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RE: New to RVing and In Need Of Advice! :)

If you are planning to stay in one place, presumably an RV park (there is no way to be "stealthy" with a full-blown RV and you WILL have to dump your holding tanks) - your best bet is to hire someone to pull your purchase to a site; then buy an economical vehicle to get around town with. Otherwise, you will be trying to drive and park a large truck all the time. If you plan to see the world (or at least North America) - a small 5th wheel would be the easiest to pull. You STILL will need to dump those tanks frequently; and a nimble trailer will make getting in and out of dump sites easier. I do agree with others, your budget implies that you will be struggling to keep your RV in one piece and your vehicle running. RVing isn't a cheap way to live; many communities have pretty strong laws about living on the street; and dumping your tanks into a storm sewer will get you some serious fines. Lastly, if you are truly desperate to have a place to live that is relatively secure - but some backpacking equipment, a cot, some storage totes, a cassette toilet, and a used work van (the Econolines and Express vans will run forever). Being able to "rustic" camp with no hookups saves you a ton of money; $10/month buys you a Planet Fitness membership where you can shower; and you are only dealing with one vehicle that can have problems, not two.
Deb and Ed M 06/05/23 07:43am Beginning RVing
RE: Buying a Former Rental Class C. How many of us out there?

Well, I should add: regarding RV values, I look at But ALWAYS ask for the out-the-door price, because some dealers add on a lot of "fees"
Deb and Ed M 05/19/23 08:45am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Buying a Former Rental Class C. How many of us out there?

Hi all, Great information on this thread. I am now also considering buying a 23A Thor Majestic from CA. I just wonder about how the pricing relates to the JD Power RV values. I understand that in this current market, CA may be able to sell their RVs for much above the average retail JD Power RV value. What I do not understand is why the 23A shows up a much lower lower value compared to a comparable Thor Four Winds unit. I understand that the two are similar. Any thoughts or ideas? Are there other sources for the RV values I should be looking at? I can't help with finding the value; but after looking at and buying a '23 Chateau 22E, my dealer explained that there are several iterations of the same thing, and in most cases, it just boils down to the options added to the unit by the ordering dealer; or little details that many buyers won't notice at first. The obvious difference between a Majestic and my Chateau (based on photos): I have wall switches for the lights - heck, I have wall switches for a dozen different things....LOL! But not running all that extra wire saves money. In a Majestic, you reach up to the ceiling to turn on lights (or into a cargo bay, assuming there's a light in there at all). I have extra storage "footlockers" and shelves in the cabover bed area. I have USB charge points and a "phone catcher net". Our very first Class C was destined to be a rental - and it served us perfectly for 10 years, so I can assure you that the rental RVs are just fine (but the little creature comforts that come in the higher-priced floorplans ARE nice!)
Deb and Ed M 05/19/23 08:43am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Cure for depresion

The goal of this study was to compare depression in meat-eaters, meat-reducers, and vegetarian/vegans in terms of depression to test this hypothesis. . (A bit tongue-in-cheek) I guarantee that meat-reducers suffer depression. Last night, my husband and I took our son/d-i-l, and their adult kids to a Texas Roadhouse. My husband is mostly-healed from a tough 6-months of Ulcerative Colitis, and beef seems to be a trigger food for him still. As he looked at all the steaks on the menu, I'm pretty sure I saw a tear roll down his cheek....LOL! He settled for salmon, but that was a tough test of his resolve...
Deb and Ed M 05/17/23 10:07am Around the Campfire
RE: 2023 camping season

As our kids get older and have their own means of camping (anywhere from a tent to a 40' horse trailer with living quarters) - we will probably camp more than ever :-)
Deb and Ed M 05/17/23 09:57am RV Lifestyle
RE: Class C with the chevy 6.6 gas engine

I'll just pop in - we have a '23 Thor 22E Class C (Ford chassis) that we drove to FL and back. Driving to FL, I felt that I was over-correcting the steering a bit too much; so while in FL, we took it in for re-alignment, and it was spot-on. However, the service technician who test-drove it said that the handling could be improved. We added the Safe-T-Plus steering helper, plus a Steer Safe trac bar. Now it drives like the family SUV. I suspect that the short wheelbase plus towing our Wrangler JLU just made it a bit "wander-y" in a crosswind until we added the tweaks.
Deb and Ed M 05/12/23 08:02am Class C Motorhomes
RE: wing wall repairs

It's always good to hear a happy report of good customer service!
Deb and Ed M 05/11/23 08:07am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Jeep exploded ...

Does your area allow water heaters and other auto-start loads in the same room vehicle is stored? Yes - it's pretty common in FL to have the water heater, possibly the furnace; and even a gas clothes dryer located in the garage. I once had an older Mercedes C-class that leaked gas fumes and it sounded like it was a common problem that MB chose to ignore. Since it was our FL grocery-getter, it was relegated to the outdoors, due to being a bad idea of it sharing the garage with the water heater and gas dryer :-(
Deb and Ed M 04/23/23 12:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Jeep exploded ...

:R:?:R:S:h Is the best way to describe this wholly unrelated to general RVing thread….lol. Well, a LOT of us have Jeeps as toads, so I for one, am interested in the outcome!
Deb and Ed M 04/23/23 12:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Good comedies

"Everybody Loves Raymond" "Frasier" "Schitt's Creek" "Blazing Saddles" and during the Holidays" "A Christmas Story"
Deb and Ed M 04/15/23 06:02pm Around the Campfire
RE: Slideouts on a ClassC: How many?

I remember when we bought our no-slide 2004 28' Class C, people said "You'll never sell that because everyone wants slides". Ten years later, we sold it to the first person who saw it. Now we have a 2023 Thor 22E no-slide "C" - and couldn't help but notice that there are still plenty of no-slide motorhomes being made. We just appreciate the simplicity; and less need to be parked perfectly-level. Yes, slides give glorious spaciousness - but since we tend to spend each night in a different place, it's less important
Deb and Ed M 04/07/23 01:34pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Smallest Class C that can tow a Jeep

I have a Thor 2023 Chateau 22E with the E350 7.3 Godzilla motor. Overall length is 24'. It is a BEAST and it hauled our '20 Wrangler JLU up and down the mountains easily.
Deb and Ed M 04/06/23 07:10pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Brevard County Florida camping fee changes

I'm not sure raising the rate 200% is the answer to what they perceived to be a problem. That may just keep local residents from signing up. We used to camp at Wickham park but haven't now for years. It was due to the homeless, the dead bodies (yes, dead bodies) and inconsiderate campers, i.e., loud music, loud and profane yelling, etc. They had no restrictions on campers and one group would tow their motorhomes in because they wouldn't run. They all camped around the bathhouses and basically took them over to where you didn't even feel comfortable using the laundry. What caused the most problem, in my estimation, was the 5+ months of camping. Rules weren't enforced and too many homeless. The changes they made to address that resulted in removing the habitat for many of the animals which we enjoyed seeing. Dale I think raising the rates and shortening the length-of-stay would really help clean up some of the county parks like Wickham. We live close enough to that park that we visit there often; but I'm not sure I'd want to camp there due to stories of what goes on after dark. Also - blaming Snowbirds is a favorite hobby in FL, it seems....LOL! Much easier than addressing long-term problems....
Deb and Ed M 03/05/23 08:36am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions

The governor of California suspended the state of emergency for the virus. The significance of which I am not aware. Florida did that over a year ago; plus fined any business that mandated a vaccine card for admission. As a Condo Board member in FL - the significance for us, was that under state emergency orders, we could enact special rules to protect residents; like limit how many people were in the clubhouse at one time; or change our Board Meeting to an outdoor venue. I suspect most "States of Emergency" are geared more towards a physical disaster, than a pandemic?
Deb and Ed M 03/05/23 08:23am Around the Campfire
RE: New Class C vs Used Class A

I've heard a few people remark that they have a "covid unit" - implying there have been some QC issues as employees came and went, so based on that, the used unit might be more problem-free (assuming the original purchasers dealt with the usual gremlins that pop up in any RV) But that being said - I own a 2023 Thor 22E. Its main trip was from Michigan to Florida, plus a bunch of small side trips - and it's been perfect. No glitches or problems. We added a Safe-T-Plus steering assist and a Steer Safe trac bar - it was perfectly fine to drive without those, but now drives like a rock-solid sedan instead of a big truck. Personally, I just like the "feel" of a Class C (plus the safety features built into the chassis); and the new Ford 7.3 motor has plenty of grunt!
Deb and Ed M 02/12/23 11:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Opinions on Yellowstone trip

"Avoid the train station" Sorry - as someone who has been binge-watching the (often grim) Yellowstone TV series, I just couldn't help it ROFL!!!
Deb and Ed M 02/10/23 08:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Small ‘C’. Chev or Godzilla

Our previous Class C had the E-450 V-10. Tons of power; but the "hotfoot" problem was real; and the motor always sounded "revv'd" We got 8.5 mpg Our new C has the 7.3 beast motor. Much lower RPMs and power; and FAST. Got 9.1 mpg towing our Wrangler JLU. No hotfoot. Our son has the same motor in an F-450 and easily pulls a 38' 4-horse trailer with living quarters; his experience, plus Ed's preference for Ford products and the overall "handsomeness" of the E350, more or less made us choose Ford over the Chevy.
Deb and Ed M 02/10/23 08:47am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Tough Week

They leave such giant holes in our hearts when they leave - so sorry for the loss of your companion
Deb and Ed M 02/05/23 08:43am RV Pet Stop
RE: New Working LGDs

I can't imagine not using a HW preventative on dogs who live outdoors....
Deb and Ed M 02/05/23 08:41am RV Pet Stop
RE: New Working LGDs

Penny seems to grasp that the collies are doing your bidding? (and therefore are "OK") Being near a collie sure puts their enormous size into perspective! As an aside - our son just lost his last maremma :-( They seemed very able to discern a "pet visitor" and as long as the visitor didn't harrass the livestock, there were no conflicts. Given the size of our crazy family and how many dog visitors they had, this was pretty impressive discernment!
Deb and Ed M 01/31/23 07:34pm RV Pet Stop
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