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RE: Travel Assist Insurance

I have it, not for the medical but for the return vehicle coverage. They say they will cover travel cost if something happens to me and a family member needs to come to me to bring my RV home or they will send a driver if I don't have someone. Difference is if I have someone, I can travel with them. If they supply a driver I can't travel with them. If we are discussing Good Sam travel Assist {which I have had for a number of years} it is NOT insurance. It is merely a contract where they promise to provide services to get your rig, family, pets etc. back home if you have an emergency out on the road and are unable to do so. Read their terms and conditions carefully and know what to do if it is needed. The number one rule is DO NOT attempt to find someone on your own to drive your rig home {or provide another service}. You MUST contact Good Sam first and let them make the arrangements or they will deny any reimbursement. Make sure your significant other is clear on this as in an emergency the natural reaction is to reach out to anyone who might be of assistance and if you do so you are on your own. We have Good Sam travel Assist as we usually are towing our motorcycle, Can Am or Rzr and know that "stuff happens" and even a minor accident could render incapable of driving us home. For about $100 a year it is for us at least, money well spent and hopefully never needed but... I canceled a reservation at great CG that is hard to get into a couple years ago as I was recovering from kidney stone. While I really wanted to go my body had been through a lot including 4 days in the hospital, so elected to stay home... and in so doing dodged a large bullet. Totally unrelated to the kidney stone event 36 hours later I suffered catastrophic liver and gall bladder failure that necessitated a rush trip the ER {when I arrived my BP was 225/115 and it took 4 hours just to get me stable and I nearly stroked out}. Two surgical procedures later {I no longer have a gall bladder} a $5000 2 hour ambulance ride from Payson down to Phoenix and a week in the hospital I was finally able to return home and begin my recuperation. Fortunately the VA covered all of the medical bills which totaled more than $126,000 after both events. The point being we were scheduled to arrive at the CG at 1:00 and I went critical at 5. Had we been in the CG help would have been hours away {poor to no cell coverage} and my bride would have been stuck with our Class C, cargo trailer and bike and no way to get them much less herself home. By canceling, and a good dose of dumb luck we avoided a bad situation quickly getting much worse but had the worst happened at least the travel Assist was in place. Like they taught me in the Boy scouts... Be prepared {it'snot a bad thing}. :S
Desert Captain 04/19/23 10:35am Fifth-Wheels
RE: I-40 west from Flagstaff???

Thanks one and all for your input. Think I'll just take the slightly longer trip down the 87 aka the Beeline to Phoenix. Leaving at 8, I'll miss the morning madness of the commute. Will skip 93 altogether as well and just stay on 10 out to Quartzsite and go north up through Parker and on into Lake Havasu. Every RV Park in Laughlin and Bullhead City are booked up for the bike rally but it is only 63 miles to Laughlin and BC from our nice RV Park/Resort {Havasu Falls}. We will be hauling my Can Am Spyder in our 10' cargo trailer and are looking forward to doing a few days of quality riding on old Route 66. Probably have to take another ride out to Oatman to play with the Burro's on our way back to Havasu from the show. Coming home Sunday so we'll just head east on 10 back through Phoenix and take the Beeline back up to our home in Payson. Here's a shot of our Can Am just off of Route 66 outside of Topock... and yes it is way too much fun:, Here's a shot of the coach and trailer: :B
Desert Captain 04/16/23 11:23am Roads and Routes
I-40 west from Flagstaff???

Has anyone recently driven west out of Flagstaff on I-40? I know I-17 into Flagstaff and I-40 east are both pothole central. I'm guessing that westbound to and through Williams and on to Kingman are probably just as bad given the winter we just had but... Our next trip out to Lake Havasu City, Laughlin and Bullhead City {for the big bike rally} is more direct on westbound I-40. I would like to avoid having to roll through the Valley of the Sun {Phoenix} but not if it means dodging {or trying to} a lot of potholes up on I-40. :S
Desert Captain 04/15/23 12:44pm Roads and Routes
RE: Tire Pressure?

first thing you need to do is weigh the rig ready for the road. Gear on board, fresh water and the like. Then go to the tire manufacturer website and get the inflation chart. Inflate the tires according to that. I run five pounds over chart indicated pressure! Winner,Winner, Winner! Ding, Ding, Ding! It is just that simple. :S For the record I have 24' E-350 Class C, GVWR 11,500# and run at or very near that often towing a 2,500# Cargo trailer. 60 psi for the fronts and 65 for the rears gives me a 5 - 10 percent fudge factor and a very smooth /stable ride. The folks who place the door tags have no clue how you are going to load/use your coach. The kid who recommended 80 psi is an idiot as that will guaranty a horrible ride. Over inflating the fronts will make the steering loosey/goosey as it reduces the contact patch. Opinions vary as to when but tires time out, often long before they wear out. Had a tire grenade doing $4,181 in damage {it blew the wheel well right up through the bottom the coach}. It was less than 6 years old and had been inspected by Discount tire the previous day, had 6/32" of tread, looked great and was aired for the load carried. I now replace my RV 's tires at no more than 5.5 years and yes I live in Arizona which is a "challenging" environment {to say the least} for tires. Folks who actually use their RV's on a regular basis will often approach wearing them out {5.5 years for us is easily 40,000+ miles}. I just replaced all 4 of my duallies with Michelin Agillis Cross Climates {my front tires and spare are all Agillis CC's and just a little over 2 years old}. As noted,... Opinions and YMMV. :C
Desert Captain 04/14/23 09:23am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Tires

The Michelin Agillis are great tires, I have 6 on my Ram. Excellent wet weather and snow traction. And quite! Yep, Been running the Agillis CC's for several years on our 24' Class C. Great tires, nice smooth ride and quiet to boot. :C
Desert Captain 04/12/23 08:52am Tow Vehicles
RE: Hwy 89A in Northern Arizona

The stretch between Sedona north to Flagstaff has had a 50' maximum restriction for years but now with all of the ongoing construction/repairs they dropped it back to 30 feet {nothing over allowed}. As noted they have always enforced it. It is a gorgeous stretch of road but take your toad unless your coach is under 30' total length. :C
Desert Captain 03/15/23 12:24pm Roads and Routes
RE: Just added new tires...

Is 175 ft-lb the correct torque for the lug nuts? It's 140 on mine; however, mine is an '03. As far as I know it is correct but approaching overkill. Fortunately I carry a heavy duty AC impact wrench
Desert Captain 03/06/23 08:29am Class C Motorhomes
Just added new tires...

My 2012 24' Nexus Class C {with 75,000 miles} was due for some new tires and I finally pulled the trigger this morning. I have been shopping all over the internet for 4 Michelin Agilis Cross Climates - 225 75 R16's. I have three Cross Climates that are just over 2 years old, two on the front and one on the rear. The other three older Michelin rears are 5.3 years old and the spare is older than dirt. How I ended with tires of mixed ages is a long story involving having one of the my 5.5 year old Michelin's grenading doing $4,181 in damage - it literally blew the wheel well up through the bottom of the coach. I now begin shopping for replacements when they get to 5 years old but admittedly Arizona is a tough environment on tires. The plan was to put 4 new CC's on the rear, the fronts are fine and my remaining 2 year old CC replaces my spare. The nearest Discount Tire shop is 70 miles down the mountain adding $50 in fuel to the cost of the tires {$1,280 + $50} so after getting their quote I tried shopping closer to home. The local Big O came in at $1,332 and Firestone won't even look at a motorhome. I have had great service using Jeff Cory Ford here in Payson dealing with their tire shop manager Jeff, so gave him a call. He assured me would meet or beat any other quote but there was no need as he came in at $1,245. When I asked he assured me that the tires would be "Fresh" and he did not disappoint as their DOT codes came in at 0123. The two young guys tasked with my job earned their money as retrieving/replacing the spare from its mount under the rear of the coach is a PITA but the rest of the install went smoothly. Mounted, balanced and torqued to 175# my coach is good to go for another 3 years when I will replace the fronts. I like having all four of the duallies matched. The coach has a GVWR of 11,500# and I run near or at that number most of the time as I often tow a 2,500# cargo trailer. I run the fronts at 60 psi and the rears at 65 which gives me a nice cushion above and beyond their rated {Load Range E} capacity was well as a very smooth ride with excellent handling. Winter hopefully will be loosening its grip soon and I hope to get out to Pahrump towing our Can Am Spyder for some nice day rides exploring Death Valley later this month. Here is a shot of our rig: This is our Can Am Spyder... one seriously fun Toad: :C
Desert Captain 03/03/23 11:55am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Winter in Arizona...

Houston Mesa is a great CG that very few people know about. They are currently closed for serious maintenance/improvements but should reopen this spring. We lived in Payson for almost a year before stumbling on it while out for a motorcycle ride. Canyon Point has been one of our favorites for 10+ years but being at 7,700' it is only open from May through October {barring early or late snow}. Woke to another inch yesterday and after 10 snow events {1 to 4"} this winter going back to November 3 {my brides birthday} we actually have a couple of cool ,clear, blue sky days but... are expecting 1- 3 inches Saturday night/Sunday and more in the forecast for late next week. Compared to much of the rest of the country this doesn't sound like much but for central Arizona we are loving all of the much needed moisture. Should be an awesome spring as we are already seeing new buds on many of our plants and trees. Our 40 year old Maple tree got it's first much needed trim/haircut last week. It is covered in buds and should leaf out by mid April: :B
Desert Captain 02/24/23 09:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Ram 1500 can it tow Keystone 280BH??

The big issue for the OP is what payload does your truck have. As noted earlier Ram 1500's are notorious for limited payload. Crew Cabs and 4 X 4's are heavy options that subtract from the original factory payload numbers. "The tow vehicle is a 2016 Ram 1500 that has upgraded shocks, springs(TufTruck XHD), sway bars, Helper airbags and E-Rated tires. I will be using a weight distributing hitch just like I do with my current 26Ft Shadow Cruiser and my vehicle does have a brake controller/tow package." None of the above will change the trucks payload. Shortly after buying my 2019 Honda Ridgeline a guy I know tried to take me to task... "Why didn't you buy a real truck?" he asked. When I asked for his definition of a "Real Truck" he proudly pointed to his Ram 1500. When asked what his payload was he got kind of sheepish and said he wasn't sure. I had him open the drivers door and there on the sticker it showed his payload to be 977#. My Honda is 1,477#. Almost made him cry. The OP is going to run out of payload with this trailer before he loads any gear or passengers. The other concern IMHO is that much trailer will be a textbook example of the tail wagging the dog... and not in a good way. As always... Opinions and YMMV. Good luck. :C
Desert Captain 02/16/23 08:13am Tow Vehicles
RE: Winter in Arizona...

Winter just keeps on coming... Woke this morning to 3" of fresh snow and the temperature hovering at 10 degrees. This is our 8th snow event so far. Had a couple of visitors yesterday, a pair of young bulls have been stopping by and this one even did his squirrel impersonation trying to raid the bird/squirrel feeder: :S
Desert Captain 02/15/23 08:11am General RVing Issues
RE: 25% better mpg from current diesels? Too good to be true?

With diesel being about 25 percent higher in cost than regular gas where is the net savings? Just saying/asking... :h You’re not really a pot stirrer so why now? Not trying to stir any pots but some folks here are playing fast and loose with the math... "If" diesels get 10 to 15 percent better mileage and diesel fuel costs 25+ percent more than gas then once you add in the cost of these wonder pistons {I doubt they are free to buy much less install} there doesn't appear to me much of net savings {assuming they actually work as represented here}. I like the power and reliability of a diesel, had one in my last boat {a 40' trawler} for 5 years but now, like many I simply have no use for that motor. There are three kinds of people on this planet... those that can do math and those that can't. :B
Desert Captain 02/07/23 08:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: 25% better mpg from current diesels? Too good to be true?

With diesel being about 25 percent higher in cost than regular gas where is the net savings? Just saying/asking... :h
Desert Captain 02/06/23 10:22am Tow Vehicles
RE: Roadtrip by car vs RV, a couple of thoughts...

OP here... I have enjoyed and appreciate all of the input from you folks. Sounds like most of us are on the same page. Another advantage to having the coach even if we do stop for a meal on the road is enjoying it in our coach where we carry our own beverages. A soft drink, ice tea or even a simple cup of coffee will run you around $3 on top of the cost of the meal. With burgers climbing to nearly $10 {without fries :S} a simple lunch combo can easily exceed $15 + tax and a tip if you are in a sit down restaurant. Even fast food joints are hitting you up for tips these days. :E Lunch for the two us at a lot of fast food places gets close to $30 OTD and that equals two or three home {RV} prepared meals for the two of us. Just got the LP leak {bad gauge} repaired and the tank refilled so even though we missed Quartzite {again} we hope to head out for Pahrump and Death Valley this month. No more hotels in our immediate future to be sure. :B
Desert Captain 02/04/23 01:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Winter in Arizona...

Thanks one and all for the kind words. We moved up here 2.5 years ago from Tucson and have not looked back. Payson with a population of roughly 15,000 is a friendly little town {the joke is if you go more than 2 miles in any direction you aren't in Payson anymore} with some amazing weather and nearly unlimited opportunities for outdoor fun. Occasionally need to go down to the Phoenix area but it is only a 90 minute trip {in good weather}. The forecast is calling for more snow Monday/Tuesday so am hoping my mechanic can get to us on Friday. The low temps are in the teens so most of the snow is still with us but it is gorgeous and with 4" not much work to deal with. Took a nice ride yesterday in our Honda Ridgeline {AWD}. This pic is on the road off of 260 that leads up to the fish hatchery {about 12 miles from home} fortunately we were following snowplow: Once we return home it is time to fire up the wood burning stove and kick back with a beverage: :B
Desert Captain 01/25/23 08:15am General RVing Issues
Winter in Arizona...

Not all of Arizona is desert. We live in Payson about 90 miles northeast of Phoenix at 5,000'. We had 2" of snow yesterday and awoke this morning to another 2" on top of that {our 6th decent snow event since November}. The temp at 0700 was 18 {feels like 10}. Have been waiting for my indie RV mechanic to come out and make a couple of repairs {replace a leaking LP gauge on the main tank and repair/replace a leaking valve on the toilet} to our Class C out in the driveway but the weather is not cooperating. He can't work in these conditions and we can't use the coach until the repairs are completed. With no new precipitation in the forecast hopefully he will be able to get out later this week. We were hoping to get back to Quartzite this year after a two years of Covid induced absence but that's not going happen anytime soon. Oh well, playing in the snow in our Rzr SXS is a hoot with miles of trails right out of our driveway. We put out bird seed year round and while the birds do get some the local Grey tree squirrels get most of it. They provide endless entertainment with their antics which we thoroughly enjoy. Our daughter and SIL gave this upgraded feeder for Christmas and our fur buddies seem to like it: :B
Desert Captain 01/24/23 09:54am General RVing Issues
RE: One night boondock at Quartzsite

If you get a chance-stop by Silly Al's Pizza for a beer and pizza-on Main St. Be prepared to stand in line, a wait of an hour is not unusual during the RV show. X2 on Scadden Wash. From there it is easy to get to the tent but if you are camped north or south of I10 traffic backs up for miles on 95. Enjoy!
Desert Captain 01/21/23 08:17pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
Roadtrip by car vs RV, a couple of thoughts...

We just returned from a 1,000+ mile 5 day trip from our home in Payson Arizona to San Diego. We combined an important business meeting with the opportunity to visit our daughter and SIL along with 8 of our best friends. San Diego is one of the least friendly RV destination in the country. Parking restrictions and a expensive RV parks along with southern California traffic makes it less than ideal. Consequently we left the 24' Class C at home and enjoyed the 24 mpg of our Honda Ridgeline vs 9.5 of the coach. Full disclosure: I drive a bit faster in the Honda than our coach. :B The first night we stayed with our friends in north county {Vista} ironically utilizing the master bedroom of their 40' DP as guest quarters. We enjoyed a great dinner with them and had a blast reconnecting as we had not gotten together in more than a year. The next day we drove down to San Diego and checked into the Bay Club Hotel on Shelter Island. It is a very nice hotel and you can't beat the location overlooking the marina. Our room was $574 for 3 nights which with the fuel savings figured in and the cost of local RV parks enabled us to just about break even. Food was a different story... Naturally we were eating out for nearly every meal and the costs added up quickly. We took the opportunity of being in our former home town to hit several of our old favorite restaurants. It's difficult to eat as healthy as we are accustomed in our coach when dining out but it was fun to just relax and enjoy. I was more than a little shocked at how high the cost of dining out had gotten as we don't do it often. Bottom line... any fleeting/foolish thoughts about selling ther coach have disappeared into the spaceship along with Jimmy Hoffa's body {we get offers almost once a month as folks drive by and see the motorhome in the driveway}. I enjoy doing all of the cooking including when traveling in the RV where we do virtually all of our eating/imbibing in the coach saving serious dollars. While the hotel was awesome we really prefer to sleeping our own bed etc. and after 9+years and 74,000 miles have out pretty well gotten the coach dialed in. Another factor for us is our habit of usually towing our 10' cargo trailer hauling either the Can Am Spyder or your Rzr SXS depending the destination and the nature of the fun we have planned. This drops the mileage to about 8.5 but we usually stay off the grid or in inexpensive CG's. We had a great time in San Diego but it reinforced our enjoyment of taking the motorhome as we will continue to do. Coming up... Quartzite for the RV Show towing the Rzr {we'll camp out at Sadden Wash} followed in February by Payson to Pahrump NV towing the Can AM. From the Lakeside RV Park we will day ride the Can Am to explore Death Valley. :C
Desert Captain 01/13/23 01:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Park pet peeves, Park owner’s turn

"You are very clear as to what you feel is the problem. What I don’t see is any patheay to a practical solution. How do you implement zero tolerance without a method to determine actual speed. Would you be ok if a park employee came up to you and told you to leave because to them it looked like you were going 12 MPH not 10? Do people get warnings or is it one and you’re out? If warnings, how many and over what time period? Two warnings in a day is much different than two warnings in a summer. And while word may get around in a seasonal park, it doesn’t in an overnight or destination park where people only stay a day or two. Much as it would be great if everyone idled thru the park at ten miles per hour, they often don’t. An absolute zero tolerance, one strike and your out policy would likely put the park out of business prior to stopping all the violators". Ah, "Denial"....not just a river Egypt. If common sense fails you when observing folks speeding then yours is just a park/cg I will happily skip. We no longer have little ones or a pooch and are still pretty spry for old folks but having some fool drive through tight narrow cg at twice the common sense {and posted } limit with impunity is just a disaster waiting to happen. When it does some lawyer is going to have a field day when witnesses report that speeding was frequent, flagrant and totally unaddressed by management. I know you see my points but just want to argue so not much point in continuing this discussion. Good luck. :S
Desert Captain 01/06/23 12:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Park pet peeves, Park owner’s turn

"So what do you see as proper enforcement of a speeding rule? And exactly how is the park supposed to determine who is speeding? Should the park invest in multiple radar stations to cover all the different roads? Do you enforce at one MPH over the posted speed? Or do you have a tolerance? And how does enforcing it strictly a few times prevent future problems when the park turns over its occupancy every few days? " So if you have a guest who comes through your 10 mph CG at 20 - 25 every time you would take no action? It would be more than obvious {through the magic"sight"} the hazard they are creating in flagrant violation of your posted limit. If it happens roll by their site and remind them of the rules advise that if it happens again they will be leaving without refund and then enforce the warning. This was a problem for awhile at one our favorite CG's until they posted a sign at the entrance stating their zero tolerance policy. Reminding folks when they check in leaves no ambiguity. After a few folks were booted the word got around and the problem all but disappeared. Run your facility anyway you want... your park, your rules but know that if I visit a facility that does nothing to enforce basic safety/courtesy I won't be back. :C
Desert Captain 01/06/23 10:11am General RVing Issues
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