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RE: Tire pressure gauges

If as suggested above you get whatever gauge you have calibrated at the local tire shop you are good to go... just use that same gauge every time adjusting for the calibration. :C
Desert Captain 08/14/20 07:31pm General RVing Issues
A dangling tank heater...

Just got home yesterday after a great 4 day trip up to the Mogollon Rim to beat the heat here in Tucson. Went out this morning to wash the rig and saw the black tank heater dangling, mostly held in place by the power wires. Evidently after 8 plus years the adhesive used to secure the heater to the bottom of the tank finally gave up its grip. I applied clear Gorilla Glue and used a two by to support my bottle jack. Then I slid a scrap piece of 3/4" plywood to evenly distribute pressure onto the heater in order to give the glue a chance to set up. I placed two long pieces of 2" Gorilla Tape across each end. Once the glue sets {should be pretty well there in a couple of hours as it is in the low 90's already} I will drop the jack and place a couple more strips of tape across the middle of the heater to further secure until the glue can reach full strength which takes a day or two. Probably will just leave the tape in place until it eventually dries out and can be removed cleanly. Fortunately I won't be using the tanks heaters for a few months though they did a get a work out last June up in Yellowstone and the Grand Teton's. I checked the grey tank heater and it appears to be secure but will monitor it for any signs of loosening up as we bounce down the dusty trail. :C
Desert Captain 08/14/20 11:11am Class C Motorhomes
RE: tire psi

Get your rig weighed as it will be used and then check the load inflation chart from the tire manufacturer and inflate accordingly. :C
Desert Captain 08/14/20 08:33am Towing
RE: The Mogollon Rim {Arizona}...

Mockturtle, Yes every campground we saw was packed. Even the off grid/boondocking sites were full or nearly so. About two miles down the gravel road beyond Woods Canyon Lake there are about 40 boon docking sites, about half of which sit right on the Rim itself, you just have to camp within 50' of the "Camp Here" post. Every site was occupied and when we drove our Rzr another 15 miles into the boonies there were lots of folks most of whom looked like they had been or would be there for the maximum permitted 14 day stay. If you are headed up to the Rim I recommend trying for reservations whenever possible. Keep in mind it is a short season with most of the Cg's shutting down in early October or with the first snowfall that can come even earlier. We only had one brief rain on Wednesday afternoon and returning to Tucson found more record breaking temperatures with no chance of rain in the 7 day forecast... Arrrrg! :E
Desert Captain 08/14/20 08:28am General RVing Issues
The Mogollon Rim {Arizona}...

Here in Tucson as we continue to set records for heat...July was the hottest on record {EVER!} escaping up to the mountains to beat the heat is the way to go. We just returned from 4 days up on the Mogollon Rim at 7,650' and had a blast. Daytime temps we're peaking at 82 with nice cool nights in the upper 50's to low 60's. It is only 190 miles from home so the 4 hour ride was a breeze despite some serious climbs... 6 to 8 percent grades lasting 8 - 10 miles but the trusty dusty V-10 always gets it done hauling a 2,600# Cargo trailer. We even got a little rain yesterday afternoon but alas, not the Monsoon thunderstorms we were hoping for. We stayed at the Mogollon campground, just 18 sites with vault toilets and with our Geezer card it was just $9 a night. Our site was huge and just a short walk, about 100 yards, from the paved walking, hiking, biking trail that skirts the Rim. This is the view looking southwest towards Payson {about 30 miles out}: Here is a shot taken from our site: There are hundreds of miles of Forrest Service roads and we were able to ride right out of our site. They are all gravel/dirt with a number of gorgeous lakes to explore so this trip we left the Indian at home and brought our Rzr. We logged about 150 miles exploring and scouting new off the grid sites for future trips. Most of the CG's were full so reservations are a very good idea. :B
Desert Captain 08/13/20 06:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Loading the rig and freezer...

"Just out of curiosity, are those packaged foods as high in sodium as so many others are? " Not the ones we buy... again reading labels will allow you to stay clear of ingredients you want to avoid. About a year and half ago we adjusted what was already fairly healthy menu and began to explore lowering our carb intake. Switched the bulk of my grocery shopping to Sprouts and Trader Joe's and found all sorts of delicious, healthy choices that we embraced. The weight melted away and as my bride pointed out it just did not feel like a "diet". We enjoy eating well and we eat exactly the same meals on the road as at home. With the covid crisis I always leave home with more than enough food for the entire trip and then some. We end up doing a little spot shopping for whatever we are running low on {milk, eggs, fresh fruit etc.} but we do not eat any take out or delivery as that is just as dangerous as a sit down meal inside of a restaurant. :S For 5 months we have not eaten anything that I did not prepare. Sadly many simply do not take the crisis seriously which for us is not option. My bride has underlying health issues and getting the virus would likely be a death sentence. I am very healthy but if I get it the chances that I would pass it on to her before even knowing I was exposed are huge. :C
Desert Captain 08/08/20 07:21am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Steering stabilizer

"If you're not sure what the correct tire pressures are, check the placard on the driver's side door. " This is very poor advice. The door stickers are one size fits all and cannot take into consideration how and what you have loaded. It also assumes you have the original tires and suspension which many do not. More bad advice that I have often seen on this forum is to just inflate to the max psi shown on the sidewalls. Very few coaches need anywhere near that much pressure and overinflated tires will make your coach handle like a pig on skates. The one and only way to properly inflate your tires is to load your coach as you would for a trip and then take a trip to the CAT scale. Take the results to the your tire manufacturers load inflation table and use those numbers. Keep in mind that as your load varies on different trips {and it can vary a lot} you need to adjust your tire pressures accordingly {again use your tire manufacturers load inflation table}. Before every trip I roll into Discount tire and have them check and inflate/deflate to the appropriate psi. They do it for free but I always tip the guy a few bucks and thank him for the service. :C
Desert Captain 08/04/20 09:29am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Suggested locations in Arizona's White Mountains?

Propane fire pits and BBQ’s were permitted but no wood fires of any kind, charcoal or even smoking was allowed. Sorry I was not more specific. The campgrounds were not selling firewood. We have a Campfire in a can and enjoy it often especially during fire bans. The White Mountains are as dry as I have ever seen them which makes for extreme fire danger. Usually by July first the bans have been lifted but this year the Monsoon is MIA.”
Desert Captain 08/03/20 06:56am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Suggested locations in Arizona's White Mountains?

You will find everything you are seeking at one of the campgrounds near Big Lake. Reservations are a must, especially this year. Sounds like you are fine without hookups and if so try the Rainbow CG which has very large sites, flush toilets and water spigots throughout the very large campground {and no you can not fill your RV from the spigots}. Showers are available but it is a bit of a hike and cell service is next to nonexistent. There is a dump station just outside of the CG. There is another CG just down the road with hookups, I think the name is "Trout" check the Arizona Campground Map {Google it} for details and the reservation number. Both campgrounds are located at 9,000+'. We were at Rainbow a couple of weeks ago and there was a complete fire ban in effect. They have had some rain since then so it may have been lifted. Expect serious thunderstorms most afternoons but then that is part of the charm of the high mountains. :C
Desert Captain 08/02/20 05:51pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: More water needed....

"Some areas allow gray water on the ground" I have never been to a campground that permitted gray water to be dumped on the ground but...Even if you are somewhere that it is not outright prohibited, please DONT! It stinks to high heaven and everyone knows it. The garbage scraps in there will attract critters and not in a good way. Come on now folks, a little common sense here pleeeeese! :S
Desert Captain 07/30/20 04:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: More water needed....

How do you figure water weighing 1# per gallon? Last time I looked it was 8.4# per gallon... What am I missing here? :h
Desert Captain 07/28/20 01:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Power boost for Ford 450 V10

The biggest complaint about the V10 is you have to use high RPM (>4000) when climbing hills. At that speed, it makes a lot of noise. No, you don't. Again this comes down to the operator knowing how to drive a V-10 properly. I can climb at least 9 out of 10 hills {at +/- 5 mph of the speed limit} to include 6 percent grades running at 3,250 rpm which is max torque {420#}. About one long grade in 10 will require a further downshift increasing the rpm's up to 4,250 which = max HP {305}. While this will briefly put a serious dent in your mileage rarely do such grades last for more than a few miles and then you are cruising down the backside burning zero {as in not a drop of fuel}, oh, you do use Tow Haul right? :h Probably 90 percent of our travels are more in the 2,200 - 2,500 rpm range {which gives me 60 - 65 mph} and after 7 years I still a average 9.5 mpg like clockwork and that includes a little bit of generator time. Keep in mind that my 2012 E-350 has GVWR of 11,500 and while I run at or near that number most of the time an E-450 will be humping an additional 3,000# {GVWR of 14,500} with the same motor and 4:56 rear end vs the 4:10 on my E-350. Yep, I love my V-10. :B
Desert Captain 07/28/20 12:06pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Power boost for Ford 450 V10

There are a number of "Tunes" that can be applied to the venerable V-10. Unfortunately you can choose between a little more power or even less of an improvement in mileage... you can not get both from anyone. The stock V-10 is just fine the way it came from the Ford factory "If" you know how too run it. The folks that complain of any lack of power simply do not know how to drive a V-10... just put you foot into it!. You can't hurt a V-10 by running at 4,250 rpm {max HP} but keep in mind max torque is 3,250 rpm and it is torque that moves you up and down the mountains. If ever there was a bullet proof motor that needs absolutely no further modification it is the V-10. In the spirit of full disclosure I have 63,000 trouble free miles on our 2012 nexus 24' class C. It is married to the 5 speed Torque Shift trans and has amazing performance. Would I like to have the the newer 6 speed trans.... you betcha! Most folks who mess with the original engine are seeking a solution for which there is no known problem {the government does this a lot...:S} The same can be said for many of the alleged handling issues which are usually just a simple and inexpensive matter of proper alignment and psi based upon the loads they typically carry. The after market accessories folks are not your friends but will be happy to sell you a lot of garbage that you probably, really do not need. Caveat Emptor! As always... Opinions and YMMV. :C
Desert Captain 07/27/20 05:01pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Realistic Price for Class C

I have been told to wait till Nov/Dec to purchase an rv as that is when i can expect to get the best price. Is that (in Fact) true? thanks in advance, Jim I have heard that the end of the month is a good time. I have found that IF you know what what the vehicle is selling for at other dealerships you can come in as an informed buyer. If you go in and just throw numbers around they know it and you will not have Any idea what is fair. Shop around, compare pricing, avoid warranties like they have covid on them. As far as what time of year, that's anyone's guess. Life as we knew it is gone for now. Right now I am downsizing, selling my C for a toy hauler for different reasons. The toy haulers I am interested in sell within a few days. My C is starting to get some hits . 7 Cambrias online and 4 sold last week, hopefully mine is next. I agree... If you do your homework as detailed above find a large dealer that has exactly what you want {the internet is your friend}. Walk into the dealer when they open on the last day of the month and hard ball them for their best offer {for this to work you need to be in position to make the deal happen that day with cash and/or very good credit}. When they won't go any lower point out to the sale manager, not the salesman, that they have in all probability made their "nut" for the month and any unit sold by the close of business will generate cash straight back from their corporate office. They will in all probability move heaven and earth to get you closed by the end of the day and the price will get better, often significantly better. I have employed this technique three times, when we bought our lightly used Nexus Class C from La Mesa RV, my 2017 Indian Springfield from Ride Now Chandler and last summer when I bought our new Honda Ridgeline from Auto Nation. All three were very large successful dealers and all three sales managers when I challenged them to tell me I am wrong and that it does not work that way laughed and said no Mr. Ford you are not wrong... lets make the deal. Another ploy if you are willing and able to pay cash {and have very good credit - think FICO score of 750 - 800+} after you have your best price offer to let them finance the deal as they get cash back from corporate on every loan that gets written. All three times I went this route and saved a bunch on top of everything else we had negotiated. I paid all three off early, in 6 years instead of 15 on the coach, in one year instead of 3 on the Indian and the next day instead of 3 years on the Honda. Good luck and good hunting! :C
Desert Captain 07/27/20 11:05am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Loading the rig and freezer...

Laugh all you like... Everything in that pic is from Trader Joe's and mostly low carb, fat and calorie. It is amazing the quality products they offer "If" you bother to read the labels. The steaks, chicken, shrimp, vegetables, turkey meatballs etc. that they accompany and you are not seeing didn't come in packaging that needed discarding. I am 5'9" and 185# and my bridee is 5'1" and 117#... not too bad for a couple of old folks. There now, don't we all feel better??? :R
Desert Captain 07/24/20 02:30pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Loading the rig and freezer...

LMAO!!! :S Actually I just keep a few in the door, {the Miller Lite's are mine and the Guinness is for my bride} down low and a very "cool" location as I can reach them them from the dinette. The back up 12 pack sits in the shower and ironically they get more use than the shower. I'm more of a Brandy and or Bourbon guy. :W
Desert Captain 07/24/20 01:08pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Loading the rig and freezer...

The street in front of our house is not level enough for the frig to run well and I don't bother with the yellow Leggo blocks since it only there for less than 24 hours as we load. Everything going into the freezer is frozen solid from our home unit and of course everything destined for the frig comes in chilled. If I have room I'll stick a couple of large Blue Ice blocks in the frig to help chill everything down and the cold of the freezer flows downhill helping to cool it as well. I usually just load very early on the morning of departure and then just turn on the frig when we roll out. By the time we have driven a couple of hours everything is 37 in the frig and 27 in the freezer and by the time we reach the local campgrounds, about 4 - 5 hours, those numbers get even better and I usually have to turn it down a notch or two. On the second shelf you can see the adjustable bars that help to secure things. :C
Desert Captain 07/24/20 11:49am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
Loading the rig and freezer...

Here is a shot of our frig and freezer the morning we departed for out last {9 day} trip: I do most of our shopping at Trader Joe's and Sprouts and we eat the same food on the road as we do any home. We have not had one bite of food not prepared by me in 4.5 months. Sorry folks I have bad news... eating take out and delivery is just as risky as dining in a restaurant {but I digress}. One simple trick when loading into the limited space available in a 24' Class C is simply throw out all of the packaging before loading. Here is a shot of most of the discarded packaging which as you can see leaves a lot more room for the actual food: Life is too short not to eat well and traveling in a relatively small RV need not negatively impact your ability to do so. While we usually come home with food remaining I do enjoy opening the rig/freezer and finding half a dozen choices for our next meal. We do a limited amount of restocking along the way as necessary {milk, eggs, bread, fresh fruit etc.} as we deplete the larder but we bring most of what we need even on the much longer trips. Our 8 year old Norcold still keeps frozen food rock solid frozen {including ice cream and sherbert} and a pair of simple ice cub trays keep us supplied with all of the ice we ever need. Having a fully functioning gas oven with 3 burners along with a huge microwave makes cooking/baking just about anything very easy to do... and do well. I leave our BBQ, aka the Bear Magnet, home when traveling up into serious bear country but by getting creative in the galley it is not missed. We also travel with a a good ole fashioned SS 6 quart pressure cooker which offer endless possibilities for healthy efficient cooking but that would be a whole new thread... :B
Desert Captain 07/24/20 09:05am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
Celebrating 50 years while beating the heat...

My bride and I just returned yesterday from a great 9 day trip up to the White Mountains where we celebrated our 50th anniversary. {Yes, we got married when we were 12... we didn't want to but had to} :S We'd planned a an elegant party for 25 of our closest friends and relatives last January but of course had to cancel to keep everyone safe. Instead we sat beneath our awning drinking a nice bottle of 2008 Dom Perignon {courtesy of my very generous BIL}. Filet Mignon accompanied by a nice baked potato with the works and Cheese Cake for dessert rounded out a great night. We started out at the Heber RV Resort which is a nice facility about 30 miles west of show Low. The sites are a bit tight/close together but the amenities are very nice. We tow our cargo trailer hauling my motorcycle so we could ride the many great roads found in the White mountains. In six day of riding we logged 750+ miles over some of the most awesome bike roads in America. After 4 days In Heber we moved 100 miles east to the Rainbow campground at Big Lake located at 9,150'. Here is a shot of our site at Rainbow: Just 20 miles down a very twisty road from our site we reached the Devil's Highway {formerly AZ 666 but folks kept stealing the signs so AZ Dept of Transportation rebadged it AZ 191 - seriously, Google it}. We had ridden the DH from south to north a couple of years ago and the incoming Monsoon thunderstorms limited our rides to the northern half but it is still widely regarded as the finest motorcycle road in America... Over 1,100 curves in less than 120 miles and at least one quarter of those curves are first gear events. :E Most of the DH takes place at or well above 7 - 8000' and the views are nothing short of awesome. This was taken at the Blue Vista near the midpoint and one of the highest portions of the DH: We had Elk wandering through the campground and the Black Bears are seen on a regular basis. Afternoons usually brought spectacular Monsoon thunderstorms and we usually get up to Rainbow a couple of times a summer as when you are 9,150' the heat of Tucson is all but forgotten. Anywhere in Arizona {and probably most of the ret of the country} requires reservations this summer as all of the campgrounds are full or nearly so but we had no problems keeping our distance as did most of our fellow campers. Most of the sites at Rainbow are huge and very well dispersed. Out riding it is just my bride and I and we would pack a nice lunch for the longer rides as we do not eat anything that I have not prepared {that has been true for 4.5 months now but fortunately I love to cook}. :B
Desert Captain 07/23/20 01:09pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Top models in Class C’s

Is the use of Azdel a big deal? It seems pretty important to me if what it does is true! Yes, the use of Azdel vs Luan or other cheap plywood is huge indicator of quality. It costs more to use Azdel but it is a clearly a superior product. It will not absorb moisture... ever. It has a higher R value rating {making it much more efficient} and is stronger and lighter than plywood. Years ago very few builders would use Azdel but Lance and Nexus pioneered this technology despite the higher costs involved. Now many of the better quality builders use Azdel to include Winnebago on their higher end units. I would not own a motorhome that was not built with Azdel as it points to the overall quality of the build. The comfort level {both temperature and sound} we enjoy in our Nexus in all sorts of weather is a direct reflection of how well it was built. I toured their factory a fews years back and saw the way they vacuum seal their multi layer walls incorporating the use of Azdel and walked away every impressed. For the record we had already purchased our Nexus Phantom 23P lightly used before visiting their facility in Elkhart and after 7 years and 63,000+ trouble free miles I can truly appreciate the quality of their build as evidenced by their use of Azdel along with many other unique features. Another dead give away of an inferior/cheap build is to take a flashlight or use your smart phone camera and see what materials were used in places most folks don't see. If you find s speck of particle board... Run Forrest run! Take a small chunk of PB and add a little moisture and watch what happens, it's not pretty. As always... opinions and YMMV. :C
Desert Captain 07/22/20 07:58pm Class C Motorhomes
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