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RE: Fun in the snow...

I have a Polaris 570 EPS {electronic power steering - don't buy an SXS without it}. This is the smallest SXS Polaris makes but it was the only one that would fit into my existing cargo trailer as it is only 50"wide. It does everything the big boys do and despite have just a 570cc single cylinder motor it is way too much fun. The narrow chassis actually makes it easier to access a lot of narrow trails that are closed to the larger {wider models}. Being able to ride right out of our driveway year round it is one of my favorite toys. With the cargo trailer I can tow it behind our 24' Class C or my Honda Ridgeline. Lots of great riding areas here in central Arizona. It weighs 1,300# and gets about 25 mpg with my foot in it... as usual. :B Here are few pics... Here it is dressed out for the 4th ofJuly parade through Payson: :C
Desert Captain 09/23/23 08:53am General RVing Issues
RE: Travel Trailer for Two

Dat's da fact Jack! :C
Desert Captain 09/03/23 09:22am Travel Trailers
RE: Travel Trailer for Two

Airstream 25FB and 23FB If price is a problem you may be able to find a lightly used unit. Airstreams are nice, no doubt but they tend to be heavy. The OP will want to keep trailer GVWR below 5,000# if using a Colorado. My buddy pulled a nice Lance that was 5,000# with his Colorado and it worked fine but anything heavier probably would have had issues. Good luck. :C
Desert Captain 09/02/23 01:01pm Travel Trailers
RE: Nonsense from Good Sam...

It just keeps getting better and better... When I called in on Monday and finally reached a supervisor she said that my credit card would be credited $50 and lo and behold that showed up today. The problem is I was originally billed $86.49 for a 3 year membership renewal that I did NOT request. So now my $29 one year renewal is costing me $36.49 when it should only be $31.75. I called {again} and pointed out this additional overcharge and they have promised to refund the $4.74. How hard is it to simply bill my card the correct amount for the renewal requested? Kind of makes you wonder how many other folks get this same treatment. :h
Desert Captain 08/29/23 03:55pm Good Sam Club
RE: Clearance lights

Try State Trailer Supply I think they have a store in the northwest. I found a replacement LED brake light assembly and a clearance light after searching the internet extensively... they have an amazing selection. Good luck. :C
Desert Captain 08/29/23 08:56am Class A Motorhomes
Nonsense from Good Sam...

Got an email saying my membership was "Nearing expiration"... it does not expire until late October. I call in to go ahead and renew early. I give my card number to "Charles" and ask him to confirm that this renewal is for one year and he assures me that it is. A few minutes later I get a voice mail that I have been renewed for 3 years. I try for 15 minutes to callback in but now all of a sudden Good Sam is too busy to take my call. Finally got through by calling the 866 number vs the number left on my voice mail and get a different rep. He informs me that nothing can be done today and that I have to call back tomorrow... seriously? :h I asked him to just cancel my membership altogether and nope, I have to call back tomorrow and speak to a supervisor. :S Film at eleven...
Desert Captain 08/27/23 12:10pm Good Sam Club
RE: Factory Tours

In 2013 we bought our 2012 Nexus 23P Class C used with just 6,205 miles on it in Tucson. In 2014 we did a two month cross country 22 state trip that took us all the way to Maine. On the return leg we passed through Elkhart and stopped at the Nexus factory. They had a number of guest sites {that were free} with hook ups on their property and despite buying used were welcomed as members of the Nexus family. We took an hour long factory tour and were very impressed. Seeing "up close and personal' how these fine coaches are built was a real eye opener. I had them install a custom spare tire mount under the rear of the coach, add a seat belt and make a couple of minor repairs {the labor rate was a very reasonable $75 an hour}. We were planning on leaving the third morning but the they came out and informed us that a serious line of thunderstorms was incoming and asked to stay as their guests for another night an offer that we could not refuse. While in Elkhart we spent several hours touring the RV Museum and I highly recommend it. If you are going to be anywhere near Elkhart take the time to visit, you will be glad you did. For the record our tenth anniversary of owning our Nexus is coming up the end of this month. We have visited 37 states and logged 69K+ trouble free miles and are looking forward to many more. Here is shot of a roof section under construction, that's our coach getting its new spare tire carrier in the background: Here are a couple of shots of the RV/MH Museum: :B
Desert Captain 08/14/23 07:43pm General RVing Issues
In praise of my awesome Indie mechanic...

I have been using Carl Shirley {928 951-3500} here in Payson Arizona for all of my mechanical/RV repair needs for nearly 3 years and he is hands down the best I have ever dealt with. Not only is he a great RV technician {who is happy to make house calls} he is also an ASE certified mechanic with his own shop sitting on 3 acres about 4 miles from our home. When we were camping at big Lake a few weeks ago a gully washing Monsoon storm generated the first leak I have seen in 10 years and it was just a very slow, minor drip that only happened at the height of the storm. I called Carl and he said "No problem, I've resealed lots of RV's drop it off on Monday. The fiberglass roof on my Nexus is one piece with one piece endcaps front and rear. When I got home from that last trip I went up on the roof and did not see anything that looked like any kind of opening/crack. Carl stripped off all of the original caulking {our coach is 11 years old all of which having been spent in uncovered parking in the Arizona sun} including the endcaps, vent pipes, air, refrigerator and AC vents etc.. and resealed everything using two coats of Dicor self leveling lap sealer which he has used for years. Here are a few pics of the resealed roof: Two additional Monsoon downpours gave his work a thorough test and not a drop found its way into our coach. The reseal job came to $670. Since he had the rig at his shop I had him change the oil/filter and the fuel filter on my Generac 4Kw generator. Despite spending about 70 percent of our time off grid it only has 110 hours on it as our DC usage is minimal and the two AGM group 27 house batteries carry us typically for 3 to 4 days. Lastly about 6 months ago the dash AC on our E-350 lost nearly all of the air flow out of the vents. The fan ran fine for the defroster and we still got nice cold air that limped through the vents by convection but it too needed work. Once I described the symptoms he called out the problem immediately. A vacuum line that controls the AC actuators directing the fans output through the dash had been compromised. He correctly attributed it to a rat chewed vacuum hose and spent a couple of hours replacing the hose and recharging {for good measure} the AC system. The total bill for the reseal, AC repair and generator maintenance came to $950. I use Carl for all of my mechanical, RV Technician needs and recently had him do the 30,000 miles service on my 2019 Honda Ridgeline along with rebuilding the power steering system in my brides Toyota Solara Coupe. His services always come in at just about half of what a dealer quotes and I appreciate the fact that every dollar I pay him goes into his pocket. I am happy to refer friends to him for their needs as well and he reciprocates by always finding time to take care of mine. Simply put... Win - Win! :B
Desert Captain 08/07/23 02:32pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Need new tires

I have had great results with the Michelin Agilis Cross Climates. Great ride, handling and mileage in a rugged mud/snow rated tire. My Class C is a 24' E-350, with a GVWR 11,500#. :C
Desert Captain 08/07/23 08:31am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Unsolicited want to buy your RV people

I have had 9 or 10 people in the last year or so come onto my property asking if my 24' Class C was for sale. First of all it sits 30+ yards in from the street in a fenced {chain link} gated yard facing my house {not the street}. If it was for sale it would be out at the street, facing out with a For Sale {Se Verde} sign. Some appeared to be legitimate want to be buyers but a few clearly were scammers. Everyone gets their picture taken and if they don't like it... tough. I feel no need whatsoever to put a "Not for sale" sign up as it plainly is not. :R
Desert Captain 08/02/23 09:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Durango-Silverton RR...

As I was waaaay late making our reservations we ended up on the diesel locomotive train vs the coal classic. The good news is we got the best seats on the train. When we did the Antonito to Chama run on the Toltec and Cumbres line that was coal/steam powered. Don't remember Any coal dust in my hair but that's probably because I shave me head {I use a lot less shampoo but a lot more sunscreen} :S
Desert Captain 07/24/23 12:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Durango-Silverton RR...

Yes,, we did the Cumbres and Toltec a couple of years ago. We were camping at Pagosa Riverside and rode my bike to Chama and boarded the bus for the ride up to Antonito. One great train ride and two great motorcycle rides all in one long day. Both trains rides are amazing but I think the constant close proximity of the Animas River gives Durango Silverton the nod. No kids in our car for the Silverton to Durango run back at the end of the train. Our car had a very nice hostess and all non alcoholic beverages were free with a fully stocked no host bar as well. When our train pulled into Durango we hopped off and walked about ten steps into the parking lot of the General Palmer Hotel, hard to beat that location. The GP is 125 years old and areal trip back in time, would highly recommend it for any Durango stay. We had a free third day so we spent a good part of it cruising around the San Juan Mountains outside of Durango. Also drove up to the Purgatory ski resort 25 miles north of town. Lots of summer fun going and the views were awesome. By taking the Honda we saved a bunch on fuel as it gets 27 mpg on the highwway/interstates but then the train ride and hotel , not to mention eating all four meals out made for a fairly pricey adventure. I figured my bride deserved it for having put up with me for 53 years so what the heck. :B
Desert Captain 07/22/23 10:27am General RVing Issues
Durango-Silverton RR...

My bride and I just returned from a 4 day 3 night trip to Durango Colorado to celebrate our 53 anniversary. We left the Class C at home and made the 371 mile run from our home in Payson AZ in our Honda Ridgeline. to the General Palmer Hotel in downtown Durango, conveniently located right next to the train station. The rail line runs 45 miles along the banks of the Animas River between Silverton and Durango and is one of the most spectacular train rides on the planet. Trust me, you need to add this trip to your bucket list if you have not already done so. You can travel round trip on the train from Durango or opt to take a nice Motor coach either up or back. We elected to ride the coach up and the train back which we thoroughly enjoyed. We have been to Durango and Silverton half a dozen times in our Class C or on my motorcycle over the last ten years but never got around to taking ther train... my bad. The ride up was awesome in that for the first time I was able to enjoy the ride north out of Durango relaxing and taking in all of the scenery one dare not gawk at driving the very challenging highway 550. This trip takes you over Coal Bank and Molas passes both over 10,000'. The coach ride is a little less than 2 hours and the train up or back is 3.5 hours. Most folks book this trip months in advance and I should have but... with a little luck we got the two best seats on the train at the rear of the Presidential/First Class Animas car which only accommodates 16 passengers and is always the last car in the train giving us unlimited, unrestricted views out the rear of the train. Summer temps in the mid 90's in Durango gave way to mid 70's by the time we reached Silverton which sits at 9,315'. Arriving at 1115 we had a few hours to wander Silverton enjoying shopping dining and a beverage or two. Here are a few pics from the trip: :B
Desert Captain 07/21/23 07:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: Air Deflector Van + Cargo Trailer Fuel Improvement

Eleven years ago I had a 22' 5,600# TT that I pulled with my F-150 SCAB with the 5.4LV-8. I found a wind deflector from a firm out of Canada and for less than $300 I took a shot. It was easy enough to install and or remove when not towing and I used it for 3+years with very good results. I don't remember what gas costs back then but it consistently got me an additional 1.5 mpg and paid for itself in 6 months. I based the fuel savings on repeated trips to locations I had visited before, my Scan Gauge and at the pump computations as well. Without the deflector the front of my trailer was a always covered in bugs but when towing with it the front o fthe trailer was always clear and clean as the air flow was clearly being deflected up and over the front of the trailer. A mother factor that contributed to its efficiency was having it mounted so far back, at the rear of the shell. I doubt it would work as well if i thad been mounted on the cab of truck with no shell. Lots of skeptic's out there but I know it worked for me. :C
Desert Captain 07/16/23 09:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Replacing the house batteries...

Thanks again Chum lee for catching my prior screw up leaving the heads of the tray screws under the batteries where they could {and probably would} wear through the battery cases. It was a PITA to disconnect everything and pull the batteries to get at the tray but needed doing. Lest anyone think I just got lazy and just chose to ignore the problem here are a couple of pics, first of the tray with the screws removed and the second of the completed reinstall: :S
Desert Captain 07/03/23 10:23am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Replacing the house batteries...

Nice job! Bet you are glad to have that behind you. One note: Make sure those flat head machine screws that hold the sliding shelf down to the track (in the back behind the batteries) don't contact, or come close to the battery cases. With all the bouncing around while driving, IMO, it wouldn't take long to wear a small hole into the bottom/side of your new battery cases. Chum lee Thanks, good call, I'll just pull those two back screws/nuts as the front 2 will keep the tray and slider together. Wish I had caught it before {Too soon old, too late smart} :S The front two are clear of the battery cases and the all thread keeps them from shifting. :o
Desert Captain 06/29/23 02:30pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Replacing the house batteries...

I have a 2018 Nexus 24P and have been dreading doing my battery compartment. Seeing your results has given me hope again and as soon as the temp decides to drop I'll get started on mine. Mine is rusted so bad I could only pull the tray half way out. I bought mine used in 2021 and the dealer replaced the batteries. Because of the weight {in my case, 128#} the tray is not designed to slide all of the way out, about half way is as far as it goes. Disconnect and remove the batteries and then you will have access to the tray and slider. With the batteries removed slide the tray as far back as it will go. Tilt the forward {outside} end of the tray up about 30 degrees and pull forward a about an inch. Look at the second pic in my post and you will see the opening slots on either side of the slider base. The bolts on the sides should lift out of the slider track and the slider and tray will lift out as one piece. Hope this helps, feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Good luck. :C
Desert Captain 06/28/23 02:21pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Air Bag Replacement

When I bought my Air Lift 5,000# bags they came with recommendation to always keep "some" air in the bags. I run mine at 50 psi when towing and 25 when unloaded. This keeps the bags from collapsing on themselves and getting "cracky" which will inevitably lead to leaks. :C
Desert Captain 06/28/23 11:50am Class A Motorhomes
Replacing the house batteries...

My house bank consists of 2 group 27 AGM's in my 2012 Nexus 24' C . They are over 4 years old and while they still work well they have been doing so for progressively shorter periods. The first 3+ years I could sit for 3 - 4 days without needing to run the generator but lately they would begin to show voltage drops under load after 2 - 3 days. Driving for a couple of hours or running the genny would recharge them enough for simple usage but they just did not hold the charge like they used to. Started doing the requisite research a few weeks ago and elected to go with a pair of Renogy 12V AGM 100 Ah AGM's that weigh in at 64# each. They are highly rated and at $189 a piece {$412 OTD with tax but no freight - delivered in 3 days -Thanks Amazon} were a pretty good value. After 11 years and 75,000 + miles the battery compartment was showing a lot of wear and tear. The latch securing the battery tray had failed due to the rust and corrosion about a year ago and all of the hardware needed to be cleaned/replaced. My mechanic came up with a clever way to secure the tray a few months ago using quarter inch all thread double nutted on each end. Removing the tray and slider was a PITA as the rust and corrosion had a pretty good grip. WD40 and some serious wrenching {and no small amount of profanity later} everything finally came out. I used my half inch AC drill with a 3" wire wheel to take down the worst of the corrosion. I then sprayed the compartment and hardware with aerosol bedliner and replaced all of the nuts and bolts. Here are several pics that cover the entire job: The center of the rear of the tray had succumbed to the worst of the corrosion, look closely anyou can see where it had eaten through. I took a piece of sheet metal and used my vice to shape it into a 'V" which I secured and locked into shape with 3 C clamps and 2 pieces of wood locked it in with Gorilla Glue upside down over the gap. After all of the battery cable/connections got scrubbed with a wire toothbrush dipped in baking soda/H2O it was time to commence the reassembly. Somehow the new batteries were an inch longer than anticipated :h :S so I had to bend the back wall of the tray back 90 degrees {another trip to the large vice on my workbench} and happily it just fit. I slipped a thick piece of an old leather belt between the all thread and the new batteries for chafe protection It took about 8 hours spread over 3 days, the first two while I waited for the batteries to be delivered. Not a fun Job but I'm satisfied with the results. With the converter on I'm showing 13.2 volts and the V-10 is delivering 14.2. Should be back to sitting for at least 4 days at a time without needing to run the penny and we rarely stay anywhere that long. Not too bad for an old guy {pushing 72}}. :B :C
Desert Captain 06/27/23 10:50am Class C Motorhomes
RE: towing advise please

Short answer, yes. Even with a heavy duty F-150 you still have way too much trailer for that truck. It's the tail wagging the dog. Towing is one consideration, stop g it is another. I can't imagine what a windy day on a winding road would be like but it probably wouldn't end well. The good news... new trucks are nice. Good luck. :C
Desert Captain 06/23/23 02:58pm Towing
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