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RE: Do Some Travel Trailers Have Levelling Jacks?

I was always given to understand that one really shouldn't lift any camper/motorhome off the ground and not have the tires supported. I know that it caused problems with the suspension on an Eagle bus to have it's tires unsupported. I never tried to lift the tires of my motorhome off the ground, for that reason, but most of the time I was able to get a good leveling with the wheels on the ground. When I couldn't get fully level we were able to tolerate it for a day or two in that park.
DallasSteve 09/25/22 11:12am Travel Trailers
RE: Do Some Travel Trailers Have Levelling Jacks?

Gdetrailer Thanks for those tips. Maybe that's the better solution. Are the stabilizers/tongue lift usually manual? Can I use something like an electric screwdriver?
DallasSteve 09/25/22 11:10am Travel Trailers
RE: Do Some Travel Trailers Have Levelling Jacks?

I just did a Google search about this and I found this good article listing 7 trailers with auto leveling. These are bumper pull trailers, which is what I want. It appears that auto leveling is a more common feature in 5th wheel trailers. Trailers With Auto Leveling
DallasSteve 09/25/22 10:41am Travel Trailers
Do Some Travel Trailers Have Levelling Jacks?

I read an article explaining the difference between stabilizer jacks and leveling jacks. I owned a motor home in the past and it had automatic leveling jacks. I understand from the article that stabilizer jacks are not designed to lift a travel trailer, just to stop them from moving side to side. Some of the more expensive travel trailers that I see advertised for sale say they have leveling jacks. Are those actually leveling jacks designed to raise and level the trailer? Are they operated from controls inside the trailer or outside?
DallasSteve 09/24/22 09:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: Florida Park costs this Winter?

We have reservations along the Gulf Coast (Citrus County) about 80 miles north of Tampa. Our monthly rate for 4 months is $912.50. That includes electricty, water, sewer, garbage service, about 60 cable channels, in a gated 400-site park with a nice pool. The mostly private sites are generous with plenty of trees, bushes, and grass. The rate has gone up over the years from the lower $800s. We've stayed at this park since 2013. The late December and January weather can be a bit cooler than south of I-4, but we stay December 1 - April 1 and there is plenty of warm weather. Not real beachy in this area, but if you like to fish, kayak, ride motorcycles, golf, then there is plenty to do. The seafood is excellent. Tampa, via the toll road, is only about 1.5 hours. That's a good report. I may check that out. Do they stay full or do they typically have some spaces available?
DallasSteve 09/01/22 06:56pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Florida Park costs this Winter?

There are places that are decent and cheaper. Like said, "you get what you pay for" or at least the perception. I have found a marina/campground near Tallahassee that has monthly sites for $600/mo. But I neither need nor want much of what most RVers want. But then I also have no problem with staying someplace that has "long-term, permanent, older RVs" in the reviews. If you want the "resort" amenities and you want to hold your nose up high, then you will have to pay for it. If you don't, there are places out there. If I can find them, I'm sure you can too. It just requires thinking outside the box (avoid highly desirable micro area) and looking at a lot of websites. If you want to be on the coast on a more rural "Old Florida" type place (I'm assuming that means "dirt-poor Florida Cracker", which is my family background), try looking on the Gulf Coast, north of Clearwater and east of Panama City. Otherwise you will need to get off the coast and head inland (north of Orlando towards the FL/GA state line and in the panhandle along the fL/GA and FL/AL state lines). Try using the map on AllStays to find CGs. Thanks for the feedback. I think people want to be farther south to be warmer in the Winter so those rates are higher. I might try a little of both: some South Florida at higher rates and North Florida at cooler temperatures. We have stayed in far South Texas and it's about the same temps in Winter as the area north of Tampa; that wasn't too bad for us.
DallasSteve 08/30/22 09:54am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Florida Park costs this Winter?

Thanks for the replies. The figure of $2300-3000/mo sounds way off to me. I know it depends on location and amenities, but I can rent a nice apartment for less than that in Florida cities. So I decided to do a Google search. I want something South of Tampa so that it's not too cold, but not too close to a big city either since I'm retired. I found several in the mid-Florida area near both coasts for around $900-$1,000 per month during the Winter 2022 with spaces still available. That's still double or more the cost compared to South Texas where I have stayed, but I knew it would be more. I'm willing to pay more for one Winter to decide if I want to live in Florida permanently and maybe buy a house there.
DallasSteve 08/28/22 10:58am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Florida Park costs this Winter?

What do Florida monthly commercial RV park rates look like for this Winter? I know it varies depending on location and amenities, but any general knowledge you can pass along in that regard is appreciated. How soon do you have to make reservations? Are any spaces available without reservations?
DallasSteve 08/27/22 10:37am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Hedging Gas Prices

LOL.....look at what all that Covid Hoarding got it, hyperinflation lol. Well at least inflation with some help from some certain folks who will remain nameless. Inflation was caused by hoarding? That's a new one. I like this chart from the St. Louis Fed which shows the growth of the M2 money supply starting with the pandemic due to government handouts, budget deficits, and easy money policies from the Fed. It's astonishing how fast the money supply has grown. When the money supply grows faster than GDP you get - wait for it - it's coming - the answer is: Inflation height=400 width=800
DallasSteve 08/21/22 12:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Hedging Gas Prices

Store it in your garage using gallon milk jugs. Have friends, relatives, and neighbors save the empty jugs for you. If done right you could pack @ 34,000 of them in a 24x24 garage. That's funny. But if anybody is taking you seriously, don't. That's a good way to blow up your neighborhood.
DallasSteve 08/18/22 05:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: Hedging Gas Prices

First question is what % is fuel of your budget. If it's 3% why bother w the effort to save some small % of that 3%? And over time it probably evens out anyway so what are the savings long term, probably not much. If you have a 500 gallon tank in the yard and you can get less than retail price all the time, plus add in the convenience (and risk), that might be worth doing. Most of the year it's around 3%. For a month or two when I travel north in the spring it's over 10%. Then in the fall it's over 10% traveling south. The difference in gas prices might be a few hundred dollars. It wouldn't break my budget. Maybe it's not worth it.
DallasSteve 08/18/22 09:26am General RVing Issues
Hedging Gas Prices

Has anybody thought about hedging gas prices against future rises? I have, a little. Gas prices were a super hot topic when they were about $2 a gallon higher, but I bet people are thinking less about that now. About June I was seeing prices here in South Texas hit $5 a gallon, but not much more. (I know a lot of the country pays a lot more) I've been watching the prices fall steadily here for 2 months and the average is around $3.19 down here. I've even see a station break under $3. My thinking is I'd like to lock in those prices and not be paying $5 a gallon again. I don't think the major companies offer a buy now/pump later plan, but maybe there is a way to do that in the futures market. If I bought gasoline options they would have a huge time premium that would kill the savings. But futures are different and I think they might work. With futures you are committed to the price at a later date. So if gas prices went down I would save money at the pump, but I would lose money on the futures. It's a wash. And the reverse is true if prices go up. Still a wash. Anyway, if anyone has more knowledge about that I invite your comments. Maybe it's a really lame idea; that's why I thought about this forum. If it's a good idea I'll keep an eye on prices and I may make a futures trade in my TD Waterhouse account when prices are looking good to me.
DallasSteve 08/17/22 08:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: County Park Experiences

Some Texas cities have RV parks. One about 15 miles from me in Stephenville. I have used it to check out motorhome systems before taking off for more distant locations. Just found this: Texas County and City Campgrounds Gary Thanks for those links. They both look good. Maybe I was using AllStays and not AllTrails. They both look familiar. Maybe I used both. I guess AllStays would include other states' parks, too.
DallasSteve 07/21/22 10:23am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
County Park Experiences

I bought a motorhome in March, 2020 and started camping on some North-South treks while I was living in the motorhome. Based on suggestions for my brother, who full-times in a Class C, I tried to make reservations at state parks and corps of engineer parks. When I couldn't find something available where I needed to be I would look for a private park. When I couldn't find that a few times I found a county park for camping. County parks tend to be rare in my experience, but when I stayed in them I've had very good experiences. They tend to be smaller and less developed than the state and federal parks, but they often have their own charm. The first one we stayed at had a 9 hole golf course where we rented a cart and my wife had a blast driving me from hole to hole. We stayed at 2 others on Texas Gulf coast beaches and they were very nice. They were pricier than the average county park, but for being on the beach with full hookup the prices were reasonable. I saw one other in Georgetown, Texas in a beautiful park where I would have loved to stay but they were shut down due to the pandemic. If and when I'm camping again I want to search out more county parks. I can usually find them on Google maps, if there are any in the area. Most counties don't have RV parks, from what I've seen, but some do. I've also seen them on Does anybody else have tips on finding county parks for RVs?
DallasSteve 07/20/22 05:15pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Facebook RV Scams

What is common now is that it will be a commercial sale and the price represents the money down. While it may be scam, more likely they are trying to generate sales leads. I responded to a car ad like that just to see what happened. I used fake information and a throw-away email address. A used car dealership responded. They did provide the actual vehicle information and the sales price. They claimed they put a disclaimer in the ad that said the listed price was the down payment, but I never found it. They did continue to spam the email for a couple of months at least. I only keep the throw-away emails for three months or so typically. Thanks to everybody for the replies. This sounds like the most likely purpose of the ads (there are many of them) - generating sales leads for a dealer. I hadn't thought of that. Anyway, I won't waste any more time responding to ads for prices that are too low to be real.
DallasSteve 07/13/22 09:22am General RVing Issues
Facebook RV Scams

I am on Facebook Marketplace selling some items and sometimes I see great deals on RVs. When I inquire they auto respond directing me to an email address. When I write them they come up with an eBay story that they need to register me as a buyer and they want my name and address. At that point I stop the contact because I can see it's a scam. Does anybody know what the end game of this scam is? Do they just try to steal identity with this information or do they end up requesting a money transfer? Maybe this has been discussed here before, but I don't know how I would find this in the Search feature. I got nothing when I entered "Facebook RV Scams". Sample Facebook RV Listing
DallasSteve 07/12/22 08:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Where have all the members gone on this forum?

I may be wrong but it seemed like the personal attacks in posts here increased a lot during the Covid-19 panic of 2020 with people getting very emotional over their opinion on that subject. I won't comment further to not stir up that hornet's nest.
DallasSteve 07/11/22 09:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Camping World RV Sales

Possibly they have you pegged as a tire kicker. Or possibly Camping World just plain sucks, which they do, based on the 3 times I tried to make a major purchase from them at 3 different locations. OP, find a mom and pop dealer and stay far away from Camping World, Campers Inn, Meyers, General RV etc. I bought a Winnebago from General RV in Jacksonville 2 years ago. I picked them because they had the lowest price on the Internet for the model I wanted and I negotiated down a few thousand more. I put down a deposit to hold it and the deal went through with no problems. I was on the other side of the country but I was willing to fly there and drive it back to save the difference compared to other dealers. I just go where the best deal is, within reason.
DallasSteve 07/11/22 08:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: CG Prices

I'm 70. But have had the Federal Senior Pass since I was 62. On our trip to Texas in March,we paid anywhere from $7.50 to $19 for water and electric sites at federal campgrounds. We paid between $35 and $45 at state parks. $35 for W&E and the $45 was for FHU. 1 night at a private campground with FHU was $45. Diesel for the trip was $1700.00. My brother taught me the trick of staying at Corps Of Engineers parks to save money. They are cheaper (a couple of years ago I think they averaged around $20 per night), but the facilities are pretty basic. At least they are usually at a lake.
DallasSteve 07/04/22 10:15am General RVing Issues
RE: RV retail sales drop 31% April year over year.

Winnebago Cuts Back Production Maybe someone has already posted this. I saw this story today that Winnebago is cutting production for the rest of the year because demand is decreasing. They said their current inventory of motorhomes is valued at $150,000 per unit, up from about $120,000 at the same time last year. But the CEO warned that the company's ability to raise prices has "peaked." Probably because gas is $5 a gallon and it's no longer raining money from Washington.
DallasSteve 06/24/22 02:41pm General RVing Issues
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