think you need the larger engine for your current application. Happy Trails
Crabbypatty 09/19/19 04:17am Truck Campers
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