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RE: ISO a quiet place to go

I'm thinking any RV/camping park on the 4th holiday will be super-noisy? Any place with a body of water seems to invite fireworks. How about a nice hotel somewhere out in the boondocks? Have you tried noise-canceling headphones? Or Shooters' earmuffs?
Deb and Ed M 06/09/21 05:07pm Around the Campfire

Thanks, Mark!
Deb and Ed M 06/09/21 05:03pm Around the Campfire

One universal vaccine would be wonderful!! I'm under the impression that SARS and MERS are still around, too? Are the "seasonal coronaviruses" what we layfolks would call "colds"? (AKA the "grandchild gift")
Deb and Ed M 06/08/21 08:51am Around the Campfire
RE: Dog fence when sitting outside camper with dog

I just carry (2) 10' tie-out cables for when we are sitting under the awning. It just makes sure my two are close by (usually just laying on the mat watching the world go by) and I snap the opposite end to a carabiner snapped to something on the trailer. I think my Aussie could go over just about any kind of fence if he was properly motivated - and a bunch of giggling kids would be tops on his list!
Deb and Ed M 06/08/21 08:42am RV Pet Stop
RE: Back before cellphones

Glad we DO have cellphones: 3 local girls were approached by a man asking for help putting something in his van. Sensing a bad situation, they told him no, and took photos of him, his van, and his license plate. And reported it to the Sheriff's Dep't. Turns out the guy had prior convictions for sexual misdeeds and hopefully won't be loose to bother other girls. Smart girls!
Deb and Ed M 06/04/21 12:59pm RV Lifestyle
RE: RV Back Up Cameras

I ended up for the TT buying a cheap camera and monitor from Amazon. I did this, too - a company called Amtifo had an adapter that fit the pre-wired rear camera "bump" on our trailer*; it's wireless, and gives a clear view of traffic behind us. I liked it so much, that I added a second camera to the back of our truck camper (the monitor can handle 2 channels). I think it might have been a total of $100 for the whole shebang? Easy installation, and nice clear picture. *the camera bump had two wires in place: one was for backup only; the other was for "always on". I like the always-on, to keep an eye on traffic behind me
Deb and Ed M 05/29/21 08:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Finally some good news on the puppy front!

My Collies are very intuitive. I think all the herding breeds are just following us around, studying every thing we do. I had installed lever door handles at our condo, anticipating that the arthritis in my hands isn't going to get better...LOL! But I saw that look on Augie's face one day, as he intently watched me open the sunroom door to take him out, and thought "uh-oh". Sure enough, a week later, a squirrel was about 3' up the side of a nearby palm tree, taunting Augie ran to the door and let himself out. While I don't blame him; and he immediately came back when called - I installed one of those chain hotel door locks high enough that he can't reach. He gets a sad look on his face as we lock that chain....LOL!
Deb and Ed M 05/28/21 11:28am RV Pet Stop
RE: Floor Protection Questions

I train puppies to ring a bell hung from the door leading outside. It only takes a week or so... granted, you have to let them out when they ring the bell to play, too. But once they get in the habit of pottying outside, they are fine (but maybe my ease-in-housebreaking is abetted by having older dogs who "show the way") Best dog moment ever: 9-week old Jimmy had just tinkled on the floor, and Ike walked over, took a sniff - and then I swear he said "DUDE! We don't do that in the house!" Jimmy never pottied in the house again - until 10 years later; and that's how I knew he had developed diabetes....
Deb and Ed M 05/27/21 04:17pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Floor Protection Questions

One more thought: you can buy rolls of the plastic adhesive "carpet protector" - it will stick to the floor and itself; but not leave adhesive behind when you remove it. I bought some on Amazon years ago. Being adhesive, I doubt the pup could move it or eat it?
Deb and Ed M 05/27/21 07:39am RV Pet Stop

Thanks, Mark - that's pretty interesting!! I also read/heard something about humans having had a recent bout of the Common Cold, might have a smidge of immunity to Covid? I only heard it the one time, so maybe it was just wishful thinking, but it would make sense?
Deb and Ed M 05/22/21 08:34am Around the Campfire
RE: Travel buddies

Even ignoring the obvious SA variant Covid threat (surely you're vaccinated?); even ignoring the ability to bribe your way around quarantine requirements - why on Earth would you go there with THIS "Do Not Travel" threat: Terrorism
Deb and Ed M 05/22/21 08:26am RV Pet Stop
RE: Finally some good news on the puppy front!

I'm another one that would be hesitant to do two pups at once (although BCsnob obviously does it). My experience is that the older dogs help train a pup to do the "good things" by example. But two pups can feed off each other's antics - like "let's not go to mom when she calls" or "let's dig a hole in the couch". Also can entail double the work, since I take my young dogs out by themselves for practice at heeling/stay, etc I'm not sure how you can train for obedience with two together (especially high-energy, easily-distractible breeds)? Lastly, we aren't getting any stronger: I had a situation where I was walking my dogs (leashed) and an older lady walked by with an active little terrier - and she started talking to MY dogs in a squeaky baby-talk, and young Augie just lost his mind. Now most people would have seen that they just amped-up a high-energy dog, and back off - but no, she just kept at it until Augie (only 45 lbs, but strong as a bull) yanked his leash out of my arthritic hand - I literally couldn't hold on to him. Fortunately, he's a crazy-friendly dog so just greeted her dog, then jumped about 5' in the air to give her a kiss on the cheek (boy was SHE surprised) and then came back to me. I can't imagine having that happen with TWO young dogs. Also taught me that I need to work on a bulletproof sit/stay with Augie; and also bought some hand-strengthening exercisers.... it sucks getting old....
Deb and Ed M 05/22/21 08:19am RV Pet Stop

Not able to open the article; but saw on TV a few days ago, (PBS story on the immune system) of twin sisters in their 20's - one was a "girly-girl"; the other loved horseback riding and was forever at the barn, cleaning, brushing, etc. The Horsey-girl mentioned that she never got sick, while the Girly-girl seemed to catch everything. I DO believe exposure to dirt/bacteria/grunge keeps our immune systems tweaked :-)
Deb and Ed M 05/21/21 07:51am Around the Campfire
RE: Inflatable Kayaks

I had a Sea Eagle "Fast Trak" 12'6" inflatable - could be paddled solo or tandem. Had nice low sides, with a skeg, so it wasn't too affected by a crosswind (a problem with so many inflatables) and if you jumped out of it to snorkel, for example, it was easy and stable to get back in. Folded up to suitcase size - we carried it under the kitchen table in our MH. I normally paddle "hard" kayaks - I would rate this model of inflatable as being quite comparable to a recreational kayak.
Deb and Ed M 05/18/21 08:35am General RVing Issues
RE: Back before cellphones

At dinner last night, a guest was curious as to what a two humped camel was called. Siri, on my Iphone, gave a quick answer and all welcomed quick access to the information. :) IMO, that is the BEST part of technology - the ability to find the answer to a question in the blink of an eye. When I was in school, I used encyclopedias and dictionaries; but if you didn't know the word to look up, you were in a world of hurt.... Or you'd be searching through the card catalogue at the library, finally find a book description that looked like the one you needed - hiked over to the book stacks and started the search, only to discover the book wasn't there.
Deb and Ed M 05/18/21 08:20am RV Lifestyle
RE: Back before cellphones

Cell phones gave us the freedom to travel. Ed's trucking company demanded 24/7 phone monitoring - when a driver needs info, they need it NOW. The only time we could take a vacation was when we could get someone to "take the phones". Now technology lets us be on the road, sightseeing - and still tend to business. I'm grateful for the technology, even though I only use a tenth of what my phone is capable of...LOL!
Deb and Ed M 05/17/21 07:39pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Electricty and RFI ib body

I'm another one who has tinnitus; and use a sound machine to mask those ear noises (which sometimes sounds like distant music or a murmuring crowd). The reason I'm pretty sure it's not my fillings acting like an antenna, is the fact that I have ear noises everywhere, and the "music" is always the same....LOL! Now, that being said: we were staying at my bro/sis-in-law's house, and when I turned on my sound machine - it started TALKING. Turned it off, then back on and it acted normal again. Mentioned it to my SIL, and she laughed and said they were very close to a local radio tower, and one day she had set a metal baking pan vertically against a wall, and it began playing music....LOL!! So I would never discount stories of teeth being receivers....
Deb and Ed M 05/16/21 07:51am Around the Campfire

Thanks, JaxDad - this is a bit alarming since the USA just announced that we can take those masks off (paraphrased). And on last night's news, they said the Nurses' Union says that's a bad idea. I realize we are all participating in a study of the pandemic indirectly - but for myself, I'll keep my mask handy, and keep watching the data for new cases.
Deb and Ed M 05/16/21 07:40am Around the Campfire
RE: Trying different method of fresh water tank sanitization

I'm a former Water Technician (owned a pool and spa store). While this hot-water and vinegar *might* work (bacteria can flourish in a 104-degree hot tub without an oxidizer like Chlorine/Bromine/Ozone) - adding some bleach is just such a simple, non-caustic way to keep your water clean.... and it does its work quickly. I just want to add that you should use "fresh" bleach - it can lose its ability to sanitize if it has been sitting around for months, especially if it's in a warm storage area.
Deb and Ed M 05/16/21 07:26am Truck Campers
RE: Sky will turn colors on East Coast

Now the launch is scheduled for 8:02PM on Friday the 14th. They need clear skies near Wallops and Bermuda to do this experiment.
Deb and Ed M 05/13/21 07:29am Around the Campfire
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