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RE: Removed over/stove...replaced with two burner induction.

I swapped out mine three years ago. I was just going to remove the stove and replace with a propane cook top but by going induction and installing it flush to the counter top gave me additional counter space. Added additional much needed kitchen storage with a new cabinet. Two Burner Induction 120VAC/15AMP Cook Top Most of the cooking we do outside on a Camp Chef propane grill so loosing the propane inside wasn't a problem.
Dale.Traveling 01/10/21 06:12am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Electric Van hool coach. Predecessor to first elec cls A?

This might work for an airport rental car or distance parking lot pick up and drop off, a moderate speed local tour bus or a very specific public transit or school bus route but not a for revenue service. If the bus isn't moving it's not making money and being down for five hours after moving for four might not be a working solution for a large potion of the for profit operators. For an RV application using this configuration recharging a depleted 600,000 watt battery bank from a CG 50 amp service will take at least 50 hours. 30 amp will take a week. Drive for 5 and recharge for 50. The summer vacation drive from upstate New York to Fort Wilderness that used to take 3 days will now take 12 days. Describing this as a predecessor to an EV class A is a bit like describing a 1908 Model T as predecessor to a 2020 Shelby GT500. It did happen but it took over 100 years to get there.
Dale.Traveling 12/30/20 10:07am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ford Triton V-10 Info Request

The 4 speed 4R100 transmission was used on model years 1998 thru 2004. The 5 speed 5R110 transmission was used on model years 2006 thru 2015. The 6 speed 6R140 transmission has been used from 2016 thru the current model year 2020 with the new 7.2 liter V8 engine. No other transmission models were used on the F53 with the V-10 6.8L engine. The rear axle ratios did change with model year and weight capacities. The house model year can be different than the chassis model year with the chassis sometimes being a year older than the house due to bulk buys and model year released dates. There should be Ford Incomplete Vehicle Stickers at various locations on the chassis that will display the model year and VIN. Also there are a few years that Ford made no changes so there was no "new" model. 2005 for example. If I was searching for my next used coach my preference would be a 2016 thru 2019 for the 6 speed. Runs about 1000 RPM lower at highway cruising speed due to the lower final ratio which should increase fuel mileage. If my budget won't support that year range I would try and stay newer than 2008 or at least no older than 2006. Better spark plugs were used in 2008 while the three valve engines first showed up in 2006.
Dale.Traveling 12/29/20 07:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Best floor plan for 6 sleepers

Thank you, here are our 6 sleeper details Two 50+ Adults (who would like privacy at bed time. Wink wink) 1 - 16 year old boy who always brings a friend 1- 14 year old girl who always brings a friend Have heard there is NO privacy with bunks. First up is put the boys outside in a tent. For the girls a coach with a cab over bunk should work but check the weight limits. Puts them 30 feet away from the master bedroom. In two years when the son is 18 and off at school the girls can then move outside and into the tent.
Dale.Traveling 12/28/20 05:54am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Questions About People's Knowledge Of Various Issues

I'm with the full size van and travel trailer group. Class A's are getting more and more family friendly but you'll get much more bang for the buck going the other route. Could even take it one step further if your budget will support and go with a conversion van which will make the ride even more comfortable. Stepping back 20 years, no slide, GM powered, minimal delamination and sleeping five comfortably is getting close to unicorn territory. If you fully intend to stick with a class A don't worry about which chassis it could be built on. Both the Ford and the GM/Allison power trains are extremely reliable and both are simple to maintain. The house built on it is much more likely to rot away before the chassis needs anything major.
Dale.Traveling 12/27/20 09:54am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Best floor plan for 6 sleepers

Describe the intended sleepers? For example- Two adults and four 12 and younger children. Three adult couples. Two couples and two teenagers. Six guys. My favorite is in my signature but it will only sleep one adult couple comfortably.
Dale.Traveling 12/27/20 08:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tiffin Acquired by Thor for 300mil.

The strange part, if I'm reading the release correctly, is Tiffin approach Thor with the sale proposal. "I was therefore thrilled to be contacted by Bob when he wanted to talk about joining the THOR family of companies." THOR Announces Acquisition Of Luxury RV Manufacturer Tiffin Motorhomes
Dale.Traveling 12/21/20 07:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Toad Full size Pickup

Very high probability you might be at or exceeding the towing limits of the chassis. 2006 Ford F53 Chassis Specifications
Dale.Traveling 12/21/20 07:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: low coolant / add water?

Do you know what type of coolant is in the system? For model year 2003 F53 the coolant should have been changed about four times over the past 17 years. Best not to mix coolant types if you can avoid doing. If you don't know then just use distilled water unless you are able to easily view the Northern Lights from the campsite the coach is parked at. If you can then try and determine what coolant was used and add with the same.
Dale.Traveling 12/15/20 05:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Water proofing slide toppers.

First fix the topper. The fabric should not droop and there should be some tension from the topper rollers holding the fabric in tension. If not then either the tension springs need to be tightened or one of the springs has failed. If both have failed the topper would not roll up at all. Next the material should already be water resistant just like your awning. If the material is old and degraded consider having new material installed at the same time as the tension springs are checked. And finally check the seals between the slide and the coach wall. The seals should be in firm contact with the slide surfaces. If not that could be a place water can get in along with hot/cold air drafts, insects and blowing dirt and will need to be looked at to see if anything can be done short of replacement ($$$) to improve the seal.
Dale.Traveling 12/14/20 08:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: zip lock sun screen on manual awning

,,, Why can't I cut space in center and when I slide screen on rail place strap in center,???? No reason why you can't. Just keep the hole as small as possible, come up with something to seal the edges of the hole to prevent fraying and you'll need something to hold the strap out of the way since you won't be able to slide it to one side and candy cane it around an awning side rail. For other readers, the EZ Zip Blocker Sun Screen is a two piece screen with a short section that is meant to stay on the awning roller and the majority of the screen is added when needed. I made my own and just install it when needed which actually isn't all that often.
Dale.Traveling 12/10/20 06:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Recording maintence

I also use a paper gripe log that stays in the coach that I use to record maintenance, repairs and events as they occur. From time to time (I have a calendar event set to remind me) I'll transfer the written notes to electronic format. The electronic log also has triggers, such as dates or miles, when preventative maintenance is needed. Marking or tagging the items sounds like a good idea but I really need a bit more to help remind me that I need to do something and the calendar event to update the logs solves that problem.
Dale.Traveling 12/10/20 06:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Air bags on a Class A gasser

Do air bags really help with the ride and sway of the coach? Also, is it best to have them on front and back? If so, what cost can I expect for installation? Newby to motorhomes, so don't laugh!! Thanks, Skip Keep in mind each bolt on item has a primary effect and secondary, both good and bad. Air bags mostly help with regaining normal ride height after loading which will help to limit the suspension bottoming out on the frame bumpers. They will have some effect with stiffing the suspension and attenuating sway also. The rear axle usually needs the most help. Material and installation will vary with who you buy from and where you live as local cost of living will effect labor rates. Average shop labor can run as much as $120 or more an hour and you might be looking at two hours per axle or about 8 hours. I did the work myself and order the bags (all four axles) off of Amazon for abut $600. Onboard compressed air ran me another $300 for material. Personally the improve was OK but better shocks and changing the geometry of the sway bars had a much bigger improvement for sway and ride for a lower cost. If I had a do-over I would try Sumo Springs. Before you started looking at bolt on stuff get the coach in the driveway. You might be pleasantly surprised and the new to you rig needs nothing.
Dale.Traveling 11/24/20 12:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Proper Hydraulic Fluid to use?

Stop thinking of this as an RV item that needs repaired. The cylinder is no different that that is used on a backhoe, front end loader, dozers and such. Getting it repaired shouldn't be a problem. Just keep in mind that shop service might cost around $100 an hour so there is a point when replacement is a more economical option but you won't know unless you try. When I had an internal leak by, jack would extend and retract but would not lift the coach, I open a Google Map of my area (southeaster Virginia) and search for "hydraulic cylinder repair". Returned a dozen of possible sources to investigate within a 45 minute drive. I removed the jack, four bolts and two hydraulic lines, drove down to the closest shop. They said no problem, shop service is $X per hour and shouldn't be more than 2 hours with $X for material. A few days later they call as the jack was ready. Reinstalled and cycled the jacks for full retract to full extent a few times to bleed any air and all was good.
Dale.Traveling 11/13/20 05:12am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1972 Ford RV - Can't find any info

At nearly 50 years since it rolled off the production line and considering the over condition based on the listing, any literature you do find will be of little use. If you do choose to attempt to recover and restore the coach you'll be starting from scratch as there doesn't appear to be much in the way of anything that would be reusable. Very little of the house side looks recoverable and no telling what the frame looks like without climbing under it to inspect. Strong possibility the engine is frozen and the transmission is long past it's use by date. Best to allow the environment of the Colorado prairie to continue it's work converting the rig into more stable elements of iron and aluminum oxide along with broken long chain hydrogen-carbon elements.
Dale.Traveling 10/26/20 03:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Oil change

I cut open a gallon plastic jug (I think it had windshield washer fluid) and use it as a funnel between my oil pan and the drain plug. Cost me nothing.
Dale.Traveling 10/23/20 05:01am Class A Motorhomes
RE: F53 suspension upgrades

What are you trying to achieve? Reduce body roll? Better straight line running and lane holding? Reduce wind push from weather or passing vehicles? Less jarring from poor roads? There isn't a single bolt on product, tweak or change that will do all and if your RV budget is limited then your need to prioritize what you want to chase first. If you can't do the work yourself the costs will quickly escalate and consume your project budget. Henderson's radius rod sounds like a front track bar. You might have one if the you have a 18,000 lbs chassis. It's optional on the 16,000 lbs version. Easy to check. The attached image is looking front to back and the track bar is just above the front axle in the pic. Regarding CHF, there are thousands of owners who have driven thousand of miles with no failures, myself included. Keep in mind they are in the business of selling improvements not advising you to try a no cost alternative.
Dale.Traveling 10/18/20 02:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Charging 4 batteries with external charger.

To keep everything happy and confusion at a minimum connect the charger to the same posts that the feeds to the coach are connected along with positive of the charger to the positive of the coach,,,
Dale.Traveling 10/02/20 09:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Torque on Lug Nuts

My RV is on a light chassis with 19.5" wheels with a torque spec of 150 ft. lbs. so easy for me to check and correct. Usually the lugs are excessively over tighten and I need a cheater bar to get the off and reset to correct torque. I check anytime someone other than myself removes a tire. The daily driver I also check so I know I can loosen the nuts on the side of the road with the tools that came with the car. Again most of the time they are over torqued and would be very difficult to get off to fix a flat without assistance.
Dale.Traveling 09/29/20 08:14am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class A V-10 mileage

I figure when I have the toad along for the ride, and since it's a fully drivable self powered vehicle, my mileage is double to 15 or so. And since there is usually two of us in the coach I get another double taking the rate up to 30 MPG. Day dreaming helps pass the time until the next outing.
Dale.Traveling 09/29/20 07:58am Class A Motorhomes
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