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RE: IOTA Circuit breaker Box

IOTA ILC Manual - Best Converter NOTE: The Load Center is listed to accept any standard 1" wide circuit breaker if the interchangeable models currently on the market, whether one pole or twin. It is not brand or part number specific. ILC-30 models are listed for a 30 amp breaker as a main. The main breaker must be secured in place by means of a hold-down clip.
DFord 11/12/19 10:15am Tech Issues
RE: Furnace trouble again ..... PLEASE NOTE: Suburban Gas Appliances should be installed and/or serviced by a certified gas technician or authorized service agency. To find an Authorized Service Center near you, please CLICK HERE. AIRXCEL, INC. - SUBURBAN DIVISION 676 Broadway Street Dayton, Tennessee 37321 Customer Service Phone: 423.775.2131 Fax: 423.775.7015 Service Department Phone: 423.775.2131 Fax: 423.775.7015
DFord 11/10/19 08:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Brake fluid change?

It took a bit of searching but I found this on page 45 of the "2004 Scheduled Maintenance Guide" for Ford vehicles. You don't have to do anything but put gas in your RV and drive it but if you want to do the right thing, you'll change that brake fluid as recommended and every other fluid at the recommended intervals. height=600
DFord 11/10/19 08:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Furnace trouble again .....

There will be an 1/8" pipe plug on the gas valve where you can put an adapter to measure the pressure of the gas. Ideal is 11 inch water column but I think the range is 11 to 14 - read your installation manual. It sure sure sounds like the furnace is getting too hot and the limit switch is interrupting the heating cycle. It would be normal for the fan to continue to run and cool down the overheat condition. If you don't have a manometer to measure the gas pressure you can make a "U-Tube Manometer" with a piece of clear plastic hose about 1/4" ID. You fill it with water about 1/2 way. The gas proper pressure will push one side down 5-1/2" while the other side goes up 5-1/2" (for a difference of 11"). There's probably a YouTube video covering making one and using it.
DFord 11/10/19 07:07pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hearing problem need wireless mic and ear piece

Tom, what you're talking about is a "motorcycle intercom" setup. They'd be ideal {as long as you both are wearing helmets}. Check out some of these intercom headsets on Amazon: I'd look for one that has lots of positive reviews in the price range I'd be comfortable with. Happy travels!
DFord 11/10/19 06:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Battery storage

Dang, the propaganda and price looks good on that norther tool maintainer. D, you got one and how does it perform?I have several and love them. They never overcharge or boil the water out of my batteries. I keep one on my riding mower whenever I'm not using it. I put one on the chassis battery of my MH when I found out the inverter/converter wasn't charging it. When I head south for the winter, I take the batteries out of the vehicles staying home and leave them connected all winter long. I highly recommend this charger and the pulsing it does to keep the plates from sulfating - a major destroyer of batteries. Northern Tool might have them even cheaper after they start their Christmas sale.
DFord 11/10/19 12:43pm Tech Issues
RE: How to winterize residential refrigerator??

Thank you for your responses!! One caveat, I live in the RV.!Then find the shut off in the water line that feeds the refrigerator and shut it off. Disconnect the line at the valve and drain it. Take both sides off the ice maker solenoid valve and let them drain - blowing the out would be best. That way, the back of the refrigerator can get a cold as the outdoors and no harm will come from it. (The more information you give us to start with, the better the answers will be.)
DFord 11/10/19 12:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery storage
DFord 11/09/19 10:25pm Tech Issues
RE: How to winterize residential refrigerator??

I would never allow my ice maker to fill with anti-freeze. Use air pressure to blow the lines clean. If you can't jumper the water solenoid, keep air pressure on the water inlet till the ice maker goes through a "harvest cycle" which is the only time the water valve is open for a few seconds. You could also take the output line of the water valve loose and gravity will siphon the water out. While you're at it, take the inlet line loose and blow the water out of it. Leave both lines disconnected for the winter - maybe put a piece of cloth over them held in place with a rubberband so nothing crawls in there. Once the line is blown out, there should be a shut off valve in it somewhere you can turn off and THEN fill the rest of the system with your pink stuff if desired. I stopped using the pink stuff years ago and started blowing all the lines out after bypassing my empty water heater with my 2hp air compressor. I blow each faucet until nothing comes out and then move to the next. Every faucet, every shower head, the toilet and the toilet sprayer. That way, there is nothing to flush out when I resume using the RV. I like this system much better than any method I've every tried and I started RVing in the early 70s.
DFord 11/09/19 09:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Running Lights Trouble

TexasDad, just what are we dealing with here - a trailer/5th wheel or a motorhome? Running lights/marker lights to be more understandable to most folks. I like the idea of checking the grounds at each bulb. The marker lights should share the same circuit with the tail lights.
DFord 11/09/19 08:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Side windows are fogged up

Take your RV to the RV Fog Doctor in Searcy, Arkansas. Call them to make an appointment, the drive will be easy from Tulsa. Park in front of their garage and connect to their full hook-ups. Spend the night. They'll pull you inside the next morning, pull your windows and have them fixed in a few hours. Spend another night (no charge) and head back to Tulsa the next morning. They did mine a couple of years ago. $300 for the first window and $200 for every window after that. 2 year warranty, Cash or check only - they do not take credit cards.
DFord 11/08/19 07:07am Class A Motorhomes
RE: HDMI outlet.. Ideas??

It sounds like you've got a Dish Wally receiver. You can convert the composite - AVI (Yellow-Red-White) outputs to use the coax cable (channel 3 or 4) or you'll need to run an HDMI cable to the outside. You could use this device to convert the signal: height=200
DFord 11/06/19 07:19pm Technology Corner
RE: I want to widen football field dimensions...

After the way pro-football has treated the St Louis area, I could care less about the sport and found out I have a lot more time for other things on weekends. I've declared myself a "free-agent fan" so I would consider rooting for any team with or without a winning record that made a reasonable monetary offer we could come to terms on. I don't see my habits changing until that happens. There's more to life than enriching the pockets of millionaire and billionaire team owners.
DFord 11/06/19 08:21am Around the Campfire
RE: Short Term Winterising

Lightbulbs in the wet compartment help keep that area a little warmer. A few hours below freezing shouldn't be a problem. You could use a good high volume air compressor (not 12v) to blow the water out of the lines - in case the temperatures really take a dive or stay down longer than just a few hours.
DFord 11/05/19 06:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Drawer Latches Failing

The latches in the images come in two different strengths - a 5 pound as shown and a 10 pound model. I've been using the 10 pound type and no longer having any problems. RV Designer H316 10lb Cabinet Door & Drawer Push Latch * (Heavy Duty) height=200
DFord 11/03/19 09:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Replacing 12-volt batteries with 6-volt

Wire them in series like you said and you shouldn't have any problems. The 6v golf cart batteries are true "deep cycle" batteries and should work much better to power the inside of your RV.
DFord 11/03/19 09:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Alternative satellite option?

where may i find a service to change my direct tv sat rec to dish? does diah perform the task when system is purchased You need to let us know which model of satellite dish you have before we can give you a GOOD answer to that question. Some of the cheaper antennas lack the capability to track both the DirectTV and Dish Network satellites. The more expensive ones have small switches that will tell the antenna to use one or the other satellites.
DFord 11/01/19 01:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: battery charging

I've used these BatteryMinders continuously on all my batteries for years with no ill effects and they're always ready with a full charge. I keep one on the chassis battery of my MH so it stays fully charged and ready. When I head south for the winter, I leave the batteries in lawnmower and the cars I leave behind connect to them. They prevent the harmful effects of leaving batteries connected and never boil out the water or sulfate the plates. Highly recommended! BatteryMINDer Plus Battery Charger/Trickle Charger/Desulfator — 12 Volt, 1 Amp, Model# 12117TC available at NorthernTool BatteryMinder Website height=200 All BatteryMINDers® use High Frequency pulses to desulfate, not potentially damaging High Voltage while being ON in all stages.
DFord 11/01/19 01:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Loose tow bar in receiver

You can find these or similar devices on eBay @ 2 for $20. They work great to take out all the movement in your towbar. height=200
DFord 11/01/19 12:48pm Tech Issues
RE: A Very Quiet Halloween

After reading many of the posts here this image comes to mind: Happy Halloween to all those that remember the joy of being a child.
DFord 11/01/19 12:17pm Around the Campfire
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