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RE: I just got the new RV Magazine

I'm almost to the end of my subscription so I don't think it is worth while asking to cncell my subscription but I will let them know why I won't be renewing. I am also sure that I will get renewal mail once a week for the remainder of 2021 at a minimum. Each time I do, I will say do cot solicit me and stop wasting your money with mailings. I'll do this using their return envelop and waste their money. Remember when Marcuss took over the cupcake company, do you hear about that anymore. He will soon have his own private Ladies Home Journal because none of us will read it.
D.E.Bishop 01/27/21 02:05pm Good Sam Club
Cost of new fiberglass roof on a 32' Winnie

A recent wind incident here in So. Cal. resulted in about half our roof being torn off. I do have comprehensive so the cost is minimal but I would like to hear from anyone who had had to replace a fiberglass roof. We were quoted a months delay and $13,000 for a complete replacement.
D.E.Bishop 01/27/21 09:12am General RVing Issues
RE: Solar trickle charger for chassis battery......Good or bad?

I installed a 200watt system from Windy Nation and the controller has an external out put which I have connected a 12vdc programmable timer. I programmed the timer to provide a half hour charge three times a week for topping off the charge to the coach battery. Works good for me.
D.E.Bishop 01/27/21 09:02am Tech Issues
RE: Prostate Cancer

My first hand experience with Prostate Cancer has been positive in that my PSA is less than 0.1 and has been for several years. I do not remember when I was diagnosed but over a period of a year or so my PSA went from <2.5 to 14.something. It bounced all over for a couple of years and I did have three needle biopsies all of which showed the same level of cancer. My oncologist told me that they had no idea why my count varied so much but just to be safe, he suggested the 40 days of radiation. It appears to be a success but it does have it's disadvantages. In the first appointment with the oncologist, he laid out a probable course of action and inaction and he mentioned five methods of treatment. What I remember there was first, do nothing, radiation, implant radio active seeds, or surgery. I tried to explain to him that of all the options he presented the only one I was not in any way shape or form interested in was radiation. At that time I did not know anyone who had cancer and was subjected to radiation that did not die from the originally diagnosed form of cancer. I had no desire to go through what they had gone through. During the next few months I was examined or met with the "experts" in each method and all three said the same thing, I was not a candidate for that procedure. That left "Do Nothing" or "Radiation". Knowing what I know today, I would have gone outside my HMO and paid out of pocket for the removal via the DaVinci method or have chosen to do nothing. My second choice would have been "Do Nothing". After I was declared cancer free I was finally told I only had a 20 to 25 percent chance that it would reoccur. I have not felt that radiation was in anyway a good choice. I have refused ever having a PSA test again and against my wishes when I have a blood test for any reason, without my knowledge or permission the lab always runs a PSA test. I don't care what it says and I don' think it is a good indicator of anything other than MDs don't know what else to do. Being alive is nice but being alive and living with the effects of high levels of radiation for 40 days sucks.
D.E.Bishop 01/27/21 08:50am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Connect small wires to auto battery post?

Look up Cardid 2009 GMC Canyon battery terminals. That should work.
D.E.Bishop 01/13/21 07:48pm Tech Issues
RE: I just got the new RV Magazine

For those who don't feel there are too many ads by CW/GM/GS, The 28 supposedly the only ones by CW/GM/GS, used to be articles specific to our life styles and not ads. Many of the "articles" are about stuff you can of course purchase at CW/GM. April first is my non-renewal date.
D.E.Bishop 01/06/21 10:19am Good Sam Club
RE: Tioga propane light blinks green, heater not functioning

RV Harvey, while I did not read this thread and respond to it earlier, I will for the other responders say, "You are welcome. We were all newbys at one time and it takes awhile to learn the jargon and learn how RVs work. Your heater may be a bit of a mystery to you, it is, however, a really simple appliance. The secrete to understanding one is doing what we men are accused of not doing, reading the manual. Learn how it is supposed to work and then learn how to trouble shoot a problem when it doesn't work. Something I learned awhile back is, turning the propne on and off to save money is counter productive. Turning the propane off when in storage is very smart. Owning a RV and saving money is an elusive goal for most of us. So when you have a problem that exceeds your current ability to correct first read the manual and learn the jargon, then call on the community and when asking for help, include the age, make and model of the failed item. Second, be as concise as possible. I just received some very clear and concise information about my room extention hydraulics. I asked a follow up question about rebuilding a valve instead of asking if it was possible to have "someone" rebuild a valve which is what I wanted to know. I am sending you a PM(personal message) so check your PM notice. Have a great time RVing and welcome to the forums.
D.E.Bishop 12/25/20 08:02am Tech Issues
RE: Fluorescent to LED conversion

I'm a little late in chiming in on this topic but I went on the path of using strips to make my own cabinet lights in our home. They worked out so well I decided to try somehow to convert my 1990 incandescent fixtures with the early square panels which failed due to excessive heat. Then I found some strps mounted on aluminum sheets. To be honest, I forget exactly how I converted the fixtures but I think I made new backs for each of the fixtures out of metal and threw away the curved reflectors. They did and still are working well. In our Winnie, we had flourescent fixtures and like mentioned earlier, stripped out the insides and glued the aluminum strips to the backplates. They were way to bright so I rewired two of the strips to a switch mounted in the fixture. Using the aluminum strips probably necessary as a heat sink but I liked having them. In the archives is my post including several photos of the conversion of flourescent to LED. Because we go to Q every year for the gems, rv show and swapmeets, I shopped around and founf inexpensive LED bulbs for the other fixtures that needed bulbs and so there are only 8 small decorated bulbs in the vanity fixtures that are filement bulbs. Those spherical frosted bulbs are very expensive and so seldom on that I didn't replace them.
D.E.Bishop 12/24/20 08:40am Tech Issues
RE: Room Creeps In

Thank you Doug. I've got a new assembly on order. Can the valves be rebuilt?
D.E.Bishop 12/22/20 08:39pm Class A Motorhomes
Room Creeps In

I have a HWH Touch Panel-Controlled Leveling System 310 Series Space Maker Room Extension System on my 2002 Winnie. I have read the Operators Manual(ML19429/MP05.3219) and just downloaded the Service Manual(ML 21956) and according to both manuals, my problem is a leaking Retract Solenoid Valve. My Problem is that there are three thousand, six hundred, eighty seven different written descriptions and illustrations of the locations of the valves. The description of my solenoids is as follows, there are four, 2" solenoids with "T" handle relief valves that are over the reseviour tank. There are two 1 1/2" solenoids with 1/4" relief valves below the four 2" solenoids and to on the opposite side of the manifold. None of the descriptions, verbal or illustrative completely match my system, So I tried extending the room and then loosening the bleeder valves and found that when I loosened the two under the valves for the jacks, the room stopped creeping in. I took this to mean that one of those two valves is the extension valve. Now, how do I determine which one is the retract valve. If I loosen the other two bleeder valves one at a time and try to retract the room, shouldn't the room stay extended? Or is there another way to isolate or tell visually which of the two valves on the side opposite the manifold from the extend valves is the leaking retract valve. I know this is a long post but simply put, how do I find the leaking retract solenoid valve?
D.E.Bishop 12/22/20 09:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Flojet macerator: is it reliable? Maintenance issues?

I made my own out of a garbage disposal. Here is a link... LINK
D.E.Bishop 12/20/20 11:50pm Tech Issues
RE: inexpensive panels

It looks like you got your answer, you will have to up your controller. I really just want to comment on your WindyNation system. I bought the 100watt system and added a second 100watt panel. It is doing well we have camped twice since I installed the system and in the 20 days we have been camping we have not needed to run the genny. We have two interstate GC1 batteries from costco that are about 2 years old. We are moderate in power usage and run the 32 inch tv and the BluRay about 3.5 hours a night. The system is really worth it and I am very happy.b
D.E.Bishop 12/06/20 12:25am Tech Issues
RE: tv antena

I cannot give a side by side comparison of the two antenna but I can say that gographic location plays a much bigger part than you may realize. At one time a member of the forums did side by side comparisons of several rv antennas, he did lab quality controlled tests with test equipment that you and I cannot afford. His conclusion was with the antennas mounted at the same height pointed in accordance with Manu. instructions, the batwings won hands down. I don't know wher Santa Clarita Jeff is now but it would be interesting to have him run the series of tests he ran befoe, with the equipment of today. I do know that with my batwing four with the sensor pro laying flat on the roof at my home pulls in over eighty stations but at High Jolly Campground near "Q" I get 7 when extended. The rigs with the best reception at that location that are pulling in 25 to 27 stations and have antennas mounted on masts that are 15 to 20 feet above roof top antennas. Too many variables to be considered for on test with dissimelar antenna.
D.E.Bishop 12/03/20 08:08am General RVing Issues
RE: HWH customer service phone number is a joke

I have had a solenoid valve on order 10-13-2020. I don't remember the estimated delivery time but it was less than two weeks. The two weeks passed and no valve, called again. Asked if my Debit card had been rejected(I have a prepaid debit card) and was told they don't deduct payment until the item is shipped and they would deduct then. Waited two more weeks, called and was told, "it takes us about two weeks to get a part and it has been four weeks since you ordered the valve so we should be shipping it out soon". That was two weeks ago, and no valve. I will email today and see what happens, I'll bet I don't get a response. We leave for the GCNP on tuesday for a S&B stay with the eldest daughter and so we're taking the Explorer due to snow probabilities. Hopefully they will respond but I really don't expect one.
D.E.Bishop 11/29/20 07:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Moving to California!

I am a Senior that was born and raised here, I have always been a proponent of CA. It is a wonderland but, there are forces gaining tremendous political power here and they are not RV friendly nor are they RETIREMENT FRIENDLY. They are not anti-retirees, they just tax the bejesus out of everyone who lives here. It can be a beautiful place to live but things are changing and the social programs that are in the works will raise the cost of living to a point of being the highest of the highs. It is already the highest in the country and it will soon be challenging the highest in the world.
D.E.Bishop 11/05/20 09:30am Full-time RVing
RE: Camco. 44421

Looks like it may have been replaced with #44424.
D.E.Bishop 11/05/20 09:09am General RVing Issues
RE: Aisle light bulb replacement ?

Go to look for Revolution 1036-25. Contact Lichtsinn down the street from Winne Plant. Just Google it.
D.E.Bishop 11/02/20 07:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: house batterys not charging with engine running

Two pieces of test equipment I use that allows me to be in the cockpit and test voltages in the battery box or other places separate from the cockpit are a good clip on test light and a piezo speaker or siren. I use the piezo a lot. Clip one lead to ground and one to the actuation terminal of the solenoid and then go to cockpit and turn the key on and then start the engine. You'll hear the piezo clearly in the cockpit if the circuit is good. Carry on from there.
D.E.Bishop 10/19/20 10:47am Tech Issues
RE: crank up antenna won't crank up

I don't know why anyone would call a Winegard Batwing mediocre. I can pull in more with that sitting in front of my home and get more than 80 stations. I can now with the sensor pro get more than with the house rooftop antenna. The batwing is the best of all RV antennas. There used to be a member on here that test all of the antennas he could get to test and the best was a Winegard Batwing. By the way his handle was Santa Clarita Jeff, a very nice person.
D.E.Bishop 10/18/20 06:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: Propane Coffee Pot

I have used a percolator, the Folgers T-bags, french press, cone shaped Malita drip through type and on and on, now I use either my Cuppa Joe or my 12 volt Keurig(ask how I got that). All are very good by the way.
D.E.Bishop 10/18/20 06:35pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
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