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RE: When does a TH become too big??

The axels are further back than a traditional camper where the axels are more centered. So the 34-35 your looking at is probably gonna back like a 38-40ft traditiona 5th wheel. My 42' was rediculous...which is why it went bye bye. Interesting, never gave much thought to backing and position of wheels on the trailer. Back several years ago I had a 18 ft car hauler that I could back up with not problem and put it wherever I wanted to. Borrowed a friends enclosed 10 ft trailer one day and was all over the place trying to back that thing up, I was going WTF.
Dennis58 06/14/19 07:33am Toy Haulers
RE: When does a TH become too big??

Garage size requirements; Can Am X3 (2 seat) - 11 Ft or Honda Rincon - 7 Ft Plus a KTM 690 Enduro bike For those of you who own and use your TH can that fit with misc. equip in a 14' garage???? I'm guessing I also need cabinets of some sort in the garage area.
Dennis58 06/13/19 08:54am Toy Haulers
RE: When does a TH become too big??

This Sundowner is along the lines of what I had in mind, although a little plain jane entry levelish. It could use a few added options but overall about the right size. Sundowner 1786GM 34'
Dennis58 06/13/19 08:32am Toy Haulers
RE: When does a TH become too big??

So I had to re-read your post to see your looking to see if size is a problem in sites. We have a 34' bumper pull and a Ram 3500 crew cab long bed so we are about 58' overall. So a 34' bumper puts you about 38' ball to tail. I'm looking at a gooseneck TH in the 22-24' floor length plus 8' for forward bed or total nose to tail of about 32'. That puts me about 30' pin to tail on a 2019 Chevy 3500 HD D/Max Dulley which I think would be just the right size to get in and out of most if not all camp sites I would be going to.
Dennis58 06/13/19 08:07am Toy Haulers
RE: When does a TH become too big??

Look at Ocala Trailers. Call Mike and talk to him. The one in my signature is gone. Sold and bought a Class A diesel. They are built tuff. However at 42ft with 30ft from pin to center of axels it was down right awnry to manipulate in a campground. 30-35ft would have been ok. Ok so you did buy a Sundowner, I guess I missed that over the last few months on iRV2. So did you feel the build quality was worth the price? To get what I want I'm guessing a special order if I stay set on a Sundowner. I will reach out to Mike at Ocala as I have looked at their website a few times.
Dennis58 06/13/19 07:55am Toy Haulers
RE: When does a TH become too big??

Double stacked frame rails under torsion axles to get height is common. They may offer that as an option just like trailer manufacturers offer additional internal height and longer ramps during the build. Maybe, the Sundowner website is very lacking in details and options, they also are not very pro active at answering emails. Basic stuff like holding tank size, fuel station, Gen Pak, Solar Etc. is nowhere to be found on there website.
Dennis58 06/12/19 03:48pm Toy Haulers
RE: When does a TH become too big??

Sundowner Toy Hauler ----> Rubber torsion axles
Dennis58 06/12/19 11:39am Toy Haulers
RE: When does a TH become too big??

I thought Sundowner used torsion axles? If this the case you need a frame lift, reindexed torsion arms or longer arms to get lift. If that is the case I would assume the additional ground clearance question is no.
Dennis58 06/12/19 11:29am Toy Haulers
RE: When does a TH become too big??

YUCK! Where are the windows? WAY too low too. I shot an email out to a Sundowner dealer asking if the axels could be flipped to add additional ground clearance. Maybe I'm off track here but it would seem to me that a toy hauler (unless being used to just haul a car) would need good ground clearance when going to off road riding type sites.
Dennis58 06/12/19 09:08am Toy Haulers
RE: When does a TH become too big??

Here is a 2018 Featherlite 24 Ft Toy Hauler which means 24' floor plus 8' to the nose for a total of 32' Given that 4' of that is in the bed of the truck you are dragging 28'. Not bad BUT IMO this TH is butt ugly compared to a ATC/Sundowner considering the price is the same. 2018 Featherlite
Dennis58 06/11/19 08:56am Toy Haulers
RE: Durable TH?

I would think hauling a jeep you would need something like a Krawler Hauler type TH. Krawler Hauler
Dennis58 06/11/19 08:36am Toy Haulers
RE: When does a TH become too big??

Bedlam, I also seem to have your problem as I'm not sure what Toy I'm going after. This all started out as a Honda Quad that morphed into a Dune Buggy (V8) or SXS plus KTM Enduro in there somewhere. As the saying goes buy your toys first than a TH to fit them.
Dennis58 06/11/19 08:29am Toy Haulers
RE: When does a TH become too big??

Thanks for all the reply's. Ground clearance is very important for a Toy Hauler IMO, I think ATC and/or Sundowner Toy Haulers have the option of increased ground clearance by flipping the axels?????? Need to check on that. I also think 25-32 Ft total length is my target zone. As for truck I have a 2019 Chevy D/Max 3500HD DRW so I won't be running out of truck anytime soon. I have considered a TC/Trailer combination but do want to retain the option of having the truck for day trips without the hassle of packing up every time I want to use the truck. If I chose to go with a TH brand of something other than a ATC/Sundowner it will for sure be a used unit and I will upgrade where needed. I think one of the weak points on most TH is the axels, they seem to put the lightest (cheapest) weight on them and owners overload to the point of having constant tire problems.
Dennis58 06/11/19 06:54am Toy Haulers
RE: When does a TH become too big??

Below is an example of a Sundowner 3 Horse Slant for $21.5K, not sure what a "3 Horse Slant" would equal into for garage size when all the horse stuff is removed but the cost point is 1/3 of a new Sundowner TH. Sundowner 3 Horse LQ
Dennis58 06/10/19 10:04am Toy Haulers
RE: When does a TH become too big??

I would look at horse trailers. They come gooseneck, stout for off road use, front living quarters, and ten or so feet of floor toy carrying area is no issue. They are made so much better than most RV's, no rubber roof, no filon sides to delam, and stout axles and tires. I did look at those but all of them have swing out doors at the rear. I guess ramps could be added for toy loading and horse stalls removed. From a used market and $$ standpoint a used Sundowner "horse trailer" would be much easier to find than a used Sundowner Toy Hauler. I did a US wide search for used Sundowner Toy Haulers a while back and the market was maybe 1-2 total.
Dennis58 06/10/19 09:39am Toy Haulers
RE: When does a TH become too big??

I can't imagine I'd be able to tell much difference between my 35' 5er and a 30' bumper pull. You're going to be pulling 8-12k pounds either way. I focus on comfort. Very true I'm sure. A similar ATC bumper pull with a forward bed and 11' 6" garage comes in at 31' at the hitch. I did run across a Sundowner 1786GM with 16' garage at 34' total. Hard part for me is there is not a Sundowner dealer within reasonable driving distance from me to go put my hands on one.
Dennis58 06/10/19 08:42am Toy Haulers
When does a TH become too big??

I'm about 1 1/2 years out from buying a TH for a combination of using it to 1) hit some off road sites and 2) general travel to visit the United States. Most of my travels will be 2-4 weeks solo with the wife on a few trips. She is not really into the RV'ing lifestyle. My off road toy will be a Honda Rincon (7 Ft) or Can AM Maverick (11 Ft) and maybe a KTM Enduro bike. My intentions all along have been to keep the TH foot print to a Min so I'm not always worried about where I'm going to park or dragging 38 Ft plus **** behind me. I have been looking hard at the Sundowner TH market and have come to the conclusion that to have what I want (or I think what I want) this will be a special order TH. I'm thinking a 10 FT living quarters package (10' floor + 8'bed over gooseneck) with a 12 Ft garage. This still puts me at 30 Ft overall but I don't see how I can do anything any smaller and still keep the forward livings quarters I want. Anyway, guess what I'm asking is when you guys and gals go out for your "off roading" trips do you find it difficult finding off road type RV sites that fit your rig? Thanks Dennis
Dennis58 06/10/19 07:53am Toy Haulers
XM Radio / NAV Antenna Question

Hi I have a Chevy, 2019 3500HD DRW Crew Cab and have been looking at the Lance 975 TC. For anyone with a similar setup does cabover section of the TC interfere with the reception of the SAT antenna? Thanks Dennis
Dennis58 06/09/19 06:21am Truck Campers
RE: 2008 Sandstorm Remodel - Exterior Finish Recommendations?

Data Point; LINE-X will add like 500 lbs" - False, We spray exteriors around 65mils on average. At that thickness you achieve the tough coating you want and don't add a significant amount of weight. Less than 90 lbs on average for a full size vehicle completely sprayed. About as much weight as your cooler stocked with "sodas" and ice.
Dennis58 02/05/19 07:06am Toy Haulers
Used Sundowner Toy Hauler Market

So I have been researching Sundowner GN Toy Haulers and below is my results today for a used Sundowner GN Toy Hauler; RV Trader - 0 RV Universe - 0 RVT - 0 Equipment Trader - 0 Leonard Trailers - 0 Racing Junk - 0 Looks like the only way into a Sundowner Toy Hauler is new or special order. People who own them must hang onto them or the 2016 and older production numbers are really low.
Dennis58 02/05/19 06:54am Toy Haulers
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