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RE: Water pump recommendations..

I too don't understand what it is you need to "tap" to get the pump running. My pump is in a "wet compartment" where I'd have to go outside and open the door to get at my pump. I can turn my pump on or off at 3 different locations (the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink or inside the wet compartment). All three switches go through a multi-switch box that permits this to work. Are you tapping on a relay or on the pump itself?
DFord 10/06/19 06:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Well... I see a new trend

You folks haven't seen anything yet. A few days ago, the courts made the death of "Net Neutrality" official. The BIG players and internet providers can now control everything about the way you access the internet. Money rules! BIG Money corrupts everything it touches. "Net Neutrality" was a COMPLETELY UNENFORCEABLE FARCE piece of legislation. Would have ultimately COST TAX PAYERS AND ALL USERS in higher taxes PLUS ADDITIONAL SERVICE FEES which would have been passed on to YOU the CONSUMER WHO BUYS AND USES THE INTERNET CONNECTION. Additionally by attempting to "level the playing field" you now squash out any additional technological advances which would increase bandwidth and equipment because now there would no longer be any incentive for companies to do R&D or spend money on upgrading infrastructure. So what, your "You tube" channel may not be quite as fast as someone else s, WHO CARES?? As long as it doesn't buffer it WILL STILL WORK fine.You're out of touch with reality. Your cost to connect to the internet (which is already higher in the USA for poorer service than other developed nations) is going up even more as providers strengthen their hold. The big will get bigger as they buy the smaller competition up and raise rates. Bigger has never meant better throughout my lifetime - only more costly. Net neutrality proponents issue warnings after court decision
DFord 10/05/19 09:18pm Technology Corner
RE: 4000 Onan Microquiet immediate shutdown

i think after the three flashes you push the stop again and it gives you the second number. mine is flashing 36 but i have not had time to fix it. any ideas? GENSET STOPPED WITHOUT FAULT CONDITION – FAULT CODE 36 WARNING Some genset service procedures present hazards that can result in severe personal injury or death. Only trained and experienced persons with knowledge of fuels, electricity, and machinery hazards should perform genset service. See Safety Precautions. Logic: Quadrature frequency was less than 17 Hz (1020 rpm) when no other fault condition occurred Possible Causes: Auto Gen Start (AGS), fuel supply, air fuel mixture, exhaust system, loads, Inverter/Char- ger, choke, demand regulator, carburetor, generator drive system, generator windings, ignition, wire connec- tions Diagnosis & Repair: 1. Verify that Last Fault is FC 36: Yes, continue diagnosis; No, troubleshoot actual last fault. 2. Verify whether AGS stopped genset: Yes, disable AGS or explain AGS function to customer (see PSB-666); No, continue diagnosis. 3. Verify engine rotation manually: repair engine damage as necessary. 4. Disconnect genset control P1 connector, verify P1 pins are fully inserted and inspect pin condition per PSB–676: insert, repair or replace pins as necessary. 5. Reconnect P1 connector and test run genset for fault occurrence: repair or replace pins in connector as necessary. 6. Check air filter cleanliness; replace air filter as necessary. 7. Check for blocked or damaged exhaust system: repair or replace exhaust components as necessary. 8. Measure AC current while running genset with vehicle loads: identify faulty or short cycling loads. 9. Determine battery charge rate (typical default is 80 percent): if adjustable reduce to 30 percent. 10. Measure genset load capability with shop load bank. 11. Verify genset operation and outputs with Break-Out Tool 420–0603 and Instruction Sheet R1098. 12. Measure AC frequency while changing engine rpm to determine if frequency response matches engine rpm response: repair damaged generator drive system as necessary.13. Gasoline Models A. Vapor lock may occur in high ambient temperatures: operate in ambients at less than 120°F; verify proper installation to prevent air recirculation; correct as necessary. B. Measure steady DC voltage at fuel pump while genset is cranking: repair wiring as necessary. C. Try to start genset on shop fuel supply: verify tank level and fuel line condition in vehicle. D. Verify carburetor altitude setting: readjust as necessary. E. Verify choke operation, setting and linkage damage: readjust, repair or replace as necessary. F. Measure fuel pump pressure/flow: replace fuel filter or pump as necessary. G. Inspect carburetor butterfly for binding: replace carburetor as necessary. 14. Propane Models A. When ambient temperatures are less than 40°F, vapor-withdrawal Propane tanks should be at least half full to provide proper vaporization rate. B. Propane having more than 2.5 percent Butane will not vaporize in ambients at less than 32°F; use HD–5 grade Propane. C. Measure steady DC voltage at fuel solenoid and priming solenoid (if so equipped) while genset is running; repair wiring as necessary. D. Verify clear vent hose. E. Run genset on shop fuel supply; verify tank level and fuel line condition in vehicle. F. Check genset fuel lines for damage: replace fuel line as required. G. Measure regulator lock off pressure. H. Verify priming solenoid operation, if so equipped. 15. Check governor, actuator, linkage and spring for debris, damage and looseness: readjust and repair as necessary. 16. Verify that spark plug cable is secure on spark plug: reconnect or replace as necessary. 17. Inspect ignition kill lead in harness and at connector P1: repair or replace lead, terminal or pins as neces- sary. 18. Test magneto A. Disconnect Connector P1. B. Connect positive(+) meter lead to chassis ground. C. Measure continuity to negative lead at pin P1–15 and P1–20: replace magneto as necessary. 19. Measure spark plug gap: set gap or replace spark plug as necessary. 20. Verify ignition spark condition. 21. Inspect spark plug lead, kill lead terminal at magneto and measure magneto air gap: replace terminals, set gap or replace magneto as necessary. 22. Measure temperature of air intake and temperature rise across genset; remove blockage or prevent air recirculation. 23. Dealers contact Distributor for technical support, Distributors contact factory for technical support.
DFord 10/05/19 07:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Well... I see a new trend

You folks haven't seen anything yet. A few days ago, the courts made the death of "Net Neutrality" official. The BIG players and internet providers can now control everything about the way you access the internet. Money rules! BIG Money corrupts everything it touches.
DFord 10/05/19 06:30pm Technology Corner
RE: Help. Antenna/Cable switch

I think we're all just guessing. Unless you can post a picture or a brand and model number for the "rocker switch" I don't think you're going to get much help. With 3 wires, one might go to the TV, one to the park's cable and the other to the OTA antenna. Not knowing your particular setup, there's no way of knowing. If the switch is as I described, then not having any power at the switch would be normal. The power supply for your crank-up OTA antenna is somewhere else. Try tracing the wires or bypassing the switch with the two wires feeding it by connecting them directly to the TV. For better help, a picture or some way of identifying what you've got will get you better help.
DFord 10/05/19 03:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 4000 Onan Microquiet immediate shutdown

The 3 flashes is just a code indicating there's a problem. I forget how to retrieve the actual problem code but if you get your owner's manual out and study it, you're find the way to get them to flash. The error code will be two different flashes back to back and then repeating after a slight pause. Once you've got that code and let us know what it is, we can give better advice on what to do to fix the problem. My generator acted like that because the RPMs were just a little high causing the Hz to be too high.
DFord 10/04/19 10:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Norcold not cold

The electric heater is 120v. There is a small fuse (Littlefuse) on the control board. If it's blown, it's a sign your element may be shorting it out and needs replacing. Good troubleshooting information here:
DFord 10/04/19 08:00am Tech Issues
RE: Twinkle Star Water Pressure Regulator

X2 for using a pressure regulator! Many campgrounds use "city water" and their pressures can exceed 100psi which is a lot more than your water system is designed to handle. The "Twinkle Star water pressure Regulator" Here's a link to a similar one that looks even better to me: I never had any luck with smaller and cheaper inline non-adjustable ones and have been using a whole house 3/4" Watts regulator adapted for male/female hose connections but the price for that is double what the one in the link is and there's no gauge. The gauge is not freeze proof and if you let it freeze the bourdon tube will be bent so that the gauge will no longer read correctly and there's no way to fix it. Once the pressure is set, there's no need for a gauge. Here's picture of the inside of a pressure gauge. height=200
DFord 10/03/19 08:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Help. Antenna/Cable switch

The picture shows a small black button - the ON/OFF switch. When it's ON there should be a small pilot light lit on the wall plate. If that switch doesn't light the light, pull it out and check for 12v going to it.
DFord 10/03/19 08:20pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Diff, transmission maintenance questions

I think you'll find all the bolts on the F-53 are metric. The rear axle was filled with synthetic gear oil and it shouldn't need changing. Be sure to check you're owner's manual so you'll be able to correctly select the lubricants you need. As I remember, the 2000 F-53 had a drain plug on the torque converter but that was eliminated in later years. :(
DFord 10/02/19 09:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Black & Grey tank readings

I've never had any problems with my sensors indicating correct levels. I thoroughly flush my tanks before departing a campground but while at the campground, the dump valves are always closed except when I'm emptying the tanks. A couple of times a year, I use a wand down through the toilet to clean off anything sticking to the walls. I use Happy Campers Holding Tank Treatment and added a flush-out to the grey tank. I also use and prefre Charmin Ultra toilet tissue and have no issues with it. I've been RVing for over 40 years. Below is a link to a dealer's website where you can learn about the Happy Campers treatment.
DFord 10/01/19 02:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Slide Topper Replacement

Search YouTube for example of replacing slide toppers before you begin your project. There's plenty of fabric there. If you can find an awning shop to cut a few inches off and resew the bead, you'll get away cheap. I did that a few years ago and they charged me $25 for 1/4 hour labor. Be very careful handling that awning with the spring tension it's under. You may be able to put a pin in the shaft to keep it from turning while you work on it.
DFord 09/30/19 11:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Going from Direct TV to Dish Need information

DISH does not offer Distant Network, so you have to change you "Service address" thankfully I believe you can do that by smartphone app.Dish told me the smartphone app can only change "local" channels if you have the Interrupted RV Service type of account. If you're using a receiver you pay for service along with the receiver at your house, they won't let you change them on your own. You'll need to call for tech support and give the an address. No matter where I'm at in Arizona, I look up a park address in Mesa and tell them I'm parked there so I'll get the Phoenix local stations. The agent you're talking with has no idea where you're actually parked. The locals are broadcast on "spot beams" that cover an area more or less 200-250 in diameter. As I recall, there are about 120 local markets around the country. I home locals are from St Louis but I don't bother to switch them when we travel in Missouri for a week or so. Last week we were in Sedalia about 200 miles from St Louis and still watched the St Louis local channels. A few years ago, we received them in Madison, WI (only at night). I say all this to let you know you don't need to switch locals as you travel across a state. Sometimes the spot beams overlap and you can make use of that. If you're 500 miles out of a market area, you'll have to switch. Also, the cost of locals may change from one market to another and that will be reflected on your bill.
DFord 09/30/19 10:17pm Technology Corner
RE: Going from Direct TV to Dish Need information

Forgive my lack of knowledge but what is an OTA tuner. Also, we tried the dish on a tripod and gave up as we just couldn't get a signal. We only have one tv in the rv so which receiver would you recommend We have never recorded anything on our Direct tv receiver but not saying we wouldn't ever. The main thing we watch on the tv are the baseball games and we purchase the baseball package now and I have confirmed that Dish provides that as well. OTA=Over The Air TV signals that regular TV antennas like the standard crank-up antenna on your RV has. The cable from that antenna connects right to the back of the Vip211k receiver and then a channel scan is preformed to find stations close enough to your location you can view. Those local channels will change every time you relocate and another channel scan must be done. By portable, I meant using an automatic dish like a Tailgater. The cheaper ones will only tune the Dish Network western arc satellites 110, 119 & 219 giving you everything Dish has to offer. Using a fixed satellite dish like on your house is possible but you need to good and lucky to aim it. I highly recommend any of the automatic dish antennas instead of the manual (although I used them for years and would not want to go back to one).
DFord 09/30/19 08:17am Technology Corner
RE: Winterizing follies :)

I'm hoping you have a bypass setup for the water heater. There's no sense in wasting a lot of antifreeze filling it up. I used the pink stuff for years but now just use my air compressor to thoroughly blow out the water from the water lines. Don't forget to put a cup of antifreeze down the traps in the shower and both sinks so the traps don't freeze and break. It's not required but being anal, I use a syphon hose stuck through the water heater drain to pull another 1/2 gallon of water out of the bottom of the water heater every time I store the RV (even if it's just for a week).
DFord 09/29/19 08:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Going from Direct TV to Dish Need information

I use a Winegard CarryOut portable automatic satellite antenna with a Vip211k (which I believe is one of the better more versatile receivers available). The CarryOut line of automatic antennas can tune both the eastern and western arcs as well as the DirectTV SD satellite (I hear Direct is moving away from broadcasting SD soon). The 211k has a built-in OTA tuner for local channels and can be upgraded to a DVR by adding an external hard drive via USB cable (and pay a $40 one time fee). I bought a Wally receiver only to find out the only out puts it has are component and HDMI. I have two TVs at my house and two on the RV so to use the Wally, I'd need to purchase an HDMI splitter and HDMI cables run to both TVs. Right now, I can't use the Wally. The Wally also lacks an internal OTA tuner but for 2/3s the cost of the receiver, you can buy an external one to add that missing feature back to it. If you go with a portable dish, you'll have better luck finding a signal in parks with a lot of tree that can block permanently mounted antennas.
DFord 09/29/19 08:39pm Technology Corner
RE: I can't light my fridge!

It's a Dometic. I had to clean the battery terminals on the batteries about a month ago. The monitor said battery was charged. Funny thing, it's blinking now and seems to be working just fine. Maybe a spider web got in there or something? I openned up the back vent cover and I can see cobwebs. Should I blow them out with an air compressor, or use my shop vac?I'd use the Shop Vac. My refrigerator has fans to force air through the coils and the space behind the refrigerator collects a lot of dust and dirt. Spiders have always been a problem. They can build their nest in the tiniest of openings and cause problems. You'll never see the one that actually stops the flow of gas to your burner. Glad to hear you're back in business.
DFord 09/29/19 08:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Need a Recorder???

When I referred to an external hard drive, I meant one in an enclosure that had it's own power supply - a 3-1/2 inch hard drive works fine. Some of the 2-1/2 inch notebook drives would work but most of the enclosures for them don't have an external power supply.
DFord 09/27/19 10:12pm Technology Corner
RE: Need a Recorder???

Just about any USB external hard drive will work. I've never had any problem plugging one in and having it accepted by the receiver. Once plugged in, you'll see a message on the screen letting you know the drive needs to be reformatted to be used by the receiver. Accept that prompt and wait for it to finish. Then go into the guide and set up a schedule you'll like to record. You can record the remainder of an event by pressing the record button on your remote.
DFord 09/27/19 03:41pm Technology Corner
RE: I think I'm looking at new batteries.

Have you tried "equalizing" them? Testing and Equalizing My RVs 4 Golf Cart Battery Bank Battery University - BU-404: What is Equalizing Charge? HOW TO: Maintain & Equalize RV Batteries
DFord 09/26/19 08:28pm Tech Issues
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