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RE: Off grid for first time, need some guidance !

I installed a 250 watt system with a 30 amp controller to try a keep my two GC 2 batts up when dry camping. So far we have gone 10 consecutive days without using the genny. We have all LED lighting, and did not use the furnace we viewed at least 3 hours of video on a tv/inverter combo that pulled about 37 watts. The controller had a happy face and read 13.8. My chassis batt does not charge from the solar so if we we be more than sixty days of non use, I have a timer that switches the aux output from the conntroller on twice a week for an hour at noon. We've not had any drop in voltage with that timer installed. I don't leave home without solar.
D.E.Bishop 07/29/21 10:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Providing my own WiFi

So taking the most oft suggested way of creating a hot spot, we decided to go with using the phone. We went to the closest Verizon store and the sales guy finally got it staight and found we all ready had 4 GB of data to use and a hot spot in my plan. It did take about 60 seconds for him to set it up and send us merrily on our way back to the campground. When I bought my phone, I did so to have bluetooth to use with my hearing aids. I never discussed the features of the plan with the sales guy as all I wanted was to be able to hear phone conversations. So thanks again for jumping in with suggestions, it helped a lot. Now to determin how much data we will be using and upgrade my plan if needed. Thanks again.
D.E.Bishop 07/27/21 08:25am Technology Corner
Providing my own WiFi

We are currently in an "RV Resort" and the WiFi, well if I can say this, "it sucks". I am ready to upgrade my Samsung J3 to a S9 and would like to have my own WiFi. I have a J3 and theDW has an old g3 panatech. Our daughter gave her a S7 that she is thinking about activating. The DW has AT&T and I have Verison, we have better coverage that way. Which is better, a phone based hot spot or a separate hot spot. I don't know what the current devices are called. We would like one device or program to provide WiFi for both phones. Your suggestions please.
D.E.Bishop 07/25/21 08:08am Technology Corner
RE: Where to find toads for sale

What are you looking for in a towed? Is there a web site telling us what rv you have and what you want a towed to do. Thats enought of the snarky answers, there isn't a specific site that lists towables for sale. If you can do the work to convert a vehicle to a towed, there is a yearly listing of vehicles that can be towed four down. I believe it is by MoHo magazine, it is part of Affinity. If you can't do the converrsion, there are folks that can. Most mobile rv techs for instance. One thing about milage is that most new towables have electronic speedos. They do not show the miles towed. What a used towed's speedo shows may be much less than the total miles the vehicle may have endured. New vehicles that I would use are way over the weight I would like to tow. My current towed is a 2009 GMC Canyon and is over 4000 lbs. The only good thing about it is that it is towable four down without any mods to the vehicle. I gave my Daughter my 2006 Suzuki Grand Vitara because I wanted a 4x4 truck that was towable. I am going to buy it back and give her the Canyon for a down payment on a new car. I'll buy a 2wd F150 beater truck DD and keep the Suzi for towing. Oh, by the way, it is my wife who wants the towed to be a 4x4 and I want a truck for z DD.
D.E.Bishop 07/25/21 07:37am General RVing Issues
Referral for dual glazed window repair

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30253491
D.E.Bishop 06/22/21 06:02am Technology Corner
Referral for dual glazed window repair

We live in So. California and a repair shop is is a very scarce Item here. We are leaving for the central Oregon coast mid-July and we are trying to locate a good glazier almost anywhere near the 101 corridor or the I-5 corridor. We could leave the RV at a repair shop for 3-4-5 days as we have a house we can live in for that long. Can anyone help.
D.E.Bishop 06/22/21 06:02am General RVing Issues
RE: Can tires be off ground on auto leveling system?

I have never seen a leveling system that had lateral support built into it. Leveling systems by name, indicate vertical support not foundational support. Disclaimer: Just because I have not seen one does not indicate they do not exist. Your question had to do with a trailer and I have very limited experience in that area but safety first is always best. I would not raise my Motorhome off the ground with the hydraulic jacks.
D.E.Bishop 06/22/21 05:51am Tech Issues
RE: Loose Grab Handle

I kind of hate to say this but toggle bolts really suck for very thin walls. They require a really big hole in the wall in comparison to the screw in them. They will hold well but there are a couple of better choices. I would bet that the screws used to hold the handle are no bigger than #10 and the total skin thickness is no more than 3/16". A product made specifically for thin brittle materials are Jack Nuts. The whole required to install them is as large or larger than a comparable toggle but when finished the whole will be just slightly larger than the screw used to hold the handle. A very similar item would be a Molly Bolt. Both can be installed easily in foam filled walls, while Toggle Bolts are somewhat difficult.
D.E.Bishop 06/11/21 07:21am General RVing Issues
RE: Back before cellphones

I recently finished some volunteer work at a fairly remote Scout camp. I had water hooked up but used my Solar for power and I did not have internet. I don't like to carry my pay as you go, cheapo, cell phone while I work, I soon became use to the peace and quiet of living there. My DW likes to hear from me so between 4pm and 6pm I had strict instruction to phone home. Now that I'm home, the internet is not so important and neither is the cell phone. I do like the cell while we're on the road but no longer miss the rest of the gadgets. Oh yeah, I'm an 80 year old grumpy old man.
D.E.Bishop 06/08/21 08:23am RV Lifestyle
RE: Need to Haul Cargo with a Truck registered as an RV (CA)

Well "toedtoes", my DP plate is DPNNNLL. Doesn't follow the PDF you posted. Is my plate an error?
D.E.Bishop 06/05/21 09:55pm Truck Campers
RE: Solar & Inverter starting point advice

I have two Interstate GC2 batteries and charge them using a Windy City 200 Watt 2 panel solar setup for right at $225.. We can go for several days up to at least 10 and only use the Generator for making toast in the morning and occasionally use it for running the microwave. A 500 watt inverter is way more than you need to run an average 32" Class TV. My older 120 VAC Sharp TV uses 45 amps of power. The 32" Class Insignia I had in our Bounder was 12 VDC and used 35 Watts. The Winnie has a 100 Watt inverter and runs the Blu-Ray and TV with ease. The best way to power a coffee maker is use a percolator. If you like K-Cups, use a Cup-A-Joe for 15 bucks from Walmart. While I may never get my money back on these things, I don't use the genny very often and thereby avoid the ire of the self-righteous Generator Police. The best power savers are LED lights and I converted 5 fluorescent ceiling lights to two power level LED lights for les than 20 bucks for a 15 foot strip from eBay.
D.E.Bishop 06/04/21 04:35pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Need to Haul Cargo with a Truck registered as an RV (CA)

First off, lets start with the Alpha/Numeric stuff. I have a DP plate, totally differ than the Alpha/Numeric quote, so that is out second, All vehicles classified as a pickup are licensed as a commercial vehicles except for ones with permanently mounted Campers. You cannot register a vehicle designated as a pickup any other way. There are no Temporary Permits to remove the Camper and haul anything. Permanent means just that. If you remove the camper, the truck becomes a vehicle that in CA requires a commercial registration and commercial plate. If you find DMV to difficult to work with, go to a CHP Office and ask a Patrolman(not trooper).
D.E.Bishop 06/04/21 10:50am Truck Campers
RE: Back before cellphones

Cell phones are a convenience not a necessity. That said, I carry one, if I remember to pick it up before I leave home but I don't walk down the street with it in front of my face. I like to see the world in person, not on a screen of only a few square inches. I like to see the expressions of people I am holding a conversation with and the need to visit others to do this. My cell is used to make and receive phone calls, not to hold in front of my face while walking down Main St or hiking on a trail.
D.E.Bishop 05/18/21 08:57am RV Lifestyle
Buy new now or wait until end of summer

I understand that this is a very subjective question but I thought maybe some of you might be willing to share ideas. We are looking at for a smaller rig than the Winnie, it seems that as with exam gloves and other ppds, the stocks of new and used RVs are low and prices are rising. Finding a camp site today hasn't in my memory been harder, at most CGs near attractions and bigger cities. Camping made isolation easier. Now that things are loosening and some folks are out more, I think it is going to cause more crowds wanting to travel. However, I think many will find it easier to return to the mote/hotel travel rather than mess with the whole RV set up/breakdown routines and slowly fade from the RV life. We're thinking maybe using the Winnie this season and buying later in the year could be a good idea. Your thoughts are welcome.
D.E.Bishop 05/09/21 01:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Solar mppt controller, uses for "load" outputs

Due to the way Winnebago wired my coach, the chassis battery does not charge from shore power. My solar panels are wired parallel to that circuit. I bought a small 12vdc timer and have it set for 30 minutes every three days to use the "load" output trickle into the chassis battery. The timer was less than $10 and I intend to use it when I finish my 12 vdc solar landscape lighting system to turn the lights on and off.
D.E.Bishop 04/21/21 08:20am Tech Issues
RE: Millage tax

Check back many, many decades when the progressives initiated a temporary INCOME TAX...
D.E.Bishop 03/26/21 06:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Brake buddy setup in vehicle

I have a 2009 GMC Canyon with BB. If I were to keep using it as a Towed, I would put the BB in the electronic hazardous waste and buy an Invisibrake. Not that it is a bad product but in a 2009 Canyon, it sucks. Had the Invisibrake in our prior rig, best I've had.
D.E.Bishop 03/25/21 07:32am Dinghy Towing
Violent Windstorm, no roof

Well after a violent windstorm with gusts in the 70 to 80 mph range, most of the fiberglass roof of our rig sailed away. Estimate is 13K for a new fiberglass roof. Called Progressive and they made me jump through some hoops while knowing from our first call they would deny our claim. I can see their point of view, beside the loss of $13,000. What I can't abide is them knowing before the adjuster came out that they would deny the claim because my rig is too old and had deteriorated. Cancelling and going back to ACSC. New roof going on is a rubber and has a twelve year product guarantee and three year workmanship. Coast RV in Agoura is doing the conversion for $7500 including all new fitting on the roof except the skylight which is just a few months old.
D.E.Bishop 03/06/21 10:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: I just got the new RV Magazine

I'm almost to the end of my subscription so I don't think it is worth while asking to cncell my subscription but I will let them know why I won't be renewing. I am also sure that I will get renewal mail once a week for the remainder of 2021 at a minimum. Each time I do, I will say do cot solicit me and stop wasting your money with mailings. I'll do this using their return envelop and waste their money. Remember when Marcuss took over the cupcake company, do you hear about that anymore. He will soon have his own private Ladies Home Journal because none of us will read it.
D.E.Bishop 01/27/21 02:05pm Good Sam Club
Cost of new fiberglass roof on a 32' Winnie

A recent wind incident here in So. Cal. resulted in about half our roof being torn off. I do have comprehensive so the cost is minimal but I would like to hear from anyone who had had to replace a fiberglass roof. We were quoted a months delay and $13,000 for a complete replacement.
D.E.Bishop 01/27/21 09:12am General RVing Issues
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