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RE: utah activities for seniors

Yes - you can see plenty from easy walks; and most Nat'l Parks will give you a length in miles if the walk is longer than a few hundred feet. Ed and I invariably have our dogs along, so aren't gone from our vehicle for very long (and that's fine because I have plenty of arthritis to remind me I'm not a "hiker" any more). If you want to be off the beaten path - there are lots of places that will rent a Jeep Wrangler for offroad tours (there was even a 4X4 road through Arches Nat'l Park) but be prepared to be bounced around a lot.
Deb and Ed M 01/21/20 03:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Composting Toilet

There's a whole subculture of converted cargo vans, and those who live in them a LOT or full-time swear by the composting toilets. Try for a journal of the build and features and comparison tests the owners (both engineers) did for waste disposal in their Transit build. I still agree with others: in the whole scheme of things, dealing with a black tank isn't all that difficult (says the lady who has toted around a "Luggable Loo" which uses kitty litter and WAG bags for a decade, even with an RV)
Deb and Ed M 01/21/20 02:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: We have to move

We have stayed several times at the Kissimmee/Whippoorwill Lake KOA - it's a BEAUTIFUL park close to the Lake Nona area. I should add that if you have a dog - they have an amazing dog park! Best one I've ever seen while camping. KOA
Deb and Ed M 01/06/20 03:31pm Snowbirds
RE: loss of spouse

As we get older, the knowledge that one of us is going to lose the other looms on the horizon, and it's da*n scary. My heart breaks for you and others who have gone through this cruel fact of life. Something that might offer you some friends/diversions: there's a website called and it's for people with similar interests to meet and get together. In my case, it was a kayaking group I joined over 10 years ago - it was a mix of all ages, married and single, beginners and experts. We all shared one common bond - the love of kayaking our local rivers. Many of the married folks had spouses who weren't interested in kayaking. I made friends who are STILL my friends (and now they are friends with Ed, too). A few of the singles met and married. But Meetup offers groups for almost anything: going to movies, walking dogs, quilting, car shows, camping/hiking. You can plug in your zip code and interests, and the website will tell you what is going on around you. Join a group or two - and take that plunge and make some friends Best wishes! Deb
Deb and Ed M 01/05/20 08:00am Around the Campfire
RE: Family Tree

I think there might be some confusion between the DNA ancestry tests; and the website I joined the website for a month (eons ago) and traced one ancestor back to the Mayflower (in all fairness, easy to do since that lineage was recorded carefully through the generations). And since then, I have visited some of the towns that Ancestry listed for my ancestors, and sure enough, my family was there. I DID go to one small town's library to clear up what appeared to be some polygamy about 6 generations ago, but it turns out that someone who had entered info into had mixed up some names.....LOL! It also didn't help that one forefather had left Braintree, MA to settle a new area in Vermont, and they named it Braintree - ugh. All in all, it was fun to do the research; and all of a sudden it made me wish I had paid more attention in History class.....LOL!
Deb and Ed M 01/04/20 05:56am Around the Campfire
RE: flying with kids

A LONG time ago, I was going to be flying with my then 10-month old daughter. Her pediatrician said to give her Robitussin cough syrup - it would help keep her ears clear on the ascent/descent; plus it would make her sleepy. She flew like a champ! I can also vouch for the sleep-inducing and fear-numbing effect of Dramamine
Deb and Ed M 01/03/20 08:07am Around the Campfire
RE: Is Socializing a Dying Thing in the RV Community?

I’m a hugger, too! Makes for interesting pees. OK - this was the best line in the whole thread!!! LOL! Ed and I tend towards "somewhat reclusive" - we've always worked in businesses that have a lot of interaction with other folks, so when we're camping, we tend to enjoy the quiet. That being said - we recently met up with RobWNY ( and his lovely wife; and had a great lunch! You DO meet nice people through camping (and!)
Deb and Ed M 01/03/20 07:57am General RVing Issues
RE: potty without the rv

We always carry a "Luggable Loo" ($19.99 on Amazon) - it's the old 5-gallon bucket, but has a nice toilet seat and lid that snap onto the top. It's basically the same height as a toilet. When lined with a trash bag and some kitty litter added, it makes tossing the contents into the trash a simple operation. Lightweight, too, and doesn't take up much space. Also provides a 5-gallon bucket in case you need to haul water, etc. Luggable Loo I should add that if privacy is needed, setting the potty on the ground next to the vehicle with a door open, and a gentleman holding a blanket on the other side, should offer enough coverage that a lady in need doesn't feel overexposed?
Deb and Ed M 12/28/19 07:32am General RVing Issues
RE: 2019

In September, we checked a lot of things off our Bucket Lists did a swoop through the SW states and visited Nat'l Parks, drove some of Rte 66, etc. Weirdest stops: Ed wanted to see Cadillac Ranch (buried cars) and I paid my respects at a memorial for 3 Storm Chasers in El Reno. Best: Bryce Canyon in the morning sunlight. Seeing California Condors at Marble Canyon. Worst? Nothing - it was a great trip!
Deb and Ed M 12/28/19 07:20am General RVing Issues
RE: Puppy Teething: Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde

If you feel like giving your pup a, slightly older, red-tri "girl friend", take a drive out to sunny (I hope) Southern Arizona. We plan to spend the winter circling the southern part of the state, camping, bird watching, hiking/backpacking, and packrafting. LOL! Have a great time! Augie was getting to be a bit of a smart-aleck because he could outrun most of the dogs at the dog park. Then "Quinn" showed up - a beautiful blue merle female a few months older than Augie, who ran him down and put a (gentle) "beat-down" on Mr Smarty-pants several times :-)
Deb and Ed M 12/23/19 03:34pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Puppy Teething: Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde

Perhaps part of what you were seeing was a fear stage. "Usually" there are two such periods in a pup's life, one at ~2 months and a second at ~9 months of age. The timing is a bit off, but maybe???? Aussies want to please their owners. But being a working bread, they also need tons of exercise (both physical and mental), least they turn that energy into more destructive behavior. The reason we chose the breeder we got Augie from, is that she and her family spend a LOT of time doing psychological things with the puppies to make them calm, trusting, and unafraid, and I can certainly see that in Augie (I was SO grateful to see him run up to the TV and happily watch fireworks!) so I don't think he has fear issues? Exercise? We are blessed to have a massive dog park nearby - today Augie played with a labradoodle a few months older than him; and yes, 10 minutes romping with a dog friend is a LOT more effective than Ed and I simply walking him.....LOL! So for everyone's sanity (especially our little 20-lb Ben the Aussiedoodle) - going to the park is a daily routine. I've owned Aussies for 40-some years. I'm used to their quirks (and the challenge of staying one step ahead of them....LOL!) but had never encountered such a huge change in attitude over the course of just a few days.
Deb and Ed M 12/22/19 04:30pm RV Pet Stop
Puppy Teething: Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde

So I was really beginning to think I had a problem: from the moment we arrived in FL (early Nov) Augie the Aussie pup (then 3 months old) was an often unpleasant fellow. His general attitude was sour/surly/"what can I do to make you angry?" He had a rather cavalier attitude towards being housebroken, so every time he asked to go out (about twice an hour even though he easily went all night without pottying in his crate) we let him out. And when he pooped - ugh. Always stinky and loose and impossible to clean up in this coarse St Augustine grass - on the advice of our vet, we started pouring the pumpkin into him, and only achieved slightly less-soupy messes. Fearing that he was allergic to either the wheat or corn in his puppy food, we switched to a chicken/rice "all life stages" food when he was 4 months old - it helped with the smell - but not the texture :-( Once in a while I would see a glimmer of a potentially-awesome dog....and then it would disappear behind an image of Cujo... And then last week (5 months old), he lost a bunch of big teeth. It's like someone waved a magic wand - he's happy, listens and obeys, poops nice solid piles that don't gag a buzzard. In hindsight, I have to wonder if all the sourness was due to teething? (I do remember my sweet little daughter being a cranky girl when cutting teeth) I don't ever remember having a pup who started out so bad make such a dramatic change, but I sure am glad he did. Has anyone else gone through this; or am I just imagining things and this turnaround is simply the combined diet changes finally coinciding with the loss of puppy teeth?
Deb and Ed M 12/22/19 08:17am RV Pet Stop
RE: IRA and new SECURE Act

There is a simple solution and that's to "Roll over" the fund into a different type of investment fund the children can then draw from over time. Just so you know. There is nearly always a way around laws like this. Sadly the crooked folks know all of 'em. I only know the good ones. I agree - the folks making the laws are wealthy folks, too. There will always be a loophole. I DO resent being told what I can or can not do with our hard-earned money, though.
Deb and Ed M 12/18/19 07:16am Around the Campfire
RE: Ready for Christmas!

I'm the Grinch. All my life I was surrounded by people who had high expectations for the Holiday - the sight of Santa just makes me cringe. Becoming a Snowbird now has us celebrating "Christmas in July" - with boating/swimming/too much food and laughter/so much love :-) It also gets us away from the perpetually-gray skies of winter in a "Lake Effect" area. It's working - we like this!
Deb and Ed M 12/14/19 08:34am Around the Campfire
RE: cabin fever !

LOL! about being barefoot in the snow :-) Have done that many times myself - it's really not that cold in short bursts. Our kids used to sit in the outdoor hot tub, then run around the yard and roll in the snow - goofballs! As a Michigan girl currrently in FL - the "low" temps have felt pretty darn good. I know I would wither in the Florida summer heat/humidity
Deb and Ed M 12/14/19 08:26am Around the Campfire
RE: No Warranty on your RV? Don't buy new?

The other aspect of warranties: our Class C was 2+ yrs old when the driveshaft carrier bearing went out. The warranty for that ended up being through the company that stretches the chassis - I forget their name now, but they were very nice and willing to arrange things so we could drive to Elkhart (about a 3-hr drive each way), get it fixed, and be back home that night. But we were simply busy with "life" at that point in time, so opted to pay for the replacement, which cost us $375 locally. We had not opted for the extended warranty - after digging around, it seemed that there were too many hoops to jump through, lots of exclusions, and of course there was the needed authorization-for-repair request. In checking with random RV repair places, not that many honored the particular warranty company being offered. We declined - and in 10 years of owning the Class C, that $375 repair; plus replacing a side mirror, were our only expenses.
Deb and Ed M 12/12/19 07:10am Beginning RVing
RE: Stay off the ice! 3 Trucks and TT go through ice into lake.

I always loved it when there is a sudden, deep, and prolonged cold spell. Ice is clear, and at night the cracking of the ice was eerie and fascinating to hear. YES!!! There have been times when the booming of the ice woke me up at night; and then there's the "first freeze" tradition of tossing stones across the new ice - my grandkids have all been amazed at the "chirping" sound that makes :-) I had one amazing day, with new ice that formed on a calm night: it was like glass to walk on, and I could see fish swimming below my feet. Of course those same conditions brought the iceboaters in droves, and by the next day the ice was all scratched up.....LOL!
Deb and Ed M 12/11/19 07:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Stay off the ice! 3 Trucks and TT go through ice into lake.

We live on a large lake in Michigan - if people could see the stuff we've seen, they would never drive a vehicle on the ice. Our lake has several depths - one side freezes a lot faster than the other, so 4" of ice can taper off to 1/2" and you can't tell. Or springs can cause thin ice. Or bubblers. Or waterfowl - I watched a flock of geese keep a large hole open for almost a week, before they left. And of course it's always shifting/cracking/groaning - making for weak spots. We lose a few cars and snowmobiles each year - in addition to ruining the vehicle, the daily fine imposed for polluting our lake with petroleum is hefty, and getting the vehicle out (if it can be done at all) is difficult.
Deb and Ed M 12/10/19 08:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Worst RV Brand List

I think the ultimate thing towards RV happiness or unhappiness, is the dealer and how they handle the inevitable warranty fixes from any manufacturer
Deb and Ed M 12/09/19 06:28am General RVing Issues
RE: It is no wonder

I have never seen that prove your not a robot on I had it happen yesterday when I sent a private message to an RVing friend. It wasn't capcha - it was just clicking a box that said "I am not a robot". But it surprised me because I've sent and received LOTS of messages through the years without this verification. On the other hand, if it keeps spammers away, then that's fine with me :-)
Deb and Ed M 12/06/19 07:42am General RVing Issues
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