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RE: Almost lost a mud flap...

I would replace or rehang. It does offer some protection to the whatever on the coach is behind the rear wheels from whatever the tires might pick up and eject in the rear ward direction at a nearly the speed of sound.
Dale.Traveling 10/15/19 12:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Good news... dreaming of BEV Class A

Uh, there you go you naysayer you. I'm a full-fledged EV naysayer to the extent that EV's won't be practical till they have the cross-country range and can be "re-fueled" as quickly as a gas/diesel vehicle. When that happens I may be on board. Exactly, if it's going to take in excess of 40 hours to recharge a depleted 500kW battery from a campground 12kW outlet then what is the gain? And does anyone really expect a long haul CDL driver to politely wait behind an RV to recharge his rig at the interstate off ramp super-duper charging station?
Dale.Traveling 09/23/19 07:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wyoming to Florida, my return trip

My God you cleaned something on your rig in a campground?!?!?! The horror. Just kidding. Do what you must, minimize your impact and clean up the mess. Good to read the coach performed well and you made it home safety.
Dale.Traveling 09/17/19 10:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Newmar Sold

In the short term (5 years or so) I don't think we will see a difference. A bit like Thor and Jayco (Entegra) but that has only been two years so far. Beyond year 5 there's no telling what may or may not happen. The problem is if we have another 2008 and how it effected the RV industry. If that happens both Winnie and Thor may cook and eat both golden geese to save the parent corp.
Dale.Traveling 09/17/19 10:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Diminshed Value Claims

,,, Recreational Vehicles are different animals and are treated differently. Run a CarFax on your RV and see what comes up. Most RV 'accidents' aren't even reported anywhere...Dennis That's what I've been thinking. Reading thru the posts I don't recall anyone posting regarding pulling an RV history report that showed anything more that DMV activity. At least that is all that was shown for my coach. No service records, no dealer inspections, no warrant work, no Ford recall work, nothing. The report was from 2011. Has anything changed since?
Dale.Traveling 09/14/19 06:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2 6v batters VS 2 12v

I found that two moderately price GC2 6VDC flood batteries gave me more amp hours of useable energy and were more forgiving when discharged a bit deeper than recommended than two similarly priced marine/RV deep cycle 12VDC flood batteries. I'm not a heavy boondock camper but I've found my batteries, as described above, will easily keep the 10 cu/ft fridge cold along with a few low demand accessories powered for an overnight quiet time with enough remaining energy for the morning coffee.
Dale.Traveling 09/05/19 06:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Transfer switch

Each spring as part of my de-winterizing I start with the shore power cord and work my way toward the coach breaker panel ending with checking each hold down screw for the circuit breakers. I also open the connection box where the generator output is tied into the lines that feed the transfer switch. So far so good.
Dale.Traveling 09/04/19 01:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: All my batteries are dead

I'll give this a try. I think the overall problem was you lost 1/2 your 50 amp shore power. In particular the half that was powering the converter, some of the outlets, probably one of the roof A/C,s your fridge and such) but the two pole tied together breaker (either in the coach or at the shore pedestal) didn't fully trip. If won't look tripped but it is. Happen to me with the coach panel breaker. When you turned off shore power while working with the dealer you reset the breaker and full power was restored. For your questions - If the battery disconnect switch was on then wouldn’t all of the lights in the coach be off? Or does the shore power override the switch? - If 115VAC is available to the converter it will provide house DC power needs even if the batteries are disconnected. Shore power does not override the switch but the indicator only shows that 12VDC house power is available but not what is producing the power. Best practice with the battery disconnects is to only use them when shore power is not available and when you are not using the coach. IE when you are storing the coach. Think of "store" as cold, dark and quiet storage. Also ensure the inverter is completely shut down when you are not using the coach. Inverters can sometimes be wired directly to the battery and will still be connected ever when the disconnect is active. Maybe the floor fan drained the coach batteries over two weeks? - Maybe, if the fan was plugged into a circuit that is powered by an inverter and you lost shore power. Why was the chassis battery dead? - When the house battery disconnect is active (battery disconnected) the converter cannot provide a maintenance charge to either battery bank as the disconnect is between the converter and both battery banks. With a Hurricane or Windsport coach the chassis batteries are kept charged by the converter thru the house disconnect solenoid then thru the aux power (emergency start switch) solenoid then thru the chassis disconnect solenoid. Disable any of the three and you lose chassis charging via the converter. Not sure what consumed the chassis battery. There are a few devices that are powered from the chassis battery but normally not enough to deplete the battery in two weeks. If it's the original battery then it might need to be replaced. You never know how well it was treated while on the dealer's lot waiting to get sold. Same for the house side. Run either down too deep to many times and they just can't hold a charge for very long afterwards. There is a battery isolation manager that is supposed to prevent draining the coach battery, right? - With the newer rigs I'm not sure. My older Hurricane the Battery Control Center (AKA BCC) will open the aux power solenoid to prevent the house from draining the chassis or the reverse but it won't prevent a house item from draining the house battery or the same for the chassis. Leave the lights on (house ceiling lights or chassis head lights for example) and I'll still have a dead battery if the converter is off line or disconnected. Not sure if the problem with the generator stopping is related or not - Not likely. A good probability for a 36 code is fuel related as the code indicates an "uncommand shut down". The usual suspect is the fuel pump overheating but you'll also get the code for low fuel tank level (under 1/4 tank) forcing a generator shut down so you don't run the coach out of gasoline.
Dale.Traveling 09/03/19 09:07am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Things getting out of hand

I think it might cost less in the long run to rent a coach.
Dale.Traveling 08/29/19 12:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: newmar repair manuals

Split the coach in half (up/down not left/right) at the floor, chassis and house. Ford is your go to for the chassis and a laundry list of manufacturers for the appliances (A/Cs, TVs, microwave, water heater,,,). Regarding the structure, plumbing, wiring, roof and such you need to think more along the line of the brick and mortar home. There might be design drawings, material listings and such but you'll find little regarding how the builder would repair/replace the roof, flooring or shower enclosure for example. Fortunately there are owners who document their efforts and post to Youtube, forums and personal blogs regarding how they did the work. Don't fixate on Newmar and think concept or general application regarding repairs. Newmar may have aluminum cross members rather than wood in the roof but it's still a synthetic membrane glued to light ply and cross members when you start peeling the layers back. Work directly with Newmar for the design drawings and such but don't get your hopes up to high. 20 years is a long time to keep documents, even electronically. For the chassis eBay might be your best source for the chassis repair shop manual.
Dale.Traveling 08/26/19 11:11am Class A Motorhomes
RE: replacement awning

I replaced mine with material from Carefree of Colorado. Ordered directly off their website and had the material a week later. This replaced a very low cost fabric awning material that lasted three years which replaced the original that lasted eight years. In other words spend the extra and go with name brand in this case. Installation isn't difficult. As Billyboy posted there are multiple videos on the 'how to' of replacing the material. I did my 16' by myself and nearly fell off the ladder so get help rather than going solo.
Dale.Traveling 08/25/19 05:10am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Shore works ATS in and out on Gen power

What make and model ATS also.
Dale.Traveling 08/17/19 06:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How much is too much? Electrical question.

I have a 2019 Forest River Georgetown. I’d like to have a cup of tea in the morning, and watch TV in the evening. How about plugging in a small heater during the night. Can I do that without adding anything new to my Motorhome? I don’t have solar panels, or extra batteries, so what can and can’t I use while boondocking in a parking lot over night, without putting on the generator? Thank you. Your only viable option is using the installed propane heater. Anything else will require additional hardware (inverter, batteries, portable propane heater, kerosene heater,,,). Maybe a 12VDC car blanket.
Dale.Traveling 08/17/19 06:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What can a 2000 Damon Escaper 3980 tow?

Thanks. Yes, I suspect it is around 5000lbs. We are pulling a horse trailer with a couple horses, so would need the 10,000lb hitch. No you need a bigger coach. Bolting a bigger hitch on the rig doesn't increase your tow capacity. Could I install a class 2 hitch to my late model CRV and now tow 3500 lbs even though Honda limits the capacity to 1500 lbs? See the problem?
Dale.Traveling 08/11/19 06:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Interesting article: Tesla Semi Electric Motorhome.

Ummm. The article is about an interim measure to provide power for EV’s. Not semis that don’t exist yet. Ummm, I guess you didn't read your own link with the initial posting and how the writer states "Tesla Semi would make a great platform for a motorhome". But then this whole thread is about a RV that doesn't exist yet. When Tesla does finally roll out the Frankenstein owners are going to be in for a painful surprise when they start looking for a recharge. And do you really think an over the road driver is going to be happy about a RVs using the megastations at the interstate Flying J? And the a interim measure is a green failure. Using the numbers listed in the article for the fuel the generator burned, 108.6 liters, and the distance the recharge provided, 1911 km, the fuel usage was equal to 5.65 l/100km or 41 MPG, about what a diesel car with pollution control systems will achieved. As the article stated "about the same fuel efficiency as a diesel BMW 3 series". So how is a diesel generator with no pollution controls used to recharge an EV "greener than you think" as the article headline states?
Dale.Traveling 08/08/19 11:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Interesting article: Tesla Semi Electric Motorhome.

But but there are no tailpipe emissions lol Even better is the statement from the article - "But is it green? It’s better than putting diesel in a car, says Edwards, because the constant running rate of the gennie uses the fuel more efficiently than idling and accelerating in a car." You know how many stop signs, red lights and traffic jams there are on the Eyre Highway crossing South and Western Australia, which is where this articles starts? ZERO, and if you do stop you best be well clear of the road otherwise the next road train will run you and your EV over. Regarding the Tesla RV concept, if they use the semi as a model with even half the 1-megawatt battery pack the semi is likely to have you are in for some long recharge times even if you can achieve a 1C constant rate. Pull in with 1/4 charge remaining and you might as well take a nap since the 50kW diesel charging station is going could take 7+ hours if the generator can give you all 50kW of its capacity and you don't use any power during the charge time. If you somehow make it to a superstation with a 150kW recharge rate your wait is better at around 2 1/2 hour as long as no one is using the other side of supercharge to power up their EV with will drop the rate to 75kW. Make camp at a current US 12kW (50 amp site) RV campsite? 31+ hours. More if you start siphoning off power for habitability. A 30 amp site, you might be there a week. BTW peak power rates for Western Australia average 36.41 cents (USD) per kWh so fully charge your 1/4 full 500kW Tesla RV battery will be $136.53. That is before whoever you are getting power from adds in any surcharges that will probably consume the $63.72 savings over filling up a 3/4 empty 70-gallon gas tank in 5 or so minutes based on the current gasoline cost for Western Australia.
Dale.Traveling 08/07/19 12:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Replacing built in CO/LP detector

Although mine has past the expiration date I check it's operation every year and since it is still functioning I leave it in place. I've also installed an additional battery operated detector so I have two detectors running at all times. Why discard the functioning unit? Lou 05 Travel Supreme Envoy The gas sensors (the front end of the alarm) in CO and LP alarms have a limited life span. After several years of service the manufacture can not guaranty the sensitivity or function of the gas sensor which is why they recommend replacement. The test button on an alarm tests most of the circuitry but not the gas sensor. Without lab testing the end user has no ability to determine if the sensor can still detect CO at levels that are not harmful to you or LP that is below the explosive concentration level beyond the expiration date. Alarms cost less than a tank of fuel and take maybe five minutes to replace. Four screws and two 12VDC wire nuts and the old is out and new is in. These are one of the few items that "if it ain't broke don't fix it" might not be best maintenance practice. A bit like tires aging out rather than wearing out.
Dale.Traveling 08/02/19 01:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New Ford Engine

House and chassis model years sometimes do not match with a chassis being a year older than the house plus builders might want to burn thru V10 inventory before they start using the newer stuff (first in, first out). So,,, maybe about this time next year or a little earlier. You might see a builder beat everyone to the punch and push a completely new model out the door on the new V8 chassis while they still have V10 chassis inventory in house.
Dale.Traveling 07/21/19 06:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Remember the EM 50?

I could really use a few of the extra options the EM 50 has. Particularly for drivers that can't figure out what a turn signal is, how to merge or the lost art of keeping to the right.
Dale.Traveling 06/19/19 04:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tread design?

Same tires all around. All position or steer tires.
Dale.Traveling 06/18/19 05:48pm Class A Motorhomes
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