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RE: Ford 6.7L 1050 ft lbs TQ at 1,600 rpm, 475 HP at 2,800 rpm

I think those extra 4 gears would make a big difference even if it didn't have more power. I think my 6.2 would benifit with two extra gears in between 2nd and 4th. I'm not going to buy a new one but I did it would have to be a 10 speed. Gasser probably, Diesel don't think so. Look at the GM 2500 VS RAM 355 DRW Ike test.
Cummins12V98 10/15/19 01:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: MaxxFan (Smoke with Remote Control) Best For Ventilation?

"The Deluxe MaxxFan seems to be the only one out there with a built-in Rain Shield." Do NOT depend that the rain sensors will work!!! Install a Fantastic Breeze vent cover!
Cummins12V98 10/15/19 08:41am Tech Issues
RE: Ford 6.7L 1050 ft lbs TQ at 1,600 rpm, 475 HP at 2,800 rpm

^^^^^When I get my new Powerstroke you might have to pull over to let me by on the long steep hills.:B Is your 17 "OLD" ??? Not really old just out dated and kinda slow.:) You may be disappointed. I test drove a 19 RAM AISIN. It didn’t feel any different than my measly 15.
Cummins12V98 10/14/19 06:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford 6.7L 1050 ft lbs TQ at 1,600 rpm, 475 HP at 2,800 rpm

^^^^^When I get my new Powerstroke you might have to pull over to let me by on the long steep hills.:B Is your 17 "OLD" ???
Cummins12V98 10/14/19 09:06am Tow Vehicles
RE: Lowering TV tire pressures

All’s I know is it is tiring loading rocks in my truck to bring it up to the other “MAX” sticker (for weight) every time I don’t have anything real to haul on my MAX psi tires... Signed MAX Hmmm. I prefer tossing reels in truck vs rocks. Much more useful, and I still get to haul something REEL useful!???????? Then locally in Washington State, you cans find a print version of "The Reel News" in some places too! The ONLY place to get reel news. Unlike on FOX MSNBC CNN etc..... Marty My Puget Sound 23’ GlasPly boat is named “REEL FAST”
Cummins12V98 10/12/19 06:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Leveling Jack Pads

For heaves sake, I don't need to put my "Stabilizer Jacks" down so hard as to lift the rig off of the ground. A short 2X6 or a extra plastic leveler block is all I need. I'm not planning on keeping it stable during a earthquake. And, of the girlfriend and I are rocking it around a bit I don't care who cares. But, to each their own. Some of us have levelers, not stabilizers. Mine can easily lift the tires off the ground. Not recommended. I do use a stack of legos to shorten the legs, the shorter the less wobble. Please tell my why it's not recommended? Fact is there are places where the ground slopes side to side and one side of the tires are off the ground. Many times the tires are touching but barely touching, is that an issue? RV hooked to truck in pic and then leveled with the back 4 jacks, sat overnight that way looked the same in the am. Is that an issue?
Cummins12V98 10/12/19 07:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Ford 6.7L 1050 ft lbs TQ at 1,600 rpm, 475 HP at 2,800 rpm

^^^ I agree not many RVers are going to be maxing out the tow ratings of the new trucks but those who tow heavy 5vers will employ every pony under the hood of the new Ford climbing some mountain passes. I find the odd time towing in the mountains that my 2017 could use a few more ponies with only a 16000 lb rv. You would be crying towing my 23-25k load. :B
Cummins12V98 10/12/19 07:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: Boycott “No Campfires”

What is really stupid is to say no propane fire pits!
Cummins12V98 10/11/19 09:07am General RVing Issues
RE: Boycott “No Campfires”

"so many places don’t allow wood fires but not allowing propane campfires is beyond ridiculous." That's a bunch of "Barbra Streisand".
Cummins12V98 10/10/19 03:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Eternabond vs Dicor

Eternabond done properly eliminates maintenance. Eliminating maintenance is my priority! Your call but adding Dicor along edges simply adds maintenance!
Cummins12V98 10/10/19 03:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Lowering TV tire pressures

Oh boy...... Cummins does not IMHO get 100k miles from tire because he JUST follows inflation tables. Does it help. Sure it does! What gets him those miles, is he appears to do mostly highway miles. THAT is the major key. If he did City miles like I do, getting 60k miles is a treat! As each time I stop and start, turn a corner, my tires are skidding, spinning etc. Yeah my butt can not tell, the skidding etc is microscopic, but it is happening. Does it help to follow the charts? You bet it does! It's not over 50% of what miles you will get. Probably less than 30-40%. Marty This is true but it DOES help a BUNCH to have proper inflation. Most people over inflate their rears and under inflate the fronts.
Cummins12V98 10/10/19 03:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Leveling Jack Pads

um... one more post ... don't forget to level your picnic table. If using an outside cooking device on the picnic table, there's nothing worse than eggs and pancakes sliding off, or stuff sliding off your dinner plate. Rather than hassle with all these scraps of wood, my company makes a set of picnic table levelers. Lightweight, EZ to use and durable, they are a bargain at $150 a set. NEVER HAVE EGGS SLIDE OFF YOUR PLATE AGAIN!! Ordering details to follow... You may want to re think that! Site will delete any for sale posts.
Cummins12V98 10/10/19 02:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Eternabond vs Dicor

Dicor properly done and maintained won't leak and is a great product. Eternabond done properly eliminates maintenance.
Cummins12V98 10/10/19 09:42am General RVing Issues
RE: 5th wheel with largest tanks

Snip...I guess they figure that I can pee more than I can drink....go figure.... They are right! I drink one cup of coffee and pee about two gallons!!! :E :B Barney Too funny! Sure seems that way.
Cummins12V98 10/10/19 09:39am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Lowering TV tire pressures

Just an FYI: I spent 5 years as the technical liason from a major tire manufacturer to Ford - calling on the light truck folks. They test their vans, pickups, and SUV's both fully loaded and empty at the specified pressures (the ones on the door placard) for both ride quality and handling. They adjust the springs, shocks, and sway bars to get the vehicle to behave benignly at both conditions - that way the consumer gets a vehicle they don't have to adjust the tire pressures to be confident the vehicle won't misbehave in emergency manuvers and has a reasonable ride quality. They also tested their trucks pulling trailers at the rated towing capacity. I assume that other vehicle manufacturers do the same. So I am confident that using the pressure specified on the vehicle tire placard is what they had in mind for both fully loaded and empty vehicles - unless they specify otherwise in the owners manual. On a RAM 2500 would you feel comfortable running 80psi rear ALL the time as the door says and the Nanny requires? If it were a 3500 SRW would YOU lower based on actual unloaded weight?
Cummins12V98 10/10/19 07:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: Lowering TV tire pressures

They recommend using those charts unless you want to blindly run what the manufacturer says that is a CYA for them. Do you seriously think vehicle manufactures don’t know about those charts and don’t use them as one of the criteria when selecting a tire and determining what pressures are optimum for that particular vehicle? Look at the door of a newer RAM SRW they call for 80psi rear. No one in their right mind would run 80 unloaded. The dash goes crazy if you lower the air on a 2500. 3500's you can lower without the nanny screaming at you. Of course they know about the charts! They base their psi's on them. Some times! On my DRW they are right on with 80/65psi for full axle ratings. 80 is correct loaded or unloaded. I use the charts to adjust the rears. I checked yesterday my front and rears both have 8/32" tread remaining. No rotation other than moving fronts side to side with same rotation.
Cummins12V98 10/10/19 07:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: 50 amp coach on 30 amp power

I really LOVE our CheapHeat!!! It’s keeping me warm right now.
Cummins12V98 10/09/19 09:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Lowering TV tire pressures

They recommend using those charts unless you want to blindly run what the manufacturer says that is a CYA for them.
Cummins12V98 10/09/19 06:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Lowering TV tire pressures

Wilber buddy do what you want, call it what you want I explained what works and how. Oh and let's not forget I get by far better mileage and perfect tread wear than most by using the charts. Your opinion only. The charts claim no such thing, they only give maximum loads for different pressures. I guess GY Tech Support knows nothing!
Cummins12V98 10/09/19 03:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dodge / Chrysler Uconnect Issues

May sound dumb but have you replaced OE batteries?
Cummins12V98 10/09/19 08:12am Tow Vehicles
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