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RE: Engine heat

Try suing the "Mix" setting when you run the dash air. This directs cool air to the windshield, the defroster function, and to your feet. We like using either def or mix when driving when it is warm {not real hot}, just turn the temp setting to full cold and crank the fan setting up as much as you like. The cool air coming off of the windshield and at your feet {the mix setting} we find more comfortable than the dash vents. Another way to attack the heat issue is to use the dash vents {Crank up the fan as needed} and open the rear coach vent which will pull the ac through the coach more efficiently taking most of the heat with it. We live in southern Arizona and have yet to have any serious heat issues on our 2012 E-350 {V-10} 24' Class C. Works for us. :C
Desert Captain 06/02/20 08:49am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Overhead Clearence

Allworth, good info especially #2. In rural areas roads get repaved over and over and they can be significantly taller than that height sign indicates, which was usually posted back when God's dog was a puppy. Like you, I add 6" to my actual height, yes I measured twice and then once again until I got the same number three times... Some places that have tunnels can pose a whole new set of problems, the Blue Ridge Parkway comes to mind. Some of those tunnels are ridiculously low as you get near the right side of the lanes. I see posts just telling folks no problem just stay in the center {over the double yellow} but as a guy who rides motorcycles I take serious offense at that lame advice. Bottom line, not every RV can safely transit every road. I just wish more folks would realize that and stick to roads that their rigs and skill levels match. Rant off... for now. :B
Desert Captain 05/28/20 01:15pm Beginning RVing
RE: Prepping for a serious trip...

Got a pair of nice fresh GoodYear Endurance tires for the trailer yesterday... long story but it worked out. This morning I took the coach in for an oil change as it was due having 5,040 miles since the last, I've run pure synthetic oil, trans fluid and in the differential for 6 years with very good results. I saw some corrosion had built up on the battery terminals so out came the baking soda and distilled water. Scrubbed them down and thoroughly rinsed and they are now looking good. The battery levels were fine. Next stop was the Discount tire shop to top up the coach tires. For the load I will be hauling I had them putt 65 in the duallies and 60 in the fronts. Most don't but since duallies are a PITA to top up I always tip the guy a few bucks. I added 50 psi to my air bags which levels the loaded trailer perfectly. Topped up the 55 gallon tank with 36 gallons at $1.95 a gallon so methinks I am just about ready to shop and load on Saturday and hit the dusty trail on Sunday morning. Triple digits are descending on Tucson and Sunday will be a good day to get gone for a few weeks. :C
Desert Captain 05/27/20 01:46pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Buying tires? Check the DOT codes...

The date codes on both Endurance's were both April 2020. :B
Desert Captain 05/27/20 01:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Buying tires? Check the DOT codes...

When I buy tires my limit on "age" is no more then 12 months from the date im buying them. Our rv and cargo trailer ST tires have a practical lifespan of 5 maybe 6 years so they will be useless to me beyond that. Learned early on that tread is not a safe indication of remaining life. X2 I usually ask that they've no older than 6 months for my cars, trucks and motorhome but... Your needs can vary, I ordered a tire for my Harley a couple of years ago from an internet supplier. Specially requested a "fresh" tire, no older than 6 months. When it arrived it was more than a year old. Keep in mind that bike tires usually wear out in 15K miles +/-. For some folks that is 5 years, for me it is one so ended up complaining to the supplier but keeping the tire knowing it would be toast in a year or so. If I only rode 3K miles a year that tires life would have been shortened significantly. As noted above I will never own a tire that is more than 5 years old again... BTDT and it did not end well. :S
Desert Captain 05/27/20 07:16am General RVing Issues
Buying tires? Check the DOT codes...

I had an appointment this morning with one of the local chain tire stores to get two Maxxis' M8808's for my cargo trailer in preparation for a 3,600 mile trip that commences on Sunday morning. The trailer is a little over two years old and sat on the dealers lot for a spell so I assumed the original {China Bomb's} were a tad past their prime. I parked out back as directed and told the service manage that while I assumed they would be fine I needed to check the DOT codes of his tires BEFORE they were mounted. Glad I did as they were both manufactured in April of 2016... Grrrr! I asked him how and why they had the nerve to try and sell me 4+ year old tires as new and all I got was the Deer in the headlights look and a lame "sorry". No, I will not be back. I went back to Discount Tire who had expressed doubts that they could get the Maxxis' in time for my trip and they confirmed that the nearest Maxxis' we're in Georgia and would take at least a week. Drove home and got on the internet researching Maxxis availability which = slim and none and then alternative tires. I still think Maxxis' are great tires but a lot of folks are pretty impressed with the new Goodyear Endurance. The Discount shop sent me to another of their stores with better availability and I ended up in and out in 45 minutes with a new pair of Endurance GY's out the door for $257. When the original trailer tires came off my suspicions were confirmed as the DOT Codes showed them to be a little over 3 years old and that is far as I want to travel on "Rainier ST's" undoubtedly some of China's finest...though they still looked decent and I kept both of them to use as back up spares to my existing new spare that has yet to see the pavement. I had a 5.5 year old Michilin LT grenade on me last fall and it had been inspected and aired up by Discount the day before and pronounced just fine. That "just fine" tire did $4,131 in damage to my Class C virtually blowing the wheel well right up through the floor. I'll never own a tire over 5 years old again no matter how good it looks. Admittedly living here in southern Arizona is a tough venue for tires but check your DOT Codes folks and insist that your new tires really are... :S
Desert Captain 05/26/20 03:33pm General RVing Issues
Prepping for a serious trip...

I had several serious trips planned for late spring and summer but of course the shelter at home order killed all four of them off. I had been prepping the coach for these trips since we returned in late January from our annual Quartzsite {an Ehrenburg} adventure. I took the coach in to Simonsen Generators here in Tucson {and they are awesome by the way} for a full generator service in February. It was running OK but was due for all new filters, oil change and a tune up and is now running better than ever. Next I hired a local guy to wash, wax and detail my 8 year old coach and for $250 they did a great job {that I was simply not up to attempting myself. This morning I have an appointment to have a pair of Maxxis' 8008's installed on my cargo trailer. The original tires are 2 - 3 years old with 15K miles and look fine but original equipment ST's make me nervous... Maxxis' do not. I will keep both of the old tires and will carry one unmounted to backup my mounted spare. Three of my Class C tires are less than 18 months old and the other 3 less than a year. Tomorrow will be a simple full synthetic oil change and a trip to Discount Tire to air up the rig for the trip {based upon the load I'll be hauling}. The 10' cargo trailer {14' overall with 7' of headroom} weighs in at 2,200# when I haul my Indian Springfield and allows me to move some misc gear out of the coach and into the trailer for better load balance. Some serious pretrip shopping and loading will take care of Friday and Saturday and Sunday morning early we will be on the road again! This trip, Tucson to Angel Fire, then through southern Colorado and on north to Yellowstone will be around 3,600 miles and nearly 3 weeks and we can not wait to leave. Four fun days with our friends in Angel Fire followed by a few days on the road before hitting Yellowstone and Grand Teton. Trust me, if you want to see our national Parks from a truly unique perspective do it on a motorcycle. Here is shot of our rig taken a couple of years ago at Buckskin SP north of Parker on the Colorado River: :B
Desert Captain 05/26/20 09:04am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Airbag fill ports?

With my permission the installer ran the lines through a "Y" so I have just the one Schrader valve. He put it on the rear wall of the battery compartment {on the drivers side about 6' aft of the front wheel} on my 24' Class C. It is protected from the weather and road debris and easy to access. I keep about 15 psi in the bags running empty/light or when it is just sitting in storage {that recommendation came directly from Airlift so the bags hold their shape better} but add 50# when I load up the cargo trailer with my Rzr our motorcycle. With 2,600# of loaded trailer attached this keeps my 10' cargo trailer dead level. Works for me. :C
Desert Captain 05/23/20 07:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: 20 year loan for RV?

Yep, free money... right up there with waterproof and maintenance free. :S. Sorry folks but none of them actually exist :B Thanks - another "I'll twist what was said and respond just so I can say something" post. Super helpful!! As opposed to an incomplete/selective partial quote of what I posted... "I think most folks here share their experiences whatever they may be in hopes that someone else will benefit from their experience. I don't see any malice in that. As always... opinions and YMMV." Guess you missed that part. :S
Desert Captain 05/19/20 02:12pm Beginning RVing
RE: 20 year loan for RV?

Yep, free money... right up there with waterproof and maintenance free. :S. Sorry folks but none of them actually exist I think most folks here share their experiences whatever they may be in hopes that someone else will benefit from their experience. I don't see any malice in that. As always... opinions and YMMV. :B
Desert Captain 05/19/20 12:28pm Beginning RVing
RE: Advice Please - Airbags & Weight Distribution Hitches

I have a set of Air Lift 5000# airbags on my 24'Class C to help with the tongue weight of my single axel cargo trailer. Your goal should be for the rig to sit dead level when fully loaded. You should always keep some pressure, 10 - 15# in your bags as they are not happy completely deflated and it will shorten their working life. I air mine up to 50# and then drop the trailer onto the rear of the coach. When fully loaded with my Rzr inside along with a lot of extra gear the trailer weighs 2,600# and the tongue is exactly 16" off the ground and dead level. I was pleasantly surprised to find my unloaded {no trailer} ride and handling improved noticeably with just 15#. The OP should err on the side of more not less tongue weight as sway can quickly become an issue especially with a toy hauler with significant weight that far back. Works for me. :C
Desert Captain 05/17/20 07:37am Toy Haulers
RE: Boating Safety

Hello Fellow RV'ers. As an RV'er and a member of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, We like to travel and go boating where available. We want to remind everyone that National Safe Boating Week is May 16-22. This is the week before Memorial Day Weekend. The Coast Guard and the Auxiliary strongly encourage everyone to use safe boating practices and always" WEAR YOUR LIFEJACKET"!Let's have fun this summer and please, BE SAFE.For more information, I invite you to check out our website at, Thank You. always" WEAR YOUR LIFEJACKET" For children under a certain age, it is the law, but there is no way I am wearing one in 100 degree heat. As a long as there is one for everyone in the boat I am within the law Guy Come on man, wear your life jacket... makes it much easier for the authorities to find your body. :S
Desert Captain 05/16/20 04:04pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Heading back to our favorite RV site...

I just came across the pic that showed the RV site, coach and the house and with the upcoming trip decided to share once more. We have all been the best of friends for 30+ years as we shared a boating addiction in San Diego for several decades. Yes the Angel Fire area is amazing. Every visit I spend time at the Viet Nam Memorial and of course there is always the obligatory ride up to Red River for breakfast at Shotgun Willies. The smoked brisket breakfast burrito smothered in Hatch green chile sauce is always worth the trip! Life is good!
Desert Captain 05/15/20 07:16pm Class C Motorhomes
Heading back to our favorite RV site...

Like most of America we have been sheltering in place anxiously awaiting our opportunity to get back out in our 24' Nexus Phantom. Now that most of the states are relaxing the stay at home restrictions we want to get out but campgrounds still make me a tad nervous... Happily we have a great solution. My best friend built his dream home in Angel Fire New Mexico about 5 years ago. He has 3 gorgeous acres at 9,000' and we usually get up there 3+ times a year. When he was building the house {3,900 square ft 3 bedroom 3.5 bath including a nice 8 X 12' wine cellar} I joked with him that he needed to put in an RV pad for our future use. I can't repeat here what he said but... Lo and behold on our first visit there was our RV site complete with 30 amp service. He brought in several dump truck loads of gravel for the pad and then trenched 250' down 3' deep to get below the frost line to bring in the power. In the pic you can see the trench and pedestal as the backhoe crew had not backfilled it yet. Not only is this site beautiful it comes with a nice collection of wildlife. Elk, Black bears, wild turkey's and deer are just about everyday visitors. We will be making the 700+ mile drive up from Tucson on June first to spend a week or so and will still be toughing out our continued quarantine in this incredible location with our two best friends. If things continue to loosen up we may swing through southern Colorado on the return trip as Pagosa Spring is one of our favorite summer destinations. :B
Desert Captain 05/15/20 08:45am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Place to stay in Quartzsite Wednesday Night

Try Rice Ranch, not fancy, just a gravel lot with full hook ups. They're located at the southeast corner of 95 and Kuehn Rd. Probably around $35 a night. :C
Desert Captain 05/10/20 08:28pm Roads and Routes
RE: How to secure storage area while connected to water?

Continuous city water hookup is dangerous IMO. Something pops when your gone and what a mess. Fill your FW tank and use the pump. Do you turn the water off to your house when you leave? Same thing could happen. Pipes are pipes no matter where they are. I’ll put the quality of my household plumbing up against the the most expensive RV any time. As noted houses don’t encounter many potholes at highway speeds. For the record every time we leave for a night or more I do shut the water off. It takes about 10 seconds and the peace of mind is indeed priceless. :S
Desert Captain 05/09/20 04:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: How to secure storage area while connected to water?

Continuous city water hookup is dangerous IMO. Something pops when your gone and what a mess. Fill your FW tank and use the pump. X2 You don't even need to fill the tank just add enough for your daily needs. :C
Desert Captain 05/09/20 08:29am Travel Trailers
RE: Should I get the extended service plan

There are a couple of ways to look at this proposition... Being a former rental with 113K miles know that your transmission has been mostly cooked/abused for all of those miles. Very few renters are ever instructed on utilizing Tow Haul and consequently don't. This leads to the transmission fluid running 10 to 20 degrees hotter than it should. A 30' Class C has more than enough weight to justify the use of Tow haul just about all of the time. Repairing or in the worst case scenario replacing the trans will run 3 or 4 thousand dollars. :S Also every time I have been passed by a class C going like a bat out of hell, often 75 or more it is a rental... renters just don't care. On the plus side the rentals out of necessity do get good maintenance but they know more about the coach than you and they want it gone after just 5 years which is well below the working life of a C that has been properly operated and maintained. Hmmm, kind of makes you wonder. :h I am assuming that your 30' Magestic is probably on a Ford E-450 chassis with the V-10 and a 5 speed Torque Shift transmission. This combination when not abused is close to bulletproof so you gotta ask yourself one question...Do you feel lucky, well do ya? I am not a fan of extended warranties and you might just be better off to put that $1,798 in a bank account and add to it periodically thus increasing your coverage when you are financially able. Use these funds ONLY for coach repairs as needed and make sure it is in an account you can easily access {especially while traveling}. Chances are that if you have a mechanical problem you will be out on the road and not in your driveway. Who is authorized to provide warranty repairs and where are they located ? If you self insure you can get service anywhere and if they cannot get to you quickly or the estimate is high you can keep shopping for a better repair facility.The V-10 should cause you no grief but as noted transmission repairs get pricey in a hurry. This and other RV Forums are full of horror stories about folks trying to get service with extended warranties with their coaches often stuck in repair limbo for extended periods of time. For the record my 2012 E-350 24'Nexus C has been trouble free for 6.5+ years and 60K+ miles but it has been very carefully maintained and never abused in any way and yes, I use Tow Haul about 90 percent of the time. I hope this gives you some perspective on the pros and cons of going either way and... As always... Opinions and YMMV. Good Luck! :C
Desert Captain 04/22/20 12:21pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Problems with past RV Parks you've stayed at?

Idiots speeding through the CG or RV Park. If the posted limit is 10 then don’t drive 11 much less 25 or more. Lots of kids, dogs and grumpy old guys like me that do not have a death wish. Grrrrr!
Desert Captain 04/10/20 09:56pm Family Camping
RE: Utah?Next trip plan good distraction! Ideas needed :)

Unless things change dramatically {not bloody likely} Utah is all but closed to visitors. Arches and Canyonlands are currently closed along with all of the local CG's and Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon and Zion are probably not far behind. My April Moab trip is history though I'm still hoping for another Monument Valley, Valley of the Gods, run in May if Utah will let me in. Failing that I'll find some fun here fun Arizona. Good luck! :C
Desert Captain 04/07/20 08:56pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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