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I've stopped watching the news and following social media on this stuff. I know all I need to know because my wife has COVID-19. Statistics are meaningless, theory is meaningless, debates over what medications might or might not work are meaningless. The three things you do hear over and over again are extremely important: 1) Self-isolation 2) Wash your hands constantly 3) Don't touch your face Thank you for giving us an "inside view" and glad your wife is recovering! I too am sick of political finger-pointing; and from what I'm seeing in Florida, statistics are indeed useless because as you said of the 3 friends who traveled with your wife not being tested - people aren't being tested because the criteria is so narrow. Until everyone understands that stopping the spread is up to every single person being responsible and following the 3 simple points you mention, we are gong to continue to watch the numbers soar. On our local news, they mentioned that the Sheriff's department broke up a massive party being held in a warehouse; and of course we've had Spring Breakers partying like there's no tomorrow. Stay well, everyone.
Deb and Ed M 03/29/20 08:37am Around the Campfire

In my opinion as long as the number of deaths plus the number of those who recovered (as determined by positive tests) remain a small percentage of the total number of those affected (based upon positive tests) we are not close to being ready to get back to normal. The percentage of those who have tested positive and we know the outcome of this disease is only 2.4%. Thank you for your valued input! We are staying hunkered down in FL simply because we are closer to grocery stores - waiting for things to settle down before we go back to Michigan. You've given us a good formula and map to determine when that might be. On edit - I'm going to mention this for all the weather geeks: I just noticed that WunderMap has a special "red coronavirus" icon on the top left of the weather map to see the case counts in each county WunderMap Interactive
Deb and Ed M 03/28/20 09:40am Around the Campfire
RE: Frog in fresh water holding tank!

I can see how a frog *could* get into a freshwater tank: if your white hose isn't screwed onto itself in storage, a small frog could take shelter inside, etc. How do I know? In Florida, we have little Anole lizards running everywhere. My hose hadn't been connected to itself - so I hooked it to the faucet and screwed a srayer onto the other end. Turned on the water - and got nothing! It seems an Anole was somewhere in the hose and the water pressure blasted it into the sprayer. When I took the sprayer off - all I saw was the tail.... and there's no way to fish one out of a sprayer because the tail simply breaks off :-( Fortunately, sprayers are cheap - and I now ALWAYS make sure my stored hose is screwed onto itself so no lizards can crawl inside
Deb and Ed M 03/28/20 09:27am General RVing Issues
RE: S&B electrical question

I agree that you either need to make the lights be controlled by a pull chain (very cheap to do) or else make those fixtures operable by remote (a little more pricey) this might work, too: Add-on remote controls
Deb and Ed M 03/26/20 01:52pm Around the Campfire
RE: Well, They gone and done it

DW used to groom and show poodles. Haven't been to a barber shop in the last 2o-30- years. I (Deb) have dog clippers and could cut Ed's hair if need be. But he's not overly-handy with power tools to start with, and the thought of him trimming MY hair leaves me squeamish....LOL! Fortunately, about a week and a half ago, we were walking past a salon and there was nobody there. We both needed a trim anyway, so we decided to help out a local business. In hindsight - I'm SO glad we made that impromptu stop
Deb and Ed M 03/26/20 09:00am General RVing Issues
RE: Senior Citizens Speak Up

When approached by a hot woman, a Covid-19 test is recommended. ROFL!!!!! This wins the internet today!!!
Deb and Ed M 03/24/20 02:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: virus

I stopped by Harbor Freight today to get a box of gloves and found the shelves empty. A sign said all the gloves had been donated to area hospitals. In a pinch, dog poop pickup bags over your hands can suffice for gloves. And they're cheaper; and no hospital need them :-)
Deb and Ed M 03/24/20 09:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Can You Pass Through States with Stay at Home Orders?

Thanks for the information. I have an underlying health issue with lungs that means I'll be one of the dead ones if I catch it. So, I'll be making this trip without human contact. I don't even plan to take change back from the toll booths And will wear my construction respirator at any time I'm outside like to pump fuel. Probably going to wear disposable gloves outside too AND remove them after being outside the vehicle as well as wash hands. I have 2 dear friends who have reason to fear this virus, too - so my prayers are with you. A hint that I read: when pumping gas, use dog poop bags over your hand! Much cheaper than gloves and easily disposed-of. Here in Florida, the toll booths are unmanned now - they will take a picture of your plate and send you a bill; or you can make note of the toll plaza and time, and pay online for a cheaper rate
Deb and Ed M 03/24/20 09:13am General RVing Issues
RE: Can You Pass Through States with Stay at Home Orders?

My State Rep (Michigan) explained the lock-down in detail, and for Michigan, if you are traveling to your Michigan home from out of state - or traveling to your out-of-state home, you are fine. You can go to the grocery, or gas station, or medical Dr, or Veterinarian - it's OK. If you are just going to the post office or to hang at the beach for example - you are in violation.
Deb and Ed M 03/23/20 07:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: virus

Ed and I decided to stay in Florida for the moment - not that we are happy about the beaches still being open, encouraging the Spring Breakers who have NOT been following guidlelines....grrrrr. But since the little darlings have been partying hard - we don't want to follow their germ-filled trail back north. In hindsight - we did a STUPID thing and didn't drive the converted van to FL - so now we get to trek back north in a minivan. We normally don't mind staying in a motel - but right now that thought gives me the heebie-jeebies. Will probably attempt to sleep in the Pacifica :-(
Deb and Ed M 03/23/20 07:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Field Walk

Clearly, life is good at your farm! I laughed at the guard dog who at least opened his/her eyes for you :-)
Deb and Ed M 03/22/20 10:48am RV Pet Stop
RE: Animal care in times of Coronavirus

Since it is thought that this virus started with bats and/or those armadillo-like animals in Asia... What is different about them that they can have it and supposedly our pets can't? IMWTK... I'm not a Vet - but have read that bats don't have the normal immune response "inflammation/attack by antibodies" to "germs" that most mammals have, because inflammation = swelling = weight gain; and then they wouldn't be able to fly. So this is why bats can carry rabies, and not get sick from it? I can't address pangolins (the armored anteater-like animals). And of course we are lucky to have other people on this forum who know a LOT more about this than I do....
Deb and Ed M 03/22/20 07:55am RV Pet Stop
RE: Should we be going?

My opinion: Don't assume because the numbers are low, in any given area, that the Covid-19 germs aren't around. A lot of areas haven't had test kits. Florida went from zero to 658 cases in less than a week. Think of all the points of contact between your home and the RV park: gas station, grocery store, park entrance - even the power pedestal. If you can deal with all that safely - go for it? And be prepared to leave early when the parks close like they have for others states.
Deb and Ed M 03/21/20 03:21pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Flatulence causing CO/Propane detector alarm?

Yep - my dog nearly had a heart attack when it went off (his backside was rather close to the detector) - we still giggle about it :-)
Deb and Ed M 03/21/20 02:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Animal care in times of Coronavirus

“very few cases in KS” Because test kits are still in short supply everywhere. Yeah, Colliehauler - don't be lulled by numbers. I just found out that Brevard County ("Space Coast") in FL JUST started testing this week - and had only done 21 tests by Thursday. We went from zero to 658 as of today - simply because they finally have test kits available. And the Spring Breakers will be bringing home more than a suntan for all their partying.... Sorry for highjacking the thread, Dr Doug. 8-month old Augie is happy to hear that he will be keeping his testicles for a while.....
Deb and Ed M 03/21/20 02:47pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Question for those out on the road now

From what we are seeing here in FL - the Spring Break kids are NOT following any Social distancing guidelines. They seem to pride themselves in breaking them, actually. Hopefully the private RV parks will enforce the guidelines? Per today's news, the Florida governor has put the kibosh on the beach parties. Good for him!! It just depends: some counties have closed the beaches. The Central East coast beaches are open, but the parking lots are not (so the kids simply walk in). Bars are closed - restaurants are mostly take-out. Orange County just enacted a curfew. It's hard to turn away Spring Break dollars - possibly to the detriment of the most vulnerable residents?
Deb and Ed M 03/20/20 07:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Question for those out on the road now

From what we are seeing here in FL - the Spring Break kids are NOT following any Social distancing guidelines. They seem to pride themselves in breaking them, actually. Hopefully the private RV parks will enforce the guidelines?
Deb and Ed M 03/19/20 10:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Preparing for isolation to avoid contact with Corona virus

Just like the vast majority of us egh33 is most likely at very low risk of having been exposed. There is some evidence of community transmission but the majority of cases are traceable to the risk factors. I found out last Tuesday, that Brevard County in FL, has NOT been testing for Covid-19. The had run SEVEN tests since the whole outbreak began. I had been lured into thinking we were doing pretty good, with our "zero" cases. Meanwhile, Spring Break goes on - and the younguns are having a great time. Are they following guidelines about "social distancing"?? You KNOW the answer is a big fat NO. The beaches are still open - they closed the parking lots, though - starting tomorrow. Meanwhile, I'm seeing posts of bars having concerts/dances, etc. I'm sure their parents will wonder how they caught the virus in an area with one reported case.....LOL! I'm treating this area like it's radioactive :-)
Deb and Ed M 03/18/20 03:25pm Around the Campfire
RE: Coronavirus

Seen a article that said UV exposure may limit the spread of the covid-19 virus. So maybe the young people on the beach have the right idea. . I'm sure the sand gets sanitized - but if you think of what goes on, on the beach during Spring Break (especially after the sun goes down)..... I think a lot of germs are going to get shared that might not get sunshine exposure....>LOL! And of course there's the buttons on the freshwater showers/drinking fountains/restrooms/handrails - one would think they are isolated while on the beach, but in most cases, that isn't the case.
Deb and Ed M 03/18/20 03:14pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Don't come to NH either!

Come on people. You are supposed to stay home to prevent the spread of this killer virus. Sure transporting it from state to state is a good idea. It's OK - I'm currently in FL, watching the crammed beaches/parks; and previously open bars/pubs/cafes teeming with Spring Breakers. Those kids are NOT being tested, so expect them to bring LOTS of germs home with them, if they ever leave..... PS: the Corona Virus counts in FL have appeared to be "low" - but the truth is that testing for Brevard County, for one, only began 2 days ago.
Deb and Ed M 03/18/20 11:51am General RVing Issues
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