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RE: What does having an appointment mean?

When you call your RV service center and they tell you that you have an appointment in 2 weeks, what does that mean to you? What are your expectations about when work will begin on your unit? The day I dropped off my trailer I was given an estimate of 5 hours labor. My trailer has been there 2 weeks. It means NEXT TIME you may ask them more questions about expectations. Live and learn.
DarkSkySeeker 03/28/20 01:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: Battery: AGM vs. Flooded Cell

AGMs hold a charge longer when sitting. And no watering or corrosion is really nice. Forget the money.. just cry once and get them. You'll never look back. That's been my experience too with AGMs. I charge them at the end of a trip and months later when I prep for the next trip, I go to charge them and they are still good to go.
DarkSkySeeker 03/28/20 01:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic AC unit

...the unit will cycle on for as little as 10 seconds then cycle off for 10 seconds. Back and forth... Perhaps it is the differential temperature setting - see LINK
DarkSkySeeker 03/27/20 04:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Full-time and don't/didn't like it?

There's a reason not everyone has a tattoo. At the circus the other day, I waited in line to see the un-tattoo-ed lady.
DarkSkySeeker 03/27/20 04:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: 12V heater run straight from solar panel

You will be lucky to keep the 12v battery charged and burn propane running the furnace. My idea is to run the heater directly from stand-alone solar panel(s), not via the RV batts.
DarkSkySeeker 03/26/20 05:15pm Tech Issues
RE: 12V heater run straight from solar panel

I have a 12 V 300 W heater in my rally compartment. It draws 25 A so figure yours accordingly. Electric heaters have a very simple formula. Watts Divided by volts equals amps. Did you buy it online? If so, could you share the link?
DarkSkySeeker 03/26/20 02:53pm Tech Issues
RE: 12V heater run straight from solar panel

What if I bought 5 of these, wired them in parallel, and mounted them on a board? PRODUCT LINK
DarkSkySeeker 03/26/20 01:55pm Tech Issues
RE: 12V heater run straight from solar panel

A big resistor that can dissipate a lot of power at 12V, sufficient to be a useful heater, is also a low-valued resistor, on the order of one ohm (approximately 150 watts). Making your own with resistance wire would probably be easier and less expensive than finding and affording a commercially produced resistor, marketed as such. Having a few coils wired in parallel is probably a good idea, too. I'd think, for heating with solar power, that a solar water heater (as in a black pipe in a reflective trough or something similar) and a radiator of some sort would be more efficient and effective overall. The cost would probably be lower, too. Agreed. My basic motivations are like this: I have these solar panels and what if I used them to generate ~500W continuously? And to avoid the complexity of a water heater based system, I wanted to be able to attach the 1 ohm resister(s) to create passive and unregulated heat.
DarkSkySeeker 03/26/20 01:40pm Tech Issues
RE: 12V heater run straight from solar panel

Even small 120 VAC heaters are 1200 to 1500 watts... Thanks. Yeah, I was imagining a big resistor with a heat sink around it that would run passively. Perhaps I will find that.
DarkSkySeeker 03/26/20 12:26pm Tech Issues
12V heater run straight from solar panel

Is there a heater product that can run off the 12V that comes directly off my portable solar panel? This would have to be something that can handle unregulated power that might peak up during bright sun and drop very low when a cloud passes by.
DarkSkySeeker 03/26/20 11:54am Tech Issues
RE: Well, They gone and done it

Are you combing it or just au natural? The other day I looked in the mirror and told my GF that I looked like a quail.
DarkSkySeeker 03/25/20 06:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Flatulence causing CO/Propane detector alarm?

My previous TT's smoke detector would go off any time I stepped out of the shower. Darn things are just too sensitive, if you ask me. So there I am at 2:00am, naked, with a flashlight looking at the detector panel. It reads, "when alarm sounds, exit to fresh air and call 911". I did not do that. Given the sensitivity of the alarm, you really have to discard the instructions and make a judgement.
DarkSkySeeker 03/23/20 10:52am General RVing Issues
RE: Mobile OTR customers

My TMobile SIM card came, and I put it in. Voila. TMobile. No other settings needed. Much better bandwidth.
DarkSkySeeker 03/22/20 11:38pm Technology Corner
RE: Flatulence causing CO/Propane detector alarm?

Smoke, carbon monoxide, and propane detectors all have a shelf life and false alarming could be caused in part by out of date detectors. Having said that passing gas is methane, and it may be closely related enough to propane to cause a detector to alarm. I've had the trailer with the detector for 4 years. So, yes it is ready for replacement. Interesting thing is how it did not sound any other time and my flatulence immediately preceded the alarm.
DarkSkySeeker 03/21/20 12:01pm General RVing Issues
Flatulence causing CO/Propane detector alarm?

I apologize for this graphic question, but this happened to me this last trip and I wanted to ask... Twice during the night, my CO/Propane detector went off - just after I passed gas. The detector is 5 feet away from the foot of my bed. I recall passing gas twice, and each time the alarm sounded within 2 minutes. Is this just too gross to discuss here? Is this something you've experienced?
DarkSkySeeker 03/21/20 11:32am General RVing Issues
RE: Mobile OTR customers

I am an OTR customer and have not received any announcement. I do not see anything on the OTR website either. The way your email reads, it suggests I need to elect which new carrier I use. I never set up AT&T in the first place. Is OTR expecting me to select which carrier and change my subscription?
DarkSkySeeker 03/12/20 02:33pm Technology Corner
RE: Traveling with a tailbone injury

She has a really sore tailbone My girlfriend fell during Christmas on some slippery steps and is still dealing with it. However, her comfort in our Dodge Ram is good, and she is beginning to heal. You mentioned that the pillows don't work. Try another one, another brand, another design. That is all I can suggest.
DarkSkySeeker 03/04/20 08:46am Travel Trailers
RE: We were shocked to learn our newly purchased TT

It's just lovely parked next door to one of those when it fires up at 3am. We shut ours off at night.
DarkSkySeeker 03/02/20 08:56am Travel Trailers
RE: Digital Thermostat Cuts on AC During Freezing Weather

This is a longshot, but mine used to come on with the heater because the "differential" temperature was set to 1. The AC and heat would both come on. To "fix" it I had to set the differential to 3. This involved pressing the on button and up arrow at the same time (or something like that - sorry for the vagueness).
DarkSkySeeker 02/28/20 10:41am Travel Trailers
RE: What is your favorite indoor-outdoor thermometer?

The Acurites are cool because you can register at the Weather Underground and get your measurements included on their maps. You can also retrieve the weather data from your Acurite on your phone. At one point, mine was the reporting station for my home town.
DarkSkySeeker 02/27/20 04:22pm Tech Issues
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