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RE: Aftermarket engine gauge recommendations

Another vote for the Scan Gauge. Bought mine over ten years ago for $139 when I was towing a 22' TT with my 5.4L F-150. When I sold the truck/traded in the TT on our 24' class C all I had to do was reprogram it for the 6.8L V-10 and mount it... which took all of about 5 minutes. I run with the 4 way display showing average and real time mpg, trans fluid and coolant temperatures. Have never need any other displays although there are a couple of dozen readily available. Used it to read and then reset the CEL when it threw a trouble code. I'm sure the new models do even more but bang for the buck you cannot beat a Scan Gauge. :C
Desert Captain 01/25/22 10:32am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Reducing push/pull from tractor trailers passing

I have a 24' Nexus E-350 and went with 1, 2 and 5 from Ron's list... and I was done. The ride and handling were always been good but when I replaced the original shocks with the HD Bilstein's at 33,000 miles it got even better. In up to 35 mph winds, even cross winds, and when trucks pass me I have zero issues. Wind over 35 I just get off the road or if in the forecast stay put. Can I feel the trucks as they roar by? of course I can... do they blow me out of my lane, never. I usually am towing my 6 X 10' {8'tall} cargo trailer loaded to about 2,600#. To offset the increased tongue weight of the single axle I added AirLift 5,000# air bags which at 50 psi return the tongue to dead level, 16" to the top of the ball per the trailer manufacturers recommendations. Works for me. :C
Desert Captain 01/18/22 08:55am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Rice Ranch RV, Quartzsite

We love Rice Ranch for the location, have been there 8 of the last 9 years. We just dry camp at $7 a night and the location can’t be beat but… Just like last year the Q will be a super spreader event. We’ll be back when the folks get vaccinated. :E
Desert Captain 01/07/22 08:47pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Towing capacity

"one correction, 300 lbs of passengers are already accounted for in the payload capacity. Also some amount of hitch wt, maybe 100 lbs(?) is also accounted for." I don't think so... Payload usually does not include multiple passengers, just a 150# driver and half a tank of gas and does not address the WDH/weight. We do agree the OP has way more trailer than truck... :C
Desert Captain 01/02/22 10:51am Towing
RE: Towing capacity

"You will likely be really close to that 12,500 pounds." Let's not overlook the tongue weight that a 12,500# {assuming you can keep it to that} will generate. Tongue weight should be around 13 percent of the loaded weight of the trailer so you will have approximately 1,600+ # and then add another 100# for the weight of the WDH. Now you are at 1,700#+ that comes right off of your trucks payload and this is before you load anything or anyone into the truck. Even if your truck has 2,000# of payload, and most do not until you start looking at 3/4 - 1 ton models, you can only load 300# of people and gear {which is not much} without being over. Now check your max rear axle weight rating and do not be surprised if you are well over it... :E Anyone who quotes you "Dry" weights is not your friend. :S
Desert Captain 01/01/22 08:11pm Towing
RE: Storing With or Without Full Gas Tank

The only thing that would ever chase us out of our mountain home on short notice would be a forrest fire. We are prepared to be loaded up and gone in about 30 minutes but a big part of that is having full fuel and LP tanks. If a fire sweeps through our area the gas stations will have long lines and we will just be motoring right on down the road. We have a couple of possible escape destinations depending on the location and direction of travel of the fire and with full tanks we can not only get there but upon arrival will be self sufficient. Like others here I fuel up at the end of every trip. :C
Desert Captain 12/29/21 08:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Overhead entertainment center removal

"I always like to say a job is not complete unless a little blood has been drawn. " LMAO, I have been saying and accordingly bleeding on just about every project for longer than I can remember. When I think I'm done I give my self the once over and if no blood is found I'm probably still not done. :S
Desert Captain 12/21/21 07:33am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Differential Service

When I bought our 24' E350 Class C it had 6,205 miles on it. The first thing I did was to replace the oil, trans fluid and differential fluids with full synthetic Since then I have changed the differential and trans every 30,000 miles. No metal bits or shavings yet and everything works well... no drips, no runs, no errors. :C
Desert Captain 12/21/21 07:26am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Taos or Santa Fe, New Mexico

I recommend Taos, makes a nice jumping off spot for Angel Fire, Eagle Nest and Red River. In Angel Fire do not miss the Viet Nam Memorial. Red River is a hoot with lots to see and do but do not miss Shotgun Willies {awesome smoked brisket breakfast burritos smothered in Hatch Green Chile sauce} and the Red River Brewery. The entire area offers lots of spectacular hiking ATV/UTV and horseback riding as well. Drive the "enchanted Circle {Taos to Angel Fire to Red River, Questa and back to Taos. The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, west of Taos is a must see.{Our best friends have a gorgeous home in Angel Fire so we are up there 2 - 3 times a year.} :C
Desert Captain 12/08/21 08:10pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: It's time to winterize...

GD, After I drained the water heater I stuck my garden hose in and blasted the debris from the anode rod out. After flushing a couple of times I just let it drain, replaced the rod and buttoned it up. As far as keeping the coach warm {mid fifties} after winterizing and eliminating water and adding RVAF... There are lots of components in a motorhome that do not do well in freezing temperatures. When things freeze they expand/contract. Seals can be compromised and control boards and other sensitive electronics can be damaged. IMHO: it is far better to keep a reasonable temperature and this is easily done. While unusual that forecast for a low of 25 can easily become single digits while you sleep. As to keeping my fuel tank full it is simple... I always do. Any possible condensation is greatly reduced and the coach is ready to go at a moments notice. As noted we will be taking off in January for a week or so and perhaps sooner than that. Gas prices have risen about 25 cents a gallon since I topped it up after our last trip so that is working out nicely as well. Even when fully winterized we can be gone in about 15 minutes as all we need do is fill the water tank, load a few groceries and turn the key. This mode also works during fire season as well as short notice for an evacuation could easily take place. As always... Opinions and YMMV. :C
Desert Captain 12/08/21 09:39am Class C Motorhomes
RE: It's time to winterize...

Yes, there are always at least a couple of gallons of water {added after a thorough flushing in both the gray and black tanks} so adding a couple of quarts of antifreeze is about right. The black and gray tanks are only 20 gallons each and the tank heaters are not huge. I just use them to take the edge off of the low temps. The space heater is plugged into a GFI and has a kill switch if it is bumped much less knocked over. I had an electrician install the dedicated 30 amps with its own box just below the house breaker panel. Normal snowfall up here is about 23" a year spread over half a dozen 2 and 3 day events, no big deal but... last January we had 2.5' of heavy wet snow with temps in the mid to low teens which while unusual snow {like "stuff} happens". Here are a couple of shots taken last January: :E
Desert Captain 12/07/21 10:34am Class C Motorhomes
It's time to winterize...

I've been watching the forecast and it looks like winter is going to make an appearance on Thursday/Friday. We live in Payson Arizona {about 100 miles north of Phoenix} at 5,000' and so far we have only had one night with a low of 32. The low for Friday is supposed to be between 22 - 25 with half an inch of snow predicted. My 24' C sits in our driveway and has 30 amps 24/7. Later this morning when it warms up a bit I will open all of the fresh water drains {along with draining the water heater which will get a cup or two of the anti freeze} and then will blow out the water lines with my compressor. I'll add a cup or two to each of the traps {2 sinks and the shower} and put a couple of quarts of pink RV anti freeze in the black and gray tanks. For nights that are predicted to drop below 30 I will turn on the tank heaters and run my 1300/1500 watt AC space heater on low to hold the interior temps in the 50's. The lower cabinet doors will be propped open for better air flow. For now our next trip will be to Quartzsite on the backside of January but all that will need to be done is to close the valves, add water and we will be good to go. Naturally we always travel in winter with with a couple of gallons of anti freeze as temps even in the desert can get down into the low 20's - upper teens. I keep the 55 gallon fuel tank as well as the LP tank full and my AGM house batteries, 2 group 27's, stay fully charged. Only thing left to do after all that is to restock the bar... :C
Desert Captain 12/07/21 08:39am Class C Motorhomes
RE: The more the merrier...

Thanks one and all for the kind words... Here is a pic I took yesterday around the middle of our 35 mile, 2.5 hour ride. That's the East Verde River winding down the mountain, the fall colors re really starting to peak: :B
Desert Captain 11/21/21 10:36am General RVing Issues
RE: The more the merrier...

We both have our Rzr’s equipped to be fully street legal. This gets us legal riding in a lot of other riding locations… can you say “Moab?” The riding here in Payson usually involves a few miles of streets or we just haul the buggies on our trailers for any outlying rides. :C
Desert Captain 11/19/21 08:29pm General RVing Issues
The more the merrier...

We invited our friends to come over and stay at our new home in Payson Arizona with their motorhome, a Winnebago 40' DP. They also tow their Rzr on a a nice aluminum trailer which brings them in at nearly 60'. By unloading the Rzr and disconnecting the trailer which we then just rolled into the front yard we had room for the coach in our south driveway. Here is their "site" in our front yard: II is nice to catch up with some quality friends time after the not seeing g each other much over the last year and half {Thanks Covid}. Tom and I go back 56 years and our daughter, now 50, was a flower girl in their wedding. They will be here for a couple of weeks and Tom and I will be Rzr riding probably every day as there are hundreds of miles of trails right out of our driveway. In California you can't ride an ATV/UTV on any public streets. We went down to the local DMV the day he arrived, walked into an empty office and ten minutes and $35 later he walked out with his Rzr Arizona registered for both on and off highway use and a paper plate with the real one coming in the mail. He was having an issue with his new water heater, no function on the electrical side so I called my independent RV/ASE certified mechanic {Carl Shirley 928 951-3500} for a house call. An hour later Carl was at Tom's coach and quickly diagnosed a wiring issue. He'll be back on Monday to complete the repair. We will be having too much fun and next Tuesday our friends from Angel Fire will be stopping by on their way home from San Diego for 3 nights to include a big Thanksgiving dinner. The jacuzzi is hot and the weather, while cooling somewhat remains pleasant with highs in the 60's and lows in the upper 30's. It is nice to have the room to accommodate everyone and all of their toys. Film at eleven! Here are the Rzr's staged in the north driveway: :C
Desert Captain 11/19/21 11:09am General RVing Issues
I think I am beginning to understand...

We have been RVing for 15+ years, started with a hard sided Aliner popup. Went to a 22' TT for 4.5 years before trading it in on a 24' Class C. Then added a couple of open trailers to tow my motorcycles ending with my current {and last} a 6 X 10', 8' tall cargo trailer. Never had any interest in a Class A, fiver or truck camper until... My friend stopped by our place in Arizona with his truck camper and cargo trailer {that's my Cargo trailer back behind his}: As you can see his truck is a long bed F-350, 7.3L diesel with a very nice TC pulling his 12' cargo trailer. We were very impressed with this set up. His trailer hauls his Harley Road Glide and a nice Yamaha dirt bike, mountain bike and a bunch of other stuff. I was already on board with the cargo trailer thing as ours works well {25K miles on it in the last 3+ years}. I haul either my Can Am Spyder or Polaris Rzr SXS, BBQ, LP cylinder, firewood and assorted tools and toys in addition to the buggy or bike. I have no need for a truck large enough to be viable for a TC, I get by just fine with my Honda Ridgeline but really had my eyes opened to the possibilities that only a truck camper brings to the RV equation. No plans to change as our setup works great, is paid for and I will be 70 in a couple of weeks {old dogs and new tricks kind of a thing}. Might just have to start poking around the TC threads which could be dangerous... film at eleven! :B
Desert Captain 11/13/21 09:21am Truck Campers
RE: RVs over 10 years old are valueless

As noted the rule exists to permit facilities to turn away the junkers much like the signs often seen in businesses stating "We reserve the right to refuse service". The saddest thing about this thread is that were have already had half a dozen posters suggest or outright state that they just lie... :S Sorry folks but integrity is like virginity... once it is gone it never returns. If you lie over such a trivial matter it makes me cringe to think how you you live your life day to day. Years ago when I was going to college one of my professors brought in a guest lecturer to speak to us about truth, integrity, and honor, as I recall he was a retired judge. He went on for nearly an hour hammering in his basic premise that in all things truth is paramount. As he began to wrap up his talk he finished with: In conclusion you must always remember that it is NEVER, ever acceptable to lie... unless someone asks you to help them move. :E As always... opinions and YMMV. :B
Desert Captain 11/12/21 09:13am General RVing Issues
Minor alignment issue... but a long story

My 2012 nexus 24' Class C has always had excellent ride and handling. To the best of my knowledge it has only had one alignment and that was back at the factory as the last stop on the Nexus production line was the alignment booth. The original owners had it for 18 months and just 6,205 miles when I found it at La Mesa RV in Tucson. We have put over 63,000 trouble free miles over the last 8+ years including a 2 month trip from Tucson to Maine and a whole lot of places in-between. During that 7,800 mile trip I am pretty sure we encountered/hit every pothole in the continental US. Some of the worst were found in Washing DC but New England, Michigan and Indiana contributed enough jolts to fracture my bumper mounted spare tire carrier. {A stop at the Nexus factory in Elkhart got me a custom mounted spare carrier securely welded up under the rear of the coach} but I digress... About a month ago after a short trip I noticed just a tiny bit of wear on the outside edge of my right front tire. I had never had any unusual tire wear in the past typically getting 40K miles out of my Michelin's so this caught my attention. I guessed it to need at bit of toe adjustment and set out to get it done. The local Big O could not work on my coach so I called my indie mechanic. He recommended a buddy of his who ran the alignment and tire shop for Steve Coury Ford here in Payson. I took it in and he agreed it probably just needed a minor adjustment but I asked him to give it a thorough check/full alignment and once again we agreed the right front should have 4.8 degrees of caster with 4.5 on the left. He found the alignment to be spot on, with nothing worn out and the caster was on spec with it needing only the minor toe adjustment. I have 3 tires that are 4 and 3 that are 2 years old {don 't ask,,, another long story} but they are all in excellent condition and I keep them aired up to support the load they actually carry {which often changes dramatically}. Two of the newer Michelin Agilis' were moved to the front and the rears changed sides as well. Lastly the metal bars that lock the battery tray in place had rusted/fractured which I discovered in the middle of a trip a few months back. I secured the tray with some heavy duty nylon strapping and had been trying to come up with a permanent solution. When I pulled into his shop and we were going over the rig we found that the interior bars had let go as well and my 2 AGM's were sliding off of the tray at a precipitous angle. :S "Want me to fix that? he asked and of course I told him to do whatever it took and noted that I did not care what it cost. Here is his solution: The all thread {both front and back} is double nutted on the outside of the box and can easily be disconnected as needed. {yes, I will be cleaning up the rust with a wire brush and putting down some new black paint in the near future} All in all a pretty good solution and the total repair {parts and labor} came to $149. The full four wheel alignment with everything set to spec was $129.95 and another $50 for the tire rotation {his labor rate is $50 an hour - when is the last time you saw that rate?} The total bill was $344.73. :B If you are anywhere near Payson and need tires or alignment give Jeff a call at Steve Coury Ford {928 363-4113}. :C
Desert Captain 10/29/21 04:22pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: What do tow behind your Class C?

I've towed motorcycle trailers {3 different styles} for the last 7 years. Our current {and favorite} is a 6 X 10' - 8' tall cargo trailer. Here is a shot on the new I-11 near Hoover Dam taken on our return trip from Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks: On this trip I was hauling my Indian Springfield field motorcycle. I have since traded it in for a Can Am Spyder and when we don't bring the Spyder our little Polaris Rzr SXS also fits nicely. The best thing about having the cargo trailer is that for all intents and purposes it is a private garage that follows our Cass C like a faithful puppy {it also tows just fine behind our Honda Ridgeline}. Our toys stay out of the weather and the prying eyes of the bad guys. In addition to all of the use it gets when we are on the road it has served us well hauling landscaping materials {gravel, rock, lumber, tree trimmings etc.} and when we moved last year I made 8 round trips emptying one house and refilling the new one. I can easily move it around with the Rzr and just completed a new pad to park it on: It also makes for a fine quasi permanent garage {for the Rzr or the Spyder} right there alongside the driveway. Here is a shot with the Spyder loaded and as you can see there is still lots storage available: :B
Desert Captain 10/22/21 09:28am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Latest project...parking pad for our cargo trailer

Let me "splain" it to you Lucy... At 55 yards long the asphalt driveway slopes a bit from the garage out to the street. I leveled the grade on the pad to match that slope. The top of the asphalt coincides with the top of the ties. I dropped 4,000+# of crushed granite into the pad varying between 4 - 6" deep and then aggressively compacted it alternating between soaking it down and driving over it repeatedly with my Rzr and then the truck. After three days the surface was extremely firm. I then carved a 2" deep trench along the ties and the asphalt and filled that as well as the rest of the pad with the top layer of the larger concrete gravel {another 2,000#}. Once again I soaked it all down and compacted it further using my truck. The second pic shows this clearly, the asphalt, gravel and ties are all the same height {mas y menos} and the compacted top layer of gravel will remain in place. Absent the ties that secure the pad and provide the requisite structure the gravel would be displaced and scattered across the asphalt every time it was driven on. Containing the gravel is the key... After 8 months the pad where I park the coach {which weighs 11,500#} is working out just fine with no gravel movement and great drainage which Lucy, is why I utilized the same construction technique for both pads. Here is a pic of the coach pad and as noted you can see that the gravel stays put: :C
Desert Captain 10/19/21 09:14am General RVing Issues
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