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RE: Is anyone doing anything fun lately?

We are blessed with living on a large lake and having many of our kids/grandkids nearby - we haven't been lacking in the "Fun" department :-) We also attended the "World Skim Bike Championship" held near our home - this video is from last year, but it's pretty hilarious! Skim Bikes
Deb and Ed M 09/18/20 08:16am Around the Campfire
RE: Flying Floating Flooring

Some random thoughts: at least 15 years ago, I installed peel-and-stick "oak" vinyl planks in our (house) bathroom, I think they were made by Congoleum; and they have endured all these years and still look nice. Last year, we had Home Depot's "Life proof" vinyl planks installed in our condo - one of the things I noticed was that they didn't have to be "acclimatized" by sitting inside for a few days before installation. Implies to me that they don't shrink or expand as much as other flooring? The drawback is the thickness of each plank - they are at least 1/4" thick, which might interfere with a slideout. Last thought: depending on whether the RV is a trailer or MH, there could be uneven heat sources (like exhaust pipes) under the floor. I saw a converted van, whose owner has installed vinyl "coin flooring" and it bubbled up where it was laid over the cat. converter.
Deb and Ed M 09/15/20 08:13am General RVing Issues
RE: Great Smoky Mountains Bear FoundScavenging On Human Remains

But the Ranger logic on this is that once the bear gets a taste of Human flesh. that bear will want more... or so they fear. (I have heard this before and before you ask I do not know if it is true or hooey.. but there are people who claim to be experts who make this pronouncement and I have not the qualifications to argue with them. I very simply do not know). From what I understand, all predators prefer to go after the easiest prey. Explains why wolves/bears/pumas who learn to go after livestock will continue to do it; an elk will put a beat-down on a wolf, but a sheep is easy pickings. A human is not a "natural" food - but your average un-armed hiker doesn't put up a very effective fight, sad to say. Once a predator figures that out, it's bad news for all involved.
Deb and Ed M 09/15/20 07:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Watch those glass stove tops.

I have a glass top for my stove in our new-to-us trailer - thanks for the heads-up!
Deb and Ed M 09/15/20 07:36am Travel Trailers
RE: Anyone towing a TT with new Silverado 1500, 3.0L diesel?

I can't compare, other than a generalized "our previous diesels (1 each of the Big Three) outpulled my Silverado" - but our 5.3 V8 got about 11.4 mph pulling our (small!) #4500 20' TT on a recent trip. We ran around 65 mph on relatively flat expressways. Ed got around 13+ mpgs pulling our car hauler with a large SUV loaded (around #5000) but that's much more aerodynamic than a TT....LOL! Our previous diesels pulled our 30' 5th wheel like it wasn't there. Going up mountain highways, it just boosted the turbo a little bit - if the truck actually downshifted, Ed and I would laugh and say "Oooh - steep!" The 5.3 downshifts a lot, and generally runs over 2000 rpms when in tow/haul mode - BUT: as my also "daily driver" - the Silverado is one sweet truck. We don't camp enough to justify the cost and extra maintenance of a diesel, nor does our trailer require it. Deb
Deb and Ed M 09/15/20 07:33am Travel Trailers
RE: Do dogs have an internal gps?

And a macro version of this - I was always amazed by my blind dog Jimmy's ability to immediately memorize the floorplan of a house or hotel room that he had never been in before. Finally, a couple of weeks into an extended trip staying at a different place every night, in the middle of the night I heard a tiny whimper - Jimmy was "lost" in a corner and couldn't find his way out. I got up, petted him and told him he was OK and put him on the bed with me. Must be he had maxxed out his memory....LOL!
Deb and Ed M 09/14/20 03:04pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Need help with Jesse-behavior

My Jimmy (35 lb Aussiepoo) was diabetic, but was able to go all night without drinking or peeing, although wore a "cummerbund" to catch any leaks if he was soundly sleeping. Clearly, Jesse has more going on than diabetes - makes me wonder if all the water he drinks is messing with the thyroid drug's effectiveness?? Maybe you should message Dr Doug?
Deb and Ed M 09/14/20 02:53pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Interesting entry steps / stairs.

I used something similar to this Little Giant stair system with the handrail folded down. Was stable and lightweight, and stored easily inside the camper Folding steps I should add that the wide steps were not so scary for my dogs to walk on.
Deb and Ed M 09/14/20 10:48am Truck Campers
RE: Just bought Truck Camper- how do I move

I used (2) 2" ratchet straps to bring our pop-up home - I just padded where the strap crossed the top of the camper, and tightened it to "just snug". Also ran a strap around the back of the camper so it couldn't slide backward. No problems, although we took local 55mph roads, not the e-way.
Deb and Ed M 09/14/20 10:29am Truck Campers
RE: Camping in sub freezing weather

You might have a heated basement, but chances are pretty good that your low point drains are out in the open, along with the outlet for your black/gray tanks? That was the case for our 5th wheel, so when we had to camp in 5-degree temps as we headed home one year, we FULLY winterized the camper, used a portapotty (urine freezes at 28 degrees) and the drinking/cooking/toothbrushing water came from a jug - anything that would have gone into the gray tank was dumped into a dishpan
Deb and Ed M 09/04/20 06:51pm Beginning RVing
RE: Storing ball hitch

With all the "stuff" in a rear bumper now (sensors, etc) I always leave the ball mount in the receiver (or I use a "Bully Step" in the receiver). Eons ago one fall, riding with my Mom in her monstrous old station wagon with a hitch, we were stopped at an intersections when she yelled hang on - we're going to get hit!!! A smaller sedan was sliding on wet fallen leaves and piled into the back of the wagon - it destroyed his motor/radiator/heaven only knows what else. My Mom's wagon had a tiny scratch on the rear bumper. But along with that protection comes the knowledge that sooner or later your shin is going to kiss that thing....
Deb and Ed M 08/28/20 06:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: light weight travel trailer - NO BO 19.5

My son has the smaller NoBo, and pulls it with an F-150. Says it sways a bit; but in his case, the tail isn't big enough/heavy enough to wag the dog. He REALLY likes the versatility of the trailer!
Deb and Ed M 08/24/20 08:06am Travel Trailers
RE: Tool kit?

The one thing I carry in my soft tool bag that's kind of unique to RVs: A section of Eternabond tape. If/when you need it - you need it NOW. Amazon sells 10' lengths of it.
Deb and Ed M 08/21/20 11:42am Beginning RVing
RE: Birthday Girl Nell

Old dogs can go down hill so fast we’re always watching them closely for subtle changes that can turn bad. Glad she made a turnaround - I think we've all walked in those moccasins. More than once I've greeted an elderly dog by saying "Hey - you're still alive?? Let's go have breakfast!" (Morbid humor disguising the fear that one morning they DON'T wake up - or worse yet, you know that you have to make that awful last trip to the vet)
Deb and Ed M 08/19/20 07:48am RV Pet Stop
RE: New trailer heating options

To the O.P. - I just bought the slightly-smaller version of your trailer (2109S) and I was amazed by how fast the single battery became depleted, just sitting there doing nothing. (I didn't disconnect the battery because I was stocking the trailer and occasionally running the fantastic fan) Several days into my "nesting" - I noticed that the antenna power was turned on (green light behind the TV) so I switched that off; but there's still a parasitic draw from the LP detector, etc. For $25, I bought a "float charger" from Amazon that will hopefully prevent battery depletion.
Deb and Ed M 08/18/20 07:13am Travel Trailers
RE: Bathroom on the road?

You can also put a couple gallons of water in some milk jugs and keep them in the bathroom to flush the toilet. And I will add that even in below-freezing temps and winterized, you can flush with pink antifreeze when needed. The one time we didn't do that was in single-digit temps because even urine can freeze when cold enough.
Deb and Ed M 08/17/20 08:28am Travel Trailers
RE: For Alaskans going S... is snowboarding essential travel?

I agree with Flyboy - call and ask; but I'm under the impression that the Canadian Authorities will allow driving to (or from) AK as long as you make it a quick trip. No sightseeing/deviation of route - the fine is steep if you get caught not traveling the prescribed route.
Deb and Ed M 08/14/20 02:03pm Snowbirds
RE: What's changed about camping?

We would like to hear from the veteran RVers of travel and camping strategies you employ to help stack the odds in your favor. Sorry this intro is long winded. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Just don’t dump on my beautiful portrait :-) My sis-in-law has a phrase "Semper Gumby" - "always be flexible". Some of our worst moments, became our fondest (or funniest) memories: sharing a skeevy shower stall with the biggest spider I've ever seen; or showering in an old shipping container. Watching a distant storm, parked high on a mesa. The skunk who placed his paws on my knees at a campsite. Having our night interrupted by an all-night USAF aerial assault practice. Finding out too late that the train tracks are 100' behind your campsite.... But there have been many, MANY wonderful/beautiful experiences and delightful people, too! I guess my words of wisdom are "savor the good; and just roll with the bad" since most of it is out of our control anyway :-)
Deb and Ed M 08/14/20 01:57pm RV Lifestyle
RE: refrigerator door prop

My 2019 Rockwood came with this fridge door clip things. At first, I didn't know what the heck they were! No idea where you can get these... Like I said, they were just inside the fridge on my brand new Rockwood... :) Love 'em! Mitch Amazon sells them, but they are shockingly expensive ($20 ea) for a silly piece of plastic. I was all set to put two small screw eyes (1 at the top, 1 at the bottom) in the woodwork around my fridge and attach a bungee to keep the open doors from banging around - and then I found those plastic door-locking pieces in a drawer of our Rockwood - yay!!!
Deb and Ed M 08/14/20 07:48am General RVing Issues
RE: Leaving dog at campsite

Our dogs are not big barkers but will bark when someone or something is close to the MH. We have a sound activated device that puts out an ultrasonic sound when activated. A couple barks and that is all, they quit. Before we leave I show it to them and that usually keeps them quiet. Jim. These ultrasonic devices are so effective (and handy) and you can buy them for $25 or so, that I can't believe everyone doesn't own at least one (and yes, the dogs recognize your ability to punish them from a distance....LOL!) Even for people who don't own dogs, but want to exact stealthy revenge on those rude enough to let their dogs yap endlessly ;-)
Deb and Ed M 08/10/20 11:42am Beginning RVing
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