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RE: Furnace doesn’t work

Where did you jump the wires? At the furnace or at the thermostat. The only thing the thermostat is capable of doing is closing the circuit you say you're jumping. If you jump the wires at the furnace and it works but when you jump them at the thermostat it doesn't, you've got a bad wire between those two points.
DFord 01/28/20 10:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Propane Bleeder Valve

Just use a little sense and at least ask your propane dealer what they would charge you to fix it. You might be surprised how reasonable it would be. I've repaired furnaces since 1970 and that's what I would do.
DFord 01/28/20 10:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Get your Dometic Toldo - A real kick in the teeth.

None of all this doom and gloom would be inevitable if the working people of the world shared in the fruits of their labor. Before the war on unions and trickled down economics began and the extremely wealthy began their greedy hoarding simply because they could, working people enjoyed a share. Sadly, that share has shrunken while the extremely wealthy have continued to squeeze them - even while productivity soared. We're now living in an oligarchy where the wealthy control our government for their own enrichment. Greed knows no bounds and the only power we who work for a living still have is the power to vote. Unfortunately many are voting against their own best interests these days.
DFord 01/28/20 10:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Surge Guard Protector..????

Advice I've received said to stay away from Surge Guard products. I know from experience, Camco's top of the line protector is a bad investment. When mine failed due to water intrusion (it was never immersed in water but did hang outside for a month when it rained several times - it claimed to be water resistant), I called asking where I could get it repaired and was told it was not repairable. $250 on a non-repairable item doesn't sit well with me - never again. The Progressive line of protectors has a lifetime warranty that users say they stand behind.
DFord 01/28/20 09:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Jensen AMW 970

On this page: I found more information about the AMW970 AWM970 Owners Manual Manuals & Guides 3.2 MB 03/15/2010 Download AWM970 Owners Manual Manuals & Guides 3.2 MB 07/25/2011 Download AWM970 Quick Reference Guide Manuals & Guides 1.2 MB 03/01/2010 Download
DFord 01/28/20 09:40am Tech Issues
RE: Jensen AMW 970

I don't know anything about your Jensen but I can use to do a search. I found this link to a troubeshooting guide for your model: AWM970 Troubleshooting Guide Radio will not turn ON • Try the reset button. • Check fuse. • Check 12V+ on battery wire to radio (YELLOW wire). • Check 12V+ on accessory wire to radio (RED wire). • Check Ground. Radio turns ON, but no sound • Verify Volume¸ Fader/Balance¸ Mute controls are set correctly (see owners manual).
DFord 01/28/20 09:01am Tech Issues
RE: Atwood hot water heater thermostat question Atwood 91470 Thermostat at Amazon $12.35 height=200
DFord 01/27/20 06:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Atwood hot water heater thermostat question

I haven't tried this adjustable thermostat but it's the only alternative offered that I know of. I think the OEM stats keep the water close to 140 degrees height=400
DFord 01/26/20 09:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Niagara - campgrounds on the Canadian side

It's been a very long time since my trip to Niagara but what I remember is staying 3 days on the Canadian side and trying to take it all in. Our plan was to then cross back into the States and stay a couple more days at a campground on the US side. After driving by a couple of them, we turned around and went back into Canada to ask for another couple of days at the site we had just vacated. The US campgrounds were dumps compared to the one we stayed at. I don't believe it was either a KOA or Jellystone though.
DFord 01/26/20 09:25pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Please advise - determining max tow capacity

I don't know which chassis you've got but 2020 saw a major upgrade for the Ford F-53 chassis and drive train so you may be comparing apples to oranges. The weakest link determines what's allowable.
DFord 01/26/20 09:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Get your Dometic Toldo - A real kick in the teeth.

Our tax laws are the key to corporations moving their production offshore. The trouble is, corporations are writing the laws their minions are passing into laws. The awful "Citizens United" decision of the Supreme Court equated money to speech and has opened the doors to what can only be called corruption. Until Citizens United is overturned, don't look for any relief.
DFord 01/26/20 06:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Purchasing in a 55+ Community - AZ

When my Dad passed away, we had to get a lawyer involved to take his name off the title to the house and make my mother the soul owner. My sister and I were added to the title TOD (transfer on death). We had no interest in the property until she died. When we sold the house, there was no question the house had become ours when my Mother died and we signed the title over to the buyer. The value of the house to use was what it was worth on the day she passed away. She had some stock and we were on that TOD also. Our base value was what the stock sold for at close on the day of her death. You can use TOD on any title - houses, cars, stock. The names listed after TOD have no ownership until the primary owner dies. No lawyer or courts needed.
DFord 01/25/20 12:50pm Snowbirds
RE: Towing a vintage car?

Have you gotten any further in your quest for vintage car dinghy? I put the question on towing a 60's Ranchero 3 Spd to the ford forum I frequent and didn't really get very far. Its about 50-50 yes you can, no you can't. One of the things I never thought about is that with a column shift the shifter could drop into gear by the weight of the shifter??? I never heard of this but seemingly its a fairly common occurrence?? Again I never heard of this ever happening before reading it on the forum. To enter into the above discussion, all of the Rancheros Ive seen on Craigslist that would fit the bill for me have been well under $10k, Ive also checked a couple of VW bugs well below $10k. There are "vintage"= 60's cars below the $10kUsing a driveshaft disconnect, the driveshaft never turns. I tow my 23 year old Aerostar leaving it in PARK. The rearend turns - the driveshaft doesn't. Tow anything with rear wheel drive using a driveshaft disconnect. I had a link to the Remco website in my previous post.
DFord 01/25/20 12:27pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Can you get a decent browser on Windows XP?

I just looked to see if the OP was still reading this topic. He got what he wanted just after he posted originally early last July and hasn't commented since. There's a lot of good information here and some not so much but the topic seems to have a life of its own. Why beat a dead horse?
DFord 01/24/20 08:07pm Technology Corner
RE: 225/70R19.5

The last time I bought tires for my car at WW, I swore I'd never buy tires from them again. From now on, I'm using Tire Rack. Order the tires online, have them shipped to a local dealer (they have a list you can choose from) and they'll deliver the tires to them. When they're delivered, you'll be notified. Set up an agreeable time for the install and have them mounted and balanced if you'd like. They'll dispose of the old tires and give you a price for their services. The dealer I used did an excellent job and I'm MUCH happy with his work. That wasn't the case at WW where they balanced the tires twice and they still bounced. I found balance weights laying in my driveway after the car sat for a couple of days. Obviously, they lacked the skills necessary to properly use the balancer and apply the weights.
DFord 01/24/20 07:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Get your Dometic Toldo - A real kick in the teeth.

This is such unadulterated horse manure! I lost all interest in A&E (Dometic) awnings years ago after buying their 1st generation of electric awnings which was a piece and junk from the beginning. So glad to have my present Carefree awning! 16 News Now reached out to Dometic Corporation, which responded with this statement Thursday evening: “This is a tough day for our employees in LaGrange”, says Scott Nelson, President Region Americas. Dometic will work closely with State and Local government officials to coordinate services that will help the affected workers with job search assistance, education and training opportunities, and to minimize the difficult impacts of the layoff. “We fully understand the consequences for affected employees and their families and this is a difficult message to deliver, but this activity is necessary at this time. As part of our continuous strive to become more efficient, transferring our awnings production to our existing facility in Mexico will ensure that our manufacturing meets our customer’s requirements for lead time, quality and cost.”, concludes Scott Nelson.
DFord 01/24/20 09:43am Tech Issues
RE: 5 figure 30 foot

Dave, have you done anything with my suggestion to look at the Treks I gave you links for earlier? These are 29-1/2 feet long, high end coachs I followed the link you gave me as soon as I saw it - THANKS! I got a bit distracted though since we are still a couple years from buying and our plan was to look at what is out new now so we can be looking for those rigs used in two years. With this product out of production it's less clear we will want something that old when the time comes. Though I guess I should not rule it out. Thanks for the reminder. Dave, once you take the time to do a walk through of either of these Treks and compare the features and quality of them to whats available new today, you may end up disappointed you passed on them. By all means, take the time to have a look at one before continuing your search. Here's a sales brochure on the 2005 Treks:
DFord 01/23/20 05:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Can you get a decent browser on Windows XP?

There is information in this recent article about the end of support for Windows 7 that also apply to Windows XP.
DFord 01/23/20 04:48pm Technology Corner
RE: Brake System

Air brakes are not an issue with ReadyBrake unless your towed has air brakes - never saw a jeep configured that way though. Another reason, ReadyBrake is the best option available. The harder you brake, the more ReadyBrake pulls on your towed's brake pedal. If you're going down a mountain and towed starts pushing on your MH, it's brakes are applied just enough to control it.
DFord 01/23/20 04:18pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Brake System

My preferred system is ReadyBrake by NSA. I've had mine for well over 20 years without incident. It's completely proportional and requires no power. It connects very quickly and easily and disconnecting is just as easy. I use the breakaway cables too. I have a small LED bulb on my dash that tells me when the brakes on the towed are being applied. Additional cable sets can be installed on other vehicles in case you have more than one towed. All that plus it's the least expensive auxiliary braking system available.
DFord 01/23/20 10:27am Dinghy Towing
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