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RE: F53 suspension upgrades

What are you trying to achieve? Reduce body roll? Better straight line running and lane holding? Reduce wind push from weather or passing vehicles? Less jarring from poor roads? There isn't a single bolt on product, tweak or change that will do all and if your RV budget is limited then your need to prioritize what you want to chase first. If you can't do the work yourself the costs will quickly escalate and consume your project budget. Henderson's radius rod sounds like a front track bar. You might have one if the you have a 18,000 lbs chassis. It's optional on the 16,000 lbs version. Easy to check. The attached image is looking front to back and the track bar is just above the front axle in the pic. Regarding CHF, there are thousands of owners who have driven thousand of miles with no failures, myself included. Keep in mind they are in the business of selling improvements not advising you to try a no cost alternative.
Dale.Traveling 10/18/20 02:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Charging 4 batteries with external charger.

To keep everything happy and confusion at a minimum connect the charger to the same posts that the feeds to the coach are connected along with positive of the charger to the positive of the coach,,,
Dale.Traveling 10/02/20 09:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Torque on Lug Nuts

My RV is on a light chassis with 19.5" wheels with a torque spec of 150 ft. lbs. so easy for me to check and correct. Usually the lugs are excessively over tighten and I need a cheater bar to get the off and reset to correct torque. I check anytime someone other than myself removes a tire. The daily driver I also check so I know I can loosen the nuts on the side of the road with the tools that came with the car. Again most of the time they are over torqued and would be very difficult to get off to fix a flat without assistance.
Dale.Traveling 09/29/20 08:14am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class A V-10 mileage

I figure when I have the toad along for the ride, and since it's a fully drivable self powered vehicle, my mileage is double to 15 or so. And since there is usually two of us in the coach I get another double taking the rate up to 30 MPG. Day dreaming helps pass the time until the next outing.
Dale.Traveling 09/29/20 07:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2007 F53 radiator hoses where to buy If you can wait a few days for shipping it's hard to beat Rock Auto. Upper Coolant Hose Motorcraft KM4820 $29.79 Lower Coolant Hose Motorcraft KM5418 $140.79 Sepertain Belt Motorcraft JK-61107A $34.79 After market parts will cost less than Motorcraft. If you do change the hoses I would also change the thermostat, associated seal and heater core hoses.
Dale.Traveling 09/28/20 08:05am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tire Pressure Chart For Continental Tires

I can't seem to find a psi chart for Continental tires. Anyone on here that can steer me to one. Continental 2020 Product Data Guide, Commercial Vehicle Tires The link is to a 112 page PDF Continental published. Lot of info while the pressure tables start of page 98.
Dale.Traveling 09/28/20 07:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Coach Net vs Good Sam

I had Good Sam for several years used it four times. 2 for the coach (flat tire and a tow) and 2 times for the daily driver (flat tire and a tire slashing incident). No problems with service. I did drop GS several years ago and fell back to my insurance carrier for road side assistance after they restructured their various plans and costs. The one item I didn't like was the constant junk mail trying to up sell the service or trying to sell other services to me. Seemed like I was getting something in the mail box every week.
Dale.Traveling 09/24/20 07:12am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Electronic Driving Systems

,,, Are Motorhomes tested at all in the way other vehicles are?,,, For class A's not recently by the manufactures, a third party or required by the government. Winnebago did some testing 30 years ago or so and there's also the Wonderlodge roll over testing from around the same time but little if any since. And due to the average class A weighing in excess of 8K Lbs most of the state or federal DOT regulations for a lot of the latest's safety devices (stability control, adaptive cruise, rear camera, driver/passenger airbags, antitheft and such) don't apply. Seat belts, safety glass and a few other items are about it. You do have one big gain over the average daily driver, your ankles are probably higher than their roof line of most vehicles on the road. Get hit by something smaller and they go under your seat and into the chassis. Blow a steer tire at 65MPH and all bets are off regarding a good outcome.
Dale.Traveling 09/22/20 12:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Engine swap.

At the moment there is very little available to electrify an RV. The few heavy vehicle application currently available to the driving public are marketed for short travel distances applications (school buses, local deliveries,,,) and then requires several hours if not over night to recharge. As mentioned poor aerodynamics of an RV is a very big down check for a potential application. The very small potential market, as compared to daily drivers, isn't helping either. Give it another decade or two. More likely to see a class B followed by a class C then maybe an A after the heavy truck market and acquitted recharging stations are firmly established.
Dale.Traveling 09/10/20 01:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Generator vapor locking

On mine I replaced the fuel pump and solved all the problem. My first thought also. Gasoline will boil at 180 degrees but I think the fuel pump gets a bit wonkers first and shuts off. I would hold off doing and owner mods to the shell of the generator. Cutting vents or such is a bit of a last resort option to me considering the difficulty to restore to original state. The 5500 is very common, has been around for a number of years and is designed to keep it's self cool with all the access panels in place. If there was a cooling issue it would show up in just about ever generator in use and wold be an endless thread on the various RV forums.
Dale.Traveling 07/20/20 10:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2014 Thor

Looking at a couple of 2014 Thors on a Ford chassis. 26 footers. Wondering what other members think. At 26' that would be a coach built on a Ford E series cutaway chassis. Either an E350 or 450. Engine will be a Triton 6.8L V10 with 2 valve heads and a five speed transmission. Can't speak for the E series chassis but my 2006 Ford F-53 has never been a problem. Maintenance has been pretty simple. Nothing overly exotic or out of the ordinary. Not much different than a Ford F series gas pickup of an E series van. Regarding the Thor side of the rig (the House), I've own my Thor product since April 2011 and have enjoy every minute out on the road. The house hasn't been problem free but we've never had to come home early from a trip and the rig has never seem the parking lot of an RV Service Center.
Dale.Traveling 07/17/20 06:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: onan code and NORCOLD

Stepping back and looking at both problems it reads like you lost house 12VDC power. The fridge needs 12VDC as control power while the generator needs house 12VDC to spin the starter. Have you lost anything else in the house? Ceiling lights, water pump, tank level indicators? If my guess is right start the engine and set for a high speed idle. Wait a minute then press and hold the AUX START switch try and start the generator. If this works once the generator is running you should regain house 12VDC via the 120VAC/DC converter charger (actually you should regain house power when you press the AUX START switch). Won't fix the problem of why no power from the house batteries but will get you back up and allow you to work the problem and keep the fridge and coach cool.
Dale.Traveling 07/15/20 08:02am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ford F-53 Anti sway bar quick fix

1. Has anyone made this adjustment? 2. How noticeable was the improvement? 3. Have you had any long term issues? 1. Yes 2. Very noticeable 3. No after 9 years and 50,000 miles. Make a few gallons of your favorite beverage and click HERE to start reading thru the 6000+ postings on IRV2 concerning moving the end link position.
Dale.Traveling 07/15/20 07:38am Class A Motorhomes
RE: I bet you wont try this. RV turn around

No I wouldn't and no one ever has considering it is computer generated.
Dale.Traveling 07/09/20 02:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Opinion: 1991 Fleetwood Southwind 30'

,,, The reason I talked about a gas generator previously on a larger rig was, that someone mentioned that if I'm going to live aboard or spend a lot of time on it, that a gas generator would be needed for ongoing power of all appliances for multiple days. I'm learning as I go. If the majority agree not needed, I'm happy not to spend money on it :) Thanks! The onboard generator should be size to power ALL appliances install when the coach rolled off the assembly line. The assembly line part is important as an owner installed second A/C might be too much for the generator with the original A/C also running. You should have the owner bring the generator on line and run the coach roof A/C and anything else you can easily turn on to try and load the generator as much as possible but staying within its designed limits. As mentioned it would be unusual for a class A not to have a generator plus your description of the coach included "refurbished generator".
Dale.Traveling 06/30/20 08:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Opinion: 1991 Fleetwood Southwind 30'

Pushing 30 years old it doesn't matter who the builder is/was. Everything comes down to prior owner maintenance. What you need to learn is how to detect delamination and water leaks which will destroy even a million dollar RV very quickly. There are You Tube videos regarding what to look for when buying a used RV that will help. No need to buy a second generator as the coach has one built in. Why are you considering one?
Dale.Traveling 06/29/20 09:33am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2008 Itasca catalytic converter & pipe stolen

Future Ford of Roseville looks promising but call ahead. Same for Ford Folsom Lake Commercial Vehicle Center. Replacement is pretty simple and any commercial truck service center can do the work or even a mobile mechanic. Simplest repair would be to weld in the new cat and any extra pipe. There's pretty much nothing you can do other than living in the coach 24/7 to prevent thieves. Two guys with battery powered saws-all can have the cat out in under a minute. Cage the cat or other so called anti-theft ideas and they just cut around whatever and probably cause more damage.
Dale.Traveling 06/29/20 09:05am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Possible CCC Upgrade

What are you missing? That Ford often makes mistakes, and posts a disclaimer for such, in the consumer literature and listed part numbers in addition to not publishing every technical detail and differences between chassis models so proceed at your own risk. Newmar lists the approximate CCC for a 2019 Baystar 3626 at approximately 3426 lbs. Where did the 1974 number come from? 3426 gives you 489 lbs for each seat belt. Newmar also makes mistakes in thier literature but I would expect the CCC of a Baystar 3626 to be fairly close to 3400 lbs +/- a few percent of the weight.
Dale.Traveling 06/19/20 06:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: TPMS TST 507 vs EEZRV tire system

Having only owned a TST base system I can't provide anything regarding how the two compare. Beyond that my one recommendation would be to ensure the tire sensors have owner replaceable batteries. My original TST sensors were sealed and had to be return to TST for credit against purchase of replacements.
Dale.Traveling 06/18/20 06:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV Solar Panels

Hello, I also looking for panel. Find compare here: What do u think? Can u advice which better? I not sure what the advantage of a flexible panel might be other than roof mounting to an Airstream towable. My ridged panels have a much long warranty period, same power capacity, fewer mounting points and a lower price per watt. Amazon WindyNation 100 watt panel
Dale.Traveling 06/12/20 07:29am Class A Motorhomes
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