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RE: Reminiscing

Next item on my bucket list is: avoid corona virus. Yup - avoiding viruses was my New Year's resolution :-) My life, too, has been a crazy tale of twists and turns; and I don't think I would change any of it. I'm proud to have overcome some "downs", and that makes me grateful for the "ups". When I'm on my deathbed, my only regret might be that I didn't camp more ;-)
Deb and Ed M 01/14/21 08:37am Around the Campfire
TCs and Covid Vaccinations

Just a random (and wistful) thought: at first, we were going to load up the TC and camp our way to FL for the winter (we own a snowbird condo). A Tropical Storm was messing with our plans - so at the last minute we decided to hurry and beat the storm to FL, and left the TC at home :-( Now, as we wait and hope to receive our Covid vaccinations - Volusia county to our north is vaccinating on a first-come/first served basis. People are lining up at 1 AM, hoping to score a shot administered at 8 AM. Sleeping/waiting in our camperless truck along with 2 dogs doesn't sound like fun....but if we had the TC along, I would give the FC/FS system a go! The TC would fit into a regular parking space, and offer us a comfy place to sleep, and a restroom, etc. I'm just throwing that thought out there for the rest of you....
Deb and Ed M 01/14/21 08:27am Truck Campers
RE: Giving it up

I would want to be "home" and close to my spouse and the support of friends and loved ones. Best wishes!
Deb and Ed M 01/13/21 09:03am RV Lifestyle
RE: Vaccinations

Florida's Gov DeSantis said ALL people who meet the criteria, will be vaccinated. It's a Federal Program (and let's face it, it's the older folks who tie up the ICUs). I'm currently in Brevard County - they are using the Eventbrite online registration system, and it works quite well, although they still have far too many people trying to get registered for the available slots. I figure with each group who gets vaccinated, the odds of getting a slot improve :-)
Deb and Ed M 01/13/21 08:57am Around the Campfire
RE: Do NOT use Flex Seal on your camper roof!

I agree about Flex Seal being a VERY temporary fix. I used it on a leaky sunroom roof (on our Snowbird condo) - it worked for a month, then the Florida sun just seemed to vaporize it. When we returned the following fall, the roof leaked just as badly and when I climbed up to look at it - there was NO sign that I had ever tried to seal the leaks :-( Fortunately, I hadn't left any furniture in the sunroom because it would have been a moldy mess.... There was one patch that I had made previously, using Eternabond tape - and that was still holding very well.
Deb and Ed M 01/10/21 11:05am Truck Campers
RE: How much weight could be eliminated?

LOL! You just described our first pop-up camper!! I bought it used for $1000. The lady who owned it ahead of me had no clue what worked/didn't work, so I assumed nothing worked. The gas line had already been cut, so I yanked anything using propane, (including the fridge which didn't appear to work on electric, either). I pulled the disgusting freshwater tank; and the dead battery. Amazingly, yanking a lot of the stuff that didn't work gave me freed-up storage areas! Since we normally camp where we have an electric hookup, I cooked with an electric hotplate and if we needed heat, we had an electric heater. Water was supplied from a 2.5 gal jug. If we had planned to keep it longer, I would have added a Fantastic Fan; but if you point a tabletop fan upward at an opened vent, it works quite well, too. It really worked just fine!
Deb and Ed M 01/10/21 10:56am Truck Campers
RE: Vaccinations

The vaccines are paid for by the Federal Gvmt., so here in Fla. snowbirds are getting vaccinated. That's true - BUT: they made it available to folks 65 and over. In FL, that's hundreds of thousands per county, so there's a fierce battle for any available vaccinations; and a growing resentment on the part of some Floridians that out-of-staters are "stealing their vaccine". I will continue to sign up for a slot via appointment (how Brevard is handling it); but not sure I would want to be in a first-come/first-served line (how a few counties are handling it) with my Michigan license plate
Deb and Ed M 01/10/21 08:04am Around the Campfire

I can only address central Florida - but it appears there are several "ways" of handling vaccinations (and in my opinion, until the vaccine gets in the hands of pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS, it's going to be slow-going). A few counties are doing phone-in appointment requests; Volusia is doing drive-up which results in people arriving at 1 AM and sleeping in their cars; Brevard started with phone-in which blew out the phone system, so now they are using Eventbrite which is a "social-function" website that seems to be handling the volume all right? Unfortunately, our Gov decided to offer the vaccine to folks over the age of 65; so thousands of people are all competing for the relative "handful" of vaccines supplied so far. And at the risk of sounding "ageist" (I'm 68) - the people who should receive the vaccine FIRST - the people older than 75, let's say - often have a harder time with online access. So I'm not seeing any easy solutions being offered here at the moment :-(
Deb and Ed M 01/09/21 07:44pm Around the Campfire

Good news/bad news: Brevard County health Dep't in FL announced that they are accepting folks aged 65+ for vaccination. One has to call and make an appointment for vaccination. Yay!! The bad news: - yesterday, the phone lines were absolutely jammed. I tried a dozen times to get through.... Today, the phone number is "temporarily unavailable". I'm going to guess they figure they've already filled all available slots? Sigh - I've managed to avoid getting Covid this long, I figure I can wait a while longer. We're in Lake County, same info. Problem will be in Central Florida, and Florida in general, we have a large senior population. One of our neighbors called, redialing six hours straight, busy - busy - busy, finally got an answer - No appoints left, we filled hours ago. We'll wait a bit longer, but would be nice to have a 'filled notice' on recording so folks would know and not spend a day wearing out the dialing or poking finger. But, of course WTG, WHTH ... Update: the Brevard Health Department's phone line crashed from all the calls, so now they have gone to an online reservation system called "Eventbrite". MUCH better than phoning; but at the moment, all the available appointments for the month of January are taken. The good news I've learned from the Brevard folks: they WILL vaccinate Snowbirds - all they are asking for is a photo ID. I hope the rest of the state feels the same way?
Deb and Ed M 12/31/20 08:30am Around the Campfire

Good news/bad news: Brevard County health Dep't in FL announced that they are accepting folks aged 65+ for vaccination. One has to call and make an appointment for vaccination. Yay!! The bad news: - yesterday, the phone lines were absolutely jammed. I tried a dozen times to get through.... Today, the phone number is "temporarily unavailable". I'm going to guess they figure they've already filled all available slots? Sigh - I've managed to avoid getting Covid this long, I figure I can wait a while longer.
Deb and Ed M 12/30/20 08:08am Around the Campfire
RE: Quarantine for Florida trip?

Not sure where you live, but here in the Keys you cannot get into any establishment with out a mask and people except for the out of staters and the people from Miami are adhering to it. Guy We're on the Space Coast and find that most people are wearing masks, social distancing, etc. Yes, FL has had a LOT of cases of Covid, but when broken down into "cases per 100,000 residents", the state is doing better than some. C'mon down!
Deb and Ed M 12/29/20 07:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: Class C RV Bomb

Photo of RV parked by 'person of interest's home. That's a pretty in-depth article - sad that someone was so despondent; and startling how he protected people (most angry people want a death toll) but took out the ATT building...
Deb and Ed M 12/27/20 03:11pm Class C Motorhomes

News from England indicates a new strain on virus "able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, and race faster than a speeding locomotive". I keep hearing the news programs talking about "closing borders" - but this new variant has apparently been around since September. To think it's not here in the USA is folly, IMO. I DID read that the vaccine makers *think* the vaccines will work against the new variant; but are testing to make sure of that. All I can say is "God Bless the researchers" - they have developed the vaccines at unprecedented speed. Now I just have to figure out where a Snowbird currently in FL fits into the vaccination schedule
Deb and Ed M 12/25/20 07:30am Around the Campfire
RE: $590,000 camper van

Tight quarters for four adults. Agreed! There's not enough kitchen counter space to make a sandwich.... but I guess if you can afford that, you can afford to have your Chef follow behind with a "chuck wagon"....LOL!!
Deb and Ed M 12/23/20 06:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dog food scam

I'm fine with feeding my dogs the same stuff every day - I know they are getting a balanced meal made specifically for dogs. I add a teeny bit of meat or veggies to their food, simply because it encourages them to eat. I'll share a small piece of apple - they seem to like almost all "people food" although dill pickles are met with a "thanks, but no thanks" walkaway....LOL!
Deb and Ed M 12/23/20 06:13pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Skywatchers: Get ready for the Great Conjunction

We picked our daughter and family up at the airport; and as we arrived back home after sunset (Space Coast, FL) we drove to our dock in the Intracoastal and had an awesome view of the conjunction!
Deb and Ed M 12/23/20 06:06am Around the Campfire
RE: What the ??

Any time something "small" needs to perform as though is was a full-sized RV, it's going to cost more. We bought a used truck camper - we always have a truck around anyway, and sometimes the "little guys" get the most interesting camping sites! Plus we can utilize rustic campsites that may RVs can't get to. We can park in a "regular" parking space. I can go on and on about the handiness of a TC and their long lives...
Deb and Ed M 12/18/20 06:29am Truck Campers

From Dr Doug: ' There is a need for government support for scientific research even if the need isn't immediately apparent. The reason we have the knowledge and the ability to produce vaccine and anti-virals so rapidly is because of people like these at Vanderbilt. While the vaccine creation and production has been amazingly rapid, the actual methodology and knowledge base is years (decades) in development." Aren't there already vaccines available for various coronavirus diseases in animals? I'm not implying they would work against Covid, but that our researchers certainly "recognized the enemy" and there was already groundwork for how to build a vaccine? (Maybe that was mentioned in the video that I will watch later)
Deb and Ed M 12/15/20 09:22am Around the Campfire

How the Moderna vaccine works:®i_id=57789412&segment_id=46746&te=1&user_id=2b60040b8840cc10d60605e924d9aa71 How the Pfizer works:®i_id=57789412&segment_id=46746&te=1&user_id=2b60040b8840cc10d60605e924d9aa71 Great explanations! The hardest part, IMO, will be getting the average person to understand the caveats - that you might be able to spread Covid even after being vaccinated (at least until our researchers have more data). That means still wearing a mask and social distancing won't end for quite a while. The rush to approve these vaccines (which was the proper thing to do) means we are all becoming part of the ongoing research. I'm OK with that. I'll be excited to be vaccinated when my group is up :-)
Deb and Ed M 12/15/20 09:15am Around the Campfire
RE: When a sale is not a sale

And THAT is how an RV sale should go!! It's stunning how many memories are jogged when selling one (In my case, it was memories of my late "soulmate dog" who had traveled every mile of our Class C's life, as I cleaned it in preparation for selling it) and shedding tears over their sale is understandable. But your RV went to a good home, and now you can look forward to new adventures! Happy camping! Deb
Deb and Ed M 12/15/20 08:54am RV Lifestyle
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