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RE: Should I Buy The Dealer's Hitch

I also did a quick comparison of the prices on and the F250 appeared to be about $5,000 more for the cheapest models. But the cheapest F250 probably tows much more than the cheapest F150, so that seems like a bargain to me. Now the actually prices that dealers are getting is another story. I want something with a towing capacity of at least 10,000 pounds to tow a trailer with about 9,000 pounds. The F150 ranges from about 5,000 to 14,000 so if I am looking for an F150 I have to be considering the different combinations of motor, gear, bed, cab, yada yada. The towing capacity on an F250 starts at 12,000 pounds. Problem solved.
DallasSteve 01/13/23 05:26pm Towing
RE: Should I Buy The Dealer's Hitch

Having towed with several F150s (hundred of thousands miles), it's a better truck than the Super Duty. I have had 3 Super Duty's. My current one is a F350/PS 6.7 Lariat and I tow 42' fifth-wheel and it's one hell of a good truck, but the last F150 was a better truck all around (except capacity & power). Keep in mind, that there are F150s and then their are F150s. You need to buy a truck properly equipped to tow the load you have. Thomas Thanks for the feedback. It seems like I need the F250 for this much trailer, but your comment concerns me. (In case you missed it the trailer is a max weight of 9,000 pounds- 7,760 empty) Why do you think the F150 is a better truck? Will I regret stepping up to the F250?
DallasSteve 01/13/23 09:58am Towing
RE: Should I Buy The Dealer's Hitch

I'm buying a bumper pull trailer and the dealer is offering to install a weight distribution hitch for $1,000. ? $1,000 NO NO NO!!!! You can get a used Hensley Arrow or a used ProPride hitch for a few $ more. Search this forum for either and read the reviews. "a few $ more"? Really? I just did a search and it looks like the new ones run about $4,000. Yikes! I'm not poor, but I'm not made out of money, either.
DallasSteve 01/13/23 09:32am Towing
Should I Buy The Dealer's Hitch

I'm buying a bumper pull trailer and the dealer is offering to install a weight distribution hitch for $1,000. They said it is an Equal-i-zer, I don't remember which model. It's my first trailer so it may be nice to have it set up, but I'm pretty sure I could watch a YouTube video and do it myself. I installed a base plate on a Jeep. I checked Amazon and I see Equal-i-zer hitches for around $700. GVWR on the trailer is about 9,000 pounds. I'm planning to tow it with an F 250 though I might get an F150 if people think that's plenty. The difference in price isn't a big deal. Would you pull it first and then decide if it feels like it needs the WDH?
DallasSteve 01/12/23 10:50pm Towing
RE: Internet RV Prices Today

While it's not 2018 anymore the process is the same. You have to run comps. What is the exact same unit selling for everywhere else? Call dealers that have the exact RV you want - anywhere in the US and ask them their out the door price. You might be able to negotiate a bit from there but you'll soon get an idea where the sweet spot is. Maybe your best deal is 1500 miles away. Might be worth it to save a few grand. This is also a negotiating tool. If an RV dealer close to home has your unit you can tell that XYZ has it for a lower price and you're willing to drive there to get it. They might match the price. Thanks for the responses. These are all excellent advice. It's similar to what I did the last time I bought one and I got the best price I had seen anywhere. Maybe someone else got it for less, but probably not much less.
DallasSteve 11/19/22 10:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Internet RV Prices Today

Jayco has an MSRP on their website. You can "Build" your trailer and see the change in MSRP. I ordered my 2015 and got 36% below MSRP. That was a far different time, however. $45K for a 36' trailer seems excessive to me. I paid $24K for a 31' Jayco 7 years ago. I realize that building supplies are in short supply, but those prices seem outrageous to me. Unless I had to buy RIGHT NOW, I would probably wait another year or 2 and see if prices drop and quality improves. Thanks for the tip. Where did you get the discount? On the Jayco website or did you have to negotiate with a dealer on that part?
DallasSteve 11/18/22 05:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Internet RV Prices Today

I would wait another couple months and go for 50% off. Sales are about to tank even further. Lots around me are packed to the gills. That is what's behind my thought process with this thread. I don't need the unit until the end of March, 2023, but if I can save 10% by buying early, I would buy early. Maybe dealers would be looking to reduce inventory in December. First I need to have a good idea of the best price, and then I could offer less and negotiate a truly good deal. In theory. In practice the dealer probably always wins. But maybe I could still do better than waiting until March to buy.
DallasSteve 11/18/22 10:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Internet RV Prices Today

MSRP probably means about the same thing as "List Price" as when you see something at a store and they say everything is 30% off list price. It is the price they invent so they can put it on sale and the buyer will think they are getting a good deal. I'm not trying to understand MSRP. I'm just checking so see if there are some recent buyers here and if they were able to get a new RV for less than the heavily discounted price on RV Trader. My guess is they may be able to get it for a little less, but not much less. But then maybe that's what the dealers what you to think when they price it on RV Trader and a sharp buyer might get it for a little less than "a little less". Like I said, I just don't want to be the fool who paid too much.
DallasSteve 11/18/22 09:29am General RVing Issues
Internet RV Prices Today

I'm beginning to window shop for an RV for next Spring. I sold my last RV 2 years ago and I see that inflation has hit RV prices significantly. I may go used, but for the moment my question is directed to new RVs. I will probably pick a bumper pull travel trailer this time. I was browsing one on RV Trader. It is a nice Winnebago 36 foot trailer with laminated fiberglass construction. It's probably not the floorplan I will choose, but I'll be in that price range. Their website says the MSRP is $75K which is crazy, and they have discounted it 40% to $45K. This dealer may or may not be firm at the price, but my question is in general, will dealers discount further than a discounted price like that? I don't want to leave money on the table. I used to hear people say that dealers typically will discount to about 30% or 35% of MSRP, but that was 3 years ago and the game may have changed to discount a little more now. What is your feeling on Internet prices like this compared to the final purchase price in this price range? That price isn't too far off what I expected. When I was shopping models like that about 2019 it was probably at about $40K discounted.
DallasSteve 11/17/22 07:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: DMV issues

I see the OP is living in Tennessee. I had no problem using a mail service to register my RV in Texas, but Tennessee may not be so flexible. All my exes live in Texas, but I'm still not living in Tennessee. I'm happy in Texas for now.
DallasSteve 11/17/22 06:11pm Full-time RVing
RE: Camping at 27 degrees.

We were in far South Texas in February 2021 when the big freeze hit and the electricity went out and Ted Cruz went to Cancun. I think it got down to the 20s, but I'm not sure. I had 2 propane tanks in a 32 foot Class A, but I think I was down to one tank. We went through that last tank in a few hours that night, and I didn't have the thermostat set that warm inside. About 3 AM I woke up and the furnace was blowing cold air. But fortunately we had 2 electric heaters and our area didn't lose electricity so it didn't get too bad. If we had lost electricity we would've been sleeping in the Jeep with its motor and heater running. The point of this rambling is you can run through propane fast on a cold night.
DallasSteve 11/17/22 06:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Medicare For Full Timers

If you are healthy and relatively young, the need for really good medical insurance coverage might seem not worth the cost. I am 76 and actually pretty healthy for my age. Even so the medical costs can be out of sight. In the past year I have had a bunch of doctor visits, including specialists, also lab work and a bunch of testing and other procedures. I was seen by a rheumatologist a couple of times which also included lots of lab work. I had a couple of sessions with a neurology specialist which included some extensive EMG testing. I had a couple sessions of afib following my Covid shot. That means several cardiologist visits including an implant for a monitoring my heart. The monitoring is done by a cardiac specialist on an ongoing basis. I just finished a cardiac cath with a couple of stents. A few weeks ago, I had routine endo/colonscopy testing. I have mild emphysema so next month I am getting a complete pulmonary workup with ultrasound, echo, CT scans and pulmonary function testing. I have paid absolutely no out of pocket costs for these many tens of thousands of dollars worth of testing and care. In addition I have no restrictions on physicians or providers. I have been able to find the best and replace any doc that does not seem to meet my expectations. I highly recommend you look and pay for the most flexible and comprehensive coverage you can find. Sooner or later you will need it. We have different definitions of "pretty healthy". If I was your level of pretty healthy I would choose a different plan. The good thing is that every year I can re-evaluate what I need and choose a different plan. If I fall apart 6 months from now I'll have to absorb some out of pocket costs in 2023 (which I can) and then I can pick a more expensive plan for 2024.
DallasSteve 10/20/22 10:01am Full-time RVing
RE: Medicare For Full Timers

The issue some have with these "any network provider" Medicare Advantage "nationwide" plans are in some parts of the country, there are too few providers let alone any specialist. Even when there are providers, the next available appointment for non in-state enrolled patient is a month or more out. Humana, like all "networked" Advantage plans is provider deserts, no provider within any reasonable travel distance. Yes, you may be able to go out of network in some cases and have a portion covered, but often they use the network requirement for coverage as an excuse to deny payment. I don't think is really a case of "gambling", more like a careful needed evaluation of risk vs rewards. For the rewards of saving substantial money, can you tolerate the risk of a possible no or denied coverage and expense? I understand the concern and it is a valid point. So I picked a small town in the area where I plan to spend the Summer next year, Franklin NC. It's only about 4,000 people. There are no other big cities near it. I went to Humana's provider search page. I selected the Medicare PPO. There are about 20 Family practice doctors and about 20 specialists in network in the small town of Franklin. I'm surprised there are so many doctors in a town of 4,000, but that's good. And if I need a hospital the Angel Medical Center in Franklin is in network. I looked at their website and their facility seems large, modern, professional. The plan even has psychiatric care in the area if I go crazy. :-) Finally, I'm not going to choose places to visit based on how close they are to a plethora of doctors and hospitals. If I'm that frightened of a medical emergency I should give up full time RV life and go back to Dallas, or at least find an RV park close to a medical center in a large city and live there until I die.
DallasSteve 10/15/22 01:23pm Full-time RVing
RE: Medicare For Full Timers

There are several posts here promoting AARP insurance. I was an AARP member a few years ago. They would periodically send me mail promoting their car insurance or health insurance. When I compared the prices for those insurance products with what I already had they were much more expensive. You would think that if AARP was using its millions of members as an incentive to insurance companies, that they would get better rates than non-AARP insurance offers. I wonder where that extra money is going? Maybe into the pockets of the executives at AARP?
DallasSteve 10/15/22 10:45am Full-time RVing
RE: Medicare For Full Timers

OP is willing to roll the dice and bet on his continued good health. Which is fine until, as some have pointed out, something catastrophic occurs. Doesn't even have to really be catastrophic, as Lou points out with a "simple" pinched nerve. Whatever you do, Steve, I wish you continued good health and no regrets on whatever you decide. Mike As I pointed out there are annual maximum out of pocket amounts in the plans, and I have savings to cover the maximums. It sounds like some people are afraid of a $100 medical bill. I'm not going to spend an extra $2,000 every year because some year I might have to spend $10,000. The last time I had a serious medical problem was 2006 with a knee problem. That's 16 years. I've actually had a pinched nerve and I've spent about $100 on that. I told the doctor I had a pain in the neck (LOL) and he basically said, "Sorry to hear that".
DallasSteve 10/15/22 09:23am Full-time RVing
RE: Medicare For Full Timers

Why not setup an address with escapees and at the same time find what options are available with supplemental plans. Your find of a PPO with travel sounds as only good within the Humana family. Not a true PPO and they have to pay you to join? Ever wonder why? The eHealth rep discussed a supplemental health plan with me. She said it would cost at least $60 per month and I would be giving up the $110 per month rebate. That's $2,000 per year. If the supplemental health plan doesn't save me at least $2,000 per year I'm losing money. I'm in good health and I've spent about $200 on health costs this year. The last few years have been like that. I'm willing to gamble my health will stay good for a few more years. I'm doing everything right on that front. I have savings if I'm wrong and all the insurance plans have annual limits. But thanks for the suggestion.
DallasSteve 10/14/22 12:15pm Full-time RVing
RE: Medicare For Full Timers

I spoke to a representative at eHealth and I think I have found a plan that will work, at least for the beginning of 2023. It is a PPO Medicare Advantage plan from Humana available in my zip code. It gives me back $110 per month of the Part B premium. It includes a travel coverage provision that allows me to get the standard rates from any in network provider in the USA. However, when they find out I have moved they will probably cancel the plan and I will have to look for a new plan. I plan to leave my address as is and get all of my correspondence via email. When Medicare discovers I have moved they will probably notify Humana and the clock will start ticking. I will also set up a virtual mailbox in Dallas and I may do a search for plans in that zip code to see if Humana offers something there and I may update my address when I leave Texas.
DallasSteve 10/14/22 10:54am Full-time RVing
RE: Medicare For Full Timers

Medicare plans avbl are state specific, so important you closely review MA plans in your state. In our case, TX does not offer any that are in network nationwide, so we have used Part G plans which have worked out very well. Costs more, but I need no referrals and the coverage is excellent. We’ve been FT for 8 yrs (3 while covered under Medicare) and it has worked for us. Choose wisely. Thanks for all the replies. I have been looking at some plans on eHealthInsurance and they have a toll free number to speak to a licensed insurance agent. I'm going to try to call them tomorrow and get their input too. Maybe I will price a few of those Part G plans and investigate how they travel.
DallasSteve 10/13/22 09:56pm Full-time RVing
Medicare For Full Timers

I'm planning to full time in an RV again starting next Spring and I am covered by Medicare now. Last time I had no health insurance (I've usually been healthy and I've been 'naked' before). I've been on a Medicare Advantage plan (MA) which reduced my Part B premium by about $79 a month. They've canceled that plan so next year (now, starting Oct 15) I need to find a new one. I see some other MA plans that give me a Part B refund and I would like to start off with one of those. I plan to hit the road at the end of March and I don't know what to do then. Will an MA plan offer any coverage while I'm traveling? I've heard that regular Medicare would cover me anywhere in the US. If I go MA would HMO or PPO work better? I will probably spend the Summer in one general area up North and then travel back South in the Fall, so I think I could switch my MA plan to a different zip code in the Summer and then again in the Winter, but part of the time I will be on the road traveling. How would you do this?
DallasSteve 10/13/22 02:11pm Full-time RVing
RE: Do Some Travel Trailers Have Levelling Jacks?

I was always given to understand that one really shouldn't lift any camper/motorhome off the ground and not have the tires supported. I know that it caused problems with the suspension on an Eagle bus to have it's tires unsupported. I never tried to lift the tires of my motorhome off the ground, for that reason, but most of the time I was able to get a good leveling with the wheels on the ground. When I couldn't get fully level we were able to tolerate it for a day or two in that park.
DallasSteve 09/25/22 11:12am Travel Trailers
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