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RE: Power Cable Extension options ??

BB_TX, I don't refute what you are saying in the least, but some have the opinion that NFPA is law. I just think they are wrong and you have verified or at least back up my belief. I started in the electrical trade some 65 years ago and NEC has always been our guide(code really). The City of Los Angeles has had some standards that were more stringent than the NEC, this did not violate the NFPA rules as some say it would. So anyway, on to the 1194 Standards there are as I pointed out a few areas where our fellow RVer from BC is quoting the 1194 Standards as being enforceable in the USA where he is wrong and why. And I think that should those standards be adopted as they stand, they would either prove not to be enforceable or they would bring an end to campgrounds with utilities at the individual sites. Dictating that backing into a non-drive through site makes absolutely no sense at all. I think a campground owner has the right to make that rule but not the NFPA or the local government. The intent of the standards is great but there are unintended consequences in following those standards that obvious at least to me.
D.E.Bishop 07/15/19 11:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: Power Cable Extension options ??

I am finding this to be very interesting. I still don't believe that all NFPA standards are Codes, therefore, after reading the sections in 1194 and 70, I think there is a huge area of latitude in applying these standards. (Yes I know that the NFPA says all 50 states have adopted 70) I didn't spend days pouring over the standards but I did notice that Canada was involved with the development of 1194. It would seem then that in Canada these standards also apply. But I transgressed, could you please direct me to the portion of a standard or code which defines whether or not a stand can only be occupied with an RV facing one way? In other words does the standard prohibit pulling straight into a back in stand? There are several other points that can be made regarding the NFPA overstepping its bounds. Our favorite campground has only one access point, the campground being 14 miles off the highway on a narrow road and it isn't economically feasible to install another road, the ocean view stands were obviously intended as pull ins and not back ins but they are set up as back in stands. Which brings to mind, can an RV use a Trailer stand? Different construction standards for each.
D.E.Bishop 07/15/19 07:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dogs

The dogs I have seen in the last few years that show how lazy the owners are in my own S&B front yard. The ones that have amazed me beyond belief were a few who were being walked and their people stopped to talk to someone and the dogs would either drop down on the chests and haunches or lay flat on the ground in the heel position, they don't move until they receive a little tug on the leash. The others that walk in the heel position and carry their leash in their mouth. Those dogs were energetic, playful, loved to run or swim but needed nothing more than a single word or gesture to return to the heel position. Their people were pretty interesting too.
D.E.Bishop 07/15/19 03:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: turn signals

Good to hear someone other than me, uses their turn signals. I was under the impression they were optional on newer vehicles since so few use them. ;) Quite right, my wife's usual comment is $150,000 for a DP and it doesn't have turn signals, what a shame.
D.E.Bishop 07/15/19 07:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Which Progressive Dynamics Converter/Charger To Buy's web site is up and running this AM. Suggest you try the local number 334-406-0653. If you're on your cell it's better than the 888 and no charge.
D.E.Bishop 07/15/19 07:21am Tech Issues
RE: turn signals

Actually I'd check the sockets.
D.E.Bishop 07/14/19 05:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Slide out motor problem

Unfortunately, I can’t get to the back side. The solution may be to screw the motor to a plate of some kind and then screw it to the wall with more than four screws. Well you can up with a common solution.
D.E.Bishop 07/14/19 05:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Using Propane while traveling in BC - Not Legal

I did find and I have seen and complied with shutting off my propane before loading on a BC Ferry, none of the signage at ferry terminals mentions that it is unlawful to have the tanks open while driving.
D.E.Bishop 07/14/19 05:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Using Propane while traveling in BC - Not Legal

First off it is simple to provide a link rather than just cut and paste the URL. The tab for including a link is the 10th tab from the left in Post a Reply. It's courtesy to use the link tab. Second the booklet you reference is labeled a Guide. Third, I thought that regulations come under the title of Hazardous Cargo. Finally, the guide you mentioned and everything I have read on line is totally devoid of saying that ICBC is really a government agency, it is a non-profit insurance company that is regulated by the BC Government. Nowhere can I find any proof that it has the ability to enact laws. It is not the only insurance company that operates in BC. The BC government does require all vehicles licensed in BC to have ICBC BASIC INSURANCE but several other companies offer things like comprehensive insurance.
D.E.Bishop 07/14/19 04:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: Water hose storage??

I found one with only one search, I probably wouldn't it but it comes in different sizes and lengths. Hose
D.E.Bishop 07/14/19 11:19am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1979 dodge mobile traveler 360cl wont pass emissions

1984 was the first year for mandatory use of converters, prior to that it was optional but if the vehicle came with one it is required. Test on vehicles are a little schety to beging with. A cat actually makes C02. Check and see if you can get a vintage vehicle exemption at that age you just might.
D.E.Bishop 07/12/19 01:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Does anyone make 'em anymore?

Not knowing your budget or your work skills, I would suggest you look for a foamy or other home made trailer design and build it yourself. Some of the simplest trailers come from home workshops and not factories. Foamy Builds There are a large number of designs and procedures. The above is just a small example of possibilities.
D.E.Bishop 07/12/19 08:22am Travel Trailers
RE: Was rear ended on the highway

One word of advice is do not, I repeat, Do Not say attorney to the adjuster or anyone else for that matter. If you do, the insurance company has the right to quit talking to you and deal only with your attorney. Just state the facts and you "know" them to be and be prepared to back them up. I am sorry that this happened to you, you have suffered enough and dealing with the VA is hard enough but trying to deal with a money making company is ridiculous. Keep cool and if they are stonewalling or not receptive to your predicament, refuse to talk to them and get a lawyer but don't threaten they. You don't have to sue for injury if you don't have any but you can sue for damages and attorney's fees.
D.E.Bishop 07/11/19 09:49am General RVing Issues
RE: Want to use a tow bar to pull a titan xd

HERE is a link to towables from way back when to current times. By the way, Welcome to the Forums! Excluding some of the curmudgeons on here, we're a pretty nice group or RV fanatics. So to summarize what has been said, it is not recommended to tow a Titan Four Down. The transmission and transfer case will most likely be damaged and repairs will be expensive. I don't remember seeing a description of your RV in your posts or signature. Without that info, the best one can do is tell you to check on the ability of your RV to tow that much weight and to check your receiver hitch to see what class it is, if I remember correctly a class III is only good to 5000#. Your truck can easily exceed that. To answer the intent of your question, you need a set of baseplates, adapters and a towbar with all of the safety cables etc and of course in some way wire the lights to mimic the RV's lights. And then you will need an auxiliary braking system, a towed of 5 to 7K pounds added to the weight of your rig is going to make stopping much harder. I did a cursory search for base plates and didn't find any company making them. Good Luck in your quest.
D.E.Bishop 07/11/19 09:32am Dinghy Towing
RE: Battery charged but RV won't run on house batteries

I beleive D.E. Bishop is talking about a battery disconnect You are quite right. I'm sorry but I did say Battery Switches. The switch on the wall is just an activate switch and the two solenoids in most Winnies are often on here called switches. Of the two in the battery compartment, one is a single action continuous duty solenoid and the other is usually called a latching relay(or switch, or Solenoid. Folks use different names but most often Winnie uses an intelletec latching solenoid.
D.E.Bishop 07/10/19 01:29pm Tech Issues
RE: RV Storage in Anacortes, WA

We parked ours across the street from the ferry terminal for ten days. Had to have a receipt from machine to open gate, paid with AE. Cost about $20.
D.E.Bishop 07/10/19 01:14pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Battery charged but RV won't run on house batteries

I have a couple of questions for you, first is the solar system you refer to the 10 watt that Winnebago was installing on a lot of coaches. second is do you have the electrical schematics for your rig? If the answer to the first is yes, I don't think that the solar system is at fault. Don't worry about it. If the answer to the second is yes, you should look at the battery switches how they are operating, I would bet the converter is supplying powere to one of the switches and that switch is bad. By switch, I mean solenoid, not toggle or other manually operated switch. I would start there looking for trouble. If the answer is no, download it from You'll find it under the resources tab. The circuits are right there and should be easy to trouble shoot. I have a third question, does your rig charge both batteries and the 12 volt system work when the engine is running and you are disconnected from shore power?
D.E.Bishop 07/10/19 09:57am Tech Issues
RE: Angry wannabe RV police encounter

We had a home in Yachats and I must say that I've never run into that sort of behavior from Haceta Head south to Sutton Lake but there does seem to be more and more of that behavior on OR highways today. Most of the morons are what are called Millennials or Hipsters that have recently move to OR for the cheap land and feel that hauling cookies is their right. I do recommend using the pullouts but as said the ones from Haceta Head south are a bugger to exit the hwy and then reenter. I like using the ocean side parking lot at the Sealion Caves as It makes a great pullout.
D.E.Bishop 07/08/19 09:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Jalama Beach County Park In California

That county road is horrible and the driveway in the park to the top level is so outrageously steep I don't think you can make it.:B :W Actually, the county road overall is just another example of Cali Roads. The first half is not bad but the last half from the last 10 MPH curv to the summit by the tracks is quite a shaker. Driving the Al-Can was smoother. The photo in my signature was taken at site 59.
D.E.Bishop 07/08/19 08:07am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Hooking up a 12V 3A TV in my TT

Televisions, and many other electric products as well, are manufactured to operate on 12 volts. That way, they can be marketed worldwide by supplying different adapters to fit the many different voltages and plug types. With that in mind, the television was designed to receive a specific, constant voltage, not a range supplied from a 12 volt battery. Your plan may not work, but come back and let us know. I'm kind of new of this RVing thing, our first was a 1990 Bounder bought in 1998 and now a 2002 Winnie, both came with CRT televisions. I threw out the ones in the Bounder and someone else trashed the ones in the Winnie. I haven't really felt any stress out of converting to 12 VDC sets and throwing the wall warts in the junk drawer in my garage. All four sets have run off the cigar lighter type plugs with internal fuses and no problems so far. Same for the DVD and BluRay players. I think there is too much importance given to absolutely even, clean and regulated power in our homes that ride on rubber. It is not rocket science, it is pretty simple and short of that TV set that is a 56" OLED set that only costs $50 new and the stuff that is sold commercially. The USA is the only country in the world that is so uptight about the power to our homes being perfect, therefore, most manufacturers make allowances for slight variations and fluctuations in power. I kind of like my Insignia branded electronics and have not made any super allowances in hooking the electronics up to the 12 VDC battery power in my rigs. Tight connections the entire way and proper fuses. West Marine brands of 12 v power outlets, plugs and Buss little fuses. K.I.S.S.
D.E.Bishop 07/08/19 07:41am Technology Corner
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