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RE: WiFi Booster

Here is my solution to poor CG WiFi, In those places that have Cell coverage, I use the WiFi connection in my Galaxy S9plus. We were at Morro Bay SP and there is no campground WiFi, using the Winegard Pro brought in some local channels but not much there. I have Verizon as my cell carrier and am on the cheapest no contract, month to month plan. It is somewhere around $30 a month but I get a discount for being a long time customer and using AutoPay. I'm not sure how much data I pay for but it seems like 5 mb. It doesn't matter, I looked up the plans and figured I needed to upgrade to the $55 a month plan or the $65 a month plan. We drove over to Los Osos to the Verizon store and I explained my situation to the salesman(young guy in his 20's) and he hemmed and hawed and then suggested the plan one level above my current plan for a net increase of $5 per month and an increase to 5 gb a month. Like the kid explained if I needed more data, they would be there and I could upgrade to another plan or by a Gig or two to tied me over until I had better campground WiFi. The next ten days using the TV like we would at home and did not run out of data. We do not stream and I have been told that is the big data user, I don't know but for $60 a year, I'm a happy camper. The only draw back is you must have cell coverage.
D.E.Bishop 11/28/21 06:08am Technology Corner
RE: RV Park Wi-Fi Issues

The easiest way with no extra equipment is to use your phone as a wifi hot spot. Check with your phone provider if you don’t know how to do this. Dave We were camping in Morro Bay St Pk, wifi not there, used my Galaxy S9+ for hotspot no problem until data was exhausted. I use Verizon for cell service, monthly plan $35 a month, less $5 for autopay. Went over to Los Osos to the Verizon store, explained to the young man at the counter my dilemma( I had looked up plans before we went) told him I wanted to go to the $55 prepaid plan, he hemmed and hawed and then suggested a plan, explained it fully and said if it didn't work come back and change it. Asked how much, an extra $5 a month over my current plan. Used it constantly for 10 days and never ran out of Data. Of course our favorite campground has ZERO cell service and typical wifi. There is absolutely no cell plan that will help if there is zero cell signal. Okay satellite will.
D.E.Bishop 11/20/21 07:44am Technology Corner
RE: Please help with solar and electrical questions...

Okay I will admit I am damm near fearless when it comes to installing stuff and when I did my solar system, I had my DGS's help. Installing a system is as easy a it can be if you do it one step at a time. Juat read up on what to do. Lots of help here in the forums. We have a small system it cost about $250 all total and was a pain in the butt to get some of the wires in place but we can go ten days without electric. Moderate sunshine and no big draw items. I would spend more and buy better next time.
D.E.Bishop 10/28/21 07:06am Travel Trailers
RE: Non-level campsites Class A

Personally I won't level with any tire off the ground, structurally I do not feel it is safe. The owners manual for our 1990 Bounder had instructions for building the three level ramps discussed earlier in this post. They worked well for me. There was a little problem, however, they were darn heavy. That is why we have a RV with hydraulic levelers. That said, all the examples here deal with FRONT of the RV being low. The manuals for the Bounder and the Winnie note that when leveling when the rear is low, that blocks must go under all the rear tires not just one on each side.
D.E.Bishop 10/13/21 08:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2015 Ford Focus flat tow damage

In my opinion Ford says that the car can be towed four down, it does not say that it can be towed four down with any specific method of attachment. Roadmaster says/infers that their baseplates are a valid method of attaching a tow bar to a vehicle without causing damage. In as much as you installed the base plate and tow bar and not Ford, and Ford has not approved the use of those base plates, they are not going to be held responsible. The photos you posted appear to show that the base plates were not the point of failure, so Roadmaster isn't the responsible party. Who is then responsible, "YOU". Why, because you made an unauthorized modification to the vehicle. All this responsibility stuff has been hashed out in Court and while it appears that there was a mechanical failure of the vehicle's frame, it would likely fall into that grey area of what really caused the failure. Should there be a history of failure of the frame, and I mean hundreds of similar failures, or several deaths or... Do you get the point. It may seem to you that Ford should should cover the damage under warranty but the warranty does not cover any owner modifications that they did not approve. Read the warranty, it says you are responsible from the time of modification until the failure. Sorry. Your post is a valid and helpful bit of information and thank you for that important post.
D.E.Bishop 10/06/21 06:45am Dinghy Towing
RE: Will Fed shutdown bar access to Nat Forests? Nat Parks?

The Department of the Interior governs both the NPS and the BLM, the Dept. of Ag. governs USNF so there are a lot of entities involved. No clear answers will be available until the Congress makes a decision.
D.E.Bishop 09/25/21 12:39am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: CA SMOG Testing: Anyone Have Trouble w/Non-CA Class A?

Contrary to what has been said here, there are vehicles that are not made to be sold in CA. Some states require EPA Cats, CA requires CARB Cats. It extends past this and you need to check the VIN and maybe with a CA. smog shop.
D.E.Bishop 09/22/21 01:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Very unusual tow vehicle, see if you can guess it

As I have said in the past, "RVers are the most innovative folks around".
D.E.Bishop 09/22/21 08:09am Fifth-Wheels
12 volt DC Kuerig Mini

I am the only coffee drinker in my family and usually only two cups a day, both early morning before DW wakes up. Also during quiet times in parks. Read here about one guy who converted a Kuerig and removed the heating element, just boiled water poured into reservoir and ran pump. Neat if you have power to run pump. My daughter somehow came up with a couple of Kuerig Mini's that didn't work well. In looking at he inner workings of the Mini, I discovered that the motor for the hot water pump is 12VDC, so I took one and stripped everything out except for the pump that pumped the hot water from the heat chamber to the pod holder, rerouted the intake tube from the heater to the reservoir. Now I heat water on the stove and pour it into the reservoir and push the on/off button and my cup fills with hot coffee without 120 VAC. So depending on how many are having coffee, I can perc a pot or run the Kuerig.
D.E.Bishop 09/18/21 09:59am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
Replacing Piezo Igniter

The stove cooktop burner igniter on our old Magic Chef stove was a know you turned and was very loud, I planned on replacing it with a BBQ style battery powered and therefore, virtually silent. Trouble was I couldn't find one to fit. Well the MC died and of course being 19 years old and no longer in business, no replacement parts. Got a Suburban Elite but with the same snap type piezo but with room enough to fit a 5 circuit CharBroil BBQ unit. Used a 1/2" electrical KO punch to make the mounting hole fit. It uses one AA battery and it can be replaced by removing the pushbutton. Now it won't wake the DW at 05:30 when I get up and need to heat water for coffee.
D.E.Bishop 09/18/21 09:42am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Small Class A vs Large Class C

Just prior to the covid explosion we had decided to go to a smaller rig. Well you know what happened there. We still plan on dropping down to hopefully a 27 or 28 foot model Class A. The C's were just not comfy for us for all the reasons listed here. We just wern't comfortable and I don't mind driving a C but really enjoy driving an A. That is the selling point. What we really want is a 2021 or 2022 version of our 1990 Bounder 27D. No slides, twin beds and a split bath, tons of closet space. the DW would miss her two pantry slide out cabinets but would happily give that up. We kind of like bumping butts as we pass each other in the narrow aisle, so losing the slides is acceptable. That Bounder was a great RV for the two of us and even when we started taking the DGKs with us.
D.E.Bishop 09/13/21 07:53am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Solar system with both 12v and AC inverter

I'll second Drews suggestion.
D.E.Bishop 09/13/21 07:13am Beginning RVing
RE: Domiciling in California

Eric Anderson 10923 Progress Ct(address of the US Post Office) Unit 1234 (your PO Box Number) Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 I like Eric's idea, the USPS delivers packages sent by UPS, FedEX and others to residences. My Mail Carrier explained the code on the label when delivery services transport packages but don't want to deliver them. I'd like to note how this thread is going. The thing of note here is that nobody who has responded, is trying to avoid taxes. That is where most folks get tripped up.
D.E.Bishop 09/13/21 07:06am Full-time RVing
RE: Question about 12V charging on Jeep JL while flat towing

Why not install a dedicated 12V outlet for the Brake Buddy charged from the MH?Connection to the toad battery is required for a break away situation. The voltage drop from the MH might be to great for proper operation of the brake. The Brake Buddy has its own battery just for this reason. Please Dodge Guy, pray tell where the BB's battery? Should I be doing some sort of maintenance or adding water?
D.E.Bishop 09/12/21 12:29am Dinghy Towing
RE: Gassing Your Gasser

I would not even possibly limit myself to truck stops types like Loves, pilot etc. In fact I avoid them. Our longer trips are usually several months and 10,000 to 15,000 miles and our most common stops are Costco and Sam's Club. If this is your first real experience with a gasser and towed, I would suggest you spend some time in a few parking lots learning how well you rig turns and what your tail swing is. Big box stores and supermarkets with stations usually are in urban settings and are designed to allow gasoline transport tankers easy access and egress, I tow and my 34' plus RV and GMC Canyon is a little over 50'. I have only had to disconnect once in over 25 years of rving and towing.
D.E.Bishop 09/06/21 08:52am Class A Motorhomes
RE: cleaning tinted tempered glass

In reply to Durb's comment about steel wool scratching your glass, not if you use the correct wool. I am a sawdust maker and the father of a daughter with a mid-century modern home that has a lot of floor to ceiling windows and a lot of landscaping. There different grades of wool and different materials. I use 0000 bronze wool almost exclusively for finishing lacquer surfaces on things I build. I found an oxidation remover for glass that recommends bronze wool with their wash. I also use a magnifying glass and inspect the wool for imperfections. When my wife's car was sprayed by a friends lawn sprinklers and spotted very badly, the detailer used steel wool on the windows. You just need to be careful using any kind of metallic wool to clean anything.
D.E.Bishop 09/05/21 07:54am Class C Motorhomes
Got a foggy window? I know a repair shop.(LONG)

If you are living in or visiting Southern California and need a dual glazed window repaired or replaced, I know a good shop in Riverside. I had to drive almost 300 miles round trip to get my window replaced and I would do it again to have "New View Auto Glass" work on my RV's windows. We bought the Winnie third hand and even though I knew all the things to look for I missed that the the three piece window on the passenger side was royally screwed up. The guy we bought it from told us that he had the foggy window replaced and unfortunately I didn't have it inspected. Now several years latter after many patch jobs which included having Boss Glass from Phoenix replace the glass one January at "Q", the window was not watertite and the only patch that had worked was Duct Tape. I have contacted several glazers but none could fix it or seal it up. RV glass shops for whatever reason don't respond to inquiries and finally, in desperation I contacted New View. We were also having problems with the latch on the slider section. I set up an appointment and drove 150 miles +/- to see if they could fix it. I was treated respectfully by them and the owner Tim and his crew of three swarmed in and did their magic. At first it seemed that once again the "Pros" didn't listen to me and I don't think they fully understood that the window tucked under a corner of the front cap until they got all the gunk cleaned off and tried to reinstall the window and it wouldn't seat against the side of the rig. They, with my approval, removed a 3/8" square corner of the front cap and the window fit perfectly. They reset the glass in the slider section in it's own frame and now the lock works easily. I was given three options for repair, repair the existing dual glazed section, replace it or have insulating bonded glass installed instead of dual glazed glass. I chose the bonded glass. When I left that afternoon, the frame fit snugly in the side of the rig, there were no obvious signs of the other repairs, all the sealant had been removed, even the glass that was not replaced looked brand new and I have a three year or so warranty. The price they quoted me was exactly what I was charged even though they had a little extra work to do. They were great to work with and they were the only ones who were at all concerned wiht my being truly satisfied and went over everything two or three times to make sure I was happy. I am and highly Recommend them. Their phone number is 714-890-1347.
D.E.Bishop 08/28/21 06:36am General RVing Issues
Installing a reverse switch in a Fantastic-Fan

Really I have two questions, first, how do I determine the model of my FF? I have a 2002 Winnie made in 2001 and the kitchen/dining area fan is a manual opening, fan without a reverse switch. Second question is, what do I need to look out for if I want to just reverse the +/- wires to the motor using a DPDT switch? In other words, can it be rewired to exhause as well and introduce fresh air?
D.E.Bishop 08/22/21 07:51am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: "Groovy" flat fuses VS non-groovy

I'm with DrewE's first sentence. Those groves are not significant electricity wise. Just try a little harder to insert the new fuse. It ain't rocket science. I am adding to my original post as I was called away without being able to finish. I have enough life experience(81years)and in the electrical field for 51 years, that I feel safe saying that the really odd ideas about shape of the blades and the plastic is just grasping at some really far away straws. If it won't fit at all and there are absolutely no manufacturer marks on the original fuse, the solution is to replace the fuse holder or maybe contact the vehicle mfg or the mfg of the part and ask it the fuse is special. Asking here has not accomplished anything concrete and doesn't seem likely after reading the response that follows mine just a waste of time.
D.E.Bishop 08/15/21 08:20pm Tech Issues
Magic Chef

We have a 2001 Magic Chef range model CLY2745BDB. The thermocouple that opens the valve to provide gas to the oven burner appears to be bad order. It is an interictal part of the valve and is not replaceable. I have tried several places to get a new valve and all say no longer made or not available. Other than replacing the entire oven, do you have any ideas. I only know of one salvage yard where I might find a salvaged over I could strip the part out of. I am in Los Angeles near the Rose Bowl but I'd drive 50 miles or more to get a replacement part.
D.E.Bishop 08/06/21 07:58pm Tech Issues
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