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RE: Class A repaint cost any ideas

Miami area, it may be worth checking with the marine facilities. This is what I did in the Norfolk VA area when I needed fiberglass and paint work done. They had the facility to do the work. Paint is very labor intensive for prep work and such. Very easy for costs to be well into a +$10K range. There are painters in Mexico that can do the work for thousands less but I don't have first hand knowledge of the quality or long term results.
Dale.Traveling 11/15/21 06:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: The wandering coach

Things to check (in order) - First check your tire pressures. If you don't know how much the coach weighs then go by what Ford recommended on the incomplete vehicle sticker. For a 30' Sunstar not much over 80 psi is probably all that is needed. When I played with pressures once I hit around 87 psi cold (Ford recommended 80) the coach was difficult to hold in a lane. Second your driving habits - Try setting you eye focus several car lengths further down the road then you might in the daily driver. I've learn from getting back into motorcycles, and what I forgot, just how much where you are looking is where you are going to go. Third have the alignment checked as mentioned regarding what others have posted regarding the caster and toe angles. Fourth if your still having problems AND there is a lot of play in the steering wheel you can try tightening the steering gear box. For example - F53 steering gearbox adjustment RV. Small adjustments and you shouldn't need much more than a 90 degrees of a turn of the screw. Do 45 the test drive. Fifth consider performing the Cheep Handling Fix -, Ford Forum, CHP. Fifth check the rear sway bar bushings. The originals only last a few years past warranty. Bolt on stuff - Try a rear axle track bar then a front steering stabilizer. Each will run you about $400 so do the lower cost stuff first.
Dale.Traveling 11/05/21 08:38am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Does such a Class A exist?

Would this work? 2006 Four Winds RV Windsport 34W. It's wheel chain accessible also if needed. Not easy finding something with all the boxes checked. The twin bed configuration is rare unless you go way back in time.
Dale.Traveling 10/06/21 09:18am Class A Motorhomes
RE: V10 misfire codes

Do a vacuum leak check by spraying around the intake manifold and throttle body with carb cleaner. If you have a leak it will suck in the cleaner which will change the idle slightly. If you can find a leak and the fuel trims are wacky then swap O2 sensors and see if your P codes change to the other cylinder back.
Dale.Traveling 09/27/21 10:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Got the MH weighed.

Pull the bikes off the back end and check the weight of the coach again. You only see an overall drop equal to the weight of the bikes and carrier but you'll also see a large drop of weight off the rear axle and a gain of weight on the front axle. The further back you get from the rear axle the greater the effect on the load on the rear axle. The chassis will act like a lever with the fulcrum at the axle. Blue Ox has an easy formula to help potential buyers of motorcycle lifts to help determine how much weight the lift and bike will add to the rear axle. Using my gas coach with a 1/3 of the coach behind the rear axle adding 120 lbs of bike and carrier to the hitch receiver increase rear axle loading my 225 lbs. Might not solve all your weight problems but will give a good head start. I will empty the coach each spring of everything and any item I could recall using the prior year doesn't go back into the coach. Blue Ox Rear Axle Loading Information
Dale.Traveling 09/07/21 10:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Windshield covers

Make your own, they have the material at Home Depot. That's what I did. I also made covers for all the windows to keep the sun out. Did the same but just the windshield.
Dale.Traveling 08/02/21 08:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2021 Chassis Class A Motorhomes

It will be nice to see if they will integrate all the electronics they said they would. Auto high beams, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, and so on.,,, The problem you run into is the sensors need to be mount on the body then interface with the chassis systems. So,,, who provides, who installs and who warranties the systems? Considering the confusion regarding the lines of demarcation for simple things like the wipers, head and tail lights adding cameras, distant sensors, radar and such the level of frustration for the basic owner would get really ugly when the service centers, chassis and coach, tell them "Not my swim lane" the first time there's a problem.
Dale.Traveling 07/15/21 04:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Michelin or Bridgestone 245/ 70 19.5

Neither. Both are over priced and over hyped. I replaced a set of problem free, well wearing, no sidewall cracking, 8 year old Kelly Tire's, that I sold for $75 each, and had a set of Uniroyal installed. Kelly is a sub of Goodyear and Uniroyal is a sub of Michelin.
Dale.Traveling 07/12/21 03:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Inside tire valve extensions

,,,Is this a common problem?,,, It can be a problem but having extensions should not be a reason not to inspect the tire for damage such as nails or a sidewall abrasion along with checking the valve stem seal and the extension. A little soapy water goes a long way with the confidence that the trip will be uneventful. I've had two leaks. The valve stem seal that went while going down the road before I had a TPMS (destroyed the tire before I could get off the road) and a slow leak at the bead seal, post TPMS, after new tires were installed. Not had any problems with the extensions.
Dale.Traveling 07/02/21 08:10am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Im New here, needing help with water damage!

My one repair I worked from the inside and duplicated the original wall sandwich of materials as best I could with available materials. Fiberglass exterior, 3/16" tempered board, 1" ridged foam insulation and final interior 3/16" tempered board. Each layer is held in place with two part epoxy. Used a lot of epoxy but I also looking at the epoxy as a water proofing as tempered board and water can be a problem. With a bit of luck the repairs will out last the coach. The hardest part was coming up with a clamping plan to hold everything in place for 24 hours while the epoxy set up. Pictures of the project. The leak was at the stove vent. Total Boat 2 Part Epoxy Kit
Dale.Traveling 06/25/21 05:52am Class A Motorhomes
RE: stay pluged in or not

Always plugged in, and in summer frig running also 24/7. Same for me. No problems with battery water levels.
Dale.Traveling 06/10/21 08:40am Class A Motorhomes
RE: DO I need REALLY GOOD house batteries if i NEVER boondock ?

A basic start battery is all he needs. Buy a new one for the chassis/engine and move the current engine battery to the house loads. Repeat in four years, or more if possible.
Dale.Traveling 05/28/21 10:10am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Roof Caulking

I would avoid Dicor. If will work, for a period of a few years, then you'll be doing the job again. If you're lucky you'll renew the seal in time before it fails and leaks. I removed all the old and prior owner's resealing attempts with various caulks and sealants and tape with Eternabond. For areas that can't be taped I used Eternacaulk Sealant that has worked very well for the past 10 years on my coach which is out in the weather 24/7. Both the tape and sealant are safe for EPDM, TPO and many other roofing materials. Eternacaulk As far as prep work, I would remove as much of the old material as possible. A heat gun will help speed removal of the old caulk. Clean as best you can with mild cleaners and limit the use of solvents as they can damage the base material. Plastic tools are safest to use and will help to keep you from cutting into the roofing. If you have to use something like a metal scrapper go easy so you don't add new unintended penetrations. As mentioned lot of YouTube videos of how other owners work resealing a roof. Not technically demanding but there are techniques to help speed up the process. And "the bigger the glob the better the job" is not a best practice.
Dale.Traveling 03/30/21 10:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Used Tow Bar Values

The price is going to be somewhere between what the seller is asking and what a buyer is willing to pay. Could be pennies on the dollar or all the way up to retail. The variables are numerous and will be different for each item and each sale.
Dale.Traveling 03/24/21 02:37pm Dinghy Towing
RE: F53 Shock Suggestions it yourself project? Yes if you are physically able and have the tools. 3/4" drive sockets, breaker bar and combo wrench will work best but you can get by with 1/2" tools. Also someway to lift and safely hold the coach up (such as jack stands) if you need the room. Torque requirements are 220--300 foot pounds, I think so verify before you start. BTW I have Koni shocks which replaced the gas charged Bilsteins. The softer ride was noticeable. One of the better "bank for the buck" improvements.
Dale.Traveling 03/19/21 07:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Thor Structural Warranty Experience

Don't know for sure if Thor own's Forest River? But I brought a NEW Travel Trailer sometime ago & it was JUNK... No they don't but Tiffin did approach Thor with a sell offer that was accepted.
Dale.Traveling 03/18/21 07:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2006 Hurricane is this a great deal or a big headache

From someone who actually owns a 2006 Hurricane unlike most who have replied - 1. I paid less for mine in 2011 but current demand is in uncharted territory so it's diving the prices. Unless you're paying cash you'll be underwater the minute you sign on the bill of sale. Also once demand drops so will the value of the coach and unless you plan to keep it many years it will be hard to recover. 2. Prior owner maintenance will be paramount to the overall condition of the coach. You'll either need to know what to look for regarding potential water leaks or hire someone who does. I highly recommend spending the money and hire someone. 3. My coach has been very reliable both for the chassis and the house. There have been minor problems that I corrected in the driveway and most were not related to anything Thor manufactured. 4. The Hurricane model line is great for weekends and summer vacation. At about day 12 of 16 to me the walls feel like they are starting to closing in. There are full timers in canvas pop ups so for each their own. Personally I would not buy a new or even a used coach today, and probably not until at least next year, because of where prices and demand are. This is almost a replay of the 2004 housing market and what happened in 2008. Once it does collapses it will be ugly for some owners. Wait for the market to settle and find something newer. A 6 year old Tiffin Allegro 34PA is a really nice rig for a new owner looking to spend a lot of time traveling North America. It will cost more than the Hurricane but for your travel plans it would be a better fit.
Dale.Traveling 03/17/21 02:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What the heck? I thought motorhomes lost value fast!!

Granted list and sale are two different things but it's still nuts. I've seen listings for the same make and model year I have in the driveway at $2K less than what I paid back in 2011. Wish I had remembered to make some CG reservation for July. Nothing but waiting lists now and not many choices for early August. 2011-2016 were some pretty good times looking back.
Dale.Traveling 03/09/21 09:50am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ford V10 Triton Drivetrain

The three valve cylinder heads for the V10 are too big to fit inside the E series engine dog house.
Dale.Traveling 03/09/21 09:40am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Thor taking Tiffin ???

Tiffin went to Thor with the idea rather than the other way around. I guess Tiffin made Thor an offer then couldn't refuse. Not sure how having both Tiffin and Entegra under the Thor umbrella will work.
Dale.Traveling 02/18/21 08:16am Class A Motorhomes
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