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RE: Short Term Freezing Weather Tips?

Be sure your propane tanks are full. With what we've seen in Texas on the Weather Channel I would not drive my rig out to fill up with propane. If you have an extended stay valve on your rig, and have a safe way to get some propane, get some 20# tanks and use them. You could get 2 days per tank used sparingly. Actually my Winnebago Intent has 2 20 pound tanks that are removable. I took one over to fill it today. I'm helping them with 2 electric heaters. Tonight is a freeze and then we have a couple of days above freezing; then one more night of freezing temps followed by 70s. I'm ready for those 70s.
DallasSteve 02/15/21 07:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Short Term Freezing Weather Tips?

OK. Thanks.
DallasSteve 02/14/21 06:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Short Term Freezing Weather Tips?

Thanks again for the tips. One last question as the temps drop to freezing here in "Almost Mexico". I was going to leave the faucets dripping tonight, but I disconnected from the water main and drained my hose. My fresh water tank is full, but if I leave the faucets dripping it may use all the water overnight. Is it important to leave the faucets dripping?
DallasSteve 02/14/21 05:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Short Term Freezing Weather Tips?

Thanks for these good tips.
DallasSteve 02/14/21 01:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Short Term Freezing Weather Tips?

Thanks bgum. I plan to do most of that.
DallasSteve 02/12/21 01:11pm General RVing Issues
Short Term Freezing Weather Tips?

I'm in the Rio Grande Valley (South Texas) and we are forecast for about 2 days of freezing temps Monday and Tuesday. The low right now is expected to be around 26 degrees. We are in a motor home with no skirting outside. I will keep the house temp at least 70 degrees through the night and I plan to keep the cabinets open and drip the faucets. Am I safe from frozen pipes or do I need to shut off the water and drain the pipes during the nights? Have you actually been camping through similar temps?
DallasSteve 02/11/21 05:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Great time to Sell Your RV!

Demand has never been higher!! Pic is link to Camping World form on FB that you can fill out...23,000+ comments so far! Folks want to sell their rigs and get out from under the payment. I bought a new 2020 Winnebago Intent in March for $80K. Now they are listing for $100K. I'm going to try to sell mine. I know I won't get the new price, but I might get what I paid or a little more or less (maybe even cover the sales tax). I'm not sure this is the life for me and I want to get while the getting is good. If I don't lose much I might buy again in a year or two. So where is the best place to sell? I'm pretty sure it's not Camping World, but it doesn't cost me anything to submit an inquiry. Would you list on Facebook? Craigslist? eBay? RV Trader? Do any of those take a cut of the sale price?
DallasSteve 12/25/20 11:57am General RVing Issues
RE: Great time to Sell Your RV!

Before anyone buys any rv they should try to get a camping spot......they are virtually non existent but a trip to a campground will show 1/2 empty......the reservation system needs to be overhauled..... I don't agree. I made a trip from Arkansas to South Texas in September/October. I was able to get almost every park I wanted including parks on Galveston Island, a state park on Mustang Island, and a nice county park on South Padre Island. The one exception was Labor Day weekend, I didn't reserve early enough and had to take a pricey private park, but not too bad. In fact, the park on South Padre Island was about 70% empty in October. Granted, Florida will be much harder to make reservations, but not every RV camper has to go to Florida. (And I made my trip reservations about 1 month before I traveled)
DallasSteve 12/25/20 11:52am General RVing Issues
How To Ship Large Repair Parts? Winnebago Wants $200

I need to order 2 large parts for my motorhome: the ladder on the back, and the 8 foot long metal trim piece at the bottom of the rear wall. I found the parts and I wrote/called Winnebago parts department. They told me it will cost about $200 to ship each item. There are no Winnebago dealers near me in South Texas (Alamo, Texas). The closest ones are near San Antonio about 4 or 5 hours away. I would like to get this done here in the winter and then try to sell the rig. After thinking it over, I have 2 strategies to reduce the cost. I am going to ask Winnebago if they can ship them together. $200 is better than $400, but I don't know if they will do that. I will also ask them what is the cost to ship them to an RV shop here in South Texas. Winnebago told me it's more expensive to ship to a residence than a business. Does anybody else have any ideas how to get the parts and not spend so much on shipping?
DallasSteve 12/25/20 11:46am Tech Issues
Looking For Alternatives To Fitzy TV

I've been using Fitzy TV for about 2 years after learning about it here. Most of the time it works well, but every few weeks it goes on the blink and we can't get our DVR recordings to play or they don't record as scheduled. A very amateur operation, in my opinion, but a cheap solution. So is there another app that people are using to record TV programs from the Locast internet TV service?
DallasSteve 12/13/20 09:17pm Technology Corner
RE: Buy Register A Car While Traveling?

As a follow up, we returned to Texas in September, and I got the vehicle inspected and registered. It had to be inspected in my county of residence. Now I have title and plates and I paid my tax.
DallasSteve 11/02/20 12:11am Full-time RVing
RE: Heating Cost: Electric vs. Propane

Wow, 16.5/KWH is crazy expensive as here at owned home our electric power is 9.6/KWH and when in our Florida CG with our RV it's 10.3/KWH. I agree the electric rate in this park is very high, but the rent here is very low, only $275, and it's a nice quiet park in the area where I want to be. So I figure they are making another $25 or so a month on my electric bill. I'd rather pay that than stay at one of the $500 parks around here even if their electric was 10 cents per KWH. If my electric bill runs high here, I will just switch my heating and cooking over to propane.
DallasSteve 11/01/20 05:24pm General RVing Issues
Bluetooth Gaps

I have a sound system in my Winnebago motorhome that uses the truck dashboard to connect to the speaker system. I can connect my phone or laptop to that system by bluetooth. It works, but every once in a while the song I'm playing will pause as if the bluetooth lost its signal for a moment and then it resumes. Is there something I can do to solve this problem?
DallasSteve 10/28/20 07:58pm Technology Corner
RE: Heating Cost: Electric vs. Propane

I look at it a bit differently. When we had a 38' DP, and set the furnace to propane, it would heat the entire rig. But at night I could use an electric space heater (carefully) in the bedroom and just keep that space warm. Gotta be more economical. This of course assumes it's not getting cold enough to threaten the plumbing with freezing. I did a quick and dirty comparison using the link pianotuna posted and the cost looks pretty close, as several here have said. Electric and gas are about equal in cost. I'm not poor, and I tend to like a warmer room (when I worked my overweight workmates usually kept the office like a freezer even in the summer) so I'm not going much below 73 degrees. But I like conserving what I can so I will try blocking off the bedroom and bathroom at night and just heating that area with the electric. In the morning I may blast the living area a few minutes with the furnace to thaw it out.
DallasSteve 10/28/20 04:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Heating Cost: Electric vs. Propane

Keep in mind that the propane furnace also heats the chamber where the tanks reside. A portable electric heater will not heat those areas, unless you run the furnace fan without heat, IF your thermostat will allow that (Mine won't.). The instructions for many portable 1500 watt electric heaters state that they should not be operated while asleep. Sure, it is a CYA for the manufacturer, as required by corporate lawyers, but it is something to consider. More good tips. Here in the Rio Grande Valley it almost never gets to freezing but if it does I'll be sure to run the furnace. I'll probably take my chances with the electric heater running all night, too. They are less than 1 year old and I keep them far away from anything flammable.
DallasSteve 10/28/20 10:14am General RVing Issues
RE: Heating Cost: Electric vs. Propane

Thanks to everybody for those great comments. We got down to about 50 last night and I started on electric, but it was getting chilly so I set the furnace to kick in at 73 degrees. I don't like it very cold. Pianotuna (Don?) That is a great calculator. I'm going to call the propane service today and find out how they do the service. I want to keep my tanks and I want to know how they charge. I will try to get the BTU numbers on my furnace and do the calculation. I may have to keep making trips to Tractor Supply. I also need to see if I can get my second electric heater on a second circuit so they will both run and not trip the breaker.
DallasSteve 10/28/20 09:26am General RVing Issues
Heating Cost: Electric vs. Propane

I'm not sure if this is the best forum category for this thread. I am spending the winter in South Texas and we are back to heating the motorhome. I bought an electric heater because I like to minimize my trips to refill the propane tanks. Here at this park they have a propane service that comes by every week and I can pay them to refill my tanks. My question is: Is there much difference in the cost of heating with the electric heater (at 16.5 cents per KWH in this park) versus using the propane heater. The propane heater uses the thermostat and so it is a little easier to control the temperature throughout the rig, but other than that the electric heater can keep us warm. Also, do you trust a propane service to use good propane and fill your tanks? (I don't know if using bad propane is a real problem as I am new to this) Generally I took my tanks to Tractor Supply and trusted the to give me a good liquid/gas.
DallasSteve 10/27/20 09:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Looking For S. Texas Parks

Since this year will be different, one item to consider is what will be open at each RV park. Parks with lots of facilities charge more money. If the facilities are closed then you are paying for something you will not receive. That, too. I drove by a Wilder RV Resorts park named Texas Trails in Pharr. It's a nice, big, clean park but nothing special. It has a price of $705 per month. I called and it sounded like they use one call center for all of their parks (I'm not sure). The lady started to pitch me all their special offers. I think she said if I pay for 3 months I get the 4th month free which means their $705 would be about $530 per month. I'll stay with my park that's charging $275 and is also nice and clean.
DallasSteve 10/22/20 09:02am Snowbirds
RE: Any one else giving up snow birding due to the covid

We're living in our rig so we don't have much choice. We headed south and south we will stay until about March or April. I don't have many risk factors so I take basic precautions and hope for the best. If I get "coronatized", well, we all have an 'expiration date'. I've had 64 years of good health. That's more than a lot of people.
DallasSteve 10/20/20 11:49am Snowbirds
RE: Looking For S. Texas Parks

take a ride over to palmview and check out the parks on Benson Palm drive. you might find something you like here. from 200 to $900 a month. be sure to check mission West, greengate Grove, Americana, and Val's country corral. they're also several others. Golden Grove is very reasonable but no pool. we are on the bike trails and state park next door. Palmview? Hmm. That's a little further west than I was planning to go, but I mapped it and it's only 25 minutes from here. We might swing out that way. Is there any particular thing you like more about that area?
DallasSteve 10/20/20 11:43am Snowbirds
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