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RE: Interstate and other roadside Rest Areas - Open or Closed?

Not looking to cause trouble but will you be allowed into the US right now? My understanding unless it's urgent business the border is closed.
Crowe 03/29/20 09:53am Roads and Routes
RE: Interstate and other roadside Rest Areas - Open or Closed?

What states will you be traveling through? I'd check the different state's websites to see if there's info on them.
Crowe 03/29/20 07:38am Roads and Routes
RE: Traveling Mass TurnPike from New York. ( mountains ?)

Necessary to travel at this time? Otherwise, stay put. Mountains are easy compared to the Corona virus. It’s deadly. Comments like this are not helpful. His decision, not subject to anyone else's permission or approval. There are some hills going east on the Pike from NY, nothing major, but they are kinda steady and then rolling. Last hill is 6 miles downhill before West Springfield. Yup. Not steep but sometimes they catch people off guard because the grades aren't always obvious.
Crowe 03/29/20 07:34am Roads and Routes
RE: Song Post - Part Three

Charlie Monroe - Suicidal Tendencies
Crowe 03/28/20 01:55pm Around the Campfire
RE: Can You Pass Through States with Stay at Home Orders?

Thanks for those of you who have expressed condolences. At this point it appears the grandmother is holding her own. Time will tell. My suggestion to all of you is to put your computers down, shut off the television, only check news once or twice a day and get outside. We have a "stay-at-home" order which means stay home as much as you can. However, NH officials have recommended going outside and walk, hike, bike, whatever. State and local parks are open and you are required to "social distance". Beaches are closed because they are worried about people congregating. The other recommendation is to stay local, i.e, go to park that's close to you. This cuts down on the driving, will take stress off the more popular areas and will keep gas consumption down and thereby reducing exposure. A very reasonable plan.
Crowe 03/28/20 11:44am General RVing Issues
RE: What does having an appointment mean?

An appointment is no more than a prearranged time to drop the unit off. The onus was on you to ask at that time if it would be looked at that day and if not, how long might it be. A simple phone call made 1.5 weeks ago probably would have provided you your answer already. Unless I am told it's going to be a certain time frame after 2 days I call and see what's going on. If I don't like the answer I resort to Plan B-finding someone else. Expediency with these situations is the key.
Crowe 03/28/20 11:38am General RVing Issues
RE: Can You Pass Through States with Stay at Home Orders?

our fearless leader is now tweeting that we need to immediately manufacture a gazillion ventilators. And he is correct, henceforth why he invoked the Defense Production Act. This virus has hit home. My son's girlfriend's grandfather died in NY from it. Her grandmother is hospitalized with it and it's not looking good. Both are in their mid-80s. I still stand by my original comments that for MOST of us it won't be an issue and chances of catching it are slim for the average person. But please, stop making fun of the virus, stop criticizing the President, grow up and start being helpful instead of holier-than-thou. If you are nervous, stay home. If you aren't, be careful. If you won't be careful, stay away from people. I challenge any of you to say what YOU would have done. I challenge any other President to say what THEY would have done. Hindsight is always 2020. We need to come together right now, not push each other apart.
Crowe 03/27/20 02:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bye-bye Tom Brady

but not as hard as those making in one year what he is making in two years For Brady it isn't about the money-he feeds his ego more than anything else. I don't remember Brady being super mobile, so it might be a painful year or two. For quite a bit of his career he hasn't really had to be-he had stellar protection. I agree with Paul Cardoza-last season for him, if he survives his first game.
Crowe 03/27/20 02:22pm Around the Campfire
RE: Should we be going?

We were hoping to get one last walk on the beach but all of them in the area have been closed. We are, however, fortunate enough to have a park with trails within walking distance of the house, which we plan to use. The town has shut down things like playgrounds, basketball and tennis courts plus the skateboard park but is allowing walking trails to stay open. Some experts are now saying it is NOT a good idea to keep everyone stuck at home-getting out into the sun and fresh air are very helpful to ward off depression. They are still recommending no large groups and social distancing but the threat of increasing suicide rates, domestic violence and crime are very real. Small steps may help mitigate these issues.
Crowe 03/27/20 08:48am RV Lifestyle
RE: Can You Pass Through States with Stay at Home Orders?

Per Gov. Sununu of NH no governor has the right to close borders. Even though we are now in a stay-at-home situation he has no plan to use the police to enforce the order and there is no real way to do so.
Crowe 03/26/20 06:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: waffle house

I have a Belgian waffle maker SOMEWHERE in the basement in a plastic tote. We used to make them all the time but I don't eat them any more due to being diabetic and the hubby shouldn't. I do miss them though. We got some amazing maple syrup in VT last year so I just had to have it on some pancakes last weekend. Yup, got sick. Can't handle those types of carbs any more. So next time one of you goes to a Waffle House have one for me!
Crowe 03/26/20 10:52am Around the Campfire
RE: Well, They gone and done it

But now you are ready for your comb-over years! :B Now having to decide "man"Bun or ponytail. Manbuns are hideous. Go with the ponytail.
Crowe 03/26/20 07:41am General RVing Issues
RE: RV living and registering child for 1st grade.

Not true, you are paying the property tax of the park owner via your rent, same as if you lived in an apartment. Agreed, but most likely it's nowhere near what they'd get if you had a stick-and-brick. Each school system determines how much per year it costs to educate a child and in some school districts the amount is quite a bit. In MA the average per district was over $16K per student and that's not the highest in the country. My comments are not to discourage people from full-timing with kids-I'm a firm believer most children learn more from the outside world than the classroom. I have no idea how campgrounds are taxed or the tax rate would be but even if it were only 1 child it's a fair chunk of tax revenue.
Crowe 03/25/20 02:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV living and registering child for 1st grade.

In between those two, you’re a non-resident and must be rejected! It's a matter of funding. If you aren't paying taxes into that particular school system then the town/district bears the burden of paying for the education but gets nothing in return. Granted the homeless most likely don't pay in either but there's a big difference between those who can't pay vs. those who just aren't paying.
Crowe 03/25/20 01:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Stimulus Package

Yes, they're coming out gradually. Still being tweaked. Most of the pork was taken out but there's some wording in there that needs to be changed. There should be a final version today.
Crowe 03/25/20 01:25pm Around the Campfire
RE: waffle house

This says it all....
Crowe 03/25/20 10:36am Around the Campfire
RE: What a nice walk I just took!

Spring is ending in Florida this week. 90's to mid 90's rest of the week. It was nice while it lasted.....?? Spring ended here, too-6 inches of heavy, wet snow, no power from 12:40 a.m. to 6:53 a.m. (we have a generator), but should go back to "normal" tomorrow.
Crowe 03/24/20 05:24am Around the Campfire
RE: Flatulence causing CO/Propane detector alarm?

Farting in bed with your spouse beside you is outrageously unacceptable human behavior.. LOL! Don't know how old you are but it's become the mating call between my husband and I!
Crowe 03/23/20 05:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: virus

Ford Truck Guy, nice digs! Right now I am wishing we still had one. I've got my son in his study and my husband in the basement. Our house is open concept so my husband can't use the other study. Both have loud, commanding voices. I'm used to being in the house by myself. It's been nice seeing them at lunch and having them walk with me in the afternoon if they can but I don't get much peace and quiet as they keep be-bopping into the family room to say hello. Even the dogs are exhausted because their day-long naps are being interrupted! Yup, wish we still had a mh so I'D have some place to hide!
Crowe 03/23/20 05:34pm General RVing Issues
What a nice walk I just took!

Just got in from taking the dogs for a walk. It's snowing fairly heavily but there isn't a lot of wind. There's a difference between "regular quiet" and "snow quiet". The stillness of a snowy evening when it's just a little light out is so comforting. The dogs were having a blast frolicking in the snow and we were the only footprints on the street. Soothed the mind and the soul.
Crowe 03/23/20 05:27pm Around the Campfire
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