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RE: New study on genetic origins of dogs

Very interesting. This means that dogs actually can utilize those EVIL grains and have been for eons?? (Read sarcasm for those of you who don't know my posting history :B) Thanks for sharing. Oh - I caught the sarcasm....LOL! I was surprised by the long-time ability to eat grains - and yet the animals that are the most "successful" seem to be able to eat a large variety of foods when their preferred food isn't available.
Deb and Ed M 10/15/21 07:31am RV Pet Stop
RE: Newsom signs bill to ban the sell of gas powered generators

Anyone with good used equipment is going to make some money, if they want to sell them.Or increased sales in bordering states. ;) That was my first thought - "time to open a lawn equipment shop in western Nevada"! I wonder what they'll do about new RVs that come with generators?
Deb and Ed M 10/14/21 01:02pm Around the Campfire
RE: This WRONG on so many levels...!

I don't know.... our local grocery makes their owns brats, and some of our favorites have had fruit bits mixed in and we really LIKE those (pineapple was the favorite)! Candy corn seems like it might be too sweet, IMO - but I would try one.
Deb and Ed M 10/14/21 12:58pm Around the Campfire
RE: Side-Trip Report: Great Salt Plains SP, OK

Very interesting, and great photos! Thanks for posting :-)
Deb and Ed M 10/14/21 08:24am Truck Campers
RE: Did your dog influence your trailer purchase?

I have to admit that in 2006, after almost a month in Alaska in our 28' (slideless) Class C with a large 75# Aussie and a 55# Australian Cattle Dog gobbling up what scant floor space we had - I promised the next RV would have a slideout!! Fast forward to now: we have a travel trailer with a slide; a truck camper; plus smaller dogs. Concessions were made on both sides :-)
Deb and Ed M 10/13/21 05:52pm RV Pet Stop
RE: How many states has your dog been too?

WOW - my late Aussie Ike and Cattle Dog Jack really traveled a lot - from Nova Scotia to the Yukon (and all the southern Provinces) plus 44 US States. We really covered a lot of ground in our Class C from 2004 to 2014. The Aussie passed away in 2013, and I SOBBED while cleaning our C as we put it up for sale - there were so many wonderful memories of the dog connected to the RV..... Deb
Deb and Ed M 10/13/21 05:44pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Fresh water tank drain.

I always put about a quart of straight antifreeze in the black and gray tanks. The theory is that it keeps the seals on the gate valves lubricated and pliable
Deb and Ed M 10/08/21 07:18am Beginning RVing

The population has yet to be forced indoors by cold weather and the closing of doors and windows. The additive effects of no masks, no distancing and no vaccine will start to show up. It's happening in Michigan - using data from, the rate of daily new cases has more than doubled since school started. We are having a delightfully-warm fall, so it's not the "being forced indoors" part, but I can't help but wonder if fall sports season has anything to do with it ;-) Last year, when attendance was limited/mask restrictions were in place, this same time period didn't have the peak we do now.
Deb and Ed M 10/07/21 06:36pm Around the Campfire

Alligators also enjoy a dip in backyard pools and even the occasional visit to Cocoa Beach to frolic in the surf. :) True - but they are easy to see in a swimming pool.....LOL! As far as them frolicking in the ocean - they'd better be BIG or the sharks will get them! ROFL!!! Recently, our local social media featured a Lemon Shark swimming about 15' off the beach....
Deb and Ed M 10/07/21 08:23am RV Pet Stop

Well bless my whiskers...the first data analysis is awaiting peer review--but appears to indicate Delta is more deadly. Surprise surprise. "Increases with Delta variant were more pronounced: 120% (93-153%) for hospitalization; 287% (198-399%) for ICU admission; and 137% (50-230%) for death." Thank you - this makes me feel less like an ogre for telling my daughter that her family (daughter in college + boyfriend; son is Jr in high school + girlfriend) - none of whom is vaccinated - that they can't spend an upcoming weekend at my house. The Delta variant is soaring in Northern Michigan where they live - I've offered to pay for a hotel room. The entire family will be celebrating my husband's birthday - the vast majority of the family is vaccinated; and the party will be in a well-ventilated indoor riding arena....LOL! We are taking the pandemic seriously.
Deb and Ed M 10/06/21 08:09am Around the Campfire

I agree that it never hurts to remind visitors to the south that alligators are a threat. I remember wondering, during visits to FL, why no inland lakes have docks/swim rafts/beaches, etc. Now that I spend my winter there, I know the answer: the only water that is "safe" is a swimming pool. Even if there's no alligators around, there's still flesh-eating bacteria and brain-eating amoebas that lurk... I guess the tragic example is the little boy who was wading at one of the Disney properties, and was grabbed/drowned by an alligator. The sign said "no swimming", and he wasn't. Locals probably understand that "no swimming" means alligators might be present - but the poor kid's family was from Nebraska, I think. So warning folks that alligators lurk, can run FAST, climb fences, etc is a good thing
Deb and Ed M 10/06/21 07:49am RV Pet Stop

None should be allowed in your neighborhood. Eventually a loved one will be attacked. Anything big enough to hurt a human is removed; but we seem to get babies who like to hide in the drainages ditches from larger predators. We leave them along and they seem to wander off as they get a little bigger. But we also have 1000' of frontage on the Intracoastal, so have Bull Sharks and Sting Rays; the occasional Water Moccasin, etc. When it gets too "bite-y" in the Spring we head back to good ol' Michigan....LOL!
Deb and Ed M 10/05/21 11:49am RV Pet Stop
RE: Renting your RV

The rental companies can claim their customers follow the rules - but I'll never forget being parked in the infield at Mich Int'l Speedway and seeing a rented Class C with 10 people all standing/jumping on the roof
Deb and Ed M 10/05/21 08:51am General RVing Issues

I googled "Alligator kills woman trying to save dog" because there have been several human deaths - but there were so many horrific videos of dogs being grabbed by alligators, that I simply closed the search. We have 2 large retention ponds on our Space Coast condo complex, and I appreciate the residents who alert us to the presence of any large (6'+) ones in the area, which prompts a call to a licensed trapper. I do NOT walk my dogs near water in the early morning or evening hours when gators prefer to feed - and I adhere to the theory that "where there's water, there's gators"
Deb and Ed M 10/05/21 08:44am RV Pet Stop
RE: Camping in sub freezing weather

We camp in cold weather, but I winterize the camper and buy windshield washer fluid to flush the toilet. We bring bottled water to drink and make coffee. I have fixed broken plumbing in a camper before and getting to some of the fittings is a pain. So we don't take any chances. Same for us - even though RVs boast about "heated tanks" - most dump pipes and low-point drains are still exposed to the cold. We regularly camped in sub-freezing temps as we traveled from Michigan to Florida in January. Our black and gray tanks were exposed to the cold (no heaters) and we never had any problems as long as ample antifreeze was dumped down the drains. Obviously, we used the campground showers.
Deb and Ed M 10/03/21 11:11am Beginning RVing
RE: Starting my research

IMO, a Class B or Class C are the easiest. Biggest advantages: can go from the drivers seat to the potty (or kitchen for a snack) without going outdoors. Can arrive at your destination in a downpour, push a button to start the genny - and you are camping. Advantage of the B over the C: can park just about anywhere - no toad needed Advantage of the C over the B: WAAY more cargo and living space. We've had both a Class C and a van conversion - for the most part, all we ever hooked up was shore power, so leaving for an errand was no big deal (and without a toad, you learn to plan your stops before you arrive at a campground)
Deb and Ed M 10/03/21 11:05am Beginning RVing
RE: Roof sealant

In my opinion, use butyl tape between the flange of the skylight and the roof. Then use Dicir Self Leveling (tube) to go over the assembly once it is installed. When you set the light (with the butyl tape) let it set overnight since the putty will tend to seep out. Once the oozing has subsided, then apply the Dicor. Use the self leveling because it will set up nice and even without needing to use a putty knife to monkey it around. This ^^^ is what I did when I swapped out a regular vent for a Fantastic Fan - the butyl tape/Dicor lap sealant are a great duo (and the Dicor self-leveling ends up looking smooth). Last year I removed a canoe rack from the roof of my 20-yr old pop-up TC. It had been installed the same way: butyl and Dicor. After 20 years, both were still flexible, tightly-sealed (and a PITA to remove....LOL!)
Deb and Ed M 09/30/21 08:10am Truck Campers
RE: White fur stain removal

I'll just throw this out there (and Dr Doug can correct me if my guess is wrong): My Ben had a lot of reddish/brownish staining around his mouth - and then I had his teeth cleaned. Most of the staining has disappeared. I suspect the bacteria from dirty teeth was creating that staining? And wherever the dog licks, that bacteria can multiply? On edit: if it IS bacteria - peroxide would be a good solution to clean it, provided it's not near eyes?
Deb and Ed M 09/27/21 08:04am RV Pet Stop
RE: Cybertruck RV prototype pictures released

Here's a CGI simulation of what the inside could look like: It's got an awful lot of moving parts, pretty much everything in this RV shell is on a hinge or slider. I doubt this will ever make it past the prototype stage, and maybe not even past the computer generated image stage. Here's what I saw: ZERO storage. ZERO. I travel pretty light, and still find myself tripping over "stuff" in our pop-up TC. But at least the bed is made up and ready to go - there's no place in that cyber-RV to even put a couple of pillows and a blanket. Or personal care items like shampoo and towels. It's the silliest thing I've seen in a long time....
Deb and Ed M 09/24/21 06:43am Truck Campers

Interesting. So back to my point, with natural antibodies equivalent to the protection of a vaccination, shouldn't the mandate be - Vaccination OR a recent antibody test? If my experience is the "norm" - it doesn't matter. I went to my Dr for my annual "Wellness visit" (which finds me "well", for which I am grateful) and while checking in, the young lady asked for my ID and Health Insurance card, and I said "I'll bet you'd like my vaccination card, too?" since we had been vaccinated in FL and my Michigan Dr would not have that info. She said "no - those cards are too easy to fake". Later, during the Dr's visit, she (my Dr) entered the dates. I guess my questions about when I could get a 3rd Moderna shot were more convincing than my card :-(
Deb and Ed M 09/22/21 08:35am Around the Campfire
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