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RE: Advice for a trip up the west coast

prepilot…..We do a similar trip every other year, except from Los Angeles. Not to burst your bubble, but you're wasting your time. The routes you're talking about will have you driving in the coach, more than camping. Driving a major highway in an RV, most can average 50-55mph. Driving the coast in either California or Oregon, you'll average about 35-45 mph and it will be exhausting.....lots of on and off the throttle and turns. If you really want to do this trip, bonzai via the shortest route from Reno, via I-5 to northern Oregon and then come back south, crossing back to the I-5 at the California/Oregon border. I'm not being fecitiuos, but with your schedule, you'll have just enough time to park in a campsite, eat dinner and prep for travel the next day. The trip you're talking about is at least a 14-21 day trip if you want to sight see and enjoy yourself.
DSDP Don 06/08/19 08:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: "303" Survey

Take a garden sprayer, fill it with 303 and spray your awnings.
DSDP Don 06/08/19 08:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 260 hp?

You'll never win a race to the top of a mountain, but as stated, it has plenty of power for the weight. Keep in mind, if your intention is to buy it and add power mods, it may be maxed out if it has the Allison 2500 and you'll be exceeding the Allison torque/HP rating. On flat land you'll be running along with everyone else and maybe even getting better mileage than most.
DSDP Don 03/19/19 11:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Starting Issue

So you're correcting your own stuff????
DSDP Don 03/18/19 08:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Starting Issue

You know....sometimes some of you can destroy a post with stupid information. What Doug posted is accurate for about 99% of the RV's on the road. Then someone comes along and says his 1948 Shasta trailer conversion with a 63 Buick chassis doesn't work that way. DUH! Some will go out of their way to prove someone wrong when the rest of the group understands that most information is generic to the AVERAGE RV, not some old style charging system that is no longer around. Even worse.....the statement below is absolutely useless and a prime example of taking a simple statement to help others understand to the EXTREME! "Sorry Doug - a converter/charger does not make changes energy from one form to another. A generator makes energy. A battery makes energy. By definition. I'm an EE and have worked in the power industry for many, many years. If you want to think that a inverter/charger makes energy please go right ahead, but that's not correct." I haven't been on this forum for quite awhile because of this type of stuff. Doug goes out of his way to help others, yet those who never post anything to help, are always there to criticze.
DSDP Don 03/18/19 05:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Rear view camera for trailer

There are several brands of cameras out there. Both of my daughters bought new fifth wheels last year and I bought them both back up cameras for their trailers. I did quite a bit of research and discovered that you should REALLY go with a WIRED camera. Even though, this is what worked the best, the kids wanted wireless. They were both prewired for Furion, which I agree is junk. They're making a killing by giving the RV manufacturers free camera mounts. People then feel their best option is to buy a Furion camera and use the already installed mount. Don't do it! Voyager makes a great product, but I settled on a couple high end, large screen Tadi Brothers wireless cameras. They work okay, but drop out quite often. No matter how much people tell you that wireless is the way to go or theirs works great.....they don't. In this day and age, everyone is running some type of wireless product. Consequently, those other wireless products interfere with the camera signal. So....take a little longer and install a wired camera. Simply add a connection at the hitch so you can disconnect quickly. With a wired unit, the picture will never drop out. You won't regret the wired type camera.
DSDP Don 02/15/19 05:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Water ingestion in engine on 2011 Tiffin Phaeton 36QSH

Your coach has the air intake at the upper left (driver's side) corner of the rear cap. There is a large diameter tube that runs down the inside wall of the rear cap, turns and goes into the air cleaner. Typically, at the bend in the tube as it turns toward the engine is a drain. Many have a "duck valve" type rubber drain. Looks like two large rubber lips hanging down. It's suppose to drain and water coming in through the air intake. Check your coach for that drain valve.
DSDP Don 02/15/19 05:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How Hard Is It To Solo In A Class A?

There are two of us when we RV, but when it comes to parking the coach, my wife does not get involved. The more comfortable you become, the easier it becomes. I eyeball the site, use my mirrors and camera to back in. The only thing that will be more difficult is prepping the coach at the campsite. I typically connect everything, put out the slides and then do things outside while my wife puts things out on the inside. You'll have to do both. If you keep the junk to a minimum, setup time will be short.
DSDP Don 02/14/19 10:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Motorhome financing

"daveb1256"....Your financial plan is fine and is what most people do when buying an RV. Find best rate, 20% or more down and buy the best RV you can afford. It always amazes me how many financial wizards there are that live behind keyboards. Not ONE situation is the same. One guy says he always pays cash and drives a $1200.00, what a financial wizard. Another guy says he always pays cash, yet neglects to mention he's 65 years old and sold his house to buy the RV. Another says he paid cash, but waited until he was 70 years old, had paid off everything, but missed out on RVing for 20 years. My favorite....the guy that gives financial advice, but never lists what he owns. Trust me, the very wealthy are not on this website! EVERYONE's financial situation is different, from wealth, to age, to health. Buy what you can afford and feel comfortable one knows your finances better than you.
DSDP Don 02/14/19 10:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Induction cooktop

Our new coach came with the True Induction Cooktop, which is a 110 volt unit. We have 8 AGM batteries and the cooktop will operate off of the inverter. Even though it does, I've never been a fan of running the cooktop or microwave off of the inverter. I always fire up the generator.
DSDP Don 02/14/19 09:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New Look, New Trend, Let Me Be the 1st

"tinmac".....I think it looks nice and would probably look nicer with the chrome beauty rings. Just keep the stock wheels for resale. The next buyer may not share your taste. There is a Newmar Dutch Star that the owner had painted all black, from the factory, and added black rims. I hope in intends to keep it forever as it will be tough to off load.
DSDP Don 01/10/19 09:26pm Class A Motorhomes

I would find the air supply to the door seal and shut it off, to see if that is the major leak. If it is, I guess you'll have to try and find a new seal.
DSDP Don 12/29/18 12:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Recommendation for Gen bumper platform

Harbor Freight has this one, they used to have a nicer aluminum one too. You can't beat the price. Hitch Hauler Here's another one if you have an issue with dragging the rear of the coach. ATV Rack
DSDP Don 10/30/18 05:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Sales Advice - Lots f Interested Buyers!

"mike brez"......I understood EXACTLY what you meant, ethically and morally, do the right thing. The right thing would be to sell it to the first person who comes with cash and pays the asking price. As usual, some here take something literally and then argue about person in particular!
DSDP Don 10/30/18 05:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dometic AC Unit, another failure

"JCat".....I bought my 2014 Dutch Star in January of 2014. There were two on the lot outfitted almost identically. We bought one and I spoke to the buyer of the other on occasion. He had both Dometic units fail on his. At that time, which is about the same time frame as your purchase, Dometic was having an issue EXACTLY what you found, poorly soldered circuit boards. They had a rash of them. I hate when these companies spend huge money on a known problem and then play stupid when you ask about it.
DSDP Don 10/30/18 04:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Are Newmar coaches constructed better than others?

I felt that over the years, I did my research and bought the best bang for the buck DP. My first pick was back in 2005 when we bought a new Monaco Diplomat. That was a great, well built coach, with a large motor and lots of amenities. Unfortunately, when we went to replace it in 2014, they were out of business. We started our search and found that Tiffin and Newmar were now the two coaches that gave the best quality and bang for the buck. If at that time, Tiffin had offered a 40' DP with a tag, I would be Alegro Bus Don, not Dutch Star Don. After owning the Dutch Star for 4.5 years, I still feel Tiffin and Newmar are still the best deal. I've ordered a new 2019 and it's a Dutch Star. This time, there was a definite advantage of the Newmar over the Tiffin. The advantage was Comfort Steer and the ability to customize a Dutch Star during purchase. You can change anything from the paint, furniture, cabinetry, wiring, flooring and upholstery.
DSDP Don 10/26/18 04:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Maintaining tirepressure.

I run my tires at a pressure that is recommended by the tire chart, according to my axle weights. Once I determined that weight, I wrote it down on my compressor. I check my tire pressure twice a year, once during my yearly service and once in between servicing the coach. In 15 years of owning a DP, the tire pressure has only been off by 1-3 psi after six months and most of that may have just been a difference I outside temperature. For the first 13 years, I didn't use a TPMS system. I now use one, but it's only to see if I had a tire lose pressure overnight. I'm amazed at how many people SAY they check their pressure everyday. It's surprising they don't create more issues than they avoid.
DSDP Don 09/23/18 10:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Full Wall slide dependability

Well......let's look at the answers to your question. -Those who don't have one, wouldn't own one. -Those who have them, like them. Oh yeah, the industry is making millions of them....must be a bigger issue than we thought! -Those who bought coaches where the manufacturer went cheap and tried to use Schwintek slides on something that they shouldn't, didn't work. My favorite.....are the engineers explaining the math. The only thing they neglect to mention is that the stress is on the chassis, not the roof line. If the RV had a second floor, yes, the opening could be an issue. Show me someone on here who's opening collpased under normal use.
DSDP Don 09/19/18 07:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2004 Fleetwood Southwind 32vs workhorse

We bought a 2004 Fleetwood Terra 32', a model under the Southwind. In 2004, Fleetwood did a very dumb thing which drove us crazy. They didn't have space for the black tank under the toilet. So, they made a black tank with an extension. The bulk of the black tank was between the frame rails, but they added a section to one side that fit up under the toilet. Supposedly, the toilet was to drop the contents onto a shelf that would then slide down to the main tank. Nice idea, but the thing CONSTANTLY plugged, no matter how much water we used. You can easily tell if the coach has this tank design by looking underneath. If it has a section that goes over the frame to the toilet, it will be an issue. Our second issue was that it didn't stop well. 2004 was during the time that Workhorse was having brake issues. Ours had none of the recall issues, but required two feet to stop in an emergency. I thoroughly went through the brake system and bled all the help. For those two reasons, we spun the coach off after a year. The good news, the Workhorse with the 8.1 GM engine was a beast. I could pass any diesel on a grade. We also liked the expansiveness of the livingroom area on a short coach.
DSDP Don 09/19/18 06:49pm Class A Motorhomes
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